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R. I. President : Rtn. Sakuji Tanaka



District Governor : Rtn. Sanjay Meshram



Club President : Rtn. Atul Shah





RAG (Rotary Adventure Group), organized its very first bike ride on 20th Jan – 2013. In an overwhelming response, 22 bikers from our club participated and many others followed in their cars, for a beautiful ride through country road and jungle trails. The ride took the bikers from Khaperkheda, Mansar, Ramtek, Mogarkasa and Pauni – a total of 150 kms. Earlier, at 11.00 a.m., the bikers were flagged off by Mrs. Bimladevi Deoskar, a rally cyclist of national repute and an Everester. Hero Corp, through their dealer – M/s. Aditya Agencies, Nagpur, organized tea for the participants and sponsored 3 motor cycles for the rides. At Pauni, everyone had a delicious dhaba lunch hosted by the President – Atul, and Shefali. Everybody enjoyed the day of biking and adventure. RAG team Project Director, Parheez Gimi, Chairmen – Rukshad Bhagwagar, Sharukh Cassad and Ashish Kalode, worked hard to make this event a great success. -Rukshad Bhagwagar


Stop Prezz..... Dear Rotary Families, New Year brings in New Hope, Energy, Enthusiasm, Belief, Desire…. practically everything has some freshness about it. Rationally speaking what changes between 31st Dec and 1st Jan? I guess that is the way human mind works….or “likes” to work. Our Club is blessed, in the sense that we begin our New Year with our soul satisfying project Hemalkasa Surgical Camp. This year too it was no different. It was wonderful to see the involvement and commitment of our members and their families, especially the Medicos of our Club, towards this project. The highlight for me was the 200+ feet compound wall of Lok Biradari Prakalp which was painted by 100+ students of the Prakalp School. Their imagination, creativity and awareness towards social cause, all too visible!!

I salute the commitment of some of our Medico stalwarts who have been the force behind our Hemalkasa camp. Directors and Chairpersons of Medical and Non-Medical team for Hemalkasa need to be applauded for seamless execution of this project. As a Rotarian, Service becomes your 2nd nature! You keep serving the needy in a selfless manner without even realising that you are doing so and in most of the cases we never get to meet those we have served, again…. but I am sure we remain in their hearts and mind forever! I am convinced, had I not been in Rotary, individually I would have never been able to contribute for so many causes. Probably I would have kept wondering all my life, when to start, where to start and with what type of service to start. In Rotary each one of us can

pick and pursue our areas of passion. By the time I finish penning this message, yet another milestone program in our Club's calendar awaits us – Walkathon ! Honestly it is my personal favorite. With your involvement and support, I am sure this too will be a huge success…. as always! Cheers!

Atul Shah

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Juvenile's Injustice

There is no doubt that the law of the land is supreme. There has to be a periodic revisit, analysis and correction with changing environment. As per the provisions of the law covering crimes committed by juveniles, the punishment that can be meted out to the perpetuator is a remand home detention up to the age of eighteen and then freedom. Counselling and other provisions are add ons. I will stay away from commenting on what crimes should not be classified in the zone of 'juvenile', because a lot is already being said and is a matter of constant debate these days. What is disturbing is the shift in the pattern of crimes. Crimes are being committed by juveniles who have access to education and a decent lifestyle. Petty thefts can be attributed to need, but rapes, brawls and frauds betray a mindset that can be addressed best by deterrents. If not, there is a fear that these acts by youngsters (read juveniles) can become acts by design and planning. The weekend before school reopens after vacations is dedicated to extra celebrations, because it marks the end of the 'holiday period' and a grueling session lies ahead. Similarly, the weekend before Ramzan (the month of fasting), we gorge till we can take no more. Those taking up a new job find that the whole family is humouring and pandering to their wishes before they take up their assignment. We basically indulge ourselves before embarking on zones tougher than what we are currently sailing in. We celebrate and make the best before taking up responsibilities or delving into the unexpected. Let me take this logic forward. Will the realization by juveniles, of the 'holiday period' that they enjoy, thrust them into taking undue advantage? Many in the age bracket of 17 years and 11 months may start perceiving the coming 30 days as their last chance of doing what they want and not be accountable for it. And what about some financial fraud planned by some unscrupulous criminal mind, using a juvenile as an executor? If the crime is irreversible in the sense that there can be no financial recovery from the fraud, then it has all the advantages. The juvenile perpetuator is in the 'holiday period' zone, therefore cannot be punished. The identity cannot be revealed as per law. The loot is in the locker!!!! By putting forth such a scenario, I realize that I have betrayed a criminal mindset of my own. But recent spate in juvenile crimes, force me to think of the worst. If the juvenile is not responsible and cannot be punished, who takes the blame? The parent or the guardian? While the juvenile earns justice thanks to their age, what about the injustice to those who are at the receiving end? The law certainly needs more thought……………

Shabbir Shakir

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GUEST EDITOR PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee


We shall have a Guest Editor every month at the GO. Here the GEs will give expression to their creativity by writing about what they will. Past Editors of the GO will be seen in this space one by one. The idea has come into being so that these two pages will have something refreshingly new to offer every month, steering clear of the year mould. The GE of this month, PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee, a passionate Rotarian is truly an allrounder. His contribution has been immense in every field, including the Golden Orange.

As guest editor for this lovely magazine ably edited by PP Shabbir Shakir, I have decided to introduce to you the strong pillars of our club whose exemplary leadership in their terms as President helped build the wonderful edifice of our Club. Each one of them put in dedicated work, toiled hard , gave different dimension and added special flavor to Rotary Club of Nagpur. As Past President, they have shown great maturity , collective wisdom and understanding of the bigger picture in picking up the right persons at right times in club's Board of Directors'. All of them have heartily supported and encouraged the serving President year after year. No wonder, many of them are role models for our younger members. By presenting highlights of the Presidential terms of all these, I have ventured to help them relive their Golden Era of Rotary. Talking of our worthy Past Presidents with whom I had the privilege to work , I am overwhelmed to mention the leading lights PRID Eduljee, V.M (Kakasaheb) Kulkarni, Jal Gimi, Himmatbhai Thaker, D.R. Bodhankar, PDG C.N. Chari, Sheo Dan Mal. Dr S.L. Jaiswal, Vitthaldas Rathi, V.G. Ketkar, V.S. Jain, Adv P.N. Chandurkar, & S.L. Bodhankar who lived Rotary but left for heavenly abode after I joined Rotary in 1988. PPs PDG Kumar Sathaye, Dr Raghu Row, Kanu Mokha and Raj Agrawal too rendered yeoman service to the club but are not our members as of now (and I am missing them), but I am happy that PP D.K.Sahni is back in Nagpur and is set to rejoin our club! So here is the Kaleidoscope of our Clubs Past Presidents - the Shining Stars .....the Crowning Jewels.....the history makers of the years gone by! PDG Bobby Srinivas Classification: General Insurance Joined Rotary in 1954, President in 1961-62 DG: Ebrahim Chinoy, District 92 Rotary's RI President: Herbert J.Taylor Memorabilia ( the author of the Four Way Test) RI Theme: Glean from the past and act Meeting place: Old Mount Hotel, next to Jaika Motors Membership rose from 91 to 101 Highlights: · Development at village Phetri · Blood transfusion system donated to Mayo Hospital. · Membership touched the magic figure of 100. · The strict rules about attendance were 'softened', yet not completely compromised in our Club · Greater attention was paid to the adopted village Phetri, with the Club insisting on villagers' participation for their welfare in cash and kind.

Dr S. S. Kulkarni Classification: Education: Structural design Joined Rotary in 1978, President in 1989-90 Simplicity and DG: Dr R M Bhat, District 314 Sincerity RI President: Hugh Archer all the way RI Theme: Enjoy Rotary Meeting place: Shree Mohini Complex Membership rose from 107 to 127 Highlights – · Sugrical Camp at Hemalkasa · Students welfare project at Sevanand School, Koradi · Best President Award · First Lady Member Dr Nirmala Vaze was inducted


Rajan Bhatia Classification: Paper distribution Joined Rotary in 1974, President in 1978-79, Akola DG: Naval Ardeshar, District 314 Humour RI President: Unlimited RI Theme: Meeting place: Akola Membership rose from 75 to 80 Highlights· Plastic Surgery Camp in District 314, concluded by then Health Minister Mrs. Parmila Tai Tople. · Received 75th RI anniversary significant achievement award-1st time in the district · Twice, member of district nominating committee · Thrice, Assisstant Governor · Attended 33 district conferences in District 314 and 3030 Sati Khanna Classification: Flexible packaging Joined Rotary in 1977, President in 1990-91 DG: Dr. Bal Paradkar, District 303 RI President: Paula V. C. Costa Dashing & RI Theme: Honor Rotary with Faith and Flambuoyant Enthusiasm Meeting place: Shree Mohini Complex Membership rose from 100 to 113 Highlights · Visit of RI President Elect - Raja Saboo · Celebration of Charter Nite - 13th December, started for the first time · Started International Food Festival · The Golden Orange Club Bulletin was printed in COLOUR - 10 pages · Take Rotary Home Program was started · Rotarian of the Month Award was introduced · First Interact Club of District 3030 - inaugurated at Bhartiya Vidya Mandir. · Welfare Projects at Sevanand Vidyalaya started for the first time · District Jt. Secretary of RI District 314 in 1987 - 88 · Winner of 4 District Awards · Would like to be remembered as: Trend Setter President

Shriram Marawar Classification: Mineral resources Joined Rotary in 1974, President in 1983-84 DG: Jaya Rao, RID 315 Humility RI President: William E. Skelton Personified RI Theme: Serve Share Rotary, People Meeting place: Old Mount Hotel, next to Jaika Motors Membership rose from 94 to 99 Highlights: · Best President of the District · District Secretary in 93-94 · Planted 6100 saplings · Eyes through Rotary-Examined 22,500 school children, administered medicines and conducted over 150 surgeries, including 15 squint corrections; 37 surgeries at Kalmeshwar health camp. · Donated TV sets, Raincoats and blankets to organizations for handicapped and destitutes PDG Dr Satish Sule Classification: Ophthhlmology Joined Rotary in 1977, President in 1991-92 DG: Nilu Choudhari, District 3030 Histrionics RI President: Raja Saboo par excellence RI Theme: Look beyond Yourself Meeting place: Bishop Cotton School Membership rose from 113 to 127 Highlights: · Started quarterly fellowships, later added in club bye laws and half yearly dues · Initiated ladies committee with a Rotary ann as Chairperson · Promoted the concept of 'Family of Rotary' · Sponsored new club-'RC of Nagpur South East';Club · Won 9 District trophies · Staged mega 75 minutes in house entertainment program at District conference

