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his Rotary year started with the dreams of yours and mine, for a better Rotary that sought to engage Club and District members in developing exciting initiatives designed, to support Rotary International’s three priorities for Rotary’s Vision. These vision being to support and strengthen clubs, focus and Increase humanitarian service and enhance public image. It should now read: I believe that we encourage Rotarians and their clubs to use opportunities to openly and respectfully discuss, to analyse and to review what we do and whether it is worthwhile. Are our actions worthwhile, giving people a reason to be a Rotarian? Are we engaging our communities and moving dreams to reality? In looking back over the last seven months, I believe we have made a good start, with membership stabilized at this point, but we must, and can do more. District Clubs are working better together, through significant projects, fellowship events which are enhancing public awareness and will grow membership going forward. District past leaders are giving their time and knowledge freely to small struggling Clubs, which is very encouraging for the future of the District. At this point, I must bring to the District’s attention the time, effort and leadership shown by the District Youth Exchange Chair, Bruce McIntyre, and his committee. There has been a significant review conducted on the Youth Exchange program, within the state of Victoria. The timing, depth, and duration of the evaluation have been both challenging and at times unrealistic. I am pleased to report that Bruce was able to meet every deadline, on our behalf before Christmas. We are now waiting for what the next round of requirements are, as the review moves to the next stage. Twelve Clubs have entered their goals on the Rotary International website, which is a disappointing result.

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I do thank the Clubs that have made an effort by entering their goals; these Clubs are the leaders of our District. I ask all Assistant Governors to encourage all Clubs to make an effort in this area, we can and need to do better, with setting aims and goals of our members and Clubs. Looking forward to the upcoming District Conference, it is all systems go, as we enter the last few weeks, before this much-anticipated event on our Rotary calendar. The effort that my Conference Committee has exerted over the previous three years has been of the highest order, under the leadership of Ross Lloyd. An atmosphere of Rotary, fun, entertainment and fellowship will be the order of the day. We are hoping that every Club of the District will be in attendance, which will allow the spreading of Rotary ideas and also the old fashion way of making friendships throughout the District. The art of networking through the Rotary world is a potent tool at Club and District level, so please come, and enjoy your District Conference. Thank you to the Management Group, for your effort and support, during this Rotary year of Rotary Making a Difference. There have been many turns in the path that we have taken together; most we have enjoyed and been able to have fun, a few problematic but which we have handled with care and responsibility. Growing our District membership is a goal if achieved, that we could become very proud of, as we work forward through the latter part of this Rotary year. Regards DG Bernie.

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End Trachoma


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Vale Margaret Gorman OAM

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WhatIsRotary D9790 is the official monthly publication of Rotary International District 9790 Inc. Publisher : Editor: Greg Adams Art Director: Greg Adams Advertising: Greg Adams Chief Cook and bottle washer : Greg as well Editorial: send to (please) Closing date is by the 28th of each month. Note: The views and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the District or its members.

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THIS IS WHY! By Melisa Schrock, DGE District 7090


very one of us has had our Rotary “Moment” – that moment when it suddenly hits you, “This is why I do what I do!!”. For each of us, it’s something different. For many of you, it continues to evolve. I’d like to share with you some Rotary Moments I recently experienced with a group of high school students and Interact Club Members from Akron High School. This past Christmas holiday, I was fortunate enough to co-chaperone a service trip to the Dominican Republic with 9 girls, ranging in age from 17 to 21. Some were Akron High School alumni and some were current Interact students. All were engaged and excited to demonstrate Service Above Self. Our trip took us to Bani, Dominican Republic, where we worked at the Elizabeth Seton Nutrition Center, doing some hands-on service projects. The girls spent the past 6 months hosting various fundraisers to help raise money to contribute towards the future expansion of classrooms at this Center. In addition, they offered “sweat equity” by constructing walls, painting and transplanting fruit trees. The lessons they learned about service and helping others was priceless. As a result of their efforts, they were able to make a $1000 USD donation to a local medical dispensary, and a $5000 donation to the Elizabeth Seton Center towards the cost of their building project. One of the true joys I draw from an experience like this, is watching the “ah-ha” moments with each of these young ladies… and future Rotarians! And, in the spirit of full disclosure, my daughter was one of the young ladies on the trip – and watching your child have that experience… well, let’s just say – it brought a tear to this proud mama’s eye! When I am surrounded by young people, doing this work – whether it’s across the globe or in our own back yard – my Rotarian pride swells. This stuff, these projects, those kids… THEY are the future of Rotary. THEY are the ones who will be making a difference. THEY just may have had their first Rotary Moment!

