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Resort landmark demolished

June 26, 2019 - No 613,

Alert for high temperatures State weather agency AEMET has issued a special bulletin on the arrival of ‘very hot air’ from Africa today (Wednesday, June 26). They note that temperatures could pass 40ºC in the interior of the country, with the possibly that the mercury could rise above 42ºC in the Ebro valley from Thursday to Sunday. The situation is due to last

at least until Sunday, June 30 and ‘could continue into July’. Alicante university climatology lab has noted that the heat will be less extreme on the Costa Blanca, with cooling breezes off the sea helping to keep temperatures down. However, inland areas of the province could see the mercury approach 40ºC. Temperatures will stay

high at night, not falling below 22ºC in some areas. The summer officially began on Friday (June 21) at 17.54 and runs until Monday, September 23. According to state weather agency AEMET, ‘it is likely once again to be warmer than in a normal year’. Full report in Friday’s Costa Blanca News

The iconic Mirador at the top of the Old Town has been demolished as part of a €1.2m excavation project for what are thought to be archaeological remains of a fort. But starting at the beginning of the peak summer season appears odd and will no doubt leave many holidaymakers disappointed. See page 3

Flagging up quality Orihuela has been handed five Q quality flags for beaches in the municipality. Mayor Emilio Bascuñana said the award from the national ICTE tourism insti-

tute shows the good condition of the sands. He said that Orihuela Costa is one of the ‘most attractive’ tourist destinations in the area.

OPEN / + 34 966 49 11 63 / Ctra. Moraira a Calpe, 19, 03724 Moraira, Alicante /

9 to 24 h.


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June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Summer parking restrictions in Altea Until September 11, access into the old town will be restricted between 7pm and 3am to residents only in pocession of a valid access card. At the weekend the restriction will begin earlier, at 1pm. Residents on the padron that do not have a card are advised to go to the citizens

department in the town hall for a registration form which then needs to be presented, along with a photocopy at the local police station who will provide the card. Visitors are advised that there is plenty of free parking available at the Palau, University carpark, San Gerónimo and Garganes-Basseta carparks.

Preserving natural habitats

More than 50 people including volunteers and land owners have participated in clean-up and restoration works at the Cañar watercourse in La Muela-Cabo Tiñoso regional park in Cartagena. The works were launched by the environmental association ANSE and included removing invasive

plant species, planting native species and guaranteeing that they will able to survive. ANSE stressed that invasive species are one of the main threats to biodiversity and that watercourses play an important role by preserving the habitats and the water resources. The works are included in

a pioneering environmental project which involves land owners. The owners learn that their land, crops and orchards are more protected if the surrounding natural habitats are protected and maintained. The project is supported by the Ministry for Ecological Transition.

Tiger mosquito campaign

Depós ito Legal: A-868-2007 - ISSN 1888-167 X Ed ite d b y Rota tivos d e l Me d ite rrá ne o, S.L. Printe d by: Se rvic ios de Impre s ión de Le va nte , S.A., Bia r (Alic a nte ) HEAD OFFICE: Calle Alicante 39, Pol. Ind. La Cala, 03509 Finestrat - Tel: 902 702 400 - Fax: 965 858 361 P o s ta l a d d re s s : The POST, Apartado 95, 03508 Benidorm (Alicante) BENIJ ÓFAR OFFICE: C/ Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 36, Tel: 902 402 402, Fax: 966 712 170 TORREVIEJ A OFFICE: Rambla J uan Mateo 26, Tel: 617 369 441, Fax: 965 715 759 P ho to s : Editorial, dpa Ed ito ria l te a m : J ames Parkes, J asmine Rokadia, Dave J ones, Alex Watkins, Irena Bodnarec, J oyce French Co nta c t: Ad ve rtis ing :, Tel: 902 702 400, Fax: 966 830 453 ADVERTISING REP S: OLIVA - J ÁVEA: Mo nika P o liwo d a , Tel.: 617 369 011, No ra P a ko ts , Tel.: 617 369 403, GATA DE GORGOS - CALP E: Ce c ilia Tie d e m a nn, Tel.: 605 043 010, Ang e l Lo za no , Tel.: 607 483 612, ALTEA - ALICANTE: P ila r Die z, Tel.: 609 301 836, Eva As e ns io , Tel.: 607 329 306, TORRELLANO - LA MANGA: Mike Cunning ha m , Tel.: 607 459 651, Chris tia ne Lo yd a , Tel. 607 342 532, Ve ró nic a J uá re z, 617 369 441, DESKS: DÉNIA: SERVIBOX, Patricio Ferrándiz 40 Tel: 966 426 017, Fax: 966 426 968 J AVEA ARENAL: QUICKSAVE ARENAL, CC Arenal, local D, Avda. del Pla 126, Tel. 965 794 648 J ALÓN: J AYS OF J ALÓN, C/ Lepanto 8, Tel: 966 480 757, 636 100 873 ALTEA: LEOS SOFT FURNISHINGS SUP ERSTORE, Ctra. N332, The Big Red Shop, Tel. 965 844 848 EL CAMP ELLO: GESTIONES FIONA, C/San Bartolomé 128, Tel 965 633 206, Fax: 965 631 061 LA ZENIA: FALKEN TOURS, Avda. de la Playa 1, local 5, Tel. 966 730 151, Fax: 966 773 840

With the arrival of summer, Calpe town hall has once again launched a programme for the prevention and detection of the tiger mosquito. From June to October, a specialist company will be responsible for placing traps in different areas of the town to conduct a census of the insect, which will enable them to act more forcefully in the areas where its presence is detected. They will also carry out prevention steps in the rest of the town. The town hall reminded residents that they play a fundamental role in the fight against the tiger mosquito, as it is estimated that more than 90% of the places where they breed are in private gardens. The larvae can be found

where water accumulates, such as fountains, water butts, plant pots and vases. The council has asked if them anybody detects around their property, to contact them so that they can take action to prevent them. The town hall has asked

for a grant of €3,630 from the department of public health for the costs of fighting the tiger mosquito. It is an invasive species native to south east Asia, capable of breeding in almost any water accumulation that has laid still for more than five days.

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June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Benidorm’s iconic landmark gone! grimage up to the top to get breathtaking views of both sides of Benidorm and take photographs of the Levante and Poniente beaches. However, works must be completed by mid-November to adhere with the strict stipulations and deadlines of the subsidy which they were granted to carry out these works. Once completed the mayor Toni Perez stated that paving similar to that on the Poniente promenade will be used, but only in blue and white and the balustrade around the perimeter will also be replaced, using a more durable material. It has not been disclosed whether another structure similar to that which was demolished will be rebuilt or if it will just be a huge empty space.

At the end of last week, workmen cordoned off the upper part of the Mirador at the top of the Old Town and diggers moved in to begin demolition of one of the resorts most visited landmarks, flattening the iconic structure that stood in the middle. The €1.2 million project is an archaeological excavation to find the remains of an old fort dating back to the 1300’s, evidence of which was first discovered during preliminary digs in 1993 and 2014. Culturally and historically it is very important for the resort, however it has left many, especially holidaymakers aghast that the authorities have chosen the beginning of the busy summer season to start these works. Thousands make the pil-

Smash and grab suspects arrested Two prolific thieves have been arrested in Cartagena by the National Police following a series of thefts from vehicles in the city. They had many criminal records for similar offences and have been remanded in custody by a judge. The thieves forced open car doors or broke the windows to steal any valuables and electronic devices they found. One of them was caught

Hogueras go up in flames

in the act. He was carrying a large screwdriver and wearing a balaclava and gloves and had just removed the car’s CD player.

A National Police spokeswoman pointed out that no additional robberies have been recorded in the city since both thieves were sent to prison.

The 180 hogueras' around Alicante city - including this one in Plaza del Ayuntamiento - were set ablaze on Monday night (San Juan) amid spectacular fireworks. Don't miss the full report in Costa Blanca News on Friday

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June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Bowel cancer care revised A new pre and post-operative protocol designed to improve recovery for patients with bowel cancer has been implemented at Torrevieja and Vinalopó (Elche) hospitals. According to Ribera Salud, the company which manages public healthcare in these areas for the regional government, this includes a programme of ‘prehabilitation’ for fragile patients, and intensifies fast-track post-op-

erative care for all patients with the condition. “The objective is to reduce the response to surgical stress and the morbidity rate from this kind of surgery, and to achieve more comfortable and quicker recover of patients,” said a spokeswoman. This involves nutrition, rehabilitation, surgery, anaesthesiology and psychology. Head of proctology Pilar Serrano said that this multidisciplinary work will reduce

deaths from complications, days spent in hospital and readmission rates, as well as involving patients and their carers more in decision making. Her department, which covers the catchment areas of both hospitals, diagnoses about 200 cases of bowel cancer per year and was recognised for excellence in 2018 by the Spanish coloproctology association (AECP/FAECP).

...And Albir celebrated on the beach

Altea’s San Juan tradition

Calp News

More than 500 men took part in one of Altea’s oldest and rather unusual traditions last Friday evening, dating back to 1617 to celebrate the dawning of San Juan. A 25metre tree was cut down from the banks of the Algar river and carried through the streets of the old town and at

9pm, placed into a hole in front of the church. Along the way they stopped every few metres,

where tradition dictates that residents would throw buckets of water over them from their balconies to cool them down! A band followed the procession and copious amounts of red wine, drunk straight from earthenware jugs helped them complete this mammoth task. The route was lined with bemused visitors and holidaymakers, all enjoying and embracing the atmosphere like none they’d ever witnessed before. This tradition always takes place on the last Friday before San Juan.

Like many beaches up and down the coast, thousands turned out on the El Raco beach on Sunday evening to welcome in San Juan. Albir was one of the only beaches which allowed a bonfire, which was lit just before midnight under the careful watch of the firefighters. Many descended throughout the afternoon and early evening, setting up tables and chairs – and in some cases, even a tablecloth,

joining together with friends and plenty of food and wine. As midnight approached the shoreline was jam packed and at the strike of midnight many took the plunge into what was exceptionally warm waters. Once the bonfire had burnt down considerably, many then jumped over, with the Red Cross standing by in case of any casualties of which thankfully there weren’t any.

Calpe…water sports for everyone! Calpe is a paradise for water sport lovers. Crystal clear seawater, the mild climate with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year and a singular landscape crowned by the emblematic rock make this a unique place for the practice of all kinds of water sport. e Real Club Náutico de Calpe, located at the foot of the Peñon de Ifach, o ers a great range of water

activities for people of all ages. e nautical club provides a number of cours-

es at both beginners and advanced levels -sailing, rowing, paddle surf, kayak and

snorkelling- as well as facilities for those who want to go out training. ey have the water-

cra and necessary equipment needed to practice these sports – in fact, it’s a wonderful opportunity for getting into shape and for enjoying such amazing surroundings. Sailing, rowing and kayaking all take place in Calpe bay - out at sea, along the coastline and around the numerous coves, areas of great scenic beauty, which are also suitable for stand-up paddle. Snorkelers can observe the fascinating underwater life, Calpe’s own nature show unfolding above the seabed.

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June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Calpe arrest over car fraud A man was arrested in Calpe last week, after claiming his car had been stolen and crashed, when in fact he had been the driver of the vehicle at the time. Initially, the 21-year-old Moroccan reported the theft of his car on the morning of June 9. It was subsequently found with serious damage in the area of Pla Roig in Calpe. The car had crashed with quite some force into the wall of a private property and been abandoned. While the police arranged for the car to be taken away,

an investigation into the theft commenced, and it was at this time that inconsistencies began to arise regarding the circumstances surrounding the stolen vehicle. Guardia civil agents then interviewed the man once more, who finally confessed that he had in fact crashed his own vehicle and lied about the car theft. He was therefore arrested and charged with falsifying a crime. He appeared in court and was released on charge pending a further trial.

Skilful burglars concern police The ease with which some burglars have been able to open certain types of doors locks and/or domestic security equipment, without leaving signs of them being forced, is concerning Elche local police. They have been trying to raise awareness of the problem to residents on social networks and at neighbourhood security talks promoted by district mayors. One such recent incident was a on June 20, when residents of a property on Calle Miguel HernĂĄndez reported that a light was on in a house which they thought was empty because the owner was away for medical treatment. Local and National Po-

lice officers responded to find the door open and two men inside, one of them with rubble in his hands from trying to rip out a safe. Another two members of the gang were intercepted at the entrance to the communal terrace, trying to hide a mobile phone and other tools used for breakins, including a sledgehammer, chisel and screwdrivers. The four suspects, aged between 32 and 36, were arrested and taken to a medical centre then the police station, and after the owner was located a relative came and closed up the house until forensics could come to inspect the premises.

