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August 21, 2019 - No 621,

Lifeline in the countdown to October 31 The Spanish government is planning to offer new residency papers to around 400,000 Britons if the UK crashes out of the European Union without a Brexit agreement, according to Spain’s leading newspaper El País. This would mean that around 150,000 Britons who

are not official residents in Spain would qualify for the legal status and a ‘foreigner’s identity card’. However, PM Pedro Sánchez has stressed that the British authorities must give reciprocal treatment to Spaniards living in the UK if measures adopted here covering health-

care, social services, and other frontline services are to remain in force. The UK government stated last week that it has granted ‘settled status’ to one million EU citizens living in Britain under the EU Settlement Scheme. Full report in Friday’s Costa Blanca News

Boat fire in the marina

A motorboat caught fire in Marina International in Torrevieja on Thursday causing alarm in the harbour.

Local police, Guardia Civil and firemen all attended the incident. Full report inside today’s paper.

A site for sore eyes!

Benidorm mayor and several councillor paid a visit to the famous castle viewpoint on the Canfali cliffs between Levante and Poniente beaches to see how mid-summer excavations are getting along. The iconic area is now partically closed to visitors in the peak season because of the project.

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August 21, 2019 - N° 621

Scientists warn of ‘retreat’ of sea grass A PIONEERING study of life under the waves along the Javea coast has given the seabed a clean bill of health - but raised concerns over the “receding” sea grass. The beds of posidonia are protected and seen as vital to the bio-diversity of the sea and essential breeding grounds for marine life.

However, the experts found in certain areas there were signs human activity was having a detrimental effect; and the numbers of boats visiting the picturesque coves were said to be the cause. Full report by Jack Troughton in Costa Blanca News on Friday.

Boat fire drama in Torrevieja A motorboat caught fire in Marina International in Torrevieja on Thursday – and billowing black smoke could be seen for miles around. A local resident reported that the blaze had gutted the vessel and two nearby boats were damaged by the fierce flames. The incident occurred close to restaurants in the marina at around 16.00. A combination of local police, Guardia Civil and firemen managed to extinguish the blaze after the owners had tried to douse the flames. A local Spanish newspaper reported that the vessel belonged to a wellknown boat hire company. They noted that the causes of the fire are under investigation.

Depós ito Legal: A-868-2007 - ISSN 1888-167 X Ed ite d b y Rota tivos d e l Me d ite rrá ne o, S.L. Printe d by: Se rvic ios de Impre s ión de Le va nte , S.A., Bia r (Alic a nte ) HEAD OFFICE: Calle Alicante 39, Pol. Ind. La Cala, 03509 Finestrat - Tel: 902 702 400 - Fax: 965 858 361 P o s ta l a d d re s s : The POST, Apartado 95, 03508 Benidorm (Alicante) BENIJ ÓFAR OFFICE: C/ Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 36, Tel: 902 402 402, Fax: 966 712 170 TORREVIEJ A OFFICE: Rambla J uan Mateo 26, Tel: 617 369 441, Fax: 965 715 759 P ho to s : Editorial, dpa Ed ito ria l te a m : J ames Parkes, J asmine Rokadia, Dave J ones, Alex Watkins, Irena Bodnarec, J oyce French Co nta c t: Ad ve rtis ing :, Tel: 902 702 400, Fax: 966 830 453 ADVERTISING REP S: OLIVA - J ÁVEA: Mo nika P o liwo d a , Tel.: 617 369 011, No ra P a ko ts , Tel.: 617 369 403, GATA DE GORGOS - CALP E: Ce c ilia Tie d e m a nn, Tel.: 605 043 010, Ang e l Lo za no , Tel.: 607 483 612, ALTEA - ALICANTE: P ila r Die z, Tel.: 609 301 836, Eva As e ns io , Tel.: 607 329 306, TORRELLANO - LA MANGA: Mike Cunning ha m , Tel.: 607 459 651, Chris tia ne Lo yd a , Tel. 607 342 532, Ve ró nic a J uá re z, 617 369 441, DESKS: ELS P OBLETS: SERVICE CENTER, Partida Barranquets, C/ 29 Tel: 966 47 50 50 DÉNIA: SERVIBOX, Patricio Ferrándiz 40 Tel: 966 426 017, Fax: 966 426 968 J AVEA ARENAL: QUICKSAVE ARENAL, CC Arenal, local D, Avda. del Pla 126, Tel. 965 794 648 J ALÓN: J AYS OF J ALÓN, C/ Lepanto 8, Tel: 966 480 757, 636 100 873 ALTEA: LEOS SOFT FURNISHINGS SUP ERSTORE, Ctra. N332, The Big Red Shop, Tel. 965 844 848 LA MARINA-SAN FULGENCIO: FALKEN TOURS, Avda. de los Fueros 2 (local 12) Tel. 966 730 151, Fax: 966 773 840 LA ZENIA: FALKEN TOURS, Avda. de la Playa 1, local 5, Tel. 966 730 151, Fax: 966 773 840

Pea-man gang arrested National Police in Benidorm arrested five members of a gang that operated the pea game, fleecing holidaymakers out of hundreds of euros every day. The three men and two women, aged between 32 and 63 years were of Spanish and Austrian nationality who between them had already been arrested more than 60 times. Following an undercover operation, they were all arrested and brought before a judge, where four have been issued an injunction to prohibit them entering certain parts of

Benidorm with high volumes of holidaymakers – always their intended victims.

See full report and advice on how to avoid this scam in Costa Blanca News on Friday

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August 21, 2019 - N° 621

Jávea and Campello lead Driver caught Costa property price rise at 210 km/h Campello

JÁVEA and Campello lead the provincial property price hike this year – while Torrevieja and Orihuela are the two towns were most new houses are built. The latest property market report released by surveyors Tinsa show that Jávea properties have increased their sale price by 10,5% over the past year and now cost an average €1,901 per square metre. Although no area has managed to recover the values lost since the economic crisis saw rock-bottom prices five years ago, in Jávea properties have managed to recover 35% of their value since then (when the average price dropped to around €1,400 per square metre). Second on the recovery list is Campello. Today’s average square metre price stands at €1,703, which is a leading 15% more than last year and represents a 26%

increase on prices over the past five years. Third on the list is Orihuela where prices have recovered 25% of their value in the past five years (the square metre now on sale for an average €1,851) The report does point out a few curiosities regarding price increases in some areas and a ‘levelling effect’ can be seen. As an example we find Alfaz del Pi and neighbouring Altea. In Alfaz prices have increased by 23% in five years (5.3% in the past year alone) with the average price per square metre now reaching €1,626. But in neighbouring Altea, prices were already high and in the past five years they have only increased by 1% and have in fact dropped by 2.6% in the past year. The average price per square metre in Altea now stands at €1,712, very close to its neighbours in Alfaz. Benidorm prices have also soared in the past five

A driver who filmed himself travelling at 210 km/h on the AP-7 motorway at Los Alcázares has been caught by the Guardia Civil. The 25-year-old suspect from Cartagena had posted the video on a social network. A spokesman for the Guardia Civil noted that the man was also allegedly making dangerous manoeuvres on the motorway.

He explained that users of the social network had brought the video to the attention of the Guardia Civil. He stated that the man had recognised that he was the driver shown in the video. The spokesman said that he has been denounced for dangerous driving. This could lead to a fine of up to €500 and a loss of six licence points.

years. By 20.6%, although over the past year they only increased by 3.9% with the square metre now averaging at €1,713 – again in line with nearby Marina Baixa towns. Another area where building is booming is Torrevieja, although in this case it does not mean an huge increase in prices. Over the past five years prices in the municipality have increased by 9.9% (just 2.3% last year) and the average cost is now of €1,255 per square metre – a steep difference with neighbouring Orihuela mentioned earlier. Prices also vary significantly in the Marina Alta. As opposed to neighbouring Jávea, Dénia property prices have increased by 14% in five years with more than half the increase reported on the past 12 months (8.2%). The average price per square metre in the town is now of €1,485 – still far away from neighbouring Jávea.


#Ia m To rrevie ja Vu e l t a w i t h La From 1s t to 25th Augus t Pe d a l fo r a g o o d c a u s e Pa rticipa te a nd win a s olida ry bike a nd a VIP ticke t to La Vue lta 19

www.h a b a n e ra s .e s

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August 21, 2019 - N° 621

Suspects arrested for spate of muggings A group of youngsters have been arrested in connection with a series of muggings in Fuente Álamo.

A spokesman for the Guardia Civil reported that 12 suspects had been detained. He said they are accused

of around 20 street robberies but ‘they are not ruling out their possible participation in other crimes’. “The victims were assaulted when they were walking on their own,” noted the spokesman. “They were attacked by a group and mobile phones and cash were stolen.” Most of the robberies took place at night in quiet areas of the municipality. Some of the victims were knocked to the ground and punched. “They had no compunction about using violence,” added the spokesman. They had even begun to use knives in the later attacks, he noted. The suspects are aged between 17 and 30 years old.

Dénia revellers ‘need to get a room’, say residents MOPPING up wee from your front step and catching strangers having sex in your hallway are part of ordinary life in summer on a central Dénia street, complain residents – and yet the council ‘does nothing about it’. Even on weekday nights, revellers spilling out of music bars on the C/ La Mar – which runs from the town hall to the port parallel with the main Marqués de Campo

boulevard – make such a racket that local dwellers cannot sleep. Drunken shouting and fights are only part of the story, and the offenders do not restrict their anti-social behaviour to the street: they are often seen hanging around doorways of houses or even in the entrance foyers of private apartment blocks. One woman says ‘never a morning goes by’ when she

does not have to clear away someone else’s urine, vomit, and sometimes even poo from her doorstep. Another local resident says she caught a couple having sex in the foyer of her block. Homeowners say these are ‘situations they should not have to put up with in their own homes’ but that the council ‘pays no attention’ to their requests for help.

The 90's came back to Benidorm

Last Saturday night, the Julio Iglesias Auditorium in the Aigüera park was packed for a tribute to the 90’s. Over the course of seven hours, DJ’s

played music from the popular decade, with many dancing the night away – with the evening finishing with a firework display.

Exchange rate's slight recovery After 14 successive weekly loses against the euro, the Sterling has finally broken the trend. By the end of last week, the pound had increased its value against the single currency by 1.50. A combination of UK politi-

cal developments and suggestions that the European Central Bank is readying a substantial stimulus package for the Eurozone economy pushed the Pound higher. The official rate now stands above 1.091, but reached 1.95 at the weekend.

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August 21, 2019 - N° 621

Shopping centre gridlocks infuriate customers and staff UP TO half an hour can be wasted trying to get from the N-332 exit to Ondara’s El Portal de la Marina shopping centre – a two-kilometre stretch – due to total gridlock throughout the day, say customers and staff. As well as retail park traffic and cars heading for the ITV station, the junction is the main link to the N-332 from Beniarbeig, El Verger,

Ondara and the four villages that make up La Rectoría – Tormos, Benimeli, El Ràfol d’Almúnia and Sagra. Ondara’s mayor José Ramiro says tailbacks leading to the El Portal roundabout ‘have always been bad in summer’, and get worse on rainy days or on those Sundays and bank holidays when the mall is open to the public.

Employees at the centre in particular find it annoying. Jaume, from Oliva, who works in electrical goods store Tien 21, says it is ‘crazy how they have not built a better access road’ when ‘they know the traffic is bad in summer and over bank holidays’. María, a chef at one of the top-floor restaurants who starts her shift in early evening, says even at that time of day the gridlock is hell. “I have to leave 20 minutes early to get to work, because as well as the tailbacks, I have trouble finding a parking space,” she says. Ramiro says Ondara council is working on a second lane, leading to the industrial estate, petrol station and ITV centre, but that the project is very much in its infancy. “The central government needs to agree it, since it is they who hold jurisdiction over main highways, and they won’t be back at work again until September,” he says.

