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ow, doesn’t time flies when one is having fun. It only feels like a couple of weeks since I last wrote a report for the September edition of WhatisRotary D 9790. As stated while under the spotlight last month, report writing is not my favourite pastime, but here goes for this October Edition.

During my Club visits to date, the subject of membership has been raised on a number occasions. As membership is the future of Rotary as we know it, many different thoughts have been put forward by all levels of Rotary.

My ideas are simple, but I believe can make a difference and included all Rotarians in the membership Darwin Institute was another chance to catch up with my recruitment within our Clubs. Our Clubs are the fellow Australian District Governors. All seem to be showcase of Rotary, and a simple question to every settling into the workload of the job well, but we all took member to ask. Would you join your Club if you were the opportunity to recharge our batteries. The message not a member? The answer we give, to that question, will for our year, from Rotary International, was reinforced tell us all where our Clubs are at and what we may need with keynote speakers, Rotary projects, annual general to do to increase Rotary membership. meeting held and the usual cocktail parties and Class and One of the enjoyable parts of being the District Governor District dinners enjoyed. is that you receive invitations to events that are history Last Sunday, I was able to attend a “Taste of RYLA,” four in the making. One such event was the formation of a hours of not being in control and sometimes right in the new Probus Club, sponsored by the Corowa Rotary Club. deep end of a swimming pool, so to speak. The The creation of this new Club of some thirty Foundation Rotarians that did attend are now able to go back to Members is a great example of Rotary within small their Clubs with a much better knowledge of what the country communities. Probus has been a project of RYLA program is and what future young attendees will Rotary for over forty-two years. encounter during the week-long RYLA experience. Well, that is enough from me for this month, enjoy what I would encourage more Clubs to take the opportunity you do in Rotary, make sure it is fun. next year to attend the repeat of this event, which will Regards Bernie Bott DG. be run at another location in our District.

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DG’s No Bull


UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT– District Secretary Gary Fitzgerald


Bernie’s Booze


ROTARY Making a Difference Conference 2018


The Royce Abbey Award


Greenvale Rotarians Reading


Club Innovation


Tree Planting—Myrtleford


Whitehead Street Wetlands—Corowa


Humerus and a Rotary Minute


Want to be a DG ?


Youth Exchange in District 9790


NYSF Students—How to find them


RLI—Rotary Leadership Institute


Caravan Raffle— Shepparton Central


WANTED : Movember events—ASK your whiskered Members !

Editor’s Notes: During the Dg’s recent visit to my club we precented Bernie with a cheque for $1000 towards Marg’s Partners Project . It sparked an idea and a proposal was put to PDG John Gatt and PP Steve Crosling to shave November ( Steve has had his for over 25 years !! ) . Movember.

They immediately agreed !

off their beards during

If the club or other members sponsored them $1,000 each

My Clubs Movember Event has started. Does your club have members with a Chin

curtain. Natural. Hungarian. Dali. English. Imperial. Freestyle. Fu Manchu. Pancho Villa. Handlebar. Horseshoe. Pencil. Chevron. Toothbrush. Walrus. Mouth brow. Nose neighbour. Lady tickler. Trash stash. Crumb catcher. Fanny duster. Push broom. Nose bug. Mobile tea strainer. Cookie duster. Chester. Creeper. Mistache. Groucho Marx. Kaiser Wilhelm. Face fungus. Whiskers. Beard. Goatee. Moustachio. Flavor saver. Bristles. Grass grin. Lip foliage. Tash. Tache. Mo. Doormat. Five o'clock shadow. Ziff. Bum fluff. Charlie Chaplin. Gene Shalit. Mustachio. Porn star. Trucker. Undercover brother. Stacher. Peach fuzz. Lip wig. Tom Selleck. Stubble. Muttonchops. Burnsides. Sideburns. Sidelocks. Tuft. Weepers. Van Dyke. Dundrearies ? ‘ ASK ‘em to shave it off - ok for money !

WhatIsRotary D9790 is the official monthly publication of Rotary International District 9790 Inc. Publisher : Editor: Greg Adams Art Director: Greg Adams Advertising: Greg Adams Chief Cook and bottle washer : Greg as well Editorial: send to (please) Closing date is by the 28th of each month. Note: The views and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the District or its members.