Man arrested over bar brawl knife attack Benidorm National Police were finally able to arrest a 51-year-old Spanish man for allegedly injuring two other men with a knife at a bar on the outskirts of Benidorm. The man was apparently in an agitated state inside the bar, shouting at other customers. At that moment two men who knew him, entered the bar and attempted to calm him down, but the aggressor got even more agitated and started to fight with his friends, who received various punches. At one point, the aggressor took out a knife from his trouser pocket and slashed one of the vic-

tims across his face and neck, causing two deep wounds that bled profusely. The second man tried to stop the attack and received various injuries but they were less serious. The first victim was attended to by ambulance staff and was taken urgently to Villajoyosa’s Marina Baixa hospital. By this time, the attacker had fled the scene. Benidorm National Police from the Judicial Police brigade initiated an investigation to identify the aggressor; this was not difficult thanks to his friends cooperating fully with officers.

The 51-year-old knew the police were after him, so he changed his lifestyle completely to hide himself from the police. However, officers discreetly staked out possible locations, and he was eventually caught days later when he went to pick up his girlfriend from her work. He was arrested and charged with attempted murder and sent in front of a Benidorm court. The police report caused a stir when it first hit online press, as it was initially accompanied by a photo of a bar that had nothing to do with the incident at all, this was rapidly removed.

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June 26, 2019 - N° 613

EU told to tighten up on imports The farmers’ trade union COAG has warned over the arrival of plant ‘plagues’ from non-EU countries due to poor health control checks at customs points. COAG spokesman Andrés Góngora pointed out that tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, almonds, olives, citrus fruits and cucumbers have been infected by different viruses which are difficult to exterminate. He said that the ‘Tuta absoluta’ pest had reached the EU from South America in 2006

and farmers on the Spanish Mediterranean coast are still struggling to exterminate it as different protection measures and biological treatments are needed. “The way cucumbers were grown had to be changed to protect them from other imported plagues,” he said. He added that the Xylella fastidiosa plague is seriously damaging almond and olive trees of Alicante province.” Sr Góngora asked the EU authorities in a meeting this

week to establish the same production requirements and food safety standards for non-EU growers as EU farmers have to face. He claimed that they are not allowed to use certain products, but non-EU farmers have no such restrictions but are still able to sell products freely in the European market. “Additionally, their fruits and vegetables are not properly checked at the food safety customs and we get their plagues,” he said.

Tiny trumpeter triumphs again

Benitachell contributes towards CO2 reductions

A remarkably talented young local trumpeter, 11-year-old Alexandro García from Almoradí has won two more international prizes in the last month. He was awarded the Rising Stars Grand Prix International Music Competition in Berlin and the OPUS 2019 international music contest in Cracow, which brings his total of national and international prizes to 30. Alexandro, who studies at the Pedro Terol

music conservatory in Orihuela, won first prize in the junior (up to 12 years) and soloist categories in Berlin, the third year in a row that he has been among the prize-winners at this prestigious event that attracts some of the most talented young musicians all over the world. He also dazzled the jury and triumphed over more than 100 competitors at the first edition of the OPUS awards in Poland, organised by the Life and Art foundation.

Play areas for pets and people A visit to the first play area for dogs in Crevillente was one of the last acts of outgoing mayor César Augusto Asencio. Located next to La Rambla urbanisation, work on it was finished on June 14 and it was opened the following day. Sr Asencio explained that the project was carried out by the company FCC as an extra service which they offered in their bid for the municipality’s street cleaning contract. The area covers 450 square metres in which dogs

can be let off their leads to enjoy various play equipment that has been installed for them. Next to this, the town hall has installed a recreational area for the pets’ owners, which covers 2,200m2, in which there is children’s play apparatus, a zip-line, exercise equipment and picnic tables. The company also has the necessary materials to install another canine area in the municipality, the location of which can be decided by the new council.

The public swimming pool in Benitachell has become a benchmark in sustainability following a boiler replacement. With the help of a grant of €8,787.60 from Ivace (The Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness), which funded 40% of the cost of exchange, a new propane gas boiler will reduce CO2 emissions by 87 tonnes per year. With an efficiency of 105%, it will heat the pool water and the

changing room showers. The objective of replacing the old diesel boiler was to reduce both energy consumption and the impact on the environment.

June 26, 2019 - N° 613


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June 26, 2019 - N° 613

The Original Charity Shop makes double donation Last week Javea’s Original Charity Shop and library made a double donation of €1,000 each to The Javea Autism Association and Helen Davis of

the organisation Spread Some Sunshine. The Javea Autism Association made an appeal for financial aid to help pay for a

Helen Davis of Spread Some Sunshine is presented with donation

summer school teacher for autistic children. Ramon and staff were delighted to accept the cheque for €1,000. Helen Davis of Spread Some Sunshine appealed for help to finance a small abode for a mother and daughter in Sri Lanka who are destitute and live without running water, electricity etc. Helen wished to thank the Original Charity Shop most sincerely and explained that the money will help to employ two local builders to continue the house build. The Original Charity has recently extended its premises. We now have a superb extension with lots of space for small

Presentation to Ramon of the Javea Autism Association

ant in Javea Port. For details of the group

and other information about other Javea U3A groups and

furniture items, curtains, bedding, pictures, tools, crockery, glassware, electro items, books and much more. Come and have a look at our spacious shop and enjoy shopping in

comfort with lots and lots to choose from. For more information please see www.charityshoplibrary. com or send an email to:

Tasty trip for wine lovers Members of the two Javea U3A Wine Appreciation groups combined for a visit to the Casa los Frailes vineyard and bodega in Fontanars dels Alfarins, near Ontinyent. On a perfect summer day, they were shown round the 400-acre estate by the owner's son, Miguel, and treated to wine tastings,

tapas and a healthy lunch. The family-owned estate, founded in 1771, produces some of the best organic wines in Spain. The U3A group – affectionately known as WAGs – is run by Trevor and Sally Rush, who organised the day out. The two groups meet every month at La Cocina restaur-

events, visit the website

Your furniture outlet where the SALENEVER ENDS!

N E W !! F u r n it u r e P a c ks t o s u it ev er y bu d get

Furniture & homewares from: and most other catalogue companies

June 26, 2019 - N° 613


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June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Puerto de Xabia Lodge hold garden party fundraiser

Two more donations from Giving4Giving Gary Burr from Giving4Giving donated €1,000 to local Albir residents Rob Adema (pictured with Gary) and Hardy Janssen towards the ‘Make A Wish Foundation’ – a worldwide charity granting wishes to children between the ages of 3 and 18 suffering from life threatening illnesses. Over the last couple of years, the pair have raised more than €20,000 for the charity and Gary wanted to make a donation to this life-changing organisation. In the same week he also

made a further €1,000 donation to the AECC – National Spanish Cancer charity, which was accepted by Pamela Dawson-Tasker, president of the Alfaz branch. G4G continue to make donations to local charities in Spain – half cancer related and half to other deserving causes. They have just opened another shop in Albir and always need more volunteers and donations – house clearances and collections of large items available on request.

Local Freemasons from Puerto de Xabia Lodge recently held their annual summer party to raise funds for the local charity, Denia children's home. It was held at popular local restaurant, Casa De La Pizza in Costa Nova, Javea who provided a fantastic barbeque for almost fifty Masons, wives and their invited guests. The party started off at 2pm and the restaurant was almost full from the start. A wide selection of barbequed meats and vegetables were on offer along with several types of salad. This was followed by a selection of desserts which were clearly enjoyed by everyone. During, and after, lunch the Masons were royally entertained by the music and singing of popular local entertainer Ian Henry who played nonstop for almost three hours to the great enjoyment of all the guests. A charity raffle was held in which all the prizes were donated by Masons and their wives. A beautiful pendant necklace was kindly donated by the owner of ASR Jewelry, Mrs Alessandra Ragusa, wife of Bro Alvaro Ochoa, one of our Spanish Masons. A beautiful bouquet of flowers was donated by Mrs Fiona Deppe owner of Fiona's Flowerpower, wife of Bro Peter de Graaf one of our Dutch Masons and many other gifts including, more flowers, wine chocolates and glasses. The raffle raised €245 which will be donated to the Master's charity. This year Worshipful Master Jim Campbell, one of our Scottish Masons has de-

cided to support the children's home in Denia during his year in office. This was a great after-

noon which was enjoyed by all the guests and also raised a tidy sum of money for a local Spanish charity.

Do you want to lose the Akira bookstall? Without your help this will happen and we will lose an income of around €6,500 a year. We need a strong person to drive a van to the market with all the tables books, gazebos etc. then to set up the stalls. This has to be done by 8am and then taking down the stalls at 2pm. The bookstall is every second and fourth Friday of the month.If we get a van it will be much easier as it can be packed and left on the carpark! We are also looking for a van for AKIRA.

IF you know anyone who is willing to donate one or selling one please let us know. We need people to sell the UK books. Sadly after 7 years of running the UK bookstall Martin and Lynn Griffin feel they want to step back and we thank them for all their hard work over the years. If we get enough people we can run a rota between 9am and 1.30pm.Please try and help us we need this income. Its only two Mornings a month! Please contact Maggie on email or 96 574 4449

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June 26, 2019 - N° 613

SAS receive a very welcome donation Abandoned Pinos cats now in the care of ARC from Rojales Pantomime Group The Stroke Association Spain is a self support group that meets weekly at Casa de Cultura in Benijofar and Rojales Pantomime Group are extremely pleased to be able to support this worthy organistion by donating €200 raised from their pantomime Camelot The Panto performed earlier in the year. The group is available to all stroke sufferers and their carers and provides a safe and therapeutic environment that aims to facilitate stroke recovery. As well as much needed donations the SAS also welcomes volunteers who have the skills, knowledge and commitment to support their activities. If you are interested or need further information telephone them on 654 901 260 or email – Rojales Pantomime Group are very happy to be able to support lots of local charities from monies raised and they hope to be able to raise even more from their next pantomime performance which will be Treasure Island for which auditions are now being held so that rehearsals can soon commence for this very funny pantomime. If you are interested in joining our group, for either on or off stage positions please contact us by email at rojales We also enjoy various social events throughout the year. Seen here receiving their donation from Mike Smith, President of the Group, together with other cast members is Paul Owen of SAS who was highly delighted with the donation.

This photo is not very nice and is just one of the eight abandoned cats left behind the first green bin on the road to Pinos. They are not feral and we don’t know how long they have been abandoned. Sally at ARC had a message from the lady who found them. This female in the photo has now been taken to Jose at Bernia Vets, Jalon. These cats belonged to someone and because they are not feral have been unable to fend for themselves, domesticated cats cannot cope or hunt for food, the lady who found them trapped one and took to be sterilised. Now Jalon Valley ARC is helping but our funds are low so if anyone can help please donate to our Facebook fund raiser or by Paypal to

The cat in the photo has been blood tested (negative) and is now on a drip to rehydrate her and she has had antibiotics. She will stay at the vet until better, she is emaciated and, as you can see, is in a sorry state. All these cats are going to need ongoing veterinary care until they are well, then hopefully we can rehome them, so any help you can give is greatly appreciated. Many thanks you for your support, it is much appreciated.

HELP Vega Baja Connections Team is expanding Following a recent committee meeting HELP Vega Baja (registered charity) have announced that they are expanding the number of trained Listeners they have in their Connections Team in order to cope with the increased demand for the service. The Connections Team offers a 24-hour confidential, emotional support helpline on 965 021 552 and has proved to be a muchneeded support for people who are struggling emotionally, since the service was introduced in July 2018. Calls to the team of

trained Listeners cover a variety of issues including grief, depression, addiction, suicide to name just a few. With the backing of the charity that has been supporting people for over 35 years in the Vega Baja area, callers to the service receive emotional support and where necessary, practical support is often available through the charity. Michele Masson, President told us “our Listeners are working incredibly hard and it is becoming very apparent that we need to bring in new Listeners to the team in order to cope

with the number of calls we receive. Anyone who would like to know more about the role should contact our charity secretary, Richard Garland on 966 723 733 or email us direct at The Connection Team volunteers, once trained, will join the rota to ensure that we are available when people need us – often at their darkest moments. It is an extremely rewarding role and one that requires a special individual who can show empathy, is non-judgmental and can also be a team player. We need both

male and female Listeners of all ages who are prepared to make a commitment to the service. The charity has invested in an extensive training package for all volunteers which will provide them with the listening skills required for the calls that they may receive whilst on duty. Volunteers will be given a mobile phone in order that they may take calls privately in their own environment. Ongoing mentoring and support will also be provided. The next training course will be held in August or September, one day per

week over 4 weeks (Saturdays) in our San Miguel Centre. Final dates will be agreed once we are aware of number of candidates interested in the role. I would also like to remind people that if they are going through a difficult time, please do not struggle alone. Call the helpline on 965 021 552. For more information on any of the services offered by HELP Vega Baja please visit their website at www. or their Facebook page. Alternatively, email the San Miguel Centre on

SELLING YOUR PROPERTY? Call today to list your property • Established in Moraira since 1995. • A thoughtful, friendly and professional multi-lingual team. • Our sole aim is to sell your property in a stress-free manner. • Ask about our ‘advantage package’ for exclusive listings.

