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DG Annual report


s I look back over the last three and a quarter years of my role within Rotary, a statement that I made to one of my most crucial teammates at the very start of this journey, is still as relevant today as it was then. The comment was about the relevance of Rotary within today's environment. Environment meaning club, district, international but most of all the community that we live, and work in, as we fulfill our Rotary role. Rotary today, is as essential as it was back when Paul Harris saw a personal need, that was to become Rotary as we know it today. The future of Rotary needs to reflect the needs of our community, and members requirements, the grassroots of Rotary, can and will show us the way.

Early in my training and development, there were moments that I believed that I had bitten off more than I was capable of handling. But with the help of my wife and the internal team we were able to work through these dark moments to plan the path forward to what I believe has now become a very successful period in this District’s history. We have not been able to please all our District members but the goal at the start of my District Governor’s year, of happy Clubs and happy District, has for the most part been achieved. There are ongoing structures for struggling Clubs, not one size fitting all, being put in place that will possibly enable these Clubs to grow and survive. These structures are ongoing and are all works in progress which can be developed by future administrations as they see fit. The first meeting of a group of local Clubs, within a quickly growing area, was

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attended by the next three District Governors of our district. Indeed an exciting development of teamwork at the highest level, going forward. There have been many highlights during this Rotary year, the biggest being a most successful District Conference held at Yarrawonga Mulwala. An excellent range of speakers on Rotary, youth, and topical subjects was most entertaining and enjoyable. There was a large number of Rotarians and partners who supported the event, some visiting Yarrawonga Mulwala for the first time, with many comments that it would not be the last time they enjoyed the town's facilities. One such Rotarian, was Rotary International President Personal Representative, Rotary International President 2013 – 2014 Ron and Jetta Burton. Their presence was indeed a highlight, with warmth and charm on display the whole time they were with us during the Conference period.

community. District Clubs which have stable, firm leadership can grow in Their knowledge of Rotary, friendship membership with District help. Rotary and old fashion delight at spending is a vital cog in all local communities, time with us, was one of my most as we can provide knowledge, funds enjoyable time during this Rotary or youth programs, etc. for our year. My thanks to Conference Chair present or new members. Just Ross Lloyd, his committee and my imagine if we all introduce one new Rotary Club for a job well done, many member each Rotary year, then there hours of hard work done, with indeed would not be a membership issue in an outstanding result. the Rotary world.

and I thank her for her love and support. I have enjoyed the time as District Governor, the friendship that has come our way during the period of the role, and would recommend the position to like-minded Rotarians. I wish Malcolm and Jill the very best during Malcolm`s year as our District Governor. You have done the preparation; it is your turn to lead the District in 2018 -2019, good luck and my best wishes to you both.

The structure of Rotary Youth Exchange in Victorian Rotary Districts has been taken to an improved level, in the last seven months. This has come about due to a review which has been carried out by the Victorian State governing body, which has meant that the five Rotary Districts has a new Youth Exchange website, policy documents and guidelines going forward. Working closely with the Youth Exchange District Committee have been a pleasure, before and during this Rotary year. The District has an excellent Youth Exchange Program, administrated excellently by Rotarian Bruce McIntyre and his committee.

Very early during my training or development time, it was made crystal clear to me that that the makeup of the District Team was one Bernie Bott of the most critical tasks that I had to complete. It is with much pleasure District 9790 Governor 2017 - 2018 that at this time I state that the 2017 – 2018 District Team has been an excellent group, which has completed their roles entirely with and the utmost respect for all concerned. We must never forget that we are all volunteers, so I do thank every one of the District Team for the effort that you all have given, to the District and me during my term as District Governor. Tasks completed very well done, thank you all.

At the time of writing this report, there has been one hundred and fifty new members inducted into District Clubs, this Rotary year. There has been a small loss within these members through relocation, due to work and other life issues, but their retention will be of utmost importance for the District going forward.

To those District Board of Management Members who have completed their term of office at District level and will not be continuing in a role, I thank you for your commitment and time spent fulfilling your District role.

