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R. I. President : Rtn. Sakuji Tanaka



District Governor : Rtn. Sanjay Meshram


Club President : Rtn. Atul Shah




Eaters Day Out…….


SHREESURYA BAKERY The Vocational Visit Committee planned a visit to Shreesurya Bakery owned by our Rtn.Sameer Joshi, on Sunday,21st Oct. Rotary families gathered at Rtn.Jagdish Agrawal's residence in Lakadganj. Rt.Ann Prabha Agrawal had arranged for sumptuous snacks of Poha, Samosa, Sabudana Khichdi and sweets. Members had a great time with this Rotary family and proceeded for the visit. They were welcomed by the staff of Shreesurya bakery. Members were taken in groups to see the making of cookies, bread and khari. After this they were shown the process of Veg puff making. Members tasted these bakery products and were presented with a product to carry home. The visit was co-ordinated by Chairpersons Rajesh Yadav and Giriraj Singhee.

Stop Prezz..... Dear Rotary families, Recently while watching one of the Talent show program on TV, I was amazed at the immense talent available in small towns of our country. What is saddening is most of it never gets translated into Vocation for lack of suitable opportunities. We are all blessed to be part of this institution Rotary and that is because of our Vocation. October symbolises Vocational month in Rotary Calendar. October saw a buzz of activites on the Vocational front, one of these being recognition of 3 very deserving individuals who have excelled and made a mark in their vocation! On our part, we are working towards setting up a permanent Vocational Training Centre to provide worthwhile opportunities for those in need. I am also happy to inform that two of our

shortlisted candidates have been selected to be part of our District's GSE Team! November is Rotary Foundation month. Thanks to the generous contributions made by the members of our Club, over the years, we have been able to successfully provide excellent humanitarian assistance through Matching Grant projects. I am sure this year too is going to be no different, contributions from you will flow in and our desire to set up a Neo Intensive Care unit for premature born babies, to provide affordable medical assistance will be fulfilled too. So let us have the joy of giving through one of the most credible institution “The Rotary Foundation” and make that difference, in the lives of underprivileged. Our Club has a chock-a-block calendar for the next 3 months and I look forward to each one

you pitching in to share the responsibilities. Let us all step forward with our “Tan, Man, Dhan” to serve the mankind! May our countrymen celebrate Happy, Peaceful and Joyous Deepavali !! Cheers!

Atul Shah

Hear Me Out..... It costs nothing to be kind!!!! Kindness is a habit. And habits are cultivated over a period of time and require effort. If there is one habit which serves us well, it's kindness. We are so deeply involved with our own life that we are oblivious of others - others' problems, their achievements, their difficulties and their needs. Kindness may manifest itself in words, in deeds, in expressions, in actions and in many other ways. When we hear someone out, we are being kind. When we celebrate someone's success, we are being kind. When we try to understand someone's plight, we are being kind. But we have to make an attempt for all this and with time it becomes a habit and grows on us. Naturally!!!!! Because it generates happiness all around………as much to us at to others. We can be patient with someone trying his best to drive us up the wall, or resist making a comment which is not complimentary or cut that sarcasm when it is tempting us most or even be (genuinely) appreciative of someone who we are not exactly in love with. These are all different forms of kindness and if we continue doing it often, we will find that it becomes a habit and comes to us naturally. Kindness is of many kinds (pun unintended) – active and passive. Active kindness is when you DO something…..good that is. Passive kindness is when we stop our self from doing something nasty – that is being rude or impolite or unnecessarily critical. Disappoint those who try our patience. We almost always realize that whenever we hurt someone, we live to repent it. But then, almost always, we realize it only after it is too late. We also realize, almost always, that whenever we are kind it comes back to us. In finality, kindness costs us nothing but eventually pays us back!!!!!

Shabbir Shakir

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COVER up.... These Children will have new cots to sleep in The renovated garden of MSS Rita & Sandeep Dhodapkar with R I President Sakuji Tanaka The Vocational Visit Group


GUEST EDITOR Manju Shahani

Interact WOMAN - You. Are. Amazing. As. you. are. Stronger than you know. More beautiful than you think. Worthier than you believe. More loved than you can ever imagine. Passionate about making a difference. Fiery when protecting those you love. Learning. Growing. Not alone. Warm. Giving. Generous. Quirky. Sexy. Funny. Smart. Flawed. Whole. Scared. Brave. And so, so, so. much. more. Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You. It must be something like this, that inspired Rotarians to bring WOMEN into Rotary in 1988-89. Though the entry of women was rather late, after almost 84 years, but once they came in there was no looking back. Within a year, ie 1990, more than 20,000 women were members, all over the world. Here I must mention, a fact of which I am truly proud of, that, the first demand for lady members came from India. The grounds being that it defeated the very first tennet, of the Four Way Test ? " Is it fair to all"? It definitely was not fair that the fair sex be kept at bay! Of course, the scene in our club was very different. Member or not, women were active from the day of its inception. Today of course, the lady members as well as the anns, hold important portfolios. Interact, Youth Fest and many other committees are almost totally in charge of ladies - mainly Anns.


We shall have a Guest Editor every month at the GO. Here the GEs will give expression to their creativity by writing about what they will. Past Editors of the GO will be seen in this space one by one. The idea has come into being so that these two pages will have something refreshingly new to offer every month, steering clear of the year mould. The GE of this month Manju another name synonymous with the GO. Her contribution to the GO for the past many years has been tremendous. One of those ladies that our Club is identified all over the District by.

Our first lady member was Dr. Nirmala Vaze in 1989, followed by Dr. Rajni Rai, Neeru Kapai, Mita Joglekar, Deepa Jamwal and Rita Agrawal in the following years. Fillip to, increase of Lady Members in the club, occurred when, the club decided to encourage Spouse Members. Today we have as many as 55 lady members and most of them are dedicated and enthusiastic Rotarians. The Golden Orange -- our inhouse club bulletin, which has been adjudged the best in the country, a number of times has also had lady editors. Credit for this goes to PDG Vishwas, who entrusted this portfolio to Wasudha Korke (an Ann) when he was president in 1998-99. For many years after, it was Khushnoor, Anita, Madhavi and me who brought laurels

Vocational Training to The Golden Orange. We each did more than 1 year stints, till PP Dr. Sanjiv Chugh took it and gave it a makeover, raising its standards. Today it is at par with most leading magazines. Since Neeru Kapai, the first one to be a Director, we have had Lady Members on the board, almost every year, including, a first Lady President - Tauby, as you all know. Another area, where ladies rule the roost is Fellowship. Thanks here are due to PDG Dr. Satish Sule, who started with regular fellowships during his tenure. But it was PP Aspi, who took these fellowships to dizzying heights and since, we have only gotten better. Though, our Anns have held various assignments, It was Dr. Sule, who started a Ladies Committee as well.

Ladies Committee Today, our ladies committee holds programs that are much awaited for and many a times we even have eager guests who are so impressed, that they join the organisation eventually. Hand in Glove with Fellowship, is the " Take Rotary Home"(totally taken care of by ladies) which was revived by PP Sati Khanna, during his tenure. Most enjoyed, by the old and the new, the young and the old, this committee has surpassed all standards. I personally feel, that whether a Rotarian or an Ann, it is only if we are totally involved, do we really enjoy Rotary. One, not only enjoys the fellowship and the comraderie but also, the satisfaction one gets, during service projects or the power one holds when heading a committee. Believe me, one actually grows and matures in this organisation. We don't know how great we can be! What we can accomplish! And what our potential is! As Ann turned Rotarian, I feel, we enjoy the best of both the worlds. We have a CHOICE. -Manju Shahani

Twinkle Club – Green City

NUTRITIVE VALUE OF INDIAN FOODS - RICE BRAN OIL (RBO) GENERAL INTEREST THE JEWEL IN THE CORWN OF EDIBLE OILS: RICE BRAN OIL (RBO)- ALSO TERMED AS HEART OIL, AS IT HAS MUFAP U FA R AT I O C L O S E T O A H A R E C O M M E N D AT I O N & R E D U C E CHOLESTERIL IN BLOOD AND IT IS GOOD FOR HEALTH Rice bran oil is extracted from Rice bran which is very healthy. In olden days our forefathers used to have brown rice which had great nutrition value but in modern times we prefer polished rice. In fact various studies have shown that stabilized Rice Bran provides a rich source of overall nutrition and nutraceuticals and also has a very promising role to play in not only cardiac care but also diabetes and other ailments . RICE BRAN OIL HAS A MUFA –POUFA RATIO CLOSE TO AHA RECOMMENDATION. Rice Bran oil has some unique ingredients like Oryzanol, Tocotrienols and Squalene in addition to Tocopherol. Because of these ingredients and their functions it has been called the Heart Oil in Japan. In fact doctors in India are calling it the Indian answer to olive oil. Even olive oil does not have such a rich array of micro nutrients. What do these nutrients do? Researches claim that : Oryzanol -Reduces Cholesterol and Triglycerides Also supposed to have –Anti Carcinogenic property Anti itching effect Anti dandruff effect Tocotrienols & Tocopherol- Act as antioxidants

and improves shelf life of the product. Also acts as antioxidants in vitro, thereby protecting against free radicals, which are known to be carcinogenic. Prevent the LDL oxidation in vitro and retard progression of atherosclerosis. Tocotrienols have been shown to reduce the levels of plasma cholesterol Squalene Maintains the tone of the skin . This is why word over, it is known as health Oil and sells for more than Rs. 600 Per litre in many countries. In Indian we are lucky that it is available at such reasonable prices. Dr. G.S. Kalra, Sr. Invasive Cardiologist, Fortis Health Institute, Mohali, in his paper titled ' CHOLESTEROL LOWERING EFFECT OF RICE BRAN OIL, states “One must realize that 1% decrease in total cholesterol decreases the risk of heart diseases by 2-3%. 10% increase in serum cholesterol increases the heart disease by 20-30%. Lowering serum cholesterol by 10% for more than 5 years decreases the risk of Heart attack by 25%. Also the lowering of serum cholesterol lowers the risk of stroke. It is also noteworthy that 1mg/dl decrease in HDL increases the risk by 4%.” In addition to the quantity and quality, the mode of consumption of smaller amounts of fat a number of times (frequently) during a day has been shown to cause less elevation of blood cholesterol content as compared to consumption of the same total daily fat intake at one time of the day.