Av. de la Paz 10b • 03724 Moraira (+34) 966 498 595

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June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Calpe U3A break for summer The last meeting was held at the Sol Ifach hotel on June 20 a well-attended meeting with 76 people turning up on a sunny day. Doors opened at the usual time of 10am. Our meet and greet team and travel team were on hand to sign people in and book holidays. Our President Verity Waddell opened the meeting and after short reports from the committee members the speaker was introduced. Pedro Domingo from Cruz Roja Espanola (Spanish Red Cross) gave us a talk about the help that is available to people in our Costa Blanca area to all nationalities. He outlined the various types of emergency alert buttons (in the UK a panic button) which can work through the house land line or 4G phone system. The Red Cross team will visit your home and advise upon the best system that will work well in your location and make sure that you are happy with it. The push button Alert can be installed as an app. in your smart phone and is active 24hours a day and 365 days a year. The Red Cross team monitor the devices and can call a designated per-

Pedro showing the 4G router

son if they are concerned. If you are interested in any of these types of “peace of mind” equipment, call Freephone 678 501 586. Kerry Edwards and Freda Croasdell of Calpe U3A Travel Team are taking names for the 13 night Greek island cruise on Wednesday, October 9, 2020 with R.C.I. travel@u3acalpe. org Our next meeting is on September 19, at the usual location Sol Ifach Hotel 10am for 11am have a great summer see you all on the 19th. Email contacts: travel@u3acalpe. org or Website: Read more in CBNews this Friday (North edition).

Lunch for Chums CHUMS (friends of charity) a small registered charity had a special lunch at Godoys last week. It was a great afternoon...good food, good company and a brilliant raffle. We are just a small charity with a wonderful generous group and we have been going for just under 4 years and raised a princely sum of just over€ 14 000. Why not come along and meet

our friendly members. Our next meeting is at a new venue for us and they have promised us a very warm welcome. We are going to YOU, in Albir near the Sabadell Bank on July 6, 12pm for coffee and 1pm for lunch. If you would like more information please call Marilyn on 965 864 394. See more in Friday's Costa Blanca News (North)

Fun and games at Hondón Valley Legion The first meeting of the Branch at its new venue proved extremely successful. Following the formal part where the Chairman updated members on recent changes to the Legion line up, members settled into an evening of fun and games. As well as the “normal” darts, table skittles and shove ha’penny (50 cents) there were the more unusual games. One member, George, correctly guessed the weight of a bottle of whiskey. The “rat down a drain pipe” grew great crowds of participants, as did the “duck shooting gallery” and fairground “grabber” machine. Rhoda, who “downed” the most ducks in the shooting gallery surprised herself at her fantastic shooting ability, beating some members who thought they were “crack shots”! Our new venue gave us lots of space to display all the various games. The Branch meets on the third Tuesday of each month (except August) at El Fogon, Hondón de los Frailes 7pm for 7.30pm and visitors

Rhoda, winner of the duck shooting

and guests are most welcome. A summer party is planned for July 18 and for information on this event and any other Branch matters, please contact our secretary by email on hondonvalley.secretary@ or go to our website: See more in this Friday's Costa Blanca News (South edition).

Legal and Finance 13

June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Want to stock up before Brexit? Ten top tips for clever bulk-buying By Vicky Shaw, P.A. Discount deals and Brexit uncertainty are encouraging people to bulk-buy, but be savvy if you want to avoid waste later on. By Vicky Shaw. Nine in 10 shoppers claim to be committed bulkbuyers, new research has found. And with 89% of people saying they buy in bulk, it's not just a good deal that's enticing consumers to stock up on items they won't immediately use. Across the UK, one in 10 (10%) are stockpiling grocery

items as a reaction to Brexit and uncertainty over how this will affect prices, according to the research from So far, these shoppers have spent an average of ÂŁ214 on items for their "Brexit cupboards". The top 10 most popular items for people to bulk-buy are toilet paper, washing powder, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, baked beans, frozen food, soap, pasta, rice and meat, the survey found. But for many, their bulkbuys can often end up going

How... to save on your summer wardrobe

It may be hard to believe with the weather, but summer is here and for many that means splashing out on a new wardrobe for holidays and social events. Here are some tips from on how to get a new summer wardrobe without breaking the bank: 1. Shop your existing wardrobe

Look at what you've already got and consider how you can accessorise your existing clothes differently to put a new twist on them, perhaps by adding an eyecatching pair of shoes or statement jewellery. Rather than going for tried-andtested clothing combinations, try to mix and match items you haven't put together as a single outfit before. Shaking your wardrobe up a bit may even give you the same feeling of change as buying new clothes would. 2. Invest in wardrobe staples It seems like every month or two a new trend is on the radar. But instead of spend-

ing your hard-earned money on items that might end up in shops' bargain bins next month, try and go for items that will never go out of style - such as a wellcut blazer and some quality fabric jeans. 3. Go vintage

Fashion often goes in cycles. So instead of buying brand new clothes imitating styles that were in fashion years before, seek out originals, from charity shops, car boot sales or online auction sites. It's kinder to the environment and you won't risk someone else turning up to events in the same outfit. 4. Let go of what you don't need Pile up what you don't need into basic categories such as tops, trousers and jackets, then stay on the lookout for future car-boot sales in your area, or try selling them online. Selling old clothes is not just a way to make more space in your wardrobe, but also a great means of making quick money to reinvest in pieces you truly desire.

to waste, with 44% of consumers admitting they eventually throw away goods they'd previously stocked up on. In terms of why, some say they simply forget about the extra items they've bought, while others miss the chance to use them before they go out of date. Bulk-buys can also end up in the bin because there's nowhere at home to store them, the survey of over 2,100 people revealed. Adam Bullock, UK director of says: "Bulk buying is often not as savvy as it seems. Consumers are throwing goods in the bin and money down the drain by stocking up on items they either have no immediate use or space for. "It can be done right, when buying non-perishables and items like toilet roll, but it takes a time and planning to make sure it works for you and you're getting the best deals." Keen to stock up? Here are's top tips for being a clever bulk-buyer... 1. Do your maths Special offer labels can be enticing, but work out the cost per item or per gram to see how much you could save by buying multiple items rather than just one or two - it may not be as much as you think or anything at all. Use the calculator on your mobile phone if you need to.

2. Set a bulk-buying budget - just as you might for your regular shopping Weekly budgets are essential for ensuring you don't feel the pinch. If you decide to bulk-buy products, make sure you put away a little money each week, so you spread the cost evenly across the year. Doing a big bulk-buy shop can leave you short in the months to follow if you haven't planned for it. 3. Make a list of the items you regularly cook or use These will be the items that are most important to bulkbuy. This will stop you being distracted by deals for items you don't need. 4. Bulk-buy expensive items

use them immediately - or see if some can be frozen. 6. Check how much storage space you have before going shopping A lack of space could result in having to throw items away to make room for new purchases. 7. Shop big Buy from wholesalers and discount stores, who may have great deals when bulkbuying. 8. Join forces Pairing up with friends, family or colleagues means you can split the purchase and still end up with the same deal but without a large amount of stock to store at home.

Make a list of the expensive items you need such as washing powder and razors and make a point of looking for bulk-buy deals. As you don't need to buy them every week, you can wait for a good deal before stocking up.

9. Make note

5. Make more use of the freezer and canned foods

Having an overflowing amount of items can encourage people to use bigger amounts in a more wasteful way, knowing they have a back-up.

Don't bulk-buy perishable goods unless you're able to

Keep a note of sell-by-dates on items and make sure you are using products before buying more. 10. Only use the amounts you really need

14 Events

June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Claire-Marie sings a farewell concert to Costa Blanca To celebrate the beginning of the summer holidays, soprano singer Claire-Marie will be performing a new, extended repertoire of international songs and classical favourites at the lovely Restaurante Canali in Jávea today, Wednesday, June 26 from 8pm. This will be her final performance on the Costa Blanca before her next working cruise in July, this

time in Europe. You can eat à la carte or sample Canali's wonderful Canarian This is sure to be a great evening on their beautiful terrace with their welcoming and attentive staff.! Please call 965971481 or 659 424 124 to book your table. The restaurant is located at Ctra Benitachell-Javea, 91 (Javea).

'La Font Experiències' in Sagra this weekend Music, crafts, gastronomy and fun for children in Sagra - 28 and 29 June This weekend the little village of Sagra in the North of the province Alicante will come to life because the local cultural association has organized lots of activities in the lovely setting of the "Fuente" at the bottom of the village under the name "La Font Experiències". You can enjoy several concerts, there are food trucks, you can taste local dishes and there is a small but original craft fair. For the children thare are games and theatre. The event starts both Friday 28 and Saturday 29 June at 7pm with "show cooking" where a local dish is prepared in view of the visitors, who can even taste it when it's ready. The regional craft association Amata is present with several stalls (see photo): a potter and a glass blower will show their crafts and you can buy original jewellery, pictures and leatherwork - all hand made by the participants.

There is an entrance fee of €5 which includes a voucher for a drink, or you can pay €17 and also have some tapas. More information and the complete programme you can find under 'lafontexperiencies' in Facebook.

San Pedro fiestas Pirates wanted for next pantomime production Come on me hearties... come and join Long John Silver on his quest to find the long lost treasure where X marks the spot! The Rojales Pantomime Group are looking to recruit pirates for both speaking and non speaking parts in the chorus for their next fabulous pantomime Treasure Island to be performed next January. If you fancy having a swashbuckling hilarious time, be part of a mutinous crew aboard The Hispaniola and generally have a great time then sign up now for an ad-

venture you really won’t forget. Proceeds from our pantomimes are donated to various local charities so, not only will you have lots of fun with some great people, you will be helping to raise money for lots of good causes. Our Director, Christine, is waiting for you to contact her on 678 212034 or email – We look forward to you joining our dastardly crew … yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

San Pedro de Pinatar are still celebrating their fiestas in hour of San Pedro with many events continuing until Saturday, July 13. Today, Wednesday, June 26 there is a children's fair from 8pm with rides costing just €1.50 and later there is Flamenco in the air from 10pm with a concert and

fiesta. On Friday, June 28 there is a traditional fruit offering to San Pedro Apóstol with a parade leaving from Plaza de Luis Molina and anyone can join in. For the full programme see the current issue of Costa Blanca News (June 21-27).

Jávea International Festival Jávea will be celebrating from Thursday at the 24th annual International Festival. Starting Thursday, June 27 running through until Saturday, June 29 the fun starts at 18.00 each evening. On stage each night there is a feast of music and dance; while visitors to the site in Avenida Augusta, near Javea port, can enjoy sampling the food, drink and a little culture of the nations taking part this year.

Benissa Moors and Christians fiestas

Get creative with sand workshops in Santa Pola

The town of Benissa is celebrating their Moors and Christians fiestas with this Friday night seeing the entrance of the both followed by fireworks and live music till late near the castle.

There will be free sand sculpturing workshops on the beaches of Santa Pola in July. The workshops will be every Tuesday, from 10am

There is lots of children's entertainment and the humour parade will be on Monday at 8pm . For the full programme see this Friday's Costa Blanca News (North edition).

till 2pm and 4pm to 8pm on Santa Pola's Levante beach and only Fridays on Gran Playa at the same times, from July 2 - 30. You can learn how to cre-

ate marine-related sculptures such as turtles, starfish and also boats. The workshops cater for all ages and is no prior registration is needed.


