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Reach Within to Embrace Humanity


COMMUNITY WELFARE Rotary Club of Nagpur visited the Chikhli slums on Monday 16th April & Wednesday 25th April 2012. This social service drive was conducted to help the hutmen living in that area who was hit by a devastating fire. The fire initially burnt down 40huts followed by another 30huts leaving the approx 200 poor daily wage earners in a miserable condition with nothing but clothes to cover themselves with. The drive included the distribution of useful


items, i.e. food like rice, wheat, daal, atta, sugar, biscuits and other necessary utility items like buckets, mugs, used clothes, shoes and utensils collectively donated by Rajesh Yadav / Flat Owners of Mansarover, PP Gulab Mahant, Navneet Singh Tuli, Nandlal Krishnani, Shyam Dewani and our fellow Rotarians. Sylvester Isaacs made special efforts contacting his friends and personally collecting some materials. All the items were distributed equally in a systematic manner

among all the families of the slums. Tauby Bhagwagar, Cyrus Watchmaker, Sanjay Sethi, Rajan Bhatia, Neeru Bhatia, Manju Sahani, Ashish Neb, Silvester Isaacs, Pinki Batra and Ruxshin Watchmaker were amongst those present during distribution. As tiring and time consuming the drive was, it was a great success leaving the povertystricken people of Chikhli grateful and happy ! -Ruxshin Watchmaker

Rotarians providing succour to the victims




Tauby's Take.... My Dear Rotarians, It is easy to develop a big vision for yourself and for the person you want to be. It is easy to commit yourself to living and dealing with integrity. But it requires incredible courage to follow through, on your vision and on your commitments. As soon as you set a high goal or standard for yourself, you will run into all kinds of difficulties and setbacks. You will be surrounded by temptations to compromise your values and your vision. You will feel an almost irresistible urge to “get along by going along.” Your desire to achieve, earn the respect and accolades of others can easily lead to the abandonment of your principles, and here is where courage comes in. Character and Courage are rightly considered the foremost of the virtues. Courage is the distinguishing characteristic of a true individual and his work. It is almost always visible in his or her words and actions. It is absolutely indispensable to true success, achievement and happiness. Rotary is judged by the character and courage of its members. Just imagine the genius of Paul Harris when he wrote that each Rotarian is a connecting link between the idealism of Rotary and the idealism of his trade or profession. This link must be fortified, by working hard, by working with courage, by working honestly, by working for profit with profiteering, by working with a sense of service to the community. Henry Ford said “a business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business” and it is perhaps in this spirit, that philanthropic giving appears to be on the increase. We should applaud the altruism, the continued efforts to give back to the communities and commend those for the positive difference they make to people's lives. But, at the same time, we should introspect whether what we are giving can be made more significant A devastating fire rendered an entire community homeless and children and the aged to the mercy of nature. Whatever little, was lost in the fire which engulfed entire homes of their clothing, food and savings. I was happy that we were among the first NGOs to reach the Chikli slums and render relief to the victims to build up their lives again. The indoor sports, a first time addition was enthusiastically participated and enjoyed. Each month we do have more than our share of fun, that compliments the more serious and dedicated service efforts we put in. As for the expression “random acts of kindness”. What a beautiful and simple, yet powerful notion. Let us Rotarians practice random acts of kindness so much so that we make it a repeated, habitual process. Yours in Rotary,

Straight from the heart.... True Character!!!!!!! True character of a person emerges in how he or she reacts to differnces of opinion. Some react almost violently. The body language displays aggression, the pitch of the voice is raised a few levels and all limbs are animated in motion. The bottom line is - there is only one point of view, my point of view. It hardly matters whether the topic is as serious as the global economy or the quality of snacks. The victims of such characters are balming their bruises for days, but the character is unaware of the storm that he leaves behind……. There are some who will get into a healthy discussion, analyse seriously, carry the discussion forward and treat it on its merit. In the end, they may stick to their stand, agree with the other point of view or settle for something and somewhere in between. The discussion is a tool to pass time and is best left at that……… There are others who will agree to all points of view. Their heads and opinions oscillate as if in a tennis match. The only thing that goes in favour of these people is that they seldom make enemies over arguments…… There are some who will regularly get involved in an intelligent discussion. They listen, put forth their two bits, analyse, argue, agree, disagree, at times polite and patient, at times rude and impatient (bordering on being abusive). But at the end of it all, they are back to the beginning - their own point of view. I do not know why my good friend Behram is suddenly on my mind. I need to go to him for a cup of tea…………….. Argumentally Yours!!!!

Shabbir Shakir

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COVER up.... Paul Harris's Bithday being celebrated in the Club with fervour Festivities at the Fellowship Sports Lending a helping hand to the victims of Chikhli slums fire


MAIL BASTION - Letters To The Editor


Dear Editor Shabbir & President Tauby, The month of April is a time to pay tribute to Rotary Founder Paul Harris who was born on 19 April 1868 in Racine, Wis., USA. If Paul was to visit Rotary Clubs today, he would be greatly impressed by the progress Rotary has made and the organization's advances in member diversity with global expansion. Paul was a lawyer whose vision of service and fellowship has inspired millions around the world. While Rotary continues to respond to society's needs, it's basic mission and tenets remain the same. Rotary's ideal of service is a principle that will never become outdated. Our Founder's vision has weathered all kinds of challenges during a century of social changes. Rotary had a very modest beginning starting with four businessmen who met in rotation at their places of business. But the group flourished and grew into International movement that has crossed all geographical boundaries, politics, race and religion. Paul's vision is as relevant now as it was in 1905. As we celebrate the memory of Paul Harris, let us remain true to our Founder's hopes and dreams by selfless acts of fellowship and service. -Sati Khanna Hi Shabbir, BEST ETTER L I have said this before and I say it again – our Golden Orange, today can be compared with any national or international magazine. With something for every age in it, it is the perfect example of Infotainment. I personally can't put it down, the moment I lay my hands on it. Tauby's Take, Progenetics, X press, for the technically challenged and of course, straight from the heart are my favourites. I read the rest if and when .... In the April issue, you have written about Parenting --which is as if, straight from MY heart. This is a subject on which I have had many discussions and arguments in the past. I'm glad you are continuing as editor along with Sanjiv, who I give credit to for this current look of the GO. Should we expect another makeover? Am proud to be a part of the GO team. -Manju Shahani Dear Rtn PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee, Greetings and best wishes to you. I am in receipt of your wonderful monthly magazine "Golden Orange" April 2012. I am happy to read 'Other's Matter'-Rotary Club of GunturThe Matching Grants Colossus. You have given an excellent account of Matching Grants of our District 3150. I thank you for keeping me on the mailing list of "Golden Orange". I enjoyed reading other articles too. Thank you once again! -PDG Maddi Jawaharlal Guntur, RID 3150


Hello Viju Uncle, I hope all is fine at Nagpur First of all I want to give my heartfelt thanks to this beautiful program of Rotary Exchange, I have just returned from my holidays to Italy & Austria, I had gone there with my host family, And I think I am lucky to have such a great host family. From 15th April'12 we have our euro tour of 22 days and my schools are over on 19th June'12. I will be returning to India on 7th july 2012 and to nagpur on 8th july 2012. I have made some very good friends on this exchange who will remain my friends my whole life, and had an experience to see the world in another light and through a very different perspective. (emotionally & practically). There is a lot of difference in the way and attitude towards life here, but basically we are all the same in thinking and craving for recognition and friendship in life. There are two reasons I am writing this letter, first to inform you about my return dates, and secondly a request to consider my good friend FIONA GOLLA's application for inbound exchange student. As mentioned earlier I have made some very good friends & Fiona is host sister of an exchange student, who have become very dear to me. She had applied for our district and India after meeting me, & I don't know the process but I am requesting you on her behalf as I am told that this program is specifically designed to explore the new culture and make friends as many as possible, because that make's the world go round peacefully. Bye uncle, I hope to hear from you soon and ....................... -Akanksha Talwar Dear Editor Shabbir, Most of the times I read the Golden Orange from cover to cover. It lets me know of all the activities of the club and also interesting views on various subjects penned by our members and the GO team. I was wondering which article I would like to read first - I normally go through the pictures first and then read as and when time permits. But then I realized the first thing I read is the Rotary Rattle - it gives a special insight to our Rotarian families and is very well penned, I am sure there must be more 'Rattle' from our 300 plus Rotary families. Keep it up Manju -Jehangir Doongaji

Dear Rtn.Taubyji, Many thanks for your club bulletin “The Golden Orange” of April through courier for which I am indeed grateful to you. With excellent cover page on Polio immunization and messages from President and Editor with reports of weekly club meetings, club projects like Health Camp, Cricket Festival, Holi fellowship in FebruaryMarch 2012 with photographs in enchanting colours with following highlights excellently compiled and edited by Rtn.Shabbir with interesting articles on various topics for which my compliments! Your concern for recent DGN(14-15) election through message of “Time for Rotary Spring” is most thought provoking & requires stern steps by RIP as taken by him in our district too! Congratulating once again for your beautiful bulletin & with my best wishes for your remaining (11-12) & with warm personal regards to you & Mr.Naushadji & Rotary greetings to all your members from myself and Indumati, we rmain, Your Friends, JAGMOHAN KATAKIA Cc to : Rtn Shabbir Shakir Congratulations for your beautiful and excellent bulletin !


The Business Meeting of April 5 was called to order by President Tauby Bhagwagar. After the silent prayer and reading of the Minutes by Secretary Dinesh Naidu, members celebrating their Birthdays and Anniversaries were greeted by President Tauby. Best Chairpersons ' Prizes were given away to the following : Manju Shahani and Anula Goenka for Take Rotary Home ; Usha Kale, Ritika Singhvi, Vandana Agrawal, Mamta Jaiswal, Smita Bhargava and Sonal Ajmera For Fellowship during Meetings; Drs. Prashant Choudhry, Shaunak Mokadam and Sameer Jahagirdar for Community Service .