The level of commitment that one must give to the role of being a District Governor can have a There has been a firm commitment at substantial effect on family and both District and Club level to make friends, without my family support I sure that the environment that is would not have been able to present within Rotary Clubs is one complete my term. Marg has been an that is both enjoyable and sustainable active and supportive element that I to be able to fulfill the needs of needed during my leadership journey, members and the broader

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District Changeover Booking


Children First Foundation

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WhatIsRotary D9790 is the official monthly publication of Rotary International District 9790 The RI theme for the month is Fellowship Inc. Bernie’s Bottles Publisher : Editor: Greg Adams RYLA National Leaders Art Director: Greg Adams Advertising: Greg Adams Rotex Chief Cook and bottle washer : Greg as well Vocational Training Team (VTT) Editorial: send to Broadmeadows celebrates Paul Harris birthday (please) Closing date is by the 28th of each month. RAWCS Note: The views and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the District or its members.


ear Rotarian,

This is our last edition of WhatisRotary District 9790! It has been a great year in our District, filled with so many different milestones and even more amazing projects. The world is truly better with District 9790.


y Presidency has reached the end… Now what ?

We are coming near to the end of a another Rotarian year .... and your presidency is coming to an end ...

It’s like hearing: you're almost done ... .it 's almost at the end .... l can't take it a I can say this because in compiling the anymore ... and things of that sort. What newsletter this year I have seen firsthand are you, my dear president, saying now? the amazing passion and willingness to Remember that at you must be the serve by our Rotarians You are all example of your peers; you should inspirations and I want to thank each of inspire them to want to be president one you for what you do for our District. day and not to discourage them.

I would also like to thank those of you who, throughout the year, sent me articles, flyers, invites, and photos of events so that I could publicise and share with each Rotarian, friend or colleague what we are doing throughout the world. Thank you to my co-opted co-writer Kerry Jones for joining the production ‘Team’ . Kerry’s proof reading skills and articles are also greatly appreciated by all (read DG) Lastly thank you DG Burnie for the invitation to be the Newsletter Editor and allowing my free rein to publish the Newsletter WhatisRotary.

That 's right, knowing how to deal with these things is part of being a leader. and if you know how to properly administer this, I know thot you were a great president! I want to challenge you to right your experience as president for the new DG’ Newsletter. Share your good and bad moments! Remember: your term is reaching its end ... I know for certain that you will miss it... There will come a moment when you no longer have time to do the projects you wanted to accomplish but that never left your thoughts or the paper drafts ... there isn't time left to do a lot of things, it's reaching the end !

ln every aspect of life, there are bad moments just like there are good moments! There 's a saying from my country thot says: " not everything is Share your story so it con go into the flowers" . Thot' s exactly it. but new DG’s newsletter next edition: remember. thot it is in the bad times thot we learn, thot we grow .... Reprinted and edited from Dini Heize I know thot there are times thot dealing with the old and experienced Rotarian isn't easy, because he knows everything, right? And what about the one that only appears at the events to be in photos? Oh, there 's also the one thot wants to be the best at everything, right?

Greg Adams.

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Quest Magazine D6930

INVITATION – DISTRICT 9790 CHANGEOVER LUNCHEON My fellow Rotarians and friends, On behalf of District Governor Bernie and Marg, District Governor Elect Malcolm and Jill, I cordially invite you to attend the District 9790 Changeover Luncheon. Come, celebrate and thank “Bernie’s Bunch” and welcome our incoming District Governor Malcolm and his team. The Changeover Luncheon will be held at the Gateway, Wangaratta on Sunday July 1st 2018. Proceedings will commence at 11.45am The cost of $45.00 per head includes a two course meal, tea and coffee Drinks are at bar prices.

Registrations and payment are made with TryBooking Please book by Friday June 22nd. Numbers are limited and Rotarians are encouraged to register early. Registrations and payment are NOT available on the day. Yours in Rotary, Gary Fitzgerald D9790 Secretary-2018