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Under the Spotlight

– from somewhere in the middle !

Secretary Gary Fitzgerald What’s one thing most people would be surprised to know about you? I'm really a softie. What’s the smartest thing you’ve been told?

If things don't change they will stay the same. How would someone you love describe you?

Generous, can be difficult to get along with. What’s the oldest item in your wardrobe that you still wear?

A pair of moleskins I purchased at RM Williams, Adelaide over ten years ago What do you look or feel really good in?

Moleskins What’s one simple thing you’re really good at? Selecting a good bottle of red wine. What do you least like to do? Pull down

old farm fences. It's the worst job in farming What’s the one talent you wish you had?

The ability to fly an aeroplane One thing you refuse to eat? Broccoli

I’m glad I am…..Travelled overseas many years

ago, before the population explosion What was your best break in life? Buying a farm

in Yea. What was your happiest birthday party?

From memory they have all been good. Who’s your most memorable character? Difficult. There

has been so many over a lifetime. However, the one that has stayed the journey is my father. Currently, you are reading what? The weekly rural press. Are you a dog or a cat person? A dog. "Man's best friend". October 2017 Page 4

Bernie’s Cellar Bernie’s BOTTLE Wine: Giaconda Chardonnay Vintage: 2015 Alcohol: 13.5% Cellar: 12+ years Region: Beechworth Price: $120$130 A great vintage for a great wine. The 2015 Giaconda Chardonnay is arguably Australia’s finest, with complex notes of hazelnut, funky, matchstick, tightly wound stone fruit and intense mineral notes push the wine to an extraordinary length on the palate. Will reward cellar time.

Bernie’s BOTTLE

Wine: Wine: Savaterre Pinot Noir Vintage: 2012 Alcohol: 13.5% Cellar: 5 - 8 years Region: Beechworth Price: $70-$75 Beechworth isn't the easiest place to grow pinot but 2012 was a great season. This is a beautiful wine. Smokey oak. Dark, cherry fruit with dried herbs and ash. It's a lively wine with excellent length.

Bernie’s BOTTLE Wine: Castagna Allegro Syrah RoseVintage: 2015 Alcohol: 13.5% Cellar: 3 - 5 years Region: Beechworth Price: $28-$30 The bouquet is of savoury dried herbs around a core of red cherry fruit with a hint of honey. The palate is balanced and has red cherry and anise – mouth filling with just a hint of tannin. A great drink for the warmer weather.

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9790 District Conference Yarrawonga & Mulwala March 22-25, 2018

October Update from Charlie TheBlackBull

To register for conference and book all events, click here G’day Folks, Shepparton Audi

Golfers: Be sure of a tee time! Golfers are reminded that a great course (The Black Bull, naturally!) will host the event this year. This Thompson designed masterpiece is rated as among the best public access courses in the country. Again, I suggest you get your bookings in early as WE WILL LOSE OUR EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS come early January.

Hole-in-one prize

And, don’t forget, a car is on offer for a Hole-In-One

A great night and great value at the Saturday Night Gala Dinner Saturday night at Club Mulwala, just $90 p.p.for three courses and wine, with music provided by The Pacific Belles and Swing Band!

Accommodation in Yarrawonga and Mulwala? There’s heaps available! Click here and let Mr Google help you Or here go to the local Tourist Information Site Or do your own search – Accommodation Yarrawonga and Mulwala.

And there are lots of things to do in Yarrawonga and Mulwala Click on this video to get an idea of the venues, some local tourist attractions and, at the end, see DG Bernie’s personal invitation to attend

I hope to see you here in March 2018


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DAVID ABBEY Chair – Royce and Jean Abbey Vocational Scholarship Committee The Royce Abbey Award and the Royce and Jean Abbey Vocational Scholarship

The Royce Abbey Award recognises a Rotarian who shows enthusiasm and commitment to Rotary. The Club President chooses the recipient and the Award carries with it a n 1988/89 Royce Abbey became the third Australian donation by the Club of $1,000 to the Fund. More than 300 Rotarian to be appointed President of Rotary International. Awards have been bestowed. The continued success of the So what is the Royce Abbey Award and what is the Royce and Award will ensure the future viability of the Fund and through Jean Abbey Vocational Scholarship? it the Scholarship programme.