The prizes for Golden Orange competitions were won by Dr.Jerestin Watchmaker for all correct answers, Sapna Vastani for Guess Who and the Best Letter Prize was bagged by PP Sati Khanna. The Lucky Chair Prize was won by Nimish Sutaria. Joint Secretary, Khushnoor Chugh read out the Attendance Report. The Meeting was adjourned after singing of the National Anthem. -Khushnoor S.Chugh PP Sati Khanna – Best letter prize


Communicating with Your Teenager... Isnt that easier said than done? That was exactly what most moms who were present at the ladies committee meet felt. To help us through this phase called teenage we had Minaz Malik an eminent psychologist who specializes in this field talk to us. She went on to tell us that...Communication is the most important element in building a successful relationship with your teenager. The expression, “It is not what you say, but how you say it,” has never been more true or more applicable than here. As we talk with our teens, we can either give them a sense of compassion, understanding, and support; or we can convey to them that we are disappointed and angry about what they did, and that they aren't doing what we told them to. Handling and improving communication with teenagers is not an easy process. Many times parents find it difficult to change the way they talk to their children from telling their child what to do to the true essence of communication which is the exchange of ideas and opinions. To encourage your teen to talk, be clear that your purpose is to find out how he feels about a certain situation. Your teenager may also use typical teenage answers such as “I'm fine”, “I don't know” and “Nothing,” indicating that he


Ladies lap up what Minaz Malik has to say may not know how to express his thoughts and feelings. It would be up to the parent to start the conversation and help their teen along by asking open ended questions. There are some phrases your teenager may use that express that he is disappointed, or even angry, with the way the conversation is going. The two most common are “Whatever you say” and “You just don't understand.”Both of these answers are a clear statement from your teen that he thinks he has absolutely no input in matters that concern him. He may feel that you are treating him like a child and are not giving him a chance to state any of his thoughts on the subject at hand. He may also be stating that, in his opinion, you are just not listening to him at all. Should you hear any of these, take a quick inventory of what was said and ask yourself where you cut your teenager off or out – or didn't listen to or hear his side of the story. These comments are a big STOP. A common complaint from parents is that their teenager does not talk to them anymore. “At age four you could not get them to stop talking; at age 16 you cannot get them to talk.” First, teens are not sure how to approach their parents with problems. Teenagers don't know how to differentiate between too much


dependency – “running to mommy and daddy” – from discussing options and situations with parents and other adults. Secondly, our own busy lifestyles might have given our children the impression that we do not have enough time to listen to their problems. Thinking back, how many times has your child approached you with a question or story, and your response was either, “Not now, honey,” or, “I'm busy right now.” Perhaps you promised to listen to them as soon as you were finished with what you were doing right then – but did not. The more often we sent our child away, the more he learned not to bother us with his problems and questions. Now that we want him to come to us, we will have to start repairing the damage. We need to convince our teenager that we indeed care, want to listen, and will make time for him. Always keep in mind that the way we respond to, or address, our teenagers will determine if they will come to us for answers and advice the next time. It was an interesting and informative evening and it definitely made us 'think' and think like our teenagers. -Madhavi Naidu.


REGULAR MEETINGS True to the meaning of his name, our Guest Singer, Mayank (meaning, Moon) lit up the atmosphere with his melodious voice at the Thursday meeting of 19th April. So, it was yet another Meeting with a difference! Differently-abled Mayank Sahu regaled the Rotarians and Anns. Significantly, the day coincided with the Birth Anniversary of Rotary's Founder, Paul Harris. Starting with the soulful rendition of Anup Jalota's bhajan, “Aisi laagi lagan….”, Mayank went on to sing Kishore Kumar's 'Main aaya hoon lekar saaz…..'. The song that truly mesmerized the listeners the most was 'Kukh kuhu bole koyaliya…';of which Mayank sang both the male (Mohd. Rafi) and female (Lata Mangeshkar) versions. To the uninitiated like yours truly a revelation that this was a masterpiece classical song which is in four Raags. 'Ya Ali reham ya Ali pyaar( Gangster), Main jaha rahu (Singer-Rafat Fateh Ali Khan ), Heera moti na chahoo (singer- Kailash Kher ), Wake up Sid (Shankar Mahadevan ) and Tuj



MAYANK SAHU meh raab dikhta hai (Roop Kumar Rathod). This was the bouquet of songs Mayank presented before us; very deftly changing the feelings and moods of the songs. To one who had a full view of the audience and a close view of the singer, it was an enchanting experience. On stage, he was lovingly patted on the back by his mother Komal after each song. As for the atmosphere, it was as if everyone was in a trance . Some with eyes shut; some with eyes wide open as if enchanted; some humming along and some tapping away. But all thoroughly enjoying

themselves ! Earlier, during Fellowship, a Birthday Cake was cut by Paul Harris of the day, sportingly done by our very own Abnash Chander Khurana. Child prodigy, Mayank was accompanied by his parents, Komal and Manoj Sahu. Earlier, Rakhi Bhatia read out the Rotary Information and Sandip Dhodapkar introduced Mayank. Gita Rao proposed a vote of thanks. President Tauby adjourned the meeting after singing of the National Anthem. -Khushnoor S. Chugh

The members being regaled by child prodigy Mayank Sahu


Vocational Excellence Award being handed over to Ashok Hansles, Dr Surajit Hazra and Dr Archana Patel (Behram stepping in for her) Excellence is when a man or woman asks of span of ten minutes... Believe me it's true. The himself more than others do. The vocational accomplishments and achievements of Dr. Editor Shabbir Shakir decided he wanted to awards are all about such people who define Archana Patel would fill up our entire 28 page do something that no Editor had done "excellence". I for one was totally awestruck Golden Orange and more. From gold medals before... I wish he had chosen something when the three awardees were described. to awards to research to travel to service to else to do because I was one of the nominees You know them as Rotarians and as friends tennis... Name it and she has done it. An for 'the last rites award" ( will come to what but when you truly get to know their absolute all rounder. Excellence is a too small exactly it is later on in the article). achievements and their journey that's when word to describe her. As Behram put it... The The editor of the GO is no ordinary post, it you realize why they are where they are. Their way she's going we should not be surprised if entails producing a quality magazine worthy lives have been extraordinary and not she wins the Nobel Prize in another ten years. of our Club. It has to have variety that caters to all in the Rotary family and also live up to because they were born that way but because The third awardee was introduced by Girish the expectations of many. I can safely say they wanted it that way. There was absolutely nothing regular about the regular meeting of Deodhar. The restaurant Ashoka is that Shabbir has done all that and more. synonymous with Nagpur. I don't think there is He wanted to acknowledge all the people 26th April. a single person I know who hasn't been to who made this possible. People who made Rina Sinha introduced the first awardee Dr. Surajit Hazra. We all know him as the sweet, Ashoka's and who does not have a whole things easy and difficult for him... He spoke friendly, helpful doctor and what really makes range of memories attached to it. Ashok about each of the contributors in the GO and him all that and an amazing person is the Hansles the man behind the restaurant, an President Tauby gave a token of appreciation journey of his life. Dr Hazra truly is empathy absolute down to earth person who is also a to all of us amidst the applause and laughter personified. He is what and how a doctor man of few words... because his actions from the audience. should be and follows the Hippocratic oath to speak louder than his words. To be able to There even was an award called 'the last rites the 'T'. And when he spoke, he spoke from his continue with the same quality taste and award'. Basically it is for the person who heart and that is what he is all about, he is "all experience for so many years (Ashoka writes their article the last but as Shabbir opened in 1947) is no ordinary task. His vision says...they almost give him heart attacks heart". because of that. The award went to Jyoti has made the restaurant the best in the city. The second awardee was introduced by Goenka while the contenders were Dr. Sanjiv Shabbir Shakir and if I can say it here that he The evening was unusual, extraordinary and Chugh and yours truly. -Madhavi Naidu found it almost impossible to introduce her in a exceptional in every sense of the word.

SAGA OF VIDARBHA A presentation on the ever hot topic of injustice meted out to Vidarbha resulting in backwardness was delivered in the meeting held on 12th April, 2012 by Mr. Nitin Ronghe , Vidarbha Development Activist. He was supported by Mr P.K. Chakraborty, Senior member of the Committee formed to assess the backlog in funding to Vidarbha. Mr. Nitin highlighted the rich mythological history of Vidarbha by informing the members that Grandmother of Lord Ram belonged to Amravati Region and also the rich natural resources that the region has which have not been been fully exploited. He then spoke of the chain of events that have taken place to ensure that Vidarbha gets its due share of funds allocation but has always been scuttled by leaders of western

Maharashtra. The demand for a separate Vidarbha state started in 1903 much before the Maharashtra State was carved out. The Fazal Ali Commission also recommended formation of a different state in its report in 1953 on linguistic pattern. On why a separate state should be carved out, he mentioned that agricultural lands in western Maharashtra are fully irrigated by being connected to an excellent canal network. The industrial development of the region has also been much better that Vidarbha and Marathwada. When a commission set up in 1983-84 recommended distribution of 85% funds to Vidarbha & Marathwada and 15% to Konkan region, the Government did exactly the reverse. Inspite of the Governors directives to allocate funds to

REGULAR MEETING Vidarbha, the government has not cleared the backlog since 2000. He mentioned that although Vidarbha is rich in power, it is politically powerless. Mr. Nitin mentioned that our advantages lie in power generation, tourism, coal and connectivity which can be used to turn this region into a surplus generating state whenever Vidarbha is formed. After a quick round of Q&A vote of thanks was proposed by Viju Naidu. -Shivkumar Rao Mr Nitin Ronghe

INTERNATIONAL FAMILY EXCHANGE Steve E.Moors was born in Belgium in 1937. After graduation from College he emigrated with his family to Canada. He graduated from the McGill University Management Institue and joined the TD BANK in 1956 and retired in 1996 as Manager Finance Quebec Division. TD Bank is Canada"a 2nd largest Bank and North America's 7th largest. Steve joined the Rotary Club of Montreal in 1991 and served as Director and chair of the Community Services Committee.He also served as District 7040 Treasurer. After retirement Steve moved to St. Catharines Ontario, joined the St.Catharines Lakeshore Rotary Club and served as its 2006-07 President. In 1998 he moved back to Montreal and rejoined the Montreal Lakeshore Club and was its President for 2010-2011 the Club 50th Anniversay year.Steve is married to Margaret and has one daugther Mireille and 2.75 grand children.