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n 22 May the Children First Foundation home (previously the Moria Kelly home) had an official opening of the new Physiotherapy room and the enclosing of the open air swimming pool. DG Bernie Bott and a number of District and Rotary Club of Preston members were in attendance. In particular our very own Bernie Lamers AM from RC Preston was present. Elizabeth Lodge, CEO of CFF, formally opened the recent addition of the new Physiotherapy Room. In appreciation of the excellent work Rotarian Bernie Lamers has completed at the home since 2000 (that’s 18 years of consistent work) Elizabeth had great pleasure in recognising the Rehabilitation room as "The Lamers Family Physiotherapy Room". This was a fantastic honour to Bernie and his family. In addition the enclosure of the swimming pool was formally opened. Previously the swimming pool could only be used four weeks of the year and now it can be used all year round due to the enclosure. After the opening of both The Lamers Family Physiotherapy Room and the swimming pool enclosure DG Bernie Bott had pleasure in presenting to CFF a donation of $10,000 from District 9790 for the provision of bush fire water tanks as required by recently enacted regulations. The two tanks will provide 90,000 litres of water in the event of bush fires. The CFF Miracle Smiles Retreat continues to go from strength to strength with the ongoing support of District 9790 and, in particular, the Rotary Club of Preston. June 2018 Page 6

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The Rotary International theme for June is Fellowship.


hen I first joined Rotary, I thought that meant friendships – getting to know one’s fellow Rotarians, building relationships and strengthening bonds between us. This seemed like a nice idea and an important one, but I was to discover that this wasn’t quite the case.

What drew my attention was some of the more obscure groups, (well, obscure to me!) so I thought that perhaps I could find a brand new interest! Trying to find out a little more about the Rotary Fellowship of Go, I tried to explore their website, only to find that it was written entirely in Japanese! However a little more research enabled me to discover that Go is an abstract strategy board game for The month of June celebrates a number of groups that two players which had its origin in China but has become come under the banner of Rotary Fellowships, which are a very popular in Japan and Korea. group of international Rotarians that share a common passion. That common interest may be a hobby, a sport, a So, not getting very far with Go, I decided to explore profession or an activity. In all, there are 78 different something else that was a little unusual – the Rotary Fellowships and they are as diverse as they could possibly Fellowship of Magna Graecia. This website was in Italian, be. but it did quite comfortably translate into English. This Fellowship brings together Rotarians who are interested For professionals, some of the Fellowships include: Health in the Greek, Roman and Italian roots of modern culture. Professionals, Police and Law Enforcement Officers and Somehow, I didn’t think that was for me, either! the more general Rotary Means Business. If you are a sporting enthusiast, you could join the Fellowships for So what about the Fellowship of Magicians? I wonder just tennis, cricket, scuba diving, or cycling. And as for how many Rotarians practice magic. Their website gave hobbies, the list is endless: bird watching, genealogists, me details of two magicians (are there more members?), cooking and caravanning to name just a few. one from the Netherlands and one from the USA. Sadly I could only find one of their newsletters – from 2009! Many of the Fellowships have a booth at International Convention and promote their memberships there. Many So, I think that maybe have specific activities at the Convention, such as specific magicians are out of dinners or meetings. Some of the Fellowships have the question as well. special fundraising activities where they raise money for certain projects. Others have international events such as the Fellowship of Marathon Running, who are staging a marathon in New Zealand in November 2018, combined with a sightseeing tour of the country.

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The Fellowship of Antique Classic and Historic Automobiles seemed more up to date, with quite an impressive website as did the one for the International Fellowship of Railroading Rotarians. But they are not really topics of interest to me. But suddenly a couple of Fellowships that were of interest to me took my eye. The Fellowships of Quilters and Fibre Artists and the Fellowship of Genealogists seemed much more to my taste.

Perhaps I have now found something to investigate further. I am sure that if you look hard enough at the list of 78 Fellowships, you will find something that interests you. It could be a brand new adventure in Rotary life! Kerry Jones Rotary Club of Diamond Creek

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4x4 vehicles Amateur Radio Antique Automobiles Beer Bird Watching Bowling Canoeing Caravanning Chess Computer Users Cooking Convention Goers Corporate Social Responsibility Cricket Cruising Curling Cycling Doll Lovers Draughts (Checkers) E-Clubs Editors and Publishers Educators Environment Esperanto Ethics European Philosophy Fishing Flying Genealogists Go Golf Health Professionals Hiking Home Exchange Honorary Consuls Horseback Riding Internet Italian Culture Jazz Latin Culture Lawyers Magicians