The District Governors of 1988/89 had enjoyed a special year under Royce’s leadership. They decided to establish a fund within the Rotary Foundation and the Royce and Jean Abbey Endowed Fund was born. What to do with the Fund and the earnings it created was left to Royce and Jean. They decided to establish a scholarship, focussed primarily on developing agricultural and related skills primarily in the Asia Pacific region. The Royce and Jean Abbey Vocational Scholarship was born. The Scholarship provides USD$10,000 to finance three months vocational training in Australia for a person from the Asia Pacific Region and beyond. The Scholarship programme has successfully funded more than 30 Scholarships over the last 20 years.

Ian Riseley, then President Elect of Rotary International, was an enthusiastic recipient of a Royce Abbey Award in 2017, commenting prior to receiving the Award,

‘I would be truly honoured to receive this award. We all have heroes in life and Royce was definitely one of mine, and to receive an award in his name would be special to me.’ For information about the Scholarship and the Award and how you and your club can be involved visit:

David Abbey 24 September 2017 Royce Abbey Awards and Royce and Jean Abbey Vocational Scholarship Committee c/o Rotary Club of Essendon Inc PO Box 161, Essendon, Victoria, Australia 3040

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Greenvale Rotarians Reading Marina Carter writes; On Tuesday 22nd of August, AG Kaye Gauci and a group of five Greenvale Rotarians went to Coolaroo South Primary School, to read to the Prep students, and present each student with a story book, to keep.

This was a wonderful experience for both students and Rotarians alike, but for me, it was actually a trip down memory lane, because this was my old school - my alma mater.

Thanks to Faye, for arranging our visit, and giving me the opportunity to revisit my childhood.

It was strange, walking back in after so many years, with many things having obviously changed over the years, but the memories certainly came flooding back, with ease. I was absolutely amazed, when after finishing the reading, we went back to the staff room, for a cuppa, and Faye mentioned to the Principal, that I had been a student here, many years before. She then left the staff room, and returned with folders containing old photos, and handed them to me to look through. Lo and behold, I found my old grade 6 photo, from 1978, along with a softball team photo as well, which brought back lots of old memories from nearly 40 years ago. In the softball team photo, I am the one, second from the right, in the back row, and in the class photo, I am the one in the yellow and white striped top, sitting next to the teacher.

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Club Innovation : Hybrid club offers online options


he Rotary Club of Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA, merges features of brick-and-mortar clubs with e -clubs.

The Rotary Club of Stone Mountain in Georgia, USA, was facing a common problem: The membership was aging, and the club struggled to attract younger members. “When you recruit, it ends up being people Club members load medical supplies bound for Nepal. like you, people in the same neighborhoods and who do the same kinds of things,” notes immediate Past President Margie Rotary Club of Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA Website: Kersey. “It’s a stretch for us to ask our older members to recruit Members: 42 History: When it was people in their 40s. founded in 1965, the club was known as the Rotary Club of East DeKalb and chartered with 29 members. It changed its name to As an alternate to the 2016 Council on Legislation, Kersey Stone Mountain in 1981. The club is involved in programs followed closely the discussion of changes to membership rules. “When I saw they had removed the barriers between e- including AIDS awareness, Teacher Appreciation Day, immunization clinics, bell-ringing for the Salvation Army, and clubs and regular clubs, I thought, we can be both.” park cleanup and beautification. It also partners with other The district was encouraging her to embrace the e-club model, clubs on international projects addressing clean water and but the club didn’t want to lose the fellowship of in-person literacy. meetings. The solution was to become a hybrid, preserving inThis new model made membership more manageable for some person meetings but making them available online. The club current members. “We have a real estate agent in the club who launched online meetings in February. is very busy,” Kersey says. “Before hybrid, the meeting was “We use an online video conferencing service,” explains Kersey. hard for her. Now she can attend from wherever she is, using “Many members had already used video conferencing for her smartphone. So it’s increasing overall attendance.” business, so they knew the software. And with a camera on the computer or on the person’s phone, they can see you and you And the club is seeing clear indications that this model will can see them.” The first meeting had two online attendees, and draw new members as well. “We have eight potential members, and the hybrid model is part of the appeal.” One the number has climbed steadily. Now six to eight people potential member is a restaurateur who can’t leave his attend online in any given week. business during the lunch rush. Attending virtually would let him keep an eye on the restaurant and still participate. This new model may even prove useful for older members who are contemplating moving for retirement. “They can continue to be members in Stone Mountain, even if they move to Florida,” notes Kersey.