S hani’sL ingerie ÿ 622 280 043

Up to 2000 UK branded quality bras in the Costa Blanca at half the price of the UK Finding it hard to ÿnd a good quality UK bra in Spain? Look no further! Shani’s Lingerie is not just a stall on the market, it’s a shop (with changing room facilities) within a market where you’ll ÿnd all UK-branded bras from M&S and Naturana. We oÿer personal service, and will measure and ÿt you accurately and discreetly. We have underwired, no-wire, t-shirt, padded, unpadded, strapless... the selection is endless, and in sizes from 34B to 48G. Along with a huge variety of bras we also stock underwear to suit every occasion: no VPL; soft, mid or ÿrm support; G-string; 100% cotton Sloggi-type... all in stock, plus quality nightwear from the UK. SHANI’S = one -stop shopping for all your underwear needs!!! We also have an excellent exchange policy just bring back the items with tags attached. You can also buy online at www.faceb

Call by and see us at our shop (with changing room facilities) every Sunday at Zoco market. The shop is close to the centre point of the market in aisle 4, the same aisle as JML

Top campsite in Pilar de la Horadada Pilar de la Horadada town hall revealed that Lo Monte campsite in Torre de la Horadada has been voted as the best campsite in Spain by German tourists. The survey was carried out by the Deutscher Camping Club (DCC), a fed-

eration of users made up of 3.5 million people. A council spokesman explained that they do an annual survey of their members on several countries in Europe and their campsite came top of the poll for Spain.

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August 21, 2019 - N° 621

Getting greener CALPE has increased its recycling figures for another consecutive year. In the first half of 2019, residents increased the recycling rate by 19.3% in light packaging, and 2.6% in cardboard and paper. Thus, during the first six months of this year, 261.88 tonnes of the aforementioned was recycled, compared to 211.34 tonnes in the same period of the previous year. Regarding cardboard, 323.22 tonnes were recycled from Ja-

nuary to June 2019, compared to 314.92 in 2018. These figures confirm the upward trend in recycling registered in the town in recent years, and show a greater awareness among the population of Calpe. The increase has occurred markedly since 2015, the year in which selective collection containers were installed in more than 300 points throughout the town, in order to facilitate recycling for the population.

The council highlighted the benefits that recycling brings to the environment, such as saving energy, raw materials and the consequent reduction in CO2. In addition, the town hall highlighted the importance of depositing waste in the correct containers. The blue ones are destined for paper and cardboard boxes, the yellow ones for multiple use containers (this includes plastic bottles and containers, as well as foil trays and cartons), the

Curtains for village auditorium The auditorium in the rural Orihuela district of San Bartolomé is getting a motorised new curtain for the stage, its air conditioning fixed and sound, lighting and video equipment installed. Culture councillor Mar Ezcurra of Ciudadanos (C’s) visited the village, which has 2,327 registered inhabitants, last week to make the announcement. The curtain was ordered a few months ago for €42,464. She said that at last the residents will be able to enjoy it this season since users have been demanding one for a long time. She was accompanied by the president and director of ‘La creatividad del Cielo’ (the creativity of the sky) theatre group, Natalia Cámara and local resident Ainhoa Francés. Also last week, the local

green are for glass (both bottles and jars) and the grey containers are for remaining recyclable materials (other types of waste such as food, plants, organic materials). Acciona, the company who manage the cleaning and waste

Easy rider in Denia SUMMERTIME and the living is easy. Spotted on the pillion of a ‘moto’ in Denia; a bear without a care in the world.

government committee (JGL) approved spending €6,554 to fix the auditorium’s air conditioning. This is in addition to improvements made over the

management service, noted that there are still doubts regarding the use of the yellow containers, as plastic utensils are being placed in these bins. These should be placed in the grey bins, as the yellow ones are only for bulkier items.

The cuddly toy was on tour of the Marina Alta with all the bare necessities...including a helmet to stay street legal.

last few months, for a total cost of €28,860, which include the installation of sound, lighting and video systems that it did not have before.

Council splashes out on cleaning Orihuela town hall has splashed out on cleaning equipment for the municipality. Mayor Emilio Bascuñana noted that they have ac-

quired a pressure washer, an inspection vehicle and 17 cleaning carts. “It is very important to cover the necessities in this area,” said Sr Bacuñana.

“We have had difficulties improving the service but we are working hard and getting there.” He noted that the new acquisitions will help them to

do this. The mayor stated that they are ‘aware of the residents’ needs’ and will continue to make the improvements.

He added that the pressure washer, which cost €56,000 had been asked for by residents of Orihuela Costa in the participative budget initiative last year.

News 7

August 21, 2019 - N° 621

New police sharing proposal

Mayor Juan Francisco Pérez with one of the paellas

Paella 'taster' for Finestrat fiestas Finestrat got a 'tasting' of its forthcomming fiestas at the weekend with the traditional paellas contest. Among those enjoying the festivities was mayor Juan Francisco Pérez and the majority of councillors who joined in the fun. Finestrat's Sant Bartolomeu patron saint fiestas begin this weekend. Find full fiesta programme in Costa Blanca News.

A joint local police force for San Miguel de Salinas and Los Montesinos is being proposed by the Ciudadanos (C’s) opposition councillor in the first of these municipalities. María José Costa argues that this will enable both of them to ensure there is law enforcement on duty 24-hours a day. She claims it would mean there would be a minimum of three officers per shift and none of them would have to patrol alone. “If office work is required, one officer can do this while the rest keep on patrolling,” she said. “Security is one of residents’ biggest concerns and joining these forces would create a bigger workforce of 15 members for a total of about 10,600 inhabitants and an area of almost 70 square kilometres.” She called for the local police commanders to study and evaluate this proposal with the local security committee.

“Agreements could be signed to collaborate for occasional situations, such as local fiestas or sporting events,” pointed out Sra Costa. “The new council in San Miguel has not kept its election promise to guarantee a 24-hour police service and the current police staff is going to be hit by retirements and temps finishing, while the town hall is doing nothing to cover these imminent losses.”

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8 News

August 21, 2019 - N° 621

Tuesday coffee By Irena Bodnarec Although on official summer recess, a number of members from the Companians Club in Albir are still meeting up for an informal coffee and catch up every Tuesday morning, from 11am at Godoy’s in Albir – alongside the municipal carpark. Like many expat residents, a number go back to the UK over the hottest summer months to escape from the searing heat, but there is still a sizeable group that continue the Tuesday ritual. The club will resume on

Tuesday, September 10, meeting at the Rober Palas Hotel from 10.30am for coffee, booking of events and to mingle, with stage announcements from 11.30am-12.00 Noon. For new members joining the price is €20, which will take you through until the end of 2020, giving you discounts on many events, including some free trips exclusive for members only. For more information about the club and their activities take a look at the website

Netball… Not just for schoolgirls! By Irena Bodnarec The Alfaz Ladies netball team are continuing their weekly practice/training sessions every Wednesday evening, from 7pm until 8.30pm at Alfaz del Sol. It is a great fun way of keeping fit and making new friends so why not pop along and give it a go. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played or the last time was some decades ago – they are a great bunch of ladies of different ages and levels who look forward to meeting you. For more information contact Rachel Hood on 609 733 774

Albir fiesta weekend By Irena Bodnarec The annual Albir fiesta weekend kicks off this Friday with a themed Caribbean parade complete with batucada band at 11pm followed by a live concert with the ‘Septima Avenida’ orchestra at 11:30pm in the Eucalyptus park where festivities will continue until 3.00am. On Saturday morning, at 9.30am there will be a classic car exhibition outside the Casa de Cultura in Alfaz after which they will drive around the streets before

heading down to Albir. There will be two jammed packed days of activities for both adults and children to enjoy and the town hall are providing a free bus service on Friday and Saturday between 1am and 4,30am to ensure revellers get back home safely. The bus will depart from the Eucalyptus Park, stopping at the casa de Cultura, The Escandanavia Park and the roundabout at the San Rafael urbanisation. For full schedule of events see Friday’s CBN.

CHUMS CHUMS is such a lovely club with many wonderful members who are very generous. Our next events are as follows: Friday, September 6 at Godoys, Albir, coffee at 12pm and lunch at 1pm Wednesday, September 11 at The Why Not Bar. Fun quiz at 2pm.

Monday, September 16 at Rustica, Albir, coffee at 12pm and lunch at 1pm Why not come along you will be very welcome? For more information, please ring Marilyn on 965 864 394 (Friends of charity) is a small registered charity (CV-01-057038A), based in Benidorm and Albir.

See the Vuelta teams up close By Jo Pugh TEAMS who are taking part in La Vuelta de España cycling race will be presented to the public in Moraira this Thursday August 22. The public is welcome to visit the esplanade beside Moraira castle at 17:30 for the gala presentation.

News 9

August 21, 2019 - N° 621

And this little piggy ran all the way..... to the Horse Rescue Centre! By Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre volunteer, Diane O'Neill Those of you familiar with Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre will know that they not only have rescued equines but they also have a myriad of other rescued animals like pigs. So here’s the story of the three little pigs. Well for a long time Isadora or Princess Isadora as she’d prefer to be called, a rather large black pot-bellied Vietnamese pig, has lived a life of quiet peacefulness amongst the chickens and peacocks. Of course, these avian creatures have adorned Isadora with the respect she deserves. Then not so long ago all hell breaks loose – Ruppert arrives! A volunteer came running into the stable yard one morning shouting, “Help, help there’s a pig outside!” Low and behold there’s a huge pink and black pig wanting to come into the yard. On getting this very young swine into a stable

surrounded by the other animals it becomes evident that he was not so keen on that. So you would then think naturally that he would probably be happier with his own kind – Isadora. Are you kidding? Isadora

was having nothing to do with this loud boisterous porcine and actually, Ruppert didn’t want anything to do with her either. Turns out he is fascinated by humans. This is surprising as the day after his arrival Ruppert’s

scared of everything. Guess what? Isadora and Ruppert want nothing to do with her. Although this makes life more complicated, Rod and Sue Weeding are catering to the needs of all three pigs. Isadora has her exclusive apartment, Ruppert makes the most of the garden and the house of course and Penelope has a secluded enclosure giving her some peace and quiet, allowing her time to become more confident. Obviously, someone has been watching Babe or maybe flicking through the pages of George Orwell’s Animal Farm – the pigs are rising! Finally on a serious note if you would like to support EHCRC in their work to continue helping abused, neglected and abandoned equines then please check out their website below with all the details of visiting, volunteering, donating financially or donating good quality furniture to their Charity Shops


Street party contra cancer By PDT We've had Run against cancer and Walk against cancer now we want to Party for a fundraiser! Alfas branch of the AECC (Spanish National Cancer Charity) plan to raise money to support our fight against cancer with an event for all our friends to enjoy. Sunday, September 1 is the date and we will party in the street outside the Café-Bar L'Alfassina opposite the Town Hall of Alfas del Pi. Starting at 20.00hrs we will offer music and somewhere to dance and the street will be lined with tables and chairs to enjoy the summer evening with your friends, take a drink and a tapa, and special

owner turns up with a rope and a big stick demanding him back. On dragging him off, he tells the Centre that he has a date with the slaughterhouse, everyone was so distressed that one of their kind volunteers negotiated a price with the owner to literally ‘save his bacon’. Now living in the lap of luxury with his own private paddling pool, he can really chill out and enjoy all the attention from kind humans and especially the volunteer who bought him and the CoFounders who frequently have him in their house for a spot of lunch. But hang on; this is the story of three little pigs! Yep, you guessed it shortly after Ruppert’s appearance another piggy arrives! This time a tiny terrified pigmy pot-bellied Vietnamese pig turned up on her own too! But this time there were no previous owners hot on her tail. This miniature pig has been called Penelope. She is a petrified little thing and

Op e n in g h o u r s : Mo n d a y - S a t u r d a y 10 . 0 0 - 20 . 0 0 Cl o s e d S u n d a y s F ie s t a d a y s / Ba n k h o l id a y s 10 . 0 0 - 14. 0 0

La F in c a Go l f, C/ An t o n io P e d r e r a So l e r No .10

Al g o r fa GP S 38 º 0 3’39¨ N 0 0 º 46´59¨ W

Te l : 9 6 6 729 544 w w w . m o d a l a fin c a . c o m We s t o c k it e m s fr o m m a n y q u a l it y fa s h io n b r a n d s : • • • • • • •

Be n Gr e e n • Do r is St r e ich Ro b e l l • Ch e m a Bl a n co Tia • Ja vie r Lo b a t o Ch a l o u Cl u b o f Co m fo r t Fr a n k Ly m a n De s ig n He g l e r Fa s h io n

AUGUS T S UMMER S ALE! offer on beer. There will be a tombola and opportunity to make a donation to our special cause. Come early to get your seat.

