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V IRU S IM PRO V EM EN T C O N TIN U ES The general improvement in the coronavirus epidemic in Spain is continuing – although the number of deaths increased by 21 in yesterday’s report. The ministry for health noted that 185 more people had died with the virus, compared with 164 on the two previous days. The number of reported new cases was 867.

However, 2,143 people had made a complete recovery from coronavirus in the previous 24 hours. This means there were fewer active cases in the country yesterday, with the total standing at 70,230. Shops open – for clients with appointment Small businesses were able to open from Monday under strict

guidelines which were published on Sunday in the official state bulletin (BOE). This measure was part of the so-called ‘phase zero’ stage of the government’s plan to gradually open up the economy. According to the government, the shop or premises must be less than 400 square metres in size.

The list includes hairdressing salons (such as this one photographed in Alfaz del Pi this week), and clothes shops. A full report on this measure – and the new openings allowed under phase one, which is set to come in on May 11 if figures continue the current trend – will appear in Friday’s Costa Blanca News.

We're up and running!

Runners, cyclists, strollers and practically everyone aged between 14 and 69 are this week enjoying practising sport or simply walking from 6am until 10am and from 8pm until 11pm following the new lockdown exit plan. As this runner along Alicante promenade signals, we are gradually winning the battle against Covid-19, although caution must prevail - hence mask and gloves (only compulsory in public transport but advisable elsewhere). Children age 13 and under go out with one adult from noon until 7pm, while over-70s can walk around from 10am until noon and from 7pm until 8pm.

P h oto by Á ngel G arcía




952 147 834 * O f f e r v a l i d f o r n e w c u s t o m e r s o n l y. S u b j e c t t o c o n d i t i o n s . E n d s 3 1 / 1 2 / 2 0 . CostaNews-243,5x80-BIKE0220.indd 1

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May 6, 2020 - N° 13

New cops in Callosa Callosa de Segura town hall has taken on seven new local police officer, five of whom started last week, one this week and a council administrative assistant has been reassigned to deal with paperwork so that another officer can be on patrol instead. This brings the force up to a total of 31 officers after the town hall was ordered to let several officers go at the start of the year because it was in violation of labour laws, a situ-




ation which the previous and the current council blamed each other for. PP Mayor Manuel Martínez said he has also offered municipal premises so that the regional police could have a base in the municipality to perform additional security duties, as they do in some other parts of the region. He said his council is responding to demands from the public for greater security and a higher police presence in the streets.

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Park birds going hungry The birds in Torrevieja’s Parque de las Naciones have been going hungry during the health crisis, according to the local Green party (Los Verdes). Since the park was closed there have been no visitors who normally feed the birds and it was not until 15 days later on March 31 that some sacks of grain ordered by the council animal protection department arrived. They accused parks and gardens councillor Carmen Gómez Candel of having done nothing for the estimated 250 birds in her care. Most of them are considered domesticated so do not find their own food and depend on humans, such as the roosters and hens. Failure to provide for them could be considered a criminal offence under article 337 bis of the penal code, the Greens allege. Having had no food for two weeks and not enough since, large groups of birds regularly leave the park looking for some and endanger their own lives and those of

people by straying into the roads. Several dead birds have been collected from the streets and also from inside the park, possibly from starvation. Although some residents have been taking the trouble to feed the birds themselves from outside the park fence, they have reported that the birds seem increasingly desperate to take the food, indicating that they still are not receiving enough.

The Greens proposed that all the animals in the park should be identified and monitored, including the tortoises ‘whose health condition is not known’, so that they can at least be treated for parasites as this would also protect the health of visitors to the park, most of them children. The people who feed them should also be given permits so that they do not have to worry about being fined by the police, they added.

Holiday weekend alert Many towns across the Costa Blanca increased road controls last weekend, which was a long three-day weekend due to Friday having been a bank holiday – May 1. Benidorm again closed all secondary roads and had

checkpoints on the four remaining access avenues. La Nucía had a number of checkpoints on roads, in particular along the CV-70 to prevent the movement of people from outside the town to second properties.





May 6, 2020 - N° 13


Bars up in arms over new rules By Irena Bodnarec Spain is slowly coming out of hibernation following seven weeks of strict lockdown. From next week (May 11), if new contagion figures remain low, bars and restaurants will be allowed to re-open their terrace areas. Seemingly a time to celebrate, however, there is a big but and many members of COBRECA, a local Benidorm association of bars, restaurants and cafes are unhappy and protesting. Initially the government announced that they would only

allow them to open up to a maximum capacity of 30% of their terrace area, withtwo metres social distancing between tables. This was then mysteriously upped to 50% on Friday night – possibly following fierce backlash from the entire hospitality sector. President of the Benidorm association Javier del Castillo said that it was not viable to operate at only a third yet be expected to provide the same service. "Utilities and rent have to be paid in full, yet we are only allowed to operate at a fraction of the capacity".

In protest, over 100 owners put up 'Se Traspasa' - For Rent signs in their windows showing the government that this is what would ultimately happen if help was not forthcoming. It certainly worried many locals – mainly unsuspecting residents passing by, seeing the sign and not realising that it was a protest. They then took to social media to announce that certain bars had already folded and thrown in the towel! British bar owners in Benidorm are also feeling the frustration and lack of clarity from the government.

A very clear and valid point was made by the owner of a

A w e l l- k n o w n b a r w i t h the 'Se Traspasa' sign

small bar in the Rincón de Loix area. "As I understand it and unless they change the current legal conditions in place, they have condemned many businesses here to bankruptcy. They are basically saying we can't afford to keep looking after workers and businesses (although none of them have received a cent to date), so we'll allow businesses to open up and then they'll have to pay the workers. Read the full report with other establishment owners' views in Costa Blanca News on Friday

Burglars busted by attentive neighbours The lockdown has turned neighbours into part-time security guards for nearby empty holiday homes. Last week two residents in Los Belones on the Mar Menor prevented a burglary at

their neighbour’s property, the Guardia Civil have revealed. The residents were on the balconies, when one of them noticed that the window next door was open and he started shouting his neighbour’s

name. All of a sudden three young men wearing hoods jumped out of the window and climbed up to the rooftop, along the attached terraces, and down to the street, where

a fourth person was waiting for them in a car. The burglars managed to flee, but another neighbour on a balcony took photos and videos of them and the car. The Guardia Civil managed

to identify the suspects, who had criminal records and had been previously spotted in the area late at night, and arrested three of them. The one driving the car is being hunted.