Remaking the club meant rewriting its bylaws from the ground up. “We had to rethink many things,” recalls Kersey. “We put in a requirement for 18 hours of service a year.” But they are flexible on how that requirement is fulfilled. “You could do service for a club near you”

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She is convinced that Stone Mountain has found the way of the future. “I think most Rotary clubs will be hybrid eventually, with members attending in person and online.” What is your club doing to reinvent itself?

Rotary working together : Tree planting

Pictured:- Vanessa Leonard, Tim Toner, Clive Walker, Kathryn Chivers and Sarah Deas. – Photo taken by Rotarian Coral Cooksley.


he Rotary Club of Myrtleford and the Rotary E-Club 9790 Latrobe worked together planting trees in line with Rotary International President Ian Riseley program for all Rotary Clubs throughout the world to plant 1 tree for every Rotarian. IP Ian is hopeful that a minimum of 1.2 million trees will be planted this Rotary year. President Vanessa Leonard said the Rotary E-Club and Myrtleford Club planted 40 trees along the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail and Great Alpine Road to extend the avenue and replace tree that have died from last plantings. The avenue of Ovens River Wattle, commenced under the Presidency of Nino Mautone of Myrtleford Rotary. They complement the avenue of Red Oak from Barwidgee Creek towards Lower River Road, providing additional colour and interest along the Rail Trail.

wanting to be in a service club, but do not have the opportunity to be a member of a “town based” club, for example people taking a life time trip around Australia or have family or work commitments that conflict with normal club meeting times. E- Club members provide community service working together with other Rotary Clubs such as the tree planting today or working for Blaze aid somewhere in Australia, or another worthwhile community project. People wanting to be involved in a service club can contact the Myrtleford Rotary Club or the E-Club on to be directed to the nearest “land based” club or the E-Club. For further details:

Plastic Wise – Kathryn Chivers 0428 282 968

The Rotarians also took the opportunity to collect and remove Photo – Coral Cooksley old plastic tree guards in line with the Rotary E-Clubs’ Rotary Information Clive Walker 0419 437 964 or community project “Plastic Wise”. For further information Email- The Rotary E-Club meets using computers for those people October 2017 Page 11

Whitehead Street Wetland receives funds for enhancement works


n June 2016, The Rotary Club of Corowa adopted the Whitehead Street Wetland as a major ongoing project. Whilst some paths and seating were installed by Corowa Council in 2004, the area had fallen into disrepair and had become an underutilised area within our community. In order to raise funds for this project the Rotary Club of Corowa applied for two grants earlier this year and is very happy to have been awarded a total of $120,000 so that they can begin to make inroads on their project.

A huge highlight of the tree planting day was the appearance of three Brolgas across the lake!!

whilst also providing visitors with the opportunity to learn more about the Wetland environment. By educating the public about the importance of Wetlands we will ensure that they are not lost in the future.

Work has already commenced at the site and it is hoped that community groups will become involved in the project. The newly formed Corowa Men’s Shed will be providing a roof and benches for the Bird hide and a tree planting day was held with students from the Corowa High School late in July. It is hoped that Stage One of the works will be completed before the end of 2017 and will benefit large sections of the community, providing tourism, education, biodiversity and wellness opportunities. A community event to showcase the progress and what the area has to offer is being planned for late October, early November.