PP Steve Moors

ABOUT CANADA • Canada is a multicultural, multilingual country with English and French as official languages, but a host of other languages play prominent roles in some regions. • Canadians are known for being very polite and reserved. They place a high value on courtesy, pragmatism and common sense.

• Negotiation style is always individual, but if Canadians have any national character to their negotiation skills, it is a fusion of North American directness and British diplomacy best described as "moderate indirectness." While Canadians can disagree openly, they prefer to do it with tact and sensitivity.

PHF DINNERS It started in the Centennial year of Rotary which was also the Diamond Jubilee year of our Club's founding, when Sanjiv Chugh was the President. The Paul Harris Fellow Dinners! With a view to recognize the contribution of Paul Harris Fellows and to motivate other club members to become one, this dinner took root. Down the years the Presidents that followed, seemed to like the idea, and so the tradition continued. The first dinner was slated to be with the District Governors visit. At the time there were

13 Board members, and it seemed convenient for the 13th member to host this dinner during the DDG's official visit to our Club. The occasion is also utilized to motivate the PHF's present to become multiple PHF's, make their spouses or other family members as PHF and we have also had success in making a few major donors!! However, over the years, the number of Paul Harris Fellows has increased tremendously, and hosting such a dinner is an expensive affair. Currently we have 14 Board members,

• Presentations will usually be focused on facts, figures, details and schedules. An emphasis on symbolism, overarching themes and exaggerations is not generally wellreceived. -Sati Khanna

PROGENETICS Genesis of Projects so now two Board members host this coveted dinner. The Paul Harris Dinner is a gala affair; we just hope that the way the number of Paul Harris Fellows are increasing, it does not become a cumbersome affair. Members of our Club look forward to this evening; lets hope we have more Paul Harris Fellows, and also let's try and think of a way, where it is not a burden on any one individual. -Anita Chitale


BLOOD DONATION CAMPS The first camp of new financial year was held at Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, MIDC Hingna. Mahindra & Mahindra is one of the major partners in our club's numerous service projects especially Bhamragarh Surgical Camp. The day was auspicious as world celebrated Good Friday and Hanuman Jayanti. The enthusiasm was high amongst the staff & worker at the premises. The personnel manager of the company ensured that the message is reached to each and every worker


of the factory so that they can participate in the event. The camp picked up speed post noon when shifts change. The camp eventually collected 110 units. President Tauby Bhagwagar, Director Dr Sheela Mundhada, Chairpersons Prashant Rajurkar and Parag Paranjpe were present during the camp. -Parag Paranjpe

THINK CONSULTANTS, 21ST APRIL 2012 The Blood Donation camp organised on 21st of April 2012 as a part of CSR activity to celebrate 10th anniversary of Think Consultants was very meticulously planned by the directors of Think Consultants. The friends, relatives, and associates of Think all contributed to the success of the camp. President Tauby Bhagwagar congratulated the organizers for spreading awareness in the society and taking up such a noble activity as CSR project. 5 members from Palewar Techno Solutions, a unit owned by Rtn Sachin Palewar also donated blood during the camp.

Mr. Ranjit Dani, Mr. Amit Dani and Parag Paranjpe the three directors of the company took efforts to make camp successful. A large number of donors were donating blood for the first time. The camp which started at 3 pm was concluded at 8.30 pm and 96 units were collected. Rotarians present during camp were; President Tauby, Director Dr Sheela Mundhada, Dr Ravi Wankhede, Sandeep Dhodapkar, Sameer Agrawal, and Sachin


-Parag Paranjpe


SOUTH POINT SCHOOL ON 25 OF APRIL Blood Donation Camp was organised at South Point School on 25th of April by our own Rotarian Devdatta Dasture. The date coincided with the result day of the school. A total of 29 parents donated blood. Though a smaller no of people donated blood but in summer even a one person donating blood helps and makes the difference in the availability of blood. Mrs. Dasture helped in motivating the parents and teachers to donate blood. -Dr Shailendra Mundhada TH

MODERN SCHOOL, KORADI ROAD: 24 APRIL 2011 Modern School has been one of our partners in service since long and it has been a venue for a number of blood donation camps held earlier. This camp conducted on 24th April was planned to coincide with final results of middle and high school students. An exhibition showcasing the artistic skills of the school children was also arranged on this occasion. This included drawings, paintings, posters,


pottery, ceramic and other artifacts. Oil paintings made by students were also up for sale. The blood donation camp started at 8.00 in the morning and closed at 11.30 AM. Parents accompanying their wards and school staff were the expected donors. The summer heat probably had its spell and the camp could garner 14 units of blood. A follow up camp is planned on 2nd May for parents of primary

school children coming for their results that day. School teachers have probably reserved their contribution for 2nd May. Our special thanks to Rtn. Neeru Kapai, Principal – Modern School, for arranging this camp and making the venue available to us. Director Dr Sheela Mundhada and Prashant Rajurkar were present during the camp. -Prashant Rajurkar


AT PARANJPE'S ANATHALAYA A Work shop was arranged at Paranjpe's Anathalaya for the inmates and caretakers on Sunday the 15th April 2012. They were taught various aspects of Manufacturing 'Rakhi' for marketing during the festivals. The inmates were interested in

manufacturing Rakhis during Summer Vacations. Rakhis of around 30 types were taught during the workshop. The participants made 60 Rakhis in just 30 minutes during practice. This indicates that the concept & process of manufacturing had been well

understood by the participants. Around 30 participants attended the Workshop. Sadhana Paliwal had conducted the workshop and was helped by Kanak Bhargava, Vinita Agrawal, and Ruquaiya Vali. -Sadhana Paliwal

The Children being trained by Sadhana Paliwal to make Rakhis



We had conducted a followup cataract surgical camp at Hemalkasa on the 7th & 8th April 2012. We operated about 26 cases for cataract and 2 for pterygium. -Dr Shaunak Mokadam



The official handing over of charter at Shreyas Convent took place on the 30th of April. Speaking on the occasion President Tauby Bhagwagar conveyed to the interactors that this marks the long term association of the school with the Rotary Club of Nagpur. Present on the occasion were President Tauby Bhagwagar, Director Sonia Khurana, Advisor Renu Thapar and chairpersons Namita Sharma and Madhu Mrig. -Madhu Mrig






DGE Sanjay Meshram

Convenor PP Dr Sanjiv Chugh

Club Sec Dinesh Naidu

The Presidents and Secrataries Elect Training Seminar (PETS) was held on April 6 at Hotel Centre Point. Hosted by Rotary Club of Nagpur, the Forum Leader was PDG ( Dr) Prafulla Mokadam and Convenor PP (Dr.) Sanjiv Chugh. Inauguration After the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries present, President Tauby Bhagwagar called the meeting to order. PP Dr. Sanjiv Chugh welcomed the delegates and PDG (Dr.) Prafulla Mokadam made his opening remarks. DG Gopal Shiralkar wished the Seminar all success. District Governor Elect, Sanjay Meshram enthused the future Presidents and Secretaries to give of their best during their term in his talk titled, 'Lets Rock'. Keynote Address “Dare to be where the eagles dwell “,said Rotary International Director, Rtn. Shekhar Mehta in his Keynote address. Speaking on the topic 'Where eagles Dare', RID Shekhar asked Rotarians to dream. Quoting Abdul Kalam he said, 'Be a dreamer – a dream is something that does not let you sleep , not what you see in your sleep . Don't worry where the resources will come from – just dream and get the vision right and SHARE it with others.Unless you share your plans you will not get resources, 'he stressed.

RID Shekhar , further urged the future Presidents to keep their flock together, speak from the heart ,keep their ears to the ground and be ready to take feed –back. Create new benchmarks in service and above all keep GIVING – time, energy, resources, money. In a very heartening conclusion, RID Shekhar recited the lines of John Lennon's famous number, IMAGINE. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one I hope some day you'll join us And the world will be as ONE. Earlier, PDG Madhu Rughwani introduced RID Shekhar Mehta. Secretary Dinesh Naidu proposed the vote of thanks. Plenary Session –I This session started with Opening Remarks by DGE Sanjay Meshram. PDG Balasaheb Joshi spoke on Roles and Responsibilities while PP Jagdish Khatri spoke on Club Administration.PP Nilesh Panpalia gave tips on Retention and Extention and PP (Dr) Kiran Kulkarni enlightened the Presidents on Induction. Plenary Session –II District Secretary Elect , Rtn. Shabbir Shakir addressed the future leaders on TRF and Matching Grants. He urged them to identify a good cause, conceptualise the project and

search for an international partner. However, he cautioned that while spending TRF Funds we have to be careful as it's somebody else's money .Each of us is a custodian of TRF Funds , he concluded. PDG Madhu Rughwani , in his talk, stressed on TRF contributions and how to go about collecting them.Invvvolve your family in your service donation, talk to persons outside Rotary, meet industrial houses because you have to raise contributions from the society. PP Rajendra Khurana spoke on Public Relations and how to build Rotary's public image.The three focal points are : membership development, fund –raising and publis service opportunities. Today, communication has to be strong. So, we should understand who we are communicating with – inside or outside Rotary, he explained.Strive to create a favourable environment and build visibility in society.He emphasized that to spread Rotary's message is the job of every Rotarian. After lunch, there was a session on E-learning and Reporting on Business Plans. PP Rajiv Agrawal presented the District Budget for 2012-13. DG Gopal Shiralkar and DGE Sanjay Meshram summed up the day's proceedings. Khushnoor S.Chugh with inputs from PP Vijay Naidu

The splendid setup




The specially abled children

President making eyes………… A community welfare project was held at deaf & dumb residential school, saoner on the 14th of april 2012 with president tauby bhagwagar, her parents in law mr. Edul bhagwagar and mrs. Dilnawaz bhagwagar, director shah rukh cassad and past president jehangir doongaji and chairperson hemant jaitha present. We reached the school premises at around 10.30 am and were received by the principal mrs. N.