Up t o 70 % DIS COUNT o n s e l e c t e d it e m s

10 News

August 21, 2019 - N° 621

Helpful advice for mountain walkers The Costa Blanca mountain walkers group – now in their 31st year – describe themselves as a ‘friendly and informal group of walking enthusiasts’. As well as offering an exciting programme of walks around Alicante province and further afield – which can be found in this newspaper and on their website at – they also have some helpful advice for walkers which can be applied in most situations to improve their security in the countryside. These are: 1. Do not leave valuables in your car. 2. Always wear strong soled shoes or boots suitable for mountain walking. 3. Take a packed lunch and/or other energy snacks and plenty of water, especially in hot weather. 4. Always carry your own first aid kit and a whistle. 5. Carry adequate clothing and always

waterproofs as the weather in the mountains can change quickly. Remember that there is always the possibility of having to remain on the mountain during the night in an emergency. 6. (If in a group) Stay in contact with the people ahead of you and behind you particularly at junctions and if too large a gap opens up signal to the leader for a stop so that the gap can be closed. 7. Take all rubbish home with you including orange and banana skins. 8. Do not pick fruit. 9. Walking poles when not in use should be carried with the points facing forwards and down. 10. If a dog is brought along the owner should ensure that the walk is one where dogs are allowed and at all times keep the dog on a lead. 11. Check the weather forecast for the area you are walking in via

MABS Charity Quiz Charity Music Quiz for MABS at 7.30pm on Thursday August 22, at Victoria Station in Parcent. Teams of maximum 8 people plus 10€ for buffet please book with Vicky at the bar or on 966 405 398.

Also John The Fiddler August 25 Sunday from 9.00pm Not to be missed, once with the Jason Bonham band in the 80s and The Mobiles drowning in Berlin .... a very talented guy"! Forever Young August 31

Benidorm, New Dining Group Saturday nights. Join a new group of like-minded people looking to spend Saturday nights dining at local restaurants with dancing or show.

Or going on after dinner to a club/hotel for dancing or to see show/and dance. All are welcome look forward to you joining us Tel 637 160 545

U3A Vall Del Pop: Line Dancing A fun class which meets every Thursday evening at the Multiusos Centre in Alcalali from 19.00 to 20.30hours. It's 90 minutes of fun and movement to the music for beginners to improver dances for U3A members. Members who have no previous experience of Line dancing are very welcomed. It sounds as if it could be

fun, and good for us to get some gentle exercise and to meet new people. Let’s get planning in readiness for the start in the autumn. For further information please contact our Groups Co-ordinator by email at For further information on U3A Vall del Pop check our website []. The U3A is all

Quesada Ladies Club The Annual General Meeting of the Quesada Ladies Club will be held at the Cooper’s Arms, Doña Pepa, Quesada, on Tuesday 10th September 2019. This is for members only, and they will be admitted at the usual time of 2.30pm.

The present team preparing for 90 mins of fun

Albir Concert By Irena Bodnarec Part of the Albir Moon series concerts, this Friday, August 23 the father and son guitar duo Ausias and Ruben Parejo will be performing at the Social Centre in Albir. Starting at 10pm, tickets are priced at €10 - €8 for pensioners. Despite his youth (13 years old) Ausias has won numerous awards in national and international competitions and performed as a soloist in concerts for guitar and together they span a huge selection of tunes from Beatles to Vivaldi as well as original pieces. Rubens repertoire covers all periods and styles, both in soloist modality and in chamber and orchestra groups and he has performed across the world as well as recorded for cinema radio and television networks.

about enjoyment and learning, and this is particularly evident in the U3A Vall del Pop, whose members hold their General Assembly generally, fiestas and holidays permitting, on the first Thursday of each month at the Centre Polivalent in Murla, and have a diverse range of some 30 groups for the interest of the members.

Events 11

August 21, 2019 - N° 621

Denia cultural programme continues By Jo Pugh DENIA continues with musical events this week, with the first performance being this Thursday, August 22. Oliver Franc, the French saxophonist is the most illustrious living representative, heir and continuator of the style and sound of the great Sidney Bechet. This year he has headlined the New York hot jazz festival and has made numerous appearances at the Lincoln Centre alongside the great Wynton Marsalis. His show will be at the Parque de Torrecremada (near the bus station) at 23:00, and tickets are €15 on the door. On Friday August 23, it is the turn of the Universal Chamber orchestra, who will play at the auditorium of the social centre in Denia at 20:30. Their performance will be based on ‘sounds of the cinema’. Tickets, which are €15, can be purchased on the door two hours before the concert. On August 24, visit

Antiques expert adds star quality

Calle Diana from 19:00 to 22:00 to see an exhibition from artists of the Marina Alta named ‘Plastic Arts in the street’. Saturday August 24 sees the concert ‘Jazz weddings of Figaro’ at 20:30, again in the social centre auditorium. This is a version of Mozart's work with opera singers and jazz musicians with a touch of humour. Tickets are €20 and can be purchased on the door two hours beforehand.

By Jack Troughton ANTIQUES expert Mark Stacey is the special guest at a summer fete in Javea organised by charity Guardian Angels next month. The charity supports single parents and hopes the Guardian Angels Fete and Open House on Saturday September 14 will be a successful fund raiser. Mark, the star of programmes like Antiques Road Trip and Flog It, will be valuing treasures for visitors. At his stall ‘Stacey’s Real Steals’, he will value people’s antiques and heirlooms for €5 using encyclopaedic knowledge gained during

his career in the business as a dealer. There is also an opportunity to cast an eye over the venue, Palacio de la Paz - it has also featured on the small screen in ITV’s May the Best House Win. The tour, which includes a recital from pianist Lola Somolowski, is €5. And the fete also features a wide variety of stalls selling products from arts and craft to cakes, offering tarot readings and even a cooking demonstration ‘Curry on Cooking’. The event runs from 13.00 to 17.00. Palacio de la Paz is at Calle de la Salvia 20, Toscal, Javea.

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12 Legal and Finance

August 21, 2019 - N° 621

Starting a family later in life? 10 financial hurdles for older parents to consider By Vicky Shaw, PA Parenting is full of costs at any age, but there may be additional things to consider if you're starting your family further along. Many people are starting their families later on in life, for all sorts of reasons - whether it's related to money, careers, relationships or health and fertility. Older parents may find some financial advantages to having children a little further along. They may have climbed higher up the property ladder, for example. They may be more established in their career, potentially giving them more security and negotiating power around flexible working. But there could also be some extra financial hurdles for older parents. Sarah Coles, personal finance analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, says the age at which you choose to have children is "nobody's business but your own", but adds that "if you're planning a baby in your 40s or 50s, there are some extra financial issues to consider." Here, Coles outlines 10 financial considerations if you're having a baby later in life...

1. Take care over extra borrowing For older parents, a bigger mortgage may mean carrying debt into their 70s, or the risk of approaching retirement with non-mortgage debts left to repay, both of which could have a big impact on their disposable income in retirement. 2. Remember your pension The 'empty nest' period will come later in life - giving you less of an opportunity to focus on building retirement savings. It means you may need to keep up consistent pension payments throughout as much of your years as parents as you can - and prioritise it above non-essential spending. 3. Consider university costs sooner rather than later If your child may be heading to uni at around the time you had planned to retire, you could consider setting aside funds specifically to cover this period, in advance. One option is to put money aside in their Junior Isa, which will ensure the

money is safely tucked away tax-free to the age of 18. You can contribute up to ÂŁ4,368 this year into a Jisa. 4. Talk to your own parents about later life care It's worth knowing in advance the provisions your parents have made in case they need care as they get older, and the part they expect you to play. If you have young children and parents with care needs at the same time, find out about the resources available to help. 5. Have a childcare 'plan B' Some grandparents are keen to pitch in with childcare into their 80s - but some will feel their childcare days are behind them. Others may find their health isn't good enough for them to help. If they're unable to pitch in, it's better to put a plan in place early and try to find affordable care. 6. Plan for the worst-case scenario This is vital for parents at any age, but it can become more pressing as you get older. Life insurance can help pro-

talk radio europe

tect children if parents were to die, and critical illness cover and income protection provide support if parents suffer an illness or injury. You may want to have details of who would take care of your children included in will planning. 7. Factor in the high income child benefit tax charge Older parents may be closer to their peak earning potential, and one parent may earn more than ÂŁ50,000 - the point at which some child benefit may need to be repaid. You can choose not to apply for child benefit, but if one of you isn't working, ensure you'll still receive national insurance credits towards your state pension by completing a form.

8. Talk to your employer If you're at management level, you may be setting a precedent in your company as a boss by asking to work shorter or more flexible days. Pre-empt any potential problems and build solutions sooner rather than later. 9. Factor in any additional expenses when starting a family Depending on the circumstances, if fertility treatments are needed they can be costly, so consider the implications, particularly if it means starting parenthood in debt. 10. Make plans for your children's property dreams For older parents, remortgaging to help their children onto the property ladder may not be practical, as it could make it harder to clear debts before retirement. Over-55s may be able to help by dipping into their pension pot, but this will have implications for their income for the rest of their life. If you expect to help your child onto the property ladder, it's worth making plans for how you'll achieve this without making painful sacrifices further down the line.

Legal and Finance 13

August 21, 2019 - N° 621

Considerations if you're withdrawing money from your pension The pension freedoms have given over-55s much more flexibility over how they use their pension pots. But those taking money out need to make sure they don't end up making unwanted dents in their retirement income, whether it's by paying more tax than necessary, falling victim to a scammer or making ill-judged investment choices. To help avoid this, finance

specialists WEALTH at work have outlined five top considerations for people wanting to withdraw money from their pension: 1. Understand the tax implications. Ultimately, tax planning should be at the heart of any pension transaction, as people could find themselves paying more tax than they need to if they don't plan carefully. 2. Understand how long

retirement savings may need to last. Before accessing their retirement savings, it is crucial for people to think about if they will have enough money to last the duration of their retirement. Many people end up living longer than they had expected, so this needs to be remembered when doing the sums. 3. Know the risks around defined benefit

(DB) pension transfers. DB schemes promise savers certain levels of income in retirement, based on their salary. But they are not part of the pension freedoms. There have been concerns around the numbers of people wanting to transfer from DB pensions to defined contribution (DC) schemes, which do come the freedoms. Many people would be worse off by giving up their valuable DB benefits. Pension transfers are complex - there are many factors to consider before making any decisions, including whether the transfer value being offered represents good value. Regulated financial advice must be sought to transfer a DB final salary pension if its value is ÂŁ30,000 or above. 4. Pension scams. Many scams look perfectly legitimate so are not easy to


Until 4TH October Except Alicante and XĂ bia

spot. Others offer investment returns which are 'too good to be true' but people easily get sucked in. They often have very professional looking websites and literature. More help is available on the Financial Conduct Authority's ScamSmart website. 5. Regulated financial advice can be better value than no advice. Many people don't realise that when they buy retirement products, there can be charges deducted which can cost just as much, if not more, than getting regulated financial advice.