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May 6, 2020 - N° 13

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Low contagion rate for Torrevieja health workers Only 3% of the 1,577 workers for the health service in the Torrevieja hospital catchment area who were given serological (blood serum) tests for Covid-19 were positive, all of them asymptomatic. Ribera Salud, the private company that manages public healthcare in the area for the regional government, announced the results last Wednesday. They said their workers have had protective equipment available to them at all times during the health crisis. The tests were carried out over two days on medical workers, doctors in residence, ambulance crews, cleaners, restaurant staff, security guards, maintenance and administrative personnel and other external services who work for them. Those who tested positive were 23 from the nursing department, five from

medical management, two from other areas and 12 from external services, none of whom are directly employed by the health service, reported the company. The company noted that 90% of its equipment has been managed internally according to specific safety protocol.





May 6, 2020 - N° 13

Teulada and Moraira separate for exercise By Jo Pugh

Following a consultation with the Ministry of the Interior, residents of both Teulada and Moraira, which are in fact one municipality, were told they may exercise at any time between 06.00 and 23.00 as the towns could be temporarily ‘split’ whilst exercise rules were in force.

Initially, because both towns combined have over 5,000 residents, exercise

time slots followed those for larger communities and the rules had to be respected. However, after an about turn, the Ministry informed the town hall that because of the distance between Teulada and Moraira, those rules could be relaxed and therefore the public could exercise between 06.00 and 23.00.

Quake off the coast

Calp News

An earthquake measuring 2.7 on the Richter scale was recorded last Wednesday at 22.50. The epicentre was in the

sea off Águilas in Murcia region, according to date from the national geographic institute (IGN). No damage was recorded

and nobody was injured. However, residents in Águilas, Mazarrón, Murcia city and Lorca all reported feeling the tremor.


Face masks for minors Since last Monday, Almoradí town hall has been handing out face masks, 22,000 of which are being made by a team of about 50 volunteers to cover the whole population. Although the council had initially planned to hand these out from schools, this was criticised by the opposition United Left (IU) party for being inconvenient and a potential health risk so they are instead being delivered door to door, starting with ones for children. Each child also receives a personalised letter and a magnet showing a rainbow with the message Fuerza (be strong) Almoradí to thanks them for their good

behaviour. Benejúzar town hall gave out 1,200 children’s face masks last week, which had been made by volunteers and were available in three sizes. These were in addition to 6,500 that it had already distributed to adults since the start of the health crisis.

The town hall launches a campaign on social networks to attract tourism and asks local residents to become Calp’s influencers The town hall has launched a communication campaign with the aim of ensuring that tourists who visited Calp do not ‘forget’ it. This campaign aims to show past and future tourists what will be waiting for them in Calp once the crisis caused by the Covid-19 is overcome. With this is mind, a series of posters have been produced showing images and emblematic moments of Calp and its festivals and traditions.

The title of the campaign is “Come to Calpe, we are waiting for you with open arms” and it is mainly focused on national tourism, specifically on people residing in places such as Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León and Murcia. For all these reasons, the town hall has launched this campaign mainly through profiles on social tourism networks, i.e. on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The town hall also requests the collaboration of local residents to share pho-

tos of Calp with the hashtag #AsomáteACalpe on their own social networks and thus become influencers of the town. These can be photos of the beaches, the ‘Peñon’ rock, its festivals or any other local landscape or tourist attraction. This is the first of the tourism initiatives that the town hall is going to launch and it will be developed over the coming months depending on how the coronavirus crisis evolves and the measures adopted by central government.


The General Shop

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We endeavour to raise funds and distribute them where most needed

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Open: Monday to Saturday 10 am - 1 pm

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May 6, 2020 - N° 13



'WHALE-WAY' TRAFFIC SOARS If you see a whale, dolphin or turtle sailing past your window, grab your phone and film it, says a marine conservation charity based in Valencia. The organisation Xaloc has already received over 100 videos taken by members of the public who have watched these animals reclaiming the sea now humans, yachts and ships have left it. Householders' balcony footage from all over the Comunidad Valenciana – and also Murcia, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Andalucía and Cataluña - is helping Xaloc to document sea creatures' habits, and it has urged anyone with a

sea view from their window, plus fishermen and the coastguard, to keep sending in their videos. Xaloc will compare these with any taken after the lockdown finishes, in order to work out whether the reduction in noise pollution and in sea traffic has, indeed, led to a greater animal presence on the water. PR manager for Xaloc, Carla Eymar, says that although 20% of videos have come from southern Cataluña, a small handful from the Costa del Sol's La Malagueta beach, and nearly another 20% from Murcia and the islands, six in 10 films have been taken in the Valencia re-

gion – the vast majority from the Cabo de San Antonio on the Dénia-Jávea border. Such sightings in this stretch of sea are so common that the waters off the Marina Alta's northern cliffs have been dubbed 'the whale-way'. The Cabo de San Antonio is on the migratory route south, from the Ligurian Sea, for the rorqual or fin whale, the secondlargest on earth. More than ever for the time of year have been seen and filmed recently. Turtles are also becoming more prolific – Xaloc says eight have been spotted in the last two weeks, an 'unusually high' number.

Food campaign – for animals Keeping in touch La Nucía have expanded the collection points for food donations to help feed the dogs and cats at the animal shelter. Councillor for Animal Protection started the campaign under the slogan "They also need your help" as more animals were

being abandoned at the shelter every week even throughout the current state of emergency. There are now seven collection points: Tot D´Animals (next to Lidl), Maskokotas, Mas y Mas supermarket La Nucía, Aldi, Tienda Animal Finestrat (Fi-

nestrat), Supermarket L´Hort Finestrat and Mas y Mas Benidorm (on calle Tomás Ortuño). The town hall expressed their thanks and gratitude to all the establishments for allocating a space where shoppers could leave their donations.

Alfaz del Pi Foreign Residents councillor Martina Mertens chaired an online meeting with foreign groups and associations to keep them updated on developments on the Covid-19 situation.

With over half of the registered population of Alfaz being foreign, it is an important way of sharing and spreading news, feeding back into these communities. She will chair another meeting in a fortnight.




Please call 658 599 742 between 12pm and 6pm

www.theamericandinerbenimar.com HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH





May 6, 2020 - N° 13

952 147 834





Post Cancer Care Jávea appeal May 6, 2020 - N° 13


By Edward Graham



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home visits, but regular visits have been severely restricted, so it’s important that we remain a crucial contact and assure patients they are not abandoned and we can still give real help.” Throughout the crisis, a Cancer Care nurse has continued to be at Dénia Hospital’s day care room and oncology department on a daily basis. “Since the lockdown, patients have had to attend treatment on their own and for many English-speaking patients, having the familiar face of our nurse makes the world of difference.” Jeannette said Cancer Care was uncertain how long it could sustain the financial impact of the crisis. The charity’s two Jávea shops remained closed - for over 20 years the heart of raising income - and fund raising events were cancelled. While volunteers were unpaid, the charity still faces monthly outgoings: rent and utilities and the professional fees of the nursing team. Jeannette said: “At this critical time, we therefore ask for people’s help, to give us the opportunity and time to weather the financial impact this is having; but more importantly, in order for us to continue with confidence, our Lynwen’s Cancer Care Nursing and Advisory Service - giving very real and daily support to cancer patients at a time they need it most; a service that a lot of cancer patients have grown reliant on.” She said any donations would be used “wisely and directly” to maintaining the service of helping people with cancer. Payments can be made to the charity’s bank account at IBAN ES2000810660020001438754 or via gogetfunding.com/cancer-care-javea-2. More information about the charity is available at the website www. cancercarejavea.org and its Facebook page Cancer Care Charity Centre.

