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Club Bulletin 16 January and 6 February 2018 Meeting Numbers 1487 and 1488

Future Meetings

Meeting 19 December

On 19 December, it was our pleasure to witness our newest member, Chris Morath, being inducted as a member of our club by President Rob. Chris was introduced to members by Kerry Sutton and we all look forward to getting to know Chris over coming months. Our Guest speaker for the morning was Mark Huddleston of the RC Seaford. Mark is a long time member of Rotary and has held a number of District positions inAt our meeting on 6 February, the Guest speaker cluding membership development. will be David Bradley who is a film journalist. He will Mark was a member of RC Edwardstown before bebe speaking on that topic. coming a founding member of the most recent club in our District, the RC Seaford. Tuesday 16 January will be our first meeting for 2018 and this will take the form of a Club Assembly and a planning meeting for the remainder of this Rotary year. A summary of the last Board meeting held on 12 December is printed later in this Bulletin. Input from all members is invited for this meeting.

Mark outlined his position and thinking in order to help create a new club in a “young” suburban area and to provide an environment to both attract and retain a healthy membership of that club.

New member Chris Morath with President Rob

Mark outlined the main points involved in attracting members to join this new club which is progressing well.  Less Meeting—More Doing.  Have flexible and productive meetings  Low cost to members—no raffles, fines. Optional meal. Meet casually at homes or at parks while maintaining RI rules of meeting frequency.  Have aggressive promotion of Club in local area. Ie use Social media, Facebook, Flyers, Local newsletters, shopping centres.  Establish and maintain effective partnerships with local business, Council. It’s a huge jump for Mark from RC Edwardstown, established 60 years, to RC Seaford, and we wish Mark and the Club well for the future.

Guest speaker Mark Huddleston with PDG Peter

Also on 19 December, the week before Christmas, Rotarian Lyn distributed a card plus sweets to all members as a Merry Christmas gesture. Thank you Lyn.

Club Bulletin 16 January and 6 February 2018 Summary of Board Meeting 12 December

 

The final Board meeting for 2017 was held on Tuesday 12 December and the following is a summary of discussions and decisions made at that meeting. 



 



Bill and Rob have checked out possible sites for placement of a Club fence sign and have identified a preferred location. The sign will emphasise that our club is a breakfast club. Rob will liaise with Council for approval of this site or an appropriate alternative. It was agreed that we should aim to regularly change the sign above our “Money Spinner’ at Bayside Village Mall. A stand to hold our brochures will be attached. Malcolm and Rob to follow up. Peter Ochota elaborated on the desirability of Corporate membership. Different members of each business or corporation could attend meetings. In the first instance, Rob will speak with officers of Holdfast Bay Council to test interest. A process is underway to involve all members of committees in clearly describing their committee’s role. The activities of our club over the past month have been very extensive. These include breakfast meetings, community service, fundraising and fellowship. Please refer to the complete minutes for full details. President Rob attended a Group 8 President’s meeting on 8 December. One outcome was the decision to highlight the many special events coming in the firdt half of 2018. These include : RC Edwardseown 60th anniversary on 18 March, RC Somerton Park 30th on 7 April and RC Holdfast Bay 40th on 21 May. 20 Christmas hampers were purchased from FoodBank and distributed to ne edy families via schools suggested by Foodbank staff. Completion of the refurbishing of outdoor furniture for Ninko plus delivery of doll’s house will be arranged for early in the new year. ►






2. 3.

The visit to clipper ship “City of Adelaide” and Christmas lunch at pur shed were both well received. PDG Peter is arranging a club “health check” and asks that all members complete forms. It was agreed that all new members will have a mentor appointed; normally the person who introduced the new member. The RC Flagstaff Hill is conducting a project to collect used bra for the women of Fiji. Our club is asked to help and a speaker from RC Flagstaff Hill will give us more detail shortly. Our club was successful in obtaining funding via “Fund my Neighbourhood” initiative. Brighton Bike Pump Track upgrade: $46830, plus stage 2 of the Angus Neale Playground on the Esplanade at Seacliff: $100 000. Trevor and Rob will be working closely with Holdfast Bay Council on both. Brenley compiled a comprehensive list of Youth and Vocational initiatives which is very pleasing. We are mentoring a young person embarking on the “One and All” Youth Sailing experience. There will be someone from the club at Port Adelaide on 21 January to farewell our nominated young person. Advanced planning for 2018 includes: 27 February, Dinner meetng with speaker Tony Lufti, manufacturer of “superfood”, roasted greenwheat. Tony is a past president of RC Adelaide East. 7 April, Club ‘s 30th anniversary dinner at “Taste of the Himalayas”, Ideas and general feedback meeting on Tuesday 16 January.