NUTRITIVE VALUE OF INDIAN FOODS, By NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF NUTRITION, published by Indian Council of Medical Research, Hyderabad – 500 007 India, states ; The poly saturated fatty acids present in Rice Bran Oil and composed mainly of linoleic acid ( 18:2) are known to be useful in preventing cardiovascular diseases. In recent years however another class of polyunsaturated fatty acids belonging to linolenic acid ( 18:3) series, normally present in fish and fish oil are also considered to be essential for the prevention of coronary heart disease. In fact , both of these in certain ratio are found to be useful for maintaining a healthy heart.” Under the heading Fats and Oils, it is stated “To meet the oil demand newer sources of edible oil are being explored. In this context it must be pointed out that rice bran oil is an important edible source which has fatty acid composition similar to that of ground not oil. This oil has a special property reducing blood cholesterol a property not shared by ground nut oil. Thus, scientifically, it is established that the Rice Bran Oil contains ingredients with reduces Cholesterol and is good for Heart as it reduces risk of Coronary Heart Diseases. As per DR. V. Prakash, Director, CFTRI, RBO is also called as Heart oil & is good for health. - Rtn. Adv. Jagdish J. Agrawal



- Letters To The Editor

Dear Shabbir While going through the GO of October 2012 , I find really touching feelings that you have mentioned in … . . H E A R M E OUT……EMPATHY NOT SYMPATHY stand out. I can say the entire world is far from Reallity. Sympathy and hospitality - these words are only in books & not in practical life. No one wants to give transparency nor clarity. I understand your feelings in a small column at length. Hearty congratulation for DASERA / EID UL AZHA RTN HANIF KHAN PRESIDENT, ROTARY CLUB OF BHUSAVAL TAPTI VALLY Dear Rtn Atulbhai, It was indeed a great pleasure to receive your Club Bulletins “The Golden Orange” No.2 & 3 of August and September through courier which I found to be most interesting and informative excellently compiled and edited as usual by veteran Rtn. PP Shabbir Shakir – with following highlights (with colourful photographs) - excellently compiled and edited by him for which my compliments! Club-bulletin is an invaluable tool through which the Leader reaches out to his/her readers with information and inspiration. Let me tell you that you have utilized this tool most effectively through your Editor for which my heartiest compliments and congratulations! Highlights (with photographs) Excellent and innovative pieces by Guest Editors every month Inspirational Message by President “STOP PREZZ” with overview of club-activities in July and August. Excellent articles on “Anger & Madness” by Rtn. Shabbir Shakir. Report of Installation of New Team on 5th July



at Hotel Centre Point with DG and AG as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour Presentation of Vocational Excellence Award to Sister Sujata Lokhande Presentaiton of Outstanding Sr.Citizen Award to Shree Chandrakant Channe Club-Awards for (11-12) ……Congratulations to IPP Rtn. Tauby for well deserved Dist. Awards for (11-12)! Report of weekly business and speaker meeting Distribution of (13000) neem seeds at Twinkle Club on 8th July Several Blood donation Camps – by Rotary and Rotaract Club Installation of Interact Clubs in July – with Orientation programme Installation of Rotaract Club of Hislop College Report of Several Workshops Profile of PE & Vice President under “UP CLOSE’ “XPRESS' by PP Rtn.Sanjiv Chugh - very interesting with different topics with feed-back from members. Celebration of Navroze and Eid Festivals

BEST LETTER Dear Editor Shabbir, Tri Prasad Firstly the picture at Ganesh Visarjan prominently featuring me with the idol was first seen by my grand children Abhiram and Siddhi, and I instantly got warm hugs and kisses in appreciation. I got the 'real' Prasad! Secondly our club's sms prompted me to put on Rotary jersey.....albeit my son Anshuman's 'Rotary Ishanya' T shirt. I got a few phone calls from Ishanyans thanking me for representing them! ..... Another Prasad from a sister club! Thirdly, the next day President Atul sent me our club's Rotary T shirt.... the 'Atulaneeya Prasad'! Thank you Shabbir and the G.O. team for the Tri Prasad!!! With love and best wishes, Anil Sahasrabhojanee

(glimpses) Pictorial Gallery of Club-events in July and August Articles on various interesting topics like “Treasure Hunt” – “Travel Bug” “Bobby's Bubbles” “Dimag Kharab” and “Kidzzone” etc. I found your bulletins – with new look, most pleasing to eyes with excellent lay-our, design, art-work and printing with photographs in bewitching colours and with expressive content – always a great pleasure to go through with exhilarating experience and will be looking forward to similar issues in future with great anticipation. Congratulations for the above excellent Bulletins and looking forward to similar issues in future and with best wishes for (12-13) to promote “Peace Through Service” and with warm personal regards to you and Ann: Shefaliben and Rotary Greetings to all your members from myself and Indumati, we remain, Your Friends, JAGMOHAN KATAKIA PDG D: 3040 (94-95)



Mohammed Master Business Meeting was held on the 4th Oct 2012 at “Udyog Bhawan”. In the absence of President Atul Shah, President Elect Prashant Kale called the meeting to order. He welcomed the members and requested for half a minute silent prayer. Asst. Governor Vipin Rathi from Rotary Club of Mihan Town invited all the members on forthcoming ICF on Environment & New Generation. President of Rotary Club of Doula, Cameroon Rtn. Luc Meilo who was present in the meeting shared his view about his experiences with Rotary and expressed his desire to work with our club for any social project. Aw a r d s w e r e a n n o u n c e d f o r b e s t chairpersons. They were for Vocational Visit Committee Rajesh Yadav and Giriraj Singhi, for 4 Way Test Vinita Chaturvedi and Sharad Paliwal, for Fellowship during Meeting

Manish Bhati committee Neeru Bhatia. Award for Best Letter went to Sachin Palewar, for Crossword to Neeru Bhatia, and winner of Ladies Committee Lucky draw was Indira Khurana. Hon. Sec. Shabbar Shakir read the minutes of last Business Meeting held on 9th Sept. House unanimously confirmed the minutes. President Elect announced the Birthday & Anniversary greetings to members. He also announced that the snacks were sponsored by Manoj Moryani, Sachin Vastani, Brijesh Sahu, Jagdish Agrawal and Mohinderpal Singh Alag. Treasurer's Announcements were made by Alok Goenka. Jt. Sec. Mahendra Kamath informed about upcoming Programme by Ajeet Saxena. Rajesh Yadav informed about forthcoming Vocational visit to Shreesurya Bakery and Director Parag Paranjpe informed about Blood Donation Camp. Rotary


Dr Rupa Adatia The air was abuzz with excitement as w e had invited experts who were going to talk about skincare and haircare. After all beauty is close to every woman's heart. At the outset Sonal Singhwi welcomed everyone and Shantala Bhole introduced the speakers. Dr Rupa Adatia, cosmetic dermatologist, currently consultant at Kaya skin clinics ,elaborated about skin care. Her presentation, ”From 6 to 60”informed us about the different factors that affect our skin, during different stages of life.She also talked about newer

Prized Posessions……. modalities of antiageing techniques like chemical peels, collagen fillers and botox. Above all she stressed that our lifestyle plays a major role on our looks. Nothing can replace the importance of correct diet, plenty of exercise, adequate sleep and freedom from stress, to delay ageing. Dr Azra Khumushi ,who is a dermatologist and cosmetologist, illustrated different stages of hair growth and various reasons for hairfall. She also talked about treating various hair problems like hairfall, splitends, dandruff etc. She gave us practical tips like the use of correct shampoo and the right way of


Pramesh Pandhi Information read by Ashok Malani and News You Can Use by Girish Deodhar. Announcements regarding ICF, District Conference and DGNC Meeting were made by Sunil Thapar. Director Shivkumar Rao called forth Manish Bhati, Mohammed Master and Pramesh Pandhi, three of our Rotary members to inform the house about their Vocation. IPP Tauby Bhagwagar placed before the House Club accounts for the year 2011-12. The house unanimously approved the accounts. Release of Golden Orange was made at the hands of PP Rajan Bhatia and editor PP Shabbir Shakir. Announcement about attendance Report & Distribution of 100% attendance Awards for the month of Sep 2012 were made by Ashok Malani. The meeting was adjourned with singing of national anthem. -Mahendra Kamath


Ladies All! brushing. She informed us about laser hair removal procedures. Her mythbusters quiz at the end of session was intresting as well as informative. The ladies had lots of queries for both the doctors and they aptly answered them to everyone's satisfaction. Shriya Mokadam and Durriya Akolawala ensured the smooth functioning of the evening. It was indeed an informative and enjoyable evening for all and everyone went home wi th plenty of insights on beauty.. -Shantala Bhole


REGULAR MEETING On 11th Oct. 2012, Mr. Ajeet Saxena, Chief Traffic Manager, Southern railway, gave a power point presentation at the regular meeting. His topic was “Applied Spirituality”, and his experience about the Vidarbha Project. He enlightened Rotarians about Spiritual Technology and provided tips and clues for maintaining one's purity, while living normal life in this world. He also presented the apathetic condition of farmer's families, who committed suicide in Vidarbha. Daughters of the farmers who were on the verge of selling themselves were rescued by Mr. Saxena and now employed at respectable places. He has also helped about 200 families near Sewagram Ashram, for education, vocational training, etc. for poor



Mr Ajeet Saxena

The Dais!

farmer's kids. Recently Mr. Ajeet Saxena has been co-opted as honorary member by the Rotary Club of Chennai., and made core team members for their Rural Transformation Project. Dr. Shahina Khatib, presented a brief

introduction of Mr. Saxena. President Atul assured Mr. Saxena of the best possible cooperation at the Vocational Training Centre, Nagpur for Vidarbha farmer's children in future. Abdul Gafoor Parekh, presented the vote of thanks. - Dr. Shahina Khatib

INHERITANCE OF A MEDICINE BOX Inheritance of a Medicine Box 18th Oct, Thursday's Regular Meeting, a gripping lecture, with Mr.S.Kumar shooting his pearls of wisdom was an anodyne for the audience. Mr S. Kumar, an applied Nutrition Biochemist & family diet, is a consultant to various well known families, including that of the former President of India. It seems, his 'Thirty years ka experience' was quite helpful and also he effectively condensed & conveyed all his expertise very effectively in half an hour. Publishing a book, “Yes Milk! Ab No Milk!!” [Foreword by Mrs. Maneka Gandhi], and then talking about it, helped him bust the myths of Indian traditional diet very effectively. Mr. Kumar has delivered approximately 350 lectures till date and average time required for each one was 5 hours. Our very dear Rotarian Ha-Ha-Halok Goenka introduced him with his unmatched wit. Mr.Kumar proposed 'Diet as a Therapy' and not 'Diet as a Medicine' and was quite sure that


the acceptance of his studies is only a matter of time. His studies are based on the foundation of Pantheism & Cosmography for eg. As adult animals don't drink milk so should the human adults avoid consuming any milk, neither does any animal drink the milk of another animal, so it should hold true for the humans too. Keeping basis as Science, he said since Anatomy & Life style of a cow is different from that of a human being, hence the milk produced by the cow is unfit for human consumption & contrary to the popular belief, it erodes Calcium from the bones. So, Milk, Sugar, salt, Curd is bad for the human health and neither should you ever let a Baker complete his dozen. He made an interesting comparison between the milk consumption patterns of other countries and India and presented statistics on the Osteoporosis. As to, what is to be had? He said, it was okay to have Rice Bran Oil, Ghee, Fresh Homemade