Shiraz Gimi Classification: Frozen food manufacture Joined Rotary in 1975, President in 1994-95, Golden Jubilee Year DG: Dr Appa Pawar Bawa who plays with a RI President: Bill Huntly straight bat RI Theme: Be A Friend Meeting place: Bishop Cotton School Membership rose from 108 to 117 Highlights · Vasant Sathe Union Minister Spoke at regular Meeting · Special Golden Jubilee Lapel Pins for all Members, hoardings with Golden Jubilee theme put up at Vantage points in the city · Group Photo of all Club Members · Started Fellowship Cricket Matches at VCA · G.O. declared All India best Bulletin · saplings distributed to citizen for planting · Artificial Limbs Centre started · Tri Zonal Rotaract Meet organized PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee Classification: Builder Promoter Joined Rotary in 1988, President in 1998-99 DG: B.S.Verdia RI President: James Lacy The RI Theme: Follow Your Rotary Dream Centennial Governor Meeting place: Udyog Bhawan Membership rose from 115 to 137 Highlights: · Conducted 196 projects · Two yearlong activities-Bokhara Clinic, and Women's literacy workshops in slums · Month long dental prosthesis camp at Untkhana poor home · Two Matching Grants worth Rs 18 Lacs · Collected 1,243 units of blood · Appointed many Rotary Anns as Chairpersons for the 1st time · Started community welfare projects at Hemalkasa · All India award and cash prize for The Golden Orange · Donation of Rs, 51,000/- for Prime Ministers Kargil Relief Fund · Bagged 14 District trophies including Best President and Service Wheel for excellence in all avenues. Would like to be remembered as President, who followed and achieved his Rotary dream Chandru Shahani Classification: Paper Distribution Joined Rotary in 1990, President in 2001-02 DG: Ramesh Khanzode Hard work and RI President: Richard King Keen Followup RI Theme: Mankind is our Business Meeting place: Udyog Bhawan Highlights – · Started the month long Youth Fest in New Generations month · Restarted the Ladies Nite · Started Surgeries at Swami Vivekanand Hospital, Khapri · For the 1st time took Interactors to Hemalkasa and after 2 days of interaction, the Interactors & students of the Hemalkasa school played a LAGAAN style cricket match · Won 14 District Awards

Dr Mannu Daga Classification: Paediatric Surgery Joined Rotary in 1980, President in 1995-96 DG: Y.E. Kulkarni The Matching RI President: Herbert G. Brown Grants Wizard RI Theme: Act with Integrity, Serve with Love, Work for Peace Meeting place: Bishop Cotton School Membership rose from 106 to 141 Highlights – · R. I. Award - The Calgary Challenge Award received for membership growth · Initiated Career Guidance and Consumer Awareness Programmes · Started inter city TRF Quiz Contest · Joint ventures with VED, Jaycees, Lions and IAP · Orange Festival, a PR project for farmers · Dr Prakash Amte made Honorary member · Sachin Tendulkar, Kiran More and Julio Rebeiro addressed the Club

Aspi Bapuna Classification: Alcohol Beverages Manufacturing Joined Rotary in 1988, President in 1999-2000 The DG: R. K. Bhardwaj Real Tycoon RI President: Carlos Ravizza RI Theme: Act With Consistency, credibility, Continuity Meeting place: Udyog Bhawan Highlights: · Visit of PRIP Raja Saboo · DG Visit & Charter Nite combined for 1st time · Matching Grant of EMG Machine to Untkhana · Ambulance to Swami Vivekanand Medical Mission · Elevator Matching Grant for Untkhana inmates installed · 1st time Polio corrective surgeries carried out · Fellowship & Entertainment taken to a new high

T.S.(Bunty) Rawal Classification: Accounting Services Joined Rotary in 1994, President in 2003-04 The DG: Kishabhau Godbole Youngest President RI President: Jonathan Majiyagbe RI Theme: Lend a Hand Meeting place: Udyog Bhawan Highlights: · Mega Nutrition project · 3 day Picnic to Kanha attended by 60 Rtns, Anns and Children · Mega International food festival with skits and international dances · Hemalkasa surgical and welfare camp · Fashion Show Would like to be remembered as the youngest Club president

Yogesh Thaker Classification: Highway Construction Joined Rotary in 1985, President in 1996-97 DG: Kumar Sathaye RI President: Luis Vincente Giay Man with the RI Theme: Build the Future with Action Singing Guitar and Vision Meeting place: One meeting in Masonic lodge, there after shifted to Udyog Bhawan Membership rose from 96 to 106 Highlights: · 5 IYE students sent and hosted for full year · Mega career guidance and Housing seminars · Weekly clinic at Bokhara · Free distribution of 5,000 saplings · A.B. Bardhan, Harish Salve, Tom McDermott (USA), Air Marshal Gurnani, Julio Rebeiro, Ulf Wernikoff ( Germany) addressed the club · Eyes of 1 lakh students screened, 5,000 spectacles distributed Would like to be remembered as an amiable and friendly person with faith in the capability of his team Dr Sudhir Bhiwapurkar Classification: Cimema Exhibition Joined Rotary in 1988, President in 200001 DG: Shantilal Ranka RI President: Frank Devlyn Happy and RI Theme: Create Awareness-Take lucky alrounder Action Meeting place: Udyog Bhawan Membership rose from 160 to 175 Highlights· The stress during the year was more on Fellowship and inter personal relationships · Active participation of Annes, shoulder to shoulder with members · Change of club image from 'Old" to "Young" by appointing young Rotarians as Chairpersons · Rejuvenated the Club and gave it a fresh new breeze Dr Sanjiv Chugh Classification: Medical Practice: Paediatrics Joined Rotary in 1992, President in 200405 DG :Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee The Multifaceted RI President: Glenn E. Estess Sr Walkathon Man RI Theme: Celebrate Rotary Meeting place: Udyog Bhawan Membership rose from 230 to 251 Highlights: · Designed new Club flag which is currently in use. · Transformed the Golden Orange from a bulletin to the current Magazine format. Got the best magazine award from the Rotary News Trust. · Two issues of the Golden Orange depicted a pictorial feature on the 60 year history of our Club. Were referred to as collector's issues!! · Established 3 Centennial Projects viz: Rotary Eye Hospital, Vocational Training Centre and Physiotherapy Centre · Revived Take Rotary Home in a big way · Started Langar for the first time at Hemalkasa and installed solar water heaters · Started the tradition of having a PHF dinner annually. · Hosted the very successful Centennial District Conference which had a galaxy of star speakers and was hugely appreciated. · Started the WALKATHON with about 2000 participants in the first year itself!! The event featured on the R.I. website Would like to be remembered as someone who enthused members and their families to enjoy Rotary and involved almost every member of the Club in some project or other

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- Letters To The Editor

BEST LETTER The Editor Golden Orange It was refreshing to notice the Club came alive at the closed meeting on 3rd January 2012 when the issue of rejection of our candidate by the DGNC flared up a lively discussion. Succeeding DGs have admired our Club for our members' commitment to Rotary service. With 300+ members we are the largest Club in the district and believe second largest in India. We do not put up a candidate frivolously or frequently. It is therefore intriguing and incomprehen-sible when our candidate was rejected by the district nominating committee, thus losing the now dubious appendage of being 'official' candidate in the challenging election contest. The Club may well consider if our members should accept any district offices for the future – sometimes considered an essential 'qualification' for aspiration for the office of DG. -Bobby Srinivas There will be a best letter prize every month. So keep writing. Also mail your photograph along with your letter.

Dear Alok, Thank you for your letter of January 25 together with which you have sent me Rotary Club Nagpur's monthly magazine which has been very well brought out. I am happy to note that the 'Yamraj' in the front page photo was enacted by you. Though, now a days, I rarely accept such invitations, I was happy that Anula and you persuaded me to speak at the Rotary Club of Nagpur. I enjoyed being with all of you. With my best wishes, -Rahul Bajaj


There is no deyning the fact that nobody wants to "DO AWAY" with the District Conference. It's a unique platform with a great opportunity. Our motto is to develop fellowship and love for mankind & to serve with the utmost dedication. There should be no prejudice by praising or appreciating our own club. We also need to learn from others and implement it. Let our vision be world embracing rather than confined to our own self. Variety must be there at the District Conference, as star speakers & entertainment are absolutely required. When we assemble or gather our thought should be full of welfare for uplifting our fellow-beings. -Mamta Jaiswal

Dear Rtn Atulbhai, Just received your club Bulletins “The Golden Orange” of November and Decmeber through courier which I found to be most interesting and informative excellently compiled and edited with colourful covers with glimpses of club events by Rtn. PP Shabbir Shakir & Guest Editor PP Dr.Mannu Daga and Rtn.Manju Shahani – with following highlights (with colourful photographs) - excellently compiled and edited by him for which my compliments! Highlights (with photographs) · Presidents Inspirational Messages. · Excellent Editorials. · Report of club in-action in October and November with colourful photographs. · Induction of new members. · Great concern by Rotarians of your club for the manner in which the election of DGN (15-16) was declared by DGN C under “ X-PRESS” · Pictorial Reports of Club events in September and October · “Why I am a Rotarian?” – views of Several Rotarians · Ladies meeting “Sinjara” in November - participated (200) ladies · “Slum Soccer 2012” on 10th November with Dental check-up camp · Felicitation of Rotary's Talent on 3rd November – dazzling display by Rotary children · Dist.Interact Meet on 8-10 November at Jain International School – participated by (150) Interactors from (25) schools. · Interesting articles on general topics Congratulating you once again for the above excellent Bulletins and looking forward similar issues in future and with best wishes for (12-13) and with warm personal regards to you and Ann: Shefaliben and Rotary Greetings to all your members from myself and Indumati, we remain, Your Friends, (JAGMOHAN KATAKIA) PDG D: 3040 Cc: Editor Rtn. Shabbir Shakir -Congratulations for the above excellent Bulletin! Don't be disheartened with DGNC's election result! Please keep it up! I have also gone through similar experience thrice, but succeed 4th time! Your leadership qualities must be recognized by District in the near future!




Business Meeting was held on 3rd Jan 2013 at “Udyog Bhawan”. President Atul Shah called the meeting to order. He welcomed the members and requested for Half a minute silent prayer in memory of Rtn. Hasmukh Pachmatia's father and Rtn. Karin Treiber from USA. President announced the Birthday & Anniversary greetings to members and thanked members who sponsored the snacks

for the meeting. Hon. Sec. Shabbar Shakir read the minutes of last Business Meeting held on 3rd Dec. House unanimously confirmed the minutes. Treasurer's Announcements were made by Alok Goenka. Awards were Announced for best chairpersons for Fellowship during Meeting Committee to Mamta Jaiswal, for Program Committee to Anula Goenka, for Fellowship Committee to Neeta Singh, Priti Chhabra & Manju Shahani, for GSE Committee to Behram Patel. Award for Crossword went to Nakul Malani and the winner for lucky draw in ladies committee meeting was Mamta Kahai. Parheez Gimi informed about RAG trip to Deogarh fort, Sachin Palewar informed about talk on Tiger Corridor in next weekly meeting Director Parag Paranjpe informed about Blood donation camp and Hemalkasa


”THE BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING” Ladies Committee welcomes New Year in style It was the years first ladies meet and the committee made sure that we start the new year with fun, masti and enjoyment. The conference room was converted into a party hall with apt decoration for the Christmas and New Year celebration which was appreciated by one and all. The meeting kickstarted with

New Year wishes by Chairperson Sonal Singhvi. This was followed by a memory game which took everyone back to their childhood, won by Shilpa Agrawal. Then "Santa Shriya" came and distributed gifts to everyone but with a difference. Festivals of India -- a written game was won by Anita Jain. A group game wherein a group member posed as a Christmas tree and was decorated by the


Regular club meeting on 17 January had Rajnish Singh speaking on Kanha – Pench Corridor. Mr. Rajnish Singh is Assistant Conservator of Forest with MP Govt. and has been posted in all the national parks in MP in his service of last 15+ yrs. Mr. Singh stressed that we need to think beyond conserving and safeguarding just the National Parks and other designated Tiger Centuries. He informed the house that corridors are required for long term survival of Tigers. Corridors are like highways for tigers and needed by them to travel between parks in their natural habitat.

