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V IRU S FIG H T S TEPPED U P By J ay J oh n As the number of coronavirus victims nationwide surpassed 1,500 on yesterday (Tuesday), the Ministry of Health ordered further measures in a desperate attempt to contain the virus in Spain. Madrid region alone accounts for over half the total figure and new cases are local infections (not linked to people arrived from other countries). School has been called off for 14 days in the region, as it has in Vitoria and

La Rioja - other local clusters. The measure immediately led to supermarkets being hit by stockpiling shoppers, although distributors insist their is no risk of shortages. The ministry has also ordered all first and second division football matches to be played without fans over the next fortnight. Here on the Costa Blanca, no further measures have been ordered, apart from the request to increase hand-washing and call 900 300 555 if you think you have symptoms.

Cases in Valencia region have remained stable and there has been no rapid increase. Councillor for health Ana Barceló reported on Monday that there are 63 cases in the region, with 15 of these in Alicante province. FALLAS AND EASTER Concern now grows over the celebration of the Fallas fiesta in Valencia and other towns. Valencia mayor Joan Ribó yesterday (Tuesday) said all was going ahead, but for the

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first time he admitted the fiesta could be changed or cancelled at the last minute if health authorities order so as the city's 800,000 population doubles before the 'Nit del Foc' on March 19. Among the visitors abroad are thousands of Italians who have already arrived or travelled by road - including fans who had already booked to stay in Valencia for last night's Champions League football match that was played with fans, although they have not been banned

from travelling to the city. So far no extra measures or checks have been ordered at Spanish airports, however all flights to and from Italy have been suspended. Meanwhile, passengers from Spain have already been banned or must undergo compulsory quarantine if travelling to Israel, Moscow or Saudi Arabia. In France, gatherings of more than 1,000 people are banned and Italy has spread its northern-regions quarantine to the whole nation.

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Thousands of women in Costa towns took to the streets on Sunday for International Women's Day (March 8).

Our photo shows some of those who gathered in Calpe. Huge marches were held in Valencia, Madrid, Barce-

lona and other cities as no coronavirus restrictions had been placed on large gatherings.



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March 11, 2020 - N° 5

BEGGAR CHILDREN TAKEN INTO CARE By Nuria Pérez Two siblings aged seven and five and their six-month old baby brother found at the entrance to a supermarket in Lorca by the National Police have been taken into care. According to the National Police the children were used

as beggars by their parents, who were immediately arrested. The police were warned by several residents, who reported the children and the parents were begging at different supermarkets in the city. The children were taken into care by social services.



Son jailed on remand By Dave Jones A 40-year-old Belgian man who was arrested last week by the Guardia Civil for killing his 81-year-old mother has been remanded in custody by a Torrevieja judge. A spokesman for the Regional Supreme Court (TSJ)

noted that the suspect is being investigated for murder. The octogenarian was battered to death in her home in El Chaparral urbanisation early last Tuesday morning. The TSJ spokesman explained that the suspect had already been found guilty of mistreating his mother by a

court last July. At that time the judge had placed a restriction order on the son and he had been told to keep away from his mother for a year. However, he had continued to live at the family home in Calle Leonardo da Vinci.

Thieves targeted the elderly By Nuria Pérez A gang targeting elderly people in Orihuela has been busted by the National Police. The suspects are four Spanish women aged 16 to 47. It is alleged that they managed to get access to the victims’ homes to steal any valuable they could find. According to the National Police, two of them rang the bell of a victim’s home and pretended they were relatives to get access. One of them distracted the victim and the other asked if she could go to the kitchen and get a glass of water.

While the victim was distracted and talking to one of the thieves, the other one quickly searched in the main bedroom for cash or jewellery. A National Police spokeswoman pointed out that one of the victims was blind and others were physically dependant due to their age. She revealed that the jewellery of one of the victims had been recovered from a pawn shop and crucial evidence to identify and locate the thieves had been found in the shop. The teenager was taken to the prosecutor for young offenders and the three women were referred to an Orihuela judge.

Tram line on track for 2022 By Jo Pugh The painfully slow bureaucratic procedures of one of the most anticipated projects - that of the tram line works between Denia and Calpe has finally taken a step forward. The Valencian regional government has awarded a contract worth €15.1 million for the renovation of the six kilometres of track linking the stations of Teulada and Gata de Gorgos. Now, with just the official signing of the

contract to take place, the works should be completed in just over a year, hopefully by April 2021. However, the tracks may be finished by then, but one main project is still be fin-

ished, and that is the construction of the new Pont del Quisi in Benissa. According to forecasts, the final reopening of the entire railway connection is not really expected until the beginning of 2022. It is true however, that on a provisional basis the trams could return to the Marina Alta as early as November 2021 as the old Quisi bridge can accept the passage of old non-dual trains and that could work between Calpe and Teulada, between which the project will be complete.





March 11, 2020 - N° 5

Europe-wide hugger mugger gang busted By Nuria Pérez

A massive clampdown against a prolific hugger mugger gang took place at the end of February. It was carried out by the National Police and the Romanian police with the sup-

port of Europol in both countries. A total of 42 muggers were arrested, who are believed to have stolen over €1 million in Rolex watches and jewellery. They committed the thefts in seaside towns

along the Mediterranean coast and also in the UK, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and France. They targeted elderly people with the same trick, which was to approach victims and asked for directions or help. They then hugged and caressed them – stealing valuables at the same time. In some cases, they became extremely violent and injured the victim. In the raids, 66 watches including 25 Rolexes were seized, along with a substantial amount of expensive jewellery, over €40 000 in cash, 92 smartphones, 355 luxury cars, 10 luxury properties and several bank accounts were embargoed. The investigation was launched at the end of 2018 due to the increasing number of ‘hugging’ crimes recorded in Málaga province.


70-year-old arrested for sexually harassing hotel staff By Alexandra Blair National Police in Alicante city have arrested a 70-year-old man for alleged sexual harassment and assaulting a police officer. The city’s National Police violent crime unit started to investigate after a victim reported the 70-year-old perpetrator. The man had been a guest at a hotel for several weeks, had recently requested to extend his stay, but had started to humiliate, insult and treat the hotel’s female staff in a derogatory fashion, which greatly upset the employees. On January 26, a National Police patrol was called to the hotel after an incident between the guest in question and a female employee. Officers gave the woman advice on how to present a complaint and offered to help her with the necessary paperwork. Female hotel workers

had received indecent proposals and were being humiliated or intimidated by this guest, and on occasions he had been quite violent. In the moment of his arrest, he was on the balcony of is room making obscene gestures to police officers and to pedestrians passing by. Officers proceeded to arrest him, although the investigation continues in case more victims come forward.




March 11, 2020 - N° 5

School is prepared for emergencies By Jo Pugh During the middle of Thursday morning, the fire alarm sounded at the Santa María Magdalena school in Benitachell. Teachers and students quickly evacuated the building and left in an orderly manner. The students were unaware a drill was taking place, but they all showed that they were well prepared for a real situation. After the alarm in the kitchen sounded, the protocol was automatically activated in case of fire. Each teacher organised their students in a line and they calmly went outside. In addi-

tion, the last to leave closed the classroom door. Within a few minutes, the Civil Protection volunteers and the local police arrived at the school, who verified that everything was in order inside the building. “We have entered and all the doors were closed. You have done very well, because if there is a fire inside a class, if the door is closed it is much more difficult for the fire to spread to the rest of the school”, said the head of Civil Protection as he congratulated them. The evacuation took just three and a half minutes, which was labelled as ‘excellent’.



FULL HOUSE AT THE PALACE By Irena Bodnarec Last Sunday the Save My Life 4 fundraiser took place at Benidorm Palace, raising much needed money for two very good animal causes Benidorm Dog Shelter and Manos y Patas, a local voluntary Spanish group whose aim is to protect animals. The money raised during this marathon charity day will be used to better the lives of the dogs in the shelter, by improving the conditions in which they live until hopefully

one day, they find their forever home. The event was once again organised by two local expats – Dona Sandland and David Duncan, both volunteers at Benidorm Dog Homing and palace owner Christine Climent, who offered the fabulous and prestigious venue to host the event. Following the day Dona said “We are overwhelmed by the support from everybody. Benidorm at it’s best and I can’t think of anywhere that pulls together like this as a

community to help rescue dogs”. She would like to thank everyone that came to support the event, from the acts who performed for free, the palace staff who were run off their feet but most of all, all those that came and created a fabulous atmosphere and gave so generously. Numerous local businesses donated prizes for the raffle in addition to three star prizes – VIP tickets to Benidorm Palace for the show, meal and backstage tour for four, buffet for 50 people at Browns Colmar in El Campello and a one night stay at the Flamingo Beach resort including breakfast for 2. Gary Burr from Giving4Giving also passed by and presented Dona with €1,000. The total raised will be announced as soon as it has been counted.





March 11, 2020 - N° 5

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Benitachell mayor, Miguel Ángel García, recently received the technicians of the Coastal Provincial Service at Cala del Moraig, who evaluated the terrible damage caused by storm Gloria. They were accompanied by the councillor for infrastructure, Jorge Pascual, the councillor for housing development, Mayte Roldán, the councillor for public safety, María José Ivars, as well as council technicians and the head of the local police.

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March 11, 2020 - N° 5



Sprucing up the coast By Dave Jones

Council employees have been carrying out repairs to beach infrastructure along Torrevieja’s coastline which was damaged during Storm Gloria in January. Councillor for beaches Antonio Vidal explained that the town hall had to obtain permission from the national coast department before starting the work. He noted that the council’s green team have been working all along the coast on areas

which were ‘seriously’ affected by the storm. Sr Vidal said that Playa del Cura was one of the worst hit areas and beach walkways and ramps have been repaired and repainted. They also carried out repairs around the Hombre del Mar statue, repairing the handrail which was ‘totally destroyed’ by the large waves. The councillor said the team will continue to carry out work at other beaches ‘so they are ready for the Easter holiday’.

On the beaten track Jávea town hall is inspecting the popular trails and pathways through the forest in beauty spot of Granadella to check on storm damage. The tracks are popular with athletes, mountain bikers, hikers and ramblers but have suffered over the winter, especially with the last torrential rains. Councillor for the environment Toni Miragall and forestry engineer for Javea Ricardo Juan have visited areas devastated in the 2016 fire and have checked the state of the trails that have been damaged through the loss of the tree canopy. They will carry out small environmentally-friendly repairs and hope to prevent further erosion.

The town hall is also in contact with clubs and associations using the trails to promote a peaceful coexistence between and various activities and with nature. Sr Miragall said he “appreciated the willingness of clubs to improve an environmental heritage such as the paths in the forest areas”.





March 11, 2020 - N° 5

952 147 834 952 147 834 * O f f e r * O f f e r

v a l i d v a l i d

CostaNews-243,5x345-BIKE0220.indd 1

f o r f o r

n e w n e w

c u s t o m e r s c u s t o m e r s



o n l y . o n l y .

S u b j e c t S u b j e c t

t o t o

c o n d i t i o n s . c o n d i t i o n s .

E n d s E n d s

3 1 / 1 2 / 2 0 . 3 1 / 1 2 / 2 0 .

20/2/20 13:30




March 11, 2020 - N° 5



Javea U3A Dining Out

Sixty members of Javea U3A’s Dining Out group enjoyed a meal at Mezquida restaurant at their latest monthly get-together. This typically Spanish venue in Javea serves, among other cuisine, classic paella. Congratulations to Dining Out group leaders Mallory and Christine Glover for another wellorganised event. Javea U3A has almost 1,400 members and offers a range of groups, activities and events for the retired and semi-retired. For details, visit www.u3ajavea.com





Free Spirits HD celebrate 4th anniversary

(Semi skimmed or full fat)

2,30€ € PG TIPS (80 BAGS + 80 FREE 250g)



4,99€ EMPARRADO WINE Red, Rose, White Semi dry 75cl

1,69€ € ROBERTS BREAD EAD Thick white, Wholemeal lemeal medium, Mega Thick hick 800g


LA V VIEJA FABRICA Strawberry, Forest Fruits, Strawb Marmelade 350g


OPENING HOURS Monday-Saturday 8:30am - 9pm


96 686 44 36 96 686 05 34

@ @ atencionalcliente@supermercadosmendoza.com Camino Viejo de Altea 20, 03581 Albir, Spain

@ @

Avenida País Valencia 35, Alfaz, Spain


Members of the Free Spirits HD Harley Davidson enthusiasts club celebrated four years of being a motorcycle club last Friday, March 6. New and old members turned out for dinner and a chat at Black Flame in Pedreguer. Free Spirits HD was formed in 2016 by five bikers and two of the founder members, Alan and Lisa Fox, are still members. Alan and Lisa unfortunately could not make the occasion. The club is still going from strength to strength and currently has 61 members. Thanks go to all members for their support, with special thanks to club secretary Pauline Webb for planning the 4th anniversary evening. Free Spirits HD is an Englishspeaking group based in the Marina Alta who enjoy rides throughout the year, including coffee and lunch stops, planned by the road captain running the ride. The club also holds regular social events. For more information please contact director Barry Haylor at freespiritshd@ gmail.com or via the website www.freespiritshd.club or call 629 728 375.