Caring continues during coronavirus crisis Cancer Care Jávea’s nursing and support team continues to provide a vital frontline service to patients and their families during the Covid-19 emergency - but the charity is now appealing for help. Since the beginning of lockdown in March, the charity’s focus has remained on helping cancer patients - the team coping with an increasing workload during the coronavirus crisis. And the team of six professionals qualified nurses and support workers - of the “unique” Lynwen’s Cancer Care Nursing and Advisory Service has remained focussed on helping patients. However, maintaining the service and the other commitments of the charity comes at a cost and uncertainty clouds the future - Cancer Care is now hoping for support through direct donations. The charity’s Jeannette Missons explained: “What Cancer Care does is in our name - we give support to cancer parents and their families throughout their journey of cancer and beyond.” She said it worked closely with Dénia Hospital - the Marina Alta’s general hospital - having established its cancer research laboratory ECMOR (English Cathedra of Modern Oncology Research); and collaborated with other charities to help the best all round care for cancer patients by buying equipment and providing facilities.. Jeannette said the Cancer Care nursing and advisory service was a newer venture and dedicated to helping cancer patients in the area. “During this Covid19 crisis, out focus has remained on helping cancer patients. Our team has continued to be available and has, in fact, been even busier; taking phone calls, guiding and comforting patients who are worried about things like their condition and medication, and liaising with hospitals, oncologists and palliative care workers on their behalf. ESSENTIAL “We have made some essential Cancer Care volunteers with Denia’s oncology team

Torrevieja U3A Thinking of you all during this unusual time the Torrevieja U3A is doing it’s best to help all its members stay informed of what is happening out there without relaying false information. Several of its groups are still meeting via zoom and Skype and others via other methods. The association is here to help with any member struggling through this period and our welfare officer is on email. We have the usual monthly newsletter going out to

members as well as our Facebook site. If you want to exercise and stay fit then check out our website for the group “fit for Spain” gentle exercise every day. Line dancing tunes are available. Don’t be on your own, make contact through our groups or committee page. It’s important to keep in touch. Whilst we have had to cancel meetings and events we want you to know that we are still here for you. See www.torreviejau3a.org for more info.


Advertising feature




May 6, 2020 - N° 13



PLUMBING HEATING Tel/Mobile: 620 523 613 Office: 966 498 993 E-mail: moraira@hotmail.com . www.morairaph.com

Swimming Pool Heating Systems From Moraira Plumbing Which type of pool heating system is best for me?

How and when to use a heat pump?

There are three basic types of pool heating systems. The best system for your pool is determined by numerous factors including your needs, desires, budget and physical layout of the pool and house. The answers too many of these questions are discussed below. Choosing the right equipment and source of energy to heat your pool or spa can be confusing.

For heating of outdoor or indoor pools. Nominal temperature attained in 2 to 5 days when continuous filtering during the heating phase. Whether you just want to extend your swimming season or swim all year round in a warm comfortable pool, a swimming pool heat pump give you the perfect water temperature without a big increase in your power bill.

Unfortunately a lot of pool heating suppliers and installers do not have vast product knowledge and too often install the wrong equipment - for example the heater supplied is undersized to do the job.

Before choosing your pool heating you require to: • Choose a quality brand of pool heating system that suits your budget • Which energy to choose • How to size your pool heating equipment • How to save money

With our pool heating equipment you will enjoy your pool more than ever and extend your swimming season. By heating your pool you will double or triple its utility, therefore: not heating your swimming pool is an expensive choice!

What’s a solar pool heater? Like the name suggests, solar pool heaters keep your swimming pool warm and comfortable through the use of solar energy. They’re an environmentally-friendly alternative to typical gas-powered pool heaters, and won’t cost you any more.

How do they work? Pool water is pumped through a filter into a solar hot water collector. Solar hot water collectorsare thin, flat boxes that are usually mounted on the roof. Thin pipes of water run through each collector. The collectors are positioned facing the sun, and use the sun’s rays to heat the water running inside. Unlike solar panels, which convert the sun’s energy into electricity, solar pool heaters use the heat of the sun directly. If you live in a climate with very hot weather, the solar collectors can actually be used to cool down water when that’s necessary, by running the system at night. Some systems include sensors and valves to help automatically send water through the collector when it’s hot enough. If the pool and the collectors are around the same temperature, the filtered water won’t be sent through the collector, but will just go back into the pool.

What are different types of solar collectors? There are several different types of collectors, and the right type for you depends on your climate and how often you’re planning to use

your pool in colder weather. Unglazed collector systems are less expensive because they don’t have glass coverings, and instead use cheaper rubber or plastic parts. They can work if you don’t plan to use your pool in temperatures below freezing. If you want to use your solar pool heater in cold weather, you’ll want to get a glazed collector system instead. These capture heat more effectively, and can be used all year in most locations.

Pool heat pumps A swimming pool heat pump is the most economical systems to heat an outdoor swimming pool. A pool heat pump will use only 1 unit of energy (electricity) to produce 4-6 units of energy (heat in your pool water). This is accomplished by physical processes within the device that “suck” the energy out of the air and insert the free heat into you pool water. A swimming pool heat pump can save you more than 80% in operating costA swimming pool heat pump is the most economical systems to heat an outdoor swimming pool. The operating principle is quite simple: the free heat in the air is trapped and transferred to the swimming pool water. For one kWh consumed by its compressor, the heat pump restores 5 to the pool. The miracle of the heat pump is 4/5 renewable energy, a swimming pool heat pump can save you up to 80% in operating costs.

Pool covers and rollers Keep in mind that a Thermal Pool Cover is recommended for all heating systems. Heating a pool without a cover is like heating a house without a roof...the heat just goes right out the top. Without a pool cover, the cost of operating a Heat Pump or Gas Heater is doubled, and a Solar Heater’s effectiveness is dramatically decreased. For convenience a cover roller may be added to ease placement and removal of the cover. If a pool cover is not be used, the size of the heater must be increased by 100%.

Why you need a roller Daisy Rollers are essential to the life and proper use of a Daisy Cover. It only takes 30 seconds to roll the cover off or back onto the pool water.Man handling a cover, off the pool, will subject it to knocks and scrapes that would not occur if it is rolled up on a roller. Most people who have tried to use a cover without a roller very quickly realise their mistake and order a roller. Eliminating the cost of a roller when considering a pool cover system is false economy because you will be ordering a new cover a lot sooner. The better you treat your cover the longer it will last.