Mr S Kumar Butter, Jaggery , Rock salt & Unpolished Rice. He also presented statistics based on SFA/MUFA/PUFA, which are present in the edible oils and the levels that are ideal for consumption. He summed up saying that with his method a person would be able to leave for the heavenly abode, without leaving his bedside medicine box as inheritance. Rtn. Sunil Thapar proposed a Vote of thanks with a smile, pointing out that, amongst all the animal species only the Human Beings are capable of smiling. - Kiran Rathod


To celebrate 'The Breast Cancer Awareness Month' in a very special way and as a follow on activity after the preparatory talk on Cancer Awareness and Health Hazards of Tobacco n Gutkha chewing held last month, to impart vast information regarding cancer and necessity of early detection, the Slum Development Committee in association with Sadhana Charitable Trust Cancer Institute, launched the Cancer Detection Camp for the residents of Krishnanagar slum on Thursday 4th October from 11.30 to 2.30pm. Dr. Suchitra Mehta and her team of other Doctors, counselors and helpers from Sadhana Trust examined the patients


thoroughly. Oral check-up was done of gents; Pap smear was taken of ladies and were checked for cancer of cervix and breast. Dr Suchitra explained with the help of slide show how Mammogram could catch early signs of breast cancer or small lumps that, if caught early at the stage of non-invasive cancer can be treatable. The most early signs of breast cancer can be a new lump or mass in the breast nipple discharge, redness, pain and swelling or dimpling. Women themselves can check all this personally from time to time. The reports of Pap Smear will be given later and any positive case detected shall be taken care of at Sadhana Trust. The response for

check-up of both men and women was tremendous. About 45 ladies and 15 gents from the slum benefited the camp. The project was made more interesting due to 'Lucky Draw' having attractive prizes. Snack packets were distributed to all. All arrangements needed for the camp were taken care of by the Chairpersons Kusum Pande, Nirja Shukul and Ragini Sahu. The camp was attended by corporator Dimpy Bawa, Vanita Shukul, Director Parag Paranjpe, Hon Secretary Shabbar Shakir who appreciated the cause and the efforts put in by the chairpersons for the success of the project. - Ragini Sahu




The Four Way Test stands tall The Rotary Family is all smiles Keeping in mind the Vocational Month, on 25th Oct, a 4 Way Test Board was installed at BPCL's Petrol Bunk in Chaoni, owned by our Rtn.Gurmeet Singh (Gogi ) Bhasin. This being an extremely high traffic location it creates good visibility for the consumers. The 4 Way Test Board was installed by PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee along with Pres Atul Shah, Director Shivkumar Rao, Chairperson Vinita Chaturvedi, Gogi Bhasin, Nikunj Doshi and Vikash Khurana.


ST. MICHAEL'S HIGH SCHOOL ATAT KINKINI GROVER MEMORIAL TRUST Kinikine Grover Memorial Trust is run by our Rt.Ann Dr.Archana Patel. It is home to many orphans. 3 years back our Club had completed a Water Harvesting project and done tree plantations which have come up well and looking beautiful. The 4 Way Test Committee replaced the 4 way test board, on 26th Oct, with a new one. Pres Atul Shah, Hon Secretary Shabbar Shakir, Pres.Elect Prashant Kale, Director Parag Paranjape and Chairperson Vinita Chaturvedi were present.

The Four Way Test stands taller



WORKSHOP ON INTERVIEW SKILLS A workshop on interview skills was held at campus of the Tuli College of Hotel management. The faculty for the workshop was our very own Rtn. Sharad Bhave. Rtn Bhave in his own style mesmerised the students with his practical experience and knowledge of the dreaded interview. He also gave the students hands on experience by conducting mock interviews for them. The topic ranged from the history of interview selection to the latest techniques adopted in the interview process by companies. He stressed that the appearance and body language of the candidate are also a major selection criteria of the company. President Rtr Abhishek introduced the speaker and Rtr Vaibhav proposed the vote of thanks. In attendance were Director Sandeep Pathak and Jatin Sampat. -Sandeep Pathak


Sharad Bhave


路 Speakers: Ms.Tanushree Bhattacharya, Ms. Beena Mathew & Team. 路 Host: Rotaract Club Of Hislop College 路 Participating colleges: Hislop College, G. H. Raisoni College, Tuli college of Hotel Management, Gadge Patil College of Architecture, Datta Meghe Institute of Management Studies, Sadabai Raisoni Women's College, Indira Gandhi Govt. Medical College and Hospital PRE-WORKSHOP PLANNING Members from all the clubs bonded around and had talks, everyone sharing their ideas and experiences they had relating to such events. We were backed up and guided extremely well as always by our very own RCC Jatin Sampat & Sapna Vastani. They spared their valuable time and enthusiastically encouraged us in working out & coordinating. All the stuff came out to be useful to plan out the scheme of the activities. It started with registrations of the participants for the event from all related clubs. We decided to have it on Saturday as we thought it would be comfortable for most of them to spare out some time from their busy schedule. We also had to report our distinguished speakers about the type of audience and about the other details regarding the workshop. We also had prior conversations with the speakers about the agenda of the workshop & what exactly we and participants were expecting. All the details were conveyed to every participant beforehand. Announcement of the workshop attracted a good and enthusiastic response from all the Rotaractors. All were excited for it as it was the first time we were interacting with Rotaractors from various other colleges. On the day itself, everyone was punctual enough to be there by 9am. Soon after settling down Tanmay, President, Hislop College declared open the meet. He introduced all the dignitaries and handed over to President Atul Shah who addressed all of us regarding the upcoming activities of youth interest in which we could participate and praised the organisers for organising

such an event and was very happy to see many clubs coming together and participate collectively. After his address our speaker for the event Ms. Tanushree Bhattacharya took over and proceeded. The Workshop started with a brief introduction of all the participating colleges through their representatives. This was followed by a brief address by Ms. Tanushree Bhattacharya about the agenda of the workshop. The participants were then allowed to mix up through an interactive and musical game. Then five teams of twenty members each were formed and the entertaining game of 'Dahi Handi' was played. Ms. Tanushree Bhattacharya kept on giving instructions and rules of the game. It was total fun n frolic and was enjoyed by every single member present. Each team was assigned a coordinator to observe and judge the teams with regards to their performance. After the conclusion of the game, each team was analysed by their respective coordinators and simultaneously

Ms. Tanushree Bhattacharya pointed out the shortcomings but at the same time even praised some teams for their positive aspects. It was followed by a elaborate explanation and discussion with all participants on how were their experiences and thoughts regarding the game. Ms. Tanushree Bhattacharya brought out some really amazing facts and behaviours of all of us while being in the game. She interpreted it in terms of where we lack in soft skills and where should we focus more so as to be efficient in such interactive activities. She was very convincing in her approach and instantly connected with all of us. She tried to bring out such skills from within us. This concluded the first session of the Workshop. The second session started after a snack break of 30 mins. The second session was intended to bring out the creativity and importance of team


work in completion of tasks. Five teams of twenty each were formed each with two representatives. Each team was provided with some limited resources and was asked to make something creative within 30mins. Coordinators were assigned to every team like earlier to study and analyse them. Activity involved crafts and colors and ideas of all the teams to make something worth out of it. It could be anything like a social message or just fun. All were free to think anything but there was a time limit within which all of us had to not even come up with a firm idea n thought but also execute it creatively and in a appreciating form. It really took out work, minds to the fullest and was equally exciting and fun. We got to interact with a new group of people & at the same time involve with them to accomplish a certain task. We were asked to choose the best presentation from ourselves. There was a team which had created a standing model showing environmental issues of global warming. As per their coordinator they displayed a good team spirit and every member was equally involved in activity and so it was chosen as the best team. It was again followed by a brief discussion of things going on subconsciously in our minds and its interpretation in terms of life skills that we need in everyday life to express or present ourselves in a better way. Ms. Tanushree Bhattacharya well insisted on shedding the awkwardness and come out of our comfort zones while interacting with new people. This was followed by a brief summary of the workshop by Ms. Tanushree Bhattacharya. She had a power point presentation for summarising and making up brief points of what we learned throughout & what we need to remember to follow it ourselves The Speakers were presented with a token of appreciation. Then Shalakha of Sadabai Raisoni Women's college proposed the Vote of thanks. Amit Rotaract Club of IGGMC and all the Rotaract Clubs


MULTI COMMITTEE PROJECT Matru Seva Sangh (MSS), Buldi is an institution with which our Club's association th has grown over the years.On 29 October we had a Multi Committee project where a large contingent of Rotary families were present alongwith the GSE Team members from RID 7810 Canada. The program started with the inauguration of Garden by PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee, Mrs Vijaya Sancheti and Dr.Aruna Babhulkar in presence of stalwarts of our Club PP Rajan Bhatia,PP Gulab Mahant, Rtn.Hira Mulani, Rtn.Rajan Mulani, Rtn.Sharad Bhave, Rt.Ann Dr.Pushpa Bhave and Dr.Lata Deshmukh from MSS. This part of MSS was generally used for dumping junk material. Green City Committee comprising of Chairpersons Richa Sethi, Ritika Singhvi, Anagha Jaiswal and Neeta Gupta who painstakingly made the place look clean, designed the layout of the garden and planted some beautiful plants donated by green man of our city Mr.Birju Agrawal. All this was done under the able guidance of Director Manish Bhati who toiled hard with his team and ably assisted by Rtn Manjot Singh Kahai


AT MATRU SEWA SANGH who arranged and supervised the JCB operation to get everything cleared in hours. There after a 4 way test board in Hindi was inaugurated by PP Dr.Manmohan Daga along with Director Shivkumar Rao, PP Chandru Shahani and PP Ganesh Joshi, which will be visible to all visitors to MSS. The Community welfare committee donated 25 Cots and a water cooler for the physically challenged residential kids of “Snehangan”, for which a request was put up by Mrs.Aparna Hedau of Snehangan institution and the Chairperson Vanita Shukul who had been pursuing for long. Thanks to young Yashvi Goenka, daughter-inlaw of Rtn.Binita Goenka, who along with Karan Goenka sponsored the water cooler in memory of her mother . Sancheti family sponsored the cots in memory of late Shri Shaktikumar Sanchetiji which was handed over by Mrs Vijaya Sanchetiji mother of Rtn.Ajay Sancheti. The members – Rt.Ann Shefali Shah, Rt.Ann Savita Sancheti,Rt.Ann Asha Joshi,Rtn.Manju Shahani, Rt.Ann Neerja Shukul, Rtn.Ragini Sahu, Rt.Ann Vinita Pasari, Rt.Ann Smita Chaubey, Rt.Ann Jaya Mulani distributed

sweet packets to the inmates of Snehangan keeping in mind the festivities coming up shortly. The GSE team members and our Club members visited the Neo Intensive Care Unit of MSS where our Club proposes to complete a Matching Grant project. Members of our Rotary family who were present – Hon.Secretary Shabbar Shakir, Treasurer Alok Goenka, PP Shabbir Shakir, IPP Tauby Bhagawagar, Pres Elect Prashant Kale, Vice President Bharat Goenka, Rtn. Dinesh Naidu, Rtn. Vikram Naidu, Rtn.Yatin Malji, Rtn. Parag Paranjape, Rt. Ann Sonal Singhvi, Rt. Ann Geeta Rao, Rtn. Deepa Jamwal, Rtn. Nisreen Maimoon, Rt.Ann. Mamta Kahai, Rtn. Kusum Pandey, Rtn. Sachin Palewar, Rt. Ann. Archana Javery, Rt. Ann Madhu Mrig and GSE Team Leader Jean Street and team member Becky from RID 7810 Canada. President Atul Shah mentioned that it was a good feeling to have contributed towards the betterment of living conditions of these kids, just before we start our celebrations for Deepavali. -Team GO