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Bernie’s Cellar Wine: Yangarra Estate Vineyard Grape(s): Grenache Vintage: 2013 Alcohol: 14.5% Cellar: 5 – 10 years Region: McLaren Vale Price: $30 - $35 A brambly and bright red fruited grenache that has very attractive purity and effortless appeal, raspberry, dried leaves and herbs, some light spices also in the mix. The palate

Wine: Wirra Wirra Woodhenge Grape(s): Shiraz

Vin tage: 2014 Alcohol: 14.5% Cellar: 10+ years Region: McLaren Vale Price: $27 - $30 Big bold and tightly knit, Woodhenge will evolve over the following years as the style and full body of McLaren Vale fruit starts to integrate. Currently showing dark chocolate, mocha and mint over tones. As this wine ages and unfurls patience will be rewarded.

Wine: Best’s Great Western Bin 1 Grape(s): Shiraz

Vintage: 2014

Alcohol: 14% Cellar: 10+ years Region: Grampians Price: $24- $27 A deep coloured Shiraz from the Great Western area. It has the elegance of a cool climate wine; with black pepper and mint characters. Also, warm spices on the nose with great tannins and oak structure on the palate. Best's Great Western Bin 1 Shiraz is beautifully made for most occasions.

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Subject: RI President Ian Riseley invites D9790 to "Trachoma Live - 19-25 Feb '18"

Dear District Governor Bernie and District Champion Melissa, We need your help to contact every Rotarian in District 9790. We have a ‘star-studded’ line up for our Trachoma Live event to be held 19-25 February 2018. And with your assistance, we want to contact everyone in District 9790 to invite them to join this wonderful opportunity. Our own RI President, Ian Riseley, headlines our list of distinguished presenters! Bernie, can we please ask you to send the attached flyers to your Club Presidents, and any other relevant club contacts, and encourage them to promote Trachoma Live in their Club Bulletin, Newsletter, Website, Facebook, and spruik at their Club Meetings etc. The purpose of the ‘EndTrachoma by 2020’ Trachoma Live event is to inform, communicate with, and enlighten as many Rotarians and friends about Trachoma in Australia.

How great would it be if every Rotarian in D9790 fully understood the situation with Trachoma, and joined us on this journey to elimination! With your help, this becomes possible! Thank you from the ‘EndTrachoma by 2020’ team in advance of your support with this request. Sandi - on behalf of the 'EndTrachoma by 2020' team


Sandi Fulcher Administration Coordinator

William Richard Chapple Mobile: 0416 063 434 was born on the And fellow Rotarian at Chadstone/East Malvern 22nd | January 1930 in Hertfordshire England and passed away on February 2018 Page 6 Tuesday, 28 November, 2017.

Rotary Building Healthy Communities What is trachoma? Throughout the 19th century, trachoma was a major cause of blindness among urban non-indigenous people. In 1888, it was described in Melbourne “as the most common eye disease met with, and occupied most of the time and anxiety of the oculist�. Many of today's most famous ophthalmic hospitals, including the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne, were established in the 20th century to manage trachoma cases. Improvements in housing, water supply, sewerage and rubbish disposal infrastructure by the 1940s saw trachoma disappear from urban and remote non-indigenous Australian populations. Unfortunately however, blinding trachoma still remains in Australia a significant number of our remote Indigenous communities, being particularly infectious among children.