Samarth and her husband mr. Samarth alongwith a few teachers and staff and were given a tour of the school including to their special classes where students are taught how to recognize sounds and words with the help of various hearing aids and visuals. We were introduced to the children studying there and were given backgrounds of the students also. The school premises were divided into two wings i.e. One wing consisting of the classes and dining area and the other wing the residential area – both of whose tour we were given and both were very well maintained and were kept clean and neat.

We were then taken to their auditorium where they felicitated us by giving all members flowers and paying respects to b.r. Ambedkar. Donation of 10 chairs, 3 footballs, 3 volleyballs with a volleyball net, 8 badminton racquets with 2 boxes of shuttles alongwith badminton ne, 2 sets of chessboards and 2 sets of carrom boards were donated through the club by rtn. Naushad bhagwagar for which the school thanked us very much and have invited us in future for similar projects. All members were offered snacks and tea before departing. -Hemant jaitha




The preperations, the dosage and the photo op

The 2nd National Immunization Day for Polio was held on 15th April 2012. We all assembled at 7 AM at NMC office Zone 7, Shatranjipura, near Itwari Railway Station. President Tauby along with PP Gulab Mahant, PP Rajan Bhatia, PP Akhtar Parvez Maimoon and a host of other members were there to help in distribution. We had to distribute vaccines to 93 centres. The distribution of the drops and food packets for volunteers started immediately. All the distribution was over before 8 AM and all the booths started on time. Dr Mushir Ahmed of NMC and his staff was very cooperative. President Tauby administered the 1st doze. 20,265 children were immunized in our area. -Jehangir Doongaji

TAKE ROTARY HOME PRESIDENT BRINGS “ROTARY HOME� Always looked forward to is the opportunity to visit and spend time at the beautiful home of President Tauby & Lord Naushad. Mist fans cooled the emerald green lawns, the summer night with its distinct colours and fragrances, the sit down style garden layout set the mood for an evening well remembered. Special invitee Rotarian Steve from Lakeshore club Monterial Canada enroute to the Bangkok Rotary convention remarked that The Take Rotary Home concept of our club was indeed unique and thoroughly enjoyed meeting our club members. PDG Vishwas welcomed Rtn Seeve and said he was indeed privileged to be at one of the most vibrant and looked up to club in the country. As always Chairperson Anula ably assisted by fill in Chairperson Reema Sial put together enjoyable games which involved every one. The variety of food was a delight. -Team GO.



PP Steve being welcomed by Anula

Daddy Rajiv is made a Mummy

Splendid setup ............

................topped up by a splendid spread

MATOSHREE VRUDHASHRAM ADASA Achyutam Keshavam -------An 86 year old got up from his dining table and started dancing to the tune of a popular bhajan sung by Kanak Bhargava and Krishna Damodaran . April 8th was an evening memorable for both, the inmates of the Matoshree Vridhhashram Adasa and the members of the Senior Citizen

Committee lead by Anita Jain and Vanita Shukul. It is comfortable now in the dining hall for the old men and women with the three coolers donated by Hira Mulani, wherein they watched a movie in the afternoon and enjoyed the

SENIOR CITIZEN dinner too, organised by the committee. The Committee also donated a pair of Tablas for their Bhajan sessions. President Tauby PP Arun Bhargava, PP Gulab Mahant, PP Rajan Bhatia and other Rotarians were present on the occasion -Sharad Bhave

The biggest satisfaction of feeding with your own hands!!!

Let's make a song and dance of it!!!

Beaming after a good day's work




Our Club, organized the first ever Sports weekend for members and spouses at the Parsi Dharamsala complex from 27th to 29th April 2012. Billed as a fun filled weekend, with lots of games – both indoor and outdoor, to be appropriately supported with the right spirits to wash down the snacks on sale, it more than lived up to expectations! Every event saw active participation by members and spouses, whether it was board games such as scrabble or chess, racquet sports like table tennis or badminton, and other indoor games such as darts, carrom or arm wrestling. The Handball matches also saw enthusiastic participation by young and old members and the final was a thriller which kept the audience and the teams both guessing the winners almost to the end. The finale and the highlight which also witnessed keen participation by almost 50+ members and spouses, was the “Minute to Win It!” event. This particular event deserves all the accolades, especially for Priya Upganlawar and Sonal Singhvi who planned the individual items and also helped Madhavi in conducting the same smoothly. Madhavi Naidu (Chairperson), Parheez Gimi (Director) were also supported by Jatin Sampath, Manish Bhati, Sharmila Sutaria, Shilpa Jaitha, Gogi Bhasin, Mamta Kanga, Behram Patel and Shabbir Shakir who ensured that the events were planned and conducted smoothly without a hitch. The prizes were sponsored by Ashish Kalode. And the grand prize for the minute to win it was a three night stay at Goa sponsored by Gopu Vij. -Nimish Sutaria





Our Club, organized the first ever Sports weekend for members and spouses at the Parsi Dharamsala complex from 27th to 29th April 2012. Billed as a fun filled weekend, with lots of games – both indoor and outdoor, to be appropriately supported with the right spirits to wash down the snacks on sale, it more than lived up to expectations! Every event saw active participation by members and spouses, whether it was board games such as scrabble or chess, racquet sports like table tennis or badminton, and other indoor games such as darts, carrom or arm wrestling. The Handball matches also saw enthusiastic participation by young and old members and the final was a thriller which kept the audience and the teams both guessing the winners almost to the end. The finale and the highlight which also witnessed keen participation by almost 50+ members and spouses, was the “Minute to Win It!” event. This particular event deserves all the accolades, especially for Priya Upganlawar and Sonal Singhvi who planned the individual items and also helped Madhavi in conducting the same smoothly. Madhavi Naidu (Chairperson), Parheez Gimi (Director) were also supported by Jatin Sampath, Manish Bhati, Sharmila Sutaria, Shilpa Jaitha, Gogi Bhasin, Mamta Kanga, Behram Patel and Shabbir Shakir who ensured that the events were planned and conducted smoothly without a hitch. The prizes were sponsored by Ashish Kalode. And the grand prize for the minute to win it was a three night stay at Goa sponsored by Gopu Vij. -Nimish Sutaria



TAKE ROTARY HOME We all use designer clothes and accessories. But its not everyday that one comes across a designer house! Well, the experience was great. Spending time in a house designed by the famous Baba Dewan from Delhi. The Architect was none other than our very own Habbib Khan. Friends I am referring to the beautifully made house of Sangeeta and Prem Grover. To befit the venue, the grub also turned out to be a

HOME OF SANGEETA AND PREM GROVER delight, not only for the palate but also, the eyes. From Undiyu to Katahal Biryani, from exotic Olive and Herb Salad to a Mango Delight..... it was an out and out treat for all. Keeping up with the spirits, Anula came up with, Male Belly Dancers -- only as a game! Believe me it was our own sporting Rotarians, who did a superb job. Identify your husband -by his smell; was the other fun game. Novel way of Introduction and Rotary Information,

The gathering

Shake your hips if you want dinner


added spice to the flavour of the evening. Rotarians, who are rarely seen at both, regular meetings and projects, were an active part of the whole show. 23 couples, including the hosts, chairpersons and president Tauby, were a part of one of those different Take Rotary Homes'. -Manju Shahani


HOME OF ADARSH AND VANDANA DAGA Dr. Kishor and Dr. Bharti Taori, Kishor and Smita Sheth, Gopu and Raju Vij, Shailaja Sharma, Dr. Suresh and Meera Kulkarni, Rohit and Pooja Agrawal, along with a few others met at Adarsh and Vandana Daga's House. The introductions were reaaaally important as not many had ever met each other before. Seemed like a meeting of the '0' percenters.

Friends this was the last 'Take Rotary Home' on Monday the 23rd April. Unfortunately, Pres. Tauby and Naushad couldn't make it as they were in Pune, but Dinesh Naidu and Shabbar Shakir compensated, playing their roles to perfection as Secretary and Director in charge. The heritage Daga House, refurbished with modern amenities made a perfect venue for

the 22 odd couples. Excellent ware, unusual games ( by Anula Goenka) and the warmth and enthusiasm of the hosts made the evening fun and pleasant for everyone. A little Rotary info from PP Sati Khanna and a musical vote of thanks from Deodutt Dasture added to the flavour. Another extremely enjoyable evening. - Manju Shahani

A cosy get together

The food‌..

‌..and the 'clip'pers



know your Board members

When one meets Sonia Khurana, one has to smile. She has that smiling, impish, mischievous look that quizzes you - Guess what I’ve done now? And her totally bindass, devil-may-care attitude makes one laugh. She is a riot with those innocent looking eyes of hers, unpredictable but never boring. Her language is hilarious; when I asked for directions to her house - pat came the reply “oh you can’t miss it, its bang opposite the huge N Kumar house, with guards, the white one that looks as if its going to fall any minute!” I found it at once! (By the way its a quaint little villa, very tastefully done up and No its not going to fall apart any minute!) Also, to quote Sonia, I am the only idiot who lives in Nagpur, the rest of my battalion is in Delhi ( meaning parents, family and friends). So guys, meet Sonia Khurana, Director for New Generations (11-12) under which comes - Interact, Rotaract, Youth Fest, Ryla, Career Guidance & District Interact meet. Must say, she’s got her hands full. Born & brought up in Delhi, she studied at Welhams for 7 yrs. Like any other boarding school product ,she did her share of truants, like sneaking in pocket money and tuck, which was strictly prohibited, and got herself blacklisted. Her biggest saving grace was that she represented her school for dancing. She is a trained Kathak dancer (dancing on thalis with deepaks in her hands), started learning from the tender age of 9. She also has a degree in Kathak. But it was very rigorous training, before learning to dance on a thali, not only her but also her guru would fast and perform a pooja. After Welhams came Lady Shri Ram College from where she graduated with philosophy honours. She is the youngest of 3 siblings - a 'miracle' or 'love child' as she likes to call herself as her sister and brother are 13 and 11 years older to her respectively. To this, I asked her that her family must have been delighted at her arrival, at which, she made a