The newly opened outlet of Brand Factory, a unit of futures group organised a blood donation camp. The second outlet (First at Dharampeth) opened at Poonam Inox Mall in the first week of September. Daughter of one of the employee needs 2 units of blood every alternate month for which she requested store manager to arrange donors. Incidentally they received this offer of holding camp from the club for which the management readily agreed and made it mandatory for all staff to donate blood. The camp began at 11 am in the morning so as to finish it by 3 pm before the buyers start crowding for festive buying. Many new donors registered at the camp taking final tally to 47 units. Store Manager Vishal Saxena was instrumental in organising the camp. President Atul Shah, Hon Secretary Shabbar Shakir, Director Parag Paranjpe, Mohammad Master, and Mohtashim Ahmed were present during the camp. -Parag Paranjpe



The college conducted the blood donation camp on 8th October at their premises. The camp started at 11 AM. Students and faculty members participated wholeheartedly in the camp. The total units collected were 40.

The social organization conducted camp on 7th October from 11 am at their Ghat Road office. A total of 51 units were collected during the camp.

TULI COLLEGE OF HMCT - 12TH OCTOBER The camp was organised by Rotaract Club of Tuli College of HMCT. The camp began at 9 am in the morning in the presence of Mrs Urvashi Yashroy, Director and Mrs Aarti Meshram, Principal of college. Steady flow of students continues through out the camp duration, which concluded at 12.30 PM. 45 units were collected during the camp. Rotaract president and Secretary took great efforts to make this camp a successful one. The camp was attended by Dr Sheela Mundhada.

TIRPUDE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT EDUCATION (TIME) – 19TH OCTOBER To mark the birthday of their President, Mr. Rajkumar tirpude, a Blood Donation camp was organized at Tirpude Institute of Management Education's auditorium. Students came forward in spite of their occupation with preparations for the college's annual mega event “Crescendo”. Director of the institute, Dr. Lalit Khullar, took a lead to donate on this occasion and thus set an example. Other faculty members also came forward to donate blood and support the cause. Some lady members could not do so, since their haemoglobin levels were found to be below the desired level. The camp, which started at 8.30 AM and continued till 12.30 PM, generated a collection of 33 units. The camp was attended by Rotary Pres. Atul Shah, Hon. Secy. Shabbar Shakir, Rtn. Prashant Rajurkar, Rtn. Parag Paranjpe & Dr. Sheela Mumdhada. -Prashant Rajurkar

S K PORWAL COLLEGE, KAMPTEE The oldest and the first College in Kamptee is associated with our club, especially for the blood donation camps for past many years. The camp started at 10.30 AM. Principal Dr S. S. Dhondge and the staff of college were personally involved in arranging the camp. Total of 27 blood units were collected. President Atul Shah, Hon Secretary Shabbar Shakir, Director Parag Paranjpe and Chairperson Rtn Dr Sheela Mundhada were present for the camp.



Mr Tanul Vikamshi

Mr Zahoor Hasan

Rt Ann Shilpa Agrawal


PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee

PP Dr Sudhir Bhiwapurkar

Service above self is the motto of Rotary. In a way service is considered as soul of Rotary. But go through the objects of Rotary and you will realize that maintaining high ethical standards in your vocation and leveraging members vocation as a means to serve the society is one of the most important aspect of Rotary. Service is not limited in community but also in workplace and around the globe. Incidentally first community project began in Chicago due to Rotary Club of Chicago's endeavor to help members in their vocation. Director Rtn Shiv Rao provided this short and crisp information during the meeting held to recognize three outstanding personalities with vocational excellence award. This important event in club's calendar acknowledges individuals who have excelled in their chosen vocation and are excellent role model for the new generation. The Thursday meeting was also the occasion to felicitate 4 Rotarians who completed their silver jubilee in the club. He is different. He has new dimensions to look at things. He creates masterpieces that are soothing to eyes and brings joy. Be it photograph, painting or sculpture. When you look at things from different angle you get a whole new perspective. That's what Tanul Vikamsy does at 'Alag Angle'. Graduate from renowned Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai and Masters in Fine Art from Nagpur University, Tanul is at ease when he is with kids in his studio. These are not your typical painting classes; it's a studio, a workshop for creativity. The place where one is encouraged to think out of the box, break the tradition and follow your heart. And that's what he spoke‌. straight from the heart. He urged the 'elders' to

do what they like. Take some time for yourself. Pursue your liking apart from your vocation. Recipient of numerous awards, Tanul has held exhibition and shows all over the world and continues to charm the world around him. He is probably a synonym to reliability and quality assurance. A second hand Maruti car gets a premium because they have been maintained and serviced at his garage. Mr Zahur Hasan, the man behind Hasan garage shared his thoughts after receiving vocational excellence award. He said, to be a successful entrepreneur one needs to have foresight and vision. When he started in 1987, there were only 160 Maruti cars in Nagpur with no dealer. His was the only workshop and people used to come because there was no other option. Now 25 years later there are 4 dealer and 6 additional authorized workshops. Still car owners prefer his Garage because of excellent, honest and time bound service. All this was possible because he had the vision that population of cars will grow. He risked employing additional people and invested in machinery even when there was no immediate scope. Lack of foresight, he said has resulted in fall of even the monopoly businesses like Doordarshan and Indian Postal Department. Another important aspect is attention to details. Out of 40 people employed at his workshop 30 join on time. Rests are 15 min late but that means loss of 150 working minutes. That's substantial 21/2 Hrs of lost work. Plugging these small loopholes can go on increasing productivity manifolds. It's no surprise then that he has been consistently winning the prestigious J D Power customer satisfaction award for his

exemplary work. The third recipient of vocational excellence award was our very own Rtn Ann Shilpa Agrawal. Somebody who can dance well, can sing and party hard, is also at ease with handling intricacies of furniture business. CEO and COO of Akash Furniture, Shilpa has been a multifaceted personality. A perfect combination of beauty and brains, Shilpa has earned accolades at various platforms. She was the winner of Mrs Nagpur contest and also the finalist at Mrs India contest. She believes in giving her best no matter what the circumstances are. It is indeed commendable for someone who started just 8-10 years back to have achieved phenomenal success. She gives credit for her success to her son, love from family members and rock solid support from her husband Akash. Award, she says is an inspiration to achieve greater heights in her future endeavor. The four Rotarian who completed 25 years in Rotary are all stalwarts of the club. PP Shabbir Shakir read the timeline of these 'young' Rotarians. PDG Vishwas, PP Sudhir Bhiwapurkar, Vilas Kale and Dr Harish Rathi were the chosen one. Each of them has contributed immensely to the club with their knowledge, insight, and leadership. It was an interesting evening with packed house; many new faces were present after their enlightenment. Three new members Dr. Sushil Mandhania, Mr Manish Agrawal and Mr Vikas Jain were inducted. The meeting was adjourned after the singing of national anthem. -Parag Paranjpe


Rtn Vilas Kale


Rtn Dr Harish Rathi

Manish Agrawal

Dr Sushil Mandhania

Vikas Jain



Mr Tanul Vikamshi

Mr Zahoor Hasan

Rt Ann Shilpa Agrawal


PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee

PP Dr Sudhir Bhiwapurkar

Service above self is the motto of Rotary. In a way service is considered as soul of Rotary. But go through the objects of Rotary and you will realize that maintaining high ethical standards in your vocation and leveraging members vocation as a means to serve the society is one of the most important aspect of Rotary. Service is not limited in community but also in workplace and around the globe. Incidentally first community project began in Chicago due to Rotary Club of Chicago's endeavor to help members in their vocation. Director Rtn Shiv Rao provided this short and crisp information during the meeting held to recognize three outstanding personalities with vocational excellence award. This important event in club's calendar acknowledges individuals who have excelled in their chosen vocation and are excellent role model for the new generation. The Thursday meeting was also the occasion to felicitate 4 Rotarians who completed their silver jubilee in the club. He is different. He has new dimensions to look at things. He creates masterpieces that are soothing to eyes and brings joy. Be it photograph, painting or sculpture. When you look at things from different angle you get a whole new perspective. That's what Tanul Vikamsy does at 'Alag Angle'. Graduate from renowned Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai and Masters in Fine Art from Nagpur University, Tanul is at ease when he is with kids in his studio. These are not your typical painting classes; it's a studio, a workshop for creativity. The place where one is encouraged to think out of the box, break the tradition and follow your heart. And that's what he spoke‌. straight from the heart. He urged the 'elders' to

do what they like. Take some time for yourself. Pursue your liking apart from your vocation. Recipient of numerous awards, Tanul has held exhibition and shows all over the world and continues to charm the world around him. He is probably a synonym to reliability and quality assurance. A second hand Maruti car gets a premium because they have been maintained and serviced at his garage. Mr Zahur Hasan, the man behind Hasan garage shared his thoughts after receiving vocational excellence award. He said, to be a successful entrepreneur one needs to have foresight and vision. When he started in 1987, there were only 160 Maruti cars in Nagpur with no dealer. His was the only workshop and people used to come because there was no other option. Now 25 years later there are 4 dealer and 6 additional authorized workshops. Still car owners prefer his Garage because of excellent, honest and time bound service. All this was possible because he had the vision that population of cars will grow. He risked employing additional people and invested in machinery even when there was no immediate scope. Lack of foresight, he said has resulted in fall of even the monopoly businesses like Doordarshan and Indian Postal Department. Another important aspect is attention to details. Out of 40 people employed at his workshop 30 join on time. Rests are 15 min late but that means loss of 150 working minutes. That's substantial 21/2 Hrs of lost work. Plugging these small loopholes can go on increasing productivity manifolds. It's no surprise then that he has been consistently winning the prestigious J D Power customer satisfaction award for his

exemplary work. The third recipient of vocational excellence award was our very own Rtn Ann Shilpa Agrawal. Somebody who can dance well, can sing and party hard, is also at ease with handling intricacies of furniture business. CEO and COO of Akash Furniture, Shilpa has been a multifaceted personality. A perfect combination of beauty and brains, Shilpa has earned accolades at various platforms. She was the winner of Mrs Nagpur contest and also the finalist at Mrs India contest. She believes in giving her best no matter what the circumstances are. It is indeed commendable for someone who started just 8-10 years back to have achieved phenomenal success. She gives credit for her success to her son, love from family members and rock solid support from her husband Akash. Award, she says is an inspiration to achieve greater heights in her future endeavor. The four Rotarian who completed 25 years in Rotary are all stalwarts of the club. PP Shabbir Shakir read the timeline of these 'young' Rotarians. PDG Vishwas, PP Sudhir Bhiwapurkar, Vilas Kale and Dr Harish Rathi were the chosen one. Each of them has contributed immensely to the club with their knowledge, insight, and leadership. It was an interesting evening with packed house; many new faces were present after their enlightenment. Three new members Dr. Sushil Mandhania, Mr Manish Agrawal and Mr Vikas Jain were inducted. The meeting was adjourned after the singing of national anthem. -Parag Paranjpe