As we’re not allowed to go out and socialise, why not get full use of your pool either extend the season or all year use with a heat pump or solar pool heating and a solar pool cover EXTEND THE SEASON

Inverter heat pumps with wifi integrated

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Calle Mulhacén, Ctra. Moraira a Calpe, 3, 03724 Moraira €

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a. Ctr

Morarira a Calpe


os ine

Established in 1999

Tel/Mobile: 620 523 613 Office: 966 498 993 Email: moraira@hotmail.com www.morairaph.com

o del Paell

le Cal



Cam in

to a new location, further down the road towards Moraira town centre, next to Gemisant & Pir g Kostas Restaurant

i Calle Ma



Ca lp e



ar or

a ira



10 Health & Lifestyle

May 6, 2020 - N° 13



Water vapour therapy for prostate conditions

The prostate is approximately the size of a walnut and weighs about 10-12 grams. It has five lobes, anterior, posterior, medial and

two lateral lobes. The medial and lateral lobes are the most prominent. There are three main conditions that can affect

the prostate which are prostatitis, prostatic cancer, and lastly benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) which is common in older men.

BPH is when the prostate gland becomes enlarged putting pressure on the urethra. This causes urination to be restricted or entirely blocked which can cause serious kidney and bladder infections. One of the safe and effective treatments for BPH is Water Vapour Therapy (Steam). A camera is inserted through the urethra showing the area of the prostate to be treated. Water vapour is then injected at two or three points on each lobe at 1cm intervals killing enough of the prostate tissue for it to retract relieving the symptoms.

This procedure is non-invasive and takes approximately 20 minutes. The risk of complications is extremely low causing no damage to the nerves that control continence and erection. This differs from a surgical procedure which requires time to recuperate and may through damage to the nerves cause erectile dysfunction. With a visit to your specialist it can be decided if this treatment is a suitable option for you. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any further questions, we are here at your service and always happy to help.

Article supplied by Clinica Britannia. Call: 965 837 553 or visit www.clinicabritannia.com


British Medical & Dental Centre - In Calpe since 1997 Need a Doctor at Your Hotel or Home?

Do not hesitate to call us! We cover:- Villajoyosa • Finestrat • Altea • Benidorm • Alfaz del Pi, • El Albir • La Nucía • Benissa • Jalón and Calpe. NURSES GENERAL PRACTITIONERS DENTISTS MEDICAL SPECIALISTS AESTHETIC SPECIALISTS ALLIED HEALTH PROFESIONALS LABORATORY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT SURGEONS See all our services: www.clinicabritannia.com

Appointments Landlines: 965 837 553 / 965 837 851 Av. Ejércitos Españoles 16 BIS, 1st floor, Calpe

OPENING TIMES: Mon - Fri: 9:00 am / 17:00 pm Clinica Britannia Calpe




Health & Lifestyle 11

May 6, 2020 - N° 13

What is blood pressure? Blood pressure is the term used to describe the strength with which your blood pushes on the sides of your arteries as it's pumped around your body. High blood pressure (hypertension) can put a strain on your arteries and organs, which can increase your risk of developing serious problems such as heart attacks and strokes. Low blood pressure (hypotension) isn't usually as serious, although it can cause dizziness and fainting in some people. Having your blood pressure taken is the only way to find out if your blood pressure is too high or too low, because most people won't have any obvious symptoms.

When should I get my blood pressure checked? It's recommended that all adults over 40 years of age have their blood pressure checked at least every five years so any potential problems can be detected early. If you've already been diagnosed with high or low blood pressure, or you're at a particularly high risk of these problems, you may need to have more frequent tests to monitor your blood pressure. You can check your blood pressure at a number of places, including: ■ at your surgery ■ at some pharmacies ■ at home

How blood pressure is checked A device called a sphygmomanometer will be used to measure your blood pressure. This is usually done using automatic devices that use sensors and have a digital display. ■ the cuff is pumped up to restrict the blood flow in your arm – this squeezing may feel a bit uncomfortable, but only lasts a few seconds ■ the pressure in the cuff is slowly released and a sensor detects vibrations in your arteries. ■ the pressure in the cuff is recorded at two points as the blood flow starts to return to your arm – these measurements are used to give your blood pressure reading

As a general guide: ■ normal blood pressure is considered to be between 90/60mmHg and 120/80mmHg A blood pressure reading between 120/80mmHg and 140/90mmHg could mean you're at risk of developing high blood pressure if you don't take steps to keep your blood pressure under control. You can call in to the Family Medical Centre at any time to have your blood pressure taken free of charge.

Understanding your blood pressure reading Blood pressure is measured in millimetres of mercury (mmHg) and is given as two figures: ■ systolic pressure – the pressure when your heart pushes blood out ■ diastolic pressure – the pressure when your heart rests between beats For example, if your blood pressure is "140 over 90" or 140/90mmHg, it means you have a systolic pressure of 140mmHg and a diastolic pressure of 90mmHg. Article supplied by Yvonne Evans , Family Medical Centre, Albir. Call 96 686 5072 or email info@albirfamilymedicalcentre.com


Doctor An

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We’re here to care for you

Consultation with • GP • Nurse • Midwife

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966 865 072 Avenida D’Albir, 66 (El Albir)


NOTICE TO PATIENTS REVISED OPENING HOURS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Monday to Friday 09.00 – 14.00 We are conscious of keeping both you the patients and us the staff as safe as possible. In order to do this we have put the following measures in place: • We ask patients to call us on 966 865 072 to make appointments rather than just ‘drop by’ • On arrival at the clinic you will be offered hand sanitizer and advised where to sit to maintain social distancing • Payment by credit card is preferable but of course we will still accept cash payments • When patients leave the clinic you can be assured that we are taking the precaution of wiping hard surfaces, door handles etc. with alcohol • If patient’s are experiencing any symptoms of Coronavirus please call the dedicated hotline number 900 300 555 without delay but do not come to the clinic

If anybody has any doubts please do not hesitate to call us for advice 966 865 072