-SONIA KHURANA (Director) thunderous face and that her grandmother took back the gold coins that she had got to the hospital to distribute as she was absolutely disappointed that "munde ki jagah mundi ho gayi"! But Sonia was very attached to her mother, who was a wonderful human being, and who passed away when Sonia was just 25 years old. Sonia had an arranged marriage with Vikash Khurana in 1984, when she was 20. At that time, Vikash was managing their family business of kilns. But his true passion was always theatre, which he eventually took up as a full time career. The couple wanted to see the world so they decided not to have children for 2 years and set off on their nomadic wanderings. After 2 years, their first child, Sonakshi, was born. She is 24 today and an administrative head at Edify School. She has also done a culinary course in SONIA WITH SON VARDAAN AND DAUGHTER SONAKSHI Hyderabad, as cooking is a passion. speak up for an unknown person on the street Their second born is Vardaan (21), who is inhis 2nd year at Tirpude College. He is also if the need arises. So, in 2005, she joined the lead guitarist of the local band Rotary, where for 2 years she kept a low 'Interruption', which has done a few concerts profile, testing the waters.She then became in the city. So it seems, Theatre and Music Chairperson for Youth Fest and Interact and runs in the family blood on both sides. Brother- there was no looking back after that. Always a in-law, Aakash Khurana, as everyone knows, part of some activity or the other, she enjoys is a very well known character actor and Rotary thoroughly and has a thoughtful director. Vikash runs Nagpur's most famous respect for it. She finds it very meaningful and English theatre group. Sister-in-law, Kavita is constructive to take time out from your into poetry. On her mom's side, her mother everyday life to do something for others, who was very fond of singing, the harmonium, are children of lesser Gods. dholak. Sonia, besides her Kathak, is very In fact, she wishes to start a NGO to fight the good dholak player and is always in great demand in all her friends' and familes' system which harasses an under privileged or functions. She also runs a boutique in Poonam weak minority. Chambers called 'Accessoreez', which stocks When asked if she would like to change beautiful home articles, salwaar suits, bags, anything, if given a chance to re-live her life etc. She runs it personally and can be found at prompt is the answer - I would have been a home only in the afternoons. Kathak exponent definitely! Sonia is not much of a 'kitty' person and used Well Sonia, continue with your zest for life and to work backstage in all the theatre your charitable demeanour. Keep that look on presentations. She is a strong minded woman your face always - I'm lovin' it! :-) and one of the things she dislikes the most is -Jyoti Goenka public and private harassment. She is ready to

'THE ROTARIAN' TALKS WITH MUHAMMAD YUNUS, A SPEAKER AT THE 2012 RI CONVENTION In New York City's Jackson Heights, Yunus helps launch the first Grameen America branch. Five others are now open in the United States. Photo by Erica Lanser N obel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, known as the “banker for the poor”, began transforming lives while an economics professor at the University of Chittagong in Bangladesh. What began as personal microloans to poor women in nearby villages grew into Grameen Bank, which today has more than 2,500 branches throughout the country. Grameen Bank has helped launch or expand the businesses of more than 8 million borrowers – 97 percent of them women. Yunus, a keynote speaker at the 2012 RI Convention, recently spoke with Warren Kalbacker, a frequent contributor to The Rotarian. Here is an excerpt of the interview. The Rotarian: In 1976, you introduced the concept of microcredit, which involves providing loans of as little as a few cents to individuals. Many businesspeople might be puzzled as to how lending such small amounts could be effective. Yunus: Microcredit started in one village in Bangladesh. I was teaching economics, and the country was going through famine. I was frustrated because the economic theories I taught in the classroom didn't have any meaning in the lives of poor people. I thought I'd try to do something to help individuals in the village next to the university campus. I noticed loan sharking in the village – people lending money to the poor with terrible conditions attached. The sharks took control of peoples' lives. I thought I could solve this problem by lending money myself. I visited those who were borrowing from the loan sharks, and I made a list of 42 names. The total money they owed was the equivalent of US$27. I put the money in their hands to pay off the loan sharks so they could be free. When I did that, everybody got excited. If such a small amount of money could make so many people so happy, I thought I should do more of it. TR: Your concept of social business involves

raising and investing capital, then managing the enterprise for a return. Yet you specify that there will be no profit-taking. Aren't you offering something like two cheers for capitalism? Yunus: People think if you take out the profit incentive, businesses cannot survive. That's absolutely wrong. There are many other incentives. In a social business, I make other people happy. By making other people happy, I become happy. That incentive is something economists don't understand. I am introducing that. I'm not walking out on capitalism; I insist that capitalism is misinterpreted. It's based on a single type of business: profit-making. It's imbalanced. If you add the social business leg to the capitalist system, then it becomes stable. When a business is run only to maximize profit, people are too busy to examine or solve social problems, so they let governments take care of those problems. But we citizens are capable of solving problems ourselves. That's what the social business can do. TR: Grameen has teamed up with Francebased food giant Danone to manufacture

yogurt in Bangladesh. How does this venture differ from a traditional profit-making enterprise? Yunus: This social business is a non-loss, non-dividend company designed to solve a social problem. If Grameen Danone Foods makes a profit, the profit stays with the company. Its purpose is to solve the problem

ROTARY RUN of malnutrition among the children of Bangladesh. It makes a special type of yogurt that is inexpensive to produce and affordable to the poorest families. If a child eats it, he or she gradually becomes a healthy child. The company is now in its fourth year, and it's doing very well. The nutritional impact is clear, and the company is approaching the break-even point. TR: You're a tireless advocate for personal initiative across all cultures. What motivates you? Yu n u s : E c o n o m i s t s a s s u m e t h a t entrepreneurs who can take the risks and lead the way are limited in number – that these are the few people in the world with exceptional qualities, who are capable of being entrepreneurs, and the rest of the human beings are supposed to work under them. This is unacceptable. I insist that all human beings are entrepreneurs. No exceptions. No one lacks entrepreneurial capability. But institutions have framed policies that don't give us the opportunity to discover our entrepreneurial ability. They're being propagated through our education system, which is built on the premise that you work hard and get well paid, or you go to a good school and get a good job – as if a job is the ultimate goal of a human life. I say that is wrong. TR: What will you focus on when you address this year's RI Convention? Yunus: I'll be talking about the education system. All young people should be taught that they have choices. They can be a job seeker or a job giver. As they grow up, they can decide which they want to be. Institutions must be built so that whichever path young people take, they will be supported so they can pursue their goal in life. Right now, this choice is missing in the education system. Read more stories from The Rotarian or sign up for the digital edition to see the full interview. -PP Viju Naidu

TRUSTEES ADJUST NEW GRANT MODEL At their March meeting, The Rotary Foundation Trustees made the following adjustments to the new grant model under the Future Vision Plan. The Trustees: • Agreed to revisions in the definitions of the areas of focus and to guidelines for funding eligible activities in each area, which will become effective 1 July. (Look for the revised definitions to be posted at in the coming weeks.)

• Agreed that packaged global grants and club- and district-developed global grants will become two separate types of grants, effective 1 July 2013. The grants will simply be called packaged grants and global grants. • Decided that, effective 1 July 2013, a district stewardship subcommittee in each district will be responsible for ensuring the careful and responsible management of Foundation grant funds and for educating

Rotarians on proper and effective grant management. These changes will be reflected in the revised District Rotary Foundation Committee Manual to be released early in the 2012-13 year and will be discussed during breakout sessions at the 2012 RI Convention in Bangkok, Thailand -PP Viju Naidu


OTHER'S MATTER Other Clubs in the Dist

You will be surprised to learn that as many as 12 of 85 Rotary Clubs in our District 3030 meet in their own premises. Many of these clubs come from from small towns, yet have earned sufficient goodwill and resources to get adequate land allotted from municipal authorities, and build their own premises. In all these centers, Clubs have their weekly meetings, vocational projects such as Literacy, Vocational guidance, Computer training, repairs to cell phones and computers, Micro credit,and Community welfare projects such as nutrition, blood donation, women's up liftment, Diagnostic Eye and Dental camps, talks on health and hygiene for slum dwellers in these

'Rotary Community Hall' are a matter of routine convenience. In places like Jalgaon and Nasik, the halls have a huge play and recreation area where sports, Yoga related 20 are conducted. Premises are rented activities out for exhibitions, receptions and get togethers, and to other clubs for meetings which support maintenance of the premises. Many of these halls are recognized centers for voting in elections and for Polio vaccination. The clubs in 3030 owning their own premises are 1.Rotary Club of Achalpur- Rotary Bhawan, Paratwada; 2.Rotary Club of Akot- Rotary Eye Hospital, Akot; 3.Rotary Club of Amravati Midtown-Dr. J.S.Sikchi Rotary Hall, Amravati; 4.Rotary Club of Arvi- Rotary Hospital, Arvi;


5.Rotary Club of Bhusawal- Rotary Bhawan, Bhusawal; 6.Rotary Club of Chalisgaon- Dr Kakasaheb Poornapatre Rotary Hall, Chalisgaon; 7.Rotary Club of ChandrapurRotary Hall 8.Rotary Club of JalgaonRotary Community Welfare Centre, Ganpati Nagar, Jalgaon; 9.Rotary Club of Jalgaon WestRotary Bhawan, Mayadevi Nagar, Jalgaon 10.Rotary Club of MalegaonRotary Eye Hospital, Malegaon; 11.Rotary Club of Nasik-Rotary Hall, Ganjmal, Nasik; 12.Rotary Club of YavatmalRotary Shatabdi Bhawan,Civil lines, Yavatmal. Jalgaon takes the cake with two halls, both fairly big sized with sprawling lawns and huge play area . All these premises were built on funds generously contributed by Rotarians and are mostly managed by Club's registered Charitable Service Trusts. Out of these 12 halls, two ( at Chalisgaon and Yavatmal) were inaugurated during Rotary's centennial year 2004-05 at my hands as the then District Governor! I have fond memories of addressing meetings, Inter City Forums and Seminars at these proud Rotary owned premises. Besides these, there are clubs like Nagpur East, Nagpur South, and Nagpur West who have developed halls in school premises on long lease. All other clubs including ours meet at rented places- mostly in schools, colleges, Hotels, community Halls and in premises owned by other Rotary clubs. Founded in 1944,Our Rotary club used to meet for about 25 years at the aristocratic Mount

