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January 1, 2020 - No 640, www.thepost.es

All rise for 2020 - almost Nearly all towns in Alicante province will begin 2020 with more residents than in January 2019. The latest official figures for 2019 show that throughout the year that ends today (Tuesday), 104 of the 141 municipalities in the provinces registered an increase in population. This is the first overall rise in population in the province since 2013 - as over the past six year the number of residents (officialy registered) has being falling. In many towns, such as Calpe, Altea, Torrevieja and Orihuela, the increase has been more significant as is will also spell more funding form central and regional government in the new year. Campaigns to get on the muncipal register (padrón), especially among the British expat population due to Brexit have borne fruit in Teulada and Benissa that have increased their number and managed to stay above 10,000 residents.

Practically all towns along the coast have reported more inhabitants and the majority of those that have seen a drop in population figures are inland. Llíber, a town with a large share of expat population saw one of the most significant drops in population losing over 100 residents and dropping below 1,000 inhabitants. However, the town with the lowest population in the province is Famorca, near Cocentaina, that only has 47 registered residents. Experts consider the overall increase in residents as very positive news for the area, but have called for caution and not be complacent, but to continue encouraging the expat population to register. They have also pointed out that the key factor is immigrations and expats registering as residents, but not an increase in the birthrate - there are still more deaths than births in the province.

Christmas on the beach

Hundreds of people flocked to La Zenia beach in Orihuela Costa once again this year to enjoy the festive spirit on Christmas Day. With the sun shining, blue skies – and plenty of red Santa hats on show – it was a colourful and joyous occasion for all those who attended. Photograph by Peter Liedtke,of the Die Flotten Geher association.

Christmas fun run

More than three hundred took part in the annual San Silvestre fun run in Benidorm on Sunday morning – always taking place on the first Sunday after Christmas. See report on page 7

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January 1, 2020 - N° 640

Benissa nativity scene vandalised Benissa town hall has expressed its disgust at an act of vandalism to the town’s nativity scene, which is on public display. The nativity, located in the Sala del Consell, in front of the public library, suffered vandalism during Tuesday night. Some of the pieces had been smashed and others

had been urinated upon. Jorge Ivars, the council spokesman said “the life size nativity scene was one of the projects launched with the aim of giving a boost to Christmas activities in Benissa. This act does not represent the true values of Christmas, it is an intolerable attack by those who do not believe in our traditions”, he stated. As the vandals have not been identified, the incident has been reported to the police. The town had recently been storing the figurine of the baby Jesus each night to prevent such an event occurring. In future, security measures to protect the nativity scene will be increased.

Pego gang-rapists' sentences doubled on appeal A teenage girl who was gang-raped by her classmates appealed against the lenient sentences applied to her attackers. The Provincial Court of Alicante has increased their terms, based upon the fact that the accused youths 'showed no remorse' and are likely to take much longer to rehabilitate. Alicante's Youth Court Number 2 sentenced the four boys, who are aged between 14 and 16, to between two and three years, but these have now been increased to five years for the one considered to be the ringleader, followed by two years of being electronically tagged, and two of the other attackers will be jailed for fourand-a-half years, followed by two years under remote surveillance. The fourth, who was an active participant in all bar the actual rape – aiding and abetting, and taking a turn to film the girl's ordeal – was originally sentenced to two years, and this will stand. But the compensation in the sum of €100,000 for the victim, requested by her lawyer Mónica Mas Franqueza, has been kept at just €12,000, in accordance with the first verdict. Although the victim's family feels this paltry figure is insulting, the Provincial Court says it is 'similar to the usual amounts' awarded for 'crimes of this nature' by its judges. The plaintiff was just 14 when she was raped repeatedly by three boys she knew from her Pego high school in July 2018, after the five, plus another female friend, went off together.

According to the victim, the she and her friend had agreed to meet at her house, but when the friend turned up, she had the young men with her. The girl who was attacked had said she did not feel comfortable being around them, and went off for a walk by herself around the cemetery. Upon her return, the other girl had left. She decided to leave, too, but the boys blocked her path and pushed her. After they had surrounded her and hustled her along for about 15 minutes, she found herself in a piece of wasteland. A large open-topped rectangular water tank, which was empty, was in the middle of it, and the young men entered it and pushed her into it with them. They began groping her, and she fought back, punching the ringleader, but he responded likewise – only much more violently. Once they had her trapped, they took turns filming her whilst they sexually assaulted her – after which they showed her the video. They blackmailed her for

money, saying they would share the footage with everyone in the school unless she paid them €50. As she did not bring them the cash, they showed the videos to some of their friends. She tried to tell a school counsellor in October, but her nerve failed her at the last minute. As her father was ill and her family had serious money troubles, she had not wanted to worry them even more, so she had not told her parents. It was March 2019 before she finally found the courage to speak out. By this time, she was barely eating, had lost weight and was suffering from depression – albeit undiagnosed whilst she struggled on in silence. As the boys are all under 18, they will be held in a youth detention centre rather than a prison. The judge said the defendants' families had been 'incapable of transmitting the values of respect and consideration for others' to their sons, which were 'aspects that professionals' would have to work on with them 'behind closed doors'.

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January 1, 2020 - N° 640

Food under inspection Inspections in supermarkets, markets, slaughterhouses and fish markets have been increased this month to check that they comply with all hygienic and sanitary requirements. According to the regional government, more are due to take place over the festive period. The inspectors are mainly targeting fresh meat, fish and shellfish. The authorities revealed that activity in slaughter-

Motorway welcome to the New Year A group from the Marina Alta region will bring in the New Year in a very different way – by celebrating the removal of the AP7 tolls. The group, FEM Marina Alta, wants the fact that “after decades of struggle and involvement of many groups”, that the motorway, which will have the toll booths opened at midnight, should be an event to be celebrated. They have organised an end of year meal at the ser-

houses increases by 40% in the weeks before the Christmas holidays and during the holidays. The inspectors check that no additives or chemicals are used to make fish and shellfish look fresh. They also examine preservation measures as fresh meat, fish and shellfish need to be kept in fridges at a specific temperature. “Fresh food has to be kept at 0C to 5C,” they noted.

vices. At 22.00, participants will enter the AP7 at the Ondara tollbooth. They will stop at the Sant Antoni service area, where they will have dinner and traditional grapes. After midnight strikes, at which point the motorway will be free, they will leave via the Benissa toll, which will have the barriers lifted. FEM Marina Alta is a small group which ‘fights for the good of the region and its people’.

Climate change is affecting the region

Calp News

The seabed off the coast of the Marina Alta is beginning to suffer from the effects of climate change. A study by the Institute of Coastal Ecology has determined that 78% of corals on the Alicante coast are affected by global warming. In the region, the problem is already visible in Calpe and Benissa. The warming of the waters causes the weakening or death of the colonies of motherporary corals, meaning that 42% of the surface of these colonies are affected by bleaching. The study is being carried out in the Ifach, Serra Gelada and coastal areas of the Marina Baja, Cabo de las Huertas and Tabarca and reflects, in its first conclusions, a very high condition both in

the number of colonies and in the surface affected by the phenomenon of climate change. During last summer, 307 colonies of the Cladocora caespitosa and Oculina patagonica coral species were studied, and preliminary results that show that 78% of them were affected by bleaching. This phenomenon, they explain, caused by the heating of the water, causes corals to expel their symbiont or zooxanthellae algae when certain pathogenic bacteria develop, with the consequent weakening of the colony or death of the colony. The Institute of Coastal Ecology highlighted the negative consequences of climate change on the reefs and

warned that it can get worse. According to the forecast of the increase in CO2 captured by the Mediterranean, the alteration to the PH of seawater re-

duced the capacity of corals to build their calcareous skeletons between 40% and 80% during this century. To try to get as much in-

formation as possible about this process which negatively affects the underwater area of the coast, new temperature and PH sensors have been installed, in addition to those installed by the Alicante Institute in these natural areas. Likewise, vermétid formations have been mapped and evaluated, identifying those sectors of the coast where these populations are most vulnerable to climate change, specifically the rise in sea level and other associated phenomena, such as excessive algal development which I can suffocate these colonial molluscs. Students from the Costa Blanca will now continue to study the effects to the coral in an ongoing regional study.

Calp town hall publishes the 2020 tourism calendar Calp’s tourism department has published once again a calendar with images showing the tourist attractions of the municipality. A total of 5,000 calendars have been published and will be used as promotional material at tourist fairs and workshops in which Calp will take place. Calendars will also be available at the tourist information o ces, located in the Plaza del Mosquit and on the Avenida de los Ejércitos Españoles, for everyone local and/or tourists visiting the area wish to pick one up. e images chosen this year to illustrate each

of the calendar months are part of the package of photographs that the Fotoclub Ifach recently donated to the town hall. e Penyal d’Ifac from di erent angles, included from the Carellot side, the salt marshes, the Torreó de la Peça in the historic center, the shing port or the hermitage of San Salvador as well as local festivals such as Holy Week and the Moors and Christians. For the cover, a photograph of El Racó cove has been used. Calp’s tourist calendar is one of the promotional elements of the tourism department that has greater acceptance both in tourist fairs and in the municipality.

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January 1, 2020 - N° 640

Help needed to buy salt lagoons Environmental association ANSE has launched an online fundraising campaign to buy the management rights of the Marchamalo salt lagoons at the entrance to La Manga del Menor. ANSE president Pedro García noted that the site is a protected wetland and bird protection site. It is also an important habitat for the endangered Spanish toothcarp. The environmentalists are hoping to buy the management rights to keep the habitats of the lagoons alive. Additionally, they want to purchase land next to the site where an old warehouse

stands to turn it into an interpretation centre on the salt industry. The environmentalists need to raise €70,000 to realise their dream and they have announced that they will try to get support from governments, companies and other associations. The lagoons stand close to El Vivero area, where towerblocks with more than 600 apartments are due to be built. It is one of the few remaining wetlands on the Mar Menor. Donations and further information is available at www.fundacionanse.org

Customer arrested for hold-up Eagle owl recovers from injuries

A regular customer of a petrol station in Orihuela has been arrested by the National Police following a hold-up at the premises. The suspect allegedly went into the premises late in the evening when the employee was checking the daily till sales, and

threatened her with a large knife. She handed over the €850 in the till but recognised him, although he was trying to hide his face with a hood. The employee told the officers that the robber was very nervous and she was

sure he was one of the regular customers. The officers waited for the suspect near his house and they arrested him just two hours after the holdup. He was charged with robbery and taken to Orihuela’s duty court.

Residents enjoy donated nativity scene Orihuela Costa residents, association representatives and members of the CLARO political party attended the inauguration of the nativity scene in Restaurante La Nacional at Punta Prima. The nativity scene has been provided and installed at zero cost by nativity scene

artisan from Pilar de la Horadada, Jerónimo Blanco after he was invited to do so by CLARO. The council had refused once again to install a nativity scene on the coast and Sr Blanco agreed to hand over one of his impressive nativity scenes for

local people to enjoy. The scene was blessed by the local priest and the Coro S.XXI choir sang carols to the audience. The nativity scene is on display in Restaurante El Nacional until January 6 and can be visited from 12.00 to 20.00.

A young Eurasian eagle owl has been released in the mountains of inland Murcia region after recovering at El Valle centre for wild animals. The young female was found trapped in a fence in Águilas on December 12. She had injuries to her wings and beak and was suffering from dehydration and shock due to the accident. The vets pointed out that she had desperately tried to get out of the fence and had

injured herself further. The owl was given a diet to recover and was ringed to track her movements. A total of six Eurasian eagle owls have been treated this year at El Valle in La Alberca near Murcia. Vets at the centre noted that Eurasian eagle owls are not endangered in Murcia region, but are considered a species of special interest. The centre is supported with EU funds.

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January 1, 2020 - N° 640

Arrests over town centre shoot-out A shoot-out between two rival clans in Archena in Murcia region led the Guardia Civil to a marihuana plantation and a drug dealing gang. The clash had caused great concern among residents as it happened in the town centre and was not the first time both families were involved in such an incident.

Suspects being arrested

Residents shared videos if the incident on social media and these were used by officers to identify and locate all the family members involved in the incident. On December 17 a judge gave permission to the Guardia Civil to raid homes and arrest five of the people involved in the shoot-out, which took place in October.

Nearly 100 Guardia Civil officers participated in the operation, as the families were considered to be very violent and armed. During the raid a marijuana plantation was discovered, along with €9,000 in cash, a machete and several firearms. Two of the suspects have been remanded in custody by the judge.

TRAM tickets will not rise in 2020 The regional railway authority has approved a price freeze for the TRAM’s ticket prices in 2020. Other steps to encourage the use of the tram train network include having no expiry on single journey tickets, previously they had to be used within two hours of purchase. Meanwhile the regional railway authority has published figures for Alicante’s TRAM’s Line 5 that came into service on June 10. In a six-month period up to November 9, the service, which goes from Alicante city’s Portal del Mar to San Juan’s Plaza del Mar, transported 378,568 passengers. August was the busiest month with 75,560 passengers. Line 5 is 8.7 km long, and coincides with the current Line 4 at fifteen stops, from Plaza de La Coruña to Sangueta, and has two

stops of its own at the stations of La Marina and Porta del Mar. Thanks to this line, Playa de San Juan residents, and those further up the coast can travel by tram to Postiguet beach, Levante docks, Alicante port, Esplanade, town hall or the historic centre. With lines 4 and 5, from San Juan beach, a tram runs every 15 minutes towards Alicante, alternating destinations between Luceros and Porta del Mar.