June 26, 2019 - N° 613

ENTREP INOS GRAND O P ENING S a t u rd a y, J u n e 2 9 @ 6 p .m . FREE TAPAS . LIVE MUS IC (u n d e r n e w m a n a g e m e n t ) For m e ly Ba r Re s t a u ra n t Fa n a d ix

ENTREP INOS “Ar roce r ía va le n cia n a ” Me d it e r ra n e a n cu s in e Gr ille d m e a t s & fis h

ALL WELCOME LOOK FORWARD TO SEE YOU ALL Be a u t ifu l s u r rou n d in g s w it h s w im m in g p ool • Exp e r ie n ce d che f • Won d e r fu l p a e lla s • Lon g fa m ily e xp e r ie n ce w it h re s t a u ra n t s in Va le n cia

Te l. 9 6 5 74 7 4 8 1 . Mob ile 6 4 7 4 4 1 713 . Avd a Fa n a d ix 2 (coa s t a l roa d Ca lp e t o Mora ira ) Be n is s a , Alica n t e


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San Juan night

June 26, 2019 - N° 613

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Food 17

June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Golden pumpkin curry

Egg and lettuce salad

Mimi Aye's recipes By Ella Walker, P.A. Golden pumpkin curry A quick veggie supper. "I'm one of those terrible carnivores and I strongly believe in the (semi joking) Burmese affliction of a-thar masar yat-de yaw-ga: 'The illness caused by the failure to eat meat'," says food writer MiMi Aye. "However, if this gorgeous pumpkin curry is on the table, for once I'll barely twitch. You can use any winter squash you like - it's very good made with kabocha squash or crown prince. If you want to make this a vegetarian dish, you can swap out the shrimp paste and fish sauce for an equal amount of Japanese miso." Ingredients: (Serves 2 as a main or 4-6 as a side) 90ml groundnut oil or other neutral-tasting oil 1tsp ground turmeric 1tsp ground coriander 1tsp ground cumin 1tsp paprika 8 fresh or dried curry leaves 2 medium onions, sliced 1 spring onion, green and white parts, shredded 4 garlic cloves, sliced 2cm piece of ginger, peeled and sliced 1 butternut or kabocha squash (Japanese pumpkin), peeled and cubed 1tbsp sugar

1tsp shrimp paste (belacan) 2tbsp fish sauce Rice to serve Method: 1. Heat the oil in a saucepan over a high heat. Add the turmeric, coriander, cumin, paprika and curry leaves to the oil and allow to sizzle for a few seconds. 2. Now turn the heat down to medium and add the onions, spring onion, garlic and ginger and fry for 10 minutes, until fragrant and the onions have wilted and some have crisped up. 3. Add the squash, sugar, shrimp paste and 300ml of water. Stir well. Cover and cook for 25 minutes, or until the squash is tender. Add the fish sauce, stir again and serve with steamed rice. Egg and lettuce salad A perfect picnic dish. "This is apparently the dish that my mother used to win the heart of my father," explains food writer MiMi Aye, author of new Burmese recipe collection, Mandalay. "They were at medical school together in Mandalay, and she was the only one out of the lot of them who could cook. Whenever the students went on a group picnic, everyone insisted she made this egg salad. It's simple and light, and gorgeous in a sandwich, or on toast (seriously)." Ingredients: (Serves 4) 1 round or butterhead lettuce 6 eggs 1tbsp crispy fried onions, homemade or shop-bought, to garnish For the dressing: 1tbsp groundnut oil or other neutral-tasting oil 2tbsp smooth or crunchy peanut butter 2tbsp fish sauce Juice of 1/2 lime

1/4tsp MSG or 1/2tbsp chicken or vegetable bouillon Method: 1. Mix the dressing ingredients together in a small bowl. 2. Separate the lettuce leaves, wash, drain thoroughly and tear each leaf in half. Place the torn leaves in a large salad bowl. 3. Soft boil the eggs: Place room temperature eggs in a saucepan, cover in cold water and heat on high until the eggs start to boil and bubble furiously. Immediately turn the heat down to medium and continue to simmer for another seven minutes. Remove from heat and submerge in cold, running water to stop the eggs cooking. Cool, peel and quarter them. 4. Drizzle the dressing all over the lettuce leaves and massage with your hands so the leaves become coated and slightly wilted. Add the cooled soft-boiled egg quarters and combine gently to avoid breaking them up. 5. Scatter the crispy fried onions on top and serve with plain rice or in a sandwich.

Fried fish curry

supermarkets) 120ml groundnut oil or other neutral-tasting oil, plus an extra 2tbsp For the sauce: 4 medium onions, sliced thinly 1/3 standard tin of chopped tomatoes (about 135g) 3 fresh tomatoes, diced 1tbsp fish sauce 1/4tsp MSG or 1tbsp chicken or vegetable bouillon For the garnish: 2 finger chillies Handful of coriander leaves, chopped Rice to serve Method: 1. Mix the salt, flour, turmeric and MSG in a large dish, then add the fish. Turn the fish over in the seasonings, making sure it is thoroughly coated. Heat the 120ml of oil in a wok or large frying pan

Resta ura nt . Pension Rooms for events


Fried fish curry Fragrant, warming and very fresh. "This dish is usually made with fish 'steaks', aka cutlets, but it is just as good with fillets or whole fish," explains food writer MiMi Aye. "The type of fish doesn't really matter either, as the luscious, spicy sauce is the thing, so it works equally well with, say, cod or salmon." Ingredients: (Serves 2-4) For the fish: 1tsp salt 2tbsp plain flour 1tsp ground turmeric 1/4tsp MSG or 1/2tbsp chicken or vegetable bouillon 1 whole sea bream or sea bass, or 4 basa or catfish slices (sold frozen in Asian

over a high heat until sizzling, then carefully add the fish. Fry for two to three minutes on each side. Remove the fish using a slotted spoon and set to one side on a dish. 2. In the same wok, heat the remaining two tablespoons of oil over a high heat and add the sauce ingredients. Fry for five minutes, tossing and stirring regularly. Turn the heat down to medium-high and continue to fry for another 10 minutes. Add the fish and the chillies, and toss gently in the sauce. Dish up on a platter, scatter the coriander leaves on top and serve with steamed rice. Mandalay: Recipes And Tales From A Burmese Kitchen by MiMi Aye, photography by Cristian Barnett, is published by Bloomsbury. Available now.

Sch n itz e l Re s ta u r a n t

Avda . Alica nte 1 0 3 7 7 0 El Verger Tel: 9 6 6 4 3 9 8 5 0

Saturday, June 29 at 17.00 Opening P arty with country music, square dance & bbq

e l t o r it o r e s t a ur a nt e n o r we g ia n f il ipin o & in t e r n a t io n a l c u is in e c a l l e ma n u e l d e f a l l a 1 , a l b ir

18 Greetings

June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Happy 65th Chris

Happy 50th Dave

Lots of love from wife Kim, all the family and your many friends xxx

Happy Birthday Yasmin and Lucia Hope you both have great birthdays. Love and Hugs. Nanny and Grandad xxxx

Happy birthday Jeff. Hhave a great day, from all your friends xxx

Happy 50th. From Lisa, Amelia & Scott and friends Caroline, George, Anne, Jim, Val & Gill

Post Greetings If you would like to send someone a free greeting, just send in their photo and a short text to: The Post, Calle Alicante 39, 03509 Finestrat, Alicante Or email:

Your stars for next week


21 Mar - 20 Apr


21 Apr - 21 May


22 May - 21 Jun


22 June - 23 Jul

In what could be a busy, if not frantic week, be prepared! Make sure that everyone does their bit and pull in any favours. Look for energy and talent in others and get them to use it. Being in charge comes naturally to you, especially when something is important. Something of a romantic nature stops you in your tracks at the weekend, but even this encounter can be very useful!

A big chance to learn something fascinating this week seems to be tied up with travel. This could be a hidden gem found on holiday, or a book discovered in a dusty antique shop. With your curious mind and active imagination, it seems a magical time. Are you noticing things about a partner that you didn't before? Could it be time to bring yourself up to date on what they are thinking and feeling?

Fancy doing something creative? Don't want to do it alone? Start looking for options. If classes seem costly, why not start a group yourself? The New Moon gives a new start but it will take extra effort to get things moving. Others may appear to be unhelpful but they have their own worries at the moment. All the more reason to get them out and thinking of something completely different?

Want to start something new and exciting? With your confidence up and down as this month begins, you could be feeling sluggish. Where to start? Look for someone who is full of energy and optimism. Their company could be just what you need for a hefty kick-start! Don't rely on others to volunteer to help out with tasks, especially at home. You will need to tell them exactly what you expect.





24 July - 23 Aug

24 Aug - 23 Sep

24 Sept - 23 Oct

24 Oct - 22 Nov

In an energetic and imaginative frame of mind? Being frustrated by those who just fail to pull their weight? Avoid foot-stamping, but do put both feet firmly down! Let those around you know exactly what is expected of them and keep on their tail. Have you decided to put a romantic attachment on hold? Well, to avoid conflict, do let them know what is going on in your mind.

This week is all about building your confidence and knowledge. The New Moon is shining a light on ambitions and dreams. These are mixed together in your mind. Often you will wake with a bright idea buzzing to get out. Write down the possibilities before you forget them. Find out how practical those ideas are. Do you need someone to share and help to build those ideas up?

You really do need to start a new chapter in your life right about now! It could be internal changes at home or asking for changes at work. Whatever it is has been a bugbear for some time. Will you ever get it sorted? Yes, you will! It takes courage to admit what it is that needs changing. It brings you out of your lovely, huggy comfort zone. Be brave and see that reward at the end of the rainbow!

With so much enthusiasm coming from you, it is hard to believe that everyone else refuses to be swept along. Much as you don't want to waste time doing it, try to explain your motives and plans. You need the help of others to move ahead, even if it's just to make sure they're not in the way! With a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse, you are no longer able to slow down your ambitions.





23 Nov - 21 Dec

Such an emotional week as this is sure to leave you feeling a bit confused at times. Take some quiet moments out and just have that cup of tea or read that silly magazine! Whatever switches your intellect off for a while will certainly help. I often advise talking it over but this time just getting on with things works better than sitting around. Avoid spending money or comfort eating.

22 Dec - 20 Jan

Emotional blockage is a bad thing. We all hold on to thoughts and feelings that could upset others. This does not help and, as you are finding now, those emotions will come tumbling out. For some of you, they may even explode out! See it as a good thing and try not to hold back any longer. It is clear-out time, baby! You will feel a great sense of relief afterwards. Why did you not do it sooner?

21 Jan - 19 Feb

Those unexpected and unsettling 'gut reactions' pop up all over the place this week. Some reactions can come as a shock to those who think they know you (but how many people really do?). Still, as they say, better out than in! Someone is long overdue to be told that they are not pulling their weight, especially recently. This causes amusement to a loved one who saw it coming!

20 Feb - 20 Mar

It may be practical to back off when someone asks just too much of you. Why run yourself ragged when there are others who could step up and help? On the work front, you have mixed feelings about a change in routine or method. Let your ideas be known to the right person rather than give an opinion via gossip. Realise that your input is important. Your partner can vouch for that!

Girls' Talk 19

June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Bright ideas: how to wear the summer tailoring trend By Katie Wright, P A A bold two-piece suit is a must-have this season, says Katie Wright. Remember when the only people who wore suits to work were corporate career hustlers? Now though, the grey check blazer has become a style staple for women everybody's got at least one in their wardrobe - and suit jackets aren't just for office workers any more. The tailoring boom continues for spring/summer, but this time it comes with an explosion of colour too. On the SS19

catwalks, bright trouser suits in sunset shades were everywhere, from scarlet red at Balenciaga and tangerine at Roksanda, to salmon pink at Peter Pilotto and chartreuse at Emporio Armani. Saturated hues are what these two-piece ensembles all had in common, but suit cuts varied, with both single and double-breasted jackets teamed with slouchy and slim-cut trousers. There's lots of variety on the high street too, from boxy blazers to cute cropped jackets, so you can find your new summer staple with ease. The sunny tailoring trend lends itself well to office life, of course - a hot pink suit is the definition of power dressing in 2019.

talk radio europe

But, like winter's ubiquitous check blazer, a mustard or tangerine jacket can also come in very handy as a holiday cover-up. Equally, you can dress down a two-piece as well, by adding a vintage T-shirt and white Adidas Gazelles. It's not just about daywear, either - take the tailoring trend into party mode by teaming a one-button suit jacket with a lacy camisole, crop top, or (if you dare) nothing underneath at all. Here's our pick of the best suits and tailored looks on the high street right now... Dorothy Perkins yellow rouched sleeve jacket, ivory broderie top yellow split hem ankle grazer trousers Never fully dressed diana suit jacket, diana suit pant JD Williams statement collarless blazer, warm ivory

strappy cami top; statement yellow tapered leg trousers, square heel crossover mule sandals One nation luxe double breasted covered button blazer - orange, one nation luxe notched high waist tailored tapered suit trousers with self-tie belt - orange, silkfred Laura Ashley hot pink milano blazer Very pleat front belted trousers River Island orange puff sleeve blazer, orange a line mini skirt Topshop fully lined jacket, tapered suit trousers, Bonprix red one-button blazer, M&Co wide leg culottes, bonmarche plain coloured blazer - mustard, lightweight tie front cullottes - gold

20 Mind and Body

June 26, 2019 - N° 613

What exactly is air pollution and how is it damaging our health?