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Allergy awareness during pregnancy By Lisa Salmon, PA Experts explain that unless pregnant women are allergic to a food themselves, they and their baby should eat a full, healthy and normal diet. There are lots of allergies in our family, so should I steer clear of allergenic foods like eggs, fish and nuts while I'm pregnant, and in my baby's food once we're weaning? Amena Warner, head of clinical services at Allergy UK (allergyuk.org), and allergy doctor Dr Joe FitzGibbon (joefitzgibbon.ie), who runs allergy clinics in Dublin and Galway, outline the current allergy advice for pregnancy and weaning... Warner says: "There's a lot of conflicting information around what advice to follow when trying to pre-

vent your baby from developing allergies, even before they're born. The latest advice for expectant mums is that there's no need to avoid any particular foods (such as peanuts) unless they're allergic to them, as this hasn't been shown to prevent allergies. "Omega-3 fatty acids (found in oily fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel and fresh - not tinned - tuna) may help reduce the risk of eczema and allergic sensitisation (development of allergy antibodies) in early life. Try to include some of these in your diet, but remember that pregnant women shouldn't eat more than two portions of oily fish a week. "There's no evidence that any particular foods can prevent allergy either when pregnant or when weaning your baby. Advice

is therefore to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, including plenty of vegetables and fruit to provide vitamins and minerals, as well as fibre. "With regards to weaning, when you and your baby are ready (from around six - but not before four - months of age), you may start to offer them solids including vegetables, fruit, protein and starchy foods. At this stage, you don't need to add salt or sugar to any foods or recipes. "If your baby is considered at higher risk of developing allergies, either through family history, severe eczema or other food allergies, research shows they may benefit from the earlier introduction of complimentary foods (solids), including food containing egg and peanut. "If you have any concerns about your baby with regards to allergies or significant eczema, talk to your health visitor or GP." And FitzGibbon says: "You'd imagine we'd have a simple answer to a simple question,

but we don't. Considerable research has looked at how we can reduce the risk of allergy in children. Attempts have been made to intervene at all stages of development, to alter mum's diet while the baby's still in the womb; alter mum's diet while the baby's being breastfed; and looking at how and when to introduce new foods to the weaning infant. "Some studies held early promise of a positive effect, but others showed no beneficial effect, or even a worsening effect. This was true for a range of dietary interventions, as well as supplement and probiotic use. "The bottom line then, for both normal and high-risk expectant mums, is they should eat a full and healthy diet. If they're high-risk (i.e. already have a child with severe eczema and food allergy), they

could consider using one of the low-allergy infant formulae, as this could delay onset of eczema. "When it comes to weaning, my advice would be to carry on as normal, and not to avoid any specific food for fear of allergy. Delaying the introduction of some foods may actually increase the risk of becoming allergic to them." Advertising Feature

HCB reactivates outpatient consultations and urgent and preferential treatments Hospital Clínica Benidorm has received confirmation from the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat Valenciana to begin a progressive return to normal health activities. This means that HCB has reactivated your outpatient consultations and urgent and preferential surgical treatments. Since the State of Alarm was decreed, Hospital Clínica Benidorm has been working at the service of public health in the fight against COVID-19. Currently, there is greater availability of hospital beds and ICUs in both the public and private healthcare systems. This has allowed HCB to implement its plan for reco-

very of programmed and nonprogrammed activity: • Outpatient consultations. Specialties. • Diagnostic tests • Preferential and urgent surgical treatments During this health crisis, Hospital Clínica Benidorm has created a scrupulous safety protocol together with its Preventive Medicine Service to create COVID and NON COVID spaces and circuits which have been established to guarantee the safety of all patients and users of the medical centers and to ensure a quality service. Patients who had their medical exams and consultations canceled and unscheduled will have priority for new appoint-

ments. The Polyclinic and Patient Care staff are contacting all patients. Additionally, a telephone consultation service has been created for those people who, due to their state of health, or for other reasons, cannot travel to the medical center to consult their doubts with our specialists. The HCB Emergency Service continues to be active as it has been from day one with different entry circuits to guarantee the safety and peace of mind of all patients. If you have any questions, you can call, 96 585 38 50 or send and e-mail to hospital@clinicabenidorm.com Hospital Clínica Benidorm continues to be at the disposal

of the Ministry of Health with the reservation and availability of hospital beds and critical beds until the pandemic is over or the health authorities consider it necessary.

Hospital Clinica Benidorm Avda. Alfonso Puchades 8, Benidorm (Alicante) Tel. 96 585 38 50 www.clinicabenidorm.com




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sance (3) 22 One smiles about old Florida folk (9) 23 Pins naughty snail (5) 24 Apparently be absolutely correct about seaside town (8) Down 1/13 Casting bores out from Highland activity (5,7) 2 Cricketer who always gives the other side a break (7) 3 Really reveals a friend (4) 4 A cheap creation for an Indian (6) 5 Nobel is a rebellious aristocrat (5) 6 Note ever so badly written using too many words (7) 7 Top schoolboy makes mistakes in a note (7) 12 Assume the habit remedy (7) 13 See 1 15 Red Clarets' cocktail (7) 16 Tool for one who's over the top on stage (6) 17 Let it in and let it out (5) 19 Builder's mother and child (5) 21 Warm and cosy in the local (4)

Complete the puzzle using the Cryptic or Regular clues Regular clues - the answers are the sa- Across me on page 41. 1 Jettison (8)

Cryptic clues . Across 1 One on his own when the actors aren't there (8) 7 Runaway comes back in a bargepole (5) 8 Train little William to get around, that's very clever (9) 9 Party in a small science facility (3) 10 The Barents Sea is where you will find the charter (4) 11 Opening that comes through good fortune (6) 13 Woodworker is a real artist (6) 14 I leave Persia in turmoil, go east and meet a Persian (6) 17 Songwriter who rises high in his profession (6) 18 Number one for Mr Beaufort (4) 20 Endless Old Dutch is, roughly speaking, a nui-

7 Run off (5) 8 Radiant (9) 9 Science workplace (3) 10 Lease (4) 11 Possibility (6) 13 Landscape painter (6) 14 Zoroastrian from Persia (6) 17 Aviator (6) 18 Tranquil (4) 20 Clod of grass (3) 22 Floridian Indians (9) 23 Apprehends (5) 24 South coast resort (8)

Down 1/13 Scottish sport (5,7) 2 Fisherman's lure (7) 3 Supporter (4) 4 American Indians (6) 5 Dignified (5) 6 Long-winded (7) 7 Student of top college (7) 12 Restore (7) 13 See 1 15 Vivid red (7) 16 Mallet (6) 17 Confess (5) 19 Stone worker (5) 21 Close-fitting (4)

Spanish-English crossword

Improve your vocabulary with our Spanish/English crossword. The clues are in Spanish and the answers are in English. Across 1 Último (4) 3 Leña (8) 9 Oraciones (7) 10 Puertas (de jardín, ciudad) (5) 11 Ahí (5) 12 Detalle (6) 14 Costas (6) 16 El más viejo (6) 19 Camellos (6) 21 Pequeño (5) 24 Miel (5) 25 Aeropuerto (7) 26 Patatas (8) 27 Camas (4)

