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RI President Barry Rassin’s 2018-19 Theme, “Be the Inspiration”

Club Bulletin 4 and 18 September 2018 Meeting Numbers 1505 and 1506

Future Meetings At our coming meeting on 4 September, we will have as guest speaker, Robin LeGallez, District Chairman of the Electronic Information Sysyems Committee and member of the Rotary Club of Murray Bridge. Robin will be introduced by PP Brenley. On 18 September, we will have as guest speaker, John Besanko who will be speaking to us on the topic, “Aphasia”. Aphasia is the term applied to the condition of language disorder which shows itself as a lack of ability to produce or comprehend speech. It results from brain damage, either caused by stroke or by injury. Aphasia can arise slowly or as in stroke can be a rapid onset. John will be introduced by PP Don. SPECIAL MEETING Members will be aware of a special meeting called for Tuesday 28 August at our shed to finalise details involved with the fundraising movie screening at GU Cinema, Glenelg on Thursday 30 August. Please refer to the email of 21 August from Secretary Barb requesting volunteers to help on Thursday afternoon and evening. Bill and Wayne will be at our shed from 9.00am on Tuesday and would appreciate any help you can give them. At this time (Saturday) we are desperate to get bookings moving and your help is needed.

Past Meetings At our meeting on Tuesday 7 August, we welcomed District Governor Kim Harvey on her official visit to the club together with husband Paul. We also were pleased to welcome Assistant DG Kate Davies of the Rotary Club of Holdfast Bay. Kim reinforced the 2018 theme of RI President Barry Rassin for all members of Rotary worldwide to be an inspiration to others and to maintain an emphasis on four priorities:  Maintain a strong focus on polio elimination.  Engage with young leaders.  Care for the environment.  Focus on a positive experience for all Rotarians. The fact that total membership of Rotary worldwide has remained static for the pat 20 years is of concern and is perhaps a sign of complacency as a result of too many clubs in too many Districts. The current work towards amalgamation of some Districts may help in this regard. We all wish Kim success in her Rotary year ahead and will see her at various times during this year.

DATES TO NOTE St Peters Woodlands Fathers Day Breakfast at school from 7.00am on Friday 31 August. Official opening of Angus Neill Reserve Upgrade: Sunday 9 September, Gourmet BBQ to follow. City to Bay Fun Run: Club to operate BBQ for Uni SA participants at Glenelg.

DG Kim Harvey shown with husband Paul (L). ADG Kate Davies, and President Bill (R)

RI President Barry Rassin’s 2018-19 Theme, “Be the Inspiration”

Club Bulletin 4 and 18 September 2018 Previous Meetings (cont)

The Benevolent Society had early support in South Australia from Sir Thomas Elder for the construction of housing for those in genuine need. A special general meeting of the club was called for Our speaker, Joel Pringle is an advocate for the BeTuesday 14 August at our shed. nevolent Society, particularly in its quest to fix penMembers of the club Board met first to discuss a num- sion poverty in Australia. Too many people past reber of matters and this meeting will be summarised tirement age are experiencing poverty which should elsewhere in this Bulletin. not be happening in our society. The general meeting discussed plans as to how we Many retirees are solely dependent on the Age Pencan make best use of an offer from Andrew Taplin to sion as they did not have the opportunity to qualify donate 500 tickets at the GU Cinema, Glenelg for the for any form of superannuation during their working screening of “Mission Impossible-Fallout” as a fundlife. Any increase in government pension would be raiser for Fighting for our Farmers in this time of sespent immediately and act as a stimulant to the vere drought. economy. The donated movie tickets are available for the 4pm, As it is now, Pension Poverty throughout the country 6pm and 7pm screenings on Thursday 30 August. is increasing. The fundraising event will be known as “NO MISSION IS IMPOSSIBLE” and tickets are to be booked online Supporting Joel, and emphasising the needs of through eventbrite.com.au many Australian Seniors, Ian Henschke spoke to us Tickets as organised this way are free of charge, funds from his position as Chief Advocate of National raised will be through donations on entry and raffles. Seniors Australia. National Seniors has 130 000 Because of the need for this meeting, it has been members across Australia in 120 Branches and counted as Meeting number 1503 of the club. would be the leading voice for older Australians no matter what their means. At our meeting on 21 August, we had as guest speak- Ian obviously brings his media skills to this position ers, Joel Pringle and Ian Henschke who were speaking in advocating for all senior Australians. on behalf of the Benevolent Society in support of a campaign to end Pension Poverty in Australia. It was pleasing to welcome John Diercks as a visitor The Benevolent Society promotes itself as Australia’s to the meeting, introduced by PP Frank and also to first charity, starting in Sydney in 1813 and in South see Pat once again, introduced by President Bill. Australia in 1849.