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January 1, 2020 - N° 640

Calpe must pay for ambulance hire A total of €225,000 will be paid to the Red Cross in Calpe for the use of ambulances called to emergencies. The bill will have to be paid by the town hall, because the legal advice council of the Valencian region announced in January that the Valencian government is the only body that can deal with the organisation, administration and management of all public health institutions, and there is was no authorisation granted which allowed the council to make decisions on health transport. The town hall had previously signed a collaboration agreement with the Red Cross which allowed the health transport service to continue at the cost of the council for four years. The Mayoress, Ana Sala, explained at the beginning of

the week that this payment was going to be made “because we cannot stop serving citizens. It is a service that has been done and must be paid”, she stated. Sala commented that the Valencian regional government had requested that the Ministry of Health formulate a contract and legalise it, but “they haven’t done either”, she said. After the payment was approved in the plenary session from the PSPV they sent a statement in which they said that “the mayor issues accusations to the Consell, to the general emergency department and to the municipal socialist group. An empty content discourse in which no solution proposal is provided ”. Socialists believe that “due to our geographical situation and seasonal population in-

creases, the health transport infrastructure is insufficient and needs to be complemented by additional services. Not a few are the controversies and situations experienced by the geographical lack that places us at the southernmost tip of the Marina Alta ”. They also stated that a possible “solution would be to ask the Ministry for the delegation of powers and tender the health transport service. Thus the matter would have legal coverage as well as being complementary to the service already offered in the Marina Alta ”. But they added that "apart from the proclamations of grandiloquent projects we have not seen or trace it in the recently approved municipal budgets, nor any indication of political intention to implement this solution."

Seeing Santa Hundreds of people enjoyed the Father Christmas parade last Monday evening in San Pedro del Pinatar. Father Christmas was accompanied by dozens of elves and Disney characters and dancers from the local schools in their best Christmas outfits. Father Christmas greeted and collected letters from children on the last stretch of the parade from Avenida Emilio Castelar to Plaza de la Constitución.

Benissa industrial estate now fully modernised The Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (Ivace), of the Ministry of Economy, Sustainable, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Work, has invested around €527,000 for the improvement and modernisation of the industrial estate La Pedrera in Benissa in the last two years. The investment was part of the annual call for grants in 2018 and 2019 for modernisation, provision of infrastructure and services in industrial areas and technology enclaves. Specifically, €244,700.65 was allocated for the first year and €282,193.41 for the second. The general director of Ivace, Júlia

Company, stated that the improvements carried out included groundwork for the implantation of fibre optic, the installation of a closed-circuit surveillance system connected to the local police, and landscaping. There have also been improvements in green areas, roads, parking areas, signage and public lighting. Company indicated that everything has now been completed and was fully funded by Ivace. “The industrial estate is now provided with the necessary services and infrastructure to improve the quality of the companies already there, and attract the implementation of new businesses”, she said.

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January 1, 2020 - N° 640

Christmas ‘fun run’

Electric car chargers installed More electric vehicle charging points have been installed around the Vega Baja area thanks to subsidies from the regional government institute for business competitiveness (IVACE). The first one to be installed in Guardamar del Segura is located on Calle Mar, very close to the town hall and Plaza de la Constitución. It has two connectors and is free to use.

The total cost was €14,000, which included redesigning the parking spaces on the street so that there are two places exclusively for use by people who are charging their vehicle. Meanwhile seven charging points have been installed in Orihuela, in the city, in Orihuela Costa and in the rural districts of La Murada, Torremendo, San Bartolomé, La Aparecida and Desamparados.

More than three hundred took part in the annual San Silvestre fun run in Benidorm on Sunday morning – always taking place on the first Sunday after Christmas. Many embraced the occasion donning all manner of festive fancy dress including Santa’s, reindeer, snowmen… and even The Beatles complete with yellow submarine! Starting first, at 10.00 was the family, non-competitive and children’s race who did one lap of the circuit. Afterwards, at 10.30 the serious runners took part, with the fastest man completing the two laps in 12 minutes and 13 seconds.

These are in addition to the five that were installed in 2018 and the one in the industrial estate, and two more extrafast charging points are planned, at the Ociopía and Zenia Boulevard commercial centres. The town hall pointed out that more than 20% of the vehicles registered in Orihuela are hybrids or electric, almost the highest proportion in Alicante province.

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The fastest lady was British expat Gemma Ann Selby, in a time of 15 minutes and 27 seconds. It was a fabulous backdrop, with the sun shining, the Mediterranean glistening and spectators cheering the runners along the Levante promenade. A police outrider rode in front of the lead runner to ensure a clear path who even managed to lap the last of the ‘fun runners’ in the process. For those that want to make a note in the diary and start training, next year’s San Silvestre, it will take place on Sunday, December 27 2020!

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January 1, 2020 - N° 640

Club Torrevieja Classics & Specialists Cars Curry Lunch at Punjabi Palace Treasure Hunt around the San Miguel area and lakes Cars on display at the first San Miguel Classic Car show Visit to a car museum at Roldan We also have an Anniversary Dinner in October where trophies are presented to: The Best Serving Member The Friendship Member The Smiler Member Slightly different awards than most clubs! We have a Christmas Party which this year was held at The Rendezvous Restaurant. And to end the year on Inocentes Day we hold a driving skills test followed by team mini golf and lunch. With a trophy for the winner. The club has a mixture of English, German, Dutch and Scandinavian members. We look forward to a very good 2020.

The club is going from strength to strength under the leadership of the President Gaynor Hall. We now have a membership of 28 members with cars and 17 afficionado members. The club meets on the first Wednesday of the month at Restaurant El Nacional, Punta Prima at 7.30pm. (Except January which will be a week later). Once a month an event is held which consists of either a drive to a particular place of interest, a visit to somewhere, a treasure hunt or driving skills tests, ending up at a restaurant for a meal. Some of the events this year have been: Almond Blossom Run St Patrick's Day Parade Cartegena Track Day El Fondo National Park El Faro Lighthouse BBQ at El Rancho Run to Hondon through the mountains

Christmas present for the hospital 'La Pedrera'

Humanitas, a foundation of the New Apostolic Church, donated â‚Ź7,440.00 to the hospital La Pedrera in Denia for the purchase of urgently needed medical equipment. A symbolic cheque was presented at a small Christmas concert of the choir of the New Apostolic Church in Denia. Present was one of the HUMANITAS foundation board members, Willi Keller and the Rector of the NAC Denia. The hospital expressed its sincere thanks for this generous donation.

British Ambassador pays a visit to The Original Charity Shop The week before Christmas the staff of the Original Charity Shop, Javea, were delighted and extremely honoured to receive a visit from the British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliot, accompanied by his wife Toni and the British Consul, Sarah-Jane Morrison, on the occasion of his first visit to Alicante province as Ambassador. The Ambassador and his wife were given a warm

welcome by President Georgina Harvey and staff members before showing them around the shop. They were very impressed by the size and layout of the shop and spent a relaxed half an hour browsing the rails and shelves and taking time to chat to staff members and clients, before moving on to the old town where the Ambassador met with some expats on the subject of Brexit.

News 9

January 1, 2020 - N° 640

The Original Charity Shop and Library volunteers help Santa In keeping with a long established tradition the volunteers of The Original Charity Shop and Library were delighted to give Santa a helping hand with his heavy bag full of Christmas presents for the children of the Raquel Paya School for children with special needs. As usual this was a very exciting day for the youngsters awaiting Santa’s arrival. After a welcoming speech by the Head Teacher of the school, Santa, assisted by his elf, called each child personally to receive a very special gift. Following the presentation the volunteers were treated to tapas and wine, beautifully prepared and presented by some of the teenagers who are attending a catering course. The Original Charity Shop and Library Christ-

mas Raffle was once again a hugely successful event. The proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets not only covered the cost of the children’s presents but we will also be presenting the school with a cheque for €1,000 in the New Year. Thank you to everyone who made it all possible: our very generous sponsors who provided vouchers and prizes, clients and customers who bought raffle tickets, staff who collected prizes, sold raffle tickets and helped wrap the presents for the children. A list of winning tickets is on display in the window of the Original Charity Shop and online. Don’t forget to check your raffle tickets – you could be one of the lucky winners. The volunteers of The Original Charity Shop and Library would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2020.

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January 1, 2020 - N° 640

The Original Charity Shop and Library lend a helping hand to Javea's Rugby Club The Original Charity Shop and Library has donated €2,000 to 'Javea Aguiles' to help purchase rugby outfits and equipment for the rugby teams. Javea Aguiles was founded three years ago by a few expat rugby enthusiasts. Under the motto “Never give up” they have been growing in leaps and bounds ever since. There are four teams of under eight, 10, 12 and 14. There are already 60 children enjoying this sport which is new to Javea and they train twice a week under the supervision of eight coaches. They also take part in rugby tournaments seven or eight times a year and so far have been

very successful. The coaches are all volunteers and the teams are made up of around 50% Spanish, 50% expats. Rugby is not just a boy’s sport – there are several girls on the teams and they would welcome more so come along all you girls and give this exciting game a try. Although €2,000 will go a long way towards financing rugby outfits and other necessities, this growing club is still in need of more sponsors, so come on all you rugby fans, this club needs your help. For more information please contact them on Facebook: Xabia rugby.

Oliva U3A continues to spread Christmas cheer On December 18 the Line Dancing group visited the Preventorio Infantíl Nuetra Señora del Amparo in Real de Gandía to spread some cheer to the children. The excited kids got to watch three dances performed, then the dancers taught the children a 4th dance, after which everyone had fun dancing together. Looking towards the new year, Line Dancing starts again on Monday, January 13. We would love to see some new members join us to kick start the new year, so we’re offering the session on the 13th for free! The session will be broken out as follows: 10-10.30am absolute

beginners, 10.30-11am normal beginners, 11am-12 noon improvers, followed by request dances at the CPC Pinet. New dancers should drop the group leader, Betty, an email on bettymalcolm@hotmail.com just so we know how many to expect. It's worth saying that we no longer dance to just Country and Western music. Our teacher Nigel has a huge range of music to keep us amused. If anyone wants to get some exercise in a fun environment to shed the Christmas kilos, Line Dancing could be just the thing! For those no longer in full-time

employment come and find out how the Oliva U3A likes to keeps its members physically and mentally active. If you are interested, email mickgoy1@ gmail.com or come and chat on Friday mornings with

Angela or Sue from 11am in the Oliva Municipal Market or head to the webpage https://u3aoliva.wildapricot.org/ and click the ‘interested in joining’ link. Annual membership is just €10

Christmas carols and charity Christmas is a very beautiful but busy time in the Church calendar. This year the Albir Anglicans, one of the churches in the Costa Blanca Anglican Chaplaincy, have been busy. As has already been reported about 220 people sang carols by the Albir anchor, this was followed on

Monday, December 16 with our annual Carol Service. The earlier sponsorship from the Puig Climb has been shared and the AFA Alzheimers Association de la Marina Baixa and MABS have both received a donation. Noela introduced Elaine to one of the patients at the Alzheimers day

care centre and took this photo. It was very evident that they were delighted and the money will be used to help with the activities that are carried out in order to stimulate the patients at this lovely Day Care Centre. A service of Holy Communion is held in Albir every Sunday at 9.45am. You can find us in the centre of Albir, turn up the main road hill, Camino de la Cantera, (quite near the Consum Supermarket), signposted Rober Palas Hotel, turn right in front of the hotel and the Church (Norwegian Seaman’s Church) is just inside the next road on the left, Carrer Mart. ALSO every Thursday at 11.00am at the Forum Mare Nostrum, Alfaz del Pi we have a service of Holy Communion. The second Thursday of each month is a healing service. If you need any further information please telephone our Local Church Warden, Elaine Mitchell on 96 686 4962 or mobile 636 164 467 or Peter Johnson on 676 845 599. Albir is one of eight congregations in the Chap-

laincy, from Ganíia to El Campello. Costa Blanca Anglican Chaplaincy (the Church of England in Spain) you can find all the other service times, locations and contacts and much more on the website www.costa blanca-anglicanchaplaincy.org click “ABOUT US” – Churches and Services. Always a warm welcome for all.

News 11

January 1, 2020 - N° 640

A busy lead up to Christmas for Spangles Spangles Ladies’ Harmony Chorus is always busy in the lead up to Christmas each year, but 2019 has been a bumper year for festive events. Starting in November, they sang at 12 Christmas events, ending with a standing ovation at the U3A Christmas meeting in Torrevieja on December 16. Spangles also supported fundraising events for local charities MABS San Javier, Cruz Azul Murcia and Finca La Castellana in San Miguel de Salinas. “It’s been a very busy year for the chorus, but Christmas is our favourite time” said Chorus Manager, Lyn. “We get great pleasure in giving something back to the community and we certainly do that with our support of local charities throughout the year, and singing at Los Arcos Hospital and the Residencia Lozar in Pozo Aledo).” The highlight of 2019 was being invited to take part in a global project, backed by WWF and Universal Studios, to raise awareness of climate change, a subject close to all the Spangles’

hearts. They were up for the challenge and submitted their version of the song, which was written by some of the world’s top songwriters. “We’re proud to be a part of this worldwide project and we had great fun producing our own version of this beautiful song. We’ve experienced our own climate change problems here in Los Alcázares and it’s something we are passionate about” commented Musical Director, Wendy.