By Liz Connor, P.A. It's one of the biggest health threats of our time and many areas are exceeding air pollution limits. Liz Connor finds out more. You can't see toxic air, but it's all around us everywhere From smog hanging over cities to streets filled with car emissions, air pollution is

one of the biggest environmental threats to our health, and it comes from lots of different man-made sources. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that over 70% of towns and cities have unsafe levels of air pollution, while around 4.2 million premature deaths globally are linked to outdoor air pollution, which is associated with serious health issues like heart disease, stroke and lung cancer. But what exactly is air pollution, and do we really need to worry? Here, experts explain... What exactly is air pollution? In simple terms, an air pollutant is any substance in the air that could cause harm. Tiny pollutants that are too small for the naked eye to see can evade our body's defences when we breathe them in, damaging our lungs, heart and brain. Air pollution can disperse widely, so it's a myth that you can avoid it in the countryside, as you don't necessarily have to be at the centre of the source to be affected by it. It can affect anyone of any economic background Pollution can come from natural sources such as pollen and soil, but it's often caused by emissions from vehicles (such as from petrol or diesel engines), dust from the road, construction work or burning fossil fuels Not only is air pollution harmful to health, it's also bad for the environment. It has close links to climate change, as burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil re-

leases a variety of chemicals into the atmosphere, including greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

cancer, neurodegenerative diseases or diabetes.

Why is it bad for health?

How can you protect your health from air pollution?

On days when the air pollution is particularly bad, breathing it in can irritate the eyes, nose and throat, cause shortness of breath, make asthma symptoms worse and possibly affect the heart and cardiovascular system. Being exposed to polluted air for longer periods can cause more serious health problems too. "There is strong scientific and medical evidence that short and long-term exposure to air pollution can negatively impact on human health by increasing the risk of morbidity and mortality Air pollution is now believed to be the leading environmental cause of early death in the UK. "Studies have found that people that breathe contaminated air can develop different conditions including cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, and enhance the likelihood of developing chronic diseases such as

Knowledge is key. It's important to regularly monitor the air pollution level around where you live and work, especially if you have asthma or a circulatory condition. On high pollution days, it's a good idea to avoid spending long periods of time outdoors - especially areas such as busy roads with heavy traffic. "When pollution is high, people with lung conditions such as asthma should avoid exercising outdoors, particularly in the evening when the pollution has had a chance to build up. "Keep windows and doors closed, and keep your car windows shut, especially if you're stuck in traffic. If you have asthma, carry an inhaler at all times and take an antihistamine if pollen levels are high. "If you find you're using your reliever (blue) inhaler more than three times a week, you should speak to

your GP or asthma nurse about whether you need to start a preventer inhaler, or increase the strength if you're already using one." Pollution can make you more likely to react to your usual asthma trigger, such as house dust mites and pollen, so it's wise to invest in special hypoallergenic fabrics around the home. Air pollution is something that the government will aim to tackle over the next few decades, with a lot of places pledging to become a carbon neutral country by 2050. On an individual level meanwhile, there are measures we can all take to help reduce our own carbon footprint and challenge the air pollution problem at the same time. Opt for energy-efficient light bulbs, use electricity from environmentallyfriendly sources where possible and keep your vehicles properly tuned. Better yet, make use of public transport or try cycling or walking to work - it's better for your physical health and much more pleasant than getting stuck in that Monday morning traffic jam.

Medical Matters 21

June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Male menopause When they reach their late 40s to early 50s, some men develop depression, loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and other physical and emotional symptoms. Other symptoms common in men this age are: Mood swings and irritability Loss of muscle mass and reduced ability to exercise Fat redistribution, such as developing a large belly or "man boobs" A general lack of enthusiasm or energy Difficulty sleeping, or increased tiredness Poor concentration and short-term memory These symptoms can interfere with everyday life and happiness, so it's important to find the underlying cause and work out what can be done to resolve it. Is there such a thing as a 'male menopause'? The "male menopause" is a term sometimes used in the media but this label is misleading because it suggests the symptoms are the result of a sudden drop in testosterone in middle age, similar to what occurs in the female menopause. This is not true. Although testosterone levels fall as men age, the decline is steady at less than 2% a year from around the age of 30 to 40, and this is unlikely to cause any problems on its own.

A testosterone deficiency that develops later in life, also known as late-onset hypogonadism, can sometimes be responsible for these symptoms, but in many cases the symptoms are nothing to do with hormones. Personal or lifestyle issues Lifestyle factors or psychological problems are often responsible for many of these symptoms. For example, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido and mood swings may be the result of, stress, depression or anxiety. There are also physical causes of erectile dysfunction, such as changes in the blood vessels, which may happen alongside any psychological cause. Psychological problems are typically brought on by work or relationship issues, divorce, money problems or worrying about ageing parents. A "midlife crisis" can also be responsible. This can happen when men think they have reached life's halfway stage. Anxieties over what they have accomplished so far, either in their job or personal life, can lead to a period of depression. Other possible causes of the "male menopause" include: Lack of sleep Poor diet Lack of exercise Drinking too much alcohol

Smoking Low self-esteem Late-onset hypogonadism

In some cases, where lifestyle or psychological problems do not seem to be responsible, the symptoms of the "male menopause" may

be the result of hypogonadism, where the testes produce few or no hormones. Hypogonadism is sometimes present from birth, which can cause symptoms like delayed puberty and small testes. Hypogonadism can also occasionally develop later in life, particularly in men who are obese or have type 2 diabetes. This is known as lateonset hypogonadism and can cause the "male menopause" symptoms. But this is an uncommon and specific medical condition that's not a normal part of ageing.

What to do If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, see your Dr. They'll ask about your work and personal life to see if your symptoms may be caused by a mental health issue, such as stress or anxiety. If stress or anxiety, are affecting you, you may benefit from medication or a talking therapy, such as cognitive behavioural therapy. Exercise and relaxation can also help. Do I need hormone replacement therapy? Your Dr may also order a blood test to measure your testosterone levels. If the results suggest you have a testosterone deficiency, you may be referred to an endocrinologist, a specialist in hormone problems. If the specialist confirms this diagnosis, you may be offered testosterone replacement to correct the hormone deficiency, which should relieve your symptoms.

Article supplied by Yvonne Evans, Co-Director Family Medical Centre, Albir. Call 96 686 5072 or email

22 Across the Pond

Bobby Darin I mentioned earlier this year about the song, I learned that I gave my wife, Susie, an that the music was not just Amazon Echo for Christmas, some jazz piece but in fact, the little device that a lady originated in the ‘threenamed Alexa lives in. (Note penny opera.’ 1) It is amazing the things Digging a little further that she –Alexa-, can come with the aid of the Wikipedia up with; the morning news, website, I was soon enthe latest jokes, the time and grossed in the Bobby Darin the weather. But we don’t biography. He was born and ask her much about that; raised in Brooklyn, NY and at age 31, was devastated Alexa thinks we live in Seattle so we get Seattle stuff from to learn that his mother was A regular column her. I have tried telling her actually his grandmother by Gordon Grindstaff and the girl he believed was multiple times that we don’t live in Seattle, we live in Inhis sister was actually his dianapolis but like a few other females I mother. Stories such as this were probknow, she pays no attention to me. ably more common than we might think. As a result, Susie and I use her pri- I know of a case just like this but not marily for music. We subscribe to an on- being a gossip, I’ll just leave it at that. line music service where Alexa can find He was a prolific songwriter, getting just about any kind of music you want. If his start working with Connie Francis. He you’re not familiar with music services – was also an actor, earning best actor and really, I’m still not -, there are sev- nominations in two different movies. He eral different services; Amazon music, also met his wife Sandra Dee while filSpotify, Pandora and Apple Music, to ming a movie where both were playing name a few. But regardless of which roles. one you use, if you have a ‘smart’ Bobby Darin died in the 1970’s from speaker, you can throw away your rec- heart failure due to rheumatic fever suford player, your reel-to-reel tape, your fered during childhood. He was only 37, 8-track player, your Walkman, your cas- almost the same age at which George sette player, your CD player and your Gershwin passed away after removal of a IPod (2). brain tumor. I think I may have already told you I only mention Mr. Gershwin because I this, but when Alexa first took up resi- find myself trying to imagine the works dence in our house, Susie kept her busy that either, or both, of these talented artplaying Marty Robbins music. ists might have produced had they not I’m sort of partial to Marty myself but been lost when they were. after hearing about Feleena an the west Que Sera, Sera. Texas town of El Paso about a hundred times, I suggested we try something G2 notes: else and I asked Alexa to play 1950’s 1: When I sit down to write this drivel, I rock and roll music. go about it with the assumption that Right out of the gate, we were listen- some –if not most-, of the folks who read ing to Paul Anka singing ‘Oh please, this have graduated from the 18 – 34stay by me, Diana.’ I loved that song; 60 year old group coveted by marketers years ago, I drove all over Southern In- everywhere and as such, are not always diana stopping in every drive-in restaur- tech-savvy. For this reason I debated, ant hoping to find a carhop named after writing this opening sentence, about Diana that I could sing that song to. whether I needed to explain what an That never happened. (3) Amazon Echo is. If you already know the Thanks to Alexa, I became reac- answer to this, good for you. Just go quainted with songs by The Everly ahead and skip the next paragraph. If Brothers, Elvis, Conway Twitty, The not, then read on. Platters, Jimmy Rodgers and Ricky NelThe Amazon Echo is an electronic deson before she played a tune where I vice that is called a ‘smart’ speaker, an didn’t recognise the artist. ‘Splish- apparatus that responds to voice comsplash, I was taking a bath’ he sang. I mands as long as you preface that comquickly went to the internet and was mand with the name ‘Alexa’. surprised to learn that the singer was 2: I was going to say that if you have a Bobby Darin. Even though it was written gramophone, you can pitch that as well by him, I could not associate this rock but that’s probably not good advice. If it and roll song with his music. He was works, it’s worth some money to someone of my favorite artists; I had always one. thought of him as a Frank Sinatra type 3: In doing a little research, I discrooner mixed in with a little bit of Jazz. covered that Paul Anka began his career Even though I have heard his record- in 1955 and at almost 80 years old, is still ing of ‘Artificial Flowers’ dozens of doing live performances today. I wontimes, it still brings a lump to my throat dered if today’s teenagers know who he to hear that they found little Annie is? It didn’t take long to find out; I sent covered with ice, still clutchin’ her poor my 17-year old granddaughter a text; frozen shears. she’s never heard of him. I can’t mention Bobby Darin music Incidentally, I lied about driving all over without mentioning his recording of Southern Indiana; I actually only went to ‘Mack the Knife’ that really made his ca- three different places; Jerry’s drive-in in reer take off. I liked his rendition of the Loogootee, Bo-Mac’s in Shoals and the song even though I never understood Twin-Kiss in Switz City, Indiana. Also, I the lyrics. All that stuff about a body did not meet any carhops; believe it or lying on the sidewalk just oozin’ life was not, unlike today, I really wasn’t very a mystery to me until today, in reading suave and debonair in High School.

June 26, 2019 - N° 613

On the box Glastonbury 2019 (BBC2, 7.30pm) Saturday, 29/6/2019 Lauren Laverne and Clara Amfo present the Pyramid Stage debut of song-and-dance superstar Janet Jackson, who will be performing hits from her back catalogue including What Have You Done for Me Lately?, Rhythm Nation and Got Til It's Gone. There will also be highlights of the sets by Norway's young breakout star Sigrid and Detroit pop-rapper Lizzo with songs from her breakout third album Cuz I Love You. Plus, an acoustic performance from rising star Freya Ridings. The coverage continues at 9 with the full headline set from the Killers and highlights of Liam Gallagher.

Top Gear (BBC2, 8.00pm) Sunday, 30/6/2019 Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris are back. Two of them have only been fronting the show a couple of weeks, but they've already made quite an impression. A scene in which Freddie played the fool in his pants, while Mr Harris regarded him and Paddy with contempt was comedy gold. Top Gear has always been about banter first and cars second, and it looks like the showrunners have got the balance right on the presenting front. This week the trio get to grips with a disused hearse, and give it a new lease of life as the ultimate family car (presumably not just the Addams Family). The Dallara Stradale is also put through its paces by Chris, and royal duo Zara and Mike Tindall are the Stars in a Reasonably Fast Car, but which is fastest? There's only one way to find out.