Rtn Vilas Kale


Rtn Dr Harish Rathi

Manish Agrawal

Dr Sushil Mandhania

Vikas Jain



Shyam & Jayashree get a surprise from PP Ganesh

TAKE ROTARY HOME AT ADV.SHYAM AND RAJESHREE DEWANI All these years we have celebrated Christmas eve, valentines eve, Holi eve but for the first time I got the opportunity to celebrate GANDHI EVE.! Men clad in white kurtas and the


Chat Sessions…. females in Khadi! Yes friends it was the 1st of October at the home of Adv.Rajeshree and Shyam Dewanis residence.. It took us 3 months to finalize the dates with them as it was really difficult for Shyam to take out time from his extremely busy schedule so was the case with Rajeshree. But the wait was worth it! Sumptuous spread of semi precious materials, designer furniture, intricate fixtures….and on n on. The whole house was well lit for the welcome of all the 15 couples. The rotarians absconding from Rotary for the past years were the guests in this TRH(YIPEE).We got delicious and warm snacks ,thanks to Renu and Mickey Arora, mouth watering baked Palak courtesyAnagha and Vishal Jaiswal and friends the list is never ending. Games were monitored by rtn

Jerry and Cyrus. These games helped the new members Dr.Pooja Poddar and Adv.Atul Pandey to get along with the oldies!! The gifts were handed over by our PP rtn Ganesh Joshi. Rotary information was given by PP Chandru Shahani, wherein he gave in depth information about Rotary. After enjoying the drinks and delicious snacks, the men wouldn't get up to till the dining, as they got engrossed in the karaoke! Got to hear the melodious voices of our fellows! Pankaj Chokhani, Shabbar shakir, Mohinder Alag, Gogi Bhasin A lovely evening enjoyed by all the members, next day being a holiday nobody wanted to leave…..Thanks to the warm hospitality by the hosts Shyam and Rajeshree Dewani and their son Sahil Dewani. -Rakhi Bhatia


Kapil & Vinita in a tug-of-war with Atul & Vishwas

Manish Bhati's birthday celebrated

Akash wearing Manjot's shirt

Diye jalte hain, phool khilte hain….. On the 27th of October, we gathered at Kapil and Vinita Bahri's residence. The theme was traditional as Diwali is round the corner. Special pains were taken by the hosts to decorate their lawns with flowers, diyas, lights and pleasant music. Every Rotarian couple cooperated with the theme by dressing up in

the festive attire. Fifteen Rotarian couples attended the dinner, where we had a combination of old and not so new members as guests. PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee gave us rotary information, which was followed by Rahul and Ruchi Choudhary involving the couples in the games round. The evening started with mouth

watering snacks, followed by dinner and hot tandoori paranthas. As the evening went on, we waited for the clock to strike 12! and we celebrated Manish Bhati's birthday which falls on the 28th of October. A formal vote of thanks was proposed by Urvashi Yashroy. -Rakhi & Manju Bhatia

All beauties and the host beast



Prem and Asha Gupta I was never asked to be a chairperson: Prem Gupta He's one of the most congenial Rotarians, forever smiling, and offering a kind word to all those, who come in close contact with him. That's Rotarian Prem Gupta for you, who has been an integral part of the Rotary Club for the past 40 years. Strangely, this unsung hero of

the club, who's diligently done his duty being involved with various committees, has never ever been a chairperson of any of the committees. Ask him, how did this happen, and pat comes the reply: “I was never asked to be a chairperson!” That's candid enough, although Prem goes on to add: “Initially, I was too involved in my business to devote too much time to the club.” Now for the past five years, he's leading a relaxed life and business responsibilities have eased a bit. Given a chance, would he become the chairperson of a committee today? After a pregnant pause, he replies: “I don't know. I will really have to think about it!” And did he ever give a thought to joining a board? Without a moment's hesitation, he replies: “I was just not interested in becoming

UNSUNG HEROES a director, so there was never a question of joining a board!” Does he think, having a rotation system to appoint the chairpersons is a good idea, so that everyone gets a chance to showcase his leadership qualities? “Yes, provided, that particular person is interested in leading the team,” says he, “it shouldn't be thrust on a person.” And has he really got his due in the Rotary Club? To this, Prem replies: “Yes, I have got my due in the club because I have made some great friends here and I have been able to lend a helping hand to serve the society. But yes, my potential hasn't been fully explored in the club!” -Vinita Chaturvedi

Smile. With MGP, you just got Genuine Peace of Mind, absolutely free! Auth. Dist. : - Sudhanshu’s Sales & Marketing, G-2, Prathmesh Vihar, Near Unthkhana Squre, Great Nag Road, Nagpur-09., Ph. : 0712-2706587 / 88


ROTARY & YOU(TH) BENEFITS OF VTTs VTTs build on the Foundation's longstanding commitment to vocational training, first formalized with the establishment of the Group Study Exchange program in 1965. VTTs take the GSE concept of enabling young professionals to observe their profession in another country a step further by offering participants the opportunity to use their skills to help others. Hands-on activities vary from one team to the next but may include training medical profes- sionals on cardiac surgery and care, sharing best practices on early childhood education, or explaining new irrigation techniques to farmers. A successful VTT increases the capacity of the host community to solve problems and improve the quality of life. DISTRICT GRANT VTTs Requirements: District grant VTTs must support The Rotary Foundation's mission to promote goodwill and peace, improve health, support education, and alleviate poverty. Team composition: The district may determine the composition of the team to include Rotarians and non-Rotarians of any age. Focus and the length of the visit: Determined by the sponsors. The districts may decide, for example, to incorporate some cultural and social activities along with hands-on training or to sponsor an exchange with the partner district. Budget: Determined by the sponsors GLOBAL GRANT VTTs Requirements: Global grant VTTs must


FACTS ABOUT VOCATIONAL TRAINING TEAMS align with one or more areas of focus, build the capacity of either the team members or the benefiting community, and have a sustainable and measurable impact. The VTT must be sponsored by Rotary clubs or districts from two countries. The grant may support the travel of more than one team. Team composition: Teams must consist of at least two members (either Rotarians or non-Rotarians) with at least two years of professional experience in the designated areas of focus and a Rotarian leader who has expertise in the area of focus, international experience, and general Rotary knowledge. In certain cases, the Foundation may grant permission to designate a non-Rotarian as team leader. There are no restrictions on the age of participants. Length of the visit: Determined by the sponsors Budget: At least US$30,000 PACKAGED GRANT VTTs Requirements: All packaged grants are carried out with a strategic partner, who defines the general scope of activities within one or more areas of focus, develops the relationships with the local professionals, and ensures that the outcome will be sustainable. Rotarians build the VTT with Rotarian and nonRotarian participants who have the appropriate skill set for the training. For example, working with the strategic partner Mercy Ships, Rotarians assemble teams of medical professionals who perform or assist in life-changing surgeries and provide skills training to local health care

professionals. Team composition: Similar to that of a global grant VTT, except that the leader must be a Rotarian Budget: The Foundation and the strategic partner pay all costs associated with the training. F I N D I N G A N I N T E R N AT I O N A L PARTNER Foundation staff do not assist districts in finding partners for VTTs. Rotarians are encouraged to identify needs and find partners through ProjectLINK, the District Grant VTT Partner Forum on LinkedIn, and, or by developing relationships at international Rotary meetings or project fairs. A vocational training team (VTT) is a group of professionals who travel to another country either to learn more about their profession or to teach local professionals about a particular field. Under Future Vision, Rotary Foundation district, global, and packaged grants all support VTTs, but each grant Vocational training teams (VTTs) have chalked up some notable achievements during their relatively short existence. The following examples show how Rotarians are using district, global, and packaged grants to provide training that will have long-term impact on the host community's well-being. -PP Vijay Naidu

TREASURER ALOK GOENKA F.I.M.M.I., V.I.A., V.C.A, the benefits of which his children are reaping till today. The Goenkas were basically mine owners in Junadev, who turned to business when the mines were nationalized. Alok's mother, Padmaji also hailed from a huge, well-known, widespread family – the Sanghis, who doted on these children – Arvind, Anil, Anita & Alok. A for Anvay, Anula, Alok and Anvita His father who dragged him to the Talking of the Goenkas, I thought lets finish office on the very first day his 10th Final exams them off en masse (not literally). got over has inculcated Alok's business Whenever you hear a sudden thunder-like acumen. His modern outlook, and devil-mayboom of laughter, you are not watching a care attitude has been inherited from his Ramsay film, you can be sure Alok Goenka is mother, who Alok says even in those times somewhere in the vicinity. His trademark was a strong-weld lady with a free spirit. One laughter is a delight to hear in the daytime – thing Alok clearly remembers, that however but never tickle his funny bone if you are out strict his father was regarding attending office, alone with him in a dark night or you are sure to he never-ever discouraged Alok from playing die of a heart attack – 100% guarantee! in Tennis tournaments all over the country. Alok Goenka, son of Late Tarachandji Goenka These are values and behavior patterns you in & Late Padmadevi Goenka also the youngest turn tend to use with you children. Moral of the of four siblings. As a result he is a thorough story – treat your kids how you would like them brat (self-admitted) who has so far enjoyed life to treat your grandkids!! to the hilt but though Alok lives life king-size his Alok is present engaged in the manufacture of generosity of heart and spirit is unparalleled. I specialty cements which are used in Industrial don't know about being on his wrong side – as I and Rehabilitation systems Alok looks after have always been on his right. Being both didi production, sales and finance while elder and bhabhi (story is complex), I have brothers Anil & Arvind look after other aspects experienced first-hand his warmth, for example turnkey projects are looked after friendliness, respect and ever present by Anil. Sister Anita is secretary of an laughter. Engineering and Management college in Educated at Saraswati Vidyalaya for practical Indore. reasons – it was next door to his house, so he Alok got married at the (then!) ripe old age of had to only make an appearance when the bell 26. He claims he was too busy enjoying his rang announcing morning assembly was over bachelor status to get tied down, then quickly and quick disappearance after lunch break to corrects himself – too busy working, anyway play tennis and onto C.P. Club. He later joined Anula, his pretty wife who is Rotary's answer Hislop College, Nagpur to do his B.Com. to Zeenat Aman is from the Shah Family of which needless to say he never attended. Marine Drive, Mumbai. In Bombay if one is Despite being such a badhmash Alok from Breach Candy, Malabar Hill, Nepean Sea managed to have an excellent upbringing for Road or Marine Drive – you name the area – which he gives all the credit to his parents. one doesn't say, “I am from Bombay”. Tarachandji was a very well known Anula did her B.A. form Jai Hind College. She businessman, with a fantastic goodwill in had gone to the U.S. of A. as a Rotary Youth business circles and allied associations like Exchange student and that, in her own words,