You can find Spangles’ version of the Resolution Song on YouTube: https:// youtu.be/k74PtGKvR4U Countries around the world are singing the Resolution Song in a global show of solidarity with our planet. They're calling out to say: we will all make a change in 2020 to fight back against the climate and environmental crisis. Perhaps you’ve already started thinking about your New Year’s resolutions? Why not make

Poppy Appeal record broken! Benidorm and District branch of the Royal British Legion recorded a record total for the 2019 Poppy Appeal in their area. The total was €28,298.57! Treasurer Trevor Bagnall, pictured here with wife Pat, Membership

Secretary, declared himself delighted with the result and congratulated the members who took out the boxes and poppies and those who attended counting day on their hard work and thanked all local businesses who took a box.

it a resolution for the planet? Your #planetresolution could be about what you eat, what you buy, how you travel, what you wear, what you grow, what you throw away and how you use your voice. Whatever it is, it will count. Share your resolution on social media with the hashtags #Resolution2020 #VoiceForThePlanet and let’s spread the word. The coming year promises to be just as busy for Spangles, with 15 activities

already planned and more to come. Their fundraising Burns Night on January 25 was a sell-out within 24 hours of tickets going on sale and other fundraising events are in the pipeline to help them cover the costs of representing Spain in Mechelen, Belgium in April, at the ‘Battle of the Choirs’ A Cappella Festival. “It’s something a bit different for Spangles to take part in and we get to meet choirs from other countries. We’re looking forward to some special time together as a chorus.” Said Lyn. Spangles is a ladies’ a cappella chorus, singing in four part harmony. They rehearse every Thursday, from 10.15 am to 1.15 pm at Centro Municipal Las Claras, Calle Helena, Los Narejos, Los Alcázares and visitors are always welcome. If you’d like to book the chorus for an event or you are thinking about joining them, you can find out more on their website: www. spangleschorus.com or email info@spangleschorus. com

12 News

January 1, 2020 - N° 640

U3A Vall Del Pop Christmas Shopping in Valencia On Monday, December 9 fifty-four U3A Val del Pop members went on a shopping trip to Ikea and Bonaire shopping centre in Valencia. The weather was glorious, their purses were full, and the coach was loaded with eager shoppers! They spent the morning browsing in Ikea, where lunch opportunities

are always well received after wondering the never-ending Ikea path. They then moved on for the afternoon to Bonaire with its wide range of stores. Each member headed for their favourite store first and staggered back to the coach laden with purchases and, although exhausted and with purses much lighter, they had a great day. There thanks were sent to Sonia and the TCET team for organising the event. The U3A is all about enjoyment and learning, and this is particularly evident in the U3A Vall del Pop, whose members hold their General Assembly generally, fiestas and holidays permitting, on the first Thursday of each month at the Centre Polivalent in Murla, and have a diverse range of more than thirty groups for the interest of the members. For further information on U3A Vall del Pop check our website [www.u3avalldelpop.com]. See the events pages for inforamtion about the next informative talk about ‘Understanding the Ageing Brain’, to be offered after the next General Assembly on January 9, 2020.

Age Concern receives generous donation It was with grateful thanks that Maureen Payne, President of Age Concern, received a donation of €1000 from the prolific fundraising team Charity4Charities at El Unica Bar in Rojales.

Age Concern was amongst 14 other very worthwhile recipients of donations most of whom were present at this prestigious event. Charity4Charities spend every week of the year holding auctions where all the proceeds go direct to their chosen charities. This hardworking team made up by President Sandra Knott, Dave Smith Vice President and Rachel Tennant Treasurer and committee members enthusiastically and passionately give their time and effort to raising an extortionate amount of funds all in the name of charity and are to be highly commended for their valiant efforts. In Age Concerns case the donation will immediately go to maintaining all the services available to vulnerable people to ensure they live their lives happily and securely in their golden years as Age Concern is renowned for. For more information on all of the services, events and activities Age Concern offer can be seen on the website: www.ageconcerncosta blancasur.org.

Grotto spreads some sunshine across two countries Over €500 was raised over two afternoons when Santa visited a grotto inside the VillaMia office on the Arenal to raise much needed funds for the Spread some Sunshine project in Sri Lanka. More than 30 children wrote letters to Santa where they could post them before seeing the big man himself for a chat and to check if they were on the naughty or good list. Each child left smiling with a gift. Also available over the event was a raffle, tombola, lucky dip and gifts to purchase, such as reindeer food and home-made dog treats. Helen Davis, a resident of Javea, set up the project a few years ago to help families in Sri Lanka – after she could see first-hand that charitable money was not reaching those

people in need in the country. Helen said: “The children and families that Spread some Sunshine support in Ambalangoda, Sri Lanka know very little about receiving of gifts at Christmas. They have a very basic existence, so our priority at this time of year is always to ensure they have food on the table, not just the basic stable food which we supply each month of the year but with a few extra seasonal treats, such as fresh fruit, fruit juice, eggs, jam and even a cookie or two. “Huge thanks to Michelle and staff at VillaMia and to everyone that supported the Santa’s Grotto event, there will now be a small Christmas gift for each of the 26 girls at the Anula Care Home – each girl there has been abused, abandoned or orphaned.”

Abigail Ross (aged 8 right) with Santa and her sister Katie Ross (aged 6 left)

Helen and her husband, Steve organise fund raising events throughout the year and collect clothing and bric-a-brac from Javea to sell in charity shops and markets to raise money. Any donations can be -dropped off at the VillaMia office. Helen spends hours sorting through the donations, washing clothing when needed and working out the best option to raise maximum money. Michelle Hughes, owner of VillaMia said: “It was such a success last year that we wanted to do it again. It was good fun setting up the grotto, shopping and wrapping the gifts and getting into the Christmas mood. Not only did we have a lot of happy children but also it raised money to help families in need in another country. It wouldn’t have been

possible without the support of friends and clients who donated raffle prizes and came along with their children so a big thank you to them. VillaMia will continue to support the local community and worth-while causes.” Helen added: “I am often told that you never know where your money goes in ‘those countries’ which is exactly why we started Spread some Sunshine. 100% of the Santa and one of his elves outside money we raise is VillaMia sent to our well trusted friend Sampath, who poor. Receipts and photos are ensures every rupee is spent provided to us on a weekly wisely to benefit the poorest of basis. “As we move into 2020 we are looking to complete the building of our mini community centre that will act as a food bank, supplies centre and hub for kids to meet, read, colour and generally have fun. So please keep giving your clothes and bric-abrac donations etc for us to sell on. I am so aware of the good work going in Javea for those less fortunate than ourselves and on this occasion I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for Helen Davis from Spread Some Sunshine Spread some Sunshine.”

Legal and Finance 13

January 1, 2020 - N° 640

What will 2020 bring for your finances? By Vicky Shaw, PA Various changes are happening in 2020 which could make people better or worse off. Here's how you could be affected. The start of the New Year is traditionally a time for many people take stock of their finances and see what's making them better, or worse, off. While some aspects of our everyday finances may be within our control, such as discretionary spending on treats, others may be less avoidable, such as the rising cost of travelling to work or increased borrowing costs. Whether it's for better or for worse, here is a look at what 2020 could mean for people's finances... House prices could increase by around 2% Some commentators say they expect house prices across Europe could increase by around 2% in

2020 - although there could be big variations depending on where you live. Howard Archer, chief economic adviser at EY ITEM Club, believes some easing of political uncertainties could help house prices rise by around 2% in 2020, compared with an increase of around 1% in 2019. He says: "Housing market activity and possibly to a lesser extent prices - could be given a modest lift in 2020." Rising house prices could be good news if you're selling, or less welcome if you're trying to get on the property ladder. However, there are still plenty of low-deposit mortgage deals around to give aspiring first-time buyers a helping hand. Sales to first-time buyers are buoyant and now account for around half of all house purchases. We're seeing more and more lenders giving access to 5% deposit mortgages, which can be useful for those look-

ing to buy their first home." The cost of commuting will increase for many workers Your overdraft costs could go down - or up - depending on your normal borrowing behaviour The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is bringing new industry rules into force in 2020 to make overdraft charges fairer and simpler to understand. The regulator's changes will be in force by April 6. It has promised to shake up the "dysfunctional" overdraft market - including stopping banks and building societies from charging higher prices for unarranged overdrafts than for arranged overdrafts. More than 50% of banks' unarranged overdraft fees came from just 1.5% of customers in 2016. People who sometimes slip into an unauthorised overdraft may well find they

Do you have money regrets from 2019? As people look ahead to what 2020 will bring, many are still harbouring money regrets from the past year. Comparison website MoneySuperMarket surveyed people to find out their biggest financial regrets and worries of 2019. It revealed the common money worries from 2019, with the percentages of people who are concerned about them. They are: ■ Not having enough money to pay utility bills 24% ■ Not having enough money to pay rent/mortgage 24% ■ Having to borrow money from family / friends - 23% ■ Not having enough money to go on holiday 22% ■ Not having enough money to eat - 16% A quarter of people regret not saving enough for a rainy day in 2019. This might explain why two in three admit they would struggle to cover a major unexpected household bill. A third (33%) of people

would struggle to pay for a broken-down boiler and a further 31% would struggle to pay for a broken-down car. To cover unexpected costs, nearly half (45%) would have to dip into their savings and a quarter (26%) would have to pay with a credit card. One in 10 (12%) would take out a bank loan and a further 5% would take out a payday loan. Younger generations rely on family to help with unexpected costs... When it comes to age, 43% of Generation Z (18-24-year olds) and 34% of millennials (25-29-year olds) would have to borrow money from their family and friends. Those aged 55 or over were

found to be the least likely to experience any problems paying for an unforeseen cost, with nearly half (49%) of them declaring they would not have any problems with a cost arising at short notice. Despite the festive period being the season of goodwill, the research also reveals one in 10 people regret lending money to a family member or a friend. How you can improve your situation.. Rachel Wait, consumer affairs spokesperson at MoneySuperMarket, says: "It's never too late to start saving and there are a host of deals available. "If you're looking to open a savings account, it's worth doing your research to make sure you have the right account for your needs. "If you're strapped for cash, there are immediate ways to make savings. "Consider looking at your existing household bills - if you haven't switched in a while, you could be missing out on some serious savings."

pay less under the new rules. But those who stick within their authorised overdraft may potentially find they pay more. Some current account providers have already announced plans to impose new blanket overdraft rates set at 39.9% - leading some commentators to say that being charged around 40% annual interest for going into the red could become "the new normal". This may come as a shock to some borrowers, but at least the costs they

are actually paying should become clearer. Suter says this is "good news for anyone who accidentally slips into the red. Banks will have to make their fees clearer, putting them in one annual interest rate, and won't be able to charge fixed fees, per day or month, for going into your overdraft." She adds: "If you are in your overdraft you should check how much you're being charged and see if there is cheaper credit available, so you can move it to that while you pay it off."

14 Events

January 1, 2020 - N° 640

'Il Classico incontra il Jazz' - Classical meets Jazz To mark a new year, music lovers can enjoy something new – the concert “Il Classico incontra il Jazz”, classical meets jazz, with the classically trained Italian guitarist Claudio Piastro and Jazz Piano Trio with double bass and drums. The concert is presented by Piastro as a homage to Claude Bolling, the French jazz pianist and composer known for a series of “crossover” collaborations with classical musicians including the rarely heard “Concerto for Classic Guitar and Jazz Piano Trio”, which is included in the programme alongside other pieces by Bolling, as well as some pieces by Joshua Moretti and Paul Desmond. Guitarist Claudio Piastro was born in Parma, Italy, and has performed in over a thousand concerts playing as a soloist

and with orchestras. He appears regularly on TV and radio, often as a featured artist. The concert is on Saturday, January 18, at 8pm at Forum Mare Nostrum, L’Alfas del Pi (Tickets €10, members free). In two further January concerts, Italian pianist Sebastian Brusco will perform programmes including works by Chopin and Schubert - on Thursday, January 16, at 8pm at Forum Mare Nostrum

(tickets €7) , and Sunday, January 19, midday at the Centro Social Albir (tickets €10, members €5). These concerts are organised by the Sociedad de Musica Clasica de L’Alfas del Pi. Tickets for the concerts are available on the door from one hour before the concert and include wine and snacks! Full details of the concerts and programmes can be found on www.alfasmusica.com.

Goldilocks at Careline Ma Barnaby runs a travelling circus together with her daughter Goldilocks and son Barney. Unfortunately wicked zoo owner called Baron Vontrappen follows them around and gradually steals Ma's animals. Poor Ma hasnt paid her circus performers in weeks

and then discovers that the Baron is about to steal her remaining animals. To find out what happens buy your tickets via email ar carelineboxoffice@gmail.com or call 605 181 726. See more in Friday's CBNews On Stage pages.