General Feedback requested: Is this summary of Board Minutes of use to members?


Club Bulletin 16 January and 6 February 2018 Rotary Subscriptions Now Due Members who pay their annual subs half yearly are reminded that the second half fee of $100 is now due. This amount may be paid by cash or cheque to Treasurer Brenton or transferred electronically to club Service Account at: BSB 085 333, a/c number 205083444

Membership Development Following our meeting of 19 December with Guest speaker Mark Huddleston, PDG Peter has circulated to all members by email on 11 January, a “Rotarian Needs Assessment” form. Members are asked to print off this form and fill out details according to instructions. Please return your completed form to President Rob ASAP.

District Conference

President elect Nominee At our AGM on 5 December, the future position of Club President for the 2019-2020 Rotary year was not filled. It is desirable that this club leadership position be filled by a member who has had a few year’s experience in club activities and some experience as a Board member. President-elect Bill has contacted some members with a view to filling this position and would be very pleased to hear from those who are interested.

Useful Websites for Club, District and RI Information Club Calendar: http://www.rotarynews.info/2/club/3794/8769 Club Page: http://www.rotarynews.info/club3794 District Page: http://www.rotarynews.info/district9520

Please note that the 2018 District Conference will be held in the Barossa Valley from 23 to 25 March. This will be a combined D9500 and D9520 conference and is the first exercise in the process of merging the two Districts See President Rob re caravan park bookings.


Club Bulletin 16 January and 6 February 2018 Board of Directors 2017-2018 President

Rob Harding


Barb Humphries


Brenton Aird

President Elect

Bill Rawlins Mark Thomas

Community Service

Malcolm Axford

International Service

Marianne Harding


Peter Ochota

Youth Programs

Brenley Milsom

Foundation and Grants Trevor Andrew Bronwyn Lambert Pam Maxwell

Meeting Program Meeting 1487 Date

Speaker/ Activity


Is it FAIR to all Concerned? Adelaide International Motel Will it build GOODWILL and better FRIENDSHIPS? 521 Anzac Highway Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Glenelg North The Four Way Test Club Contact Details: Of The Things We Think, Say or Do: ThePO Four Way Test Box 134 Of The Things We Think, Say or Do: Glenelg SA 5045 Is it the TRUTH? Secretary Barb Humphries Is it FAIR to all Concerned? Email: thehumpies@yahoo.com.au Will it build GOODWILL and better FRIENDSHIPS? Club email: somertonpark@rotaryclub.org.au Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Website: http://www.rotarynews.info/Club3794/


Meeting 1488

Is it FAIR to all Concerned?

Is it the TRUTH?

16 January

6 February

Is it FAIR to all concerned?

Club Assembly and Welcome Back

David Bradley

Will it build GOODWILL and better FRIENDSHIPS?

Film Journalism

Topic Pres. Rob Harding

Peter Thompson








The Four Way Test CLUB MEETINGS Of The Things We Think, Say or Do: Is itMONTH the TRUTH? OF EACH at 7.00am

Immediate Past President

Fellowship Sergeant

Club Meeting and Contact Details

Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Speaker’s Coordinator and Program: Peter Thompson 0438 949 544 Bulletin Editor: Don Overall 0418 807 222 Shed/Property Mngr. Bill Rawlins 0418 834 531 Shed (District): John Yard 0418 834 531 Website, IT, & Social Media Administrator: Brenley Milsom: brenleym@bigpond.net.au Risk Management: Brenton Aird 0417 832 935 4

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Rotary Club of Somerton Park Bulletin 16/01/2018  

Rotary Club of Somerton Park Bulletin 16/01/2018