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Club Bulletin 20 and 27 February 2018 Meeting Numbers 1489 and 1490

Future Meetings

Meeting 16 January

Tuesday 20 February will be our next breakfast meeting at the motel. In view of our long standing relationship with Minda Inc, we will have as guest speaker, Cathy Miller, CEO of Minda Inc. No doubt Cathy will have lots to tell us about the future directions of Minda, particularly in light of land developments that have, and are taking place on the North Brighton site. Amazing changes to the site over the past six or seven years since our shed stood on the area now occupied by the “Brighton Dunes” development.

After the Christmas—New Year break, it was good to catch up with everyone, including a few people who we hadn’t seen for a while. AG Dini Whyte paid a visit and it was good to see prospective member Marusha again. A fundraising “brainstorm’ was held and ideas will be collated and discussed by the Board and at the next Club Assembly. The successful “Fund My Neighbourhood” projects which we put forward and which will be managed by Holdfast Bay Council were mentioned. These will be signed off soon. The Seacliff playground, (Angus Neale Reserve), will go out for tender soon.

On 27 February, normally a meeting “off week”, there will be an special evening meeting, 6.30pm for 7.00pm at the Adelaide Sailing Club, Barcoo Road West Beach. Please refer to Secretary Barb’s email of 31 January for detais of the menu available at the Clubhouse Bistro. Guest speaker will be Tony Lufti founder and Managing Director of the superfood company, Greenwheat Freekah., an innovative product exported across the world.

Meeting 6 February At our meeting on 6 February, President elect Bill announced nominations he had received for his Board during the 2018-2019 Rotary year. These nominations were put to members present and were endorsed unanimously. A full list is printed on page 3 of this Bulletin and it is good to see that Kevin Tumes has accepted the nomination for Club President in 20192020. Congratulations Kevin.

Our Guest Speaker for the morning was David Bradley, Importantly, please RSVP to Secretary Barb by Tues- a free lance film reviewer who has been doing this day 20 February of your attendance or not. work for many years. He writes a column for the “Adelaide Review” each month and he related some of his experiences in critiques of a range of movies.

Guest Speaker David Bradley shown with PP Brenton Aird

Club Bulletin 20 and 27 February 2018 Summary of Board Meeting 30 January


This summary of the Board meeting held on 30 January 2018 was prepared by President Rob. The full minutes were emailed to all members by Secretary Barb on 3 February.  

  

  

  

President Rob is following up with the DPTI re placement of Club sign adjacent to the Brighton Bike Pump Track. Display containers to hold promotional material for attachment to money spinner at Bayside Village have been purchased. Money spinner signage to be changed regularly. Bill will take nominations for his 2018-2019 Board to next meeting for club endorsement. PDG Peter is to undertake more work on “Friends of Rotary” proposal. Rob has collated all fundraising ideas put forward by members at the last meeting. The Board discussed what could be implemented during first half of 2018 and decided that our Quiz Night should be in first half of year and proposed either 25 May or 1 June. Marianne to coordinate and Lyn and Malcolm to be Quiz “masters”. Raffle proposed to continue in a refreshed format. Pres elect Bill to coordinate review with help from others. The creation of a Minute Secretary position is very important for our club. Bronwyn to arrange a small committee to organize a function to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of club in April. An appropriare venue to be booked. Arrangements for Special Dinner on 27 February at Adelaide Sailing Club are well in hand. Bronwyn is organizing drinks/dinner at Seacliff Surf Lifesaving Club on Friday 16 February. Previously notified to members. Refer to full minutes for Treasurer’s Report.






Community Service follow up: There will be some involvement with Somerton Park Tennis Club following our donation of printed shirts for blind tennis players. Also a new jockey wheel to be fitted to BBQ trailer plus gas system check to be done. International service follow up: A donation of $300 to be made to RAM CIO student who we supported has graduated. Club will not continue funding. Membership Committee follow up: Corporate membership proposed for City of Holdfast Bay. A letter to be written and presented to Council for their consideration. TRF/Grants follow up: Paperwork for the next step of the “Fund My Neighbourhood” grant (Pump Track) was completed at the Board meeting and posted on 30 January 2018. Our aim is for Council to manage the construction of new amenities. District have had $2000 grant money re turned. That, plus $2000 from club plus addi tional from Glenelg SLSC would pay for an LED safety sign near problem area at Glenelg beach. Trevor is following up. Youth Programs and IT follow up: Brenley advised that several students are available to speak at club meetings over the next few months. Arranging with Peter T for suitable times. Club website was down for a short time but is now restored. Fee of approx. $100 per year is now applicable. Other options more expensive. Decided to continue with current arrangement. Congratulations were extended to President Rob by board members on his award of “Citizen of the Year” of the City of Holdfast Bay.