UP CLOSE changed her whole life. She came back to India and took up a job in Citibank all this being very revolutionary at that time and age. She left only to join her father in business and then started a venture called 'Skills' which made paper bags – again a first for Bombay in those days. Anula is very very happy in Nagpur – with her small world that revolves round the family and friends (whom she swears by!). Her pride and joy an enterprise called 'Handmaze' which specializes in handmade stationery. She has even designed for Lakshmi Mittal's Big Fat Indian Wedding. She is full of praise for her husband Alok and appreciates the space he gives in their marriage. She feels she has grown up or literally blossomed as a person due to Nagpur. Anula's cup is brimming over. They have two children Anvita (19) who is studying at Sristi Design School, Bangalore and is a real darling! Son Anvay (18) is in H.R. College in Bombay doing accounts and finance. He is one focused child but Anula never knows what is up his sleeve. He will deliver the goods, but the ride is one roller coaster. Alok joined Rotary after a lot of resistance, but finally gave in to friend Yogesh Chugh, 12 years down the line – he is an ardent fan of Rotary and an addicted Rotarian. Treasurer this year, he says, “Hats off to the creator of this well-oiled machinery.” He is amazed and humbled by the time and devotion of all Rotarians who are busy individuals in their own fields. Alok is completely without attitude given the fact he belongs to a family whose DOG was kidnapped!! His live and let live attitude has endeared him to everyone and his philosophy of life is – be positive, that's the only that works! Given a chance to change his life – his immediate reaction is – NEVER. -Jyoti Goenka



Fall In L ine 'November born Rotarians and Anns' Fall in Line Thanks for the enthusiastic response to the three earlier puzzles. All correct entries were received from Prema Srinivas, Manju and Sunil Bhatia, Bhavana Kalra, Anil Sahasrabhojanee and Neeru Bhatia. Now this treasure hunt is the first in'......... month born Rotarians and Anns' series! We take pride in the fact that our club has membership drawn from all age groups, communities, sects and representing different states, speaking different languages etc. Indeed, RCN is a true reflection of India, a picture of Unity in diversity'! No wonder, all these- young and old talented, knowledgeable and enthusiastic member families, who are busy leaders in their vocation dish out more than 300 project year after year and serve Rotary objectives . In the puzzle above, you have to search for surnames of 25 Rotarians or Rotary Anns who are born in the Rotary Foundation month of November. No Rocket Science this..... All that you have to do is to pick up the Club Roster, turn to Page 182, get various surnames and







start locating them in the puzzle, falling in a single straight line, in any possible direction.... left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top, slanting left to right, slanting right to left, slanting top to bottom or bottom to top. Simple ! Isn't it? After spotting these 23 Committee Chairs, you will be left with 7 unused letters spread helter skelter. Using all these, in proper order, and adding letter 'A', build up the name, and surname of our dynamic club President this year. Solve the puzzle, photocopy /email the all







correct response to me at <> and call on my cell no. 94221 06570 before 30th November, 2012. Lucky winner will be decided through draw of lots from all correct entries at the business meeting scheduled on 6th December 2012. Everyone in the Rotary family of our club and District is eligible to contest. Come on! Participate and enjoy..All the best !!! PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee



Rotary clubs around the globe have many things in common, including a commitment to service. All year long, clubs are taking action to make a difference in their communities. Here's a roundup of recent club activities worldwide: AUSTRALIA Last year, flooding in Cambodia killed 247 people and displaced more than 200,000 families. As floodwaters receded, diseases such as cholera and dengue fever emerged. The Rotary clubs of Eltham, Australia, and Phnom Penh, Cambodia, coordinated the distribution of Aquaboxes – tanks that can purify up to 290 gallons of contaminated water – to families, medical centers, and schools. CANADA Malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and illnesses caused by lack of sanitation have devastated many villages in South Africa. In rural Hluvukani, the nonprofit Kunavelela Community Project maintains a communal garden to help nourish residents affected by disease. Last year, the Rotary Club of Bowen Island, B.C., pledged to raise funds to purchase and install a windmill, water tanks, and a basic irrigation system to support the garden. Bowen Island club members, working with the Rotary Club of Burnaby, B.C., raised more than US$12,000, and the village now has a reliable water supply.

ENGLAND During an event at St George's House, Windsor Castle, 2011-12 RI President Kalyan Banerjee spoke about the success of the fight against polio. The occasion was a charity dinner celebrating a full year without a case of the disease in India. Guests included British Home Secretary Theresa May and Ian Macfadyen, constable and governor of Windsor Castle. BBC medical correspondent Fergus Walsh, who traveled to India in February for a series on the polio eradication campaign, was the event's keynote speaker. INDIA Indian Rotary clubs' work to eradicate polio is highlighted in a new book by Muriel Sukumaran, a retired microbiologist and wife of Past District Governor P. Sukumaran. "I wanted everyone to know Rotary was involved in a big way," she says. The book, titled Microbia and published in July, personifies the microbes that cause influenza, smallpox, the bubonic plague, and cholera (in addition to polio) in a narrative format to make microbiology interesting to a lay audience. USA Nearly 49 million Americans don't have enough to eat – including 79 percent of students at Greene County High School in Georgia. The Rotary Club of Greene and

Putnam Counties has launched Second Harvest to help neighbors who are struggling with grocery bills. In 2008, the program began collecting food that otherwise would have been thrown away from grocery stores, restaurants, and hotels. The food is distributed through local pantries and monthly events at the high school. The Rotarians are working with Boy Scouts, the Humane Society, and Meals on Wheels, and the program has provided more than 500,000 pounds of food to families. U. S. VIRGIN ISLANDS In December 2010, the Rotary Club of St. Thomas delivered 49 virtual babies to four schools as part of Baby Think It Over, a program that aims to demonstrate the pressures and responsibilities of being a parent. The club raised more than $28,000 to provide the babies, which come equipped with computer chips that record how the students care for them over several days. The effort, which the St. Thomas club has sponsored since 1996, has been credited with helping to reduce the rate of teen pregnancies in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Source : The Rotarian PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee


Our Club gave the last District Governor (DG) to the district in the Centennial year 2004-05. We have now nominated PP Shabbir Shakir from our Club for the post of DG 2015-16. Our Club has also decided to challenge the selection of the District Governor Nominating Committee (DGNC) constituted by the present DG which this year was made up of representatives of 11 clubs from across the district and in which the vote went against our candidate by the narrowest of margins (6/5). The question to you is: What is your opinion regarding our Club's involvement and participation in District affairs? Considering that we are the largest and oldest Club in the District with a proud history and established systems, should we not be sending more Club leaders to lead at the District level??

PDG Bobby Srinivas: Sending more of our members to don district leadership roles depends entirely upon the incumbent DG!! It is for the DG to take advantage of our experienced members and give assignments to such of our members. But I must hasten to add that the DG's hands are tied to the extent that smaller clubs and particularly clubs in the hinterland have their ambitions. DGs generally attempt to give proper representation to all clubs. Khushnoor Chugh: In an ideal, apolitical situation, I would say, of course we should send more Club leaders to lead at the District level. BUT! Yes there's a BUT to it……..”If our well-meaning and service-minded leaders have to swim through the political muck that has taken over the District, I personally feel it is not worth it!” It's a sheer waste of time, money and energy to take the plunge. Save up on these resources to serve better causes in the society…... even if you have to continue to do so only at the Club level!! Whether you are a grass-roots worker or a club or district leader, the society needs YOU and not your designation. PP Gulab Mahant: No doubt, we should send more of our members to the district level. They are better organised and well equipped with Rotary knowledge, procedures, and leadership qualities. Such leaders will uplift the image of our District 3030. In fact we should initiate our club candidates for various district activities. Shabbir Shakir is one such candidate who fulfills all these qualities. I wish him all the success in the journey.

Ta u b y B h a g w a g a r : Certainly our club with its talent pool has the potential to throw up many leaders into the district. But, obviously they are not nurtured, or are put off by the unpleasantness which has become a part of DG elections. Our club and district leaders must display a greater sense of understanding, fairness and judgment and provide correct guidance in propagating fellow members for the district. The DGNC is meant to fairly nominate the most suitable and acceptable candidate, but has been known to be compromised at times. Elections are a part of a democratic process in which each contesting party is part of the same institution, part of our district, part of us. Rotary's primary objective is to serve. It's not about coveting posts or titles. DG elections should be conducted and contested in a transparent and unbiased manner. We have in PP Shabbir Shakir a candidate who I believe the District truly deserves. Alok Goenka: It is nice that PP Shabbir has chosen to offer his services for the post of District Governor 201516!! It's indeed been a long gap after Vishwas's tenure as DG in 2004-05!! There is no doubt in anyone's mind about the role played by our club in the district in terms of support, money and projects as desired by governors at the helm. I am sure that with the support given to numerous past district governors by our club, they will all come forward to support our candidate to win with the overwhelming majority that our club deserves, in spite of the opposition faced from certain quarters of our district. Cheers!!!!!

Bharat Goenka: 'Rotary Club of Nagpur is a subdistrict in the district'. This is the view of some Rotarians of our district. They look up to our club with awe, admiration, inspiration and maybe also envy and disdain!! But, being the largest, oldest and richest club does not automatically give us the right to assume that only our club can give Kennedys. We need to seriously refurbish our image and send a signal to the district that we are one of them, and a leader from our club will not only assimilate all the clubs but contribute by way of experience, member's involvement, activities, international representation etc. Dinesh Naidu: It's not only about being the oldest or biggest club or about our past legacy..…Let's keep it simple: As on date we are the biggest contributor to the District in terms of money as well as manpower; our contingents have always been the biggest in almost every major district event; our club's organizational skills are unparalleled/unquestionable!! Let's forget the politics and let us demand our Lion's share in proportion to our contribution!! The district regularly needs more leaders who have the experience of working and delivering in an established system, and who better than someone from Rotary Club of Nagpur at least every 4 or 5 years?!!