Today at Wimbledon (BBC2, 8.30pm) Monday, 1/7/2019 If you missed the start of Wimbledon, Clare Balding presents highlights of the opening day's play at the All England Club, where the first round got under way in the men's and ladies' singles. Much of the attention will have been on the opening match on Centre Court, which saw Novak Djokovic begin the defence of his title, in pursuit of a fifth triumph here. The bottom half of the women's draw also started, as the players looked to emulate 2018 champion Angelique Kerber.

Feature 23

June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Do n ’t m is s y o u r



SIN CE 1 9 7 1

No rth edition

s w e N a c n a l B a Co s t w w w .co s ta b la

o. 2350 1 -2 7 , 2 0 1 9 - N Fr id a y , Ju n e 2

2 .2 0 e u ro s

n ca n e w s .e s

Th is w ee k in


r Co n ce r n ov e p o r t w ocer ka ga in in


F i r s t ev e r ess m a yo r loca s ofl m ayo r '

J CBs h a lted on cove de Soio co pr otec ted Ca la Pa g e 7

PP lose s th e on in Ca lpe fice, bu t h a n gs Pa g e s 3 & 5



SIN CE 1 9 7 1

South edition & Mur

m a ke P a g e s a n d p a g e s to re a d u p y o u r b e s t w e e k ly

Fr id a y , Ju n e 2 1 -2 7 , 2 0 1 9 - N o. 2350

w w w .co s ta b la

n ca n e w s .e s

Clo ck -in cl am pd ow n


2 .2 0 e u ro s


New r u lin g TO RRE r m 72 0 J A n to th e au th or m atio r e r r o r s in foan Com m ission th is in forVIE tgeeainmg bfin san ction s if r iensgfo Re or face shso.efty sr t asse A Eu r ope i n ts d sw inB e s o p th at th e ities p atoi r fo r im otes n epo r se in to do a g elea n r Sp r sifor t ofaili th ey fail n pay er ir es 'B s n - (EC) pr ess equ r cou t n Tu en i m g opea n r r B r o t h er nr to' pa ge 9 n ish gove in oth er Eu eld By Da ve J on es th e hPa Mod elo Spa to su bm it g

Pa g e 1 1

Th is w ee kT in HEALTH ALER

To u r i s t s ca t ch m o d e t r o p i ca l e r f o t e l f f u h s s e l Tu r t fe v e r i n A l i ca n t e S AN J UA N FIE G a n g w o u ld r S TA ip d ev ice s o u t of th e g r ou n Include s MeT d in d a r in g r a r r Gevuid d oTV i eeja id s b o n fi r e ban p a r Sup tALi plem aICAl Nlent y P RO VIN CEE TE l iJun 201 9 fr om ft ee21, d m e H om ww w.costa -new m HEALTH · W IN E & DIN r fo e E · ADVICE · CLASSIFIE h om DS · PUZZLES · EN TERT D ID YO U KN O W AIN MEN T LEISU AS& SET DEB Re a d y to b u r n S p a i nCLARErRAitTIOonN s r e fe r r e d to EU Co u r t o f J u s t i ce ce Bon fir es r efer r ed to SPA IN h as been for e of th e EU Cou r t of J u stic in g fin es on taxopp wh g n im posi

e 7 in fam ou s tr ies via th e 720 for m .

ayer s r esid en t taxp

Ca m er a syst em in th e m u n icipa lity h a s been u pgr a ded Pa g e 8



O ve r a 100 pa ge s of q u a lity lo c a l n e ws, fe a tu re s a nd a d vic e yo u c a n tru st

lla t ion F l i g h t ca n ce d o ? w h a t ca n yo u n fi r e s Sa n J u a n b o i d e : 'It • M ed TV Gu n o t n Dow t ' n is ffe n ce ' Abbey - n o o

F l i g h t ca n ce ll w h a t ca n yo u a t i o n do? Sa n J u a n b o n fir e s M ed TV Gu id e : 'I t is n 't Dow n t o n Abbey - n o o ffe n ce '


By Da ve J on es A GAN G wh ich u sed a cr ane tr u ck a n d ch a in slin gs to tea r ca sh m a ch in es fr om th eir fou n da tion s h a s been bu sted by th e Gu a r dia Civ il. Th ey wou ld stea l th e wh ole str u ctu r e, dr ive it to a r ur al a r ea a n d u se m ech a n ica l saw s a n d oth er equ ipm en t to r e- Ca s h r e co v e r e d b y th e G u a r d ia Civ il

r e-lover s ga im a l a n d n atu r day a s Cr owd s of a n s sh or es on Satu ia ' sed ba ck th er ed on Dén r tles wer e r elea tu ed escu r at th e ee th r m on th s of TLC fter a er wat e in to th cen tr e. Va len cia sea -life Kett on pa ge 8 a th n a m Sa See r epor t by

m ove th e m on ey. A spok esm a n for th e Gu a r dia Civi l r evea led th a t th e ga n g m em ber s wer e livin g in Gr a n Ala ca n t, Sa n ta Pola and Alm or a dí. Offi cer s h ave a rr este d seve n su spec ts – fou r Alb a n ia n s, two Ser bs a n d a Spa n ia r d. New cou n cil a llow s bon fir es at spec ific bea ch Con tin u es on es pa ge 4 Pa g e 3

er ed a s s r egis ter 28% of a ll Br iton in th e a r ea . are livin g in Spa in Pa g e 1 8

Pa g e 4

for Sa n J u a n

Con tr over sial for m flict ’ with fu n dam is ‘in con en tal fr eedom



s Pa g e 9

Th e bea u tifu lly-c ra in Alic a n te city fted ‘h ogu er a s’ ca n be visi ted th is wee ken d bu r n ed for th befo r e th ey a e Sa n J u a n fiest re a . Rep or ts on ‘bon fir e n igh t’ Cos ta in Wh at’s On a n d Cos ta Livi ng

W h at h app en s in psych oth er apy ?

Pa g e 8


To u r i s t s ca t ch ‘t r o p i ca l ’ fe ve r i n A l i ca n t e Icel a n dic visi tor s dia gn osed on on r etu r n in g h om om e

Pa g e 1 3


Non -pa ym en t of in sta llm en ts

Pa g e 1 2

F ligh t - what

Pa g e 1 3

ca n cella t ion s to do

24 Puzzles

June 26, 2019 - N° 613


25 See 10 26 When small operations get out of hand, use a partner (6) 27 Nervous of fickle teens (5) Down 1 1 Across confused by the point of the game (6) 2 Ms Handl is in dire need (5) 3 Fur coat hides curse (4) 5 He might pick up a story about what's brewing (8) 6 Adders in rocks (7) 7 Newly made dry one is over there (6) 8 Cross swords with a criminal (5) 13 Old boat, an elite regiment concludes, is in the USA (8) 15 First a blow then a laugh for an Indian (7) 17 Remains in the countryside (6) 18 Spots second rate sales goods (5) 19 Bring down the equipment (6) 22 A writer or two (5) 23 By the sound of it, dispatched money, but very little (4)

Complete the puzzle using the Cryptic or Regular clues - the answers are the same. Cryptic clues Across 1 Left with nothing but foreign capital (5) 4/14 Good looking blonde and moderately unbiased (6,4) 9/24 Given a roasting when called thus (4,3,5) 10/25 Postman pillion passenger gets a sign of approval (3,2,3,4) 11 It certainly isn't us (4) 12 As arranged greet first officer with a procession (7) 13 A church service that's absolutely spot on (3) 14 See 4 16 Teas blended the Oriental way (4) 18 Part of a local prohibition (3) 20 Desperate rival at work (7) 21 Volcano is rebuilt neat (4) 24 See 9

Regular clues Across 1 South American capital (5) 4/14 Reasonably impartial (6,4) 9/24 Reprimanded (4,3,5) 10/25 Praise (3,2,3,4) 11 Van Morrison's old band (4) 12 Entourage (7) 13 First rate (3) 14 See 4 16 Compass point (4) 18 Saloon (3) 20 Work hard (7) 21 Italian volcano (4) 24 See 9 25 See 10 26 Other half (6) 27 Anxious (5)

Down 1 Game played with rings (6) 2 Woman's name (5) 3 Pledge (4) 5 Journalist (8) 6 Falters (7) 7 Over there (6) 8 Boundary marker (5) 13 US state (8) 15 North American Indian tribe (7) 17 Firewood (6) 18 Blemishes (5) 19 Undertake (6) 22 Couple (5) 23 US coin (4)

Spanish-English crossword

Improve your vocabulary with our Spanish/English crossword. The clues are in Spanish and the answers are in English. Across 1 Sábado (8) 7 Perla (5) 8 Química (9) 9 Mar (3) 10 Jabón (4) 11 Impacto (6) 13 Plata (6) 14 Platillo (6) 17 Lápiz (6) 18 Salvaje (4) 20 Guisante (3) 22 Adolescentes (9) 23 Anillos (5) 24 Descuidado (8)

Down 1 Sacos (5) 2 Uña de pie (7) 3 Baranda (4) 4 Otoño (6) 5 Cintura (5) 6 Limpiadora (7) 7 Pijama (7) 12 Cacahuetes (7) 13 Cenas (a última hora) (7) 15 Chino (7) 16 Cine (6) 17 Pintura (5) 19 Escritorios (muebles) (5) 21 Fecha (4)

June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Puzzles 25

26 Puzzle Answers

June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Animal Antics 27

June 26, 2019 - N° 613


APAH Born in March 2019, AURORA and her sister were found wandering on a busy road. The sisters are possibly Labrador cross and are now happy, healthy girls. To arrange to meet them and all the other APAH dogs, please call 630 422 563 or 616 210 850.


TINO is a young Podenco puppy who is approximately 6/7months. Delightful young man, sociable with other dogs. Needs a family to share his life with. Please call APROP Pego on 634 306 265 or 605 575 883. Email or see website: www.aprop-pego. org

My name is WALDO. I came to the shelter together with my best friend Wendy. We are both the most loving, affectionate and cuddly dogs that exist. It would really be great if we could be adopted. We don´t like cats but we promise that we will fill your life with joy, when you see us playing together in your garden, and with love when we are both curling up next to you on the sofa and, with peace, walking quietly by your side for hours whilst enjoying nature. Contact: Tel. 966 427 678,,

AKIRA Denia Cat Animal Protection League Shelter

Aldea Felina, Many loving, playful and cuddly cats are at the shelter. Like the cute GUSY here. Most have gone through their health checks and are ready for adoption. They urgently need a real home and are looking forward to your visit. For adopting Gusy or any of our other cats, the shelter is open every Sunday 10am – 12pm or please call Luisa for an appointment 648 100 629.

P.E.P.A. This is ELSA, she is two years old and looking for a forever home. She is two years old, 5 kilos and is very sweet and loving. She is good with other dogs. Tel: 650 304 746 email: p.e.p.a.animal

GINA - a lovely Pointer companion. Gina was fostered for a while but her family had to return to the U.K, so the poor girl is back in the shelter. She is three years old, easy to walk on the lead and is car trained. She is happy with other dogs or bitches, but is not good with cats. She is known to be house trained and is really missing living with a family. Gina is available for

adoption or fostering. While our dogs are on foster, any veterinary expenses and food are paid for by Akira. Please contact the shelter for more details: 657 689 567 or email akirashelter


BRUCE, male, shelter since 20.10.2017.Leonberger, DOB 15.10.2012 – 70 cm Bruce is a giant, playful Teddy bear that is only set on human contact. He cannot get along with other dogs. We do not know where he originally came from. All of a sudden he appeared near Javea’s Inn on the

Green, where we had to pick him up. He now lives in a single kennel here in the shelter and is waiting for a big dog lover who will offer him an adequate new home. He already has a microchip and a passport and could be adopted right away. Call APASA on 966 463 976.

Pets in Spain BRANDY and ALEX were born after their mum turned up at one of our volunteer’s house. They are around 6 weeks old and are ready to be reserved now. They are happy, playful boys and are litter trained. Call: 645 469 253.