Relatively speaking Jávea Players invite you to start the New Year with something special, two one-man professional shows exploring the lives of two giants of the modern age - Churchill and Einstein. Each 70-minute show stars the incomparable Pip Utton, one of the world’s most respected performers of solo theatre and an Edinburgh Fringe legend. We are privileged that such a highly acclaimed actor

will portray, in his own unique way, two of the world’s biggest historical personalities. All performances will be followed by a Q&A session. Show dates at the Jávea Players’ Studio Theatre in Calle Cronista Figueres, Jávea are: Churchill from January 27 - 29 and Einstein from 30th-31st January 30-31 and February 1. Tickets €13. See www.javea players.com for more info.

Pantomime Treasure Island CANCELLED The Rojales Pantomime Group are extremely sad to advise that, due to circumstances totally beyond their control, the pantomime they have been rehearsing for the past four months has had to

be CANCELLED. This production was due to be performed at The Cardenal Belluga Theatre in San Fulgencio on January 30/31 and February 1. Anyone who has purchased

tickets can get a FULL REFUND by returning the tickets to where they were bought. For any further information please contact Christine on 678 212 034 or email shimserv@gmail.com

The group is very sad that they cannot perform this very funny pantomime for you at this time, and that various charities will not benefit from the money they would have donated.

However, the show must always go on and we hope to be able to perform this panto at a later date... oh yes we will! The Rojales Pantomime Group wish a Happy New Year to you all.

Events 15

January 1, 2020 - N° 640

Xàbia Book Circle ready for first 2020 meeting The first Xábia Book Circle meeting of 2020 will take place on Tuesday, January 7 at 18.45 in the social Centre in Xàbia. The subject will be 'The Great Italian Detective' Over recent years, Italy has produced some highly successful crime fiction series, and at the heart of these, some memorable lead characters in the fight against crime in the bel paese. Sian Bowen takes a look at the work of four authors who have each given us a great Italian detective, examining the characteristics of their work that have

helped to make them an international success". As always contributions from members are always welcome. We normally meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 18.30 for 18.45 at the Social Centre in Xàbia, close to the car park in the Plaza de la Constitución Española. New members are always welcome. For further information contact Nina Davies on 965791782 or email: ninamdavies@yahoo.co.uk https://www.xabiabookcircle. com/ Facebook : Xàbia Book Circle

U3A Vall Del Pop – Understanding the ageing brain Lawrence Whalley, a retired professor of mental health from the University of Aberdeen, will be delivering an enlightening talk on the complex subject of ‘Understanding the Ageing Brain’, to the members after the next General Assembly on January 9 2020. He offers some thoughts to consider in advance of his talk: Does it all go together when it goes? There are huge differences between rates at which old people age, as can be seen in all body systems. There seems to be no ageing process that affects all systems equally at the same time. Like all organs, the brain is affected by ageing and within the brain individual systems can age at different speeds. It is against this background of known differences in rates of ageing, that age-related declines in mental abilities are investigated. What’s the problem? Because numbers of old people are increasing, the numbers affected by problems caused by ageing are also increasing. Health services are under great pressure to improve services in the prevention and caring for old people who are living with age-related mental decline and dementia. How did he set about finding answers? Lawrence Whalley will describe his long-term studies of brain health and ageing on 791 people, aged 63 or 76 in 1998, born in Aberdeen in 1921 or 1936, who were re-examined on up to five occasions to 2014. At recruitment all were living independently in the community. At least 90 were to develop dementia. Over 350 underwent brain MRI exams for his research. What did he find? Main findings confirmed that early life

exposures [family history of dementia, length of formal education, parental loss before age 12 and childhood poverty] were an important source of differences in rates of mental decline. Later life influences included a nutrient rich dietary habit, cardiovascular health, working with people or data and certain personality traits. There was no evidence that engagement with mentally effortful pursuits or pastimes affected rates of mental decline. What do these findings mean? These life-style factors contribute in late adulthood to preservation of mental abilities. There is no “magic bullet” and although genes are important, they are only a part of the story. Our shared environment has a major role in how we age, and this is probably the most likely effective approach to prevention of decline. We have an interesting and thought-provoking talk awaiting us – so please come along and share in Professor Whalley’s knowledge. Diary dates: January 9 – General Assembly at Polivalent Murla, doors open at 10.30 10.00am. Speaker Prof. Lawrence Whalley – Understanding the Ageing Brain. January 24/25 – Trip to Benidorm Palace staying overnight at the Hotel Mediterraneo. February 6 – General Assembly at Polivalent Murla, doors open at 10.30 10.00am. February 8 – 11 – Trip to Venice for the Masquerade Festival staying in a centrally located 4-star hotel. March 6 – General Assembly at Polivalent Murla. Doors open at 10.30 10am. May 3 – 8 – 6-day 5 nights trip to Cordoba, Seville, Jerez and Cadiz. Visit our website, http://u3avalldelpop.com, for further details of what’s going on and of our groups.

Home brew experience for Oliva U3A members Oliva U3A is offering an exciting Home brew Experience in the New Year. If you enjoy a good craft ale and ever wonder how brewers make them, now is your chance to learn! An expert will teach you to brew your own beer (including the theory and science) in the first session, and you’ll take away two bottles at the end of the second session after testing and bottling. The sessions will be two weeks apart (first session on Saturday, January 18, 2020; second session on Saturday, February 1 2020) and held in the brewer’s home in Oliva Town. Each day's event will last 5-6 hours, with lunch and drinks provided. You need to be available for both sessions. The total cost of €20 (payable to the brewer at the first session) covers both sessions, all the ingredients, bottles plus tapas and drinks. Space is limited to 8, so book now to avoid disappointment! If the experience is oversubscribed, additional sessions can be arranged -

and for different days of the week if there’s enough interest The Oliva U3A is also interested in setting up regular beer tasting sessions in bars within the local area...sound like a good reason for a night out to me! Please register your interest or for more information by emailing Angela at Angela_town@hotmail.co.uk This event is for U3A members only. For those no longer in full-time employment come and find out how the Oliva U3A likes to keeps its members physically and mentally active. If you are interested, email mickgoy1@ gmail.com or come and chat on Friday mornings with Angela or Sue from 11am in the Oliva Municipal Market or head to the webpage https://u3aoliva.wildapricot.org/ and click the ‘interested in joining’ link. Annual membership is just €10

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Surprise! Xmas presents

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Food 17

January 1, 2020 - N° 640

Six cookbooks to help you increase your veg intake for the New Year By Ella Walker, PA Here's some plant-based inspiration to get you through January. It's easy to get stuck in a rut with your vegetable choices peas with everything, carrot sticks at every opportunity, and avocado brunches on repeat. But between New Year health kicks and talk of 'veganuary', as well as guideline recommendations swerving from five portions of fruit and veg-a-day to a whopping 10, you can be forgiven for finding the veg aisle a bit stressful. So, to reinvigorate your culinary possibilities in regards to the green stuff, and get 2020 off to a positive - but still very tasty start - take a little inspiration from these plant heavy cookbooks... 1. Vegan (ish) by Jack Monroe Bluebird, available now Food writer and anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe has been prolific this year, releasing two cookbooks: first, the very clever Tin Can Cook, and the latest, Vegan(ish), featuring 100 plant-based recipes intent on helping you cut your food bills and your impact on the planet in one appetising swoop. The dishes are in Monroe's typically straightforward style,

and only use everyday ingredients you will helpfully find in almost any supermarket, meaning you won't have to resort to tracking down, say, pickled walnuts, on the internet. The Kinda-Carbonara sounds particularly enticing.

boiled and you're done) this 50-recipe haul provides stepby-step instructions and new ways to treat classic veg drawer favourites. Turn cucumber into sushi bites and sweet potato into homemade falafel balls - your taste buds will appreciate it.

2. Five Ingredient Vegan by Katie Beskow Quadrille, out now

4. 7 Day Vegan Challenge by Bettina Campolucci Bordi (Hardie Grant, now available)

Often a veggie meal can look unfinished without a slab of meat on the side, or chefs overcompensate and require you to buy eight different root vegetables and 11 types of lettuce leaves, plus nuts, seeds and two kinds of dairy to load on top - and all that just for a sharing salad. In this book, recipe developer and writer Katie Beskow strips veg-heavy vegan meals back to just five manageable ingredients (plus a few basic store-cupboard items), so you can settle down with a bowl of smoky Boston beans or tomato fritters on a weeknight, and not feel overwhelmed. 3. The Vegetarian Cookbook by DK out now For beginner cooks, and those used to just treating all their veg in a single way (i.e.

Just because January has now also been rebranded as 'veganuary', doesn't mean you have to unceremoniously ditch all animalproducts entirely, and immediately. But if you are looking to transform your home into a safe space for vegans a night or two a week, vegan chef Bettina Campolucci Bordi's latest offering - which shows how anyone, regardless of skill level or diet can be fully plant-based for seven days could you get you off to a good start. Guaranteed you won't miss beef when you're slicing into one of her turmeric spiked cauliflower steaks, bejewelled with pomegranate seeds. 5. Simply Good For You by Amelia Freer (Michael Joseph, available December 26) Not wholly vegetarian or exclusively vegan, Simply Good for You is instead focused on nutritious fare, whatever your dietary requirements. Nutritional therapist Freer has also slotted in numerous kitchen hacks to help you and your family save time and costs when it comes to planning what to have for dinner. Her 'bottom of the fridge' vegetable stew will be a total crowd-pleaser.

6. Vegetarian Meals in 30 minutes by Anita Bean , Bloomsbury Sport, available now) Tempted to up your exercise output next year, as well as your vegetable intake? If you've signed up for a 10k, or, wince, a marathon, what you put into your body is going to be increasingly important as your training progresses - and Anita Bean

is the woman to keep you well fed and motivated. The nutritionist and former body building champion knows how to utilise a vegetarian lifestyle to eke out the best in you sports-wise. Her new slew of 30-minute recipes are more fun than you might expect too - there's a blackberry and apple crumble in there, a Thai curry soup and a pre-workout mochasmoothie.

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Felicidades Aaron

Happy birthday George James on your 1st birthday. Lots of love Nan, Grandad & Mush xxxx

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Svetlana, all the best xxx from the family

Happy birthday from all the family xxxxxxx

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Your stars for next week


21 Mar - 20 Apr


21 Apr - 21 May


22 May - 21 Jun


22 June - 23 Jul

A bright start to the year should see you moving at top speed. Getting your resolutions and plans started is exciting and stirs your enthusiasm. If possible, as this week begins, pause long enough to make sure of your year ahead plan. As before, avoid negative people and attitudes. Relationships become closer if you decide to share more of your thoughts and dreams with loved ones.

After an extra busy time this week, you are given the chance to take stock. In the last year, have you managed to gain ground in your life? Maybe a couple of plans have gone astray? Gather thoughts and instincts and decide what, if anything, is worth trying again. Not being someone to give up easily is one of your talents. This will prove to be true in both business and love. Passion is your desire.

Although there is an exciting start to this week, it is not a fastmoving one. It could well be that there are some parts of your plans that seem out of kilter. A feeling of unease could be holding you back. Chatting to someone close about how you feel could throw up the answer. A romantic meeting seems to bring home to you how impractical it all is. Even so, there is a deep need within you.

What others may see as an unbearable burden, you are likely to see as a natural development. Finding others in the same situation may not have occurred to you. Doing so, however, can prove both a solution and a delight. Things always change in time and that time may not be right now. Your future seems clear enough but there is time to 'tweak' anything that you don't feel is right.





24 July - 23 Aug

24 Aug - 23 Sep

24 Sept - 23 Oct

24 Oct - 22 Nov

Aim to be more forward-thinking and full of vigour in the months ahead. This week starts with an announcement of your intentions, which are not changeable! Well, maybe you could be tempted to nibble away at the edges for the right person. Belief in yourself and your goals may not be shared by everyone, but with all that charm, you can easily persuade them that your way is right.

A sudden bout of success is great but should not be taken for granted. Make the most of any advantages given to you by long-term friends. That activity that pleased you so much last year is back again. Could it work this time or could you just be flogging a dead donkey? This is your gig and only you can decide. A practical decision is best.

You are being given permission to do what you want. Is this coming from home or work? Tread carefully either way. All may not be what it seems. An addition to your family circle may make you question your own path. Not everyone will agree with your decisions this week, but you need to be true to your word and instinct. A supportive partner is a great asset.

There are certain things you want to happen right now. As this New Year begins, show determination and enthusiasm. This is not a time to be low-key. Who is better equipped to sing your praises? Look for the opportunities and be ready to act. Sometimes it is necessary to shoot ahead of one of your relatives. This is not rude, just good business sense.





23 Nov - 21 Dec

A real sense of urgency hits you this week, as the New Year starts to bite. Keep an eye on work colleagues who may still be in the festive spirit! What happens socially should not be allowed to colour things at work. Others may be demanding when they have no right to be so. Why is that? Use your sense of humour to make light of any unacceptable comments.