Down 1 Lápiz de labios (8) 2 Serpiente (5) 4 Dentro (6) 5 Ocho (5) 6 Fuera (7) 7 Polvo (4) 8 Reciente (6) 13 Atletas (8) 15 En contra de (7) 17 Perdedores (6) 18 Fuga (6) 20 Egipto (5) 22 Arriba (5) 23 Tienda (4)

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Plumbing & electrical installations

Property services STRUCTURAL SURVEYS Mark Paddon BSc Hons Building Surveying. MCIOB. Buyer's reports and defects assessment from €195 + IVA. Tel 962 807 247 or 653 733 066 Free initial phone advice www.costablancasurveyors.com AWNINGS, MOSQUITO blinds, roller shutter repairs, motorisation. Calpe + 50kms. Tel. 659 464 992. Email. info@toldosalchemy.com

100% PLUMBING. FOR heating, aircon, gas, solar, bathroom refurb. 16 years operating on the costa blanca. www.100percent plumbing.com 965 835 939 THE EASIEST WAY to get your classifieds in The Post is to e-mail the text to: info@cbnews.es

Architects & constructiones 100% CONSTRUCTIONS, new builds and reforms. 16 years operating on the costa blanca. www.100percentplumbing.com 965 835 939.




TILING SPECIALIST Replace missing or broken tiles using underwater cement or concrete repair. 5 year guarantee. Replace lights, leaks ...without draining your pool

Vicente 622 696 373 www.workinpools.com

Sat & TV

PASSPORT – NIE/ RESIDENCIA -Authorities / Spanish health care /General Services Consulting without CCR lexssp@outlook.com or call 649 222 679 SANCT BERNHARD Costa Blanca. Offers inc. Omega 3-6-9 for a cholesterol and joint-conscious diet. 180 caps €9.60 or buy 3+ for €9.00 each. 965 780 425 SANCT BERNHARD Calpe. Offers inc. FORMOFIT for natural weight control. 210 caps (1 month supply) €35 or buy 3+ for €32 each. 965 836 807 SANCT BERNHARD Torrevieja. Offers inc. VITAFIT Ginkgo-Magnesium. 400 tablets €20.50 or buy 3+ for €18.50 each. 966 706 765

PROFESSIONAL TREE CARE. Palm cleaning and treating/pine trees. Overgrown gardens. Quick with quality service. Plastic & gravel work. Economical prices. Free Quote. Call Alexander 642 548 724

CORONA AWNINGS, BLINDS and carpets has been providing shade on the Costa Blanca for over 20 years. We install all types of blinds and interior blinds. Visit our showroom or call Nick for a no obligation quote. We are on the N332 Alfaz near McDonalds. Phone on 966 865 753 or 658 990 719

Items wanted

Doors & windows


Fashion & accessories

WE BUY LUXURY WATCHES For Cash! Rolex, Cartier, Omega, A/P, Hublot etc. Instant Cash Payment! Tel: 658 670 777. Or email: john@ukspecialistwatches.co.uk



AUTOMATICS OR MANUALS in good condition wanted. 96 649 3383 - 661 034 297 Moraira gslhdautos@gmail.com WANT TO DRIVE your LHD car to the UK & sell it when you get there? Call 658 670 777 or UK 07874 223 456 THE EASIEST WAY to book your classifieds in the CB News is to e-mail the text to info-t@cbnews.es (South) or info@cbnews.es (North) THE EASIEST WAY to book your classifieds in The Post is to email the text to info@cbnews.es

Computers COMPUTER REPAIRS – LAPTOPS/PC's Qualified Technician 648065224 No Call Out Charge No Fix No Fee andy@wizard-com puters.biz

FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY all contracts supplied for spraypainting villas, guaranteed 46 weeks of the year on target earnings €50,000, long-established on the Costa Blanca with existing franchisees in place for references. Investment required to cover the vehicle, equipment and training for more information please email contact@noneedtopaint.com

Locksmiths LOCKSMITH 24hr 607 493 118, Torrevieja & surrounding areas

SATELLITE SYSTEM REPAIR service, dish alignment, upgrades, installations. All problems solved. 965 666 206

BEST PRICES GIVEN for your Watch - Jewellery - Gold Rolex for sale or we buy or pawn - certified valuers any area - we collect and deliver to your home or visit us Calle los Arcos 17, Ciudad Quesada, 03170 www.spanishpawn brokers.com - info@spanishpawn brokers.com Call Paul Mentessi 602 506 390


16 Trading Post Removals & transport TRANSCONE. SHIPPING - LOGISTICS - removals. Fortnighly trips. Spain - UK - Spain. All Spanish internal moves Fully insured, friendly, reliable service. From Valencia to Alicante. All area in UK covered. Tel. 603 307 962 (0044) 7925 553 625 Email: aaronrichards88@live.co.uk

Alarms ALARM - CCTV Instal., Maintenance, Repairs ✆ 600 993 667

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PLEASE ADOPT A kitten Pluto protectora animales takes care of orphaned and abandoned kittens. After spending a few weeks or months with foster parents, we try placing them in permanent homes. You can choose from many different colours and markings. All are dewormed; also vaccinated for rabies and micro-chipped if older than 3 months. Please call Angelika: 693 704 255 (mobile) or find out more on our website: pluto -protectora-animales-en.org P.E.P.A. (THE HELPING Hands Charity for Animals) Needs Help! By fostering an abandoned dog or spending a few hours each week on our telephone helpline You could help save the lives of many animals. Please telephone: 650 304 746 or 96 283 3325 For more information and to view our animals please browse our website: www.pepaspain.com CHANCE FOR ANIMALS: protection needs your help for general maintenance, walking our dogs. As we have to leave the house, we are desp. looking for people, who adopt our rescued dogs! Food welcome!! German braco, and lots more! 15 small puppies for adoption! Crevillente 610 687 421 or visit us on: www.facebook.com/Su Cuatropatas HOUSE/PET SITTING .Your house or mine. References 637 160 545

ACCOMPANY YOUR PET(S) whilst they are driven in comfort to any destination in Europe by an experienced animal carer/driver. Contact Denise. info@petchauffeur .eu or Tel 952 197 187 696 233 848 www.petchauffeur.eu THE EASIEST WAY to get your classifieds in The Post is to e-mail the text to info@cbnews.es IF THERE IS anyone looking for a puppy or a dog that is in desperate need of a new home please contact the facebook site " costa blanca dog homing" We are always in desperate need of foster homes, short and long term, and if anyone can offer this please call 965 698 052

SPAMA GANDIA SHELTER Dog and cat rescue registered charity, La Safor area. 500 animals awaiting rehoming. Visit our website www.spa ma.org and view our new blog atwww.spama-safor.blog.com.es PLEASE HELP US TO HELP THEM!