Hotel, that also served as Air Force Mess. Sometime in late sixties we shifted to VCA's Billimorea Pavilion. In late seventies it was Mount Hotel on Mount Road , which continued till 1985, when we shifted to Shreemohini Complex. I was inducted in our club in 1988 at Shreemohini. In 1992 we shifted to Jubilee Hall, Bishop Cotton School and continued till 1996. We were in a fix when suddenly asked to vacate the premises in June '96, but after just one off stop gap meeting at Masonic Lodge, we moved to Udyog Bhawan. It is for 16 long years that we have been meeting here, finding the premises convenient due to airconditioning and the two adjoining halls. Over the years our club has grown leaps and bounds. From 110 members in 1996, today we are 323. Wonder where we will be required to move if we get 100% attendance at our meetings! -PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee

LONDON London! There is no Indian who doesn't know where or what London is. It's a legacy from the Angrez tribe, who taught us to walk English, talk English and think English! This famous tribe ruled over us for hundreds of years and when they left our country, they left a lot of clones behind. The urban India still thinks that we are their poor cousins. Everyone thinks of visiting London, at least once in their lifetime. London seems like home to a lot of Indians. Besides the centuries old association, it's a place where one faces discrimination; yes, but no language problem. There are other English speaking countries, of course, but British legacy left an impact on us. We criticize them but we relate to them! A paradox but true. London is a dream place. Of course, the low-range in the suburbs. Mayfair, Marble dream gets shattered when you visit South Arch and South Kensington are posh hall, an area of London, which is actually mini localities. And if you have an apartment facing Punjab! Once you visit South hall, you have to the Hyde Park, that's the most coveted rental. All these are preferred areas as they are close to Oxford Street and Bond Street, Mecca for shoppers and foodies. Bond Street houses all the t o p restaurants take a reality check- Are we in London or and International brands, whereas Oxford Jalandhar? Indian shops are a dime a dozen, Street has a mixture of everything. streets are full of Indian fare and to top it all, A visit Madam you might even find the Charpoy ( a cot, Tussaud museum Khatia!) in the verandah of an Indian owned is a must, where house! Bizarre . If you are lucky, you might you can see wax even hear a bellowing holler” Oye khotte de f i g u r e s o f puttar……..”!! International London is an architectural storehouse. There celebrities rub is magic in the buildings surrounding you. It shoulders with our doesn't seem real. You feel you have entered a v e r y o w n period drama. You can start your day with the Bollywood stars. famous English breakfast of bacon, eggs and It's advisable to juice. The best way to stay in London is to hire take a day or a either a bed & breakfast (very economical) or week pass of the an apartment which comes fully furnished T u b e along with a well equipped kitchen. There are ( u n d e r g r o u n d all kinds of apartments, high-end in Mayfair, Train) which is mid-range in Marble Arch and Kensington or p h e n o m e n a l l y

TRAVEL LOG efficient and the best mode of transport. Trafalgar square is another place, where you can stop buy to bask in the sun and feed the pigeons. Buckingham palace is an experience of a life time and if you stick around gazing at it, you might even see the famous Changing of Guards. Some of the areas of the palace are open to tourists. A day trip to the Leeds Castle is a must. It is the Queens Summer house. The Windsor castle is another place that should be on your agenda. Taking an open top bus is a great way to see the city. One can just hop on and off at any place. The Big Ben is a Mecca for tourists and a cruise in the River Thames a great experience. The cruise takes you right under the famous London Bridge. A visit to London is incomplete without experiencing an Opera. A musical play that transcends you to a fantasy world. The grandeur of the stage, the acting, the actors, the sheer opulence of team work coordination, is astounding. Tickets are quite expensive for these shows but it's worth every penny! Plays like Phantom of the Opera, Sunset Boulevard, Miss Saigon, Beauty and the beast, Cats and Les Miserable are some of the shows that have been running house-full since past 15-20 years. It's simply phenomenal. If one has time, one should definitely drive from London to the Lake District and go right up to the Scottish Highlands, Edinburgh, Scotland. London cannot be visited through words. It needs to be felt. -Amita Behal


FREEDOM(AIN) For the children

Hi Freedomanians, Finally the finals are over for most of you and the vacations have begun. Most of you, I am sure are looking forward to going out of station, while some of you must be weighing down – not only with the rising temperatures but also the expected resultsck, of the Board exams. A very confusing time indeed – kya karein aur kya na karein??? How to fruitfully pass time, what will the results be, which course is best suited for me – must be the major turmoil in your minds. This is the time to sit back, enjoy the cooler/AC and introspect – Where/What next? This is the time to take stock of the accomplished goals and plan for the future goals wanting to be achieved. This is the time to take advantage of the inspiring range of opportunities that the various organizations in town have to offer. As budding young professionals, you, my friends must look for dynamic and innovative ways to create your future. In the pursuit of innovative ways to mold your future, my dear friends, use THIS TIME in laying foundations to create the future. Participate fully in the various training programmes, communication skills programmes and programmes of your liking to enhance your personality. It doesn't matter what area of life you choose…business or professional. If you want to reach the

destination of success, take this self help test: 1 do you know specifically what you want? 2 Is there a purpose or reason for doing it? 3 Is there clear intention of action? 4 Are you truly committed? 5 Have you clearly articulated the benefits to yourself and others? Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire – a fire that kindles the quest for learning, for gaining and achieving. TONGUE TWISTERS Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper. Double bubble gum bubbles double Great crates create great craters. Six slim slick slender saplings. HUMOUR A man walks up to a boy standing next to a dog and says “Does your dog bite?” Boy: NO Man goes and pets the dog and the dog bites his hand. Man: I thought you said your dog does not bite. Boy: My dog does not bite…this is not my dog. Why did the baby strawberry cry? Because his parents were in a jam. What has 4 legs, 1 head and 1 foot? A bed. How do you get an alien baby to sleep? You rock-et. Where did the ship go when it was sick? It went to the dock(DOC).



Caste system has now entered politics. The two main castes are the ruling party and the opposition party. Like the mainstream caste system, political castes also get divided and subdivided. The ruling party has two main sub-castes, those holding offices in government and those holding office in the party. Technically party office holders are the bosses. In actual practice, those who are in government enjoy benefits like salaries, pension for life, free telephones, free travel, and free almost everything, besides free access to bribes! The opposition party likewise has their sub-castes, those selected for legislatures and parliament and those doing party work. In both cases, those in government office and legislature have their pound of flesh. Those doing party work have enormous party funds (collected from the common man and the businessman) at their disposal. Then there are sub-castes in government berths. The highest, of course, is the PM. Next is the CM. Then there are cabinet ministers, ministers of state, deputy ministers, ministers with independent charge, cabinet

With the vacations on and plenty of free time try these: Every answer has a color in it: 1. It happens on rare occasions 2. An untruth 3. A very important or memorable day 4. A disreputed member of the family 5. Everything grows if planted by people with these 6. Put it in writing 7. Where actors rest or dress before and after shows 8. The flag of surrender. Do share with me your anecdotes and stories of how you spent the summer vacations. Wishing all of you a very happy holiday season and remember: At first dreams seem impossible, then improbable, and eventually inevitable. ANSWERS 1. ONCE IN A BLUE moon 2. White lie 3. Red letter day 4. Black sheep 5. Green fingers 6. Black and white 7. Green room 8. white Lots of love from Aunt Sangeeta to all of you -Sangeeta Chhabra


advisers, and many others with ministerial rank (which means entitlement to perks and bounty). There may be more persons with ministerial rank than actual ministers! These are the buffoons who had lost elections but still have political clout and have to be kept in good humor! The first central council of ministers in 1952 was less than 2% of the legislature. Today, in many places, ministerial crowd is more than 50% of the party strength. Mercifully there is an Act of Parliament that restricts ministerial strength to 15% of the strength of the legislature. However, the party in power gets over this restriction by appointing parliamentary secretaries enjoying the same benefits as ministers! Those not found ministerial berths are given other sops, like foreign travel with entire families, medical treatment at most expensive locations abroad, houses at prime locations, 'educational' trusts freely allowed by charity commissioners, chairmanship of PSUs and there are plenty of bounties to be offered! All these sops, besides immediate benefits, also ensure long time future potential for making easy money. During my school days, I read a mythological

story in which the supreme hero is seated in the center. The other gods, demigods, gurus, acharyas, Brahmins and others are seated according to their respective ranks! Our present day political castes are distinguished not by their seating arrangements but by their movement on roads. They travel in fancy luxury cars and distinguished by the color of beacon lights, the number of outriders and security vehicles preceding and following them. The most distinguished is the one with blue light and flags on either side of the bonnet. Motor cycle outriders, several jeeps and siren precede this car. Then there are cars with red, amber, and yellow and plain colored lights according to their rank. Every politician's ambition is to move in a car with such distinguishing beacon. The number of such cars with beacon lights is rising at an accelerated rate. This is the new well-tolerated political caste system. If Dr. Samuel Johnson, the 19th celebrated British author will pardon me, politics is the first and not the last resort…! - BOBBY SRINIVAS