22 Dec - 20 Jan

Continue to look to the future with determination and enthusiasm. There are many doom-mongers around who seem to thrive on misery. They have no place in your new, forward-thinking future! Be determined, also, to stay fit and healthy. When busy, this can take effort. Surely you realise by now, though, that you are truly worth it? Tell yourself and believe it.

21 Jan - 19 Feb

Not everything in the garden has been rosy recently, has it? Well, no need to dig up dirt when you can go looking for peace and harmony. Beauty and the creation of it should be your goal. This will give you a new lease of life. If you have no particular talents in this direction, then aim to encourage those who do. There is something of a sparkle to you that brings others to your side.

20 Feb - 20 Mar

As you notice the failings of others this week, spare a thought for your own frailties and weaknesses. Taking control of these makes you stronger and more resilient. Love and romance may have been thin on the ground recently but there is a spark rising. Maybe now that you know what you are looking for this particular path seems easier. Gather your courage and smile!

Girls' Talk 19

January 1, 2020 - N° 640

Winter warmers: Seven of the best puffer jackets for women By Katie Wright, PA These cool coats won't fail to keep you warm, says Katie Wright. If you're searching for a winter coat that will keep you from shivering when the mercury plummets, it doesn't get better than a puffer jacket. Not only are they incredibly well insulated, these quilted coats look so cool, having become the celebrity go-to for ski trips and Christmas getaways. A while back this wasn't the case, but now the padded jacket has returned from the fashion wilderness and become a cold weather staple. The trend has evolved, too, in large part thanks to outerwear specialists like Moncler, whose collaborations with fashion designers like Richard Quinn and Val-

entino's Pierpaolo Piccioli have resulted in some truly bonkers puffer pieces. In turn, high street designs have become increasingly creative - and while we're yet to see a floorlength down-filled cape debuted by a retailer, this season's coats are more exciting than ever. For starters, you've got touchable textures like velvet and corduroy taking over from standard synthetics fabrics. Then you have the skiwear inspired pieces in metallics and on-trend prints with fur trims. Fashion's continued obsession with streetwear can be seen with the longline and oversized puffers in muted hues, while asymmetric quilting gives short jackets a fresh feel.

Plus, now's a great time to buy because some endof-season discounting has already begun, so you can get more puff for your buck. Here are seven of the coolest women's puffer jackets on the high street... M&Co Herringbone Padded Jacket Miss Selfridge Khaki Jersey Hood Puffer Coat Kate MacMahon Navy Long Padded Coat, Debenhams Roman Silver Metallic Faux Fur Trim Padded Coat Tu at Sainsbury's Dark Red Velvet Padded Jacket, £38; Black High Waisted Skinny Jeans, (boots, stylist's own) Topshop Ecru Corduroy Puffer Jacket, River Island Grey Snake Print Belted Puffer Jacket

talk radio europe @TREtalkradio Apps for all platforms and frequency information at

www.tre.radio • 952 799 953

20 Mind and Body

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Festive season left you with indigestion? By Abi Jackson, PA

Make sure you keep a good upright posture while eating and drinking - you want to help your food and stomach acids move downwards! If heartburn is playing up, pay attention to your body positioning between mealtimes too. "Relaxation can help reduce heartburn but slumping on the sofa in a horizontal position isn't great," says Day. "Sit up, or at least try and raise your head and upper body, so it will be harder for stomach acid to travel upwards. If it's an ongoing problem, you can buy wedge-shaped pillows for your bed." Rob Hobson, head of nutrition at Healthspan (healthspan.co.uk), says sleeping position can make a difference too. "If you do go to bed suffering with heartburn, try sleeping on your left-hand side, as this works with gravity to move reflux back down into the gut," Hobson advises.

call if you want advice on easing symptoms. "There are several medicines you can buy without prescription that will help," says Day. "The most common are antacids, which neutralise excess stomach acid to stop it irritating the oesophagus. There are also medicines such as Gaviscon that form a raft on top of the stomach contents, which then lines the oesophagus to protect it." If you're interested in herbal remedies and supplements, Hobson says: "Supplements such as Healthspan GastriSoothe 24 sachets, Healthspan.co.uk) offer a natural remedy for heartburn, using ingredients such as aloe vera and bicarbonate of soda. Also, artichoke extract has been shown to help ease indigestion and bloating." Fresh mint tea, he adds, can be helpful for easing bloating and gas - but avoid this if you've got heartburn or acid reflux.

So, what can you do about it?

Over-the-counter formulas can bring relief

Tweak your habits to help curb the problem

Think about how you're sitting and lying down

Most of the time, a pharmacist is an ideal first port of

Here's how to handle it Heartburn, gas and an unhappy gut are common after the excesses of Christmas. Abi Jackson seeks some expert advice. With all that wine, chocolate and cheese, it's no surprise our systems might be feeling a little worse for wear by the end of the festive season. This might mean painful trapped wind, burning acid reflux and a less-than-happy gut for some of us. symptoms "Indigestion can include fullness, bloating, nausea, belching, or pain in the upper abdomen," explains Phil Day, superintendent pharmacist at Pharmacy2U (pharmacy2u.co.uk). "Heartburn can also be a symptom of indigestion: this is when stomach acid passes up into the oesophagus (gullet) and causes a burning sensation in the chest, hence the name. This process is also called 'acid reflux'."

"Heartburn can be minimised by limiting your alcohol intake, avoiding food within three to four hours of bedtime, eating smaller meals but more frequently, and keeping away from foods or drinks that you know will trigger you," says Day. Hobson agrees it's a good idea to consider what's on your plate. "Very rich and heavy foods contain high amounts of saturated fat, which take a long time to digest in the stomach. This can cause an excess of stomach acids which can exacerbate heartburn," he says. "Try opting for lighter dishes as well as chewing your food more slowly, which can help. Certain foods can also

help with digestion, such as eating papaya after a meal rich in protein, as the enzyme papain helps to break it down." Never ignore worrying chest pains Indigestion can sometimes be very sore and alarming, especially if you're experiencing pain in the chest area, and it's not unheard of for people to mistake a severe case of indigestion for a heart problem. But that said, the best advice is always to err on the side of caution and let the professionals check you over. If you're concerned about unusual, severe or worsening chest pains, don't take chances. And of course, if pain is spreading to other areas (arms, neck, jaw, back) and there's also breathlessness, cold sweat or dizziness, call 999 just in case. "If you experience abdominal or upper chest pain, it might be indigestion, but it might not be. If you have been eating rich food and drinking alcohol, there's a good chance it could be indigestion or heartburn," says Day. "But if you experience symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, feeling like you have food stuck in your throat, being sick, or if nonprescription medicines are not working, consider contacting your GP or calling 111 (the NHS 24-hour helpline) for more advice. The advisors at 111 can help you decide if you should

visit your local A&E department." See your GP if symptoms persist well into January or beyond Indigestion and heartburn may take a few days or weeks to settle, and it can be a chronic problem for some people. This doesn't automatically mean there's anything serious going on but as a general rule, you should see your GP if symptoms persist. "Indigestion and heartburn are usually temporary problems. However, if you experience them regularly - that is, on most days, for a period of three weeks or more - you should talk to your GP to rule out any other possible underlying causes," says Day. "If it is indigestion or heartburn, GPs can prescribe stronger medicines to control the excess acid. If not, or if the medicines don't help, the GP will recommend further tests to work out how best to help you." Think about giving your gut a reset.

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Gallstones Gallstones are small stones, usually made of cholesterol, that form in the gallbladder. In most cases, they do not cause any symptoms and do not need to be treated. Symptoms Gallstones often have no symptoms. But if a gallstone becomes trapped in an opening (duct) inside the gallbladder, it can trigger a sudden, intense pain in your abdomen that usually lasts between 1 and 5 hours. This type of abdominal pain is known as biliary colic. Some people with gallstones can also develop complications, such as inflammation of the gallbladder which is known as cholecystitis. This can cause: Persistent pain Yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice) High temperature When gallstones cause symptoms or complications, it's known as gallstone disease or cholelithiasis. What is the gallbladder? The gallbladder is a small

pouch-like organ found underneath the liver. Its main purpose is to store and concentrate bile. Bile is a liquid produced by the liver to help digest fats. It's passed from the liver into the gallbladder through a series of channels known as bile ducts. The bile is stored in the gallbladder and, over time, becomes more concentrated, which makes it better at digesting fats. The gallbladder releases bile into the digestive system when it's needed. What causes gallstones? Gallstones are thought to develop because of an imbalance in the chemical makeup of bile inside the gallbladder. In most cases the levels of cholesterol in bile become too high and the excess cholesterol forms into stones. Gallstones are very common. It's estimated more than 1 in every 10 adults in the UK has gallstones, although only a minority of people develop symptoms. You're more at risk of developing gallstones if you're: Overweight or obese

Female (particularly if you have had children) 40 or over as the risk increases as you get older Treating gallstones Treatment is usually only necessary if gallstones are causing: Symptoms, such as tummy pain Complications, such as jaundice or acute pancreatitis In these cases, keyhole surgery to remove the gallbladder may be recommended. This procedure, known as a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, is relatively simple to perform and has a low risk of complications. It's possible to lead a normal life without a gallbladder. Your liver will still produce bile to digest food, but the bile will drip continuously into the small intestine, rather than build up in the gallbladder. Outlook Gallstone disease is usually easily treated with surgery. Very severe cases can be life threatening, particularly in people who are already in poor health. But deaths from gallstone disease are rare.

Article supplied by Yvonne Evans, Co-Director Family Medical Centre, Albir. Call 96 686 5072 or email info@albirfamilymedicalcentre.com

22 Across the Pond

New Year's column Happy New Year, folks. It’s pretty hard to believe that it’s 2020 already. Do you realize it’s been 20 years since the Y2K event, the night when much of the world awaited likely Armageddon. (1) This is also a momentous day for me, I think. Depending on whether you belong to the camp that believes this is the last year of the second decade of the 21st century or the first year of the third, this is the end of my eighth decade on this earth or the beginning of my ninth.(2) Regardless, I am, God willing, going to be 80 years old in a couple of months. Like a lot of old codgers, I spend an inordinate amount of time reflecting on all the things I have witnessed during those years. But don’t worry; I’m not going to start reminiscing about party line telephones hung on the wall or baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and ‘57 Chevrolets although I could go on all day about that kind of stuff. But not today; instead, I want to talk a bit about traditions and how they have changed over the years. I first brought this topic up 7 or 8 years ago and used a movie called ‘Fiddler on the roof’ to segue seamlessly into the topic at hand and I guess I can do it again today. I don’t remember when I first saw the movie; it was produced in 1971 so I’m guessing it was about that time. It was a musical billed as a comedy/drama but there was little comedy in it. For any of you who might not know the story, it is about an early 20th century Russian Jewish family whose lives are torn apart by the Russian Revolution and the persecution that followed. The lead character, a fellow named Tevye the Milkman, tries desperately to hold on to his Jewish traditions as outside influences encroach upon his family’s lives and all the while he is coping by managing to find a silver lining in disruptive events as his 4 daughters find non-traditional ways to make their way in a changing world. Although we are not, like Tevye, going through a revolution in the strict sense of the word, the last decade has still seen a lot of changes to our traditions with Government policies that the founding fathers, in their wildest dreams, could not have imagined. (3) Our lawmakers , various government agencies, SCOTUS rulings and other lower court decisions have introduced many newly found ‘freedoms’ into the mainstream of our lives, pleasing some segments of our society, displeasing others and just leaving many of us with our heads spinning. Before I go any further, I should tell you that I am one of those folks in the latter category. In the last few years, my head has made more trips around my neck than Carter has Liver pills. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not a liberal or a conservative. (4) The only label that can be attached to me is that of pro-life advocate. I am not a bigot, a racist, a homophobe, a religious fanatic, a gun control libtard or any other of the labels that have become popular on the evening news and in the various social media. If anything, right now I feel like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike. If you could peek behind the picture at the top of this column, you would find an elderly, slightly overweight, sensible guy who loves his country but is bewildered by the speed at which changes that may or may not be

good for our society are taking place. Which brings me back to Tevye. A few years back, Susie and I were in Seattle and were given tickets by A regular column our son to see a by Gordon Grindstaff live theatre production of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’. I have watched the movie version a couple of times but I never really thought much about the connection to the title of the play. But then, as I sat there in an almost darkened Seattle theatre waiting on the play to start, I thumbed through the program, struggling to read in the dim light and this sentence jumped out at me: “The character of the Fiddler represents the same metaphor expounded by Tevye; that our lives can be as shaky as the Fiddler on the roof and tradition allows us to keep our balance.” Later, I looked on the internet for further explanation and found this: “The character of the Fiddler is a metaphor for survival through tradition in a time of uncertainty in our lives.” I now understood the meaning of the title and what’s more, I suddenly realized that there is another side of the coin to the changes in our country and that is the destruction of our traditions in favor of something else. Tradition is one of the cornerstones of our society and for better or worse, the conservative part of traditions are being assaulted from all corners in the name of freedom and equality and I worry that when they have all been reduced to a heap of rubble, what will we use to keep our hedonism in check. Sorry folks, we can’t all just go on doing whatever feels good; the moose out front should’ve told you that. There has to be some boundaries, otherwise our society is going to crumble. It worries me, folks. For the past few years and even yet today, I feel like I’m watching another version of Tevye the Milkman struggling to save his traditions and I doubt that he is going to find very few silver linings along the way. All we can do, I’m afraid, is hope that the Fiddler doesn’t fall off the Roof. G2 notes: 1: I’m not a hundred percent sure of that 20 years number. It might be 21; then again it might be 19. I tried doing the math but I ran out of fingers. Incidentally, I tried explaining Y2K to my granddaughter and got a slight shaking of her head along with that look that teenagers give you when you ask them to explain what an Instagram is. 2: That’s a lot of math to take in on a holiday so I am not going to spend a lot of time thinking about it .I was born in 1940. You figure it out. If you do, you can find me at gordongrindstaff@yahoo.com 3: Bear with me here. I. am trying not to make this just another soapbox rant, I just want to have a conversation, one-sided though it may be. 4: I consider myself an Independent but maybe I tend to be a bit conservative because the scrubbing of Kate Smith’s legacy from American History this past April really upset me and still does..