Surgical Camp. President Atul informed the members that Anushka Kale won the Master Chef competition at Hyderabad District Conference. President Atul informed that the District Conference Jalsa at Hyderabad was organized Well. He informed the house that it was indeed unfortunate that our Club Candidate PP Shabbir Shakir had lost the elections. PP Vijay Naidu gave the details about the Programs and hospitality at the District Conference. Release of Golden Orange was made at the hands of PP Sati Khanna and editor PP Shabbir Shakir. Announcement about attendance Report & Distribution of 100% attendance Awards for the month of Nov 2012 were made by Yatin Malji. The meeting was adjourned with singing of national anthem. -Mahendra Kamath

remaining members was thoroughly enjoyed by all. It was a laugh riot for all. The game was won by Shefali Shah, Asha Joshi, Savita Sancheti, Ritika Singhvi, Archana Jhaveri and Neeru Bhatia. Durriya Akolawala was a strong support backstage. The icing on the cake was a plum cake itself. The lucky draw was won by Neeru Bhatia. It was a fun filled and enjoyable evening. -Sonal Singhvi


He informed the house about various issues with existing Kanha - Pench Corridor and steps needed to conserve and make the corridor fully functional. It was really inspiring to see a Govt. officer going beyond the call of his duty and working rigorously and passionately towards a larger mission. His presentation on the topic is available on club's website for download. Earlier in the meeting 2 new members (Rajendra Jaiswal & Sharad Battad) were inducted into the club taking our membership to 336. Rtn. Naushad Bhagwagar made announcement regarding the 'Vagh Utsav' being organised by VED and Rtn. Ganesh

Joshi announced the next week's programme. Rtn. Vilas Kale proposed vote of thanks and meeting was adjourned with singing of National Anthem. -Sachin Palewar



The regular meeting of Thursday the 24th Jan. 2013 witnessed a packed house in spite of inclement weather on account of hot topic on the cards, “Live-In-Relationship for single senior citizens”. Shri Arvind Godbole the founder of “(Left alone) Senior Citizen's LiveIn-Relationship Mandal " was present along

REGULAR MEETING The weekly meeting began with slew of announcements including major charity program for the support of Lok Biradari Prakalp to be held at Hotel Sun n Sand on 9th February. PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee achieved another milestone. He won The Rotary Foundation's highest award for a Rotarian, the 2012-13 'Distinguished Service Award' for his continued exemplary service to the cause of TRF. It has stringent criteria with only 50 Rotarians are selected from across Dr Sunil Joshithe Rotary World for this honour. He has been the winner of RI's highest individual Award 'Service Above Self' in 200607 and with The Rotary Foundation's 'Citation for Meritorious Service' in 2007-08. Three new members,Ashish Kale, Rupali Kale and Umesh Agrawal were inducted taking membership tally to 341. The topic for the meeting was Ayurved and its benefits in Hyper Tension. Dr Sunil Joshi is a world renowned Ayurvedacharya and giving consultancy to many Hollywood celebrities. Travelling across the globe he is spreading awareness on benefits of Ayurved. In his lucid style he emphasized the need to understand the reasons for hypertension. According to him it is neglected



with his wife Mrs. Usha Godbole and Prof. Sunita Deo, EX-H.O.D Dept Of Philosophy R.T.M.Nagpur University. Shri Godbole a retired Govt. officer explained basic philosophy of structuring and operating the Mandal. He elaborated that the issue is extremely delicate and the lonely spouse

(husband/wife) is not prepared or rather adamant not to accept the wed locks once again. But welcomes the companionship of a partner (opposite sex) to usher in solace and comfort to his lonely life. Prof. Sunita Deo in her own systematic style explained that the lonely senior citizens have every right to evaluate and lead their own life in a way of their own choice. Why should they sacrifice their own piece of mind and lead a life of monotony and melancholy just out of fear of the society, she asked the audience present? The speakers present are very much devoted to their mission. Every word of theirs reflected sincerity and forthrightness. Mrs. Anita Jain offered the vote of thanks. -Sharad Bhave

AYURVED AND ITS BENEFITS IN HYPER TENSION and ignorance is the main cause of people getting high BP. As per WHO report noncommunicable and life style diseases like BP, Diabetes, heart ailments are causing major havoc and since it's a silent killer many are failing prey to it. According to him before popping a pill to ease the high BP, it is important to understand the scientific reasons for such condition. Blood Pressure surprisingly has little to do with blood per se. It is the flow of nutrient plasma that moves throughout body that causes such disorder. The heart is responsible to pump this plasma that travels through the veins to different parts of the body. For it to flow smoothly it has to be in perfectly liquid state and blood vessel unclogged. When the veins gets blocked for various reasons the pressure inside the body goes up and requires heart to work harder putting undue pressure. As per studies 70% of the BP cases are due to clogging of veins while only 30% is due to heart ailment. These 70% cases actually require no pharmacological intervention. A BP pill temporarily expands the pipe and the flow begins smoothly. But the problem is nutrient plasma gets acidic or thick or not able to flow properly causing veins to clog. The common symptoms are constipation and irregular bowl

movement. As per Ayurved, the answer lies in looking at the constitution of the body. Is it Vat, Pitta or Kapha? Even though structurally all humans are same their constitution is different and that requires different approach to remedy. While Vat Dosh is responsible for all the movement inside the body, Pitta is the source of energy. Kapha dosh on the other hand represent water element. When the balance in these three changes, dieses occur. Ayurved gives utmost importance to these and thus can provide solution that will be tailor made for each individual. The talk was engrossing but keeping time in mind he explained beautifully the measures that one has to take to kill the very reason of high BP. Earlier Bharat Goenka introduced the speaker and Dr Bharti Gidwani proposed vote of thanks. -Parag Paranjpe

GUEST EDITOR Contd. from page 5 Gulab Mahant Classification: Accoustics Engineering Joined Rotary in 1993, President in 200506 DG : Madhu Rughwani RI President: Carl Stenhammar Empowerment RI Theme: Service above Self Specialist Meeting place: Udyog Bhawan Membership from 219 to 235 Highlights· Republic day of 2006 saw Rotarians, Anns, Kids of all ages enjoyed GO KARTING event, from morning till late afternoon · Blood donation was also taken up in a big way. A single day collection was 424 units. The camp was like a mela with 60 beds and scores of donors · Our club was honoured by Maharashtra Govt. and was awarded for blood donation camp. This year we collected more than 2000 units of blood. · Jagjit Singh Nite- was a memorable event organized for creating funds for Lok Biradari Prakalp at Hemalkasa. We could get net collection of Rs. 7.0 Lacs. · Jagjit Singh was conferred Honorary Membership · Bagged 14 District Awards · Executed 224 projects in the year Would like to be remembered as a President who empowered his team to work with independence and backed them all the way

Shabbir Shakir Classification: Photography Equipment Distribution Joined Rotary in 2000, President in 200809 DG : Rajendra Singhai The RI President: Dong Kurn Lee Pocket Dynamo RI Theme: Make Dreams Real Meeting place: Udyog Bhawan Membership from 251 to 262 Highlights – · Initiated Micro Credit · Laid emphasis on mentoring thereby having record attendance throughout the year · Adv. Harish Salve addressed the Club · 14 boys were adopted and imparted vocational training in scooter and auto repair. The Project was named DAGAR · 41 juvenile delinquents were counseled on a regular basis. This project was done in partnership with the police commissioner's office · A special screening of the movie Taare Zameen Par was done at Smruti Theatre for nearly 500 children and elders · 12 District Awards, 11 other citations and awards including Service Wheel, Rotary News Trust Best Bulletin Award and Best President Rather than being remembered for the achievements or awards received in the year, I would like to be remembered as someone who served the Club with dedication and passion and was an honest caretaker for that one year. I would like to be remembered by our members, NOT for what I did, but for what they were able to do during the year

Arun Bhargava Classification: Paper Distribution Joined Rotary in 1993, President in 200607 DG : BalaSahab Joshi RI President: W.B.(Bill) Boyd Simplicity and RI Theme: Lead The Way friendliness Meeting place: Udyog Bhawan Membership from 233 to 234 Highlights: · Hosted ICF on “ Women in Rotary” attended by 127 members from 15 Clubs · A radio play on AIDS Awareness, written & recorded by our members was broadcast by Asashwani · Daily needs of Inmates of Panchwati Vridhashram taken care of, for the whole Year · Dug 4 Bore Well at villages near Nagpur · 53 Blood Donation camps were Organized 2157 units collected. Club was recognized by Government Of Maharashtra and by Global network for Blood Donation · Golden Orange received Best Bulletin Rotary Trust Award Akhtar Parvez Maimoon Classification: Aluminium Extrusion Marketing Joined Rotary in 2001, President in 200910 DG : Sanjay Wani Silent Dignified RI President: John Kenny Warmth RI Theme: The future of Rotary is in your hands Meeting place: Udyog Bhawan Membership from 260 to 281 Highlights· Fellowship Rotary's got Talent [For children] · 9 new projects were started like Slum Soccer , Eye donation & Ramtek Surgical camp · 25th year of surgical camp at Hemalkasa and felicitation of doctors serving for the last 25 years and Dr. Prakash Amte · Landmark achieved- 13 Dist Trophies and 13 Citations including Best President and Service Wheel Award Would liked to be remembered for contributing to the change I wanted to see in Rotary Tauby Bhagwagar Classification: Confectionery Manufacturing and Retailing Joined Rotary in 2000, President in 201112 DG : Gopal Shiralkar RI President: Kalyan Banerjee The Iron Lady of the Club RI Theme: Reach Within to Embrace Humanity Meeting place: Udyog Bhawan Membership from 313 to 321 Highlights· A unique and meaningful project during this year was "Project Roshni". We were successful in eliminating darkness from the lives and homes of 250 tribal families whose day used to end with the setting of the sun · Mobile Computer Training launched with success · Sports carnival for Club members held over 3 days · TRF contribution of 23.0 lacs, including 6 Major Donors · Record number of Interact and Roataract Clubs added · Won District Service Wheel and Best President Trophies · Scholarships worth 14.0 lacs distributed Would like to be remembered as the 1st lady President in our 67 year old Club's history

Viju Naidu Classification: Overseas Education Joined Rotary in 1992, President in 200708 DG: Raje Sangramsingh Bhonsle Talented RI President: Wilfrid Wilkinson enthusiastic Facebook of RI Theme: Rotary Shares the Club Meeting place: Udyog Bhawan Membership from 227 to 252 Highlights· "Dignity for the Dead" was launched with 4 mobile mortuaries given away to four community-led organisations. · Two Matching Grant projects worth $34000 were achieved. · Vocational training project "Kaushal" was a pioneering effort where we trained 60 school dropouts. · Membership target of 250 was breached!!! · New partnerships were forged with NKPSIMS and The Leprosy Mission which led to surgical camps in remote areas. · We worked with "Cancer Survivors" and had a special walkathon with them. · Two RCC's were started at Jamtha and Khairi. · Won several District Awards and Citations. · Fellowship and Service were in harmony with each other!!!