Finally, my 2 bits on this issue: There's probably some disconnect between our club and the district style of working and interacting. There may also be some resentment and envy in other clubs about our seniority, culture, size, scale and proportion. Also, the intense politicking at the District level that goes on for selecting/nominating/electing the DG seems to put off potential district leaders from our Club. To overcome this politicking, RI (Rotary International) has put into effect a pilot project to select the DG in the most open and fair manner possible and this is the first year of trying it out. Our Club is challenging the DGNC selection under the provisions of THIS Pilot Project. Please remember friends, the challenge is mounted by the club and NOT by PP Shabbir Shakir!! For the pilot project to have any chance of success, it is extremely important for BOTH candidates to follow the code of ethics prescribed, both in letter AND in spirit. It is even more important for the powers that be, to not only be scrupulously fair and impartial, but also to be SEEN to be so!! Like Caesar's wife, the administration must always be above suspicion!! And, given all of the above, let the best man win through that most democratic of processes....FAIR ELECTIONS!!!

(Readers may Xpress their view on this topic at

- PP Dr Sanjiv Chugh


ADVANCE BOOKing Vindhya's Wishlist Chetan Bhagat is not one my favorite authors. And yet I seem to end up reading all his books. There has been a shallowness to his storytelling, not wholly immature, but with a seeming lack of gravitas that repels. But I read on. Why? I ask myself. Is it his ability to choose topical issues, that does it? Possibly. His world views are quite incisive and cogent. He's consistent when he sticks to factual analysis. Its when he brings fictionalised emotion to the mix, that things begin to unravel. Thats what it is. And here is his new book staring me in the face. Revolution 2020. Nothing to do but dive in. Revolution 2020...a truly HUGE improvement on his past, stays true to its tag line:Love. Corruption. Ambition. It is a story of three friends, two boys and and one girl. It could be your usual love triangle, but isnt. Three classmates, Raghav, Arti and Gopal. All trying for IIT, or engineering , --a job in an airline... Raghav, always a top ranker scores well. Arti, daughter of a high ranking bureaucrat- too gets through. But Gopal, the not very well-to-do son of a widowed father, the one who needs it the most--fails to make the grade. The inablity to dissappoint his hopeful father, and the reluctance of Arti to commit to his love, sends him to Kota, to the famous Bansals coaching classes. In Kota, he discovers an entire sub


REVOLUTION -BY CHETAN BHAGAT culture/parallel business- of education, that exists with the sole purpose of teaching, coaching and facilitating thousands and thousands of young hopefuls who hope to make their parents proud by getting into the top educational institutions of the country.

Much to his dissapointment, after failing to get his rank in AIEEE and JEE, Gopal fails to make it in Kota as well. Returning home to a stricken father, Gopals

determination to be successful no matter what leads to slowly giving up scruples. Raghav on the other hand who had IIT on a platter, stays true to his values and chooses to start his own newspaper to battle corruption. Arti, the love interest of both is hard pressed to make a choice. Set against the backdrop of Benares, this is by far the best of Chetan Bhagat yet. He seems to have finally found that missing gravitas and depth that has been slow, though fortunately steady in its permeation over the years. Revolution2020, though a work of fiction, seems to be a story of everything that we are confronted with in the newspapers and television today. From wholescale looting, to journalistic fervour, to political activism, this book is a clairvoyant, if not prophetic take on the reality of India today. Finally, a book by Bhagat, that has truly come of age. Revolving around the travails of competitive education in India, the absolute need for high scores the, desperate attempt to reach the top slots by going to the teaching classes in a Kota in the holy city of Benaras, He HAS gradually improved with every new offering... Is it but he handled his plots like the banker he was, a slow sluggish plodding, interspersed with a few sudden highs and lows. -Vindhya Sanjana

MINORITIES IN INDIA Chief Justice of India Sarosh Homi Kapadia on Wednesday 15 August 2012 said India was the only country in the region where members of minority communities could aspire to become the head of judiciary because of the full play given to constitutional values and ideals. “I am proud to be an Indian,” declared the CJI. “ India is the only country where a member of the minority Parsi community with a population of 1, 67,000, like myself, can aspire to attain the post of the Chief Justice of India,” he said, adding, “These things do not happen in our neighboring countries.” The remark comes in the backdrop of minority

Hindu community members fleeing Pakistan, complaining of harassment at the hands of government and seeking asylum in India. After giving his own example to highlight the equal treatment given to minority communities in India, Justice Kapadia said, “Thus, we realize the values of constitutional ideals and principles.” Attorney general G E Vahanvati, who belongs to another miniscule minority community of Dawoodi Bohras and has risen to become the country's top law officer, appeared to share the CJI's sentiments. He said, “In 1931, Winston Churchill, in a derogatory reference, said India was only a concept and it was no more a

“TOILET TRAINING A NATION” One must really appreciate the Missionary zeal with which our Hon'ble Minister for Rural Development is pursuing his pet (pot ?) project of building toilets for the rural poor. He first slammed all & sundry for launching 'Agni' Missiles, before launching toilets. He also wants to name the Bio - Toilets “Bapu”, in Memory of the Father of the Nation ! ( See G.O. of Aug. 2012). After that he came up with the startling fact that there are more temples than toilets in India. Almost every day you read about how our man is relentlessly pursuing this, like a chap with irritable bowel syndrome looking for a place to ease himself.

Those of you who have been in the National Cadet Corps (NCC) will recall their days in camp, where the toilet was a trench covered by planks with a strategically cut hole through which one was expected to evacuate. As the camp progressed the smell was unbearable & most of us would troop of into the nearby fields with our 'lota' like the farmers, till one day the Camp Commandant & other officers caught us in the act as it were & made us clean up the entire field by way of punishment !! I would have thought the farmer would have been thrilled with so much manure ! All this happened almost 60 years ago & I am sure the NCC must be providing better

CAULIFLOWER – GARLIC BAKE Know what? I dread this “ no non-veg funda” !This to me is one long ordeal, really. It starts with Ganesh Chaturthi and goes on till Dassera. Not that one is a hard-core carnivore but with not even eggs to be had, setting the day's menu gets a little dicey. So, alike “Vicky going veg ; with food with an edge” we too shall go Shakahari this month. Game ?? Alu Tikkis are just so simple to make. But let's give it a little twist this time and see how it works. For all those who fast for the nine days of Navratri, Bhagar is on the table so often. And, leftover too. So, just give a twist to this' farar' fare ! Mix it with mashed potatoes and season

it to taste. Then, take a paneer cube and coat it liberally with green coconut chutney. Cover the paneer with bhagar-potato mix and deep fry it. Of course forget about counting the calories then. Here's another recipe you could try…. CAULIFLOWER – GARLIC BAKE 10 cups cauliflower florets 1 cup frozen corn 1 Red pepper 2 cups white sauce (creamy consistency) with garlic as preferred 20 salted biscuits 1 cup shredded cheese ¼ cup chopped fresh coriander Cook cauliflower in boiling water for 3-4

BOBBY'S BUBBLES unified country than the equator. Sixty-six years later, Churchill has been proved terribly wrong.” Other chief justices from minority communities, notably Muslims include: Justice M. Hidayatullah 1968-1970, Justice Hameedullah Beg 1977-1978, Justice A.M.Ahmadi 1994-1997. And distinguished Muslim Presidents of India : Dr. Zakir Hussain 1967-1969, M. Hidayatullah 1969, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed 1975-1977, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam 2002-2007. -Bobby Srinivas

GIMI MORE facilities for the Cadets at Camps, but what about the rural poor ? Have things improved for them ? or do they still fertilize the fields ? If the Hon'ble Minister is to be believed we still have a long way to go. The new slogan for the up coming elections I believe is “ Roti, Kapda, Makan aur TOILET" !. Even as I write this the Hon'ble Minister has come up with a new slogan “ NO TOILET, NO BRIDE” Wonder what he will come up with by the time the G.O. is printed ? -PP Shiraz Gimi

MASTER CHEF minutes or until crisp-tender adding corn to the boiling water for the last 1 minute. Drain but reserve ¼ cup boiling water. Place cauliflower in a well-greased baking dish. Add peppers and white sauce and the reserved water. Stir until vegetable is evenly coated. Mix crushed crackers, cheese and coriander and sprinkle on top. Cover and bake for 30 -35 minutes until the top is lightly browned. Uncover for the last 10 minutes. Serve hot with dinner rolls or garlic bread. -Khushnoor S. Chugh



Trends & Cautions for the teens, this season : Aryanka Rathod – Daughter of Namrata and Kiran Rathod October came and left without a warning, so we are in for the much sought after season in Nagpur. As seasons change, fashion trends follow the suit. It's the season of an absolute festival.

Multi-coloured printed tunics, with a roundneckline, long sleeves, three button placket, embroidery and ruffles at the yoke, pintucks at the waist and asymmetric hem, perfect for the modern fashionista. A smart recombination of natural fabrics with a western construct, it's a must-have this season. Colour clutch to match or contrast the elegant top is definitely in!!! With so many winter wears like Cardigans, Jackets, Pullovers etc., it's a season to try fusion fashion with creativity. It will be spot on, when it comes to elusive cohesive combination of trends. Fashion with modern and innovative design details to make the heads turn, without losing your cool. Right style brings out the diva in you and pumps for that ultimate look. Fashion… Versatile, elegant clothing, great but effortless style and of course a right fit denim to match to a T. Beauty of fashion has somehow been confused between being conspicuous & rapture.

Live in the sunshine, Swim in the sea, Drink the wild air…but don't smoke. In an elusive chase to be Avant-garde & 'look cool', smoking Hookahs at the Hookah Parlors has subtly taken the place of Pool parlor hustling. More of a misuse of their Parents' trusts in them… freedom to be them and spend thoughtlessly whatsoever. Feeling aristocratic, when you are actually doing nothing at all, is the very first illusion created by a Hookah. Fashion neither does lie in the eyes of 'The Hookah-Holder', nor does it lie in 'The Hookah-Holder'. Teens need to know, how and what one wears talks a lot about one's personality & mood and after all fashion is what we make it. So go ahead and double-blind with style and fashion this season.