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On the box The Greatest Dancer (BBC1, 7pm) Saturday, 4/1/2020 Alesha Dixon and Jordan Banjo return to host the second series of the dancing contest, with performers from a variety of styles competing to impress the viewing public and win a chance to showcase their skills on Strictly Come Dancing. All of the captains from the first season one are back - singer Cheryl, Glee star Matthew Morrison and Strictly favourite Oti Mabuse. Plus, there's a new addition in the shape of Todrick Hall, who has choreographed music videos for superstars including Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Tonight, the competition kicks off with the auditions, and the performers need to impress the studio audience for the chance to progress to the next round. In a new twist, one dance captain will be able to pick an act and take them straight through to the live shows.

Dancing on Ice (ITV, 6pm) Sunday, 5/1/2020 We got our first good look at the class of 2019 in the Christmas launch show, which followed the celebs as they were paired up with their professional partners. But how accurate were our first impressions? We're about to find out as the competition begins in earnest and we get to see how much the stars have improved (or not, as the case may be) since their first tentative steps on to the ice. Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean will be giving us the professionals' view as they're joined on judging panel by Ashley Banjo and new recruit John Barrowman. Diversity's Perri Kiely has emerged as an early favourite (and not just because he was in a dance troupe with one of the judges), but will we see any surprises as six couples compete tonight?

Midsomer Murders (ITV, 8.30pm) Monday, 6/1/2020 Neil Dudgeon and Nick Hendrix are back for another edition of the long-running and much-loved crime drama. As DCI John Barnaby and DS Jamie Winter, they have dealt with some extraordinary murders over the years, and the latest is pretty weird too. It begins in an ordinary way, with Barnaby reluctantly attending the marriage of his wife Sarah's friend's son. However, the bride, Laurel, never shows up because she's been squeezed to death by her own wedding dress corset. There, we told you it was odd. Laurel had plenty of enemies - she was a controversial radio talk show host who often rubbed people up the wrong way - so there are plenty of suspects. Among them are Barnaby's fellow guests, callers, listeners and even an ex with a grudge. Could one of them be responsible, or is the dogged detective barking up the wrong tree? Kelly Brook, Nick Hancock and Gabrielle Glaister guest star.

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New year celebrations... Why do we do what we do? Hangovers, time zones, and Julius Caesar not being very good at maths. Luke RixStanding ponders the history of NYE. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more universal, and yet more unique holiday than New Year's Eve. The years tick by independently of culture or creed - but without the religious significance of, for example, Christmas, or the political importance of, say, American Independence Day, it's difficult to place New Year in the calendar canon. A celebration of time itself more than anything else, here's a brief history of New Year's Eve, how we observe it, and why... A brief history of January We're not trying to rain on the parade, but New Year's Eve is a completely arbitrary holiday. The terrestrial year maps the amount of time it takes Earth to orbit the sun, but there is no reason besides tradition for January 1 being a beginning, or December 31 being an end. Julius Caesar was the first person to adopt these days. Previously the Roman calendar tried - and generally failed - to follow the lunar cycle, constantly falling out of sync with the seasons and celebrating the new year at the equinox in March. With the help of an Alexandrian mathematician, Caesar adopted the much more logical solar cycle, with leap years and the familiar January start. The new calendar debuted in 45 BC, but there was one small, if increasingly significant problem. The pair had miscalculated, measuring the solar cycle at 365.25 days not

365.242199 - an error of 11 minutes per year. By the year 1000 the Julian New Year was on January 7, and in 2020 it will be on January 13. Inevitably, it took onlookers some time to clock the error, and it wasn't until the 1570s that the Roman Catholic Church decided something must be done. In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII baptised the Gregorian Calendar, the system we use to this day. New Year's Day had by now been January 1 for more than oneand-a-half millennia - this way, it stayed January 1. Most countries have now adopted the Gregorian scheme (though Russia only did so in 1918, and Turkey in 1927), but the world's collage of calendars are still without conformity. Chinese New Year stands out among the outliers - 1.4 billion people for whom the bell drops on February 5 while the Islamic Calendar celebrates on August 20. A time for time travel (sort of) In an age of global media, the strangeness of the New Year

spectacle is pretty easy to see. Consider an American NYE telecast: At 05:00 GMT it's 'Happy New Year Connecticut', an hour later it's 'Happy New Year Illinois', another hour and it's 'Happy New Year Colorado', and then it's a full three hours until 'Happy New Year Hawaii'. In fact, given the relaxed pace at which time sweeps round the globe, and the various time zones and half-time zones different countries use, an individual with a speedy private plane could theoretically enjoy NYE 30-odd times. If you don't fancy a constant race against midnight, you could go the other direction, and hop across the international date line. This is a daily reality for residents of the Diomede Islands, two small atolls in the Bering Strait only two-and-a-half miles apart. Owned respectively by Russia and the US, Big Diomede is nearly an entire day ahead of little Diomede, meaning that residents on both islands quite literally gaze into tomorrow, or yesterday. Last year even saw a jet company cash in on the date

line's peculiarities, offering a package tour taking passengers from the New Year festivities in Sydney to the belldropping ceremony in Honolulu, 21 hours later. Curious customs Enough mind-bending, because New Year's Eve is really about three things: fireworks, alcohol, and making single people feel bad. New Year has always been synonymous with partying, and the earliest known New Year's ceremony - the 4,000 year old Mesopotamian festival of Akitu - was marked with 11 days of celebration and orgiastic ritual. New Year's resolutions go back almost as far - the Babylonians brought in the new year by apologising to the Gods, and promising to do better in the months to come. The most famous New Year party is the Times

Square 'ball drop', but we'd guess many Americans don't realise the tradition started as a celebration of Manhattan-based newspaper the New York Times. When the Times' new HQ opened at the square on December 31, 1904, the paper hosted a fireworks display, but after embers began to fall on the crowd a staff electrician replaced the pyrotechnics with the pendulous object we see today. Now a seasonal mainstay, it's not the only thing dropping - to the horror of NYC street cleaners, midnight is annually accompanied by 2,000lbs of confetti. One of our only truly global holidays, New Year's Eve has a unique scope for local twists, and some of these regional rituals are just plain weird. In Estonia revellers strive for a 'lucky' number of meals (seven, nine, or 12), in Spain they eat 12 grapes, one for each stroke of midnight, and in Italy citizens court good fortune by wearing red underwear. Our favourite tradition of all was penned by Robert Burns in 1788, and still cuts through the glitz and glam on both sides of the Atlantic. Nostalgic Scottish folk song Auld Lang Syne (literally "for times gone by") is still sung at Hogmanay celebrations and bell drops across the English-speaking world, and captures the spirit of reflection that the year's end could, and perhaps should entail.

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26 Make certain tapeworms leave redesigned Weston-super-mare (6) 27 Unnecessary in needles sharing (8) Down 1 His Excellency's religious education ends Embassy dissent (6) 2 Doctor Hampshire did not include her accident (6) 3 Bicycle seat is odd seat, dads lied (6) 4 Restriction found in faulty NHS copiers (10) 6 With academy of French Queen, you hear a Tory leader note enough (8) 7 To begin with I read revelation in Times' article named the nuisance (8) 8 Torn, battered Bible swapped for summer shirt (8) 13 Sacred journey for a mad girl magpie (10) 15 Over old boy, station could start the French blockage (8) 16 ? 17 Spanish river inside, infer secondary (8) 19 Frenzied cheat, editor admits (6) 20 No old collapsed coalfield is too easy (6) 21 Coming up, envelopes versus neck and neck Complete the puzzle using the Cryptic or Regular clues ballot (6) the answers are the same. Cryptic clues : Across Down Regular clues 1 Nostalgic Kim chose confusion (8) 1 Sacrilege (6) 5 To begin with Richard acted cautiously in silencingtrou- Across 2 Misfortune (6) 1 Nostalgic (8) bled bigot (6) 3 Lumber (6) 5 Xenophobic (6) 9 Occupant inserted in ruins (8) 4 Restriction (10) 9 Tenant (8) 10 Reading, for example, about Tory leader's shame (6) 6 Sufficient (8) 10 Be sorry (6) 11 Found in coastal lion's mount (8) 7 Nuisance (8) 11 Horse (8) 12 Stand in a kind of square, the French faint (6) 8 Ragged (8) 12 Understated (6) 14 Support topless, broken down space stations (10) 13 Holy expedition 14 Aid (10) 18 Property from Glen Gibson perhaps (10) (10) 18 Possessions (10) 22 Waver first the entire evening's terrible entertainment 22 Totter (6) 15 Obstruction (8) roster (6) 16 Naive (8) 23 Release (8) 23 Long Island's British ruler ate free (8) 17 Lower (8) 24 Imbecile (6) 19 Frenzied (6) 24 Simple credit and French at home (6) 25 Skippers (8) 20 Superficial (6) 25 Team leaders without trip, participants are all at sea (8) 26 Guarantee (6)

27 Unnecessary (8)

21 Survey (6)

Spanish-English crossword

Improve your vocabulary with our Spanish/English crossword. The clues are in Spanish and the answers are in English. Across 1 Escritorios (5) 4 Mendigo (6) 9 Español (7) 10 Asado (5) 11 Oxidación (4) 12 Nadador (7) 13 Gato (3) 14 También (4) 16 Dolorido (4) 18 Hormiga (3) 20 Rayas (7) 21 Pies (4) 24 Vivo (5) 25 Ejemplo (7) 26 Platos (6) 27 Egipto (5)

Down 1 Desierto (6) 2 Asientos (5) 3 Buque (4) 5 El más temprano (8) 6 Gramática (7) 7 Vuelta (6) 8 Fantasma (5) 13 Completo (8) 15 Camiones (7) 17 Isla (6) 18 Cenizas (5) 19 Calle (6) 22 Vacío (5) 23 Jaula (4)

January 1, 2020 - N° 640

Puzzles 25

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Animal Antics 27

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Beautiful, friendly FREYA is 10 months old and desperate to give her love to someone. Raised from a tiny kitten found on the streets, she is a very loving little girl. She is fully vaccinated and neutered and waiting to become someone's best friend. To meet Freya and all the other APAH cats and kittens, please call 630 422 563 or 616 210 850.

A.R.C. Jalón Valley JACKSON – is 5 months old, originally found dumped at the Ecopark with his brother, he is now a fit and lively cat that would really benefit from having his own family. He has been neutered. No adoption fee but a donation is much appreciated. Also, many other dogs, cats and kittens needing homes. Food and donations also urgently needed and can be left at ARC’s charity shop on Carrer Valencia 1, Jalon between 10am and 1pm Monday to

APAD Saturday. Contact Sally by email on jalonvalleyarc14@ yahoo.co.uk. Facebook – Jalon Valley ARC Charity Reg No CV-01054107-A.

AKIRA Animal Shelter

Denia Cat Protection League

LADY. This lovely, gentle girl is a year old, spayed, vaccinated, chipped and tests negative for Mediterranean diseases. Lady is good on the lead and gets on well with dogs but not bitches. She has a calm temperament and is car trained.

Lady can be adopted or fostered and Akira pays all expenses for their foster dogs. Please phone 657 689 567 or email akirashelter@aol. com, or come up to the shelter to see her. We are open every day from 10am. to 3pm.

Aldea Felina- http://www.aldeafelina.es Many loving, playful and cuddly cats are at the shelter. Like the cute little ALICE here. Most have gone through their health checks and are ready for adoption. They urgently need a real home and are looking forward to your visit. For adopting Alice or any of our other cats, the shelter is open every Sunday 10am to 12pm or please call Luisa for an appointment 648 100 629.