How can we end trachoma in Australia? Affected communities need assistance to enable the practice of health hygiene through the provision and maintenance of appropriate facilities and infrastructure. And we need to ensure that they are empowered with health knowledge that is understood, transferred and adopted in culturally appropriate ways.

Rotary has already demonstrated an aptitude for creating tremendous change through their work with international partners and governments in their efforts to eradicate polio globally. By drawing on Rotary’s resources in Australia and combining them with existing programs, we have the opportunity to contribute significantly to the elimination of this avoidable blindness from our country. If we start now, we have the chance to sustainably achieve trachoma elimination by 2020. Trachoma is the leading infectious cause of blindness globally. Australia remains the world's last developed country where it still persists. It is caused by the bacterium Chlamydia Trachomatis and spreads by personal contact (via hands, clothing, towels or bedding), or by flies that have been in contact with the discharge from the nose or eyes of an infected person. Blindness from recurrent trachoma infections is irreversible. But trachoma is an entirely preventable disease, and infections can be treated quickly and effectively.

Photo courtesy of Indigenous Eye Health, University of Melbourne

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C of Southern Mitchell Rotarian Gordon Hastie has been described as brash and pushy , that’s what we love about him ! Quietly working in the background on committees of community groups including Nexus Community Health, RSL and Mitchell Shire suicide prevention network. Gordon was the 2014/15 Conference Chairman and many roles within the club.. Originally a member of South Bank Rotary he now lives and runs a cattle farm near Mt Piper near Broadford. Gordon is under the Spotlight this month.

February 2018 Page 8

Under the Spotlight

District 9790 Youth Service Committee Chair Gordon Hastie.

What’s one thing most people would be surprised to know about you? That I’m not yet a member of a political party What’s the smartest thing you’ve been told? “Cash is not trash”

How would someone you love describe you? Mad! What’s the oldest item in your wardrobe that you still wear? An old rugby jumper What do you look or feel really good in? Jeans, RM Williams boots and a rugby jumper What’s one simple thing you’re really good at? Networking What do you least like to do?

Paperwork What’s the one talent you wish you had? Patience One thing you refuse to eat? Tripe You would you like to invite to a dinner party ? (Living) My wife, Michelle & Barack Obama, Paul Keating, my Daughter & Son-In-Law I’m glad I am….. A Rotarian What was your best break in life? In the Army moving from a tank gunner to an electronics technician What was your happiest birthday party? 40th, I was past the halfway mark of the three score year and ten Best holiday destination (or place you wish to visit)............ Maui, Hawaii Who’s your most memorable character? Nelson Mandela Currently, you are reading what? Exit Wounds, John Cantwell What or have you had a ‘Rotary Moment’ My first District Conference, in Adelaide If you were an animal what would you be? A Tiger (Carn the Tiges) Are you a dog or a cat person? A dog ( a Labrador & a Bitser) February 2018 Page 9

ROTEX in District 9790

Written by Sarah McNamara and Rachael Feldtmann

We have big plans for the district in terms of creating more support for youth exchange students; whether it is students heading out, currently completing their exchange in Australia or returning from their year abroad. We have an exciting calendar coming up which includes orientation weekends, new social events, presenting at the Rotary District Conference, as well as chaperoning and leadership opportunities for our members. Rotex is a fantastic way for past exchange students to give Rotex is a Rotary alumni association that exists to establish and maintain a common bond among Rotary Youth Exchange back to the district and to the clubs that have supported them throughout their journey. It is continuing the “service alumni, as well as to provide past exchange students the opportunity for involvement in Rotary service directly above self� principle by giving back to a community that relating to Youth Exchange programs. Rotex is open to all gives students the opportunity to experience a year of former Rotary Youth Exchange participants who have growth, friendship, and life-changing experiences. successfully completed the program, including long term and short term exchange.


otex has been a long time coming in our Rotary District, 9790. There has been a select and dedicated group of past exchange students who have been working to create Rotex as a bonafide club in the District. As of these past couple of weeks, all the hard work has paid off! We have become an official Rotary Alumni Association, and the first Rotex club in District 9790.