Ganesh Joshi Classification: Perfumery Chemicals Distribution Joined Rotary in1989, President in 201011 Bridging DG : Dr Prafull Mokadam Generations with a Smile RI President: Ray Klinginsmith RI Theme: Bridging Continents, Building Communities Meeting place: Udyog Bhawan Membership from 280 to 313 Highlights – · Became 2nd biggest Club in South-East Asia that year · 97 members contributed to become PHF/MPHF. highest ever,17.65 Lacs contributed to RF, the highest till then · Water bunded catchment lake costing more than 15 Lacs constructed at Girad through Matching Grant · Scholarship worth more than 8 Lacs distributed to more than 400 students · RYLA organised by club after nearly 30 years · 2,500 blood units,300 general & 500 Eye surgeries, 7 Eye donations & 1,100 Rubella vaccinations · Golden Orange bagged "Best Bulletin of India" Award · 2 New Interact & 4 Rotaract clubs formed · Retd Lt Gen. Shekatkar Pune, AVM Aditya Pethiya Bhopal, Mr. Anandkumar Patna, Mr RVM Bengaluru, 3 former Miss Universe were among those who addressed our meetings or visited projects · "Udaan",& "Neem Seed" projects initiated



The hectic activity observed at all the automobile outlets of our own Rtn. Shabbir

5TH JANUARY, 2013 Vali was not for the launch of any new vehicle. On 5th January, 2013, it was due to the blood donation camp arranged for the staff at all of his automobile showrooms. The entire staff members from sales, service and admin were all excited, since they were looking ahead to this camp and donate blood. The camp was conducted between 10.00 AM and 2.00 PM and the man behind the driving force at all these showrooms, of course, was Rtn. Shabbir Vali. Though the numbers look like mileages of respective brands, they are

actually the units of blood collected at these individual showrooms: Star Motors–21, Ford Sequel–10, Volkswagen–14 & Ford Sequel Service Centre–23. These total up to a laudable contribution of 68 units and we thank the entire staff at all these showrooms for their kind gesture towards the society. Present for the camp were President Atul Shah, Hon. Secretary Shabbar Shakir, Rtn Shabbir Vali, Director Parag Paranjpe, Dr Sheela Mundhada & Rtn. Prashant Rajurkar. -Parag Paranjpe

UPPALWADI The blood donation camp was held on Monday 28th January 2013. The camp began at the initiative of our Rotarians Jahangir and Shiraz Doongaji and is an annual affair. The camp began at 10 in the morning. The staff from various factories of Uppalwadi Industrial Area donated 41 units of blood. President Atul, Hon Secretary Shabbar and Chairperson Dr Sheela Mundhada were present for the camp. -Parag Paranjpe TH

KITS, RAMTEK 30 JANUARY 2013 KITS College, Ramtek has been associated with our club since long. Last year the camp was held on their founder's day in September. But generally it is held on the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The picturesque campus at Ramtek was all decked up for the event and even before the camp begun there was long queue of students ready with registration forms!! Director of the college Mr Bhaskar Patil inaugurated the camp. Mr Randive, Coordinator of NSS at the college was also present. The huge gymnasium was full within minutes with staff and student donors. Three blood banks namely Govt Medical College, Sainath Blood Bank and Jeevan Jyoti Blood Bank were on the job through out the day. The camp collected 350 units, which makes it one of the biggest camps till date. Chairpersons Rtn Sheela Mundhada and Rtn Dr Ravi Wankhede were present during the camp. - Parag Paranjpe




On the request of the management, a Work shop was arranged at Seva Sadan Durbal Manask Mulanchi Shala (MSS) Laxmi Nager, for inmates and caretakers. They were taught on how to commercially manufacture Badi and Potato Papads, The concept and process of manufacturing had been well understood by the participants comprising of inmates & their caretakers. Around 10 participants attended the Workshop. The main emphasis of the process taught was on to manufacture more in less time, with less efforts and more hygiene. Sadhana Paliwal conducted the workshop. Shiv Rao, Parag Parangpe and Sharad Paliwal were present. Office bearers of the institution were also present and had appreciated the workshop. - Sadhana Paliwal


The National Immunization Day for Polio was held on 20th January 2013. We all assembled at 7 AM at NMC office Zone 7, Shatranjipura, near Itwari Railway Station. President Atul and First lady Shefali and Secretary Shabbar along with PDG Vishas, PP Gulab Mahant, PP Rajan Bhatia, PP Ganesh joshi, PP Akhtar Parvez Maimoon, IPP Tauby and a host of other members were there to help in distribution. In all we were allotted 90 booths for distribution. It was a nice to see some of our new members


also present. The distribution of the drops and food packets for volunteers started immediately. All the distribution was over before 8 AM and all the booths started on time. Dr Mushir Ahmed of NMC and his staff was very cooperative. In all 20,773 children were immunized in our allotted area. All members left by 9.00 AM after a cup of steaming tea and hot jalebees and crisp bhajias. Director - Manjot Singh Kahai Chairman - Jehangir Doongaji


HEMALKASA CAMP Early days by my standards and not our editor's, who likes to plan and be well prepared! I am not sure if this reduces his stress levels though (contributors like me ensure this). This was my first exposure to Hemalkasa preparations and it seemed akin to a Mars explorer preparation!! Tremendous detailing is required and as I discovered eventually, it is of utmost necessity considering the remote location. Anyway... after what seems like forever (something like 7-8 years), my calling came and I was assigned a very specific task by the President, albeit something which is not at taxing, for me at least – take care of entertainment for the planned Kojagiri night. The assignment was given with broad hints to make it a musical evening - guess the President knows that this was something I would never refuse. Well, as is my wont, I managed to complete the preparations for the hardware side at the very last moment at 10 pm on wednesday. Day 1 Assembly was planned at PP Ganesh Joshi's residence at 7.30 am for breakfast. The nonmedical chairpersons experienced first hiccups Transportation for an additional 15 people was required to be arranged, that too last minute! After a long wait and several discussions - the matter was resolved. No extra bus was needed but eventually the last departure was at 9.30 or so with the first bus leaving at 9 am. There were some amusing moments for us bystanders, when the musical chairs was going on, as some moved from bus to another bus, to car and eventually settled down. In the process of accommodating and rearranging passengers across the available buses and cars - secretary Shabbar gave us the first gem of the trip : 'Not Possible' !! Importantly, it was said thrice in succession!! New route and new experience - it was a first, as Chandrapur route was explored. It appeared to make logistic sense since Tejas at Ballarshah served very good food.I gathered that the new routing ensured that two traditional pitstops were made redundant. At the same time, preparations for lunch and the accompanied issues of raw materials, et al with an advance party required to leave for the lunch stop were avoided. Across the board, there was satisfaction with the lunch arrangement.


HEMALKASA DIARY With a last pit stop at Allapalli for tea, not to mention sim-card changes for some well prepared veterans, we reached the Prakalp gates just as it was getting dark, to a warm welcome. No major activity that night - some decided to reacquaint themselves with the surrounding, some like me were taking in the arrangements, while some doctors had to in fact rush for surgery as well. A quick pit stop to refuel at the PWD guesthouse for some was awaiting, and then it was back to the Prakalp for dinner. The simple fare was capped with amazing Dudhi ka halwa ! The evening also brought in a new delight for smartphone owners -an open WiFi network, albeit with a short range !!! Some revelled in the social networking access, others quietly used the opportunity to respond to business mail. There are no prizes for guessing who discovered this advancement over the previous years. Day 2 Hectic day for all - surgeons at General surgery finishing 60+ and Opthalmic procedures also 100 + and Dental team off into the village schools for their checkups and procedures. Rotarians and rotaractors ensured that supplies of food and beverages were maintained for the surgical team(s). Rtn Sandeep Pathak and Mohd Master conducted the sports at the school ground for the school kids. In the cricket match the home team won comfortably - its a norm, I am told. Meanwhile, the famour langar food was being supervised and arranged by the langar veterans. I am told more than 400 patients and their families benefited eventually. Day 2 ended with some change of plans interested parties moved to PWD Guest House for refuelling and some stayed back at the Prakalp. The PWD team eventually wound up the evening post midnight with dinner at a Bengali (?) dhaba – at some point of time, in the course of the evening, someone started a collective singing and musical session, which made the picnic style spirited evening throw up hitherto unknown talents. Day 2 ended with yet another gem - this time from Manjot - 'Ek minute' - followed by a rendition of "Meri beri ke ber ...' !! This one was not a one off but continued across the entire evening and lasted till we actually reached the Prakalp.

Day 3 at Prakalp Doctors were back in action - some rotarians departed over the morning/afternoon for different reasons. I got the impression that this was also pretty much a norm, some visitors and contributors do not stay the entire duration. Either they run out of work at the Camp or due to other commitments. For non-medicos like me, there were some interesting moments - such as the lady with a hornlike appendage growing out of her abdomen. Post removal - it appeared as if it was really a cleanly sawed off horn from an animal head! I also picked up some new medical terms in the process of helping the surgical team with the paperwork and recordkeeping, along with PP Viju Naidu. Post the Langar, there was a closure to the wall painting competition, a first by the organizing team. The advance party had cleverly delivered adequate supplies of wall paint which the Prakalp unit had used to paint over more than 100ft of the wall. This proved an ideal canvas for the enthusiastic school students to form teams and paint over 10 ft sections with interesting motifs and messages. This was naturally followed by a photo session with Dr Amte gracing the occasion. The formal function was held later where prizes and gift hampers were distributed amongst the students and participants and winners of the various events. First time visitors were taken aback with the animal show by Dr Prakash Amte, and regulars got a booster dose of the wildlife conservationist's fabulous collection of animals. The same function also witnessed the handover of a water cooler to the Prakalp. Eventually, the day wound down and slowly and surely all the awaiting patients were taken care of or operated on to the extent possible with curtains brought down by 6.30 pm on this Saturday. Advance parties had already moved to the DFO Guest House where a dinner had been planned for all the visiting team members comprising of Mahindra and Mahindra, Doctors and their assistants, Rotarians and other volunteers (such as the first time included subregistrars team from Nagpur). Finally I had my assigned task to be performed – getting people to sing along to Karaoke tracks being projected

on a screen. Once again, I was surprised to see the enthusiasts queuing up to not only choose their songs but also impatiently awaiting their

turn to sing. Sadly, due to various constraints, we had to wind up the evening but not before we had a lot of excitement. Mr Mahabal, DGM of Mahindra even decided to shrug off the Karaoke and presented a song in various singing styles much to the amusement and delight of the crowd. What was astounding to me was that we had to travel 350 kms or more into one of the most backward regions, only for lifetime urbanists to discover that Karaoke systems were available off the shelf !!!! It was

evident, that there would be many buyers of the system no sooner they were back in Nagpur. All good things must come to an end, and it was evident that many present would remain committed to the cause and would be back – some frequently and some only during this annual pilgrimage as it is now known as. For me, it was an eye opener in many ways - the size of the project, the sheer number of people – Rotarians and non-rotarians required to make it work, the dedication of rotary doctors and equal, if not more- the commitment of non-rotarian doctors, the incredible work being done at the Prakalp not just medically, but in