President elect Kevin Tumes with Joel Pringle

Ian Henschke shown in an earlier life as a broadcaster on ABC Radio. 2

RI President Barry Rassin’s 2018-19 Theme, “Be the Inspiration”

Club Bulletin 4 and 18 September 2018 URGENT ATTENTION It has become URGENT for all of us to promote and support our Movie Night fundraiser on 30 August. Reserve your bookings online, print off and bring to the cinema with you. Make a donation at the door on entry and enjoy the movie. Remember, every dollar will go into the Rotary Fighting Fund to support farmers who are being affected by the current drought.

Summary of Special Board Meeting 14 August As well as discussing actions needed for the movie night on 30 August “No Mission is Impossible”, the following items were considered. 

Youth Music Awards/Fundraiser, Brighton Secondary School PP Frank has met with head of Music, Andrew Barrett and they will organise a concert in mid to late November in their auditorium (380 capacity) at $10 per ticket. We will provide prizes and share concert takings on night. Board agreed to proceed.


A stock of white wine will be purchased from Patriti Wines to on sell together with the Langmeil red wine in October. (Frank)


Networking with Probus Clubs Frank advised that he would like to resume our liaison with the Village Combined Probus Club and perhaps other Probus Clubs in this Area. The Board agreed to proceed further.

2018 Travel Raffle Wayne Leaves is now distributing tickets for our annual raffle. The cost of prizes, ticket printing and administrative costs will be met from ticket sales by our members and we ask that you all take some books to sell so we can meet this commitment. Most of the tickets have been distributed to those organisations who have indicated their interest in selling tickets and thus benefiting by the full amount of tickets they sell. Please see Wayne ASAP

Certificate of Appreciation

Useful Websites for Club, District and RI Information Club Calendar: http://www.rotarynews.info/2/club/3794/8769 Club Page: http://www.rotarynews.info/club3794 District Page: http://www.rotarynews.info/district9520 3

RI President Barry Rassin’s 2018-19 Theme, “Be the Inspiration”

Club Bulletin 4 and 18 September 2018 Board of Directors 2018-2019 President

Bill Rawlins


Barb Humphries


Brenton Aird

Minutes Secretary President Elect & Club Service Immediate Past President Community Service

Rosalien van Loon

Rob Harding Wayne Leaves

International Service

Marianne Harding


Brenley Milsom

Youth Programs

Max Dalrymple

Kevin Tumes

Foundation and Grants Trevor Andrew Fellowship Sergeant Fundraising & Forward Planning Club Mentor

Rosalien van Loon Chris Morath/Pam Maxwell Frank White PDG Peter Ochota

Meeting Program Meeting 1505

Club Meeting and Contact Details The Four Way Test CLUB MEETINGS Of The Things We Think, Say or Do:


Is itMONTH the TRUTH? OF EACH at 7.00am

Is it FAIR to all Concerned? Adelaide International Motel Will it build GOODWILL and better FRIENDSHIPS? 521 Anzac Highway Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Glenelg North The Four Way Test Club Contact Details: Of The Things We Think, Say or Do: ThePO Four Way Test Box 134 Of The Things We Think, Say or Do: Glenelg SA 5045 Is it the TRUTH? Secretary Barb Humphries Is it FAIR to all Concerned? Email: thehumpies@yahoo.com.au Will it build GOODWILL and better FRIENDSHIPS? Club email: somertonpark@rotaryclub.org.au Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Website: http://www.rotarynews.info/Club3794/


Is it the TRUTH?

Meeting 1506

Is it FAIR to all concerned?

4 September

18 September

Speaker/ Activity

Will it build GOODWILL and better FRIENDSHIPS?

Robin LeGallez

John Besanko


Electronic Information Systems



Brenley Milsom

Don Overall








Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Speaker’s Coordinator and Program: Peter Thompson 0438 949 544 Bulletin Editor: Don Overall 0458 346 030 Shed/Property Mngr. Bill Rawlins 0418 834 531 Shed (District): John Yard 0418 834 531 Website, IT, & Social Media Administrator: Brenley Milsom: brenleym@bigpond.net.au Risk Management: Brenton Aird 0417 832 935 4

Profile for Rotary Club of Somerton Park

Rotary Club of Somerton Park Bulletin 04/09/2018  

Rotary Club of Somerton Park Bulletin 04/09/2018