March 11, 2020 - N° 5


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THE THE POST POST –– 330mm 330mm xx 243.5mm 243.5mm

11th 11th March March


10 News

March 11, 2020 - N° 5


Changes at HELP Vega Baja On February 25, HELP Vega Baja held their AGM in the Casa de Cultura, San Miguel and nominations were received and accepted for the Elective Committee. Michele Masson was returned as President and Richard Garland remains in place as Charity Secretary. After 5 years in post, Carole Jones stood down as Treasurer to spend more time travelling and Sue Birchenough was elected to join the committee as Treasurer. Michele presented Carole with a bouquet of flowers on behalf of the charity

and spoke of the friendship that had developed throughout the charity with Carole. She also mentioned that Carole would not be leaving the charity entirely and would remain a much-valued volunteer. Members were presented with a copy of the accounts and were delighted to hear that the charity had helped a record number of people throughout 2019 with donations reaching in excess of €74,000. Michele Masson explained “much of our efforts in 2019 were directed towards supporting families who were

affected by the floods. It was amazing how the community rallied around to raise funds and of course how volunteers from the charity went way beyond what anyone could expect and were often found helping families in their homes during the day and dressed up and smiling on an evening attending fundraising events. "2020 is a special year for the charity as we celebrate 40 years supporting people in the Vega Baja area. We will be holding some fabulous events and we very much hope that people will come along to sup-


L-r: Carole, Sue , Michele and Richard port us. In particular we have our second golf event in June and we are hoping to have a gala ball later in the year – this is all in addition to our Spring, Christmas Fayres and so much more!"

For more information on how you can support HELP Vega Baja, to sign up as a member or become a volunteer, visit www.helpvega baja.com call 966 723 733 or visit their Facebook Page.

Walking between the storms Monday and Thursday Hill Walking Groups Despite the strong winds towards the end of February Paul Leniston, the leader of the U3A Vall de Pop Monday & Thursday Walking Groups, reported the month had been great for walking the hillsides of this beautiful area, with more than its fair share of warm sunny days. Walks have included Lleus to Pinos, two almond blossom walks. Somel ex-

cellent coastal views from the Olta summit, a good walk to open the lungs and legs at the start of the Spring walking season. The Monday group had requested the Bernia walk, which although longer than their usual walks was enjoyed by one and all. Col de Rates from Parcent, which was so popular for Thursdays may be offered for the Monday group, who, on the third Monday of February, enjoyed a new walk from Par-

cent to Murla Ermitia. Cocoll was the final challenging walk for the Thursday group in February. However, with lots of water stops and a moderate pace Paul ensured everyone not only completed the walk but enjoyed the experience and the views. If you would like more details about either group send Paul an email at paulleniston@hotmail.com or see our website at www.u3avalldelpop. com.

I love you

You should only be told beautiful things in your ear! • Hearing problems can affect your quality of life • Regular monitoring of your ears can prevent this • Get your FREE ear test at SENTI2 C/. Marjalete no3, 03724, Moraira, Alicante

OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY 9.30-18.00 SATURDAY 10.00-14.00

Tel: 966 49 04 40

DIREKT OPTIK, ONE OF THE UK’S LEADING OPTICIANS Ctra. Moraira-Calpe, 122, Moraira, 037224 Alicante

senti2moraira@gmail.com www.senti2moraira.es

You will find Direkt Optik half a kilometre outside Moraira on the Moraira to Calpe Coast Road, Between the Pharmacy and the Medical Clinic just near Telitec.


Post New members at Jávea Players ee

News 11

March 11, 2020 - N° 5

Jávea Players held a highly successful social evening to welcome the 25 new members who have joined over the last year. Many of the society’s stalwarts turned up to meet the newer members at the event which was held at La Chabada bar on the Arenal. “This informal get-together seemed a great way to greet all the people who have joined Jávea Players,” said the society’s Chairman, Alastair Wallace. “It’s good to see so many younger people joining us, and becoming involved in creating the finest amateur drama on the Costa Blanca.”

“Many new members are already involved in our next production in key areas such as lights, sound, stage management, acting, set design and construction,” he added. One newcomer, 24-yearold former drama student Oliver Don Jones has been signed up as assistant director on Jávea Players’ latest presentation, Dead Guilty, a tense psychological thriller which will be staged at the Unión Musical in Gata from 21-25 April. For information about how to join Jávea Players and to book tickets, visit their website at: www.javeaplayers.com

Moraira – Teulada U3A AGM Members of the Moraira -Teulada U3A attended their Annual General Meeting at the Salon GL in Teulada on Monday, March 2 when a new Committee was elected. The Past President David Haxon, and his wife Eileen had decided to retire following eight years of exemplary service on the Committee and the new President, Prue Jackson, was elected. Others elected included John Hopwood as Vice-President, Titch Crossfield as Secretary, Graham Whitelocks as Treasurer, Pat Clarke as Membership Secretary, Lynn Clark as Travel Group Coordinator. In addition, other Committee Members elected were Sue Popkin, Janice Wilson, Jayne Wintle and Tony Old. Moraira-Teulada U3A has more than two thousand members who make sure that the members of the Committee enjoy an extremely busy year helping to organise all as-

GAS MINI TANKS CEPSA & REPSOL INSTALLATIONS & MAINTENANCE PROPANE & BUTANE BOTTLES 5 YEARS REVISIONS & CERTIFICATION Tel/Mobile: 620 523 613 Office: 966 498 993 Email: moraira@hotmail.com www.morairaph.com

pects of this organisation. Photographs show members of the new Committee (top) and new President Prue Jackson presenting gifts to the retiring President David Haxon and retiring Speaker Liaison Eileen Haxon (below).


12 News

March 11, 2020 - N° 5



Charity shop makeover Your furniture outlet where the SALE NEVER ENDS!

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27 - 29

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DISCOUNT VOUCHER EQUIMUR Entrance fee with this discount voucher: 5 € per person (instead of 7 €) Valid for up to 4 people

Group tickets: entrance fee + Friday & Sunday horse show 7 € (groups of 15 people min) Palacio de Ferias y Exposiciones de la Región de Murcia Avda. Gerardo Molina, 117 . 30700 Torre Pacheco . Murcia T. +34 968 33 63 83 . www.ifepa.es

Pueblo Bravo Debra Charity Shop in Ciudad Quesada was in need of a long overdue makeover having been open now for 14 years. Three Buffalo (Buffs) Lodges generously donated €1,000 for purchase of new display cabinets and bookcases . Patience Lodge 2177 Phillip Scott Lodge 10671 Washington Lodge 2178 Heartfelt thanks to everyone not forgetting our very own volunteer shop fitter Graham Ketley assisted by his wife Rita spending many hours putting the units together. Photographs show representatives from Buffs and

Anne Wylie (Manageress) with a couple of volunteer staff - Pat Price and Rita Ketley.


Post Paddies Day Parade in Cabo Roig ee

Events 13

March 11, 2020 - N° 5

One of the biggest St Patrick’s Day celebrations in the entire world will take place in Cabo Roig on Sunday afternoon (March 15) launching the start of three days of Festivities on the Orihuela Costa. The 2020 parade, the tenth anniversary of the Cabo Roig welcomes almost30 floats, troupes and displays to the huge parade. Many of the bars and restaurants have been running

fundraising activities to support the parade. Lots more happening this week in the run up to Sunday. On Friday evening the formal launch of the festivities will be hosted by the Parade Committee and the Orihuela Town Hall in the Casino situated in Zenia Boulevard where the Grand Marshall, the living GAA legend Séamus Darby, will also be welcomed to the area. On Sunday itself the events

get underway at 1pm, with kids’ activities and face-painting while BIG FM will be hosting their live St Patrick’s Day outside broadcast from the stage area in Calle del Mar. There will also be a display of classic cars, motorcycles and scooters during the hour leading up to the start of the parade. The parade, led by the Torrevieja Pipes, will start at 3pm from the Aguamarina Urban-

isation in Calle Agua. along Calle del Mar to the Medical Centre where it will turn down the front of the strip, into Calle Cielo to finish back at the original start point. Over 50 members of the Moors and Christians Brotherhoods will also take part in the parade as special guests. Parking will be difficult with much of the area closed by police from 1pm. Please ensure that to arrive early so you can

enjoy an afternoon of fine Irish companionship and entertainment.


Charity event in aid of Alicante Parkinson's association

Teulada Moraira Lions are delighted to present a Shirley Bassey tribute, in, April. With a powerful voice capable of delivering the dynamic tunes synonymous with Shirley Bassey, Amanda will be performing some of the singer's classics In addition, we are delighted to welcome Duo Intermezzo. Their style is Opera Fusion - a mix of Opera, Pop & Latin Jazz. Duo Intermezzo will be kicking off our latest musical evening with some truly beautiful pieces.

A concert will take place on Sunday, March 15 at 5.30pm in aid of the Parkinson's association of Alicante at the ' Salon de Actos of Salesianos Don Bosco school (Av. Vicente Blasco, 1, 03005 Alicante) Various artists will be collaborating including Spanish guitarist Luis Gómez of the band Maldita Nerea. Other performers in-

The show will be staged on Sunday, April 26, in Espai La Senieta, Moraira and starts at 7pm. Tickets are priced at €15 and there will be a bar and raffle. All profits go to support those in need through the charitable donations made by the Teulada Moraira Lions Club. For more information on the club, visit www.tmlions.com. To book your tickets call 966 498 493 or email tmlions. concerts @gmail.com

clude members school of song and music 'Allegra and the Mary Carmen Serrano ballet school. Proceeds from the tickets costing €8 will go entirely towards the charity. Tickets can be bought at Asociación Parkinson Alicante, Calle General Pintos 11 or from the Escuela de Canto y música Allegra, on Calle Barraquer 1, in Alicante.


952 147 834

CostaNews-243,5x160-CAR-SantPatricks.indd 1

9/3/20 11:25


14 Events

March 11, 2020 - N° 5


Oliva Drama prepares for ‘Fancy That!’

Exciting physicist in the NAC!

On Friday, March 13 at 7pm an interesting lecture is planned in the NAC Denia (www.nac-denia.com): Klaus Gärtner, physicist from Hamburg, will give a presentation on the history of creation from the perspective of a physicist! He says: “Why is it so strangely contradictory and unbelievable that the light was made on the first day, but the sun only on the fourth? Because it really was like that, we know today. "God's word and God's work" is a comparison of the development of the world according to scientific knowledge and the First (more recent) Creation story from the seven


days at the beginning of the Bible with the astonishing parallels between the two, if certain basic conditions are taken into account". The event is free of charge. Tapas and drinks will be offered afterwards. Please register in advance by email at info@nac-denia.com. Address: Camí d’Alt de Dénia a Xàbia 8 (near the Hotel Port Denia)

• UK TV • Apple Repairs • Internet • Mobile Phones OPENING TIMES: Mon-Fri 10h - 18h Closed Sat & Sun Tumovil Albir Camino Viejo de Altea 34 Local 4 - Albir, 03581 Alicante

Tel 0034 604368398 tumovilalbir@gmail.com

Fancy laughing at some funny sketches? Fancy watching some lively dancing? Fancy singing along to some great tunes? Then come and see Oliva Drama’s (ODCA’s)* new family show ‘Fancy That!’. It will be held at the spacious Bellreguard Theatre (Bellreguard Ajuntament, Carrer Clot de l’Era 12) on March 27 and 28. Doors open 7.30pm for show at 8pm. Be sure to get your tickets (€10 adults; €5 children under 14) from any Oliva Drama member, Bar Amigos, Café Oliva, Honey Dukes, Bar Ventall or via our website Cheeky Anthony in rehearsals https://olivadrama. com/

Gandía Church service A Church of England service of Holy Communion is held every Sunday at 12 noon in a chapel of the Borja Palace,

Gandia. We use the door on the front next to the Café del Duc. For more information call Stephen on 647 285485.




Food & Drink 15

March 11, 2020 - N° 5

Villajoyosa’s XX Gastronomic Exhibition of Seafood Cuisine By Alexandra Blair Villajoyosa’s yearly seafood gastronomic event started last Friday and will run until this Sunday, March 15. Eight of the town’s restaurants are offering special menus at prices ranging between €30 (drinks not included) to €40 including wine. All these menus will include fresh fish and seafood from the local fish market, as well as well as locally made chocolate, both key raw materials in the town’s gastronomy and industry. Last Tuesday, March 3, the official presentation of the menus took place


at Villajoyosa’s Tennis Club restaurant, where those who assisted were able to taste specialities prepared by the restaurants participating in the gastronomic week. The gastronomic event will feature an extensive programme of additional activities: Today Wednesday, March 11, at 6pm in the Don Pedro salon of Finca La Barbera a cheese tasting session will take place with the collaboration of Lloret Specialties. March 12, at 6pm, a cocktail masterclass will take place at the T-Class restaurant on the beachfront, March 13, at 5.30pm, Vilamuseu (museum) will host an ice cream show cooking display by ‘Los Argentinos’. To attend the events it is necessary to book in advance at the Tourist Office, located on the Centella chalet on Carrer Colón 40, assistance is free,

Seafood but the rooms have limited capacity. The gastronomic week will end on Sunday with a wine of honour to be held in the Don Pedro salon at Finca Barbera. Vilamuseu is collaborating actively in this year’s event and will be giving a free ticket to visit the museum, with no expiry date, to everybody who enjoys one of the special menus at any of the town’s eight participating restaurants, which are: Ca Marta, El Pòsit, Yacht Club, La Caravelle, El Trébol, La Taperia de Gambrinus, Taberna Tres 14 and Zerca. All menus will finish with a dessert

Prawns and mango starter

plus chocolates and turrón elaborated by local companies: Carremi, Valor Chocolates, Pérez Chocolates, Marcos Tonda Chocolates and Clavileño Chocolates.