MEDICAL COMMITTEE REPORT A large team of doctors and dentists reached the hospital on10th January 2013 and the plastic surgeons started work immediately. Dr Surajit Hazra coordinated all the surgeries performed at the camp from 11th-12th January. A total of 116 surgeries were performed at the camp which included general surgeries, paediatric gynecological, plastic, genitourinary and orthopaedic surgeries with expert assistance from a team of anaesthetists under the guidance of Dr Satkar Pawar. Endoscopies were also performed. Radiological work was managed by our one and only Dr Arti Anand. The pathological work was looked after by Dr Sabiha Maimoon and Dr Ripunjaya Mohanty. The blood requirement for the surgeries was taken care of by Jeevan Jyoti Blood bank. The ophthalmic team under the guidance of Dr Y Lamba with Rtn Shaunak Mokadam and Dr Shashank Bidaye performed 122 surgeries. Many senior surgeons including Dr Joglekar, Dr Sunil Lanjewar, Dr B Gedam, Dr Raju Wilkinson, Dr

Rajesh Singhvi, Dr D Kane and others including teams from NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences and students from IGGMC were present at the camp. The registration table was handled very well with the support of Vijay Naidu and Nimish Sutaria. Under the guidance of Dr. Anil Chaudhari & his team of Doctors from Govt. Dental College and Sharad Pawar Dental College (Sawangi) a Dental Treatment camp was conducted at the hospital premises as well as in Tadgaon and Chichoda villages where a total of 753 patients were examined and 205 were treated with procedures like restorations, disimpaction, extractions, scaling and minor oral surgeries. The huge team of doctors was looked after very well by the warmth exyended by the non medico Rotarians and R'Anns. The camp was possible with help from Mahindra and Mahindra as well as generous contributions from PSI Amravati. This year our club donated a fumigating machine for the operation

conservation, preservation and educational fields. The incredible commitment of the Amte family not just the first generation, who established the Prakalp, but the next generations who have sacrificed many comforts, but at the same time are exceedingly comfortable in their commitments. Kudos to the entire team and contingent who with their combined wealth of experience, had also the guts to examine / revisit each process/ component for its suitability, relevance and looked to find new ways, planned and executed the entire project smoothly without any glitches. -Nimish Sutaria


theatres at the hospital. The surgical camp was organized with help from Director Dr Shaunak Mokadam, Dr Anne Wilkinson and Dr Sameer Jahagirdar with support from Dr Dipak Drshmukh and staff of Anjani Eye Hospital, Nagpur. The hard work put in by the Doctors and staff of Lok Biradari Prakalp alongwith the huge team work by our club, helped to bring surgical and dental relief to numerous tribals of the region. May this good work continue for the benefit of the under privileged. -Dr Anne Wilkinson



The Transformation of the Prakalp Wall from Ordinary to Artistic

The Dabang of Hemalkasa - Dr. Prakash Amte Smile. With MGP, you just got Genuine Peace of Mind, absolutely free! Auth. Dist. : - Sudhanshu’s Sales & Marketing, G-2, Prathmesh Vihar, Near Unthkhana Squre, Great Nag Road, Nagpur-09., Ph. : 0712-2706587 / 88



The Fellowships, The Comarderie, The Packing, The Press Conference and The Job in Hand



Surgical Camp The Start

The Langar

The Surgeries

The Post Operative Care


The Sports and School Function



Surgical Camp The Start

The Langar

The Surgeries

The Post Operative Care


The Sports and School Function


SAVING LITTLE HEARTS - RID SEKHAR MEHTA SHARES HIS ROTARY MOMENTS More often than not, each of my days starts with meeting one or more children who need to get heart surgeries done.Their mothers and fathers wait for nine months for their bundle of joy to arrive but soon after the child is born they realize that the child has got a hole in the heart. And this creates holes in their hearts and their pockets. Their yearly income is not more than US$600 and the expense for a heart surgery is $3,000. It would take them five years to spend all that they earned to try and save the child, but who knows if the child will survive or not. Fortunately I got initiated into the project of "Saving Little Hearts." Over the last five years we were able to save more than 1,500 children's lives by performing heart surgery, many coming from across the border from Pakistan. But one such instance made me realize it was far more than only saving their lives. Rashi and I had travelled about 300 kilometers from our home to visit one of the patients who had come from Pakistan. Nazar Ali was just nine years old. He and his mother had travelled 14 hours by bus to reach the border of Pakistan and India, then another 12 hours by bus to reach Delhi. From there they travelled another 20 hours by train to reach the hospital where the child was operated on. We met the mother and the child at the

Hospital bed. The boy was smiling but the mother had tears in her eyes. Soon we realized that these were tears of joy – joy because her child got a new life. She said "it was a painful journey no doubt, coming so far but with my child now better and happy it means the world to me.� And then she made a profound statement. She said "my son was born in Pakistan but he got a new life in India. He has not only just Pakistani but Indian blood in him too. Long Live India." I suddenly realized the enormity of the statement. For two countries who have fought three wars in 60 years, what could be a better way of bringing peace amongst their people? These hundreds of children who come from Pakistan for their surgeries in India under a program called "Aman ki Aasha" meaning "hope for peace" are all ambassadors Peace through Service. Each day when we save three lives and do our bit to bring peace, I live my Rotary moment. Adapted from RID Mehta's My Rotary Moment speech delivered at the 2013 International Assembly. Source - Rotary Voices Courtesy : -PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee Here are some snaps of the Rotary tournament we all had gone from nagpur out of which were 4 rotarians when the tournament was inaugurated by the RI president, others present are all pp, Shashank Vishwarupe, PP Dr Tule Vinay, PP Rajendra Khuranna & other 2 are not Rotarians but our Golfing Buddies from Nagpur Cheers -S. K. Doongaji




Members of Sadabai Raisoni Womens College volunteering and helping the ashram in "Sale of clothes" at Antar Bharti Ashram .


A workshop on “Social Media in Marketing� was organized, on 19th January, by Rotaractors of Tirpude College for not only its own students but also for Rotaractors from other colleges falling under our club. An overwhelming 56 registrations were received for this and was actually attended by 49. Venue for the workshop was the IT Lab of Tirpude College. The programme started with an introduction of the guests by Rotaract President Akash Sachdev. The resource person for this workshop was Mr. Mayur Pathak, of pManifold Consultants, who is an expert in use of social media in marketing. The workshop was a day long one and was

inaugurated by President Atul Shah who, while speaking on the occasion, stated how business practices have changed over the last decade or so and stressed that, technologically speaking; firms should not plan beyond five years. Also accompanying him was Hon. Secy. Rtn. Shabbar Shakir, who congratulated the students for arranging this workshop. First half of the workshop introduced the attending students to the field of social media, its growing importance and how it can best be used for marketing purpose by a business firm. Various media existing today in this domain were discussed. This was a 'hands on'

workshop and hence PCs with internet were provided for every student for practicing while learning. The first session was followed by sumptuous lunch arranged by organizing students. Before this break six student groups were formed and they were given a small task to complete before end of this break. Second session was all activity based, probably to ensure post-lunch attentiveness. The groups formed were given five tasks to perform at the podium, which included making different advertisements as required for uploading on social media and other associated aspects. The students enjoyed this and competed against rival groups for better effectiveness of their designed campaigns. The groups were rated at the end of the session. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Rotaractor Girish Manuja. Present on the occasion, also, were Rtn. Sandeep Pathak, Rtn. Jatin Sampat, Rtn. Prashant Rajurkar and Rotaractors of Tirpude College.


Hilarious entertaining rib tickling!! Yes ! the workshop at Tuli college of hotel management was more of a fun filled show

which turned the audience including the faculties into peals of laughter through & through. The speaker Sanjay Raghtate made sure the topic Body Language was delivered amidst full on claps, whistles & laughter. And the audience was never left with a minute to get bored. At the same time he defined the importance of proper handshake & posture in his own impeccable style. It was thoroughly interactive. Along with the principal Arti Meshram, Sandeep Pathak and Beena Mathew were present. Our dynamic Jatin Sampat, chair Rotaract Committee made sure

all the co ordination was possible for the arrangement.

-Beena Mathew


ROTARY & YOU(TH) What others are saying about Rotary “Rotary has the ability to organize campaigns to mobilize support for some of the worthiest causes that exist, and that makes Rotary a precious resource.” – Kofi Annan, former UN secretary-general “I admire the Rotary promise to solve problems that destroy lives and trample dreams and human potential.” –Queen Noor al-Hussein of Jordan “Through my contact with Rotary, I learned about the importance of community service. The Rotary motto of Service Above Self has left a deep impression and has guided me since. I would like to express my profound gratitude to The Rotary Foundation for having given me that unique opportunity and a solid foundation that eventually led me to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, a global service organization to protect those fleeing from armed conflict and persecution.” – Sadako Ogata, Japanese prime minister's

BE PROUD TO BE A ROTARIAN special representative for assistance to Afghanistan “Rotary's PolioPlus program is a shining example of the achievements made possible by cooperation between the United Nations and nongovernmental organizations.” – Kofi Annan, former UN secretary-general “I would be proud and enthusiastic to be associated with Rotary in any way.” – Ted Turner, former head of Turner Broadcasting “You who believe in and continue to strive to save the world's children from the ravages of polio are most definitely champions.” – Gro Harlem Brundtland, World Health Organization director general “In 1988, the World Health Assembly agreed that it would commit to eradicating polio in time for the world to be certified polio-free by 2005. Since then, Rotary International, the United Nations Children's Fund, the World Health Organization, and the U.S. Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention have been leading this massive undertaking.” – Mia Farrow, UNICEF goodwill ambassador “Thank you, Rotary, for recognizing that a world without polio is possible. You have been the catalyst for the world to accept and carry out the challenge of eradicating polio from the earth.” – Bill Gates, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation “The volunteerism exemplified by Rotary International is an engine for renewal and change in every society. And it is that same volunteer spirit, rooted in compassion and a profound sense of responsibility to our fellow human beings, that offers so much hope for the future, beginning with children.” – Carol Bellamy, UNICEF executive director -Vijay Naidu

THE ROTARY FOUNDATION HONOUR FOR PDG VISHWAS SAHASRABHOJANEE PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee has won The Rotary Foundation's highest award for a Rotarianthe 2012-13 'Distinguished Service Award' for his continued exemplary service to the cause of TRF. Winner of Rotary International's highest individual Award 'Service Above Self' in 2006-07, PDG Vishwas was honoured with The Rotary Foundation's 'Citation for Meritorious Service' in 2007-08. Each year all 535 District Governors from all over the world nominate one candidate for this Citation. Winners of Citation for Meritorious Service qualify to apply for Distinguished Service


award after four years of continued dedicated service to TRF as cadre monitor, adviser, coordinator, volunteer, fund raiser, host club contact for MGs and 3H grants, GSE team leader, Polio eradication coordinator etc. Each District Governor can nominate only 1 nominee for DSA and such nomination has to have two other PDGs as nominators , one from any outside District. TRF trustees and the trustees Chair PRIP select just 50 of the 535 applications for this coveted award every year. While District Governor Sanjay Meshram was the chief nominator, PDG Vishwas's nomination was supported by PDG Dr Ravi Vadlamani from 3150 (Andhra) and PDG Dr

Prafull Mokadam from our District 3030. Hearty congratulations PDG Vishwas for bringing laurels to District 3030 and Rotary Club of Nagpur, specially since DSA has come to a RCN member for the first time in last 68 years!


There will be numerous occasions when you will have to introduce your wife to friends / acquaintances / business colleagues etc. This occurs at least a million times during the course of your marriage and in the almost 45 years that Bachi & I have been married I have learnt how not to introduce her.