Meditations– Marcus Aurelius (translated by Maxwell Staniforth) My journey continues into the past. I thought trends are generally temporary; and, as winds change direction, so would I move forward in my reading. Well it is not to be… just yet, anyway. A book which was sought since many years and remained a permanent listing in my (phone) memo pad finally came into my hands after 2 phone changes and at least 5-6 years of waiting! Marcus Aurelius (AD 120180) was a great Roman philosopher emperor known for his philosophical approach and his words offer guidance on all matters concerning life, religion and society, not to mention family which hold true even after nearly 2 millennia. Meditations is a translation done in the 1960's from the original text of his writings over a period of time. It is published under the “Great Ideas” series of books. It is said that these writings have at times instigated debate, at another war, in some cases dissent or some other a revolution. In that sense, they educated, enlightened, sometimes outraged and at other times comforted their audiences. These were books written by thinkers, pioneers, radicals and visionaries who ideas have shaken the world. Marcus' writings acknowledge readily who from and how he learnt the lessons of life. Written at a time when rulers (particularly Roman) were known for o s t e n t a t i o u s b e h a v i o u r, h e acknowledges how his father's words and deeds taught him that ostentatious living was not necessary to be considered manly. Apparently he never knew his father, yet this establishes how once can learn from history and example. He begins by acknowledging advice from his great –grandfather to dispense with school education for home schooling!! This rings so true in the current decade, where more and more parents are breaking the shackles and moving their children out of the current school system, which stifles more than it encourages the curiosity or creativity of students. Should we pursue relentless fault finding? No, says Marcus Aurelius. Alexander, a critic put him on the guard against unnecessary fault

finding when someone goes wrong in language or grammar or expression; rather, he says, it is better to gently introduce the correct form or expression in one's acquiescence or response to the question or discussion. Meditations in reality has 13 chapters, or books; each book further broken into numbered paragraphs making it easy to go back, which at least I ended up doing more

than once. Yes, I also indulged in highlighting parts of the text, in some cases even marking out entire paragraphs which I felt were so, so relevant. I have said it earlier in this review, but to repeat – it's amazing how evolved he was as a thinker or philosopher, that his thoughts and suggestions on some aspects somehow hold true as today, as they did in the one hundred's when he wrote.



book review

In Book 6 # 14, he speaks of how the vulgar confine their admiration mainly to elementary things, such as those made of timber or stone, which I believe he means as base material things such as houses and estates. He then goes on to the somewhat higher degree of enlightened people who are attracted to animate objects as opposed to the earlier category who confine themselves to comparing base objects – “I want a home as big as XYZ”!!! According to Marcus, the next step in refinement is the ability of some to admire talent such as the arts or crafts. In his words, then, a man who values a soul that is rational and universal and social no longer cares for anything else, but aims to keep the temper of his own soul and its activities rational and social. Ever so often, these days, we hear a refrain “Nothing can save our city” or “This city is going to the dogs”, et al. In Book 5 # 22, Marcus reminds us that if something cannot harm the city, it will not harm the citizen either. In other words, what is good for the city is necessarily good for the citizenry. He instructs us that if the city be indeed harmed, we shouldn't direct our rage at the culprit: rather, we should try and find out at what point his vision failed him. Penguin Books has listed this among its 20 books under its “Great ideas” series not without reason. This is not a book to be read as one would read a novel. It is certainly not a book which is likely to keep ordinary mortals like us awake at night, eagerly turning the pages!!! However, admittedly, it is indeed a Great Idea to have a copy of this book permanently at hand, much as you would a copy of your holy book. I have for myself an abridged version, and there are several versions (including hard backs) available, not in book stores, but on web portals only such as Flipkart and Amazon. Do invest. -Nimish Sutaria


X-FACTOR ALONENESS is the destination of our life's journey . To be ALONE is all our strife , struggle and search. Aloneness is not Loneliness. LONELINESS in a sense has an element of fear. It is a state that is obtained from separation. In Loneliness, the self frets, fears and fumes. Aloneness is indivisible. It is without fear. Aloneness comes into being not as a result of our desire pursuits but in fact at the cessation of all seeking. Aloneness is our essential being. It becomes

ALONENESS AND LONELINESS manifest at the height of our feeling, wishing and willing. Aloneness is the joy of being just yourself. It is being joyous with yourself, it is enjoying your own company Only a nothought is pure, because then you are utterly yourself, alone, nothing interfering If you are alone, you grow, because there is space to row -- nobody else to hamper, nobody else to obstruct, nobody else to create more complex problems. Alone you grow, and as much as you want to grow you can grow because there is no limit, and you are happy being with

SHIRAZSPEAK Every once in a while one gets an e-mail that has a certain appeal and you get the uncontrollable desire to immediately forward it to all and sundry on your mailing list. This time I have resisted the urge to do that and instead am sharing it with the Rotary family. Law of Mechanical Repair - After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch and you'll have to pee. Law of Gravity - Any tool, nut, bolt, screw, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible place in the universe. Law of Probability - The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act. Law of Random Numbers - If you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy signal and someone always answers. Variation Law - If you change lines (or traffic lanes), the one you were in will always move

yourself, and a bliss arises. There is no comparison: because the other is not there you are neither beautiful nor ugly, neither rich nor poor, neither this nor that, neither white nor black, neither man nor woman. Alone, you are no one, empty, empty of the any other completely. A time of solitude to go forth …. To the ALONE life is eternal To the ALONE there is no fear To the ALONE one never ceases to be To the ALONE there is total freedom To the ALONE there is Existence every moment -Deepali Kale


faster than the one you are in now (works every time). Law of the Bath - When the body is fully immersed in water, the telephone rings. Law of Close Encounters - The probability of meeting someone you know INCREASES dramatically when you are with someone you don't want to be seen with. Law of the Result - When you try to prove to someone that a machine won't work, IT WILL!!! Law of Bio-Mechanics - The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the reach. Law of the Theater - At any event, the people whose seats are furthest from the aisle, always arrive last.. The Coffee Law - As soon as you sit down to a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cold. Murphy's Law of Lockers - If there are only 2

people in a locker room, they will have adjacent lockers. Law of Physical Surfaces - The chances of an open-faced jelly sandwich landing face down on a floor, are directly correlated to the newness and cost of the carpet or rug. Law of Logical Argument - Anything is possible IF you don't know what you are talking about. Brown's Law of Physical Appearance - If the clothes fit, they're ugly. Olivers Law of Public Speaking - A CLOSED MOUTH GATHERS NO FEET!!! Wilson's Law of Marketing Strategy- As soon as you find a product that you really like, they will stop making it. Doctors' Law - If you don't feel well, make an appointment to go to the doctor, by the time you get there you'll feel better.. But don't make an appointment, and you'll stay sick. -PP SHIRAZ GIMI

NEWS YOU CAN USE ★ A Giant ..panda… step towards ecofriendliness(!) China's national treasure, the giant panda, will become even more precious if one businessman succeeds in using their dung to grow organic green tea he intends to sell for over $200 a cup.An Yanshi, an entrepreneur in southwest China, grows the tea in mountainous Ya'an in Sichuan province using tons of excrement from panda bears living at nearby breeding centers.


"I thank heaven and earth for blessing us with this environmental panda tea," the 41-yearold former teacher and journalist said at a weekend event to promote the tea. ★ Have you noticed that the letter 'X' at the beginning of a word is always pronounced like the letter 'Z'. Most words beginning with the letter 'X' are of Greek origin. In the original alphabet, the letter had two sounds. The eastern Greeks pronounced it as “kh', while for those in the west it was 'ks'. The Romans adopted the 'ks' sound and placed the letter 'x'

at the end of their alphabet, which at that time did not include 'y' and 'z'. ★ A dog that cannot bark? Yes, the Basenji breed of dogs cannot bark. They can only yodel or chuckle. Their vocal chords are not shaped for barking. The kings of Egypt used them as companions in ancient times. A pyramid dating back to 3600 B.C. contains the paintings of a Basenji sitting at the feet of it's master. -Anmol Badjatia

ROTARY RATTLE Learn Something New Incredibly Useful and Interesting Web Sites

Even as the Web has become more entertaining--and certainly better looking--over the past 15 years, it has also become much more useful and practical, as the sites in this feature will demonstrate. I've organized the sites in the list by the type of task they help you with. In each category I recommend sites that specialise in a different area than the others. Great How-To Web Sites HowStuffWorks: The perfect site for the endlessly curious, it lifts up the hood on everything from carburetors to communism and explains in simple terms what they are and how they work. Instructables: Learn how to make anything from a corsage to a catapult. Users write in about what they do or have invented, and how they did it. Yahoo Answers: One of the best examples of community participation on the Net. At Yahoo Answers, regular folks write in questions ("How do I get the ring around the collar off of my white dress shirt and make it white again?") and site users offer helpful answers. The answers are rated on usefulness by other users. Sites for Fitness and Travel FitDay: This site helps you work off the kilos by forcing you to report honestly the foods that you eat every day and their calorie counts. RealAge: Fill out a health questionnaire at this site, and it reports your "physical age" (the age of your body), which you can then compare with your chronological age. If you're in good shape, your body may be 35, even though your calendar age is 45. Tripit: This beta site brings all the travel information you need to one place, and it works very well. So, before your next trip, use this tool to make a master itinerary, integrating every possible detail of your journey, from restaurants to rental cars to what the weather is going to be like. PlanetEye: To plan a trip to anywhere, log in to this beta site. It has just about everything you need, including local news and blogs from an area expert, which clues you in to bargains and seasonal goings-on that would be happening during your stay. Sites to Let You Store, Share, Create, and Publish Content Here, you can dump up to 100MB of pictures, video, audio, documents, or whatever into a personal folder, and then share the URL (it would look something like '') with family or friends. Animoto: Animoto takes your still photos and stitches them together into a little animated film using cool effects, and then adds music. It's free and easy to use, and the result is well worth the small effort. Miscellaneous : Your teen loves video games but won't touch a book. Solution: Find some great titles for young adults at this You want to learn to rumba. But not in public. From the foxtrot to the cha-cha, this site will teach you all the great dances in the privacy of your own home. Just want to turn on some Pink Floyd and gaze far out into the universe? See it though the lens of the Hubble Telescope (Pink Floyd not included). You heard someone in the lunch room say 'murketing.' Then, just a couple of hours later, someone explained how they've started 'fampooling'. You need to know what these fresh entrants into the lexicon Enough stuff to keep your holidays interesting?? See you next month! -Sohrab Kanga

Hello Friends, Nothing seems to be sizzling and sweltering, right now, except the mercury! With the examination fever over, I thought we would be chilling out! But no way. Everyone seems to be just waiting for the temperatures to go down. Some lucky ones, like Usha Kale and Vindhya Sanjana along with a few friends have gone on an all girl trip to Greece. Gauri Malji, just could not take the heat and her Blood Pressure shot up to alarming heights. Do get well soon Gauri. So also Bunty Rathi. We want you up and about Bunty. Asha Joshi lost her mother. May God give the family strength to bear the loss. Jyoti Goenka, has been made editor of the magazine, brought out by the Akhil Bhartiya Mahila Manch, Maharashtra Division. Murtuza, son of Akhtar and Sabiha Maimoon has got a job at Tata Technology - Pune, after completing BE from IIT, Guwahati. Rajan, son of Hema and Madhav Kinkhede has won, the first prize in a Photography Contest, while studying for his post graduate degree at the Coventry University UK. Ishaan, their other son, has been chosen in the Airforce, after he completes Mechanical Engineering. Vardaan, son of Sonia and Vikaash Khurana has started a band of his own, with a few friends. So if you want to party this summer, "Interuption" could play for you. New member, Ruby Kolkman's daughter, Sephora shall be tying the knot with Trilochan Singh of New Delhi. The couple shall be settling down in Australia. More next month...

