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message from the webmasters Hello everyone! Happy April! While spring has technically started already, with the sporadic raining over here in San Jose, Andy and I are definitely excited for spring and summer to actually get into swing (and with it, much nicer weather). As we are finally getting over this pandemic and mask mandates, we hope everyone is feeling a lot better with the nicer weather and the ability to go back to normal again. This month’s newsletter is short and sweet, but hopefully there’s still some interesting information you can take away from it. (and you might finally get to meet some of the faces behind RVP?!) We hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter, and have a great month ahead. -Andy & Jordan 2021-22 Co-Webmasters

Countering Human Trafficking with Open-Source Intelligence At a certain CTF, or capture-the-flag competition, teams from across the world are tasked with finding “flags” to submit for points—whichever team can get the most points within two days wins. These types of contests are intended to test the participants’ cybersecurity skills by hiding codes (flags) behind hacking challenges. However, unlike most CTFs, the flags in this one aren’t the codes you’d normally expect—they’re digital clues to the whereabouts of missing people. Geographic data from Facebook posts, the people who’ve tagged them on Instagram, forum posts, or even registered vehicles—these can make up the digital footprint that teams piece together in the Trace Labs Search Party CTF using open-source intelligence, or OSINT. And with the growing use of digital platforms, it’s more important than ever that OSINT is used to investigate reported missing people, which make up the majority of human trafficking cases. Organizations like Stop The Traffik go even further by using OSINT to build detailed trafficking routes and maps of trafficking hotspots.

So here’s how you can get started: 1. Look for resources! Here are some good writeups/walkthroughs for finding digital clues for missing persons cases by Search Party CTF contestants. They’ve also posted some tools you might find helpful. 2. Know where to stop. Trace Labs' contestant training videos and guide are a good reference for what not to do while looking for clues, like trying to reset somebody’s password or contacting any of the missing person’s relatives. 3. Join existing initiatives! Aside from Stop The Traffik (where you can use their STOP app to submit information), there are many other anti-trafficking organizations that use OSINT in their operations: a. The Citizen Evidence Lab’s Amnesty Decoders project gives volunteers a platform to help process data collected through OSINT. b. Europol’s Trace an Object initiative lets volunteers help identify objects in images containing sexual abuse to identify both the victim and abuser.

graphic designer e h t t e s! me Julia Mao

Haylie Tan

Grade: Sophomore School: Los Altos High School Boba order: white grape oolong milk tea w/ boba!

Grade: Junior School: American High School Boba order: anything brown sugar or taro! B)

why RVP? Julia: I saw the insta post on the district 5170 page and thought it was p cool to work on a project w other interactors :D

Haylie: I joined RVP because I really resonated with the message of combatting human trafficking. This project gives me the opportunity to take a step further and help others outside of my community.

When did you start art/graphic design?

Julia: To be honest, I’m not super familiar with graphic design, but I like to draw anime fanart! So I was like hey, why not put my skills to use and do something other than drawing 2D men?

Haylie: I started messing around with digital art in middle school which was where I first developed my love for graphic design. Initially, I was awful but I think I definitely got better with practice haha!

What are your hobbies outside of art/RVP?

Julia: Outside of RVP, I play piano and I love binging webcomics and anime!

Haylie: Aside from RVP and graphic design, I love watching kdramas, reading webtoons, and playing with my dogs!

contact us @rotaryd5170vietnamproject @RVP5170 rvpinternationaloutreach@gmail.com rotarydistrict5170vietnamproject.org

Interested in sponsoring or collaborating with us? Feel free to reach out at RotaryDistrict5170VietnamProj@gmail.com for more information.

OTHER ORGANIZATIONS TO SUPPORT: Save the Children Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking

UNICEF Orphaned Starfish Foundation The Polaris Project


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