In the early part of our marriage we were in Calcutta (now Kolkata) and I had only a few friends & colleagues from the office whom we would meet socially. I remember quite vividly mumbling something to the Big Boss of the office at one such occasion how I was bossed around at home by the wife. I got a look of sheer astonishment from Bachi, but that was nothing compared to the look I got from my boss. He then took it upon himself to introduce Bachi to the other bosses and colleagues as “Bacha mai” and all through our stay in Cal, “Bacha mai” was like his favourite daughter. His wife too took it upon herself to make Bachi welcome by inviting us to their home. I was sort of tolerated, being Bachi's husband, but I didn't mind, cause she served the most fabulous Biryani I have ever had in my life! Having leant my lesson I have been very careful when introducing the wife since, but I know a chap who would introduce his wife as the “Mother of my three kids”, till she one day snapped back at him and said “are you sure?” The poor chap has never been the same after

GIMI MORE that. When we were transferred to Nagpur in 1974, the whole process of introducing the wife to all and sundry started once more, but the “Good Boy” that I'd become I do not think I made any rude / crude or funny introductions. What I found most surprising in Nagpur was that all the men would hang around at the Bar and the women would sit around in a circle. I used to call it the ladies sewing circle. It was quite intimidating at first to see all of them staring when I'd take a drink for Bachi or get her a Chair to sit or serve her some snack or whatever. What I didn't realize was that I was the only one doing “seva”, till I was told by one of the husbands “What are you doing, you are giving all of us a bad name. My wife now expects me to serve her stuff at parties!” Of course the fallout from that was I would invariably end up getting drinks for the other ladies as well!!. So my friends remember your wife is NOT your “bitter half”, “the 'ole Ball & Chain”, “the Mother of your 5 kids”, “the Big Boss” or whatever – She is the one who gets you invited for Biryani! -PP Shiraz Gimi


2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Our Indian Railways has trains which cover 1,00,000 km with 7,000 stations, and with 11,000 freight and passenger trains plying around this vast country every day. They carry over a million passengers a day. Going by these standards we have the largest railway in the world. The abbreviation Xmas for the word Christmas is of Greek origin. Since the word for Christ in the Greek language is Xristos, which starts with the letter "X," they started putting the X in place of Christ and came up with the short form for the word Christmas Google receives more than 200 million search queries a day, more than half of which come from outside the United States. Peak traffic hours to are between 6 a.m. and noon PST (Pacific Standard Time), when more than 2,000 search queries are answered a second Mosquito repellents don't repel. They hide you. The spray blocks the mosquito's sensors so they don't know you're there. Many years ago in Scotland, a new game was invented. It was ruled "Gentlemen Only...Ladies Forbidden"...and thus the word GOLF entered into the English language The Indian Government issued a new 1000 rupee coin to commemorate 1000 years of the Brihadeeswarar temple in Thanjavur. These coins have 80% silver content instead of the usual 50%. Released in limited number. These coins are being sold for over Rs. 4000 per piece. -CA Girish Deodhar


SPORTS EVENT BY ROTARACT CLUB OF G.H. RAISONI COLLEGE The Rotaract Club of G.H. Raisoni College Madhav Nagri Conducted a Sports Event for the kids of Gokulpeth Hindi Primary School Nagpur. The motive of the activity is to aware kids about sports activities and to entertain them. There were sixty kids who participated in sports activities. The event started at 7:30 am with the National Anthem and assembly prayer. Rotaractors


conducted five kinds of sports activities for the students of different classes. The activities includes Lemon-spoon race, Musical chair Competition, Balloon Race, Frog Race. Rotaractors also arranged some games for the entertainment of kids. Rotarian Jatin Sampat was also present at the event. He motivated the rotaractors for their initiatives. Rotarctors also discussed with him

about new social activities. Rotaractors enjoyed a lot with school kids. These moments evoked our childhood memories. Rotaractors also learnt a lot from their experience and the event linked us to the issues of poor children. Rotaract club of Raisoni College Madhav Nagri is also planning some other exciting and beneficial activities for kids.


Another mobile computer training program held at Krishna Nagar Slum came to an end this week. The concluding function and distribution of certificates was held at 4 PM on 23rd January 2013. The striking feature was high participation from the women along with

the children. Director Shiv Rao who was also present for the program enquired about the possibility of them joining vocation-training course. The response was very encouraging. Distribution of certificate was done at the hands of Mr Lohe from Datta Meghe


Foundation and Directors Shiv Rao, Parag Paranjpe and Hon Secretary Shabbar Shakir. Chairperson Neerja Shukul conducted the program. Rtn Sachin Palewar Ragini Sahu and Pinky Batra took great efforts in managing the entire show. -Ragini Sahu

MARIAM NAGAR SLUM Slum Development Committee One month Computer Training Program The concluding function of month long computer training program in association with Datta Meghe Foundation was held at 4 PM on 21st January 2013 at NVCC premises. The camp was for the kids from the nearby Mariam Nagar Slum. On completion of the training program, exam was held and most of the students secured high grades, some in fact secured A+ grade. Children were more than happy and excited to receive the hard earned certificates. They were full of praise for all the work carried out by the club. Ragini Sahu conducted the program

that was attended by President Atul, Hon Secretary Shabbar, Director Parag Paranjpe, Mr. Lohe from Datta Meghe Foundation and chairpersons Ragini Sahu and Kusum Pande.

The committee is especially thankful to office bearers of NVCC for allowing parking of training bus in their premises and supply of electricity. - Kusum Pandey


TREASURE HUNT January born Rotarians & Anns, Fall in Line TREASURE HUNT February born Rotarians & Anns, Fall in Line Thanks for the enthusiastic response to the three earlier puzzles. All correct entries were received from Prema Srinivas, Manju Bhatia, Bhavana Kalra, Manju Shahani , Jerestine Watchmaker, Nakul Malani and Neeru Bhatia. Now this treasure hunt is the Fourth in '......... month born Rotarians and Anns' series! We take pride in the fact that our club has membership drawn from all age groups, communities, sects and representing different states, speaking different languages etc. Indeed, RCN is a true reflection of India, a picture of Unity in Diversity'! No wonder, all these- young and old talented, knowledgeable and enthusiastic member families, who are busy leaders in their vocation dish out more than 300 projects year after year and serve Rotary objectives. In the puzzle above, you have to search for surnames of at least 23 Rotarians and/or Rotary Anns who were born in Rotary's World







Understanding and Peace month of February. No Rocket Science this..... All that you have to do is to pick up the Club Roster, turn to Page 185, get surnames of Februaryborn and start locating them in the puzzle. You will find the surnames falling in a single straight line, in any possible direction....left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top, slanting left to right, slanting right to left, slanting top to bottom or bottom to top. Simple! Isn't it? After spotting these February born Rotarians/Anns, you will be left with 5 unused letters spread here and there! Using all these, in proper order, build up the fourth all important word in the First Four Way Test of Rotary International.







Solve the puzzle, photocopy /email the all correct response to me at and call on my cell no. 94221 06570 before 20th February, 2013. Lucky winner will be decided through draw of lots from all correct entries at the business meeting scheduled in March 2013. Everyone in the Rotary family of our club and District is eligible to contest. Come on! Participate and enjoy ....Good Luck!!! -PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojane

JALSA .. DISTRICT CONFERENCE 2012 India, Pakistan unite to bowl out polio New Delhi - In an innovative move towards polio eradication, India and Pakistan cricket teams, though fierce rivals on the field, united in their mission to "bowl out polio" when they clashed for the third One-Day International (ODI) in New Delhi on Sunday. "We need to ensure a world free of polio paralysis for children. We need to win against polio, to 'Bowl Out Polio'," said Pakistani cricket stars Younis Khan and Imran Farhat, who on Saturday administered polio drops to children in New Delhi and joined the appeal for eradication of the debilitating disease. The two teams wore ribbons with 'Bowl Out Polio' when they played the ODI match on Sunday. The electronic periphery boards at


the Ferozshah Kotla grounds flashed the message of "Bowl Out Polio". A hundred children were at the stands wearing yellow jackets with messages against polio. The cards for '4s' and '6s' waved by the crowds also had the message "Bowl Out Polio", The Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) and the Pakistan Cricket Board have extended full support to the polio eradication messages at the match. While Pakistan is among the remaining three countries in the world still fighting the disease, India's battle against polio will continue until polio is eradicated globally. The event comes a week ahead of India's polio milestone anniversary. On January 13, India completes two years

without reporting any case of polio, an unprecedented progress for a country which until 2009 contributed majorly to the global polio case count. This is the third time that India and Pakistan teams have got together to advocate for polio eradication. Globally, polio cases have declined to record low levels. In 2012, as on December 26, 215 polio cases were reported compared to 605 cases in the same period 2011. Source : The Hindu Courtesy : -PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee

The question for you guys is........ The Club membership has grown to almost 350 members with X PRESS active participation by about 100-125 members only. Our meeting hall continues to have the same attendance as when we had about 100-120 members!! A lot of members don't even recognize each other!! The net membership grows by another 15-20 every year. Looking at all these figures what do you think is the solution? Go on as we are? Temporarily freeze the membership? Weed out inactive and non-contributing members? Add only lady members? Divide the Club? Make attendance compulsory again? Or take some other measures? Chandru Shahani: I personally believe that growing is healthy. Right now, we are the 3rd largest club in India. Don't know where we stand worldwide? So we definitely have a lot of scope to grow and grow more. Yes, we should try and be more choosy when it comes to bringing in new members. Those who do not show up regularly should be worked on, not just thrown out. Every member has some worth, so throwing out a few would not be in good taste. I agree that the meeting hall is not always full but then we have more than 250 projects and other events happening and they are also attended. We have been doing quite well until now, and I hope we'll continue to do so.....Lets activate the mentoring committee!! Phone calls have always made a difference. Cheer Up!! Nilufer Rana: I personally feel that the net membership growth is justified and an excellent example of how well our Club is growing and we should go on as we are. Weeding out non-active and non-contributing members is not the solution, nor is the division of our Club a good idea. When the proposal of a member comes for joining the Club, he/she gives a definite purpose for joining. At the time of enlightenment, the committee members can decide on potential members from their personality, values, trustworthiness, authority, intelligence and candidature. Here's where the enlightenment committee plays a very important role. It is their responsibility to lay down strict rules for the proposed member as well as the proposer. Certain percentage of attendance should be made mandatory! It will automatically curtail the prospective members into rethinking their purpose of joining the Club. PP Rajan Bhatia: It is a very valid question. Should we go on increasing members despite the fact that there is no place to sit if all 350 members attend a regular meeting? We must think of stopping to add new members for the next six months at least. We can debate on "Chhatni of Inactive Members", whose attendance is 0% in the last few years. With induction of new members the personal touch is finished. Attendance should be compulsory - subject of course to the rules of RI.

Nimish Sutaria: IT'S A NUMBERS GAME!! Numbers could be for strength, improving finances and surplus, votes, increased bargaining power, et al. Sadly, and inevitably, the other problem with numbers is that politics / factionalism comes into play. Attendance can improve only if we pick and choose members on the basis of their ability and commitment. For example, we decide to induct a member who is a doctor and practices from 6-9 pm every weekday - yet we expect attendance on Thursday evening at 6.30!!??!! Should this have been addressed at the enlightenment stage? Is it fair to weed out such a member? One method would be to take in 'members in waiting' for say 1-2 years and then looking at their actual contribution/ attendance, graduate them as regular members. Eventually, each of the questions you have raised needs to be dealt with individually - there is no single antidote to so many poisons!