Magna Graecia Marathon Running Military Veterans Motorcycling

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Music Old and Rare Books Past District Governors Photographers Police and Law Enforcement Quilters and Fiber Artists Railroads Recreational Vehicles Rotary Global History Rotary Heritage and History Rotary Means Business Rotary on Pins Rotary on Stamps Rowing Russian Culture Scouting Scuba Diving Shooting Sport Singles Skiing Social Networks Surfing Table Tennis Tennis Total Quality Management Travel and Hosting Water Polo Wellness and Fitness Whisk(e)y Wine Yachting Yoga


ictured with President of Albury Wodonga Sunrise, Amanda Ross, is DG Bernie Bott and adventurer Jeremy Scott.

Europe, across Turkey, Iran, India China, Japan, Asia and on to Australia and NZ. An absolutely magnificent achievement that traversed 29 countries and took two and a half years.

Jeremy has spoken at a number of Rotary clubs in District 9790 about his epic 52,000 km bike ride from London to Auckland in order to raise money for the National Heart Foundation.

Jeremy now is spending time as a keynote speaker visiting different parts of Australia and selling his magnificent book, "A long way from a broken heart" for $65. Tem percent of every book he sells goes to the National Heart Foundation. It’s worth buying the book just for the photography never Jeremy was born with a hole in the heart in New Zealand and mind the story! had ground breaking surgery at the age of four. The operation was a complete success. As the age of 38 Jeremy Jeremy is heading to other Rotary Districts shortly. If you get decided to add real purpose to his life and physically the chance to hear him speak it’s worth hearing the story. challenge himself by riding a bike from London, through June 2018 Page 11

Bernie’s Bottles Wine: Peos Estate Four Kings Grape(s): Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot Vintage: 2014 Alcohol: 14.5%Cellar: 5-8 years Region: Manjimup, WA Price: $30 A structured palate of concentrated flavours of blueberry and chocolate leading to characters of cedar and cloves. Integrated fine dusty tannins with a lingering finish. Medium bodied with a generous mouth-feel, well balanced acidity and fine dusty tannins. Flavours of dark fruits and mocha linger on the finish

Wine: Mclean’s Farm Grape(s): Cabernet Sauvignon Vintage: 2008 (2015 label shown) Alcohol: 14% Cellar: 5- 8 years Region: Barossa Price: $17 - $23 Ripe, spicy berry flavours. Integrated oak. A well made wine at a reasonable price

Wine: Saltram’s Winemakers Reserve Shiraz Grape(s): Shiraz Vintage: 2014 Alcohol: 14.5%Cellar: 10 - 15 years Region: Barossa Valley Price: around $30 No history of the Australian wine industry is complete without the mention of Saltram, the Barossa winery that's been creating prestigious wines since 1859. This Winemakers Reserve Barossa Shiraz is no exception. Made with select parcels of shiraz fruit harvested from expressive vineyards in the heart of the Barossa, it's soft and plush with a great hit of dark berry fruits and spicy notes. If you would like to buy older wines, such as the ones reviewed here, they may be available at auction houses such or

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Now that’s a novel Fundraiser and who can forget the four way test ! Eh Mr Bott.

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ow exciting it was to witness the first ever National RYLA Leaders’ Forum! RYLA Leaders from all around Australia gathered in Moonee Valley on May 5 and 6, to share ideas, discuss program strengths and challenges and to work together to improve their programs for the future. This was the first RYLA Leaders’ Forum since 1999!

Throughout the weekend, the passion and the enthusiasm were extraordinary. Discussion was fast and furious with lots of new ideas and concepts being considered.

Each RYLA program, no matter where it is located, delivers the same outcomes— leadership development and self– development for young people between Twenty-four RYLA Leaders from all the ages of 18 and 30. However the states and territories spent the weekend methods are quite diverse. Each District together discussing just how to do RYLA has its own unique approach. One better! These discussions will be the District runs RYLA for just a weekend, beginning of ongoing support for each whereas here in District 9790, our RYLA other and the continual development of program runs for a week. After RYLA programs. experiencing the discussion at the forum, that other District is now looking Amazingly, there were over 200 RYLA at extending its program. It’s all about events represented in the 11 districts collaboration, communication, problem that attended the forum. solving and content building. All of the Leaders left with minds brimming full of excitement and eagerness to implement new ideas. June 2018 Page 14

Special thanks to the Rotary Club of Strathmore, President Emma and Grant Godino for their support of National RYLA Leadership. Their assistance was instrumental in making this weekend happen.