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Pets cooling off

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Pets cooling off

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16 Food

August 21, 2019 - N° 621

It's not all about jerk chicken: original flava invite By Ella Walker, PA Craig and Shaun McAnuff tell Ella Walker about their inspirational nan, and why they're using food for good in the community. Craig and Shaun McAnuff brothers, YouTubers, recipe writers - are on different phone lines when we chat, and both keep tripping up with static, dipping in and out of earshot. Each time, the other shouts: "Bro, you've gone again!" The South London cooks, aka Original Flava - the name of their hit YouTube channel and debut cookbook - were close growing up, even sharing a bunk bed (although not the same football team, which was "quite intense"), and are just as close now, if not more so. Dishing up Caribbean food to their legions of online fans, arguments are still rare. "It's made us very competitive, in a good way," says Shaun, 32. "We want to make things right and better, and the [recipe] standard has to be really high it's brought us closer together." The brothers, who have Jamaican heritage, were inspired to cook by their mother and grandmother, and put the increasing popularity of Caribbean food down to a "British acceptance of our culture" combined with staple Caribbean ingredients - from plantain to cassava - being more widely available, and the likes of Levi Roots and Ainsley Harriott having "paved the way". Original Flava is all about pushing that further. "We saw that lots of people loved Caribbean food, but were quite intimidated by it be-

cause they didn't know how to cook it," explains Craig, 29. "So initially, we just wanted to make a page for our friends." But then their first one-minute video racked up a million views "and everything blew up overnight". "It was bit of a shock," remembers Shaun. "I looked at my brother one day, like woah - everyone's sharing it. First, all our friends started sharing it, then their friends started sharing it..." Now they have a mighty 15k YouTube subscribers and more than 58k Instagram followers. For Craig though, things could have panned out quite differently. "Growing up in [Thornton Heath] South London, you're faced with that challenge," he says, speaking of gang culture. "You get caught up in that sort of life, and then you're affiliated with people outside of your circle, and then you're known as a

gang, and then you have to build up that credibility, and not show your weakness." The younger McAnuff brother remembers being on a bus with a group of friends when a guy got on: "He was looking to question us, 'Why were we here? Where you from, etc?' I got a bit cheeky, like, 'Who wants to be a millionaire? Stop asking us questions' - and then he got a bit rowdy, and then he showed me his gun. "It just spiralled out, and I started to laugh at him; I thought it was a fake gun," he recalls. "At the time you're fearless as a young man." However, it was a "turnaround" moment for him and has led to both brothers visiting schools, where some of the kids are facing that choice themselves, to talk about their experiences and run cookery workshops. "We understand the struggles that young people face when it comes to this sort of thing," says Craig. "We try to teach young people: Have that no-fear attitude, but put it in a positive place." A lot of their own positivity and drive can be attributed to the support of their quite wonderful sounding grandmother. "Our nan [Lurline] is our inspiration; she's an amazing lady," says Shaun reverently, adding with a laugh: "She's actually more popular than us now! She literally gets stopped on the street." A "big part of our journey", she spent the summer holidays training them up to make staple Jamaican dishes like ackee and salt fish, and mackerel rundown, and then helped make their YouTube careers possible "because she opened up her home" - it's where they still film their videos today. And, like any good nan,

she's always pitching in. "She'll be a bit like, 'What's vegan? What's that?' She's still learning, but she's very open to it," says Shaun. "It's like [having] an eagle eye, isn't it? If you go wrong, she does offer a helping hand and tells us off a little bit, but it's all good." Their food encompasses nan-approved traditional Caribbean dishes like rice and peas, mac and cheese and beef patties, but also ones with a twist, like jerk-spiced lentil bolognese, green banana potato salad, and their jerk burger. Talking of jerk, the brothers are sanguine about it being many people's only experience of Caribbean cuisine. "It is so nice," says Craig. "I'm not surprised everyone wants to know just about that, but there's so much more to Caribbean food." He speaks of the pioneering Rastafarian vegan movement, ital; of Caribbean produce, from mangoes to sugar cane that in Jamaica grow literally on the street; and how while in Caribbean households dinner will feature an almost excessive amount of dishes but, sur-

prisingly, "most of the time jerk chicken isn't even on the table". For the book, Craig and Shaun visited Jamaica together, spending time with family and eating their way round the island. "It was my first time, but it felt like I'd been there for years," says Craig. "It's like I almost knew the place already." They were both dazzled by how invested and fascinated Jamaicans are by food and ingredients (even if they struggled to eat their aunty's chicken foot soup: "I couldn't eat the foot, man!" yelps Shaun). "Cooking over there's a lifestyle," explains Craig. "You'll see people in the streets selling food and they won't be alone - they'll be with their friends, it'll be like a community, they're buying food but they're talking to the shop owner, they've got family there, friends, and that's how it is on every street corner. That's what we're trying to introduce with our food as well. It's about making things together it's an experience." And so their message is: "Don't be afraid of Caribbean food man, try it out at home, it's easy." Jamaican banana fritter on an american-style cheesecake Highly addictive - and very, very sweet. "WOW, this cheesecake tastes heavenly and is one of the best desserts we've ever created," say Caribbean food experts, Craig and Shaun McAnuff. " We're huge fans of this dish, inspired by the traditional version from New York, which has a big Caribbean population. The filling is whipped together with cream, bananas and other sweet gems, and

Jamaican banana fritter on an american-style cheesecake

Food 17

August 21, 2019 - N° 621

you to really experience caribbean food layered over a crunchy crust base. "After baking, the cheesecake is decorated with mouthwatering banana fritters on top. Yup, we're drooling as we speak, and we bet you are too!" Ingredients: (Serves 8-10) 120g digestive biscuits, crushed 60g butter, melted, plus extra for greasing For the filling: 400g full-fat cream cheese 200g soft light brown sugar 200g sour cream 100g double cream 3 eggs, beaten 1tsp vanilla extract 100g plain flour 2tsp cornflour 3 ripe bananas 2tsp lemon juice For the topping: 1 x quantity banana fritter mixture (see below) Vegetable oil for shallow-frying 300ml double cream, whipped to soft peaks Handful of sliced strawberries and blueberries, to decorate Icing sugar, to dust For the banana fritter mixture: 4 overripe bananas (or plantain), mashed 120g soft brown sugar 1tsp vanilla extract 1/2tsp ground cinnamon 1/2tsp freshly grated nutmeg 1tsp baking powder 1/2tsp salt 250g plain flour 80ml water Vegetable oil, for shallow-frying Method: 1. Preheat your oven to 160°C Fan/180°C/Gas 4. Lightly butter a 23cm springform cake tin. Place the crushed biscuits in a bowl and stir in the melted butter. Tip the mixture into the greased tin and spread it evenly over the base, compacting it down. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes, then leave to cool. 2. For the filling, combine the cream cheese and sugar in

a bowl. Stir in the sour cream and double cream. Whisk in the eggs, then add the vanilla, plain flour and cornflour and mix to combine. Mash the bananas in a bowl with the lemon juice, then stir into the filling mixture. Spoon the filling over the cooled base and level it out. Increase the oven temperature to 200°C Fan/220°C/ Gas 7. Bake the cheesecake for 10 minutes, then turn down the oven temperature to 120°C Fan/140°C/Gas 1 and bake for a further 45 minutes to one hour, or until the centre has just a slight wobble. Switch off the oven and let the cheesecake cool inside for two hours. 3. For the topping, heat vegetable oil in a pan to the depth of about 5cm. Using a tablespoon, drop walnut-sized spoonfuls of the banana fritter mixture (just mix all the ingredients together) into the hot oil and fry for two minutes or until golden. Spread the whipped cream over the top of the cheesecake. Dot the banana fritters over the cream, then scatter over the berries and dust with icing sugar. Honey-roasted jerk salmon A spicy dish for a feast. "Our spicy spin on a whole salmon is a family favourite every Christmas. It always goes quickly, so you have to be fast to get it on your plate! We don't make any regular salmon - this is our version with fragrant and delicious FLAVA, the marinade complementing the taste of the salmon," say Jamaican food-lovers, Craig and Shaun McAnuff. "We love making our own jerk marinade at our family home, and neighbours knock on the door to say they can smell the spicy flavours from down the street. We use a blend of natural ingredients: Onion, garlic, pimento, thyme and scotch bonnets. It's bad!"

Ingredients: (Serves 4) 1 whole salmon, about 1.5-2kg A likkle olive oil Handful of sliced okra 2 limes, cut into wedges Handful of scotch bonnet peppers (optional) 4 spring onions Handful of fresh thyme sprigs 2 garlic cloves, peeled For the marinade: 1tbsp apple cider vinegar 1tbsp soft brown sugar 60ml lime juice (from 3 limes) 1tbsp pimento (allspice) berries 1tsp freshly ground black pepper 1tsp ground cinnamon or freshly grated nutmeg 2tsp fresh thyme leaves 2tbsp chopped ginger 1 medium onion, chopped 6 garlic cloves, peeled 4 fresh thyme sprigs 2 scotch bonnet peppers, deseeded A likkle honey Method: 1. Get your fishmonger to scale and gut the salmon, or do yourself if ya bad. Use a sharp knife to score parallel lines diagonally along the fish on both sides. 2. Unroll a piece of foil large enough to wrap and cover the fish. Pour some olive oil on the foil, then spread out the okra, lime wedges and scotch bonnets (if using). 3. Put the jerk marinade ingredients into a blender and blend in short bursts until you have a thick paste. Massage the jerk marinade into the fish, getting it right into the cuts, then place the fish on top of the vegetables in the foil. Slice the spring onions into lengths and place them inside the fish's cavity with the thyme and garlic cloves. Wrap the foil into a parcel, leaving an air space above the fish. Leave to marinate for two hours. 4. Preheat the oven to 160°C Fan/180°C/Gas 4. Place the fish parcel on a baking tray and bake for 50 minutes to an hour until the fish is cooked through.

Curry goat

1tsp freshly ground black pepper 1tsp ground ginger 1tsp ground pimento (allspice) 2tsp ground turmeric 4tbsp vegetable oil 1 large onion, chopped 4 garlic cloves, nely chopped 1 x 400ml can coconut milk 500ml water 3 spring onions, sliced Large handful of fresh thyme sprigs 8 baby potatoes, peeled and halved 1 scotch bonnet pepper Method: 1. Put the goat in a bowl and add two tablespoons of the curry powder, the salt, black pepper, ginger, pimento and turmeric. Cover and marinate in the fridge for up to eight hours to get the maximum flava. Alternatively, if you have limited time, a few hours is fine. 2. Heat the oil in a large pot over a medium heat and add one teaspoon of the curry powder with the onions and garlic. Cook for two to three minutes until dark brown. We

Resta ura nt . Pension Rooms for events

Curry goat Get a taste for goat. Fiery, spiced and hearty to boot, this classic goat curry will feed a crowd very nicely.