The first grant, provided through the Murray Local Land Services and Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group’s ‘Murray Wetland Carbon Storage Project’ and supported by Federation Council is for the rehabilitation of Whitehead Street Wetland, and includes the repair of culverts, enhancement of pathways, shade shelters for existing tables and chairs, new signage and revegetation The Rotary Club is committed to along the site perimeter. continuing to raise funds for the area to enable further improvements and The second grant was obtained through maintenance. the Federation Council’s Stronger Communities Grant Program and will allow placement of a bird hide in the area adjacent to the lake and further enhancement of the pathways throughout the area. Whitehead Street Wetland is located in central Corowa and is environmentally significant. It provides habitat for the Sloane’s Froglet (listed as Vulnerable in NSW), brolgas and a rare wetland plant community. The site is readily accessed from the bike track and is known locally as a place to see wildlife. The project aims to create a wonderful all access area for recreational pursuits such as walking, bike riding and bird watching

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A doctor, lawyer, and a Rotarian in charge of fundraising all die and arrive at the Pearly Gates about the same time. St. Peter tells them they may each have one thing to take with them to Heaven. The doctor is first, and asks for $1 million. This is given and proceeds to enter Heaven. The lawyer, not to be outdone, asks for $2 million. "Very well," say St. Peter and opens the gate to Heaven for the lawyer. Finally it is time for the Rotarian, who had just finished a fundraising project for The Rotary Foundation. St. Peter asks him what he would like to take to Heaven. The fundraiser moves up very close to St. Peter, and in a soft voice asks, "It it's not too much trouble, could I just have the names of those two people who were ahead of me in line?"

The math teacher saw that Bernie wasn't paying attention in class. She called on him and said, "Bernie! What are 2 and 4 and 28 and 44?" Bernie quickly replied, "NBC, FOX, ESPN and the Cartoon Network!"

Rotary minute What is the Rotary Foundation? The Rotary Foundation is the economic engine for Rotary International. It is a non-profit corporation that is supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians, the general public and Companies who share its vision of a better world. Its sole mission is to support the efforts of Rotary International in the fulfilment of the object of Rotary, Rotary's mission, and the achievement of world understanding and peace through local, national and international humanitarian, educational, and cultural programs.

The Rotary Foundation is funded in two different ways: the Annual Programs Fund and the Permanent Programs Fund. The primary source of unrestricted support for the programs of the Rotary Foundation, the Annual Programs Fund supports programs in 163 countries on seven continents. From digging clean water wells for villages in Africa to reaching basic literacy skills to children in Latin America, during any given moment in a day, thousands of Rotarians' volunteer their time and expertise to ensure that all contributions given to the Annual Programs Fund are spent wisely on quality Rotary projects. The Annual Programs Fund is comprised of donations from Paul Harris Fellows, Rotary Foundation sustaining members, corporate matching gifts, workplace giving and honorary and memorial gifts. Thank you for your support of the Rotary Foundation and its work. October 2017 Page 13

What is a District Governor ? Some notes for prospective Governors


otary District 9790 wants Rotarians with experience to The interview will cover the candidate’s knowledge of Rotary consider serving their district in the position of governor. and how this knowledge will be used to resolve various issues These notes are designed to answer some common questions. that might arise. The candidate’s partner will also be expected to attend for part of the interview. Calling for nominations: Toward the start of each Rotary year clubs will be asked to submit nominations for the position of Governor nominee: On July 1 of the next Rotary year, the governor. Those people interested will receive a form asking successful candidate becomes the governor-nominee. The them to outline some of their personal details including their main training will come at the national (zone) institute, to be Rotary experience. held at a place in Australia or New Zealand to be determined. The District will pay for attendance at the institute. Think To be eligible for the position of district governor, a Rotarian about, but don’t approach, prospective district committee must: leaders yet. Be a member in good standing of a functioning club in Governor-elect: The following July 1 will see the successful the district candidate become governor-elect. As a courtesy to the current Have full qualifications for such membership in the governor, approaches to prospective district committee strict application of the provisions, and the integrity of leaders should not be made until about October-November, the Rotarian’s classification must be without question when the current governor has completed his or her rounds of Have served as President of a club for a full term, or be official duties. Attendance at the national institute will be expected and the district, again, will pay for this. You will a charter club President who has served a term from receive a manual detailing your duties as governor. the date of the charter to June 30, provided that this period is for at least six months