FLOR is a beautiful and sensitive Am staff mix. She was found running around aimlessly in the streets of Denia. Unfortunately, it seems that Flor must have had some bad experience. The first days she was insecure and afraid. But little by little she is gaining confidence again and her broken soul is being rebuilt. Flor loves her caregivers very much, she loves going for a walk and enjoys their cuddles. Contact: Tel. 966 427 678, info@apad-apad.org, www.apad-apad.org


PETRA is a stunning chocolate Podenco, she is 1yr old, passported, chipped and sterilised. Petra is good with other dogs but nervous of people and children, some TLC and patience will help her overcome this. Phone 650 304 746 or email p.e.p.a.spain@gmail.com

K9 Club

Benidorm Animal Shelter – SPAP

APASA DOTTIE, D.O.B. May 2019. can you give her a home. She is very clean, litter trained, she is ideal for an apartment etc, Dottie is fine with other cats she has been treated for flees, she is a real cutie, please call 610 832 726 or email k9clubinfo@gmail.com

ZETA, female, Shelter since 07.06.2014 Crossbreed, DOB 01.04.2014 – 60 cm Zeta came to APASA as a puppy together with two siblings. She grew up here in the shelter and got well integrated into the daily life here. She is

used to living in a group of dogs but she of course does not know much of the life outside the APASA world but we are sure she would learn very quickly and adapt to her new environment. Call APASA on 966 463 976

This is MISHA. She is around one-year old and very, very scared. Brought to the shelter with her sister whogot adopted within a week. We need to find a stress free, peaceful, loving and caring home where she can start trusting people again. Please call Maria Teresa on 677 373 396 or 96 585 62 68 or see the website at www.spapbenidorm.com

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Plumbing & electric installations



Replace missing or broken tiles using underwater cement or concrete repair. 5 year guarantee. Replace lights, grate &leaks without draining your pool


Vicente 622 696 373 www.workinpools.com

Painters HILLIER’S PAINTERS & Decorators. Covering the Costa Blanca & inland, 35yrs established. www.hillierpaintersanddecorators. com Tel: 644 355 137 Facebook HillierPaintersCostaBlanca

Sat & TV 100% PLUMBING. FOR heating, aircon, gas, solar, bathroom refurb. 16 years operating on the costa blanca. www.100percent plumbing.com 965 835 939

Construction & Reforms BUILDING / REMODELING, Underbuilds. Work guaranteed. We beat most quotes Andy 697 834 934 Email: namjones@hotmail.com 100% CONSTRUCTIONS, new builds and reforms. 16 years operating on the costa blanca. www.100percentplumbing.com 965 835 939.

Alarms ALARM - CCTV Instal., Maintenance, Repairs ✆ 600 993 667

Locksmiths LOCKSMITH 24hr v 607 493 118, Torrevieja & surrounding areas

Doors & windows

Gardening SPECIALIST TREE CUTTING & trimming palm/pine tree + dangerous work. Gravel work & Garden cleaning also weekly maintenance. Free quote. Good rates Call Adrian 627 103 412 PROFESSIONAL TREE CARE. Palm cleaning and treating/pine trees. Overgrown gardens. Quick with quality service. Plastic & gravel work. Economical prices. Free Quote. Call Alexander 642 548 724 PROFESSIONAL GARDENER: Garden maintenance and design. Pruning of fruit trees, pines and palm trees. Pest control. Fery v 643 474 877

SATELLITE SYSTEM REPAIR service, dish alignment, upgrades, installations. All problems solved. 965 666 206

Property services INSULATE YOUR HOME and save on your energybills. Keep your home warm in winter, cooler in the summer Aprox 90% of properties built in the last 40 years have cavity walls that are ideal to insulate. We also do floors & ceilings. To arrange a survey and no obligation quote call 626 997 748 www.ecoconfort.es STRUCTURAL SURVEYS Mark Paddon BSc Hons Building Surveying. MCIOB. Buyer's reports and defects assessment from €195 + IVA. Tel 962 807 247 or 653 733 066 Free initial phone advice www.costablancasurveyors.com FLOOR POLISHING. PROFESSIONAL tradesman. All granite & marble types. All areas. Free Quote. Tel. 627 103 412 WHITE GOODS REPAIRS also Gas boilers and small electrical problems. Tel 604 273 387 Denia to Torrievjea AWNINGS, MOSQUITO NETS, roller shutter, conservatories. BC Toldos from Oliva to Altea and Jalon Valley. On the coast since 1998. Tel. 630 472 605 Email: bc-toldos@hotmail.com AWNINGS, MOSQUITO blinds, roller shutter repairs, motorisation. Calpe + 50kms. Tel. 659 464 992. Email. info@toldosalchemy.com COMPLETE PEST CONTROL. Denia to Torrevieja Tel 604 270 676

Animal world ACCOMPANY YOUR PET(S) whilst they are driven in comfort to any destination in Europe by an experienced animal carer/driver. Contact Denise. info@petchauffeur .eu or Tel 952 197 187 696 233 848 www.petchauffeur.eu SPAMA GANDIA SHELTER Dog and cat rescue registered charity, La Safor area. 500 animals awaiting rehoming. Visit our website www.spa ma.org and view our new blog atwww.spama-safor.blog.com.es PLEASE HELP US TO HELP THEM! THE EASIEST WAY to get your classifieds in The Post is to e-mail the text to info@cbnews.es HOUSE/PET SITTING .Your house or mine. References 637 160 545 TRANS-PET PROFESSIONAL door 2 door pet transport. Fully equipped vehicle. Open plan with 2 carers. DEFRA & WIT authorised & plated. Kennels & Cattery. www.trans-pet.co.uk ES 600 552 030 or UK 07801 272 162 CHANCE FOR ANIMALS: protection needs your help for general maintenance, walking our dogs. As we have to leave the house, we are desp. looking for people, who adopt our rescued dogs! Food welcome!! German braco, and lots more! 15 small puppies for adoption! Crevillente v 610 687 421 or visit us on: www.facebook.com/Su Cuatropatas

Trading Post 29

January 1, 2020 - N° 640 P.E.P.A. (THE HELPING Hands Charity for Animals) Needs Help! By fostering an abandoned dog or spending a few hours each week on our telephone helpline You could help save the lives of many animals. Please telephone: 650 304 746 or 96 283 3325 For more information and to view our animals please browse our website: www.pepaspain.com

Animal world

COSTA BLANCA DOG transport. The comfort of your pet is our priority. Excellent rates and Defra run. www.costablancadoghom ing.com Tel 675 485 613 DOG HOTEL - your dog in best hands in a family home when you´re away. Fone Terry near ONDARA 628870330


PLEASE ADOPT A kitten Pluto protectora animales takes care of orphaned and abandoned kittens. After spending a few weeks or months with foster parents, we try placing them in permanent homes. You can choose from many different colours and markings. All are dewormed; also vaccinated for rabies and micro-chipped if older than 3 months. Please call Angelika: 693 704 255 (mobile) or find out more on our website: pluto -protectora-animales-en.org IF THERE IS anyone looking for a puppy or a dog that is in desperate need of a new home please contact the facebook site " costa blanca dog homing" We are always in desperate need of foster homes, short and long term, and if anyone can offer this please call 965 698 052

SMALL BOAT for sale, can be usable for waterski 626 245 098

THE EASIEST WAY to get your classifieds in The Post is to e-mail the text to: info@cbnews.es

Airport services

CAMPING & BUNGALOWS LOS LLANOS, Denia. The best on the beach. Your paradise. Plots and bungalows at good prices. 649 455 158 www.losllanos.net

ALICANTE AIRPORT TRANSFER & Locksmith services available from Rojales, Ciudad Quesada, Urb. La Marina and Guardamar. Call Peter on 655 527 168 or email: peter.service.casa@gmail.com


JAGUAR XJS 4.0, year 1994, English plates, leather seats. In good condition. Torrevieja. Price 6,900€ 654 431 706 WANT TO DRIVE your LHD car to the UK & sell it when you get there? Call 658 670 777 or UK 07874 223 456

Lawyers & Solicitors

BOBBY is an 8 year old small crossbreed. Fully vaccinated, microchipped with passport castrated and blood tested. SAT kennels . 966 710 047 - info@satanimalrescue.com

Caravans, Mobile homes, Motorhomes

WANTED MOTOR CYCLES 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. All makes, models. All conditions, runners, non runners. Cash paid. Call Jon 079731 45503 Calpe

Nautical & accessories INTERNATIONAL SKIPPER licence, radio and radar courses, starting shortly +34 626 245 098

Removals & transport MAN & VAN for hire, cheap and reliable. Jalon Valley & surrounding area. 636 100 873 or 966 480 757 WWW.WAY2GOHIRE.COM One way van hire, UK-Spain-UK, Pets welcome, drivers available. See our front page ad every week in The Post. Call 965 794 682

S R US CAAlR l cars wanted

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Els Poblets

Avd a . Pa ís Va le n c ià , 1-2, Lo c . 1, Mo n . - Th u r s. 9a m - 4p m , Fr I. 9a m - 2p m

Te l. 9 0 2 7 0 2 0 1 0 ,


Fa x : 9 6 5 7 3 3 0 0 3 ,



Pd a . Ba r r a n q u e t s, C/ 29. Mo n .-Fr i. 9a m - 6p m / Sa t . 9a m - 1p m

sm a lla d s@c b n e w s.e s


FIN ESTRAT: C/ Alic a n t e 39, Po l. In d . La Ca la ,


Mo n .-Th u r s. 10a m - 3p m , Fr i. 10a m - 1p m

Te l. 9 0 2 7 0 2 4 0 0 ,

Moraira Calp




BEN IJÓ FAR: C/Vic e n t e Bla sc o Ib á ñ e z, 36


Fa x : 9 6 6 7 1 2 1 7 0 ,


BRITISH SUPERMARKET in Ar e n a l d e Já ve a , Ce n t r o Co m e r c ia l Ar e n a l, Lo c a l D. Avd a d e l Pla , 126

Mo n .-Th u r s. 9a m - 4p m , Fr i. 9 a m - 3 p m


in f o -t @c b n e w s.e s



Pa t r ic io Fe r r á n d iz, 40. Mo n .-Fr i. 8.30a m - 2p m a n d 5p m - 7p m

Fa x : 9 6 6 8 3 0 4 5 3 ,

sm a lla d s@c b n e w s.e s

Te l. 9 0 2 7 0 2 4 0 2 ,


JALÓ N : C/ Ra m b la Ju a n Ma t e o , 26,


Ca lle Le p a n t o 8, Mo n .-Sa t . 9.30a m - 1.30p m

Mo n .-Fr i. 9a m -1.30p m

Te l. 9 0 2 7 0 2 4 0 2 ,

Fa x : 9 6 5 7 1 5 7 5 9 ,


in f o -t @c b n e w s.e s


N332, Pa r t id a Pla n e t 172


J a ys of J a l on



San Fulgencio


Santa Pola


Avd a . d e lo s Fu e r o s, 2 (Lo c a l 12) Ma r Bá lt ic o 8, Se c t o r VIII, lo c a l 9 (b e h in d LIDL a n d e r N-332), Mo n .-Fr i. 9.30a m - 2p m , 4p m -6p m , Sa t . 10a m -1p m

Guardamar del Segura


August 15, 2018 - No 568, www.thepost.es

Benijófar Torrevieja


Orihuela-Costa San Javier

O RIHUELA-CO STA: Fire out Your English TOURS la ngua ge newspa per at lastFALKEN La Ze n ia , o p p o sit e De u t sc h e Ba n k, www.co sta -n e ws.co m www.th e p o st.e s An estimated 50,000 people attended the traditional Castell de l´Olla firework display in Altea last Saturday night, marking the end of the San Lorenzo fiesta. La Olla beach was packed, with many arriving in the early evening to secure a good vantage point. For the first time ever, regional president Ximo Puig and regional justice councillor Gabriela Bravo came to watch this spectacular annual event, observing the 25-minute extravaganza from the comfort of the 5-star Villa Gadea hotel. The very first such display took place in 1987 and each subsequent year gets more creative, with a symphony of colours, shapes and sounds to the delight of spectators. Next year they will take place on Saturday, August 10.

After seven days of intense fire-fighting, the regional emergency service finally declared the worst forest fire in the region in six years 'extinguished' on Sunday evening. At 20.00, the Valencian fire service made the statement after the forest blaze had destroyed 3,270 hectares of forestland since last Monday in six towns (Gandía, Llutxent, Pinet, Ador, Barx and Quatretondenta). Over the seven-day hell, 2,600 people had to be evacuated and 40 homes were completely destroyed. The blaze began when a bolt of lightning struck a tree

Desolate image of Llutxent hills after the blaze

in the area. The high temperatures and strong wind saw the flames spread rapidly and firemen faced a most difficult task as the areas include several mountains with no access by road. Tanker planes and helicopters were vital in the extinction, however, little could be done at night. It was the largest forest fire in the region since September 2012, when over 5,000 hectares burnt in Chulilla (Valencia). Despite the Gandia blaze, 2018 is still the year with the lowest forest fire rate in Spain in the past decade.