Rice and stew dish

SPECIAL LUNCH MENU Thali Chicken Thali Set 11,95€ Lamb Thali Set 12,95€ Prawn Thali Set 12,95€ (Glass of soft drink or wine included) (All prices are including IVA)

Servin the be g you st c on the urries Cos Blanc ta for 12 a years

C/Sant Pere, 37. ALTEA

622 810 735 • 965 840968

FREE HOME DELIVERY min 30€ - within 3km


16 Food & Drink

March 11, 2020 - N° 5



Life Kitchen by

By Ella Walker, PA

Life Kitchen offers recipes and cookery classes for people dealing with cancer. Parmesan cod recipe with salt and vinegar cucumber This Parmesan cod is a fish dish with a difference. "Think of British fish and chips with lashings of vinegar (with its acidic tang and sweetness), then turn up the flavour a few notches and you get this dish," explains Ryan Riley of Life Kitchen. "Salt and vinegar cucumber is refreshing for your palate and the Parmesan-crusted cod brings plenty of umami. Serve this with some crushed new potatoes." Parmesan cod with salt and vinegar cucumber from Life Kitchen by Ryan Riley Ingredients: (Serves 4) 150g Parmesan, grated 2tsp smoked paprika 1 small handful of thyme, leaves picked A pinch of salt A pinch of black pepper 4 small cod loins (about 140g each) 2 eggs, lightly beaten Good-quality olive oil, to serve For the salt and vinegar cucumber: 1 cucumber, sliced into ribbons A large pinch of salt 150ml malt vinegar Method: 1. Heat the oven to 180°C. Line a baking tray with baking paper.

2. Start the salt and vinegar cucumber. Place the cucumber ribbons in a bowl and sprinkle liberally with the salt, making sure all of the cucumber is salted - don't worry, you're going to wash off most of the salt later. Set aside. 3. To make the cod, in a bowl first mix the parmesan, paprika and thyme leaves with the pinches of salt and pepper. 4. One by one, place the cod loins into the beaten eggs and coat well. Then roll each egg-coated loin in the parmesan mixture until coated and place on the lined baking tray. Bake for about eight to 10 minutes, until the cod gently flakes when pushed with the back of a teaspoon. If you like, give the loins a final minute under a hot grill to get the parmesan coating really crispy. 5. While the cod is in the oven, transfer the cucumber to a sieve and wash off the excess salt under running water. Place the ribbons in a bowl with the malt vinegar and give them a good mix. Leave to Parmesan cod recipe with salt and vinegar cucumber

lightly pickle until the cod is cooked. 6. Serve each cod loin with a generous portion of the salt and vinegar cucumber and drizzled with good-quality olive oil. Hot and cold pickled tomatoes recipe with chilli yoghurt Hot and cold pickled tomatoes are super zingy with chilli yoghurt. "Pickled tomatoes. What a revelation. The sweet tanginess of the vinegar really pairs well with the savouriness of the tomatoes, creating something beautifully balanced," explains Ryan Riley of Life Kitchen. "Chilli yoghurt helps the tomatoes to sing, and brings the whole dish a light-handed freshness (there is no end to the list of ingredients you can mix into yoghurt to make it exciting). The pickled tomatoes will keep for two to three days in the fridge in a sealed container."




Ryan Riley Hot and cold pickled tomatoes with chilli yoghurt Ingredients: (Serves 3-5) 150ml red wine vinegar 1/4tsp fennel seeds 6 coriander seeds 2 bay leaves 12 mixed-colour cherry tomatoes, halved or quartered 2tbsp full-fat Greek yoghurt 1tsp Chilli Oil (see below) To serve: Warmed flatbreads or naan breads A small handful of mint leaves To make the Chilli Oil: (makes 200ml so you'll have Hot and cold pickled tomatoes with chilli yoghurt

Food & Drink 17

March 11, 2020 - N° 5

Pineapple tacos with prawns, chilli and lime recipe

plenty left over) 200ml rapeseed oil 40g dried chipotle chilli flakes 20g red chilli flakes

Place a saucepan on a medium heat and add the oil. Bring to a simmer - be very careful as the oil will be extremely hot. After a few moments, drop in a chilli flake: if the oil is hot enough, the flake will sizzle slightly. Remove from the heat and stir in both types of chilli flake. Set aside and allow to cool completely. Once cooled, pour into a sterilised jar and seal with a lid.

Method: 1. Stir together the vinegar, both seeds and the bay leaves in a bowl. Place a saucepan on a high heat and pour in half the liquid (with half the aromatics). Bring to the boil, then turn off the heat. Divide the tomatoes between two bowls and pour the hot liquid into one bowl and the cold into the other. Leave for five minutes. 2. Meanwhile, combine the yoghurt and chilli oil in a bowl. 3. To serve, spread the warmed breads with the chilli yoghurt, top with both hot and cold tomatoes (discarding the bay) and scatter over the mint. Pineapple tacos with prawns, chilli and lime recipe Pineapple tacos with prawns, chilli and lime are a major hit of flavour.

"My all-time favourite recipe from the Life Kitchen classes, pineapple tacos is the dish that gets the greatest number of emotional reactions from our guests," says Ryan Riley of Life Kitchen. "Once, a wonderful man called Mike - who is 75 years old and hadn't tasted anything in a very long time as a result of his treatment - found this recipe a complete revelation. So many others have said the same thing. Pineapple tacos are a novel idea, but once you've made them, you won't look back." Ingredients: (Makes about 20 tacos) 100g cooked prawns, shelled 1 red or green chilli, finely chopped, plus extra to serve (optional) 1 lime, zest and juice, plus

extra wedges for squeezing (optional) 1 spring onion, sliced into rough matchsticks 1 pineapple, peeled and sliced into wafer-thin circles A small handful of coriander leaves Method: 1. In a bowl, mix the cooked prawns with the chilli, the lime zest and juice and the spring onion. 2. Fold each pineapple round in half to resemble a taco shell. Fill each shell with an equal amount of the prawn mixture, sprinkle over a few coriander leaves and squeeze over some extra lime, if you like. Serve immediately with optional extra chilli on the side. Life Kitchen by Ryan Riley, photography by Clare Winfield, is published by Bloomsbury.


18 Health & Lifestyle

March 11, 2020 - N° 5




Arthritis is a common condition that causes pain and inflammation in a joint. In the UK, around 10 million people have arthritis. People of all ages including children can be affected. The two most common types of arthritis are: ■ Osteoarthritis ■ Rheumatoid arthritis Osteoarthritis This is the most common type of arthritis. It usually develops in people who are in their late 40s or older. It’s more common in women and people with a family history of it. It can however occur at any age as a result of an injury or be associated with other jointrelated conditions, such as gout or rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis affects the smooth cartilage lining of the joint at first. This makes movement harder than normal leading to pain and stiffness. Once the cartilage lining starts to roughen and thin out, the tendons and ligaments have to work harder. This can cause swelling and the formation of bony spurs which are called osteophytes. Severe loss of cartilage can lead to bone rubbing on bone altering the shape of a joint and forcing the bones out of position. Joints most commonly affected are: ■ Hands

■ Spine ■ Knees ■ Hips Rheumatoid Arthritis It usually starts when people are 4050 years of age. Women are three times more likely to be affected than men. Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when the body’s immune system targets affected joints, which leads to pain and swelling. The outer covering of the joint is the first area to be affected. This may then spread across the joint, leading to further swelling and changes to the joints shape. This may cause the bone and cartilage to break down.

People who have rheumatoid arthritis can also develop problems with other tissues and organs in their bodies. Symptoms of arthritis The symptoms that present will depend on the type of arthritis you have. It is important to have an accurate diagnosis if you have: ■ Joint pain, tenderness and stiffness ■ Inflammation in and around the joints ■ Restricted movement of the joints ■ Warm, red skin over the affected joint ■ Weakness and muscle wasting Treatment of arthritis There is no cure for arthritis but there are many treatments that can slow down the progression of the condition. For osteoarthritis, medications are often prescribed which include: ■ Painkillers

■ Non-steroidal drugs ■ Corticosteroids


In severe cases surgical procedures may be recommended, these may include: ■ Arthroplasty (joint replacement) ■ Arthodesis (joint fusion) ■ Osteotomy (bone is cut and realigned) The aim of the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is to slow down the progression of the condition and minimise joint inflammation or swelling. This is to try and prevent damage to the joints. Recommended treatments include: ■ Painkillers ■ Disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs ■ Physiotherapy ■ Regular exercise

Article supplied by Family Medical Centre, Albir, Call 96 686 5072 or email info@albirfamilymedicalcentre.com

Do you have any concerns about your liver? Liver Function Tests 38€ (normal price 48€)








Health & Lifestyle 19

March 11, 2020 - N° 5

Ease the sneeze By Gabrielle Fagan, PA

Sneezing, snuffling, itchy eyes and wheezing are the most common symptoms of hay fever. We check out the latest research into the causes and find products to combat the symptoms. Hay fever and its debilitating symptoms - from itchy eyes and a runny nose through to congestion and wheeziness brings misery to millions every year. The symptoms are caused by histamines - substances the body produces in response to allergic reactions - which is why doctors usually recommend antihistamine medication. Outdoor tips ■ Wear wraparound sunglasses, anti-allergenic eye make-up and apply Vaseline to nostrils to trap pollen before it enters nasal passages. ■ Don't dry washing outside on high pollen count days as it will collect pollen from the air. Change clothes and wash hair after being outside. ■ Avoid mowing the lawn, weeding or composting to avoid exposure to grasses, pollen and mould spores. ■ Keep car windows closed, service a car air filter regularly, and if possible choose a car with a pollen filter. Indoor tips ■ On high and very high grass pollen count days the worst times are usually early morning (between 5-10am) and late afternoon (4-7pm), when most grasses release their pollen.

Keep windows and doors closed at these times. ■ Drink plenty of water, around 2.5 litres a day, to help replace fluid lost through sweating and mucus generated by sneezing and coughing. ■ Cover beds and desks when not in use and fold covers back carefully when you want to use the area. Pollen is heavy and settles on surfaces quickly. ■ Brush cats or dogs as they may carry a lot of pollen in their fur. ■ For some respite, close windows and doors. Sit still and in about 25 minutes most of the pollen in the room will have settled so you will be breathing pollen-free air.

Treatment Treatment includes antihistamines, corticosteroids, nasal sprays and decongestants, and eye drops. If symptoms are particularly severe consult a GP, who may refer you to an allergy specialist. There is a huge range of over-the-counter remedies available, including ones that are taken once a day and don't cause drowsiness. Natural boosters If drug-free solutions appeal, a new natural remedy that claims to give a powerful boost to the immune system could be beneficial during the pollen season. It contains Quercetin, a natural plant extract to support the respiratory tract, and Bromelain, an anti-inflamma-

tory. Quercetin & Bromelain is available from www.highernature.co.uk. Those interested in a homeopathy could match their symptoms to an appropriate remedy at www.hayfeverhealing.com, a new interactive online site launched by Nelsons. Needle an allergy Alternative therapies such as acupuncture also claim success with conditions such as hay fever. By inserting fine needles into the channels of energy which run underneath the skin, acupuncturists believe they stimulate the body's own healing response and help restore its natural balance. Weekly treatments are applied over a three to four week period although this varies depending on the severity of the allergy. Band aid A simple arm band claims to work by exerting a gentle, constant pressure at the elbow crease. Chinese medicine expert Jacqueline Young explains that stimulation of particular points can have direct effect on certain body systems. "One point on the elbow appears to have an anti-histamine-like effect and is widely used in the treatment of hay fever." The Hay-Band, a specially designed acupressure elbow band, can be used before or after onset of symptoms. It's available from www.hayband.co.uk.


20 Health & Lifestyle

March 11, 2020 - N° 5



WHAT IS FOOD INTOLERANCE? Food intolerance, also known as non-IgE mediated food hypersensitivity or non-allergic food hypersensitivity, refers to difficulty in digesting certain foods. It is important to note that food intolerance is different from food allergy.

Food allergies trigger the immune system, while food intolerance does not. Some people suffer digestive problems after eating certain foods, even though their immune system has not reacted – there is no histamine response. Foods most commonly associated with food intolerance include dairy products, grains that contain gluten, and foods that cause intestinal gas buildup, such as beans and cabbage. Fast facts on food intolerance Here are some key points about food intolerance. More detail and supporting information is in the main article. ■ Symptoms of food intolerance tend to take longer to appear than symptoms of allergies ■ The symptoms are varied and can include, migraine, cough, and stomach ache ■ Some food intolerance is caused by the lack of a particular enzyme

Symptoms The symptoms of food intolerance generally take longer to emerge, compared to food allergies. The following are the most common symptoms of food intolerance: ■ Bloating ■ Migraines ■ Headaches ■ Cough ■ Runny nose ■ Feeling under the weather ■ Stomach ache

■ Irritable bowel ■ Hives Causes There can be many causes of food intolerance, and we will take a look at each of these in turn. 1) Absence of an enzyme 2) Chemical causes of food intolerance

3) Food poisoning – toxins 4) Natural occurrence of histamine in some foods 5) Salicylates are present in many foods In Clínica Britannia we have different methods to identify food intolerances and help their treatment, to achieve a recovery of the normal state of health.

Article supplied by Clinica Britannia, Call: 965 837553 or visit - www.clinicabritannia.com


British Medical & Dental Centre - In Calpe since 1997 Need a Doctor at Your Hotel or Home?