Honey-roasted jerk salmon

Ingredients: (Serves 4-6) 1.35kg goat, cut into 3-4cm chunks 5tbsp curry powder 1tsp salt

call this burning the curry, aka BUN UP di ting! Then add a likkle of the coconut milk to create a thick and tasty paste. 3. Add the goat to the pot and saute until brown all over. Add half the water and the remaining coconut milk, cover and cook over a medium heat for up to two hours or until tender, stirring occasionally and adding two tablespoons more curry powder halfway through. Add the remaining curry powder, to taste, and add more water during cooking if necessary. 4. Add the spring onions, thyme, potatoes and scotch bonnet and cook for a further 15 minutes. Remove the scotch bonnet (or leave it in longer for a spicier taste), then cover the pot and cook for 30 minutes more until the meat is very tender; it should be falling off the bone if you have used bone-in goat. Original Flava: Caribbean Recipes from Home by Craig and Shaun McAnuff, photography by Matt Russell, is published by Bloomsbury, Available August 22.


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August 21, 2019 - N° 621

Happy birthday


Happy birthdays

Bernie have a fab day love from John xxx All the best on your birthday Anne have a lovely day, from all your friends in Spain.


Happy birthday Sandra

Happy 50th Linda & 53rd Dave Have a great holiday, Lots of love from Em, Mum & Dad xxx

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"Felíz cumpleaños Bogdan, de parte de Anastasia, Alina y Raúl."

To my special sis, wishing you a wonderful birthday. Love you loads Kay

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Long-awaited meetings seem to come together pretty quickly this week. How to fit them all in is the question! Well, you wanted to be more efficient and now is your chance. Being expected to make good on a promise that was made in the spring? That may also be slotted in even if a time change is necessary. Working so hard can give quite an appetite for fun at the weekend.

An outdated system at work or home seems to be really irritating you at the moment. Make your suggestions but be heavy on the detail. Someone may not want to show their lack of knowledge. Do you really care if you don't get the praise for sorting it out? Not if it makes life easier anyway! Increase social activity by joining in with neighbours or friends on a local project.

Praise this week comes from different directions but it is great to have it. Why don't people say 'thank you' more often? Are they afraid of looking soft or emotional? Good communications make for warm feelings. That is what you can have this week, for sure. Life does not always fit in with doing things for others. When you do, though, what a difference it makes to your mood!

Dropping a few hints midweek gets the response you have been waiting for. It is all in the timing. Choose a quiet and relaxed moment. Someone who needs your help may be slow to ask, so do be aware. With confidence high and energy also, make this a time to get moving on something new. It may not seem exciting at first, but it soon will! Are you really surrounded by crazy people, or are you just too sane?





24 July - 23 Aug

24 Aug - 23 Sep

24 Sept - 23 Oct

24 Oct - 22 Nov

Considering the number of social things happening this month, it is surprising that you still feel lonely. Could it be that there are too many possibilities? Are you really tuned in to the right person? Narrow down to the places you really want to be and the people who you hope to meet. Only then are you making a beeline for someone special. Put in the extra effort.

Advance notice of a change on the work front is welcome. Even so, things are still very fluid in this area and could get even better. Try not to be impatient. Having had a good time this year it would be tempting to book up for next. Bear in mind that many chances are yet to be offered that you may want to accept before then. New beginnings are exciting and come along at any time.

A mix-up over a date sets you thinking about an old friend. Is it coincidence or should you get in touch? Well, you don't want to be looking back later and asking yourself 'what if', do you? A shift in attitudes at work seems confusing. This is not of your doing, but try to be helpful. Socially, you may want to keep separate from some colleagues for a while. Being diplomatic could be hard.

A spontaneous partner certainly makes a few sparks fly. Isn't it one of those things that you love about them? Maybe, but try and stay one step ahead. An invitation at the weekend has to have the right mix of people or could turn a little tricky. Someone new coming into the family brings a breath of fresh air. By the weekend you have something to celebrate.





23 Nov - 21 Dec

A blooming relationship takes up plenty of your time. It may not be your own but needs your attention anyway. You may feel that there is a need to guide someone and maybe there is. Even so, you are only able to do your best. Home life takes up chunks of your time. Enthusiastic as you are, this will lose its fun element if you try to do too much too soon.

22 Dec - 20 Jan

Stormy moments in a relationship turn to passion midweek. This is a fiery period and there is a need to choose your words carefully. Misunderstandings are not so easy to explain right now. Your own ideas of happiness change from day to day as you try to make sense of everything. Maybe you don't have to find the solution. Maybe just wait?

21 Jan - 19 Feb

Are you feeling really ambitious this month? This is your time. Holidays can disrupt plans. Loved ones may find this hard to take. Try to involve them and explain what is exciting you. New friends met this week show a fresh approach that really fits in with your own way of thinking. Could your social life now expand and start to offer the kind of family that you admire?

20 Feb - 20 Mar

There are some crazy people around with some crazy ideas. Have you considered that you could become one of them? Well, choose your activities carefully or a confused mind may lead you astray. Visiting relatives seem to understand your situation more than you imagined. Why does this shock you? They are perhaps more observant than you realise. It's worth listening to their point of view.

Girls' Talk 19

August 21, 2019 - N° 621

Fringe benefits: 3 ways to wear the tassel trend By Katie Wright, PA Fashion and Beauty Editor Take inspiration from the catwalks with flippy fringing, says Katie Wright. Is there anything cooler than a model sashaying down a runway as her fringed frock bounces around her? We were treated to tons amazing tassels on the spring/summer catwalks, and now the trend has reached the high street, with everything from dresses to accessories featuring these dangly details. One of the great things about fringing is that it's got great transseasonal appeal, with pieces to suit summer holidays or when the weather starts to cool. Inspired by the catwalk, here's three ways to try the trend and where to shop the look... 1. Metallic fringing Givenchy's Clare Waight Keller spearheaded the fringing movement, using long fabric strands in the brand's haute couture and ready-to-wear collections. The latter included some fabulous metallic tassels that were longer than Ariana Grande's ponytail (yes, really), which has sparked a trend for sequinned fringing on the high street. Make like a Givenchy model and pair one of these shiny skirts, tops or dresses with black separates and accessories for a cool, high-fashion feel. 21st Mill Sasskia Silver Sequin Fringed Hem Bodycon Dress, Silk Fred (shoes, stylist's own) Zara Sequinned Top with Fringing And Other Stories Sequin Fringe Pencil Skirt 2. Party pieces Givenchy's haute couture catwalk featured masses of flippy fringing in a kaleidoscope of colours. Super-bright tassels were also seen at Valentino, MSGM and Celine. This look is all about movement, so if you know you're going to be hitting the dance floor at a summer party, make a beeline for a block colour fringed dress or statement top. May we suggest a slow-mo video makes for the best Instagram post? Or position yourself by a fan and hit the Boomerang button... Elvi Francoise Statement Fringe Mini Dress. Mango Gala Collection Fringed Top. ASOS Design Mini Drape Fringe Shift Dress, High Maintenance Strappy Pointed Heeled Sandals in Silver. Glamorous Pink Green Palm Print Fringed Mini Dress. 3. Autumn accents With summer fading fast (sigh), the shops are now filling with new-season collections that have got us excited for autumn. Take your transitional fashion cue from Longchamp, where leather and suede bags come with a heavy dose of tassel edging, or Isabel Marant, with an eternally stylish fringed jacket. Deichmann Graceland Black Tassel Backpack. New Look Black Suedette Fringe Cross Body Bag. Very Tan Fringe Suede Biker Jacket.

20 Mind and Body

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4 types of headaches and what they're trying to tell you By Liz Connor, PA Dull persistent pain behind the temples, or burning pressure around the eyes? Liz Connor breaks down four different types of headache. We've all experienced a headache at some time or other (they're among the most common ailments going), but head pain can take many forms.

While most of the time, headaches are relatively minor and will go away on their own (or calm down with an over-the-counter painkiller), for some people they can be a chronic problem and a serious blight. If this is the case, it's important to properly identify what type of headache you're experiencing, as this can determine the appropriate course of treatment. There may also be specific 'triggers' that would be useful to avoid. Although most headaches are not a sign of anything serious, if you're experiencing ongoing headaches, or if you also have other symptoms alongside the head pain, it's always best to check in with your GP. If that doesn't help and headaches are significantly impacting your quality of life, a referral to a headache specialist could help ensure you get the help and advice you need. Here, we've outlined four different types of headache and how to manage them... 1. Tension-type headaches Tension-type headaches are the most common type of headache, characterised by a dull pain, tightness or pressure around your forehead. It can often feel like there is an invisible band or clamp circling your head. Most tension-type headaches last for 30 minutes to several hours, but in more severe cases they can last for several days. As well as head pain, some people also report pain and stiffness in their neck. As the name might suggest, excessive emotional stress or pressure at work, for example, can often trigger these headaches. The NHS says that factors like poor posture, dehydration and squinting may also bring on the symptoms. Painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen can be used to help relieve pain in the short-term, but it's important not to overuse over-the-counter medications. Speak to your GP or pharmacist for advice if symptoms persist for more than a few days. In the long-

term, lifestyle measures such as yoga, massage and exercise - can all help with managing symptoms and underlying stress. 2. Cluster headaches Ever experience mega-intense bouts of headaches that cause excruciating pain around or behind one eye? It could be a cluster headache. Cluster headaches are rare, and while anyone can potentially get them, the NHS says they're more common in men and tend to start when a person is in their 30s or 40s. As well as a sudden piercing pain that radiates from the eye to one side of the head, cluster headaches can also cause the eye to water or swell up, your face to sweat and your nose to run. They're notoriously immensely painful and debilitating. It's not exactly clear why they occur, but they've have been linked to activity in part of the brain called the hypothalamus. If you think you're experiencing cluster headaches, make an appointment to see a GP. Tests may be required to rule out any other conditions that can have similar symptoms, and help accurately diagnose the condition. Also, over-the-counter painkillers such as paracetamol aren't effective for cluster headaches. Your doctor or a specialist will be able to discuss suitable treatment strategies with you, such as sumatriptan injections or oxygen therapy.

3. Sinus headaches Headaches can often be brought on by other medical conditions, such as sinusitis. Your sinuses are hollow pockets inside your forehead, cheekbones and behind your nose. When these become inflamed, often as a result of an infection, they swell and produce more mucus, which can block the channels that drain them. This build-up pressure can lead to sinus pain, which may be mistaken for a regular tension-type headache. Sinusitis usually clears up on its own in a few weeks, but getting plenty of rest, water and taking painkillers can help relieve symptoms. Your pharmacist might also recommend decongestant nasal sprays or drops to help unblock your nose and relieve some of the pressure. For some people, sinusitis can become a chronic problem, or possibly be linked with an acute bacterial infection. If symptoms are very severe or keep coming back, check in with the doc. 4. Migraine headache Millions of people in the UK are living with migraine, which left unchecked can have an extremely debilitating impact on day-to-day life. The first thing to know is that a migraine isn't actually

a headache - the name refers to an extremely painful collection of neurological symptoms, one of which is throbbing head pain. Additional symptoms include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and increased sensitivity to light or sound. Migraines can also come with an 'aura' - which usually involves visual disturbances, and sometimes suddenly feeling dizzy and disorientated - signalling the start of an attack. Migraines also tend to come and go on a long-term basis, with 'attacks' brought on by certain triggers. The NHS advises that you should see a GP if you have frequent or severe migraine symptoms, particularly if they occur on more than five days per month. While there is no cure, a number of treatments are available to help soothe symptoms and minimise or prevent attacks. Over-the-counter painkillers may not be effective, and could also cause additional headaches if taken for too long - so it's important that migraine is properly diagnosed and managed. During a migraine attack, many people find resting or lying in a darkened room and avoiding bright lights and screens helps too. Keeping a symptom diary can help with identifying any individual triggers too (these may be certain foods, activities and stress).

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Panic disorder Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder where you regularly have sudden attacks of panic or fear. Anxiety and panic are a natural response to stressful or dangerous situations and are therefore experienced by everyone at some time or another. But for someone with panic disorder, feelings of anxiety, stress and panic occur regularly and at any time, often for no apparent reason. Symptoms Anxiety Anxiety is a feeling of unease. It can range from mild to severe and can include feelings of worry and fear. The most severe form of anxiety is panic.