Avd a . d e la Pla ya , Ed if . Ma d r id , 5, Mo n .-Fr i. 9.30a m -2p m , 4p m -6p m , Sa t . 10a m -1p m

30 Trading Post Beauty & Wellness

January 1, 2020 - N° 640

Adult relax

SANCT BERNHARD Denia. Offers inc. CoEnzym Q10 for a strong heart. 60 caps €18 or buy 3+ for €16.80 each. 965 780 425

SEXY MATURE ENGLISH Blond“ 15mins Alicante Airport. Overnight stays possible. Ring Karen (0034) 662 049 021

SANCT BERNHARD Albir. Offers inc. Spiruline 1350 for essential nutrients. 1350 tablets, 5 month supply, €29.95 966 864 171

ELEGANT SLIM sexy naughty Lady Sophie, speaks 3 languages, priv. apartm. (in/out calls), escort service in ALL AREAS!! 693 357 526

SANCT BERNHARD Costa Blanca. Offers inc. Cod Liver Oil for a healthy bone structure. 200 caps €10.90 or buy 3+ for €9.95 each. 965 780 425

BLACK DOMINA, very cruel, toys, harness. Outings 667 018 650(sms). Torrevieja centre, 24 hrs by appointment

Health CHIROPODIST/PODIATRIST, Philip Mann, clinics in Moraira, Javea, Calpe and Albir. Tel. 686 912 307

Visit our website www.thepost.es SANCT BERNHARD Benidorm. Offers inc. Pumpkin Seed Oil for a healthy prostrate and bladder.130 caps €7.95 or 400 caps €19.95. 965 858 663 SANCT BERNHARD Moraira. Offers inc. Green-Lipped Mussel for healthy joints. 150 caps €12.50 or buy 3+ for €11 each 966 491 573

TORREVIEJA THAI LADYBOY, Jasmin, 30 yrs., 24 hrs. With beautiful breasts, good English spoken. Private apartment, easy parking. Professional erotic massage. +34 634 162 388 TORREVIEJA LUNA mulata great body, attention to couples, by appointment, outings, 24hrs. 691 128 099 whatsapp - msm THE EASIEST WAY to get classifieds in The Post is to e-mail the text to: info@cbnews.es VIAGRA / SILDENAFIL - 150 mg. CIALIS / Tadalafil - 40 mg. Pack of 10 pills for 22 Euros. Free delivery in Spain. gadgetman3b53@gmail.com. CALPE BLONDE, SEXY hot nordic girl massage Nice time Kisses. Tel 631 817 122

ALBIR, OPP. BBVA bank Polish pretty lady, breasted, relaxing massage, excellent attention 611 251 964 SPANISH LADY, 37, Playa Flamenca Urb Zenia Mar by the new carrefour 5 min Torrevieja, sensual massage. Discreet. Private house parking Call Ana 657 603 495 MALE/FEMALE VIAGRA, cialis, Kamagra jellies. Available mail order, viagra4you19@gmail.com, Tel: 604 385 476. JÁVEA - MORAIRA - CALPE, Massage +++ new girls !!! 661 034 261 TORREVIEJA DIANA mulata, athletic body, great bottom, kisses, massage, by appointment, outings, 24hrs 681 664 930 LUNA BRAZILIAN 32 yrs, sculptural body. The best attention, fantasies house77 La Zenia 672 872 050 ALTEA -BENIDORM. New sexy sweet ladies!! Erotic massage and sexual wellbeing 651 948 217

BENIDORM: SEXY NURSE, excellent body massage including happy ending. Hour 50€, Above Restaurant Tony Roma’s, Avda. del Mediterraneo 28 646 667 604 TORREVIEJA SHEMALE Yaiza 28 yrs. Very sexy, hot & horny. All services, erotic massage & more. Home & hotel outings. 24hrs 671 074 695 - www.pasion.com TORREVIEJA SHIRLEY. Tanned beauty, 34 yrs, great figure, breasted, sweet face, discretion. Only by appointment 655 677 738 NR CALPE MATURE curvy nudist for body positive naked massage Tel/whatsapp 658 398 264

CASIA CHARMING CHEEKY naughty 40yr in Denia only appointments. English & German speaking Tel. 634 057 016 PRIVATE SEXY German lady, 47, blonde, very busty, for you in Torrevieja, Call 602 451 257 English spoken ELOISA CURVY body, busty qualified masseuse, oriental technics retarding pleasure- promotional prices. Close to Zenia Boulevard 671 185 543 ALMORADI SAMANTHA exotic dark girl from Brazil with curly hair to her waist. All your fantasies no rush. Outings 625 596 261

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PATRICIA 36, Columbian, busty, not taboos, no limits, last 643 045 week. 15 Turquesa St. 558 www.sensualspain.net

TORREVIEJA Pamela mulata from Colombia, attention to couples, busty. By appointment 698 258 097

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VALERIA IN DÉNIA, clean and discreet, erotic massage, relaxing, sex, outings and much more, call 686 094 328

Trading Post 31

January 1, 2020 - N° 640

Friendship ARE YOU A NICE LADY, lonely for loving and passion, like me!! Would you like me, a nice caring attractive gentleman to visit you discretely during the week at your home for nice loving attentive times together and become loving, friends. I promise total discression and can help with expenses. Please text me on 683 142 216, and we will make each other happy. Calpe to Denia and areas.

WE BUY LUXURY WATCHES For Cash! Rolex, Cartier, Omega, A/P, Hublot etc. Instant Cash Payment! Tel: 658 670 777. Or email: john@ukspecialistwatches.co.uk

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WE ARE LOOKING for inland fincas, villas, apartments for awaiting clients, Costa Blanca area for sale or lets. Legalisations can be carried out by our architectural office. Your reliable company on the Costa Blanca! www.costaimmobilien.com V 0034650 873 669

Computers COMPURED COMPUTERS your reliable IT professional in Orihuela Costa. Sale and repair of computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and much more. We also offer mobile internet, printers & supplies, websites, domains & web hosting - you name it, we have it! Conveniently located on the N-332 between Cabo Roig and La Zenia roundabouts. 966 761 647 for more information or house calls, or visit: www.spaincomputers.com

General CORONA AWNINGS, BLINDS and carpets has been providing shade on the Costa Blanca for over 20 years. We install all types of blinds and interior blinds. Visit our showroom or call Nick for a no obligation quote. We are on the N332 Alfaz near McDonalds. Phone on 966 865 753 or 658 990 719 SANCT BERNHARD Costa Blanca. Offers inc. Omega 3-6-9 for a cholesterol and joint-conscious diet. 180 caps €9.60 or buy 3+ for €9.00 each. 965 780 425

BRAND NEW SKECHERS Black trainers. Size 36 Never worn. Normal price is approx €80 so bargain. Still in box. 50€ Great for somebody's Christmas present. Can meet up near Finestrat shopping centre, Alfaz, Albir, Benidorm or La Nucía. Call 620 182 541.

Business opportunities KENNELS, CATTERY, FINCA, Paddock, Stables for sale. 25000 sq meters, Good life style. Profitable, Licenced. Finestrat Area. Owners Retiring after 20 years. 875k .. 690 06 1752 BRITISH BOOKSHOP BENIDORM Indoor market. Trading since 2002,owners now retiring.Easy to run,profitable business with short hours.Complete assistance with changeover of suppliers.All stock included.Bargain price16,900€ Tel 637161475.

Properties under 175.000€

SANCT BERNHARD Torrevieja. Offers inc. VITAFIT Ginkgo-Magnesium. 400 tablets €20.50 or buy 3+ for €18.50 each. 966 706 765 SANCT BERNHARD Calpe. Offers inc. FORMOFIT for natural weight control. 210 caps (1 month supply) €35 or buy 3+ for €32 each. 965 836 807

Items wanted

SEARCHING FOR RECORDS. All types of music wanted. We pay the best prices. Tel: 622 750 117

DOLORES PENTHOUSE APARTMENT, 2 beds, 2 bath, large living room, large roof terrace with panoramic views, excl. interior, 109,900 € COSTAIMMOBILIEN.COM Your reliable company on the Costa Blanca www.costaimmobilien.com V 0034-650 873 669

BENIDORM, NEAR BULL RING, 1 bedroomed apartment, 2nd floor, lift, separate kitchen, glazed in terrace. Pool, garden, tennis court. 75.000 € Tel. 658 578 346

VILLAJOYOSA, PARADISE BEACH, three bedroom, two bathroom apartment, top floor (5th), built 2002. Fully glazed terrace. Unspoilt mountain views. Swimming pool, undercover private parking space. Ideal situation with bus stop below, 10 mins walk tram station. 5 mins. Beach, restaurants, supermarkets. Private sale, furnished reduced to €135,000. Mobile: 670 38 59 54 (English/Spanish). Email: liddellperez@ gmail.com GREAT OPPORTUNITY. CHARMING 290M2 town house Benigembla. Consists of: Grd Floor.- Entrance area, Spacious living-room +fireplace & cast iron stove, dining room, living room, equipped kitchen, 1 dble room, water deposit, toilet +shower, pantry, laundry room +access to large openplan attic & inside patio . 1st floor. - 3 dble beds, 2 +balconies, 1 sgle room, office, bathroom +shower large terrace. 2nd floor.- Spacious open-plan attic + access to large terrace. Both terraces enjoy beautiful views of the mountains. Original floors , & wooden beams.Electric radiators. Very light. . Ref-1082. 125.000€ Tel: 609211710 info@karmaproperties.es BEAUTIFUL LAND FOR sale 27000sqm Guadalest valley two small cabins, platform (been used for dance/yoga in summer 75,000€ contact naturemoves@gmail.com

VILLAMARTIN DUPLEX, com pool, compl. renovated indoors, 2 beds, 2 bath, 1 bed ground floor, large living / dining room, new kitchen, reduced price 129,450€ COSTAIMMOBILIEN.COM Your reliable company on the Costa Blanca www.costaimmobilien.com V 0034-650 873 669

TIBI COUNTRY HOUSE, 7 beds split into 2 houses, pool plus jacuzzi, only 20 mins to the beach, exclusive urbanisation, quiet area. ONLY 225,000 € COSTAIMMOBILIEN.COM Your reliable comapny on the Costa Blanca www.costaimmobilien.com 0034-650 873 669 PARCENT LOVELY REFORMED townhouse. 138 m2 over 2 floors. Grd floor: Entrance area, Large dining /Livingroom + fireplace, equipped kitchen, magnificent feature wall, patio + fish pond. 1st Fl: Big master bedroom could be converted into 2 bedrooms, terrace with mountain views. Dble bedroom + wardrobes. Easy access to bathroom on this floor +large bath, toilet & sink. Grd floor toilet, large pantry could be converted to a small bedroom , utility room. New roof, wooden beams. Heating installation. Electricity & water. Parcent popular for cycling & hiking, a village that has all the necessary essential services. Ref-1052-120.000€ Tel: 609 211 710 - info@karmaproperties.es

ALCALALI TOWN HOUSE 152m2. Completely renovated with inside patio. Consists: Grd floor. Entrance-area. Living-dining room+ access to large inside patio, fully equip kitchen + access to an inside patio, storage/laundry. Bathroom & 1bedroom + access to the interior patio 34 m2. 1st fl.- 1 dble bedroom + balcony, +large dressing room & access to a superior terrace with spectacular views. 1 dble room 1 toilet & 1 sgle room. Water tank, wooden beams, aluminum exterior carpentry + double glazing, & wooden interior. Quality materials throughout. Located in a lovely quiet area of the village. Ref1047. 189.000€ Telephone: 609 211 710 - info@karmaproperties.es

PRIVATE SALE. LLIBER plot 1500m2, house 275m2, 3 bedrooms with balconies, huge kitchen, Naya. Court yard and underbuild. Must be seen. 249.500€ No Agents. Tel. 686 438 541

Properties over 400.000€ KENNELS, CATTERY, FINCA, Paddock, Stables for sale. 25000 sq meters, Good life style. Profitable, Licenced. Finestrat Area. Owners Retiring after 20 years. 875k .. 690 06 1752

CAMPOAMOR. Penthouse duplex apartment, 2 bed, 2 baths, spacious lounge, fire place, terrace, solarium, com. pool, quiet location. 89,900€ – Price Reduction. 966 773 985 - 616 939 326,

Properties from 175.000€

PRIVATE SALE! COSTA CALIDA. Furnished villa, 280m2 built, reception room, 2 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and 2 dressing rooms, 2 further baths, study, garage 100m2, storage room 40m2. Plot 1,099m2, Sea views, 900mtrs to beach. 410,000€ Emailwandw.the.rock@outook.com

Short term let

ALICANTE/EL REBOLLEDO– REDUCED PRICE!! Villa, low maintenance 2,700 m2 natural garden, only 8 kms to harbour/beach, 2 large beds, lounge with woodburner, traditional kitchen with fire place/woodburner and more. ONLY 219,000 € COSTAIMMOBILIEN.COM Your reliable company on the Costa Blanca www.costaimmobilien.com V 0034650 873 669

Important notice:

500 YEAR OLD BEAMED Finca in Beautiful Valley inJesus Pobre, Denia/Javea area. DOGS ARE VERY WELCOME. www.little houseinspain.com. +44 1865 512 922 or 07808 181779

Long term let MORAIRA LONG TERM 2 bed villa to rent. Unfurnished, Non community, south facing, sunny terrace, sea view, carport, 6 min drive to town, English SAT TV. 775 Euros per month. Tel 634 321 429

The Valencian Regional Tourism Law (Ley Valenciana de Turismo) obliges all advertisers of short term holiday lets to supply the property’s official registry number when placing an advert. For further information: http://www.turisme.gva.es/ opencms/opencms/turisme/es/contents/tramitacion/ viviendas_turisticas/viviendas_turisticas.html?tam


January 1, 2020 - N° 640

Profile for Rotativos del Mediterráneo

The Post North - 01 January  


The Post North - 01 January