Do not hesitate to call us! We cover:- Villajoyosa • Finestrat • Altea • Benidorm • Alfaz del Pi, • El Albir • La Nucía • Benissa • Jalón and Calpe. NURSES GENERAL PRACTITIONERS DENTISTS MEDICAL SPECIALISTS AESTHETIC SPECIALISTS ALLIED HEALTH PROFESIONALS LABORATORY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT SURGEONS See all our services: www.clinicabritannia.com

Appointments Landlines: 965 837 553 / 965 837 851 Av. Ejércitos Españoles 16 BIS, 1st floor, Calpe

OPENING TIMES: Mon - Fri: 9:00 am / 17:00 pm Clinica Britannia Calpe




Girls' Talk 21

March 11, 2020 - N° 5

Five golden rules for growing your hair out By Prudence Wade, PA Prudence Wade asks trichologist Stephanie Sey how to get thick, princess-like locks. A new hairstyle doesn't have to mean getting an extreme chop. Instead, your fresh look can be a bit more gradual - like growing your hair out. Most of us lust after waist-length, princess-style hair, but find it tricky to achieve. For some, the hair becomes too ratty and we need to cut it, and for others, it seemingly refuses to grow past a certain point. Luckily, there are some things you can do - to your beauty routine and your lifestyle in general - to encourage thicker hair and healthy growth. Trichologist Stephanie Sey reveals her expert tips on what you should do if you covet long, luscious locks... 1. Have a good diet We hate to break it to you, but a well-balanced diet isn't just good for your physical health, it's also necessary for long, bouncy hair. Sey puts it simply: "A poor diet can affect the health of your hair, while a well-balanced diet can help support healthy hair growth." When thinking about what to eat, it's really about using your common sense. "Processed foods like fast food and ready meals are typically high in sugar, salt and unhealthy fats, as well as chemical additives,"

Sey explains. "These foods typically have very little in the way of the nutrients that our body needs to stay healthy, such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The hair is one of the very last systems in your body to receive nutrients (as it is one of the least essential), so if your body is not receiving adequate nutrients, your hair will likely be affected." She recommends a balanced diet "comprising of carbohydrates, healthy fats, proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals" to help encourage thick, full hair. 2. Reduce stress Keeping anxiety under control is also good for your all-round health, not just your hair. Stress can have a huge impact on your physical health, as well as causing "chronic shedding, resulting in thinner hair", says Sey. Unfortunately,

stress isn't quite as easy to manage as your diet. However, there are things you can try, like exercising or meditation, but if anxious feelings become unmanageable, you should see your GP. 3. Wash your hair regularly How often you wash your hair can be a balancing act. On the one hand, you don't want to overdo it, because the shampoo can strip your hair of its natural oils. However, Sey says: "Not washing your hair enough can also lead to a build-up of oils and react with the pollution in the environment." How often you wash depends on your hair type - for example, dry hair doesn't need to be as regularly shampooed as other types - but as a general rule of thumb, Sey advises: "You should wash your hair a minimum of once a week." 4. Focus on scalp health Skincare is big business, with many of us investing in a multi-step routine to reveal healthy, glowing skin. So, why do we forget about the skin on

top of our heads? It's not exactly the sexiest part of any beauty regime, but our scalps have long been overlooked - and this could be to the detriment of our hair. "Scalp health is crucial; when your scalp is in a healthy state, you create the optimum conditions for stronger, better looking hair," says Sey, which is another reason not to skip regular hair washes. She adds: "Yeast malassezia is responsible for dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis, and the use of a treatment, such as Nizoral Dandruff Shampoo (ÂŁ9.30, Boots), can help to control it." 5. Don't forget haircuts If you want hair down to your waist, your first thought might be to stop getting regular haircuts. After all, surely it's going to grow longer if you stop trimming it, right? It might defy logic, but regular cuts are actually crucial to growing your hair out. "Make sure the ends of your hair are well taken care of and preserved, so get your hair cut when the ends become weathered and split," Sey advises. "Not tackling split ends means it will travel up the hair shaft, causing more damage."


22 Greetings

March 11, 2020 - N° 5

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Win. Lots of love from Laika, Denise, Harry, Rico and Yoda.



Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Have a great day Roger, from all the family

Happy Birthday Lidia Have a great day on your birthday, lots of love from all your family and friends

Party like it’s going out of fashion Lesley. Lots of love from Irena

Happy Birthday

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Happy birthday to my son Fransico. Hope you had a great day on your birthday, lots of love from mum xxxx

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Across the Pond: 80 years old Last week, our granddaughter celebrated her eighteenth birthday. The days leading up to the event were filled with anticipation and excitement because there’s nothing more a kid wants than to be than an adult. At least, that’s the way I remembered it when I was eight years old. I could not wait to be nine. Why? Because then I could get a paper route. I didn’t realise those endless summer days of comic books, playing baseball, eating moon pies and drinking RC Cola would be some of the better times of my life. I couldn’t wait to get onto some other age. As a matter of fact, it seems as if a good part of my life was spent waiting to be older. When I was in the seventh grade, being in the eighth grade seemed to be Nirvana. For one thing, the eighth graders had birthday parties where both boys and girls were in attendance and Eddie Joe, being a year older than me, told us kids in the neighbourhood about this game called ‘spin the bottle’ being played at those parties. I couldn’t wait. Eighth grade also meant the added benefit of being 14, old enough to get a work permit and get a

real job in the Jay-Cee grocery store. Never one to be satisfied with the status quo, when I got to the eighth grade, I was already anticipating entry into the inner sanctum of high school and the chance to cut up a dead frog in the biology class. Still, there was a bit of trepidation, knowing that hazing of freshman boys might mean hanging by our belts on the coat racks or worse, having our heads shaved. But surviving the hazing and moving on to the sophomore year, then one of the first real life changing milestones was in sight. I couldn’t wait to turn sixteen and become a real man with a driver’s licence; cars, freedom, the open road and of course, girls. The thrill of being 16 only sharpened the desire to be eighteen and graduating. Now there was a chance to join the service or get a real job in the factory, make that big money and buy a new car. But wait, my teachers said, what about college? Were they crazy? Who went to college? Who had the money? Besides, I’d had enough of education, enough to last me a lifetime. I was

ready to start living. Of course, it didn’t take long to realise that being 18 was not the pinnacle of life’s ambition. Drinking a root beer float at Jerry Bradley’s drive-in was okay but a boy had to be twenty-one to become a man with the freedom to walk into Frank’s Tavern, get a pickled egg out of the gallon jug on the bar and wash it down with a Falls City beer. Or even better yet, after a hard day’s work in suffocating temperatures at the furniture factory, stopping on the way home in the little town of Haysville, Indiana for a refreshing ice cold, frosted schooner of Pabst Blue Ribbon. That 21st birthday was about the end of wishing life would hurry up. Within a couple of years, I was married and then, life was a blur for the next 25 years seemingly interrupted only by something to do with children. My birthdays were no more than an afterthought. Life finally slowed down when, never understanding where the feeling came from, I no longer liked going to work. Suddenly, I was anticipating retirement, Social Security and the chance to

enrol in Medicare, getting away from those back breaking insurance premiums. So what’s this all about? Why all this introspection? It’s another birthday for me, that’s why. By the time many of you read this, I will have celebrated my 80th and will be entering my ninth decade on the right side of the grass. It’s a milestone and a reason to celebrate primarily because I made it when many of my friends and classmates didn’t. Now I’m wondering; what the hell was my hurry? Why was I always anxious to be older? Did I never stop to think that one day I would be a 80 year old guy suddenly worried witless about a stock market meltdown brought on by yet another Chinese virus and dealing with aches, pains and a concern about becoming a doddering old man who saves cottage cheese cartons and rinsed out Zip Lock bags for entertainment? Did I not realise that I would not be a rambunctious 9 year old paperboy, a fun loving teenage grocery clerk, a girl-chasing twenty something factory worker, an anxious 40 year old father, a bored to death 50 year old

By Gordon Grindstaff cubicle dweller or even a contented 65 year old grandfather forever? . Nope, I don’t guess I did. G2 note: I looked at the ending paragraph of this piece and realised I have just summed up my life in about the longest sentence I’ve ever written. And if you’re one of my kids reading this, I was just kidding about being a doddering old man. That isn’t going to be me. I’m as happy as a clam at high tide. Really. I am. Honest.




Travel 23

March 11, 2020 - N° 5

Maria Cristina Hotel

San Sebastian from Urgull

Barfood at Casa Vegura 1948

Hanging out with all the young dudes By Jack Troughton Culture and cuisine make San Seb a cool place San Sebastian has more bars per square metre than anywhere else on the planet apparently – possibly why the thirsty soldiers of Wellington’s army got so carried away when they finally stormed the old town and the castle in 1813. Guide books politely refer to the allies running ‘amok’ and the resulting fires destroyed much of the area, the beautiful church of Santa Maria and Calle de 31 Agosto, named after the event, notable survivors. It was the price of helping Napolean’s forces on their way back to nearby France but it has also allowed a fashionable San Seb – Donostia in the Basque language – to grow in its place with elegant streets and plazas. Summer in the city is the place to be and having left the heat of Spain’s Costa Blanca behind, this Atlantic coast city is refreshingly cool, almost like being back in Blighty. Cool has another meaning

when hanging out at the Gros beach with its dedicated surfers waiting for a wave or watching the exertions of skilled sporty-types engaged in beach volleyball tournaments. Achieve the look by hiring a board and wetsuit in specialist shops behind the sands and just wander the promenade at sunset. The old town is a short walk across the river and at the end of the peninsula above the harbour is the steep sides of the fortified Urgull mountain topped with an imposing statue – it pays not to make assumptions, it turned out the sculpture was not Saint Sebastian but Jesus Christ. However, the views over the city and its three beaches are spectacular and well worth the effort of getting to the summit; there is a bus for the faint-hearted. It is a perfect way to work up an appetite. No one should go hungry as there are streets packed with bars and restaurants; the famous ‘pintxo’ – the divine snacks of Donostia – are not only delicious but imaginative and a magnet for foodies.

Traditional And these can be washed down with local wines, traditional cider, or a cool beer. El Picaro bar in Gros – it always pays to have a local – boasted six varieties of San Miguel on draught, the ‘hamburgo’ was dark and hoppy and very close to English ale...another was an eyewatering 9.1% alcohol, nearly twice the strength. Language students will recognise a ‘caña’ as a small beer; a large glass is a ‘cañon’. Food and accompanying refreshments are offered at very digestible prices; accommodation can be pricey. It is worth just looking up the rates for a room at the stylish Maria Cristina Hotel or the beachfront Hotel Londres de Inglaterra for the shock. Saint Sebastian’s Day is January 20 and is celebrated with the ‘Tamborrada’ – bands of drummers in 18th Century military uniforms followed by bands of cooks beating a raucous rhythm on barrels; something like 100 groups take part and Plaza de Constitución at midnight

starts 24 hours of non-stop percussion. It dates back to the French occupation. Patrols marched with drummers through the city and for some reason – perhaps as an act of defiance – women going to draw water from the wells began marching behind banging buckets and barrels. And like all celebrations in this part of the world it is loud but good humoured and the groups taking part were first formed by gastronomic associations – thus the cooks’ uniforms. There is even a song to celebrate being cheery and happy as a ‘donostiarra’, a card-carrying member of the local community. Just two bands took part in a mid-summer recreation of the big day, led by the Basque flag, and it still all went down swimmingly well with cheering residents and visitors; a perfect photo opportunity. Statues spread around the city record many of its forefathers – there is a need for an app to explain who’s who, perhaps called ‘Who’s that

Dude?’ There are plenty of sculptures dotted around the city too; galleries and museums can fill an agenda – or just stroll around and take in the architecture. In Okendo Plaza, there is a statue dedicated to the Spanish admiral. Joining the cafe society outside the Victoria Eugenia Theatre it is difficult to ignore the bullet holes on the theatre walls and opposite on the outside of Hotel Maria Cristina – a legacy of 1936 and a battle fought by the Basque militia against the Second Republic at the start of the Civil War, shortly before the Nationalists arrived and the start of years of repression under Franco (there is a plaque with a contemporary photo to explain). It is hard to avoid military history, the fortifications of Urgull and its many gun battery sites are still evident – there is even the English Cemetery inside, a resting place for soldiers killed in the defending San Sebastian against the Carlist forces in 1833; hopefully, they got to try the local cuisine before the fighting.


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March 11, 2020 - N° 5



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Sent in by Christine Burt

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TV & Stars 25

March 11, 2020 - N° 5

On the box

The Voice UK (ITV, 8.30pm) Saturday, 14/3/2020 We're edging ever closer to the grand finale and the competition is really hotting up. Regular viewers no doubt have their favourites, but the contest is still too close to call at the moment. Last week saw the final Battle Round take place, which means we're about to witness the first of the Knockout stages. In 2019, eventual winner Molly Hocking went through from the second of these thanks to a barnstorming rendition of Christina Perri's song Human, and it was then that many of those watching at home realised she was a frontrunner. Will the same happen this evening, with one of the dozen competitors taking to the mike really making their mark? Only time will tell.

Before We Die (Channel 4, 11pm)

On the Edge: BBW (C4, 10pm)

Sunday, 15/3/2020 The second series of the powerful crime thriller from Sweden in which a police detective works with informants in criminal organisations. Hanna Svensson is looking for the officer who is leaking information. Still obsessed with the Mimicas and her own son Christian's safety, she blackmails Jovan into helping her obtain information as he knows that control of the leak has passed to another gang. Jovan is busted by the Mimicas, but Bjorn and Hanna learn that the other gang contains officers who are involved in illegal activities. The full series is available on All 4.