This service mainly involves the Orientation weekends, where students are prepared for being sent overseas, as well as support offered for inbound Youth Exchange students and returnees (rebounds). We work closely with the Rotary Youth Exchange Committee to plan and implement strategies and activities during these weekends relating to the Exchange program. This is done by our members alongside our Rotarian adviser, who is responsible for connecting the association with local Rotarians and clubs. Picture above right: Rotex members Rachael Feldtmann, James Richardson and Sarah McNamara attending the 9790 District Conference in 2017 to present and chaperone students.

Picture below: 5 years of past exchange students : L-R: Jack Kadaoui (2015), James Richardson (2014), Nicola Gates (2013), Rachael Feldtmann & Gab Jeffs (2012), Sarah McNamara (2011).

February 2018 Page 10


he month also includes the anniversary of the first meeting of Rotary held on February 23, 1905, now designated World Understanding and Peace Day. World Understanding Month is a chance for every club to pause, plan and promote the Fourth Avenue of ServiceRotary’s continued quest for goodwill, peace and understanding among people of the world.

Many of our clubs and their representatives are already participating in activities that promote world understanding through humanitarian service in support of a variety of international projects. During the month of February, our district will participate in a National Immunization Day through travel to India for the administration of the polio vaccine. We look forward to hearing a report from these ambassadors at our district conference in April.

Please consider what your club can do to promote more World Understanding in our Rotary World. Would your club support the hosting of a Group Study Exchange?

Does your club participate in the Youth Exchange Program? Do you seek out and support international projects through our district’s matching grant program? During World Understanding Month, Rotary clubs focus on projects and programs that promote peace and reduce conflict in our communities and around the world. Examples of programs that fall within the Rotary Foundation “Peace and Conflict Resolution” area of focus include:

February is an excellent time for all Rotarians and their Clubs to reflect on the fact that we are all part of a wonderful worldwide organisation, time to reflect on our fourth Object of Rotary –

The Fourth Object of Rotary – The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.

February 2018 Page 11

RYPEN 2018 will be held at Lake Nillahcootie Camp from 16th to 18th March, 2018. south of Swanpool on the Midland Highway between Benalla and Mansfield. Contact: Malcolm S. Watt 137 Hayes Street Shepparton Vic. 3630 Australia 61(0)358210161ah 61(0)439158274mob

February 2018 Page 12

Lake Nillahcootie Camp is 14klms

Tickets available

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ne day, reading The Rotarian magazine, we came across an article on Rotary fellowships. We want you to know that the concept and practice of fellowships has moved our Rotary experience to a deeper level. First, we went online to investigate the many fellowships that interested us. Would it be the beer, wine, social media or RV’ing? Why not all of them!!

We noticed that the RV fellowship had an upcoming rally in Orillia, Ontario. We called immediately to see to see if we could still attend, since it was just past the deadline for signup. Thankfully they were still able to fit us in. There were about 15 units from the USA and Canada attended this fun four days of RV’ing and fellowship. We immediately found new Rotary friends with a likeness of travel, adventure and camping. This fellowship meets in different parts of Canada and USA for rallies that stay in one place, or rolling rallies which tour throughout a geographical area. The fellowship has traveled as far as Australia with plans for Europe.

At the end of every rally, we donated to something in the area that is highway related since we are on the highways so much.