Benidorm Animal Shelter – SPAP This is SARAH, a gorgeous six months old black lab cross. She was found in Polop. Amazing nature. She loves walks and cuddles. Can anyone give Sarah a loving home? Please call Maria Teresa on 677 373 396 or 96 585 6268 or see the website at

28 Trading Post

June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Property services STRUCTURAL SURVEYS Mark Paddon BSc Hons Building Surveying. MCIOB. Buyer's reports and defects assessment from €195 + IVA. Tel 962 807 247 or 653 733 066 Free initial phone advice FLOOR POLISHING. PROFESSIONAL tradesman. All granite & marble types. All areas. Free Quote. Tel. 627 103 412 WHITE GOODS REPAIRS also Gas boilers and small electrical problems. Tel 604 273 387 Denia to Torrievjea

Co n s tru c tio n / Re m o d e lin g Wo rk g u a ra n te e d We b e a t m o s t q u o te s T e l. ( An d y) 6 9 7 8 3 4 9 3 4

COMPLETE PEST CONTROL. Denia to Torrevieja Tel 604 270 676 AWNINGS, MOSQUITO NETS, roller shutter, conservatories. BC Toldos from Oliva to Altea and Jalon Valley. On the coast since 1998. Tel. 630 472 605 Email: AWNINGS, MOSQUITO blinds, roller shutter repairs, motorisation. Calpe + 50kms. Tel. 659 464 992. Email. GAS TANKS, MINI tanks, gas bottles and revision certificates. 16 years on the Costa Blanca 965 835 939

Painters HILLIER’S PAINTERS & Decorators. Covering the Costa Blanca & inland, 35yrs established. www.hillierpaintersanddecorators. com Tel: 644 355 137 Facebook HillierPaintersCostaBlanca PROFESSIONAL PAINTER, offering high quality work, best prices , call Robert for free quote 610383971

Plumbing & electric installations ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS? for upgrades/down grades moving of meter boxes etc. Contact Mark Tel: 608 669 165 electricsgood 100% PLUMBING. FOR heating, aircon, gas, solar, bathroom refurb. 16 years operating on the costa blanca. www.100percent 965 835 939

Construction & Reforms 100% CONSTRUCTIONS, new builds and reforms. 16 years operating on the costa blanca. 965 835 939. CONSTRUCTION / REMODELING. Work guaranteed. We beat most quotes V Andy 697 834 934

Alarms ALARM - CCTV Instal., Maintenance, Repairs ✆ 600 993 667


LOCKSMITH 24hr 607 493 118, Torrevieja & surrounding areas

Gardening SPECIALIST TREE CUTTING & trimming palm/pine tree + dangerous work. Gravel work & Garden cleaning also weekly maintenance. Free quote. Good rates Call Adrian 627 103 412 PROFESSIONAL TREE CARE. Palm cleaning and treating/pine trees. Overgrown gardens. Quick with quality service. Plastic & gravel work. Economical prices. Free Quote. Call Alexander 642 548 724 TREE SPECIALIST - WITH more than 20 years experience in cutting, cleaning and al type of spezial or dangerous work. Call Joseph: 633 798 933 or 650 722 040

Animal world


Replace missing or broken tiles using underwater cement or concrete repair. 5 year guarantee. Replace lights, grate &leaks without draining your pool


Vicente 622 696 373

TRANS-PET PROFESSIONAL door 2 door pet transport. Fully equipped vehicle. Open plan with 2 carers. DEFRA & WIT authorised & plated. Kennels & Cattery. ES 600 552 030 or UK 07801 272 162 PARROT FARM BENIDOLEIG: We sell baby cockatoos, amazons and macaws. Tel. 607.26.25.24. CHANCE FOR ANIMALS: protection needs your help for general maintenance, walking our dogs. As we have to leave the house, we are desp. looking for people, who adopt our rescued dogs! Food welcome!! German braco, and lots more! 15 small puppies for adoption! Crevillente 610 687 421 or visit us on: Cuatropatas IF THERE IS anyone looking for a puppy or a dog that is in desperate need of a new home please contact the facebook site " costa blanca dog homing" We are always in desperate need of foster homes, short and long term, and if anyone can offer this please call 965 698 052

LOCKSMITH & ALICANTE AIRPORT Transfer services available from Rojales, Ciudad Quesada, Urb. La Marina and Guardamar. Call Peter on 655 527 168 or email:



SPAMA GANDIA SHELTER Dog and cat rescue registered charity, La Safor area. 500 animals awaiting rehoming. Visit our website and view our new blog PLEASE HELP US TO HELP THEM!

ACCOMPANY YOUR PET(S) whilst they are driven in comfort to any destination in Europe by an experienced animal carer/driver. Contact Denise. info@petchauffeur .eu or Tel 952 197 187 696 233 848 THE EASIEST WAY to get your classifieds in The Post is to e-mail the text to

SARUMAN and his four siblings, Locasta, Medea, Glinda and Gandalf, 3 month old who are fully vaccinated and micro chipped. Large crossbreed, so have a quite a bit more growing to do SAT 966 710 047 or email: COSTA BLANCA DOG transport. The comfort of your pet is our priority. Excellent rates and Defra run. www.costablancadoghom Tel 675 485 613 PLEASE ADOPT A kitten Pluto protectora animales takes care of orphaned and abandoned kittens. After spending a few weeks or months with foster parents, we try placing them in permanent homes. You can choose from many different colours and markings. All are dewormed; also vaccinated for rabies and micro-chipped if older than 3 months. Please call Angelika: 693 704 255 (mobile) or find out more on our website: pluto P.E.P.A. (THE HELPING Hands Charity for Animals) Needs Help! By fostering an abandoned dog or spending a few hours each week on our telephone helpline You could help save the lives of many animals. Please telephone: 650 304 746 or 96 283 3325 For more information and to view our animals please browse our website:

Trading Post 29

June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Nautical & accessories

Animal world PET TRAVEL UK Family pet transporters Spain/UK. Travel with your pets for free. Email: info@pet website: Removals also arranged in other vehicles. Tel UK 01209 630604 or Spain 960 130 537


INTERNATIONAL SKIPPER licence, radio and radar courses, starting shortly +34 636 444 929

SUV OR CONVERTIBLE wanted, condition and year do not matter, 688 335 497. WANT TO DRIVE your LHD car to the UK & sell it when you get there? Call 658 670 777 or UK 07874 223 456

2003 TRIUMPH THUNDERBIRD 900, Spanish reg., imported from UK. Stunning bike, lots of chrome, classic Bonneville retro style with Triumph triple performance. 18,900 miles only. € 4,600 634 159 969

Selective Advertising Pays! Cars WANT TO LEGALLY scap your vehicle? ARTMAN SL will give you cash and take away the headache. Fully licensed. Tel. 646 726 377

SEAT IBIZA ST Estate Nov 2012 metallic red, 1.6 diesel one owner 74,000Km excellent condition The best Estate we have had €7,450. Tel 966 482 071 Alcalali WEBUYYOURCAR.ES ENTER your Spanish reg to get the best value for your car OR call for your FREE quote Tel 630 961 755

JAGUAR X-TYPE 2.0VG, automatic, petrol, 44.000 mls, a/c, radio/ CD, phone, alloys, fully equip., ITV 4/2020, blue metallic, in perfect condition, private € 6,500. 656 570 790 THE EASIEST WAY to get your classifieds in The Post is to e-mail the text to:

Caravans, Mobile homes, Motorhomes FENDT TOP OF the range Diamant 420 T Luxury 2 berth caravan very very little used immaculate every extra. Retiring from caravaning so absolutly everything included Euros 4500 Tel 965 832 325.

S R US CAAlR l cars wanted We buySpanish, English and all Euro Cars R.H.D, L.H.D. 4X4s, MPVs, Diesels &Vans, Motor homes, classics, motorcycles, cash paid Scrap cars collected. No more unwanted Suma bills or Fines. All p/worktaken out of your name Find us on Facebook - Spanish registered business

Keith 699 805 995 UK00 44 7470 894 772

SMALL BOAT useable for waterski to rent for hours or daily from 20€ 602 413 400

CAMPING & BUNGALOWS LOS LLANOS, Denia. The best on the beach. Your paradise. Plots and bungalows at good prices. 649 455 158

Removals & transport TRANSCONE. SHIPPING - LOGISTICS - removals. Fortnighly trips. Spain - UK - Spain. All Spanish internal moves Fully insured, friendly, reliable service. From Valencia to Alicante. All area in UK covered. Tel. 603 307 962 (0044) 7925 553 625 Email:

SPANISH MOVES, SMALL removals and deliveries. Spain/UK budget prices. Last minute jobs undertaken. Email: info@spanish Website: www.spanish Pet Transport also arranged. Tel UK 01209 630 604 or Spain 960 130 537 MAN & VAN for hire, cheap and reliable. Jalon Valley & surrounding area. 636 100 873 or 966 480 757 WWW.WAY2GOHIRE.COM One way van hire, UK-Spain-UK, Pets welcome, drivers available. See our front page ad every week in The Post. Call 965 794 682

30 Trading Post

June 26, 2019 - N° 613


Health CHIROPODIST/PODIATRIST, Philip Mann, clinics in Moraira, Javea, Calpe and Albir. Tel. 686 912 307

COMPUTERSERVICE FROM German IT-Pro. Repair, Consulting, Training + SmartPhone & Tabletts. More: Call Robert 966 474 822 or 628 614 812 TEL. 0034 966761647LAPTOPS – SECOND HAND & refurbished at very good prices - with 12 months warranty! Have a look at our stock on We are also constantly looking to buy used or broken devices. Compured Computers, located on the N-332 between Cabo Roig and La Zenia roundabouts. Phone 966 761 647 or visit COMPURED COMPUTERS – your reliable IT professional in Orihuela Costa. Sale and repair of computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and much more. We also offer mobile internet, printers & supplies, websites, domains & web hosting – you name it, we have it! Conveniently located on the N-332 between Cabo Roig and La Zenia roundabouts. Phone 966 761 647 for more information or house calls, or visit www.spaincom

Sat & TV SATELLITE SYSTEM REPAIR service, dish alignment, upgrades, installations. All problems solved. 965 666 206

SANCT BERNHARD Benidorm. Offers inc. Pumpkin Seed Oil for a healthy prostrate and bladder.130 caps €7.95 or 400 caps €19.95. 965 858 663

Friendship GENTLEMAN VERY NICE but lonely for loving!!! Desperately needs nice loving girlfriend living in Moraira, Denia areas to visit you discreetly. Happy to pay for visits to you very genuine and private. Please text me on 683 142 216

Beauty & Wellness NAIL, BEAUTY & Chiropody at Denia de fitness, Denia. Call/ Whatsapp 607 470 267 SANCT BERNHARD Denia. Offers inc. CoEnzym Q10 for a strong heart. 60 caps €18 or buy 3+ for €16.80 each. 965 780 425 SANCT BERNHARD Albir. Offers inc. Spiruline 1350 for essential nutrients. 1350 tablets, 5 month supply, €29.95 966 864 171 SANCT BERNHARD Costa Blanca. Offers inc. Cod Liver Oil for a healthy bone structure. 200 caps €10.90 or buy 3+ for €9.95 each. 965 780 425

SANCT BERNHARD Moraira. Offers inc. Green-Lipped Mussel for healthy joints. 150 caps €12.50 or buy 3+ for €11 each 966 491 573 THE EASIEST WAY to book your classifieds in the CB News is to e-mail the text to (South) or (North)

Adult relax TANTRA MASSAGE DENIA near Xavea. Enjoy a sensual erotic massage in the hands of our lovely team. Body to Body, Prostrate, Soft Bondage. Daily 9-22h. Ocean Tantra phone/ whatsapp: +34 635621993 www.tan

SEXY MATURE ENGLISH Blond“ 15mins Alicante Airport. Overnight stays possible. Ring Karen (0034) 662 049 021

CASIA CHARMING CHEEKY naughty 40yr in Denia only appointments. English & German speaking Tel. 634 057 016

PATRICIA 36, Columbian, busty, not taboos, no limits, last week. 15 Turquesa St. 643 045 558

TORREVIEJA SHIRLEY. Tanned beauty, 34 yrs, great figure, breasted, sweet face, discretion. Only by appointment 655 677 738

BENIDORM: SEXY NURSE, excellent body massage including happy ending. Hour 50€, Above Restaurant Tony Roma’s, Avda. del Mediterraneo 28 Tel 646 667 604

ELOISA CURVY body, bustyqualified masseuse, oriental technics retarding pleasure- 671 185 543 -

TORREVIEJA - ORIHUELA NEW. Eva 200 breast. Complete services. Private whatsapp615 926 330 BENIDORM: SEXY NURSE, excellent body massage including happy ending. Hour 50€, Above Restaurant Tony Roma’s, Avda. del Mediterraneo 28 Tel 646 667 604 NEW DOMINA in Torrevieja mulata, erotic massage body-body, Spricht Deutsch 722 549 915 wassap JOHANA 27 Argentinian, caring, busty. At Nachuli´s house house 77 Close to Consum 603 101 016

VIAGRA / SILDENAFIL - 150 mg. CIALIS / Tadalafil - 40 mg. Pack of 10 pills for 22 Euros. Free delivery in Spain.