Gogi Bhasin: The above question does not have a simple solution but at the same time I would like to put forward some suggestions. Our Club is amongst the best clubs in central India as the membership is studded with eminent personalities from all walks of life, but it is also necessary that these members do attend our meetings/ projects or fellowships as and when they find time or else the very purpose of their being members is defeated!! I personally think that we should restrict new membership and if new members are to be added then the board must take an UNDERTAKING from the proposer of a new member that, in case his or her proposed member fails to attain 40% attendance in the immediate 3 years after induction, then that new member would resign on his own!!

Rakhi Bhatia: FREEZE!!FREEZE!!FREEZE !!.........Before it converts as a 'ROTI' club of Nagpur. At a strength of 360 members we should freeze the club membership for at least 5 years so that we can interact well with all the existing members and after 5 years we move to add on more………so then we need to renew our Roster only after 5 years, hence a saving!!To motivate the non-active members in the club, we should make attendance at meetings compulsory! If not all, at least 2 meetings in a month. Our club is looked upon as a medium to bring about changes in our society and hence our country. For this we need 'QUALITY' and not just 'QUANTITY'.

Shiv Kumar Rao: We should really stop worrying about attendance in meetings too much. This is an issue which not only service organizations like Rotary face but also trade and industry associations despite their focus being mainly to resolve problems of members. We need to get members involved in service activities. There is a long gap between induction and representation in committees in the subsequent year. That is the time the disconnect begins. The proposer should be made to involve the entrant or spouse in service projects right from day one. That would enable the new member to better get absorbed in the club.

Rajiv Choudhary: 'A leaner body- A healthy body' does always hold true but caution should be exercised to ensure that while absolutely redundant name-sake members are shown the door, the ones at the periphery, who contribute to the movement in any which way should be somehow motivated to become proactive in attending some projects at least. This will ensure that our club remains as fit as a fiddle with meaningful numbers. Be "NIRBHAYA" and do what is the need of the hour.

(Readers may Xpress their view on this topic at

- PP Dr Sanjiv Chugh


TRAVEL BUG Vindhya's Wishlist


I really want to visit Israel. That region is so steeped in history, culture, mysticism, and so much in the news for all the wrong reasons. Any moderately educated person is aware of the strange dichotomies that pervade this region. This is a land that has seen the emergence of spirituality against a backdrop of so much bloodshed. There are so many legends woven into the very fabric of this land. We are torn between a sense of familiarity, of knowing that this was the crucible of the three main religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam, immediately coupled with a contradictory certainity that we actually know nothing at all. Jerusalem, The wailing wall, Tel Aviv, Haifa, The Dead sea, Nazareth,...the very names hint at a mystical past,-- of stories told and untold. Jerusalem is the most-visited city One of the oldest cities in the world, it is the capital, and largest city of Israel if the area and population of occupied East Jerusalem are included. It is a holy city to the three major Abrahamic religions and hosts a myriad of historical, archaeological, religious attractions..The, Old city is traditionally divided into four quarters: Armenian Quarter, Christian Quarter, Muslim Quarter and Jewish Quarter. Most importantly, the Temple Mount (known in Arabic as Haram ash-sharif, the Noble Sanctuary), site of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem with only the Western Wall at its foot remaining, and now with the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque. From what I gather , the best way to explore this city would be to take a walking tour, to really get a feel of its historical past. The Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum., Mount Zion, The Mount of Olives: with its lookout point, Tomb of Absalom, a 2000 year old Jewish cemetery, and churches, Gethsemane, and the Church of Maria Magdalene . Various locations have been proposed as the Tomb of Jesus, traditionally identified as where the Church of the Holy Sepulchre stands. Nor has Golgotha, the nearby hill where he was crucified been located....but one can always wonder. ..Two of Israel's must-see sights that can be covered by a day trip from Jerusalem are the legendary ruins of Masada and King Herod's palaces, after which one could enjoy a therapeutic visit to the famous Dead Sea. As you may be knowing, you can never sink OR swim in the Dead sea. Due to its huge salt

ISRAEL content, the most one can do is float! Then on to Tel Aviv, said to be a cosmopolitan ,cultural, and financial hub along with being the second largest city. Tel Aviv is called the "city that never sleeps" by the locals because of its vibrant nightlife scene., and according to Wikipedia, was named "the gay capital of the Middle East" ! The main attractions are said to be the The Independence Hall Museum, The port area, Old Jaffa, a place of indoor and

outdoor vendors, and the Nalaghat centre, and the Bauhaus Foundation Museum apart from the buzzing restaurants and bistros. The main languages of Israel are Hebrew and Arabic, but thanks to migrations from all over the world, many languages can be heard on the streets! The Bahá'i Holy Places in Haifa and Western Galilee are inscribed for their profound spiritual meaning and the testimony they bear to the strong tradition of pilgrimage in the Bahá'i faith. The property includes the two most holy places in the Bahá'í religion associated with the founders, the Shrine of Bahá'u'lláh in Acre and the Shrine of the Báb in Haifa, together with their surrounding gardens, associated buildings and monuments. These two shrines are part of a larger complex of buildings, monuments and sites at seven distinct locations in Haifa and Western Galilee that are visited as part of the B a h á ' i pilgrimage. (© UNESCO World Heritage Centre) . Our very own Zena Sorabji, also happens to be a

Bahai., though her husband Soli Sorabji is a Parsi. And on to Nazareth. Nazareth - known as "the Arab capital of Israel"; is described in the New Testament as having been the birthplace of Jesus. The population is made up predominantly of Arab citizens of Israel, almost all of whom are either Muslim or Christian, and as such is a center of Christian pilgrimage, with many shrines commemorating biblical events. As the place where Jesus may have grown up, studied and lived most of his life, Nazareth has for two thousand years been closely identified with Christianity and has attracted hundreds of millions of pilgrims from around the world. Nazareth is also Israel's largest Arab city and as such serves as a major cultural center. Over the past decade the historical Old City has been extensively renovated, preserving and restoring the architectural beauty and unique character of its narrow lanes and alleys. The combination of these three elements – history, culture and architecture –assures the Old City of Nazareth a place among the most beautiful historical destinations in the world. The only possible impediment to visiting Israel would be these facts. IF your passports have stamps from other Middle-Eastern countries that you may have visited, these may raise questions when you arrive and may delay your transit through immigration. You may also find that when you have Israeli stamps in your passport this may impact your travel to some Middle East countries, such as Saudi Arabia. Apparently, In many countries, for people who visit both regions for work, it is possible to hold two passports for such situations! You definitely learn something new everyday!! -Vindhya Sanjana

SNIPPETS REPLICATED FROM ELSEWHERE! When NASA first started sending up astronauts, they discovered that ballpoint pens would not work in zero gravity. To combat the problem, NASA scientists spent a decade and $ 12 billion to develop a pen that writes in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, on almost any surface, including glass and at temperatures ranging from below freezing to 300 degrees Celsius. The Russians used a pencil!! A church notice board had the following notifications or instructions to the petitioners: Do not leave your mobile phone, purses, wallets, hand-bags, girl friends unattended. Other may think it is an answer to their prayers! Who is a Psychiatrist? A qualified person who gives you an expensive and critical analysis about yourself, which your spouse gives for free, and daily too . . . .!

Scotch is a brilliant invention... One double and you can start feeling single again..! Another one about Scotch... A loving grandma who was financing her grandson's college education told her friends at her coffee party, “My grandson is doing well in his studies. In the bill he submits for payment, the expensive items are languages. Subjects like Physics, Economics, History costs hardly $ 10, but Scotch costs upwards of $ 100! Global recession and financial crisis have become so critical and serious now-adays that the majority of men have started loving their own wives!! A water mill or Panchakki is a major tourist attraction of Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Located inside a monument attached to the darga of Baba Shah Musafir, a Sufi saint, the Panchakki was designed in such a way so as to generate energy via water brought down from a spring on a


BOBBY'S BUBBLES nearby mountain. This water mill was built in early 17th century and was used to grind grains for the pilgrims who visited the darga. We talk about taping non conventional forms of energy today, but was a way of life centuries ago! The Jaipur Foot, immortalized in the film Nache Mayuri by Sudha Chandran, a young Indian classical dancer who loses her leg in an accident and fights her way back as a dancer. Her rehabilitation and subsequent success in India cinema was attributed to the Jaipur Foot. The Jaipur Foot was designed by Dr. Pramod K.Sethi, a doctor from Jaipur and a local craftsman Ram Sharma. Dr. Sethi's invention has become a boon to hundreds of thousands of amputees all over the world. -Bobby Srinivas



2 Tsp mustard

Shape into a ball ; roll in


½ cup finely chopped coriander


250 Grms. Hung curd

Beat hung curd and shredded cheese until

¼ cup shredded cheese

well blended.

1 Tblsp. Finely chopped red capsicums

Add capsicums, green onions and mustard

1 Tblsp. Finely chopped green onions

and mix well. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

Enjoy trying out this recipe. I did !! It's simple ; needs no cooking and is delicious and light . -Khushnoor S. Chugh

'CORPORATE ETIQUETTES' WORKSHOP AT ICAI - 28TH JAN the metros & thereby the corporate world. Any value addition to their personality refines them to face the colleagues in the work space with an excellent demeanour thereby enhancing their interpersonal & professional skills. The trainer Beena Mathew was at her interactive best putting the participants through games, With the onset of corporate culture definitely corporate grooming has become a basic

quiz& interaction sessions at the same time building their awareness about the importance & the nuances of etiquettes in their personal &

miss out on such fine points which if not incorporated label them as unskilled

necessity for professionals specially coming

professional lives. Being totally engrossed in

professionals. This workshop was for fresh CA

from towns & cities & aspiring to be a part of

their studies & exams sometimes students


-Beena Mathew


KIDZZZONE Hey young friends… This year we have decided to give you youngsters an opportunity to contribute to the Golden Orange through one whole page by you, for you, with lots of experiences, facts, trivia and entertainment sent by your friends. Since this is a monthly feature, I request more of you to contribute. Feel free to participate in this page. Share your talent, views, fun experience etc. I am just a call away. Do contact me on 9923022299 or on mamtakanga or on facebook ;-)

Zahra Shakir Daughter of Shabbir & Jumana Shakir Math and Science were not meant for me. Or for that matter, I was not meant for them. I opted out of them and into what interested me, very early. The creative field! My parents backed my choice. They probably did not have a choice, because I did not give them one. I am glad……….