You may start to avoid certain situations because you fear that they will trigger another attack. This can create a cycle of living "in fear of fear". It can

add to your sense of panic and may cause you to have more attacks. Panic attacks A panic attack is when your body experiences a rush of intense mental and physical symptoms. It can come on very quickly and for no apparent reason. A panic attack can be very frightening and distressing. Symptoms include: A racing heartbeat Feeling faint Sweating Nausea Chest pain Shortness of breath Trembling Hot flushes Chills Shaky limbs A choking sensation Dizziness Numbness or pins and needles Dry mouth A need to go to the toilet Ringing in your ears A feeling of dread or a fear of dying A churning stomach A tingling sensation in your fingers Feeling like you're not connected to your body Most panic attacks last for between 5 and 20 minutes. Some panic attacks have been reported to last up to an hour. The number of attacks you have will depend on how severe your condition is. Some people have attacks once or twice a month, while others have them several times a week. Although panic attacks are frightening, they're not dangerous. An attack won't

cause you any physical harm, and it's unlikely that you'll be admitted to hospital if you have one. Be aware that most of these symptoms can also be symptoms of other conditions or problems, so you may not always be experiencing a panic attack – for example, you may have a racing heartbeat if you have very low blood pressure. When to see your Dr See your Dr if you've been experiencing symptoms of panic disorder. They'll ask you to describe your symptoms, how often they occur and how long you've had them. They may also carry out a physical examination to rule out other conditions that could be causing your symptoms. Although it can sometimes be difficult to talk to someone else about your feelings, emotions and personal life, try not to feel anxious or embarrassed. You may be diagnosed with panic disorder if you experience recurrent and unexpected panic attacks followed by at least a month of continuous worry or concern about having further attacks. Treatments for panic disorder Treatment aims to reduce the number of panic attacks you have and ease your symptoms. Psychological therapy and medication are the 2 main treatments for panic disorder. Depending on your symptoms, you may need one of these treatments or a combination of the two.

Complications of panic disorder Panic disorder is treatable and you can make a full recovery. It's best to seek medical help as soon as you can if possible. If you don't get medical help, panic disorder can escalate and become very difficult to cope with. You're more at risk of de-

veloping other mental health conditions, such as agoraphobia or other phobias, or an alcohol or drug problem. If you have panic disorder, it may also affect your ability to drive. At the Family Medical Centre we have a Psychotherapist who treats panic attacks and other psychological disorders call 966865072 for an appointment.

Article supplied by Yvonne Evans, Co-Director Family Medical Centre, Albir. Call 96 686 5072 or email

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No fixin’s Last Sunday afternoon, my wife, Susie and I were headed back to the city after spending the weekend visiting our camper, Fiona II, where she is parked at her retirement home in the countryside of Morgan County. It was a quiet ride since both of us were still recovering from a big breakfast of bacon, eggs and sour cream topped potato pancakes (Note 1). But then Susie broke the silence by asking “What sounds good for dinner?” At the time, food was the last thing on my mind; I was looking forward to the Sunday paper, the recliner and an afternoon nap. More cooking was not even in the picture but being the loving husband that I am, I replied, “I don’t know. Did you have something in mind?” “Yes, actually I was thinking maybe you could grill up a juicy hamburger and we could slice some tomatoes to go with it.” The words juicy and grill woke up my taste buds and the image of a burger topped with lettuce, cheese and a big thick slice of tomato fresh out of our garden popped into my head. “With all the fixin’s?” I asked; a burger was not too much trouble but I had no desire to round up side dishes to go with it. Corn on the cob and potato salad could wait for another day. “No fixin’s. Just some potato chips will be plenty.” “Okay. No fixin’s.” I agreed, trying to sound reluctant even though she had me at the mention of the sliced tomato. Besides, there still should be plenty of time for the recliner before I had to fire up the grill if I got all my ducks in a row; the first thing I needed to get that accomplished was getting some fresh ground beef. This task required a bit of a detour because the meat market was located in the opposite direction of our home but still, the detour was worth it. The store is more than just a meat market; it is small but it still can legitimately be called a corner grocery because it provides the folks in the area all the amenities of a full service grocery with a service counter where you can buy stamps, lottery tickets, cigarettes and money orders. The store is located in a run-down urban area mostly populated by low income residents but the neighborhood is destined for gentrification, being only a short bus ride from the city’s center. Redevelopment is going on all around the place but thus far, has not made its way here. I have been stopping at this store for some years to buy ground beef because I know the meat is ground there and also, it doesn’t shrink to half its original size when I grill it. I cannot say that about the ground beef at the gigantic mega store where we buy the rest of our groceries. (2) 15 minutes after our decision to have hamburgers for dinner, I walked to the back of the corner grocery to get my ground beef. The extra drive was made worthwhile with 85/15 ground chuck being on sale. I bought 2 extra pounds; a spur of the moment plan to make a meat loaf later in the week had come upon me as I waited my turn at the counter. I walked my purchase back up front to the service counter and got in line, avoiding the even longer line in the checkout lane. As I waited, a youngish lady came through the market door with a tentative step, her head down, her long oily brown hair all tangled and looking like it hadn’t seen a brush since at least yesterday and maybe even longer. Even though she was wearing pink and white oversize pajama pants and a long sleeve non-de-

On the box Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (ITV, 9.10pm)

A regular column by Gordon Grindstaff

script sweater, she still appeared to be, as my mom would have put it, little more than skin and bones. She stood still, looking at the line hesitantly. Assuming she needed something from the service counter, I motioned for her to step in front of me –gallantry is one of my attributes, after all – and she nodded her head, giving me a wan smile. When she reached the head of the line, she quietly said something to the clerk that, being half deaf, I didn’t catch. The clerk reached overhead to the cigarette display and pulled down a pack of Marlboro Menthols along with a pack of Marlboro Reds and rang them up on her keyboard. I was shocked to see that the display screen showed a total of 13 dollars and some change for the 2 packs but the lady reached into her sweater pocket and pulled out a crumpled 20 dollar bill. I watched as she silently stuffed the change into her pocket and walked out the door to a waiting, old dilapidated car where she handed one pack to the long haired driver who opened it, took out a smoke and lit it She did the same and then they drove away. “13 dollars?” I said to the clerk. “She paid 13 dollars for 2 packs of cigarettes?” “Yep.” She replied. “I’m glad I don’t smoke.” “Me too.” I said, shaking my head. I was once a smoker but I gave it up in the late 1970’s, roughly 25 years after picking up the habit at age fourteen. A pack cost 40 cents when I quit. Over time, I forgot all about ever smoking until my initial visit to the cardiologist almost 11 years ago. “Have yo vr e u smoked?” he said.“A little.” I admitted. “But I quit a long time ago.” “Doesn’t matter when. The damage is done.”And so it was. G2 notes: 1: I have been on a potato pancake kick for the past few months and have tried 3 or 4 slightly different recipes, all of which used leftover mashed potatoes and chives as the primary ingredients. I much prefer leftover mashed to the task of grating freshly peeled spuds; not that I’m lazy of anything. I also always ignore the chives part because I don’t really know what they are. Even if I did, I wouldn’t want to eat them because for some reason, I’m under the impression that Chives is the name of the butler lording over the staff at Downton Abbey. 2: I am not trying to castigate the meat in our mega store, it’s just that I have seen many meat recalls over the past few years and since it’s easy for me to become paranoid about any number of edible consumer products, I just avoid off site processed beef where I can.

Saturday, 24/8/2019 One of the best quiz shows on the box is back for a new run, though the top prize could do with a little tweaking. Given the fact the series is now 21 years old, you'd think the cash would be closer to 1.7million pounds in line with inflation. But that aside, it's still a hefty sum for lucky players to take home, if they have the skill and nerve to go the distance. Since Chris Tarrant left the show a few years ago, many though that was that, but Jeremy Clarkson has done a terrific job in his place, and this week he returns as the acerbic host. As ever, contestants have lifelines, including Ask the Audience, Phone a Friend and 50-50 available if they get stuck. And prepare for annoying moments where we have to wait until after the break for those answers.

Peaky Blinders (BBC1, 9pm) Sunday, 25/8/2019 One of the most critically acclaimed dramas of the past few years is back for a fresh series. For newcomers, it takes place in Birmingham during the early 20th century, and centres on anti hero Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and his gangster family. With a 2018 Bafta for Best Drama Series and no end of critical acclaim, there was little wonder this latest season was promoted to a BBC One slot. In the first of the new run, the world is thrown into turmoil by the financial crash of 1929; opportunity and misfortune are everywhere. When Tommy is approached by a charismatic politician with a bold vision for Britain, he realises his response will affect not just his family's future, but that of the entire nation.

Midsomer Murders (ITV, 8.30pm) Monday, 26/8/2019 With more than 300 homicides over two decades, Midsomer county is one dangerous place to live. Perhaps unsurprisingly there's another one this week as DCI Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon) gets to relive his former days of sporting glory. The latest case revolves around ex-rugby player and businessman Mark Adler (Nicholas Goh). He's the owner of the Causton Lions rugby team, and has his successful wife Samantha (Tamzin Outhwaite) by his side. However, when Mark is found dead in a cryotherapy chamber, normally used by the players for their physio, Barnaby and DS Winter (Nick Hendrix) are called in to investigate. Could Guy Bevan (Julian Lewis Jones), scorned former coach of the Lions be responsible for Adler's demise, or maybe it's troubled star player Danny Wickham (Richard Rankin)?

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Harvesting herbs: how to make 5 easily home-grown herbs last beyond summer By Hannah Stephenson, PA Don't let the summer heat ruin all your home-grown herbs. We offer top tips on how to keep them going, long after summer has faded. Want to save your freshly grown herbs? They may have run to seed or look the worse in the height of the summer heat, but it's easy if you know how. Some herbs will soon be coming to the end of their natural harvesting period, so here are some top tips on how to pick them to enjoy for months to come. 1. Mint Hopefully you'll have grown your mint in a pot so it hasn't invaded other plants in your herb garden or border. The best way to harvest it is to start snipping as soon as the leaves are large enough. However, this may have been at the beginning of summer. But if you want fresh mint into the winter months, take some cuttings now. Pick three leafy, non-flowered sprigs that are about 10cm long, sit them in a glass of water in a light position inside, ideally on a windowsill, and they should take root fairly quickly. Then pot the cuttings into a container about the same size you'd buy


in a supermarket pot of herbs, with multi-purpose compost, and the mint should continue to grow. Cut it regularly and it should bush out.

This common herb is usually grown as an annual, either at the front of vegetable beds or in pots, but it doesn't dry well, so if you want to save your harvest, freeze bunches in a plastic bag, then you can rub the leaves off the stalks when you remove them, as needed.

tial addition to stuffing - also looks fantastic as an ornamental because of the striking texture and tone of its leaves. However, sage is a Mediterranean plant, so won't appreciate a really wet winter. To be on the safe side, dry your sage leaves now by blanching them - dipping them into boiling water followed by cold - then lay them out on baking trays in a warm area to dry, turning them over from time to time. Once they are totally dry, keep them in airtight screw-top jars.

3. Sage

4. Coriander

This Christmas favourite - an essen-

Have you noticed that your cori-

2. Parsley



ander plants have run to seed, sending up wisps of cow parsley-like flowers? Don't cut them off, because at this time of year, round, greenish seeds will be developing which can be used in your cooking. At the end of summer, cut the flower stalks complete with seedheads, and hang them upside down in a warm, dry place, but out of direct sunlight. Tie paper bags over the heads to catch the seeds which fall, and after a few days, shake the bag to encourage the seeds to drop. You can then dry them on a tray before storing them in an airtight screw-top glass jar. When you want to use them, grind them in a spice mill or in a pestle and mortar for maximum flavour. 5. Chives They may have long finished flowering, but if you want the oniony flavour of chives later on in the season, you're best off digging up a small clump from your garden to repot and take indoors. Cut the foliage down to 2.5-5cm (1-2in) above the top of the roots, then repot in multi-purpose compost for windowsill plants, which should soon start growing and will be ready after outdoor plants have died down for the winter.