We ended up at the Atlanta RI Convention,which was our first convention. Not knowing what to expect at the convention, any apprehension we had was eased by the new Rotarian friends we had met from around the world. During the convention, we would see our new friends, sometimes meeting up with them at the House of Friendship RV Fellowship booth which added to our convention experience. Incoming President Ian Riseley attended The At every Rotary International convention in North America and Rotary Foundation party, and our new Australian friend some abroad, the RV fellowship has a rally meeting place with insisted we meet him and took us over to him to be accommodation (spots to park your home on wheels). This introduced personally. What a blast! year in Toronto the CNE grounds will be our home both before and during the convention. Some years - over 100 units have I am sure the many other fellowships also have same or similar made the trek to the convention. After the convention there uplifting and fun experiences. I know the beer and wine is a rolling rally that you can join as well. Any Rotarian is fellowships also met at the convention for special outings invited to join us this year.Before the 2017 convention in related to beer and wine. Atlanta, 30 units from USA, Canada, Australia and England

traveled together in their own units or rentals for three weeks starting and ending in Atlanta. Along the way Rotarians joined and left the caravan as their schedules allowed. We visited Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina. Some of the sights we saw along the way included the Smokey Mountains, the Grand Ole Opry, President Andrew Jackson's home - The Hermitage, Biltmore Estates, a railways tour with a bourbon tasting, and so much more. Rotary clubs along the way entertained us, either at a regular meeting or a social they planned for us. But the most fun we had was at the nightly happy hour which quickly became happy evenings, with discussion about the day’s events, The Rotary Foundation, lots of fundraising ideas as well as sharing of our personal lives. A bonus of this fellowship is that, unlike commercial rallies, we run on a nonprofit, so the price is very realisable.

February 2018 Page 14

So, what are you waiting for? Look at the Rotary Fellowships webpage and find a fellowship to enhance your Rotary experience.

Gary and Sandi Chard, Rotary Club of St. Catharines Lakeshore

February 21 Rotary youth forum

Calling all Youth Would you like to meet new people? Have fun? Make a difference in YOUR community? We are running a youth forum and we would like to invite you to be part of this exciting initiative! Find out how you can be part of an exciting initiative making a difference in the community‌. Tickets on sale now:

Epping Rotary February 2018 Page 15

Numarkah Rotary


auren a St Mary's student gave a passionate account of her alternate schoolies week in the Philippines.

One of 6 students from St Mary's, Lauren travelled to the Philippines on an immersion program visiting and assisting at housing projects and orphanages. Difference between Australia and Philippines is that they have no social security. Big impact was meeting people, always happy and smiling, making the most of what they have. This experience did not make Lauren happy with situation and challenged her to look at situation of fellow human beings. Heartfelt experience was joining Brother Paul on his nightly visits to women on the street. A humble man, trusted by the women as he handed out medical supplies, condoms and comfort. Trip impacted on Lauren's future. She was considering entering nursing, now she can not wait to pursue her goal of nursing and return with these skills. Lauren was grateful she was able to contribute to the situation, thanking Rotary for their contribution.

Preston Rotary


OTARY YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARD: Also a RYLArian, Chair Brett Allchin introduced MAKAYLA WALLES to speak of her RYLArian experience in 2017. Makayla was on a high as earlier in the day she had passed her drivers licence test.

Makayla was openly grateful for the Club’s sponsorship. She voiced the difficulty in expressing the value and benefits she has taken from the experience and the skills and knowledge it has taught her – specific skills and knowledge she already has used.

For her, RYLA was the meeting of a new family and the making of friendships that will remain a lifetime. This was a time to choose the level at which one wants to challenge ones self. During the course, personal, social and physical challenges abounded as jumping from heights while seeking help from spectators. These exercises taught her: 1. She could accomplish anything as long as she had support. 2. The things one tells oneself have more effect that one realizes. 3. In order to attain any goal, it needs to be broken down into smaller steps (one at a time).

February 2018 Page 16

Beer & Pizza Night

Live to travel? Make a Difference in the Community?

Meet new people?

Epping Rotary

Want to be a Leader?