An insight into my French life. – Apoorva Naidu Daughter of Madhavi and Vijay Naidu So, France. Don't tell me you didn't just think of the Eiffel tower, wine, food, fashion and also people who stink. Because you just did. France is made up of all that, sure! But there's more. To begin with, It's been a little more than 50 days for me here. September was tough. No friends, No talking, Nothing! But isn't that all what this exchange is about? As they say, 'When you hit the bottom, you've got nowhere else to go but up'. Everything's much better now. The other day, I had an actual 'conversation' with my host-sister, Caroline. Well, it was about the weather. But hey! It's a start! : P And with combined efforts of my French teacher at school, my family, a lovely old Rotary ann and my friends I AM MAKING PROGRESS, PEOPLE! I remember when I'd gone for my first Rotary Weekend. The first exchange student I met was an

American, Gwenn. I gave her such a tight hug and almost made her deaf with my scream'Yeah ENGLISH!!!' But now, It really doesn't matter if I do or don't have English speaking company. To be honest, I was kinda jealous of the kids who went to the States or Canada. But now I know, I'm getting more than them. (what more - will require another article) Anyway, France is a funny country and some funny if we ever see a dirty blondredhead, we have to scratch the knees of the people who are around us! When they first did that to me, I was like 'What are you doing!??!?!' And yeah, they don't speak much English, but they know each and every word of American songs playing on the radio. Weird huh? And oh, they eat pizza with a fork and knife. And I suppose everyone knows the kiss-on-both-cheeks tradition? It's kinda cute really. Funnily, the guys also kiss that way and not look queer. And in school, climbing up and down the stairs is a

huge task, trust me! With everyone kissing everyone on BOTH cheeks, takes me like 15 minutes to get to the 1st floor! Anyway, I love the food here (hoping not to put on weight :P ) People here are very curious, interesting and fun. But they do use a lot of bad words and I do mean A LOT! I think I've written way too much. Ah Merde! Don't mind my French. :P (If you know what I mean ;)

Hey young friends… This year we have decided to give you youngsters an opportunity to contribute to the Golden Orange through one whole page by you, for you, with lots of experiences, facts, trivia and entertainment sent by your friends. Since this is a monthly feature, I request more of you to contribute. Feel free to participate in this page. Share your talent, views, fun experience etc. I am just a call away. Do contact me on 9923022299 or on mamtakanga or on facebook ;-)

LITTLE HEARTS – JINAISHA RANA DAUGHTER OF NILUFER & MEHERNOSH RANA World's greatest chef...the best out of the rest in the world....'That's What I Aspire To Be' Hello everyone! I am Jinaisha Rana, 8 years old studying in class III, Centre Point School. When I grow up I wanna become the world's greatest Chef!! Its said earlier the better so have started preparing for it from now on. Whenever there is something being made in our kitchen, I make it a point to help and learn. Have tried making parathas to fruit cup cakes to chocolate cakes to simple sandwiches, the list is endless. I even like watching most of the programs aired which show how to cook a recipe and make notes in my Recipe book with the help of my mother. We even try them out and most of the time they turn out real delicious! My favourite is making the chocolate cake with icing the most. Maybe i might become a baker someday and give competition to some of the best! For now am content in the family kitchen soaking in all the goodies being made...No wonder am nicknamed "Pudding" ;-) -Jinaisha Rana






Hi everybody, I am Meher Kanga, 12 yrs old, studying in std VII at Modern school. Since I was a kid my passion has been to paint. I especially love making abstract paintings, the bright colours, the fusion, the focus of the painting…I just love that!! My parents and my friends always encourage me and it means a lot to me. I wish to learn different techniques , styles of painting and hope to be an artist whose work will be appreciated by all My other hobbies are playing tennis, dancing and music. -Mamta Kanga HOW MANY OF YOU WANT THIS MUSIC SYSTEM AS A GIFT ;-)



Quick! Name the media's current heartthrob. Hint : His surname is not Vadra and his passion is not property. Another hint : He can put the world's best archaeologist to shame with his penchant for digging into people's pasts and unearthing hidden skeletons they didn't know existed. Last hint : He has put Usain Bolt to shame with the speed with which he dropped his garb of patriotism and donned the garb of your friendly neighbourhood blood-sucking sleazy opportunistic politician. If you guessed Arvind Kejriwal, you would be right, but you would have no clue as to the sudden turn of events ... right? I mean just yesterday this man was the new Gandhi's right hand. And before the new Gandhi could say could say Hey Ram! Our man had his own political party, his own bunch of cronies, his own detective agency (which, incidentally, has discovered more scams than all Government agencies put together), his own brand of nationalism and his own political agenda. No wonder poor Anna has retired to the rustic comfort of his village, breathless with the pace his erstwhile sidekick has set to zoom to the forefront of every breaking news story this side of the Obama-Romney debates. One of the biggest social mores of this country has always been the chameleon-like behaviour of its social activists. You never know when they switch from being crusaders to becoming marauders. Don't they see that they are shredding the already fragile moral fabric of society? Do they not understand that the burgeoning middle-class India is so famous for is getting restless and thoroughly disillusioned with their flip-flopping antics? When Anna launched his anti-corruption movement, we saw millions of Indians taking to the streets courting arrest and demanding retribution. Where has that disappeared? Instead you now see infighting, dubious claims, discontentment and disillusionment. You see rampant corruption with the media focussing on the current hot topic, forgetting the previous scam whose perpetrators are back to their swindling ways with just a minor hiccup in their bottomline. There is no desire to get to the bottom of things. To ensure that justice is served. To live up to their reputations of being 'watchdogs of society'. India, as a society, is running with a hand on the “mute” button. From a mute Prime Minister to a mute populace, to a mute press. I dread the day the finger is lifted off the mute button to reveal the volcano lying dormant just below the surface, blowing everything to kingdom come. The question remains what are investigating agencies doing in the face of all this obvious corruption? Have they too joined the party for a piece of the cake? And if so, isn't it time we made corruption legal? Won't we be better off knowing how much it will cost us rather than living in fear of the tomorrow to come for our children? I certainly think so. As for me ... I am a fan of Dolly Aunty next door. She has 'pucca' information on who's sleeping with whom, who's a witch, who's a bitch, whose son is useless and whose daughter returns a 3 am every night. That's the kind of crusader I believe in, who makes the neighbourhood lively with only gossip and no malice or greed. Who is content with little vigilante successes and has no intentions of ruling my country. Hey Ram! -Sohrab Kanga

LET’S GET PERSONAL Hi Friends, It seems like ages since I last chatted with you all. Well, I was away to the US, helping bring my grandson into the world. Am back now and thought I deserved, complete rest, so fractured my wrist and am totally enjoying just watching TV and reading. So wish me a speedy recovery ( too much TV is bad for the eyes) as well as Congratulate me & Chandru, for becoming grandparents! Congratulations are also due to, Nirja & Navneet Shukul. To Kanak & Arun Bhargava. To Deepa & Pramod Jamwal, all have had grandsons. While Sudhir Bhiwapurkar was blessed with a grand daughter. I may have missed out on a few --but then my grapevine was not very strong, while I was away! Do share your joys & woes with me, now that I am back. With the festivals round the corner, we've had exhibition after exhibition. Abha, Anula, Jumana, Jyoti, Rakhi -- am sure your purses must have shrunk? Well, the guys can feast their eyes on all the lovely stuff, we women buy for their benifit. Amidst all the festivities, we have had our share of sorrow too. Rajiv Shukul lost his mother. Nandini Babhulkar and Jayshree Mulik lost their dad. Shefali Shah lost her father as well. So did Rachna Singh. May all the departed souls attain peace. I apologise if I have missed out on someone. Looking forward to hearing from you all-Ciao till next month. -Manju Shahani COVETED RIPR ASSIGNMENT FOR PDG VISHWAS SAHASRABHOJANEE District conference is the single most important event in the Rotary calendar for all 540 Rotary Districts in the world. Since Rotary International President can not physically be present at all these conferences, he appoints senior Past District Governors to represent him at such conferences. Every PDG aspires to be nominated as RI President's Representative some time in his post Governor Rotary career. We are happy to inform that serving RI President Sakuji Tanaka has asked our PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee to represent him at RID 3202 District Conference. His old time Jaycees friend T. Somasekharan from Cannanore is 3202 District Governor this year. RID 3202 has 80 clubs spread over northern Kerala and western Tamilnadu. The District Conference will be held at T.A. Pai Convention Center at Mangalore, Karnataka. Hearty Congratulations and all the best PDG Vishwas!




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BECAUSE… MONEY DOES NOT GROW ON TRESS Trees have played important role in human history. Imagine what happened when certain Mr Isaac Newton sat under an apple tree and suddenly discovered one of the greatest laws of physics. Then there was One Mr George Washington who chopped down his father's beautiful cherry tree but honest enough to admit it. That precise moment Washington Sr must have th realized the greatness of his son. But all this was way back in 17 century. For past 300 years nothing dramatic/life changing event occurred either under or over the tree. And then suddenly it happened. It happened one fine evening. The Honorable Prime Minister spoke. I mean 'he spoke' was not dramatic (…or was it??) 'What' he spoke was important. One of the greatest mysteries of our times was solved in a jiffy. Coming from a Cambridge educated, eminent economist it was confirmed that day that the money does not grow on trees. In Physics as well as in Economics, once the primary rule is fixed it becomes easier to derive subsequent rules. So as they say in Economics 'Ceteris Paribus' meaning 'All other things being equal or held constant', few other laws/rules as follows; The money does not grow on Emu/Pigs also – Tamilnadu government recently issued tenders to auction Emus which have been left alone by the unscrupulous operators who vanished after collecting huge amounts from depositors on account of fancy emu breeding investment scheme. The money does not grow by Ponzi schemes – It is just circulation of money. It is like passing the parcel game and you are lucky till the game is on without stopping at you even once. Identifying a Ponzi scheme is pretty easy provided one is not blinded by attractive returns being offered by the Ponzi scheme manager. Some key features to identify such schemes are; The first sign is consistent high returns on its investment scheme irrespective of the investment climate or economic situation. Even a bank deposit these days offer variable returns. E.g. doubling money in 2 1/2 year on a deposit. That's steep 28-29% pa returns!! Opaque nature of investment or very complex, hard to understand investment model is one of the feature of these schemes. The 'mastery' over these complex products is USP for the operator. This is the trump card for the operator to showcase his uniqueness and aura. Operator always remaining in limelight. This helps him get new clients thus the circulation continues. Ponzi scheme can survive only if it keeps on adding new clients. Too much cash transaction especially where it is least expected. E.g. cash transactions are almost out from stock market at least for retails investors. Money may or may not grow by trading stocks, but will surely grow if invested properly. You don't check the roots of the plant every few days/weeks just to check if is growing properly. Nor do you check it every time you watered them. This would simply kill the plant. Most of the times, inaction is the best form of action when it comes to investing. Patience is a big advantage. And…. Finally parting thought…money actually does not grow on trees. -Parag Paranjpe


Rajesh Yadav and Giriraj Singhee for Vocational Visit, Neeru Bhatia for Fellowship During Meetings & Vinita Chaturvedi for Four Way Test





Nov 2012 - The Golden Orange  

Official Monthly bulletin of Rotary Club of Nagpur

Nov 2012 - The Golden Orange  

Official Monthly bulletin of Rotary Club of Nagpur