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Complete the puzzle using the Cryptic or Regular clues the answers are the same. Cryptic clues, Across 1 Move Peter to a better vantage point (7) 5 A display of bad temper in the theatre? (5) 8 A debauched fellow named the capital of Normandy (5) 9 A heavy defeat in the East is everyday (7) 10 Unskilled actor is deft in one way but otherwise butterfingered (3-6) 12 Floor covering one can't take a shine to (3) 13 A youngster having a distinct lack of presence (6) 14/13D Nocturnal report based on guesswork (4,2,3,4) 17 Get something down from the attic (3) 18 A change of capital credit is sensible (9) 20 The performer is surprisingly tastier (7) 21 He takes a great deal from a serf (5) 23 King takes a meal with a poet (5) 24 These posers shouldn't be missed (7)

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Down 1 There's a light in the church of the hill (5) 2 Uncle Remus holds a bird (3) 3 Current unrest (7) 4 Bootleg vermin in food (6) 5 Healthy noise? (5) 6 Mysterious array of giant mice (9) 7 Continually not turning up with the toffees (7) 11 Raise the ante on a horse in Sicily (5,4) 13 See 14 Across 15 Careless thatcher loses his last chopper (7) 16 Virginia rents out the servants (6) 18 Currency of a type so seldom seen nowadays (5) 19 Louts destroyed a plant (5) 22 Half a century that is an imposter (3) Regular clues Across 1.Upper branches (7) 5 Setting (5) 8 French city (5) 9 Monotonous (7) 10 Clumsy (3-6) 12 Rug (3) 13 Absentee (6) 14/13DGuess (4,2,3,4) 17 Consume (3) 18 Sensible (9) 20 Performer (7) 21 Serf (5) 23 English poet (5) 24Artist's models (7)

Down 1 Burn down (5) 2 Flightless bird (3) 3 Anxiety (7) 4 Copy illegally (6) 5 Noise (5) 6 Unfathomable (9) 7 English football team (7) 11Famous volcano (5,4) 13 See 14 Across 15 Axe (7) 16Gentleman's gentlemen (6) 18 South American currency (5) 19 Aquatic plant (5) 22 Recline (3)

Spanish-English crossword

Improve your vocabulary with our Spanish/English crossword. The clues are in Spanish and the answers are in English. Across 1 Estaciones (7) 5 Comienzo (5) 8 Tarjetas (5) 9 Pestaña (7) 10 Frases (9) 12 Oreja (3) 13 A través de (6) 14 Rebeldes (6) 17 Centeno (3) 18 Garantía (9) 20 Clima (7) 21 Paz (5) 23 Colmillos (de elefante) (5) 24 Martes (7)

Down 1 Calcetines (5) 2 Aire (3) 3 Ostras (7) 4 Discurso (alocución) (6) 5 Semillas (5) 6 Asombro (9) 7 Camisetas (1-6) 11 Guarderías (9) 13 Albaricoque (7) 15 Ejemplo (7) 16 Último (ejemplar, moda, novedad) (6) 18 Goles (5) 19 Enemigo (5) 22 Y (3)

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K9 Club Canela D.O.B. January 2018. Canela was rescued from an apartment in Almoradi after her owners went away. She is a very happy affectionate girl who loves children but prefers her own company where other canines are concerned. If you would like to adopt Canela call 610 832 726.

Pets in Spain Monty is around 4 months old and was rescued with his siblings a few weeks ago. He is just one of many kittens we have available for adoption. 645 469 253

My name is Franco and I was found in the parking lot of the Lidl. I am a beautiful, affectionate, young and active dog. I am very friendly towards people and other dogs. The two most important things in my life are exercise and cuddles. I am therefore looking for an active family that loves to take me out on their adventures

and that can give me loads of affection and love too. I´m actually the perfect companion, I love to join you for a long walk during the day and after to curl up next to you to for a loving and cuddly evening. Contact: Tel. 966 427 678,,

A.R.C. Jalón Valley Benidorm Animal Centre This is Sena. A gorgeous five years old bull cross. She needs a special person to look after her. She is very obedient and fine with many dogs, but at meals times she has to be on her own. She loves cuddles and walks.

P.E.P.A Darcy is a beautiful small 10/12 kilos podenco 7 years old who didn’t have a good life before she came into foster care with PEPA. She is so sweet and very good with other dogs. Darcy has had everything done, including blood tested clear. This little lady really deserves a home of her own. Tel 650 304 746 email


RONY, male, Shelter since 13.07.2015 Crossbreed, DOB 15.03.2014 – 50 cm Rony was just tied to our gate so we don’t have a clue as to where he came from. He is a very vivid dog who has not had much contactwith humans. Maybe this would change once he gets an owner. He is very attentive and maybe he could become a good guard dog on a larger plot.

LADDIE - is a small Podenco and has had all his injections, has a passport, a microchip and is castrated. He has a very sweet temperament and is used to other dogs, he's ready to go now and can travel to the UK or elsewhere. We also have lots of other dogs, cats & kittens all desperate for a loving home. Food and donations also urgently needed and can be left at ARC’s charity shop on Carrer Benissa, Jalon between 10 am & 1.30 pm Monday to Saturday. Contact Tel No

Sally:- 625 985 689 Email Facebook – Jalon Valley A.R.C. Based in Jalon. Charity Reg No CV-01-054107-A.

AKIRA Animal Shelter

APAH Blue is a lovely Labrador X he is approximately 2 years old, He was rescued after being hit by a car, and brought back to good health. He is now ready to be adopted into a loving home. Blue is a typical Labrador, loves everything and everybody. He gets on with other dogs and cats and would be great for a family with children. To arrange to meet Blue, please call 630 422 563 or 616 210 850.

Bill - This little lad was found recently and nobody has come to claim the fluffy little fellow, therefore he is now available for adoption. Bill is a small dog with a big character; he is good with other dogs and with children of all ages. He adores cuddles and is approximately four to five years old, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for parasites.

Please contact Akira Dog Sanctuary at, email or 'phone 657 689 567. Bill can be fostered in the first instance and Akira pays all expenses for their foster dogs

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Plumbing & electric installations

Property services FLOOR POLISHING. PROFESSIONAL tradesman. All granite & marble types. All areas. Free Quote. Tel. 627 103 412 STRUCTURAL SURVEYS Mark Paddon BSc Hons Building Surveying. MCIOB. Buyer's reports and defects assessment from €195 + IVA. Tel 962 807 247 or 653 733 066 Free initial phone advice WHITE GOODS REPAIRS also Gas boilers and small electrical problems. Tel 604 273 387 Denia to Torrievjea

AWNINGS, MOSQUITO NETS, roller shutter, conservatories. BC Toldos from Oliva to Altea and Jalon Valley. On the coast since 1998. Tel. 630 472 605 Email: AWNINGS, MOSQUITO blinds, roller shutter repairs, motorisation. Calpe + 50kms. Tel. 659 464 992. Email. COMPLETE PEST CONTROL. Denia to Torrevieja Tel 604 270 676 ALL IRONWORK. GATES railings, Alterations and repairs. 07787585714 or 617890548 GAS TANKS, MINI tanks, gas bottles and revision certificates. 16 years on the Costa Blanca 965 835 939

Beauty & Wellness SANCT BERNHARD Denia. Offers inc. CoEnzym Q10 for a strong heart. 60 caps €18 or buy 3+ for €16.80 each. 965 780 425 SANCT BERNHARD Albir. Offers inc. Spiruline 1350 for essential nutrients. 1350 tablets, 5 month supply, €29.95 966 864 171 SANCT BERNHARD Costa Blanca. Offers inc. Cod Liver Oil for a healthy bone structure. 200 caps €10.90 or buy 3+ for €9.95 each. 965 780 425

Health CHIROPODIST/PODIATRIST, Philip Mann, clinics in Moraira, Javea, Calpe and Albir. Tel. 686 912 307

100% PLUMBING. FOR heating, aircon, gas, solar, bathroom refurb. 16 years operating on the costa blanca. www.100percent 965 835 939 FOR EMERGENCY PLUMBING or electrical faults on call service from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM. Covering all Alicante, Mobile 625 506 089.

Construction & Reforms 100% CONSTRUCTIONS, new builds and reforms. 16 years operating on the costa blanca. 965 835 939.

BUILDING RENOVATION, MAINTENANCE and construction services. bar and shop refits, extensions, patios, Electrical, plumbing, kitchen & bathroom fitting, bricklaying, tiling, plastering, painting, carpentry. Covering from Alicante to Denia and Torrevieja. Call 625 506 089 CONSTRUCTION / REMODELING, Underbuilds. Work guaranteed. We beat most quotes- Email: Andy 697 834 934

SANCT BERNHARD Benidorm. Offers inc. Pumpkin Seed Oil for a healthy prostrate and bladder.130 caps €7.95 or 400 caps €19.95. 965 858 663 SANCT BERNHARD Moraira. Offers inc. Green-Lipped Mussel for healthy joints. 150 caps €12.50 or buy 3+ for €11 each 966 491 573

Alarms ALARM - CCTV Instal., Maintenance, Repairs ✆ 600 993 667 BE SURE ALARMS and CCTV v 645 495 484

Locksmiths LOCKSMITH & ALICANTE AIRPORT Transfer services available from Rojales, Ciudad Quesada, Urb. La Marina and Guardamar. Call Peter on 655 527 168 or email: LOCKSMITH 24hr v 607 493 118, Torrevieja & surrounding areas



Painters HILLIER’S PAINTERS & Decorators. Covering the Costa Blanca & inland, 35yrs established. www.hillierpaintersanddecorators. com Tel: 644 355 137 Facebook HillierPaintersCostaBlanca

SPECIALIST TREE CUTTING & trimming palm/pine tree + dangerous work. Gravel work & Garden cleaning also weekly maintenance. Free quote. Good rates Call Adrian 627 103 412

ACCURATE | FAST | AFFORDABLE Painter offering inexpensive high quality work, painting, wallpaper hanging, damp proofing Best Quotes, Tel: 688 350 750

PROFESSIONAL TREE CARE. Palm cleaning and treating/pine trees. Overgrown gardens. Quick with quality service. Plastic & gravel work. Economical prices. Free Quote. Call Alexander 642 548 724

PROFESSIONAL PAINTER, offering high quality work, best prices , call Robert for free quote v 610383971

Lawyers & Solicitors

Replace missing or broken tiles using underwater cement or concrete repair. 5 year guarantee. Replace lights, grate &leaks without draining your pool

PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR Debt collection, solicitor. Professional, discreet v 697 834 934

Vicente 622 696 373

NIE, RESIDENCIA, CAR IMPORT, holderchange, driving licence, last will / inheritance, assistance purchase / sale properties, insurances, Tel: 965 792 451, more under



Languages INTENSIVE SPANISH Course in your home, 299€, 10 hours. Guaranteed results v 697 834 934

Sat & TV SATELLITE SYSTEM REPAIR service, dish alignment, upgrades, installations. All problems solved. 965 666 206

Employment PART-TIME WAITER/waitress required for month Sept./Oct. from 18:00 onwards! Are you bored? Do you want to be among people again? With us you are in the middle of life! Rest. Residencial Monte Pego. Just call 600 881 407

Carers QUALIFIED CARER AVAILABLE Jávea, Benitachell area . Nursing and health care , companionship , shopping duties.Telephone- 605 166 932

Friendship GENTLEMAN VERY NICE but lonely for loving!!! Desperately needs nice loving girlfriend living in Moraira, Denia areas to visit you discreetly. Happy to pay for visits to you once or twice a week. I really need a nice, private, affectionate lover and if you would like some extra money, every week, text me and leave your number so we can arrange to meet 683 142 216, thanks.