Monday, 16/3/2020 New series. The drama anthology returns with three unusual love stories depicting characters and worlds not often seen on British TV, with the first a coming-of-age tale about a young, plus-size British-Nigerian woman trying to find her place in the world. Everyone in Remi's life thinks they know what she should do, with her parents and her friends telling her what is best for her. But she just wants her life to begin. Will she ever be able to take control? Starring Juliet Okotie, Jude Akuwudike and Andi Osho. Stay tuned for the second and third stories.

Your stars for next week


21 Mar - 20 Apr


21 Apr - 21 May


22 May - 21 Jun


22 June - 23 Jul

Is there a spring in your step and a lighter feeling all round? As mornings are lighter and the gloom of winter begins to lift, prepare for sunshine. Everything in the garden may not be rosy yet, but you have been putting in some good groundwork. A couple of decisions made recently may have felt small but will prove to have been ground-breaking. Feeling less wobbly? Good.

Do you feel that whiff of spring in the air? Yes, the equinox this week brings hope and renewal. Get to grips with any workload. Paying attention to finances would be a good move too! Although you want to get ahead quickly on a personal matter, figure out all of your options first. Certainly when it comes to romance, you want to be in the right place and at the right time!

That bright light that shoots through your mind this week is a taste of spring. Yes, the equinox is here and energy flows. Some ideas born now can be bigger than envisaged. For sure it is a good time to consider things that will propel you and yours into the future. In your enthusiasm, however, be sure to check the finances. Avoid spending more than is manageable.

Unexpected visitors may bring long-held secrets to life. Well, what would life be without our little mysteries? Still, remind yourself not to get annoyed with the messenger. In a great week for communications, this is one that you should pay attention to. Do a little something for a loved one at the weekend. When considering all that they have done for you, isn't it well deserved?





24 July - 23 Aug

24 Aug - 23 Sep

24 Sept - 23 Oct

24 Oct - 22 Nov

I expect that you have been working so hard and considering others so much that you have hardly looked up. Yes, raise your chin and see the glow ahead of you! With the beginning of spring just around the corner surely you deserve a little treat? Be it with a partner or by yourself, do something that you have always wanted to do. It may be big or small but it certainly gives a boost.

So much has been spinning around in your world that slowing down a bit has probably not been an option. Even so, you may need a bit of 'me' time to restore the balance. Business-wise on a bit of a roll? That is OK, as long as you do realise the need for a break. Soon enough spring will be here and loved ones will be demanding more of your time. Lucky you to be so in demand!

Being a responsible sort of person, you do sometimes take life too seriously. It is important to let your limits be known, of course. You of all the signs cannot abide any situation that is out of balance or unfair. Consider this though... spring will soon be upon us and romance and love will begin to show. If it is to blossom (and how you want that), you will need to make time for it.

Oh, such leaping ahead! Just when you thought that things were slowing down, it is 'all change'! With the emphasis still largely on work it is still necessary to make plans for a break. Things may be a little up in the air as far as timing is concerned. It is most likely that you will change your destination several times. Even so, keep a slot free. Overwork is a baddie.





23 Nov - 21 Dec

Sometimes our responsibilities get the better of us, don't they? It is easy for me to say 'take a break', but I know it is not always possible. In your mind, however, you can plot and plan ahead for freer times. Your wellbeing is tied up with others, of course. Even so, give yourself a few kind words. Waiting for others to praise you can be a negative experience.

22 Dec - 20 Jan

Lots to do? Want to keep the momentum going? Momentum, that is a long word. Let us try this one for size: rest. Now, doesn't that sound better? Please look after your health as you bowl at speed through your day. Just an hour or two of relaxation makes such a difference. After all, you are not good to anyone if you overdo it, are you? Be kind to yourself.

talk radio europe

21 Jan - 19 Feb

I want to give you a pat on the back for being so patient. Pick up the fact now that spring is definitely in the air. Those around you will be a bit lighter in mood. Boost it by pointing out the good things around them, including you! When you think of work that is ahead of you see it as a fun challenge to get it done, not a burden. You have come this far and success is close.

20 Feb - 20 Mar

Communication should be good and constructive. In other words, get out there and chat the chat. When saying it 'how it is', however, be tactful. All right, so you don't feel like being the diplomatic type. I get that. Still, think of the rewards if you can use persuasion rather than sharp words! With spring around the corner, take care of any health needs and look ahead.

26 Puzzles


28 Anxious, I left funny souvenir (7) 29 Spanish Victor, as I've found, is hard to pin down (7) Down 1 The coach, little Edward, is out of order (6) 2 Put Bond's boss in hares' groups of women (6) 3 Temptation found in Cuba, Italy and France (4) 4 Remove delegate and Latin sweetheart (6) 5 The rebuilt Carib Bar is uncivilised (8) 6 Shake up grease, iron reorder (10) 7 Leave opening of Vice Admiral's club and take in old news (8) 8 Made a hash of my encore ritual (8) 14 Professional, short, detective team leader, and old job centre note provides shelter (10) 16 Remove Christine's head, replace it with a penny and it will be like new (8) 17 Confuse Paris and someone from Madrid (8) 18 Chats up pressure group that contains cover up (8) 22 Petrified chopped up cedars (6) 23 Return and you'll see you can visit Argentina for nothing (6) 24 To rent accommodation is awful (6) Complete the puzzle using the Cryptic or Regular 27 Band found onboard steamship (4) clues - the answers are the same. Cryptic clues Across Down Regular clues 9 Ignorant of bizarre new aura (7) 1 Not working (6) Across 10 Starts a very early run after getting Evening Standard 2 Seraglios (6) 9 Ignorant (7) (7) 3 Lure (4) 10 Regular (7) 11 The stage discovered at in there (7) 4 Rub out (6) 12 Confused bargainers without sin will give you an onslaught 11 Show business (7) 12 Bombardment (7) 5 Brutal (8) (7) 6 Restructure (10) 13 Appraised constituents vanish (9) 13 Vanish (9) 7 Holiday (8) 15 A Spanish friend is a refined egomaniac with no acne 15 Pal (5) 8 Formal procedure (8) (5) 16 Plungers (7) 14 Fortification (10) 16 Plungers holding back is not siphoned off (7) 19 Smokestack (7) 16 Immaculate (8) 19 Convert thermodynamics lacking stardom into vent (7) 20 Likeness (5) 17 Spanish person (8) 20 Look and you will find I'm a generous person (5) 18 Hold back (8) 21 The traveller starts reading Peter Alliss's short story ex- 21 Commuter (9) 25 Tropical storm (7) 22 Frightened (6) plaining Newcastle's General Election result (9) 23 Complimentary (6) 25 Chubby's dance with the Queen turns into a party game 26 Draw (7) (7) 24 Decayed (6) 28 Anxious (7) 26 To appeal to a tart, act flustered (7) 27 Squad (4) 29 Elusive (7)


March 11, 2020 - N° 5



Spanish-English crossword

Improve your vocabulary with our Spanish/English crossword. The clues are in Spanish and the answers are in English. Across 1 El más dulce (8) 7 Valiente (5) 8 Avión (9) 9 Pero (3) 10 Buque (4) 11 Hervidor (6) 13 Calle (6) 14 Gente (6) 17 Segundo (6) 18 Jefe (4) 20 Grifo (3) 22 Educación (9) 23 Ruinas (5) 24 Árbitros (8)

Down 1 Focas (5) 2 Más temprano (7) 3 Tipo (4) 4 Patines (6) 5 Quizás (5) 6 Lechuga (7) 7 Escarabajos (7) 12 Melocotones (7) 13 Hermanas (7) 15 Promesa (7) 16 Herir (6) 17 España (5) 19 Canciones (5) 21 Cueva (4)




March 11, 2020 - N° 5

Puzzles 27

28 Puzzle Anwers


March 11, 2020 - N° 5






Pets' Corner 29

March 11, 2020 - N° 5

Denia Cat Protection League


Aldea Felina - http://www.aldeafelina.es Many loving, playful and cuddly cats are at the shelter. Like the cute little SUSI here. Most have gone through their health checks and are ready for adoption. They urgently need a real home and are looking forward to your visit. For adopting Susi or any of our other cats, the shelter is open every Sunday 10am – 12pm or please call Luisa for an appointment 648 100 629.

GOLFO has not had much love or luck in his life. He is shy so he takes a little while to get to know you but is making great progress and is now happy to be stroked and petted - he loves it in fact! It is possible that he has never felt safe enough to develop his own personality which is sad as he is around two and a half years old. Golfo is looking for his forever home where he can

start to be a dog with life and love around him. He can be fostered or adopted and Akira pays expenses for their foster dogs. Golfo is chipped, vaccinated and treated against parasites. To meet this sweet boy, and change his life, contact Akira Shelter on 657 689 567. Details also available on our website: www.akira-animals.com

APAD KITTY is a friendly and bright young crossbreed. She came to APAD together with her sister Caty because their owner wasn’t able to care of them anymore. She has a cheerful character and loves going out for a walk. She behaves well on the leash, she is good with other dogs and, though a little shy at first she loves people and affection. Kitty is a great dog for any active and loving family. Contact: 966 427 678, email info@apadapad.org or see www.apad-apad.org

Benidorm Animal Shelter – SPAP

APASA K9 SNOWY the newbie she is around 4/5 owner signed him over to K9. Vet check next week. Lovely little dog, loves cuddles, great companion. Please call 600 845 420 or email: k9clubinfo@gmail.com

SHARK, male, Shelter since 06.07.2009 Alsatian Mix, DOB 15.03.2009 – 55 cm How much can the ears of a dog grow? Shark has got a pair of giant ones. He too was just running about on our plot. He was clean, he wore a collar and he was

behaving very kindly. Shark is very clever and he would surely like to learn more. If his new owners invested some effort in his education, he would in become a super dog. Please call APASA on 966 463 976 for more info or to meet him.


SAM is 5yrs old, he is a Bodeguero Terrier. He loves cuddles and is friendly with other dogs. He is healthy and has been neutered. He’s a happy boy and would love to share your life. Please telephone 650 304 746 or email p.e.p.a.animalcharity@gmail.com

This is AGATHA. An amazing 6 years old Shepherd cross. She is great on the lead. She needs a strong person who teaches her new tricks. She loves learning, walks and cuddles. Please call APROP Pego on 634 306 265 or 605 575 883. Email aproppego@gmail.com or see website: www.aprop-pego.org


Pets in Spain AMBER is around 8 months old and was found as a kitten under a shed. She is sterilised and is good with other

cats and dogs. Call: 645 469 253, see www.petsinspain.com or email them at info@pets inspain.com

The beautiful mum of these lovely kittens has been very lucky to find a loving home. Two of her five girls have been adopted, but three of them are still looking for their first home. Now 9 months old, neutered and fully vaccinated, they are ready to leave. To arrange to visit them and all the other cats and kittens in APAH's care, please call 630 422 563 or 616 210 850.


30 Trading Post

March 11, 2020 - N° 5

SANCT BERNHARD Benidorm. Offers inc. Pumpkin Seed Oil for a healthy prostrate and bladder.130 caps €7.95 or 400 caps €19.95. 965 858 663

Animal world ACCOMPANY YOUR PET(S) whilst they are driven in comfort to any destination in Europe by an experienced animal carer/driver. Contact Denise. info@petchauffeur .eu or Tel 952 197 187 696 233 848 www.petchauffeur.eu IF THERE IS anyone looking for a puppy or a dog that is in desperate need of a new home please contact the facebook site " costa blanca dog homing" We are always in desperate need of foster homes, short and long term, and if anyone can offer this please call 965 698 052 BORDER COLLIE PUPS Born 30th January in Torrevieja. Tel 966 845 576 Available 23rd March 20. P.E.P.A. (THE HELPING Hands Charity for Animals) Needs Help! By fostering an abandoned dog or spending a few hours each week on our telephone helpline You could help save the lives of many animals. Please telephone: 650 304 746 or 96 283 3325 For more information and to view our animals please browse our website: www.pepaspain.com

CHANCE FOR ANIMALS: protection needs your help for general maintenance, walking our dogs. As we have to leave the house, we are desp. looking for people, who adopt our rescued dogs! Food welcome!! German braco, and lots more! 15 small puppies for adoption! Crevillente 610 687 421 or visit us on: www.facebook.com/Su Cuatropatas SPAMA GANDIA SHELTER Dog and cat rescue registered charity, La Safor area. 500 animals awaiting rehoming. Visit our website www.spa ma.org and view our new blog atwww.spama-safor.blog.com.es PLEASE HELP US TO HELP THEM! PET TRAVEL UK Family pet transporters Spain/UK. Travel with your pets for free. Email: info@pet traveluk.co.uk website: www.pet traveluk.co.uk Removals also arranged in other vehicles. Tel UK 01209 630604 or Spain 960 130 537

Beauty & Wellness

PLEASE ADOPT A kitten Pluto protectora animales takes care of orphaned and abandoned kittens. After spending a few weeks or months with foster parents, we try placing them in permanent homes. You can choose from many different colours and markings. All are dewormed; also vaccinated for rabies and micro-chipped if older than 3 months. Please call Angelika: 693 704 255 (mobile) or find out more on our website: pluto -protectora-animales-en.org COSTA BLANCA DOG transport. The comfort of your pet is our priority. Excellent rates and Defra run. www.costablancadoghom ing.com Tel 675 485 613