Into the realm of design, education to me is like a picnic. The schedule and courses, however exhausting, never tires me. I enjoy it so much that it is never a burden. Because I am doing what I chose to do and because I love doing it, I give it my best and will always continue to do so. Living in a hostel has made me more independent than ever before. I have learnt to do things myself. I have learnt how comfortable and convenient it was to live under the protective umbrella of Home. Product Design is what I shall try to pursue in future. It interests me to conceptualize and put in on paper. I could have chosen to pursue this as a hobby or a pass time. It is instead my academics now and certainly my career in the future. As I said before, life is a picnic to me!!!! -Zahra Shakir

ANSH NAIDU Son of Dinesh & Kanchan Naidu Hello, my name is Ansh Naidu and I am 8 years old and studying in standard III in Delhi Public School (DPS). My hobbies are playing games like Badminton and Volleyball, I am also taking Badminton coaching at YMCA club, my other interest is to help my Nanna (my Dad's Buaji) in cooking as I love eating,my favorite food is Biryani. I love Rotary Club as in Rotary I get chance to dance and I enjoy dancing very much. I also enjoy teasing my grandfather by hiding the remote of TV and his spectacles. I love to watch all the animal shows on Discovery and National Geographic channel My other passion is collecting small models of cars and believe it or not I have around 225 small cars in my house. I love my sister Anshita, she is the best sister in this world I can't stay without her and whenever she goes on school trip I feel very lonely and bored. I have a big family and being the youngest and naughtiest everybody loves me.


VEDANT JAISWAL Son of Vishal & Anagha Jaiswal Sa..Re...GaaMaa..... Hey guys!! How's you?! Do you know!! We had our interschool singing competition and guess what!! I was selected as the lead singer!! We had the competition on 19th January ( Luckily my parents' anniversary was lucky for me :P ) We won the first prize and got the trophy for our school :) !! I would even like to share that I applied for Indian Idol this year!! Well it was a great experience to record my voice like proffesionals do in a studio but there are very less chances of me getting selected cause of my voice transition period.. :( I would even tell that I'm very passionate about singing and i even have a good voice!! ;) ( As per the listeners!! ) You will always see me with my iPod and headphones too!! Basically.....I JUST LOVE <3 MUSIC!! So guys please keep your fingers crossed for the results of my auditions!! Catch ya later...Bye!!! -Vedant Jaiswal

-Mamta Kanga



I firmly believe that the biggest threat to India is not its unfriendly neighbour, but its ignorant populace. How else can you explain the following events .....? Event #1 : Akbaruddin Owaisi, a politician with a history of making inflammatory speeches holds sway over 25000 people in a small town for two hours, spewing venom against the country in which he resides and has flourished, covered by the national media, in the presence of police personnel who are mute spectators. Event #2 : Self-proclaimed Godman Asaram Bapu goes on national television to indict the victim of the Delhi gang rape by quoting religious rhetoric. My good friend Ashwin Mankeshwar, in a moment of profound insight once commented “You have to be slightly removed from reality to understand and enjoy religion”. Slightly removed?? Bapuji is so removed from reality that it makes me want to suggest he should face the same culprits in a moving bus to see if his suggestions work. Event #3 : Two Indian Army jawans are brutally tortured, one of them beheaded by Pakistan forces, creating an international furore and the pretty foreign minister of our unfriendly neighbour dismisses it with a cheeky allegation of India indulging in “war-mongering”. Yes Madam. Please do drop by again and we will all admire your Jimmy Choo shoes and Hermes bags. Events # 4, 5 etc. Are the numerous scams, flip-flopping statements of our politicians etc. These events are duly reported by our ever vigilant media and promptly ignored by its audience .... US! Why should it be so? Why is there no follow-up to such occurrences? Where is our sense of nationalism? Is it only to be th th displayed by waving flags and shouting slogans on 15 August and 26 January? What happened to Aamir Khan and his truth-finding crusade? Are we just numbers that boost TRP ratings of television shows and fill stadia to hear hate-filled rhetoric? With military might twice that of Pakistan, I think that country dare not anger India. With the hate-mongering politicians living like kings, I think they dare not take their electorate for granted. With the average Indian standing up for the truth, I think the criminals dare not think of walking away unscathed. But they still dare. All of them. For they know that public memory is short. The media is under daily pressure to boost their bottomlines and cannot follow a story to its just conclusion. The voter list is actually made up of people who either just do not care or are too poor and illiterate to know who to vote for. Such is the conundrum that faces India. So what is needed? Obviously I have a few suggestions and this is my column so I can air them.... Control population by adhering to a one-child policy. Make education up to under-graduate level free and compulsory. Political candidates should be minimum under-graduates with a good academic and absolutely no criminal record. Take the Police Department away from the control of politicians, have a separate IPS committee to monitor it. Ditto with the Vigilance Department. Make indulgence in crime and corruption a deterrent, with punishment so severe as to set examples for those to follow. Remove the caste quota from Government jobs and give them to deserving, qualified candidates. Make basic education compulsory for voters. These suggestions may be against the basic principles of democracy, but times are desperate and measures have to match. -Sohrab Kanga

LET’S GET PERSONAL Hello Friends, The New Year has set in with new challenges, new achievements, new rewards and more than all these, new additions to our Rotary Family. We just recently enjoyed the wedding of Sai daughter of Nishi & Ashok Hansles. Followed by that of Shantanu, son of Shailaja & Raghav Sharma. Avantika, daughter of Anju & Nikhil Bansal, shall be getting married to Rohit of Mumbai. Soon, Omkar, son of Neeta & Abhay Chandurkar shall tie the knot with his valentine, Abhilasha from Belgaum. Talking of valentines, Sameer, son of Shubhada & Anant Gade has found his in Shweta Jahgirdar from Nagpur and Sonakshi, daughter of Sonia & Vikash & grand daughter of Indira & Abnash Chander Khurana & niece of Kavita is engaged to Sidhartha, an MBA from London. Haaaaa--- that was one long list. Well friends, Many many Congratulations! Continue with the additions. We enjoy the weddings and want our family to be reeeeeeeeeely biiiiiiiig. Prisha, daughter of Divya & Manish Bhati, won a Gold medal in 500 m race in Quad category( below 6 years) at the 23rd Maharashtra state roller skating championship. She was also awarded The Overall Championship Trophy in her age group. We constantly, mention the achievements of our youngsters but sometimes even the 50+ shine and surprise us all. Dr Shobha Daga, recently attended a 4 day long workshop in Anesthesiology and not only did she top it, the examiners were so impressed with her, they want her to become a trainer. WOW! Runs in the family, I guess. Dr. Manmohan Daga, was elected and Installed as President of Maharashtra Pediatric Surgeons Association (MCIAPS) at karjat on 12th January, for a year. That should be enough for now.. Yours in Rotary, -Manju Shahani



BIRTHDAYS 15 FEB. to 14 MAR. FEBRU ARY Deodutta Dasture Sanjay Mansukhani Vaibhav Jaipuria Dr.Archana Choudhary Sanjay Agrawal Manpreet Alag Ayun Malak Dr.Harish Rathi Ashish Mehadia Deepali Kale Dr. Radhika Marwah Bharat kumar Parikh Arun Bhargava Naushad Bhagwagar Pankaj Chokhani Anupam Rai Dr. Sushrut Babhulkar MARC H Anuj Badjate Shefali Shah Sushil Mandhaniya Parveen Seth Sonal Singhvi

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Rozina Rana Dr. Jerestin Watchmaker Ravindra Sarnaik Bharat Parekh Dr. Ashok Lawange Manju Shahani Dr. Indu Arneja Sarita Agrawal Smita Sheth Dr. Anita Sood Bharat Goenka Litesh Thakkar Dr. Shivangi Jahagirdar Nikunj Doshi Habeeb Khan Vilas Kale Moiz Bande Ali Sonia Khurana Dr. Vivek Harkare Asha Gupta Rajbir Kaur Singh Swati Atal Neeta Kale

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15 JFEB. to 14 MAR. ANNIVERSARIES FEBRU ARY D e ep a k & N e e n a C howdh ary Ajay & Savita Sa nch eti Ra khi & Vish al Bh atia Sa njay & Vaish ali Jaisw al Jatin & H etal Sa mp at Moh a n & Ra nja n a Ra o Atul & N e eta G upta O mpra k ash & Sa miksh a Ba g a dia

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Raje ev & Sa nge eta C hh a bra Raja n & Jaya Mula ni Dr.Rajesh & Ritik a Singhvi Tush ar & Son al Singhvi MARC H Sarvesh & Ritu Agra w al Vaibh av & Shripriya Jaipuria Mohinderp al & M a npre et Ala g Sa pn a & Sach e en Vasta ni N avn e et & N e erja Shukul H e m a nt & H arsh a D oshi

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PLAN YOUR WAY TO WEALTH A human mind is always buzzing with ideas and at times needs control to arrive at proper course of action to be followed. Rational / unbiased decisions can be taken with the help of proper planning. I have seen people spending hours going from one shop to another looking for just one dress or shirt, friends who spent days planning to buy a piece of furniture. Everybody understands the importance and its benefit but Investment is one area that for some strange reason is least on the list of planning. Few years back investments were made primarily for saving taxes. The investment products were simpler and people were never required to venture beyond bank fixed deposit, postal & other government saving schemes and insurance. Times have changed, so have investment products. Control regime has given way to compliance mechanism. From being fixed return products to market linked, the investment scenario has taken a 360-degree turn. What it means for today's investor is an indication, to get more involved in the process of investing. Still, after much awareness, the investment is done because; (a) The investor has surplus funds to invest, and (b) Either tax saving is required or somebody has recommended to invest in particular investment option. All this leads to haphazard investments. Recently one of my clients who work in railways asked me to suggest 'best performing scheme' which has given 'maximum return' during last one year. He was clueless about the risk he was willing to take. His attitude towards investment was 'have money-will invest'. My probing made him a bit restless. How is Vidarbha Express? He was surprised with this question and said it's fast and convenient train to travel. What if I want to go to New Delhi? Then it's not the train for you. But you said Vidarbha Express is fast, reliable and convenient. Don't be silly. You know it runs between Nagpur and Mumbai. OK then how about Sewagram Express? Shall I prefer Sewagram or Vidarbha? Certainly Vidarbha is better. But I want to go to Nashik. Then take Sewagram. Its timing is perfect for Nashik. The point is that something that is good on a stand-alone basis may not be the best if you involve few other parameters. So Even if Vidarbha Express is a better train it's of no use for passengers going to New Delhi or is inconvenient for people going to Nashik. Similarly, if XYZ fund has given 60% returns in last one year, it may not be suitable for a person who wishes to invest for marriage of his daughter after one year. Chances are that he will end up taking higher risk and may eventually lose money in the process. Planning and putting face to your investment though critical is not very difficult either. This may definitely require some extra efforts but its benefits will be enduring in nature. Every individual has some life goals. It is important that one identifies these goals and plan accordingly. The major benefit of putting objective is that it makes you focus on the goals and not deviate from it. Think of a scenario where a parent buys a Bluechip stock or an index fund for his child. Chances are that if the stock moves up by 100% it will be sold and money will remain idle. Historically it has been observed that over a long-term period, equities have delivered much better return than any other financial assets. Why can't we plan to buy 10 shares of good company every month for building retirement corpus? Why can't we invest in equity mutual funds every quarter for our children's marriage that is 10 years down the line? The answer is lack of planning and lack of conviction in the plan. Just as we plan the destination and choose the train accordingly keeping in mind the convenience of time, speed and reliability, it is equally important we figure out financial goals, assess it, plan for it and finally execute it. Chances are bright that you will reach the destination safe and in time. Bon Voyage!! -Parag Paranjpe


Neeta Singh for Fellowship, Behram Patel for GSE and Alok on behalf of Anula


PP SATI KHANNA releasing GO of January


Feb 2013 The Golden Orange  

Official Monthly bulletin of Rotary Club of Nagpur

Feb 2013 The Golden Orange  

Official Monthly bulletin of Rotary Club of Nagpur