Governor-elect duties: You will be very busy from July to June. Activities will include the appointment of district officers, a Demonstrate a willingness, commitment, and ability compilation of the district directory, a schedule of travel (physically and otherwise) to fulfil the duties and responsibilities of the office of governor as provided in arrangements and dates of official visits to clubs, organisation of the two or three district assemblies and presidents-elect the RI bylaws. training seminars. You will be expected to attend a training Demonstrate knowledge of the qualifications, duties weekend at Rotary Down Under, which is very instructive. You and responsibilities of governor as prescribed in the RI will be giving serious thought to what you hope to achieve in bylaws, and submit to RI, through its general secretary, your year. a signed statement acknowledging a clear International assembly: Attendance at the International understanding of them; this statement shall also Assembly, in recent years at San Diego, is compulsory. Again, confirm that the Rotarian is qualified for the office of your expenses will be met, as will expenses for your spouse. governor and is willing and able to assume the duties They will check each day to ensure you and your spouse are and responsibilities of the office and to perform them attending! You might also be invited to participate in some faithfully hosting at places such as New York or Orlando. Have, at the time of taking office, completed seven Travel: You will be asked to consider how much travel you are years of membership likely to make in your year and what motel accommodation Interviews: At a time and place to be determined, a will be needed. The travel in this district could be anything nominating committee will interview each candidate. The from 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers, depending on where you committee in this district will probably include the governor, live and how many times you plan to visit distant clubs. Rotary the governor-elect, the governor-nominee, the past two International will help with your costs for one official visit to governors and a Past Club President representative, from each each club, one assembly and one presidents-elect training zone. weekend. Keep detailed records of all your expenses. You will see the benefits of this at the end of your year as governor. October 2017 Page 14

Governor: Your official duties as governor start on July 1, probably a day or two after the district changeover usually hosted by the outgoing governor. Your access to some RI website addresses will start at midnight.

committee and meetings of other committees when called, as well as interviews with participants in various Rotary projects. Try to ensure Rotarians in areas isolated from the governor’s hometown do not feel neglected.

Responsibilities: The buck stops with you. You will be assisted by a district management committee, which you have chosen, You will probably start a very busy round of visits to clubs in and you will be able to seek advice from others including past the first couple of days of July. You will have to visit all district governors and the Rotary International office in Parramatta, clubs at each once. Plan to have very little time at home for but you will be responsible for what happens in your district. six months. A good knowledge of the Rotary Manual of Procedure will Each year, governors must visit every Rotary club in the help you. With the financial support of Rotary Institute and district to: the district, the costs to you will not be as great as you might have expected, but could still be several thousand dollars. At Focus attention on important Rotary issues the end of your year, you will need to fill in various forms to Provide special attention to weak or struggling clubs justify your expenses – a bit like tax time, only worse! Repeat after me: “Keep plenty of detailed records.” In brief, however, Motivate Rotarians to participate in service activities your term as district governor will be an undoubted highlight Personally, recognize the outstanding contributions of of your Rotary life and a time of fellowship and achievement Rotarians in the district that you will never forget. Other meetings: In addition to visiting each club once, you will be expected to attend district meetings during the year, as well as other special functions the clubs will organize, including anniversaries. District meetings will include Does your Club have a future District Governor as a member meetings of the management committee and finance of the Club?

DISTRICT GOVERNOR The Rotary district governor performs a very significant function in the world of Rotary He or she is the single officer of Rotary International in the geographic area called a Rotary district, which usually includes about 45 Rotary clubs. The district governors, who have been extensively trained at the worldwide International Assembly, provide the “quality control” for the 27,000 Rotary clubs of the world. They are responsible for maintaining high performance within the clubs of their district. The district governor, who must make an official visit to each club in the district, is never regarded as an “inspector general.” Rather, he or she visits as a helpful and friendly adviser to the club officers, as a useful counselor to further the Object of Rotary among the clubs of the district, and as a catalyst to help strengthen the programs of Rotary. The district governor is a very experienced Rotarian who generously devotes a year to the volunteer task of leadership. The governor has a wealth of knowledge about current Rotary programs, purposes, policies and goals and is a person of recognized high standing in his or her profession, community and Rotary club. The governor must supervise the organization of new clubs and strengthen existing ones. He or she performs a host of specific duties to assure that the quality of Rotary does not falter in the district, and is responsible to promote and implement all programs and activities of the Rotary International president and the RI Board of Directors. The governor plans and directs a district conference and other special events.