A couple of quotes sum up the weekend perfectly: ‘Value beyond dollars for those able to attend and for those we will share it with in future,’ and the parting words from one RYLA Director, Tyler Lawrence: ‘The future of RYLA is looking very bright’ There is no doubt that this weekend proved RYLA’s strength in Australia. How refreshing that this initiative was taken—this is the future of Rotary!

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Rotex District 9790 is a Rotary Alumni Association made up of past Rotary Youth Exchange students.


ay we introduce ourselves as Rotex District 9790, the newest club in our District made up of passionate, inspired and enthusiastic young people aged between 16 and 23. All of our members have successfully completed a 12-month Rotary Youth Exchange and returned home from overseas ready to give back to a community that gave us the opportunities of a lifetime.

We also play a chaperoning role for Rotary events such as the District Conference and Albury Hume’s Paying It Forward Fiji volunteering trip. Furthermore, one of the highlights is assisting and supervising young inbound students from all over the world on their Australian Safari tour.

promotional materials as well as investing in the leadership of our members who show promise of inspired Rotary leadership in the future.

Our club would benefit from any suggestions or networking opportunities which would see a We have been working together with benefit for not only Youth Exchange our District’s Youth Exchange continuing within our District, but for Committee since 2013 and in sustaining Rotary membership and We are part of a global initiative December 2017 our club was officially service above self within our clubs. In which facilitates a connection chartered as a Rotary Alumni turn, we extend an open invitation to between past, present & future Association. Our efforts, along with all clubs already involved in Youth exchange students and the associated fantastic support from key Rotarians, Exchange or those considering adding connection to Rotary. Our primary such as District Governor Bernie Bott, it as a club program to reach out. We purpose is to serve the Rotary Youth mean that we are the second would be delighted to arrange a Exchange program by promoting it, chartered club in Australia, and ninth presentation at your club. supporting the Youth Exchange worldwide! A fantastic effort for our Committee, as well as parents and District! Gabrielle Jeffs & Nicola Gates students within the program As a new club we are still finding our (outbound, inbound and rebound). feet and looking to both expand our Rotex plays an integral role in portfolio and discover new avenues to assisting to identify suitable raise funds to give back to the candidates for exchange, running programs we support into the future. information sessions, preparing Funds raised within our club continue students and their parents at to support the Youth Exchange orientation weekends and providing experience in various forms such as support services for current and providing activities for in- and returned students of exchange. rebound students, updating

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District 9790 Vocational Training Team UPDATE

Les Mitchell (Team Leader) Elizabeth Mace. Jon Van Popering. Ross Abberfield.


i Bernie,

The trip is going really well and as you would expect we have been overwhelmed by the local hospitality. We have met with several Rotary clubs, mostly on a social basis, but have presented at two breakfast meetings over the last couple of days. Elizabeth and John have all learned quite a lot already particularly in regard to orchard management and layout. Ross is making a lot of contacts and is formulating an idea to link secondary schools in Australia, USA and Canada, through Rotary to raise awareness within community of pest control issues. He has so far been surprised by the lack of coordination between agencies in the US with regard to raising this community awareness. Les Mitchell Horticulture Consultant Eurofins Agroscience Services

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Broadmeadows Celebrates Paul Harris’s Birthday


otary Club of Broadmeadows President Charlie Grech was pleased to welcome more than 70 Rotarians and friends including PDG Richard Luke and Lorna, DGN Bruce Anderson, AG Anne Reid,and members of the Rotary Clubs of Strathmore, Craigieburn, Southern Mitchell and Greenvale, to the club’s 13th Annual Paul Harris Birthday Celebration Dinner at the Essendon’s Windy Hill last month. President Charlie was also pleased to welcome John Kavanagh, Mayor of Moreland and Geoff Porter, Mayor of Hume, to our annual dinner.