Come and hear Con’s Story about how from The Boy With One Suitcase he Became ...... Con Nichols - an Entrepreneur, Author, Philanthropist, Property Developer/ Investor, Business Owner and self made Millionaire. Over Beer & Pizza, hear how Con went from landing in Australia as “The Boy with One Suitcase” to become a millionaire. Con says: “Business is like a marathon you need to last the distance” Tickets on sale here: $37.50 includes Pizza Casa D'Abruzzo | 55 Oherns Rd, Epping

February 2018 Page 17

Christine Stow 0439385217 or Catherine 0417307329

March 21 6.30 for 7pm

Seymour Rotary


his week we had the wonderful opportunity to visit Maygars Winery, located on the Hume Highway just south of Euroa. Our host Jenny Houghton, pictured with Sharon Anderson Warne, took those present on a brief tour of the winery before adjourning to the magnificent cellar door for a taste or two of the magnificent product produced on the property. The winery was named after World War 1 hero Lieutenant Colonel Leslie Cecil Maygar who settled in the area to farm, following the war. His name also takes pride of place on the roadway sign adjacent to the property, on the Hume Highway, Maygars Hill.

Jenny spoke with an obvious love and admiration for the historic nature of the property which she established in 1994, with a particular emphasis on the heroic exploits of Lieutenant Colonel Maygar. The vineyard has received many awards for small wine producers with a recent winner being a delightful, refreshing Rosé however Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon remain the backbone of the business. Jenny also spoke of the difficulties of competing against the ‘big boys’ and their aggressive pricing policies but believes in the fact that a premium product would win out in the end. Maygars Hill winery product is available via the cellar door, local restaurants and several local IGA supermarkets.

The Hands on Project is a RAWCS sanctioned activity and our Rotary Club recently donated $500 to the project.

Last Sunday President Ron and Fiona McCarthy attended the Alexandra Town Hall where 10 prosthetic limbs were assembled. Each limb took 2 hours to compete which included providing our club details so that the recipient can communicate with us directly in the future.

During the 10 years of fighting in the Vietnam war a lot of the bombs dropped did not explode, which led to children in Laos, Cambodia and other countries trying to profit by retrieving the metal. Quite often this resulted in handling live ammunition which would explode and damage their limbs. Hence the need for prosthetics.

February 2018 Page 18

Cobram Rotary


obram Rotary was named Moira Shire Community Organisation of the Year at the Moira Shire Australia Day awards ceremony held on the 18th January 2018.

Congratulations to all Cobram Rotarians!! The club was nominated for building a three bedroom residence which has now been sold and the proceeds will be used to renovate the aged care facility Ottrey Lodge. The building project's financial support came from local businesses and local tradesmen and Rotary members. Other events named in the nomination were the Swap Meet and 'Show and Shine' weekend and the 'Rathdowne Street' Big Band Concert. Proceeds from these events are donated to local and international charities.

Vale Margaret Gorman OAM 19/07/1924 -- 25/12/2017 Margaret was the wife of Leo Gorman DG 1986-87 Rotary Club of Seymour Many Rotarians will still remember the wonderful community contribution Margaret made through Rotary and Girl Guides, as well as in service to each of Seymour and Torquay.. Margaret maintained her interest in our District events after Leo's death in 2011. Margaret was a strong supporter of our Rotary Foundation and was a Paul Harris Society member.

Philip and Helen Clancy represented our District at the celebration of Margaret's life at St Teresa's in Torquay and the internment was at Bellbrae.

February 2018 Page 19


artners Program -

Both dementia and prostate cancer have had a large effect on DG Bernie, his wife, Marg and their extended families. Please support the Dementia Foundation and Movember for cancer Marg would like to ask clubs for their support for both causes. This can be done by holding a fundraising event in November to raise money for men's health and to also contribute to research into dementia. .

February 2018 Page 20

WhatisRotary February 2018  

WhatisRotary is the official Rotary International District 9790 DG's newsletter

WhatisRotary February 2018  

WhatisRotary is the official Rotary International District 9790 DG's newsletter