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Caravans, Mobile homes, Motorhomes

S R US CAAlR l cars wanted

Airport services


Alicante airp ort

Tel. +34 680 77 69 71 info@b www.b Family run business

DIRECTLY AT THE AIRPORT – NO TRANSFERS REQUIRED LONG & SHORT TERM PARKING (INDOOR & OUTDOOR) CAMPING & BUNGALOWS LOS LLANOS, Denia. The best on the beach. Your paradise. Plots and bungalows at good prices. 649 455 158

Nautical & accessories I AM LOOKING for a responsible partner who wishes to have half ownership in a 13.10m x 4.00m Astondoa fly motor Yacht, year 2001. It had a complete refurbishment in 2014 & is kept in immaculate condition at Santa Pola. The boat costs about 800€ a month to moor, insure and maintain properly so I am looking for a partner so I can reduce my expenses as I retired last year. There could be several options about partnership arrangements. The boat has a value of 125,000€, if interested call Elwyn on 633 803 044. INTERNATIONAL SKIPPER licence, radio and radar courses, starting shortly +34 626 245 098



Computers COMPUTERSERVICE FROM German IT-Pro. Repair, Consulting, Training + SmartPhone & Tabletts. More: Call Robert 966 474 822 or 628 614 812

We buySpanish, English all Euro Cars R.H.D, L.H.D. 4X4s, MPVs,and Diesels &Vans, Motor homes, classics, motorcycle cash paid Scrap cars collected. No more unwas,nted bills or ÿnes. All p/worktaken out of yourSuma name Find us on Facebook

Keith 699 805 995 UK00 44 7470 894 772 WANT TO DRIVE your LHD car to the UK & sell it when you get there? Call 658 670 777 or UK 07874 223 456


SUV OR CONVERTIBLE wanted, condition and year do not matter, 688 335 497. JAGUAR X-TYPE 2.0VG, automatic, petrol, 44.000 mls, a/c, radio/ CD, phone, alloys, fully equip., ITV 4/2020, blue metallic, in perfect condition, private € 6,500. 656 570 790

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JAGUAR XJS 4.0, year 1994, English plates, leather seats. In very good condition. Torrevieja. Price 7,600€ 654 431 706

Removals & transport

TRANSCONE. SHIPPING - LOGISTICS - removals. Fortnighly trips. Spain - UK - Spain. All Spanish internal moves Fully insured, friendly, reliable service. From Valencia to Alicante. All area in UK covered. Tel. 603 307 962 (0044) 7925 553 625 Email:

30 Trading Post Items wanted

August 21, 2019 - N° 621

SEARCHING FOR RECORDS. All types of music wanted. We pay the best prices. Tel: 622 750 117

Items for sale

WE BUY LUXURY WATCHES For Cash! Rolex, Cartier, Omega, A/P, Hublot etc. Instant Cash Payment! Tel: 658 670 777. Or email:

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General CORONA AWNINGS, BLINDS and carpets has been providing shade on the Costa Blanca for over 20 years. We install all types of blinds and interior blinds. Visit our showroom or call Nick for a no obligation quote. We are on the N332 Alfaz near McDonalds. Phone on 966 865 753 or 658 990 719 SANCT BERNHARD Costa Blanca. Offers inc. Omega 3-6-9 for a cholesterol and joint-conscious diet. 180 caps €9.60 or buy 3+ for €9.00 each. 965 780 425 THE EASIEST WAY to book your classifieds in The Post is to email the text to

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Trading Post 31

August 21, 2019 - N° 621

TRANS-PET PROFESSIONAL door 2 door pet transport. Fully equipped vehicle. Open plan with 2 carers. DEFRA & WIT authorised & plated. Kennels & Cattery. ES 600 552 030 or UK 07801 272 162

P.E.P.A. (THE HELPING Hands Charity for Animals) Needs Help! By fostering an abandoned dog or spending a few hours each week on our telephone helpline You could help save the lives of many animals. Please telephone: 650 304 746 or 96 283 3325 For more information and to view our animals please browse our website:

Business opportunities DESTREZA is an 8 year old Husky/German shepherd who weighs 30 kilos. She is a quiet, very affectionate, gentle girl used to family life, fully vaccinated, micro chipped and sterilised. SAT Kennels 966 710 047 COSTA BLANCA DOG transport. The comfort of your pet is our priority. Excellent rates and Defra run. www.costablancadoghom Tel 675 485 613 THE EASIEST WAY to get your classifieds in The Post is to e-mail the text to SPAMA GANDIA SHELTER Dog and cat rescue registered charity, La Safor area. 500 animals awaiting rehoming. Visit our website and view our new blog PLEASE HELP US TO HELP THEM! CHANCE FOR ANIMALS: protection needs your help for general maintenance, walking our dogs. As we have to leave the house, we are desp. looking for people, who adopt our rescued dogs! Food welcome!! German braco, and lots more! 15 small puppies for adoption! Crevillente 610 687 421 or visit us on: Cuatropatas IF THERE IS anyone looking for a puppy or a dog that is in desperate need of a new home please contact the facebook site " costa blanca dog homing" We are always in desperate need of foster homes, short and long term, and if anyone can offer this please call 965 698 052

MAKE 1000€ cash monthly in the vending business. Easy work form home, one day per week , from 10,000€investment 697 834 934- KENNELS, CATTERY, FINCA, Paddock, Stables for sale. 25000 sq meters, Good life style. Profitable, Licenced. Finestrat Area. Owners Retiring after 20 years. 875k .. 690 06 1752 FOR SALE AUSTRALIAN Bistro Bar 23,500 Euros. Rent is 650 a month, 40 m2 inside with 16 seats and Terraza 16 m2 with 24 seats, plus a 10 m2 store room. Bar is located in a commercial center 500 meters from playa San Juan beach, Alicante. Private sale Call 625 506 089

Properties under 175.000€ JALON NICE APARTMENT. 1st floor of one of the best buildings in town. Comprises of: Hallway, huge lounge, fully fitted open kitchen & 1 exterior balcony, 2 dble beds +fitted wardrobes & 2 bathrooms. First class quality building materials, dble glazed aluminum windows, installation A/C, high quality floor & wall tiles, wooden interior doors, lift in the building, huge parking space & store room in the garage. This building, due to the materials used, is considered one of the best constructions of the area and viewing is highly recommended. Ref-1119. 110.000€- Tel: 609 211

VILLAJOYOSA, PARADISE BEACH, three bedroom, two bathroom apartment, top floor (5th), built 2002. Fully glazed terrace. Unspoilt mountain views. Swimming pool, undercover private parking space. Ideal situation with bus stop below, 10 mins walk tram station. 5 mins. Beach, restaurants, supermarkets. Private sale, furnished reduced to €135,000. Mobile: 670 38 59 54 (English/Spanish). Email: liddellperez@ CHARMING VILLAGE HOUSE completely renovated in Castell de Castells. 111 m2. Grd Floor-Entrance, dining room +fireplace, equipped kitchen + breakfast bar, courtyard & storage. Small lounge +balcony overlooking courtyard, bathroom & a spacious dble room + own wardrobe & balcony overlooking the main street. 2nd floor. Small lounge, toilet, spacious dble bedroom + own wardrobe & balcony & a spacious terrace overlooking the mountains. Wooden beams, parquet floor throughout the house except the kitchen & bathroom. Exterior woodwork, double glazed windows & wooden internal woodwork. Original stone walls. It has been renovated with quality materials yet retaining the charm of yesteryear. Located in a quiet area of village. 115.000€ Ref-933 - Tel: 609 211 710

BENIDORM, NEAR BULL RING, 1 bedroomed apartment, 2nd floor, lift, separate kitchen, glazed in terrace. Pool, garden, tennis court. 75.000 € Tel. 658 578 346

Properties over 400.000€

PRIVATE SALE. LLIBER plot 1500m2, house 275m2, 3 bedrooms with balconies, huge kitchen, Naya. Court yard and underbuild. Must be seen. 249.500€ No Agents. Tel. 686 438 541

Properties from 175.000€

CABO ROIG. Villa with separate apartment, 760m² plot, 260m² living area, 3 bed, 3 baths, 2 lounges, 2 kitchens, high standard, heating, solarium, priv. pool, garage. 289,900€ 966 773 985 - 616 939 326,

KENNELS, CATTERY, FINCA, Paddock, Stables for sale. 25000 sq meters, Good life style. Profitable, Licenced. Finestrat Area. Owners Retiring after 20 years. 875k .. 690 06 1752

Long term let

PRIVATE SALE, lg 3 bed, 2 bath detached finca, 1000 m2 plot, lg garage & storage room, shed & 25 m2 summer house. Located 5 mins drive from Rojales & 10 mins from Guardamar del Segura. Ready to move in 625 034 903

PARCENT LOVELY REFORMED townhouse. 138 m2 over 2 floors. Grd floor: Entrance area, Large dining /Livingroom + fireplace, Large bright equipped kitchen, magnificent stone feature wall, patio with fish pond. 1st Fl: Spacious master bedroom could be converted into 2 bedrooms if desired, terrace with views of the Coll de Rates mountains. Dble bedroom + wardrobes. Easy access to bathroom on this floor +large bath, toilet & sink. Grd floor toilet, large pantry could be converted to a small bedroom , utility room. New roof, wooden beams. Heating installation. Electricity & water. Parcent popular for cycling & hiking, a village that has all the necessary essential services. Ref-1052120.000€ Tel: 609 211 710 - info@

HOUSE/PET SITTING .Your house or mine. References 637 160 545 PET TRAVEL UK Family pet transporters Spain/UK. Travel with your pets for free. Email: info@pet website: Removals also arranged in other vehicles. Tel UK 01209 630604 or Spain 960 130 537

The Valencian Regional Tourism Law (Ley Valenciana de Turismo) obliges all advertisers of short term holiday lets to supply the property’s official registry number when placing an advert. For further information: opencms/opencms/turisme/es/contents/tramitacion/ viviendas_turisticas/viviendas_turisticas.html?tam

ALTEA BELLO HORIZONTE. Semi detached 3 bed,2 bath chalet furnished. Large living room with fireplace fully fitted kitchen A/C, BBQ and terraces beautiful 400m2 gardens, private parking for 2 cars. Community pool & tennis court. Quiet area near all amenities Nice views only 900€ month Tel 616 482 090

Short term let 500 YEAR OLD BEAMED Finca in Beautiful Valley inJesus Pobre, Denia/Javea area. DOGS ARE VERY WELCOME. www.little +44 1865 512 922 or 07808 181779


ACCOMPANY YOUR PET(S) whilst they are driven in comfort to any destination in Europe by an experienced animal carer/driver. Contact Denise. info@petchauffeur .eu or Tel 952 197 187 696 233 848

Important notice:


Animal world

PLEASE ADOPT A kitten Pluto protectora animales takes care of orphaned and abandoned kittens. After spending a few weeks or months with foster parents, we try placing them in permanent homes. You can choose from many different colours and markings. All are dewormed; also vaccinated for rabies and micro-chipped if older than 3 months. Please call Angelika: 693 704 255 (mobile) or find out more on our website: pluto

ÿ Possibility to construct a ve storey building ÿ Good investment (approx. 200 m2) ÿ Centrally located (Rambla Juan Mateo) ÿ 5 mins walk to the town centre ÿ Also suitable as a business premises, o ce, shop

607 200 041


August 21, 2019 - N° 621

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The Post - 21th August  

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