Judge Irene Lawson, our first female guest speaker, said that she was the 3rd of six children who grew up in Broadmeadows. She said that her father who was a truck driver and a skilled metal-worker encouraged his children’s education and wanted them all to work hard. Her mother who managed their little income ensured that there was always money for schooling. Irene who said she enjoyed school very much attended St Dominics Primary School, Sancta Sophia and was a foundation student at Geoghegan College (Penola).

The Dinner which annually focuses its attention on Broadie’s Success Stories was this year addressed by Judge Irene Lawson from the County Court who grew up in Broadmeadows. This year’s dinner also recognized the 150th anniversary of the birth of Paul Percy Harris the founder of Rotary.

Irene said the Broadmeadows community was full of positive experiences and even though her father was chided for his emphasis on education especially for his girls they were all successful and completed university.

DGN Bruce proposed the toast to Rotary International and drew attention to the programs of Australian Rotary Health and PDG Richard in his response spoke of the reach of Rotary in the worldwide community and the work of the Rotary Foundation.

Past President Michael Church in his tenth Paul Harris tribute acknowledged the women who had influenced Harris, his grandmother, Pamela and his wife Jean. Michael said that Paul’s grandmother urged him through his early wayward years to make the most of the educational opportunities that his grandparents had provided and his wife, his Bonnie Jean, who was most supportive of Paul’s works for Rotary throughout their married life. Michael’s address was apt as the evening focused on women who are Making a Difference.

Judge Lawson said that her Bachelor of Laws was inspired by her grandmother and she was fortunate to meet lawyer Rotarian Jim McCarthy who assisted her entry into the legal profession and her involvement in civil litigation on behalf of the aboriginal people. She has served as lawyer in Alice Springs and said that now she is a judge in the Trial Division and deals with crime every day. Irene said that she is keen to inspire students from Broadmeadows and has established a scholarship at the University of Melbourne to assist disadvantaged students. Irene urged us all to seek to make a difference. Irene was ealier recognized as a Big Winner from Broadie. The Dinner also included the induction of Ben Chenwolo from Kenya, member of Rotary Club of South Sudan, into the Rotary Club of Craigieburn. Ben, who was inducted by PDG Don Cox and

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Craigieburn President Sam Mellili and was a doctor in his own country is currently studying to earn his Australian accreditation in Medicine. He said he has been in Australia for two months and googled Rotary to find the nearest club. It was a special moment in our Paul Harris Night. The Dinner was another great Club event and while continuing to acknowledge the vision of Paul Harris each year we also look forward to enjoying the many success stories from Broadmeadows into the future.

Rotary Australia World Community Service ROTARY AUSTRALIA COMPASSIONATE GRANTS



s a result of a wonderful one million dollar donation by Dick Smith, submissions for Rotary Australia Compassionate Grants (RACG) are now being assessed by the Rotary Australia Benevolent Society (RABS) and if successful these will lead to funds being distributed to disadvantaged people identified by local Rotary Clubs.

There is still a significant amount of the donation from Dick Smith left

A RACG will match a Club’s or District’s fundraising on a dollar for dollar basis and the project must have a minimum value of $2,000 (i.e. a minimum grant of $1,000) to find more information on the criteria and examples of projects Google, Rotary Australia Compassionate Grants

Projects to be considered for a Compassionate Grant must meet RABS There are 52 RACG projects across Criteria and the funds are to provide Australia and 4 are active in our District. direct relief to people in the community or benefit a section of the community rather than a community as a whole.

With approximately $300,000.00 still remaining it would be great to see more clubs in our District taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity. More information at: http:// David Meller (R.C. Strathmore) Chairman Rotary District 9790 RAWCS. Mob: 0409 165 553 Email:

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artners Program -

Both dementia and prostate cancer have had a large effect on DG Bernie, his wife, Marg and their extended families. Please support the Dementia Foundation and Movember for cancer Marg would like to ask clubs for their support for both causes. This can be done by holding a fundraising event in November to raise money for men's health and to also contribute to research into dementia. .

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WhatisRotary District 9790 June 2018  

WhatisRotary District 9790 June 2018 is the official Rotary International District 9790 DG's newsletter

WhatisRotary District 9790 June 2018  

WhatisRotary District 9790 June 2018 is the official Rotary International District 9790 DG's newsletter