SANCT BERNHARD Albir. Offers inc. Spiruline 1350 for essential nutrients. 1350 tablets, 5 month supply, €29.95 966 864 171 SANCT BERNHARD Costa Blanca. Offers inc. Cod Liver Oil for a healthy bone structure. 200 caps €10.90 or buy 3+ for €9.95 each. 965 780 425 NEW BAYONA NAILS, Benissa in front of Church. Patricia 10 years experience. Offering many beauty services. Parking available. Phone for an appointment and a chat. Tel 673 434 545 SANCT BERNHARD Denia. Offers inc. CoEnzym Q10 for a strong heart. 60 caps €18 or buy 3+ for €16.80 each. 965 780 425

20 years experience

Gardening PROFESSIONAL TREE CARE. Palm cleaning and treating/pine trees. Overgrown gardens. Quick with quality service. Plastic & gravel work. Economical prices. Free Quote. Call Alexander 642 548 724

Property services STRUCTURAL SURVEYS Mark Paddon BSc Hons Building Surveying. MCIOB. Buyer's reports and defects assessment from €195 + IVA. Tel 962 807 247 or 653 733 066 Free initial phone advice www.costablancasurveyors.com THE EASIEST WAY to get your classifieds in The Post is to e-mail the text to info@cbnews.es

Mechanical & electrical repairs . Computer diagnosis We buy & sell almost new and second hand cars Ptda. El Planet 199, 03590 Altea Tel. 966 940 670 639 525 910 E-mail: mbgarage2020@hotmail.com Opening hours: Mon. - Fri. 9.00 - 17.00 hr


FLOOR POLISHING. PROFESSIONAL tradesman. All granite & marble types. All areas. Free Quote. Tel. 627 103 412 WHITE GOODS REPAIRS also Gas boilers and small electrical problems. Tel 604 273 387 Denia to Torrievjea COMPLETE PEST CONTROL. Denia to Torrevieja Tel 604 270 676 AWNINGS, MOSQUITO NETS, roller shutter, conservatories. BC Toldos from Oliva to Altea and Jalon Valley. On the coast since 1998. Tel. 630 472 605 Email: bc-toldos@hotmail.com

SANCT BERNHARD Moraira. Offers inc. Green-Lipped Mussel for healthy joints. 150 caps €12.50 or buy 3+ for €11 each 966 491 573

AWNINGS, MOSQUITO blinds, roller shutter repairs, motorisation. Calpe + 50kms. Tel. 659 464 992. Email. info@toldosalchemy.com

HOUSE/PET SITTING .Your house or mine. References 637 160 545

CHIROPODIST/PODIATRIST, Philip Mann, clinics in Moraira, Javea, Calpe and Albir. Tel. 686 912 307

THE EASIEST WAY to get your classifieds in The Post is to e-mail the text to: info@cbnews.es

Alarms ALARM - CCTV Instal., Maintenance, Repairs ✆ 600 993 667

Locksmiths LOCKSMITH 24hr 607 493 118, Torrevieja & surrounding areas

AUTOMATICS OR MANUALS in good condition wanted. 96 649 3383 - 661 034 297 Moraira gslhdautos@gmail.com

Items wanted

WE BUY CARS, Classic Cars, Oldtimer, runners or nonrunners. Tel. 655 891 570 SUV OR CONVERTIBLE wanted, condition and year do not matter, 688 335 497. BMW 320 CI CONVERTIBLE 80000 miles, fully equipt, good condition 3800.-€ Tel. 636 494 107

INSULATE YOUR HOME and save on your energybills. Keep your home warm in winter, cooler in the summer Aprox 90% of properties built in the last 40 years have cavity walls that are ideal to insulate. We also do floors & ceilings. To arrange a survey and no obligation quote call 626 997 748 www.ecoconfort.es

TRANS-PET PROFESSIONAL door 2 door pet transport. Fully equipped vehicle. Open plan with 2 carers. DEFRA & WIT authorised & plated. Kennels & Cattery. www.trans-pet.co.uk ES 600 552 030 or UK 07801 272 162


Martin Baxmann Hofmann

SPECIALIST TREE CUTTING & trimming palm/pine tree + dangerous work. Gravel work & Garden cleaning also weekly maintenance. Free quote. Good rates Call Adrian 627 103 412 TREE SPECIALIST - WITH more than 20 years experience in cutting, cleaning and al type of spezial or dangerous work. Call Roby: 633 798 933 or 642 940 693


Car services

HOME CARERS / Auxiliary nurses for the sick and elderly. Serving Torrevieja & Orihuela Costa 697 834 934 - 865 881 984 BESS is a 6 weeks old, med/ large crossbreed that was left with her 5 siblings in a vegetable crate outside the kennels. She´ll stay at the kennels until she´s had the relevant vaccinations SAT Kennels 966 710 047- info@satanimalrescue.com


WANT TO DRIVE your LHD car to the UK & sell it when you get there? Call 658 670 777 or UK 07874 223 456

SEARCHING FOR RECORDS. All types of music wanted. We pay the best prices. Tel: 622 750 117 BUY HIGH QUALITY handbags, also designer bags, fur jackets and coats, oriental and persian carpets, jewellery and watches, all sorts silver 90/100/800, silver plated cuttlery, tin, amber, coral, coins, medals, porcelain, inheritance discounts and households, Military items until 1945, photos, medals etc., fair price in cash. phone 651 187 549.

Caravans, Mobile homes, Motorhomes SWIFT CELEBRATION 584 Dorema awning , mover, 2 sets unused carpets plus extras In excellent condition 14/15 model Has been “Spanishised” itv and number plates Ready to go Price £17500 For pictures please contact Barbara on Sadlerja vea@gmail.com Or ring 865667148

Motorbikes S.Y.M. SYMPHONY 125 cc scooter, as new. less than 400 km on clock, still in warranty. €1500 o.n.o. (RRP €2200) Tel 628 303 443

BUY VINYL RECORDS, record player, CD’s and Radios. 651 187 549. WE BUY LUXURY WATCHES For Cash! Rolex, Cartier, Omega, A/P, Hublot etc. Instant Cash Payment! Tel: 658 670 777. Or email: john@ukspecialistwatches.co.uk THE EASIEST WAY to book your classifieds in the CB News is to e-mail the text to info-t@cbnews.es (South) or info@cbnews.es (North)




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March 11, 2020 - N° 5

Plumbing & electrical installations Don’t call the wrong plumber... Call the...


Removals & transport

PASSPORT – NIE/ RESIDENCIA -Authorities / Spanish health care /General Services Consulting without CCR lexssp@outlook.com or call 649 222 679

Leak Detection Boilers (Gas, Elec, Oil) Blocked Drains Camera Inspection

SANCT BERNHARD Costa Blanca. Offers inc. Omega 3-6-9 for a cholesterol and joint-conscious diet. 180 caps €9.60 or buy 3+ for €9.00 each. 965 780 425

Pool Pumps / Heating Aircon / HEating BATHROOM REFORMS

Call us on


96 583 2189/ 656 303 236 www.rightplumber.es



MAN & VAN for hire, cheap and reliable. Jalon Valley & surrounding area. 636 100 873 or 966 480 757 SPANISH MOVES, SMALL removals and deliveries. Spain/UK budget prices. Last minute jobs undertaken. Email: info@spanish moves.net. Website: www.spanish moves.net Pet Transport also arranged. Tel UK 01209 630 604 or Spain 960 130 537

Painters HILLIER’S PAINTERS & Decorators. Covering the Costa Blanca & inland, 35yrs established. www.hillierpaintersanddecorators. com Tel: 644 355 137 Facebook HillierPaintersCostaBlanca

Sat & TV

100% PLUMBING. FOR heating, aircon, gas, solar, bathroom refurb. 16 years operating on the costa blanca. www.100percent plumbing.com 965 835 939


COMPURED COMPUTERS your reliable IT professional in Orihuela Costa. Sale and repair of computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and much more. We also offer mobile internet, printers & supplies, websites, domains & web hosting - you name it, we have it! Conveniently located on the N-332 between Cabo Roig and La Zenia roundabouts. 966 761 647 for more information or house calls, or visit: www.spaincomputers.com

Architects & constructiones BUILDING / REMODELING, Underbuilds. Work guaranteed. We beat most quotes V Andy 697 834 934 Email: namjones@hotmail.com

Computers COMPUTER REPAIRS – LAPTOPS/PC's Qualified Technician 648065224 No Call Out Charge No Fix No Fee andy@wizard-com puters.biz

100% CONSTRUCTIONS, new builds and reforms. 16 years operating on the costa blanca. www.100percentplumbing.com 965 835 939. ALL KIND OF home renovations. Pools, kitchens, Bathroom-Tiles, shower replacement. Work guaranteed. 632 643 882

SATELLITE SYSTEM REPAIR service, dish alignment, upgrades, installations. All problems solved. 965 666 206

TRANSCONE. SHIPPING - LOGISTICS - removals. Fortnighly trips. Spain - UK - Spain. All Spanish internal moves Fully insured, friendly, reliable service. From Valencia to Alicante. All area in UK covered. Tel. 603 307 962 (0044) 7925 553 625 Email: aaronrichards88@live.co.uk

SANCT BERNHARD Calpe. Offers inc. FORMOFIT for natural weight control. 210 caps (1 month supply) €35 or buy 3+ for €32 each. 965 836 807 TRANSLATOR AND ASSISTANCE with paperwork. Visits to tax office, Suma, hospital, police etc. Native English/Spanish. 20€ first hour 15€ every hour thereafter. Tel 677 543 815 or 629 455 435 THE EASIEST WAY to book your classifieds in The Post is to email the text to info@cbnews.es SANCT BERNHARD Torrevieja. Offers inc. VITAFIT Ginkgo-Magnesium. 400 tablets €20.50 or buy 3+ for €18.50 each. 966 706 765 CORONA AWNINGS, BLINDS and carpets has been providing shade on the Costa Blanca for over 20 years. We install all types of blinds and interior blinds. Visit our showroom or call Nick for a no obligation quote. We are on the N332 Alfaz near McDonalds. Phone on 966 865 753 or 658 990 719


32 Trading Post Adult relax SEXY MATURE ENGLISH Blond“ 15mins Alicante Airport. Overnight stays possible. Ring Karen (0034) 662 049 021 ELEGANT SLIM sexy naughty Lady Sophie, speaks 3 languages, priv. apartm. (in/out calls), escort service in ALL AREAS!! 693 357 526 ALMORADI SAMANTHA exotic dark girl from Brazil with curly hair to her waist. All your fantasies no rush. Outings 625 596 261 ELOISA CURVY body, busty qualified masseuse, oriental technics retarding pleasure- promotional prices. Close to Zenia Boulevard 671 185 543 MISTRESS ITALIA, EXPERIENCED Dominatrix, private location near Denia with female assistant. 655 475 907 JÁVEA - MORAIRA - CALPE, Massage +++ new girls !!! 661 034 261 LOLA, NICE sweet university girl. New in La Zenia, Turquesa Street 656 314 941 CINDY, EROTIC Massage, hot blonde. La Zenia. Slim, sexy, caring, sweet, elegant 607 735 745 NAKED CLEANER GAY male naked cleaner. Many years experience. Very high standards. Based inland Alicante, can travel. One off or regular. To discuss Phone/ Whatsapp Lee 644 663 808

March 11, 2020 - N° 5

BENIDORM. NEW THREE beautiful young ladies Pretty, sexy, nice body. All services. 24 h Tel. 603 112 769 - 631 611 404

BENIDORM. RASHIN BLONDE, big boob invites you for erotic massage and sexual pleasure. Tel 692 590 582

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THE EASIEST WAY to get classifieds in The Post is to e-mail the text to: info@cbnews.es MALE/FEMALE VIAGRA, cialis, Kamagra jellies. Available mail order, viagra4you19@gmail.com, Tel: 604 385 476. DAKOTA 27, wonderful girl from Venezuela, Busty, erotic private striptease. All Fantasies. Turquesa St. La Zenia. Happy hour 11:00-15:00 672 872 050 www.sensualspain.net

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Fashion & accessories BEST PRICES GIVEN for your Watch - Jewellery - Gold Rolex for sale or we buy or pawn - certified valuers any area - we collect and deliver to your home or visit us Calle los Arcos 17, Ciudad Quesada, 03170 www.spanishpawn brokers.com - info@spanishpawn brokers.com Call Paul Mentessi 602 506 390

Friendship MATURE SINGLE ENGLISH lady new to Spain. Looking for friendship with men and women. Age not important. Contact for further details firstly by text only.00347481187206 JIM IS A VERY nice slim and healthy english Gentleman, 73, who would like to share his life again with a nice english/spanish small Lady between 60 and 70 who lives in the Albir- Benidorm aerea. He lives in Spain since many years and can communicate en Español. He is looking for a loving and caring relationship. Twosome instead of Lonesome, phone 661 639 598 or 615 765 784.