-Manju Shahani





BIRTHDAYS 15 May to 14 June APRIL Tauby Bhagwagar 15 Anjum Husain 15 Dr. Sanjiv Chugh 17 Ruquaiya Vali 17 Dr. Jaishree Masand 17 Sushil Agrawal 18 Dr. Sunita Lawange 18 Dr. Sanjay Marwah 18 Alefiah Master 19 Priyadarshini Upganlawar19 Swati Agrawal 20 Parul Shah 21 Urvashi Yashroy 25 Vinita Bahri 25 Anju Chokhani 26 Shriya Mokadam 26 Amiruddin Malak 28 Sonu Rawal 30 Om Prakash Bagdia 30 Atul Shah 30 Jasmine Gimi 30 Sunita P. Salve 30 Anmol Badjatia 31

It's time to get interactive. The contests below are open to members, spouses and children. Each has exciting prizes which shall be announced during the following business meeting. More than one correct entry shall be decided by a draw of lots. Send in your answers to

JU N E Anil Singhal Vikram Naidu Bhavna B. Kalra Annahita Doongaji Dr. Kanchan Naidu Rajiv Sahu Vishal Jaiswal Dr. Mrunalini Dasture Vandana Agrawal Jugalkishor Agrawal Dr. Jayashree Mulik

1 1 1 3 3 4 5 5 5 6 6 Suvarnarekha Chandurkar 7 Parag Paranjpe 8 Dr. Sameer Chaubey 8 Shiraz Gimi 9 Shailaja Pingle 9 Mamta Mehadia 10 Monal Malji 11 Shabbir Shakir 12 Smita Khan 12 Supriya Kolwadkar 13 Mhotashim Ahmed 13 Alok Goenka 14 Divya Dass 14




Gulab & Padma Mahant15

Behram & Archana Patel


Dr. Ashok & Sunita Lawange16

Dr. Ajay & Anita Sood


Satish & Chandrakanta Raina18

Kumar & Deepa Kale


Abnash Chander & Indira Khurana18 Mohammed & Alefiah Master19 Bharat & Babita Parekh19 Moiz & Nafisa Bande Ali20 Pavneet & Neeta Singh20

Pramod & Pratibha Kholkute


Abdul & Zulekha Parekh


Shailaja & Chandrasekhar Pingle 7 Brajendra Kumar & Usha Singh


Shiraz & Bachi Gimi


Ashish & Aarti Kalode


Dr.Sameer & Shivangi Jahagirdar23

Ram & Smita Parsodkar


Devendra & Vandana Agrawal28

Vishal & Swati Agrawal


Mahesh & Vinita Agrawal30

Beena & Shibu Mathew


Shahrukh & Parveen Cassad21 Arun & Kanak Bhargava22

TRIVIA QUIZ 1. In the 1400's a law was set forth in England that a man was allowed to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb. What's the phrase that originated from this? 2. Many years ago in Scotland , a new game was invented. It was ruled “Gentlemen Only…Ladies Forbidden”. What is the name of the game? 3. Every day more money is printed for this game. ( more than the US treasury) 4. What colour was Coca-Cola originally ? 5. Which was the first novel ever written 6. Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history: Which kings represent Spades,Hearts,Clubs and Diamonds? 7. What do bulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, and laser printers all have in common? 8. What is the only food that doesn't spoil? 9. In English pubs, ale is ordered by pints and quarts… So in old England , when customers got unruly, the bartender would yell at them “Mind your pints and quarts, and settle down.” Which popular phrase has originated from here?

GUESS WHO Please sms your answers to me on 9823080820


The people in the photographs were Vikram Naidu and Jerry Watchmaker. Correct answers received from ... Sonia Khurana, Sunil Bhatia, Veena Puranik, Varsha Mansukhani, Sandeep Pathak, Priti Chhabra, Rajiv Choudhary, Rina Sinha, Neeru Bhatia and Akash Agarwal. - MADHAVI NAIDU


We've had enough members Xpress their views on matters this time let there be a non-Rotary topic. The question this month is........ Blaming a Rape victim for not wearing 'MODEST' clothes is like blaming victims of terror for not wearing 'bulletproof armour'.............Do you agree or not with this statement and your reasons thereby? Bharat Parikh: ABSOLUTELY AGREE!! Who the hell are “THEY” to decide 'DRESS CODE'? Girls are perfectly within their rights to go for modern and fashionable dressing! It is well nigh impossible to accept that girls at any time step beyond the limits of decency. Under No circumstances 'Violence' is called for and gives 'NOBODY' any motivation to take liberties. Only 'PERVERTED' minds will indulge in this criminal activity. Such people should be 'SHOT ON THE SPOT'… including Radicals. Habeeb Khan: “Blame always has to be on the bloody male gender....!! It has no right to get provoked whatever the status of lady's dressing may be....!! Actually rape, molestation and such "desire-able" crimes are a result of age-old, time-immemorial sexual suppression by so called "moralistic-religions" and a "prudish-society". (What have poor clothes'modest' or 'no clothes' got to do with this?). The suppressed desires get arisen (pun intended here) in some form or the other and ends up as a crime against the purest of species on earththe woman..!! Vindhya Sanjana: AGREE! Human beings are hardwired with the 'Gene for double standards'. More so, when the accused are male and the victims female. In a toss-up between the male libido and female resistance, of course men will sympathize with men and victimize the victim. The sentence for a rapist should be rape. The punishment meted out by some burly ape could be something on the lines of the Delhi police slogan-'With You, For You, Always'.....

Dr Archana Patel: AGREE! Wearing “bulletproof armour” is to provide protection. Wearing modest clothes (defined differently by different societies) or even a Burqa has shown not to provide protection from rape, which is an assault or an act of aggression. It occurs even in Afghanistan, and perhaps more so than in developed countries due to the vulnerability of the woman and lack of empowerment. The known causes of rape have been anger, revenge and desire for power, sadism etc and not how a woman dresses. So blaming a rape victim is like justifying vandalizing a luxury car show room for looking attractive. Sanjay Sahu: 'Modest' .. the meaning varies with each having a different perception. Let's face the fact, most Indians are still very orthodox when it comes to the basics and certainly immodesty does invite lecherous looks, if not rape, in our society!! The sense of dressing should be in accordance with the environment and atmosphere in which one lives and interacts. Personally I am of the opinion that “Rape” occurs irrespective of the attire, the reason being the outcome of a desire… initiated by Lust, Rejection and the very much dormant Devilish instinct prevailing in humans ('Andar ke Jaanwar ka Jaagna'.... A La Ranjit)!! Amita Behal: It's ridiculous to blame a rape on the way a female is dressed. If that were so why would there be rapes of little girls, old women and slum dwellers? These victims didn't provoke by being provocatively dressed. Rape victims are just victims of contorted and sick minds. Female form is targeted, not their dressing.

Kumar Kale: I do not agree. The rape victim is inviting trouble by not wearing modest clothes, while the victims of terror are not aware when and where the attack will take place. Dressing in a sexually provocative way is advertising your sexuality. Remember, you are only in control of yourself, not of other people! You might not be dressing that way to land a mate or impress the one you already have, but it's still a form of advertising. Just be aware of the fact that you are deliberately dressing to instill a reaction in others, and that the reaction is going to vary as widely as people vary, and that more eyes than just the ones you intend will be on you. Usha Kale: I feel these are two different situations and statements. I do not agree to this. You mean a rape happens only by not wearing modest clothes? Yes, one must see the occasion and decide about dressing. There are various reasons for rape, not only clothing! Bulletproof armour is subject to when the attack took place; how can a victim pre-judge and wear bulletproof armour always?

Veenita Pasari: Mindset and character is important; if a man's mind and character both are good....girl or girl's short clothes cannot change him. But if a person is culprit and criminal minded, even a fully clad woman is not safe, and remember the cases of child it's stupid to talk about clothes and the classical thing is that females who are liberal in dressing are liberal in other ways fear of rape there.

Rape is as much or more a crime of perversion rather than passion, mixed together in varying proportions. It can never be justified by blaming it on 'immodest dressing' or any other perceived provocation! It is a symptom of a sick, perverted, obsessed and sadistic mind and is more in the nature of dominating, humiliating, brutalizing and subjugating another against his/her will and then justifying it later. The victim is usually weak, dependent, timid, scared and socio-economically disadvantaged and disempowered. Having said that, it still is advisable for women to avoid high risk situations as regards place, time and company, over-indulgence in alcohol in new and strange surroundings and YES to an extent, appropriate if not exactly modest dressing!! -PP Dr. Sanjiv Chugh


SNAP SHOTS Abnash Khurana releasing the GO

B EST C H A I R P ERS O N S A W A R D F O R M A RC H Mamta Jaiswal, Ritika Singhvi, Vandana Agrawal, Smita Bhargava and Usha Kale (Fellowship during Meetings); Anula Goenka and Manju Shahani (Take Rotary Home)


May 2012 - The Golden Orange  

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