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Club Bulletin 20 and 27 February 2018 Club Management 2018-2019

Minutes Secretary

At our meeting on 6 February, President elect Bill presented a list of nominations for our Club Board for the 2018-2019 Rotary year. These nominations were duly seconded and were endorsed by those members present.

The Club is in desperate need of someone to take on the role of Minute Secretary for Board Meetings. This will take some of the workload from our hard working Club Secretary Barb. Any member interested please contact Barb or President Rob.

The management positions endorsed are: President: President elect and Club Service Director: Immediate Past President: Directors Community Service: International Service: Membership: Youth Programs: TRF/Grants: Fellowship: Fundraising and Forward Planning: Club Officers Secretary: Minutes Secretary: Treasurer and Risk Management: Protection Officer: Sergeant: Program: Bulletin: IT/Social Media; Other Duties Meeting Set up:

Bill Rawlins Kevin Tumes Rob Harding Wayne Leaves Marianne Harding Brenley Milsom Max Dalrymple Trevor Andrew Rosalien van Loon Frank White Barb Humphries Vacant

Congratulations Sincere congratulations are extended to President Rob Harding on his Australia Day Award of Citizen of the Year for the City of Holdfast Bay.

Social Day Cruise Following a successful evening cruise after an equally successful youth sailing experience on the “One & All�, District Secretary Peter Hammond advises that a Social Cruise for Rotarians and friends has been arranged for Sunday 4 March 2018. This departs from Port Adelaide at 10.00am (board 9.15am) and returns at 3.00pm. 40 passengers only at $100pp. Contact Peter at peter_h@bigpond.net.au for details.


Female members and partners are invited to morning Brenton Aird tea at NINKO Shelter on 28 February at 10.30am. Lyn Banner Pam Maxwell/Trevor Andrew Please contact Rosalien if you are interested. Peter Thompson Don Overall Brenley Milsom

Peter Hammond Max Dalrymple Brenley Milsom District Property: John Yard Shed & Club Property: Bill Rawlins

Useful Websites for Club, District and RI Information

Club Calendar: http://www.rotarynews.info/2/club/3794/8769 Club Page: http://www.rotarynews.info/club3794 District Page: http://www.rotarynews.info/district9520 3

Club Bulletin 20 and 27 February 2018 Board of Directors 2017-2018 President

Rob Harding


Barb Humphries


Brenton Aird

President Elect

Bill Rawlins Mark Thomas

Community Service

Malcolm Axford

International Service

Marianne Harding


Peter Ochota

Youth Programs

Brenley Milsom

Foundation and Grants Trevor Andrew Bronwyn Lambert Pam Maxwell

Meeting Program Meeting 1489 Date

Speaker/ Activity Topic Chairman

The Four Way Test CLUB MEETINGS Of The Things We Think, Say or Do:


Is itMONTH the TRUTH? OF EACH at 7.00am

Immediate Past President

Fellowship Sergeant

Club Meeting and Contact Details

Is it FAIR to all Concerned? Adelaide International Motel Will it build GOODWILL and better FRIENDSHIPS? 521 Anzac Highway Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Glenelg North The Four Way Test Club Contact Details: Of The Things We Think, Say or Do: ThePO Four Way Test Box 134 Of The Things We Think, Say or Do: Glenelg SA 5045 Is it the TRUTH? Secretary Barb Humphries Is it FAIR to all Concerned? Email: thehumpies@yahoo.com.au Will it build GOODWILL and better FRIENDSHIPS? Club email: somertonpark@rotaryclub.org.au Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Website: http://www.rotarynews.info/Club3794/


Meeting 1490

Is it FAIR to all Concerned?

Is it the TRUTH?

20 February

27 February

Is it FAIR to all concerned?

Cathy Miller

Tony Lufti

Will it build GOODWILL and better FRIENDSHIPS?

Minda into the Future

Greenwheat Freekah

Pres Rob Harding







Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Speaker’s Coordinator and Program: Peter Thompson 0438 949 544 Bulletin Editor: Don Overall 0418 807 222 Shed/Property Mngr. Bill Rawlins 0418 834 531 Shed (District): John Yard 0418 834 531 Website, IT, & Social Media Administrator: Brenley Milsom: brenleym@bigpond.net.au Risk Management: Brenton Aird 0417 832 935 4

Profile for Rotary Club of Somerton Park

Rotary Club of Somerton Park Bulletin 20/02/2018  

Rotary Club of Somerton Park Bulletin 20/02/2018