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March 11, 2020 - N° 5

Lawyers & Solicitors NIE, RESIDENCIA, CAR IMPORT, holderchange, driving licence, last will / inheritance, assistance purchase / sale properties, insurances, Tel: 965 792 451, more under www.costalevanteservice.com WWW.IURISUNITED.NET Lawyers. Tax adive and bookkeeping. All Gestoria Services. Experts in Brexit and Residence Permits. NIE Numbers. FREE 1st. consultation. Ask for Oliver: phone 606 051 000 or E-Mail: info@iurisunited.net

BENIGEMBLA APARTMENT +COMMUNAL pool & terraces. West facing , on the 2nd floor, consists of: Living/dining room with views to the communal pool & mountains, fully fitted American open kitchen, dble bedroom +built-in wardrobes, bathroom master bedroom +fitted wardrobes. Dbleglazed windows, wooden doors, hot/cold aircon in lounge, rollerblinds satellite connection, private parking,a fantastic communal pool with nice terrace. This property is ideal as an investment to rent it out during the summer or to use as a permanent home. Furniture included. 65.000€ Ref-1123 - Telephone: 609 211 710 info@karmaproperties.es

CHARMING VILLAGE HOUSE of over 190 m2 in Vall d’Ebo. Typical Spanish Townhouse totally restored retaining all the charm of yesteryear. Comprises of; hallway, lounge + wood burner, fully fitted old style kitchen, family bathroom & small courtyard. From the lounge, the staircase gives access to 1st floor with a dble bedroom + en-suite toilet, 2nd double bedroom & the master bedroom with window to the street. On the 2nd floor 2 huge empty areas ideal to be converted into a big bedroom with en-suite bathroom, & the roof terrace with views to the mountains. Wooden windows, character floor tiles & wooden beams. An ideal property for the mountain lovers due to the location of the village. 59.000€ Ref - 1094 Tel: 609211710 info@karmaproperties.es

Employment QUALIFIED EFL TEACHER required for a small, friendly academy in Torrellano. Approx. 12 hours a week Afternoons / evenings Primary and secondary students September 2020 start Please contact: Louisa James james_louisa@hot mail.com

Properties under 175.000€

VILLAJOYOSA, PARADISE BEACH, three bedroom, two bathroom apartment, top floor (5th), built 2002. Fully glazed terrace. Unspoilt mountain views. Swimming pool, undercover private parking space. Ideal situation with bus stop below, 10 mins walk tram station. 5 mins. Beach, restaurants, supermarkets. Private sale, furnished reduced to €135,000. Mobile: 670 38 59 54 (English/Spanish). Email: liddellperez@ gmail.com

Important notice:

CHARMING VILLAGE HOUSE completely renovated in Castell de Castells. 111 m2 consisting of; Grd Floor:Entrance, dining room + fireplace, fully equipped kitchen +breakfast bar, courtyard & storage. Small lounge +balcony overlooking the courtyard, bathroom & a spacious double room wardrobe & balcony overlooking the main street. 2nd floor. Small lounge, toilet, dble bedroom +wardrobe & balcony & a spacious terrace overlooking the mountains.~ Wooden beams, parquet floor except in the kitchen & bathroom. Double glazed windows & wooden internal woodwork. Original stone walls. Renovated with taste and using good quality materials.Negotiable price Ref-933 100.000€ Telephone: 609 211 710 info@karmaproperties.es PRIVATE - FINCA PLOT with wooden house, Guadalest, 11.400m2, flat, great panoramic views (sea, castle, mountains). 85.000 €. 654 654 674.

LA ZENIA Beachside. Large terraced house, 3 SZ, 2 BZ, spacious lounge, fireplace, furn., sunny, com. pool, off-road parking, gated complex, walk to the beach! 119,950 Euros. Tel. 966 773 985 or 616 939 326 - www.hf-immo.com

ORIHUELA COSTA, CABO Roig - La Regia. Luxury penthouse apartment with roof terrace, 2 pools, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, livingroom, air cond., terrace, Parking, Everything new and modern, fitted kitchen, cabinets, doors, bathroom, Floor tiles, Fully furnished from Private, 129.500€. +49 152 29108073

Short term let 500 YEAR OLD BEAMED Finca in Beautiful Valley inJesus Pobre, Denia/Javea area. DOGS ARE VERY WELCOME. www.little houseinspain.com. +44 1865 512 922 or 07808 181779

PRIVATE SALE, lg 3 bed, 2 bath det. finca, 1000 m2 plot, lg garage & storage room, shed & 25 m2 summer house. Located 5 mins drive from Rojales & 10 mins from Guardamar. Move in ready condition. Open to sensible offers. 625 034 903 VILLA AS NEW with magnificent sea views, 220/840m², 2 separate apartments, each with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, 2 barbacoas, pool. Only 349.000 €! 666 481 545.

GROUND FLOOR bungalow in Torrelamata, Torrevieja, 80m2 garden, comm. pool, 2 bedrs., bathr. living room. 10 minutes from the beach, storage room. Double glazing, 89,900€ 657 474 243 ferveya.com APARTMENT WITH SEA view, 2nd line, arenal beach, very well kept and spacious, 1 sleeper, bathroom, large glazed terrace. 122.000 €!! 666 481 545


The Valencian Regional Tourism Law (Ley Valenciana de Turismo) obliges all advertisers of short term holiday lets to supply the property’s official registry number when placing an advert. For further information: http://www.turisme.gva.es/ opencms/opencms/turisme/es/contents/tramitacion/ viviendas_turisticas/viviendas_turisticas.html?tam

Properties from 175.000€ BENIDORM, NEAR BULL RING, 1 bedroomed apartment, 2nd floor, lift, separate kitchen, glazed in terrace. Pool, garden, tennis court. 75.000 € Tel. 658 578 346



THE GOOD LIFE. Country casa with beautiful views and 5k mts of land, 10 mins to beaches, 3 Mins to Town.Moraira. Horse riding. Bargain 190K. Tel: 636 915 949

Long term let BENIDORM- FINESTRAT Free studio apartment for a young retired couple in return for few hours of work a day. Please call 666 626 278 MONTEMAR BETWEEN CALPE and Moraira spacious self contan appartment, large double bedroom, bathroom and cloak room. Beautiful views of sea and mountain, large pool and bbq area. € 400 p/m inclusive of bills Tel. 675345810

Is DIY Expat Financial Planning a Good Idea? The

34 Legal & Finance

In recent years it has become something of a trend for the masses to distrust experts. Instead, many of us decide to go it alone when tackling life’ s challenges because we all know Google can diagnose health symptoms and watching a short YouTube video can help you install a new shower! But if you are considering your wealth management and retirement planning journey , and are having reservations about hiring a professional to help you plan and manage your money , is this a sensible approach? What is involved in expat lifestyle in Spain? Are you c ut out for DIY wealth management?

March 11, 2020 - N° 5



be suited to managing your own wealth. 2. Another


to comfortably make decisions This means that you must not feel overwhelmed by the process and the high stakes, and that this responsibility does not cause you to lose sleep at night. 3. You will need to be time-rich and prefer to spend time reviewing your portfolios rather than playing golf at or hanging out with grandchildren. It sounds harsh, but it’ s true. Good investment decisions accuracy.

4. You will need to be able to withstand market volatility planning, a ´do-it-yourself´ without making rash decisions. approach brings with it a great Investment portfolios inevitably many ongoing responsibilities. lose and gain value during times of economic instability and you will need to ensure that you must be able to withstand ups not only have the necessary and downs in the value of your knowledge, expertise and assets and investments without some account of your risk tolerance and goals, following practical skills but also the time, making knee jerk trades or organisation and emotional heat-chasing purchases. grafting your funds into a preresilience which are integral to 5. Can you keep your eyes constructed portfolio. the investment process. on the long-game? It is easy for They are not personalised, the self-investor to dip into their cannot ta lk to you, cannot savings accounts, pensions listen to you, and cannot help and other assets without fully planning*: you stay disciplined during appreciating how this might 1. You should love the affect future returns. Budgeting times of volatility . In contrast, investment process and be so and time-horizon planning are will develop a relationship with passionate about investing key in this respect. you and will integrate your already take up a lar ge par t Only if the above describes estate plans while also taking of your leisure time. If your you to a tee would you be bedside reading consists of a likely candidate for DIY border concerns that go handbooks on economic theory , i f in-hand with being an expat you enjoy an extended breakfast Robo-advisers – Are they a living in Spain. with the Financial Times, and you c onsider a ttending good compromise? Lastly, a robo-adviser cannot an investing seminar to be a know – or care – if you are Robo-advisers might seem relaxing break, you might just having health issues, have like the perfect halfway point between DIY invest ment a grandchild with special and working with a human educational needs or are in reality most investment platforms are little more than

implications of a divorce; a human adviser can make an invaluable dif ference at the

Blacktower Financial Management Ltd is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Cond uct Authority and is registered with both the DGS and CNMV.

times when you need expert, bespoke advice the most. Tried and tested expertise to advance your interests Blacktower Financial Management has more than three decades of experience interests of our clients. We can of challenging times – such as Brexit – so that you can be secure in the know ledge that your money will continue to work for you. We believe that attempting to negotiate Brexit is likely to present too many challenges for the expat in Spain – both emotionally and practically – for DIY money management to be a prudent option. The expat integral to helping British people abroad reach their retirement investment goals,

particularly in Spain, where a climate of innovation and opportunity has created real excitement and momentum. * According to Investopedia: https:// www.investopedia.com/articles/ personal-finance/060415/financialplanning-can-you-do-it-yourself.asp Accessed 30-09-19

Blacktower will be by your side both now and in the future, we are here to help you. To arrange a professional and impartial consultation please contact me by email christina. brady@blacktowerfm.com or call me on658 892 330. Website: www.theblacktowergroup.com This article is based on the opinion Blacktower. The ab ove infor mation was correct at the time of preparation and does not const itute inv estment advice an d you sho uld seek advice from a pr ofessional adviser before activity.

Blacktower Financial Management (Int) Ltd is licensed in Gibraltar by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) and is registered with both the DGS and CNMVin Spain




Property, Home & Garden 35

March 11, 2020 - N° 5

Council commissions college axe building licence backlog By Jo Pugh Teulad-Moraira town hall has signed a contract with the Territorial College of Architects of Alicante for the provision of services to issue permissions for urban qualification (VICU) of major construction licences The town hall has suffered two years of long delays which have resulted in 100 requests being delayed. Thanks to this contract they can be released. The shortage of staff in this specialist area and the delay generated, which no longer allows for the handling of major construction documentation, compelled the council to contract the work out at a cost of €14,999. The works to be

carried out by the College of Architects will be supervised by the municipal superior architect, Julio Sela, who will be responsible for the contract. The town hall confirmed “we needed a tool to solve this damaging situation for our population, as there

should not be so many projects pending a work licence. We considered different alternatives, and the governing board approved this contract with the College of Architects, as it is a collaborating entity provided for in the Valencian urban legislation”.

Property sales in Spain fell in 2019 Spain’s property market showed ‘stability and moderation of prices’ in 2019, according to a report published by Solvia. Their Market View 2019 showed that there were 558,489 property transactions last year – a fall of 4% on the previous year. At the same time, prices went up by an average of 4%, with an average price per square metre of €1,560. Their figures revealed that Murcia region bucked the trend with sales up by 8% on 2018, with the average price per square metre at €1,014. According to the report,

buyers are ‘taking more time to analyse the different options available and find a property which fits their budget’. They also noted that political instability and the new mortgage law meant that it was taking house buyers between 30 and 50 days longer to get the green light for a mortgage from a bank. “This situation led to the first fall in transactions since 2013,” they noted. “However, this is expected to change in 2020.” The largest fall in sales was recorded in Málaga province, with transactions down by 13%.


36 Property, Home & Garden

March 11, 2020 - N° 5



Fragrant gardening gifts for Mother's Day By Hannah Stephenson, PA

With many expats celebrating Mother's Day on March 22, (following the UK calendar), here are some ideas to choose a fragrant gift for your gardening mum, whether its plants, flowers or botanicals. So many plants offer fantastic scents - the sweet headiness of lily-of-the-valley in spring, the strong perfume of roses, mock orange and lilies through summer. From shrubs whose scent is carried in the wind and can be enjoyed out on the patio, to houseplants that fill a room with fragrance, along with

scented balms, oils and candles aimed at gardeners, your mum can inhale the joy of her garden with a fragrant Mother's day gift. Here are some of the most perfumed offerings to buy now... 1. Scented Crab Apple Blossom Tree Gift, notonthehighstreet.com Planting a tree can make a gift last a lifetime, and this fragrant crab apple from The Gluttonous Gardener offers the most spectacular display of aromatic blossom, beginning with clusters of fragrant white flowers that open from pink buds in spring. They're followed by crops of golden fruits in early autumn, which remain bright and beautiful on the bare branches into winter, when birds will flock to the garden to feast on them. 2. RHS Flowers for Fragrance seed collection, Mr Fothergill's (mr-fothergills.co.uk) This collection of seeds, which will produce flowers to give you a mixture of delicate fragrance and rich aromas, is part of a new range from Mr Fothergill's Seeds in partner-

ship with the RHS. The packet contains chamomile, mignonette, nicotiana, lupin, monarda and stock, which can all be sown in spring. 3. Moorland Myrtle and Rose scented candle, notonthehighstreet.com With elements of gorse, heather and myrtle, this candle - hand poured into a scientific beaker no less - has a bold floral scent with earthy undertones. 4. Lasting rose bushes There are a number of new roses worth earmarking, including Rosa 'Silas Marner' for bare-rooted, David Austin Roses, davidaustinroses.co.uk. An unfussy rose, it's a soft mid-pink, with relaxed medium-sized cupped blooms, ruffled petals and a rich mediumstrong Old Rose fragrance

with accents of fruity lemon, green banana and apricot. Plu its shade tolerant. If a namesake is more your mum's bag, there's Peter Beales Roses, classicroses.co.uk. This hybrid tea, with large soft pink, highly fragrant blooms, flowers repeatedly from May until first frosts, and is ideal for beds, borders or a large patio pot. 5. Daphne 'Eternal Fragrance', Thompson & Morgan, thompson-morgan.com If your mum likes a shrub that offers year-round interest and fantastic spring scent, ideally in a patio pot or border, treat

her to this fragrant semievergreen daphne. It bears non-stop white blooms, which turn from pink in bud, from April to October. It has neat, compact growth, so is best appreciated in a patio pot or near a pathway, where everyone can enjoy its rich scent.