ALBIR, OPP. BBVA Polish pretty lady, breasted, relaxing massage, excellent attention 611 251 964

NR CALPE MATURE curvy nudist for body positive naked massage Tel/whatsapp 658 398 264

NOELIA ESCORT SLIM .elegant, naughty. only visits home and hotels 24hrs. Toys, massage, lingeries sex and fansties Tel. 667 861 513

THAI LADY is back for massage and lots of pleasure. Cabo Roig 605 292 304

CALPE RUSSIAN BLOND erotic massage, toys, domination. Whatsapp 603 275 199 TORREVIEJA SHEMALE Yaiza 28 yrs. Very sexy, hot & horny. All services, erotic massage & more. Home & hotel outings. 24hrs 671 074 695 - TORREVIEJA BRAZILIANtransvestite, spectacular body, well endowed 692 675 855 NEW ADDRESS Mary 35. The sweet Polish. La Zenia, now in house 75, next door to 77. Wonderful attention. Last days 672 539 332 BI MAN IN Denia 48y, for men, women, couples, discretion and completely private. All wishes and more. No taboo! Tel.685 094 253 TORREVIEJA INDEPENDENT Doroty, large natural breast, 37yrs, good brazilian body, white skin, fantastic massage, discreet 605 526 797 STYLISH ENGLISH MALE 50's, kind and generous, would like o meet good looking black or latino lady. Tel. 602 443 805 NEW FRIEND at Nachulis´, busty, wonderful body, private striptease. New in Torrevieja. Concordia St. 643 538 246

BARBARA HOT (27) Hi darling I am Barbara a beautiful new latina girl in the city of Benidorm beautiful body I offer all kinds of services and massages I have my apartment or I go to your hotel or house available 24hours call me or write me to my Whatsapp + 34 658 455 445 GERMAN LADY, 47, very busty. Private 602 451 257 English spoken - Torrevieja SPANISH LADY, 37, Playa Flamenca Urb Zenia Mar by the new carrefour 5 min Torrevieja, sensual massage. Discreet. Private house parking Call Ana 657 603 495 TRANS MICHELLE Spanish, incredible body, all fantasies. House 75, La Zenia. Opposite Chinese Superpric.) 606 847 280 VALERIA IN DÉNIA, clean and discreet, erotic massage, relaxing, sex, outings and much more, call 686 094 328 CALPE. BLONDE SEXY lady escort massage. . 604 300 893 BEAUTIFUL CARIBBEAN SHARON 30 chocolate big natural breast sexy body to body message good services with happy ending pleasure many more services Cabo Roig Calle Mar WhatsApp 602328812 JÁVEA - MORAIRA - CALPE, Massage +++ Christina is back. 661 034 261 JANET, TENDER, SEXY, slim, elegante, Massage, home or hotel, 3 languages speaking. phone 643 358 897 Denia MALE/FEMALE VIAGRA, cialis, Kamagra jellies. Available mail order,, Tel: 604 385 476. JAVEA EL ARENAL erotic massage. Toys, bondage, private Apto Whatsapp 634 830 630 Appointment CINDY, EROTIC Massage, hot blonde. La Zenia. Slim, sexy, caring, sweet, elegant 607 735 745 THE EASIEST WAY to get classifieds in The Post is to e-mail the text to: ELEGANT SLIM sexy naughty Lady Sophie, speaks 3 languages, priv. apartm. (in/out calls), escort service in ALL AREAS!! 693 357 526

Trading Post 31

June 26, 2019 - N° 613

Adult relax THAI LADYBOY, Jasmine, 30 yrs., professional erotic massage and lots of pleasure, Torrevieja town centre, easy parking at the area, 24hrs. +34 634 162 388 TORREVIEJA !!! MIRIAM Brazilian blonde lady 59 yrs. Erotic massage with happy end. 604 382 799 711 002 752 Good English spoken TORREVIEJA DIANA Greek lady, 38 yrs., beautiful slim body, blue-eyed, blonde. Classy. Massage in private house. Santa Petra Street 663 817 943 ORIENTAL TECHNICS with Alexandra, Cinnamon skin, caribbean girl, sensual massage , erotism, with a touch of pleasure. La Loma St. Torrevieja 698 848 960

GOLD WANTED Englis h Jeweller w is hes t o buy broken or unwa nt ed gold jewellery, wa t ches & coins .

PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR Debt collection, evictions, solicitor. Professional, discreet 697 834 934 NIE, RESIDENCIA, CAR IMPORT, holderchange, driving licence, last will / inheritance, assistance purchase / sale properties, insurances, Tel: 965 792 451, more under

Items for sale FEU VERT 400KG aluminium box trailer steel chassis excellent condition 395 € Tel 965 832 325

Items wanted SEARCHING FOR RECORDS. All types of music wanted. We pay the best prices. Tel: 622 750 117

Ca ll Pe t e r : 6 17 550 0 16 Member of the National As s ociation of Golds miths

BUY HIGH QUALITY handbags, also designer bags, fur jackets and coats, oriental and persian carpets, jewellery and watches, all sorts silver 90/100/800, silver plated cuttlery, tin, amber, coral, coins, medals, porcelain, inheritance discounts and households, Military items until 1945, photos, medals etc., fair price in cash. phone 651 187 549.

BUY VINYL RECORDS, record player, CD’s and Radios. 651 187 549.

General SANCT BERNHARD Costa Blanca. Offers inc. Omega 3-6-9 for a cholesterol and joint-conscious diet. 180 caps €9.60 or buy 3+ for €9.00 each. 965 780 425 THE EASIEST WAY to book your classifieds in The Post is to email the text to SANCT BERNHARD Torrevieja. Offers inc. VITAFIT Ginkgo-Magnesium. 400 tablets €20.50 or buy 3+ for €18.50 each. 966 706 765 PASSPORT NIE- - RESIDENCIA, M.O.T. – Emergency Services General Consultations without commitment call 649 222 679 SANCT BERNHARD Calpe. Offers inc. FORMOFIT for natural weight control. 210 caps (1 month supply) €35 or buy 3+ for €32 each. 965 836 807 CORONA AWNINGS, BLINDS and carpets has been providing shade on the Costa Blanca for over 20 years. We install all types of blinds and interior blinds. Visit our showroom or call Nick for a no obligation quote. We are on the N332 Alfaz near McDonalds. Phone on 966 865 753 or 658 990 719

WE BUY LUXURY WATCHES For Cash! Rolex, Cartier, Omega, A/P, Hublot etc. Instant Cash Payment! Tel: 658 670 777. Or email: WANTED: WASHERS, FRIDGES, freezers, dishwashers, ovens. Cash waiting Tel. 965 874 838. Benidorm to Denia

Properties from 175.000€


TORREVIEJA DOMINA, mulata, busty, strong, large bottom, masage, harness, toys, outings.By appointment 602 698 120 (wassap)

Lawyers & Solicitors

Properties under 175.000€

Business opportunities KENNELS, CATTERY, FINCA, Paddock, Stables for sale. 25000 sq meters, Good life style. Profitable, Licenced. Finestrat Area. Owners Retiring after 20 years. 875k .. 690 06 1752

ALCOY 3 BED Apartament, 2 bathr., 105m2 living area, indep. kitchen, aircon, gas heating, furnished, parking & store room, 86,000€ o.n.o. Private Sale 687 307 369 MOBILE HOME PRIVATE sale, south Costa Blanca. Located in exc. park with pools, living space 48 m2, 2 bed, shower, americ. kitchen, Sat Tv, Fiber internet, air con, terrace, carport. 250 m2 plot, 24 m2 summer house + utility room, outside shower + bbq. € 140,000 + 350 € rent (incl. services). More infos 611 424 740 GATA RESIDENCIAL. Private Sale, Linked Villa, built 2006,3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Large Lounge, Separate Refurbished Kitchen, Central heating, log Burner, Comm Pool, Open and Covered Terraces S/W Facing, Double Car Port, Double Glazed, Shutters, Mozzie Nets, Low Maintenance, Quiet Area close to Javea and Denia. Must be seen. Bargain price 133,950 Euros. 606 586 836. PARCENT LOVELY REFORMED townhouse. 138 m2 over 2 floors. Grd floor: Entrance area, Large dining /Livingroom + fireplace, Large bright equipped kitchen, magnificent stone feature wall, patio with fish pond. 1st Fl: Spacious master bedroom could be converted into 2 bedrooms if desired, terrace with views of the Coll de Rates mountains. Dble bedroom + wardrobes. Easy access to bathroom on this floor +large bath, toilet & sink. Grd floor toilet, large pantry could be converted to a small bedroom , utility room. New roof, wooden beams. Heating installation. Electricity & water. Parcent popular for cycling & hiking, a village that has all the necessary essential services. Ref-1052120.000€ Tel: 609 211 710 - JALON NICE APARTMENT. 1st floor of one of the best buildings in town. Comprises of: Hallway, huge lounge, fully fitted open kitchen & 1 exterior balcony, 2 dble beds +fitted wardrobes & 2 bathrooms. First class quality building materials, dble glazed aluminum windows, installation A/C, high quality floor & wall tiles, wooden interior doors, lift in the building, huge parking space & store room in the garage. This building, due to the materials used, is considered one of the best constructions of the area and viewing is highly recommended. Ref-1119. 110.000€- Tel: 609 211 PLOT IN Catral / Callosa 11.000 sqm, water & electricity, for sale. Legal to build 693 534 235

BENIDORM, NEAR BULL RING, 1 bedroomed apartment, 2nd floor, lift, separate kitchen, glazed in terrace. Pool, garden, tennis court. 75.000 € Tel. 658 578 346

LA FLORIDA, Corner house, 2-3 bedrooms, bathroom, spacious lounge, furnished, a/c, fireplace, solarium, utility room, com. pool, quiet & central. 123,900€ 966 773 985 616 939 326 - CHARMING VILLAGE HOUSE completely renovated in Castell de Castells. 111 m2. Grd Floor-Entrance, dining room +fireplace, equipped kitchen + breakfast bar, courtyard & storage. Small lounge +balcony overlooking courtyard, bathroom & a spacious dble room + own wardrobe & balcony overlooking the main street. 2nd floor. Small lounge, toilet, spacious dble bedroom + own wardrobe & balcony & a spacious terrace overlooking the mountains. Wooden beams, parquet floor throughout the house except the kitchen & bathroom. Exterior woodwork, double glazed windows & wooden internal woodwork. Original stone walls. It has been renovated with quality materials yet retaining the charm of yesteryear. Located in a quiet area of village. 115.000€ Ref-933 - Tel: 609 211 710

PRIVATE SALE. LLIBER plot 1500m2, house 275m2 3 bedrooms with balconies, huge kitchen, Naya. Court yard and underbuild. Must be seen 249.500€ No Agents Tel. 686 438 541 EL CHAPARRAL, Private, Sale Villa, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathr., 36m2 lounge, separate kitchen, pool, garage, low maintenance. 500m2 plot. Fully furnished. Electric access door (Mobile) 651 754 721

PRIVATE SALE, lg 3 bed, 2 bath detached finca, 1000 m2 plot, lg garage & storage room, shed & 25 m2 summer house. Located 5 mins drive from Rojales & 10 mins from Guardamar del Segura. Ready to move in 625 034 903

SOMETHING TO SELL? Place an advert Tel: 902 702 400 KENNELS, CATTERY, FINCA, Paddock, Stables for sale. 25000 sq meters, Good life style. Profitable, Licenced. Finestrat Area. Owners Retiring after 20 years. 875k .. 690 06 1752

VILLAJOYOSA, PARADISE BEACH, three bedroom, two bathroom apartment, top floor (5th), built 2002. Fully glazed terrace. Unspoilt mountain views. Swimming pool, undercover private parking space. Ideal situation with bus stop below, 10 mins walk tram station. 5 mins. Beach, restaurants, supermarkets. Private sale, furnished reduced to €135,000. Mobile: 670 38 59 54 (English/Spanish). Email: liddellperez@

Important notice:

Short term let 500 YEAR OLD BEAMED Finca in Beautiful Valley in Jesus Pobre, Denia/Javea area. DOGS ARE VERY WELCOME. +44 1865 512 922 or 07808 181779 CALPE: TOP HOLIDAYAPARTment in Villa/ Pool, max. 4 pers., for rent from July, 26. 100 €/daily. Mail:

The Valencian Regional Tourism Law (Ley Valenciana de Turismo) obliges all advertisers of short term holiday lets to supply the property’s official registry number when placing an advert. For further information: opencms/opencms/turisme/es/contents/tramitacion/ viviendas_turisticas/viviendas_turisticas.html?tam


June 26, 2019 - N° 613

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