Health SANCT BERNHARD Moraira. Offers inc. Green-Lipped Mussel for healthy joints. 150 caps €12.50 or buy 3+ for €11 each 966 491 573 SANCT BERNHARD Benidorm. Offers inc. Pumpkin Seed Oil for a healthy prostrate and bladder.130 caps €7.95 or 400 caps €19.95. 965 858 663

Beauty & Wellness SANCT BERNHARD Albir. Offers inc. Spiruline 1350 for essential nutrients. 1350 tablets, 5 month supply, €29.95 966 864 171 SANCT BERNHARD Costa Blanca. Offers inc. Cod Liver Oil for a healthy bone structure. 200 caps €10.90 or buy 3+ for €9.95 each. 965 780 425 SANCT BERNHARD Denia. Offers inc. CoEnzym Q10 for a strong heart. 60 caps €18 or buy 3+ for €16.80 each. 965 780 425

Adult relax SEXY MATURE ENGLISH Blond“ 15mins Alicante Airport. Overnight stays possible. Ring Karen (0034) 662 049 021 ELEGANT SLIM sexy naughty Lady Sophie, speaks 3 languages, priv. apartm. (in/out calls), escort service in ALL AREAS!! 693 357 526 VIAGRA / SILDENAFIL - 150 mg. CIALIS / Tadalafil - 40 mg. Pack of 10 pills for 22 Euros. Free delivery in Spain. gadgetman3b53@gmail.com.

JIM IS A VERY nice slim English gentleman 73 who has lived in Spain for many years. He is looking for a loving and caring relationship with a small English speaking Lady in the Albir-Benidorm-area. Twosome instead of Lonesome, Tel.: 661 639 598 or 615 765 784.

Lawyers & Solicitors ALBA CONSULTAS.COM legal and integration services. Established on the Costa Blanca for over 20 years. Our native English but Spanish registered friendly team provide advice on all aspects of Law and bureaucracy of living in Spain. During lockdown we offer a Home service for drafting Wills and Enduring P.O.A's. email: info@alba consultas.com or call 692 386 293. NIE, RESIDENCIA, CAR IMPORT, holderchange, driving licence, last will / inheritance, assistance purchase / sale properties, insurances, Tel: 965 792 451, more under www.costalevanteservice.com

Properties under 175.000€

THE EASIEST WAY to get classifieds in The Post is to e-mail the text to: info@cbnews.es

MISUKY, 45. ASSIAN Qualified masseuse. Private. Campoamor (Opposite CEPSA) 663 088 170 MARY, 32. SWEET Polish friend Private. Campoamor. (Opposite CEPSA) 672 539 332.



SPANISH LADY, 37, Playa Flamenca Urb Zenia Mar by the new carrefour 5 min Torrevieja, sensual massage. Discreet. Private house parking Call Ana 657 603 495

MALE/FEMALE VIAGRA, cialis, Kamagra jellies. Available mail order, viagra4you19@gmail.com, Tel: 604 385 476.


VILLAJOYOSA, PARADISE BEACH, three bedroom, two bathroom apartment, top floor (5th), built 2002. Fully glazed terrace. Unspoilt mountain views. Swimming pool, undercover private parking space. Ideal situation with bus stop below, 10 mins walk tram station. 5 mins. Beach, restaurants, supermarkets. Private sale, furnished reduced to €135,000. Mobile: 670 38 59 54 (English/Spanish). Email: liddellperez@ gmail.com LOVELY VILLAGE HOUSE completely renovated in Castell de Castells. 111 m2 consisting of; Grd Floor:Entrance, dining room + fireplace, fully equipped kitchen +breakfast bar, courtyard & storage. Small lounge +balcony overlooking the courtyard, bathroom & a spacious double room wardrobe & balcony overlooking the main street. 2nd floor. Small lounge, toilet, dble bedroom +wardrobe & balcony & a spacious terrace overlooking the mountains.~ Wooden beams, parquet floor except in the kitchen & bathroom. Double glazed windows & wooden internal woodwork. Original stone walls. Renovated with taste and using good quality materials.Negotiable price Ref-933 100.000€ Telephone: 609 211 710 info@karmaproperties.es

BENIDORM, NEAR BULL RING, 1 bedroomed apartment, 2nd floor, lift, separate kitchen, glazed in terrace. Pool, garden, tennis court. 75.000 € Tel. 658 578 346 BENIGEMBLA APARTMENT +COMMUNAL pool & terraces. West facing , on the 2nd floor, consists of: Living/dining room with views to the communal pool & mountains, fully fitted American open kitchen, dble bedroom +built-in wardrobes, bathroom master bedroom +fitted wardrobes. Dbleglazed windows, wooden doors, hot/cold aircon in lounge, rollerblinds satellite connection, private parking,a fantastic communal pool with nice terrace. This property is ideal as an investment to rent it out during the summer or to use as a permanent home. Furniture included. 65.000€ Ref-1123 - Telephone: 609 211 710 info@karmaproperties.es CHARMING VILLAGE HOUSE of over 190 m2 in Vall d’Ebo. Typical Spanish Townhouse totally restored keeping all its charm. Comprises of; hallway, lounge + wood burner, fully fitted old style kitchen, family bathroom & small courtyard. From the lounge, the staircase gives access to 1st floor with a dble bedroom + ensuite toilet, 2nd double bedroom & the master bedroom with window to the street. 2nd floor 2 huge empty areas ideal to be converted into a big bedroom with en-suite bathroom, & the roof terrace with views to the mountains. Wooden windows, character floor tiles & wooden beams. An ideal property for the mountain lovers due to the location of the village. 59.000€ Ref - 1094 Tel: 609211710 info@karmaproperties.es

Properties from 175.000€

PRIVATE SALE, lg 3 bed, 2 bath det. finca, 1000 m2 plot, lg garage & storage room, shed & 25 m2 summer house. Located 5 mins drive from Rojales & 10 mins from Guardamar. Move in ready condition. Open to sensible offers. 625 034 903

Short term let 500 YEAR OLD BEAMED Finca in Beautiful Valley inJesus Pobre, Denia/Javea area. DOGS ARE VERY WELCOME. www.little houseinspain.com. +44 1865 512 922 or 07808 181779