Property, Home & Garden 37

March 11, 2020 - N° 5

How to apply for grant when renting a home in the Valencia region By Alexandra Blair

ployed or have exhausted benefits; people with severe mental disorders; family units in which a member has assumed parental rights, guardianship or foster care of an orphan minor due to genderbased violence; and women in situations of need or at risk of exclusion, especially when they have young children exclusively in their care.

or second degree of the person renting it. ■ Not be an employee or a partner of the company letting the property. ■ Not owe any money to the social security or tax man. Grants can cover up to 40% of the rental costs, with a maximum of €2,880 euros per year, and up to 50% if all the members of the family, or persons residing together are over 65 years of age, with a maximum of €3,600 euros per year. Those aged under 35 can apply for the 50% subsidy.

The regional housing department has published the requirements for people to request grants to pay their rent. Up to 50% of the rent can be subsidised if certain criteria are met. Applications have to bepurchase sent in before March sider 31 the reasons and goals ment of a property means THE of a holiday home in Spain may sound you want to achieve. Do you being available 24 hours a inclusive. nice and glamorous, but aim want to use it personally or day, 7 days a week, in case These grants, which you have to leave fan- as an investment? What will tenants have any questions to facilitate access to housThe regional housing departtasy aside to take on this you do with it the rest of or problems. ing on a rental basis, have ment also establishes the folpurchase like any other the time? Some holiday home owntwo programmes: The warn following times the the IPREM for 2020 lowing requirements: property. Experts that emo- conditions ers may enjoy handling You’ll have to consider tions and attachment process of in thegeneral and to ■ The person applying of a For young tenants:theaimed must also bemust met:be management(€537,84) expenses that will be generset aside if you’re going to use themselves. However, at those who have rental ■ The rental price must be be able to for access the aid a grant cannot be the owner or ated in terms of taxes and housing to earn money. "Keep those who live some distance contracts and lower than theit’slimits set itfor of 0.3 times usufructuary of any dwelling maintenance of are the aged house,under your emotions separate, a away, may minimum be better toincome hire 35 years ifofit age. Everybody each (Ranges the IPREM must be ac- in Spain, except if they own a Applications especially is empty for business," theymunicipality. state. a property manager. most of under the year.the same roofIf you are planning rent For homeowners who want living from €600 in toprovincial capicredited. home and can prove that Applications can be sent via Also, need tounder take care then to keep the home for personhas to you be aged 35. out your talshome, to €420 in there small villages). ■ Priority will be given to they are not living there due the website http://www. of the property, especially is a clear time commitment al use, but don’t go there on Generic For example, in Alicante, those who have been evicted to separation or divorce, or habitatge.gva.es/es/web/ cleaning fees, more wear You should also take into deal a tenant has signed. if you deciderental: to use For it asallanages. that includes marketing, a regular basis, you can hire Elche orand the toinkeep theanpast years; single for any cause beyond vivienda-y-calidad-en-la-edifi tear on the property, and other account if you would prefer Like any primary resiinvestment and put it up for maintenance dealingBenidorm with a manager eye on10 and in mind that in the offit throughout the whole dence, a holiday home comes rent ascan the benefit best option for tenants, whether rent shorttoorbe the house you’re not keep Who from maximum able to when parent families; female victheir control or when the year, cacion/ajudes-convocatories season you vicmight not fill the isand divide the rent 12 with a mortgage, and you, whether as a holiday, long term. there. This will that violence; these grants? qualify is €540. timsensure of gender dwelling inaccessible due by -2020 if you have taxes, a digital short- or long-term rental. On the other hand, there the house is kept clean and house as much as you’d like. months, or maybe consider insurance. In addition, there The subsidies are aimed at ■ The income added up of tims of terrorism; people with to disability of the owner or certificate, or the handed into Renting on a long-term a holiday rental, if the house will likely be additional In any case, you should is also a monetary commit- in a good state of repair. people who whether have at you leastment, a those living intravel the homeRenting can- a home special or option. other It’s member the family the local town hall, after lease is the other is in aofpopular destination costs such as maintenance, think about for example, via needs; a web- individuals repairs, utilities and other would manage directly or costs, not minimum oneit year contracts exceed some families by because cata- you unit.won’t in summer. downloading the documents or what you earn and predetersite like Airbnb could beaffected the positive to manage And, if you required are community-specifi c charges. transfer it to a professional what you mustlimits pay in- taxmost lucrative option,situations; but havefamilies for where what is considered mined Monthly in- strophic in the■property The owner ofabove the all, home from the aforemenSo bear all of those faccompany. mortgage, community like everything, it also has on a day-to-day basis, but going to want to enjoy the their permanent domicile. es, a come must be less itsthan 3 which all members are unem- can not be a relative of first tioned website. there are also areas where house yourself, then you tors in mind before you take Before looking for a holi- rates and so on. disadvantages.

Pros and cons of a holiday home

day home to buy, first con-

In addition, self-manage-

Some downsides include

it’s more difficult to find.

would be limited by long a

the plunger!


38 Property, Home & Garden

March 11, 2020 - N° 5



Benissa company acquires unfinished urbanisation By Jo Pugh

A company based in Benissa, specialising in the promotion, construction and marketing of luxury homes and residential homes along the Costa Blanca, with 58 years of experience, has acquired nearly 800,000 square metres of building plots and unfinished homes in the urbanisation of Peùa Roja in Pego. The construction of approximately 1,200 homes is planned. VAPF will jointly invest more than 200 million euros in the project, figures that undoubtedly make it one of the largest land operations of the last decade. The urbanisation began to be constructed in the early 2000’s, but was a subsequent victim of the crisis in 2008. It left an infrastructure, almost finished, abandoned to pillage and deterioration, as well as a whole series of structures

which simulated a ghost town, fully visible from the access road to the town of Pego. This acquisition is intended to offer a solution to what has become a problem in both an urban and environmental as-

pect. VAPF will implement a whole series of improvements to minimise the impact on the landscape and aim to transform the surroundings, providing residents with large green areas and gardens.

In this context, VAPF points out that it is ensured that the project can be completed, which also guarantees that many owners who once faced significant urbanisation expenses can finally dispose

of their plots and land. The company aims to construct service areas, singlefamily and grouped houses and green areas, and a sports area. It is expected that the first homes will be marketed in the summer of 2021, which would mean completing the first phase of homes the end of 2022. The purchase culminates a series of acquisitions which the company has been making in the Costa Blanca North in recent years and, according to the strategic plan of the company, it ensures its activity in the area over the next 15 years, allowing VAPF to build more than 3,000 homes, destined for both the national and international markets. The investment will also be an important boost to the local economy, generating wealth and employment for the town of Pego and the region itself.




Sport 39

March 11, 2020 - N° 5

CORONAVIRUS FEAR CONTINUES TO HIT SPORT The fear of coronavirus continues to hit sporting events here in Spain and across the world. Last week, the health ministry ordered all events including teams for high-infected areas (China, Japan, Korea, Iran and Italy) had to be played without fans. On Tuesday, after a full Cabinet meeting, it was announced that all La Liga and second division football matches would be played without fans for the next 14 days. In Italy all Serie A football matches with clubs from the north of the country were played without fans at the weekend. Wolves' Europa League game against Olympiacos in Greece appears likely to be played behind closed doors due to coronavirus fears. The Premier League side are scheduled to play the first

leg of their round-of-16 tie at the Karaiskakis Stadium in Piraeus, near Athens, tomorrow (Thursday). It was announced on Sunday by the Greek government that spectators were barred from all professional sports events for the next fortnight because of the Covid-19 outbreak. Wolves have already sold 1,000 tickets for the game, while the return leg at Molineux is scheduled for March 19. Tennis has also been hit this week. The BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells will not take place due to the coronavirus, organisers have said. Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Kim Clijsters were among the players due to take part in the tournament which was due to start in California on Monday. A statement from the organisers said: "As a result,

Last night's Champions' League match between Valencia CF and Atalanta was played without fans at Mestalla Stadium

the 2020 BNP Paribas Open will not take place at this time due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus and the safety of the participants and attendees at the event. "This is following the guidance of medical professionals, the Centres for Disease Control (CDC), and State of California." England's final Six Nations rugby match against Italy on March 14 has been postponed. Tournament organisers faced the option of playing the game behind closed doors at the Stadio Olimpico or delaying it until later in the year and have chosen the latter option. Italy's away game against Ireland in Dublin - due to take place on March 7 - was al-

Van Gerwen wins UK Open Michael van Gerwen ended a threemonth wait for a tournament win by claiming the UK Open title for the third time after staging a sensational fightback to beat Gerwyn Price. The 30-year-old Dutchman, who had hit a nine-darter in his semi-final victory over Daryl Gurney at the Butlin's Minehead Resort, fought back from 5-1 down to triumph 11-9 as Price missed a series of doubles when he looked to be in complete control. Having opened the final with a maximum as he took the first leg, he lost the next five on the trot with Price surging into a commanding lead with the help of 105 and 97 checkouts, although he missed bullseye when presented with a chance to make it 6-1.

But Van Gerwen scraped his way back into contention as the Welshman missed 12 doubles in four legs to nudge his way into an 8-7 lead. Finishes of 136 and 97 eased him to within touching distance of victory and although Price responded to extend the match to the penultimate leg, the world number one took out 66 to claim the £100,000 prize. Van Gerwen had earlier beaten Rob Cross 10-4 in the quarterfinals before his 11-3 demolition of Gurney, while Price saw off Dimitri Van Den Bergh 10-5 in the last eight and booked his showdown with the Dutchman with an 11-4 semi-final win over compatriot Jonny Clayton.

ready called off. This month's Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix will take place behind closed doors. The second round of the Formula One season is due to be staged from March 20-22. The FIA is monitoring the situation having already called off the Chinese Grand Prix. Organisers have insisted the opening round of the Formula One season in Australia on March 13-15 will go ahead as planned. The athletics World Indoor Championships, which had been due to take place in Nanjing in China this month, have been called off. The Hong Kong Marathon scheduled for February 8 was also cancelled. Organisers of the London Mara-

thon have confirmed they are monitoring the situation but the April 26 event is scheduled to go ahead. Racegoers planning to attend the Cheltenham Festival have been told not to if they have any of the symptoms of coronavirus or they have been to or transited through the high-risk countries, or been in contact with anyone that has, in the last 14 days. British racing's COVID 19 steering group has issued guidance to the industry. Numerous bets have been placed on whether the festival and the Grand National will go ahead. The snooker £1million China Open, scheduled to start in Beijing at the end of March, has been cancelled.


40 Sport

March 11, 2020 - N° 5


TIGER ROLL TARGETTING FIFTH FESTIVAL VICTORY Tiger Roll bids to win the Glenfarclas Chase at Cheltenham for the third year running today (Wednesday). The Gordon Elliott-trained 10-year-old is going for a fifth Festival win in total after also taking the Triumph Hurdle in 2014 and the National Hunt Chase in 2017. The dual Grand National hero features in a maximum field of 16 before he attempts to land a record-breaking hat-trick in the world's greatest steeplechase. Fifth on his seasonal re-

appearance over hurdles at Navan last month, Tiger Roll faces strong opposition that includes Might Bite, runner-up in the Gold Cup two years ago. Easysland leads a strong French challenge. David Cottin's six-year-old burst on the scene with a convincing victory over the course and distance. He has since been bought by JP McManus, who also has the Enda Bolgertrained duo of 2016 winner Josies Orders 2016 and Yanworth.

Emmanuel Clayeux sends a three-horse raid with Arlequin D'Allier, Diesel D'Allier and Urgent De

Gregaine in a strong field. Elliott has Envoi Allen, considered by many pundits as a banker, for the Ballymore Novices' Hurdle. The unbeaten six-year-old has yet to taste defeat in seven races under Rules with his last two wins being in Grade Ones the Royal Bond at Fairyhouse and the Lawlor's Of Naas Novice Hurdle. He has just 11 rivals, headed by Sporting John. Philip Hobbs' five-year-old has won all his three starts so far and looks an exciting recruit. A fascinating


race for the RSA Chase is in prospect after the 10 declared included the Mullinstrained Allaho, Henderson's Champ, the Colin Tizzardtrained Copperhead and Minella Indo from Henry de Bromhead's stable. Elliott's Battleoverdoyen and Easy Game, another Mullins runner, are also engaged in what could be one of the races of the four-day bonanza. Ante-post market leaders Birchdale, from the Henderson yard, and Dan Skelton's Protektorat are among 26 runners in the Coral Cup, with the weights headed by Kilfenora from Eddie Harty's stable.

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 9.30 - 17.00 Saturday 10.00 - 13.00 Denia: Avda. Joan Fuster 2 (Near Yachtclub) Telf. 965 997 017 - 622 045 993 La Marina: between ICELAND and LIDL C/Mar Tel: 966 790 004 La Zenia: Playa 1 Tel: 966 730 151


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April: 25. May: 9, 23. June: 6, 20. July: 4, 18. August: 1, 15, 29. September: 12, 26. October: 10, 24.

Santiago de Compostela San Sebastián • • • • • • •

April: 18. May: 2, 16, 30. June: 13, 27. July: 11, 25. August: 8, 22. September: 5, 19. October: 3, 17.

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