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Advertising Feature

REGULAR OUTSIDE HOUSE PAINTING & MAINTENANCE A THING OF THE PAST Living on the Costa’s, thousands of ex-pat’s have the responsibility and expensive chore of having to regularly maintain and paint the exterior of their properties. Living in Spain you soon become aware it is a very harsh climate and the run of the mill local paints do not last or offer the protection that is needed in such a harsh environment, soaring temperatures in the summer and low humid temperatures in the autumn and winter that cause the paint to crack sometimes after a year of application. Also, when the Gota Fria arrives, the heavy rains can cause a lot of the paints to be washed off the wall and offer absolutely no protection for penetrating damp which these heavy rains can cause. Added to this, when the Sahara sand rain comes and large amounts of sand are deposited on walls and floors, trying to clean this

with a hose pipe or power washer is impossible and often the paint comes off the walls. To keep your property protected from the elements and in first class condition can be an expensive and too regular. No Need to Paint have been operating their long life coating systems in Spain since 1991 and have satellite offices covering the Almeria area, the Costa del Sol and the Algarve Portugal. The owner realised with all the problems stated above that a product was needed to solve these problems. Andura, a well known English specialist coating manufacturer have been making specialist protective coatings for the harsh English weather for over 40 years and they teamed up with No Need to Paint many years ago to offer their products exclusively in Spain. Their products are ISO9002 & BBA approved and proven to last in some cases in excess of 30 years. No Need to Paint Andura Abroad have hundreds of references available and are constantly loo-


king for display properties to promote the product in your area. Generous subsidies are offered if properties can hold an open day for one day only so members of the public can see the product being applied and able to have the questions answered and see

the product first hand at installation. Though the product costs more than a normal professional paint job, the little extra it costs is well worth the investment bearing in mind as stated above in some cases many people have to paint their house every two to three ye-

ars. If you would like a no obligation survey and quote, please feel free to call 659 692 540 or our UK Freephone number is 00 44 800 508 8102, email contact@noneedtopaint.com and visit www.noneedtopaint.com

PAINTING FOR LIFE 25 years protection from top to bottom

PROTECT & INSULATE YOUR PROPERTY WITH NO NEED TO PAINT Revolutionary exterior wall coating for property exteriors




15 year insurance backed guarantee Washable, stops damp with wit wi ith th a good urs r rs choice of colours over We c the all of ta Cos a Blanc

FRANCH ISE TESTED & CERTIFIED ED / INSTA L OVER 25 YEAR OPPORT LER With 25 years experience ce UNIT AVAILA IES in Spain, it has proven BLE it can stand the test off all time against all weatherr conditions here in Spain. n.

work supplie d

Online virtual quote process no need eed for us to visit


Call or email: Mobile: 659 692 540 email: contact@noneedtopaint.com • www.noneedtopaint.com

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Property, Home & Garden 19

May 6, 2020 - N° 13

How to make gardening child's play By Hannah Stephenson, PA Ex-Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins offers three fun ideas to keep the kids amused in the garden during lockdown. It could be making a 'Pizza Wheel' where they grow their own ingredients for a pizza topping, nurturing a 'Cress Caterpillar' made from an egg carton, or making a 'Butterfly Pie' to attract beautiful butterflies. Here are three projects to keep the little ones amused: 1. Pizza wheel What you'll need: String; 2 bamboo sticks; pebbles, shingle or sand; 4-6 types of seed to suit a pizza topping. How to make it: Fork over a bit of ground and rake. You can either do this in a raised bed or a large pot. Next you'll

need to mark out a circle using the string and two bits of bamboo. This circle will be the base for your pizza, which can then be divided into pizza slices using pebbles, shingle or sand. Once you have your sections, you can sow four to six types of seed or plant plugs into each one to make toppings suitable for a scrummy pizza. Seeds could include basil, tomato, sweet peppers and rocket - whatever your children like on a pizza. Look after your pizza wheel and watch it grow. 2. Cress caterpillar What you'll need: Cress seeds; cotton wool or organic compost; egg box; scissors; paint and paint brush; googly eyes and pipe

cleaners. How to make it: First, cut the lid away from your egg box and cut through the middle so you have three sections to plant your seeds in. Decorate your box by painting it, adding a face for your caterpillar, along with googly eyes and pipe cleaner antennae.

Pizza wheel

Cress caterpillar

Butterfly pie

Once dry, pop a cotton wool ball in each section. Water the cotton wool and sprinkle liberally with cress seeds. Keep moist and you should see sprouts within a few days, and be able to chop it and eat it within a couple of weeks.

3. Butterfly pie What you'll need: Bin liner or pot; sugar (white or brown); water; partially rotted plums or similar fruit; small trowel or spade. How to make it: Dig a small hole in a border or pot, about 30cm wide by 15cm deep. Create a ridge around the hole and line it with a piece of bin liner and pierce with just a few holes. Next, dissolve some sugar in water and add some partially rotted plums or similar fruit. Mix the ingredients together and add to the soil from the hole. Pop the final mixture in the hole or pot and your Butterfly Pie is complete. Soon you'll see various butterfly visitors.



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La Ma rin a : be twe e n ICELAND a nd LIDL C/Ma r Ba ltico 8, S a n Fulge ncio Opening Hours Te l: 966 790 004 622 045 993- 13.00 Monday-Friday 9.30 - 17.00 Saturday 10.00 Fuster 2 (Near Yachtclub) La Denia: Ze n ia : Avda. in frontJoan of De uts che Ba nk Avda . De la P la ya 1 Telf. 965 997 622 151 045 993 Te l:017 966- 730

La Marina: between ICELAND and LIDL C/Mar Tel: 966 790 004 La Zenia: Playa 1 Tel: 966 730 151

- We a re o p e n b y p ho ne & e m a il 7 NIGHTS LUXURYTRAIN EL TRANSCANTABRICO price per person Deluxe Suite

5.500 € San Sebastián Santiago de Compostela: • • • • • • •

April: 25. May: 9, 23. June: 6, 20. July: 4, 18. August: 1, 15, 29. September: 12, 26. October: 10, 24.

Santiago de Compostela San Sebastián • • • • • • •

April: 18. May: 2, 16, 30. June: 13, 27. July: 11, 25. August: 8, 22. September: 5, 19. October: 3, 17.

HOTEL OFFERS 5 nights with B&B from Su-Fri Hotel Playa Capricho from ............................ 119€ Playasol Aquapark & Spa Hotel from ........... 119€ Playa Linda Aquapark & Spa Hotel from ...... 119€ Almuñecar Playa Spa Hotel from .................. 129€ Playacartaya Aquapark & Spa Hotel from .... 129€ Playacalida Spa Hotel from ........................... 139€ Marbella Playa Hotel from ............................. 139€ Playaballena Aquapark & Spa Hotel from .... 139€ Playamarina SPA Hotel from ......................... 139€

BUSTOURS WITH GANDIA TOURS: -4 days Madrid + Toledo from ....................... 290€ -4 days Barcelona from .................................. 390€ -4 days Cordoba, Sevilla & Granada from .... 290€ lic ia frofrom m ..................................... 540€ -7 days Ga Galician -7 days Portugal from .................................... 665€ -6 days Extremadura from ............................. 470€ -6 days La Rioja from ..................................... 490€ -2 days Gra Granda n a d a from fro m ........................................ 85€ -8 days Basque country ................................. 590€ -9 days Morrocco Mo ro c c o a bab ...................................... 770€

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The Weekly Post - 05 Mai 2020  

The Weekly Post

The Weekly Post - 05 Mai 2020  

The Weekly Post


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