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ISTRICT 9790 - the home of Rotary Youth Exchange as Rotary knows it today.

We have 64 clubs in our District but only about 12 clubs are actively involved in our most visible Youth program. We need more! Currently, we are hosting 12 students from overseas and we are sending 13 students overseas in January 2018. This program not only offers our young students (15-17 year olds) the opportunity of a life time to experience life studying in a foreign country, but also the opportunity for our Rotary clubs to attract new members. We offer both Long Term (50 week) and Short Term exchanges (6 weeks). Our specialty, for which we are the gold standard of all Youth Exchanges, is the Long Term program. Students now apply for participation on-line via the Rotary Youth Exchange website: Once an Expression of Interest is lodged, we then forward the student details on to the nearest club where the student lives or schools. Then the process commences If your club has never been involved in Rotary Youth Exchange, or your club is ambivalent about participation in this life-changing youth program, then please contact us as soon as possible. The Committee members are more than happy to attend your meeting to talk about the program, to discuss the roles associated with participation and to dispel any misunderstandings which may exist. Please contact: Bruce McIntyre, Chairman Doug Smith, Secretary

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One club: how they got two NYSF students


fter a dynamic year supporting young people through some exciting Rotary programs, the 2016 outgoing Board of Bright Rotary club remained uncertain of the progress of two local school kids who were making their bid for a place at the 2018 National Youth Science Forum (NYSF). District interviews for students applying for the dynamic Science Rotary program were done. No news had filtered down to our Club. But on changeover night, and with the instalment of a new Board celebrated, two emails arrived and announced that both Bright students had achieved success and were on their way to a bold future in Canberra in January 2018. The news was huge for our two rural kids and their elated families, for our local P-12 school, and certainly for Bright Rotary. Just how did their success come to pass, and what lessons can we learn for future youth program promotion? When we think carefully about our actions, our motivation or purpose becomes clear: our Club is an important bridge between young people, their school and Rotary youth programs in the District. Individual members make up that bridge and can really help make some important connections for our young leaders. In this case, our Youth Services Director is a regular presence in our P-12 College because she has two children studying there. Navigating the pathways through any school to reach the kids and families isn’t easy, particularly when you are eager to recruit kids to some great Rotary programs, and have looming application deadlines. So here are some methods that worked for us, within one local school. This approach has helped multiple young people in our town connect with numerous Rotary programs (Conoco-Phillips Youth Science Experience, RYLA, NYSF):

Meet informally with Year Co-ordinators (Years 9 to 12) and discuss/sell Rotary programs for the under 18’s well before applications/expressions of interest are due. District have been instrumental in giving Clubs an early heads-up when a key youth program is on the horizon (thanks District admin!); Meet the students personally, discuss their interest in a particular program, and show willingness to help them. In the case of the NYSF candidates, we also met their parents; We assisted with program fees/sponsorship and logistics. Being upfront about our Club’s commitment financially as well as transporting students to interview or program venues demonstrated Club transparency and generosity; In this NYSF example, we celebrated the students’ great success with their school Principal, their Maths & Science teachers and their peers, by addressing a whole school assembly and issuing a Rotary Club press release to the fortnightly school newsletter, distributed to families. Local media were also followed up, with requests for photos and interview. Making front-page news in the local weekly paper didn’t hurt!! All in all, the commitment of two great young country kids – who believed in themselves and had great hopes – was matched by a challenging and innovative Rotary youth initiative, created to nurture tomorrow’s scientists, engineers, leaders. The two were bridged by their supportive school community, their devoted families, and by a resourceful and enthusiastic Club. A success story (and collaboration) worth celebrating!

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Rotary Leadership Institute On Sunday, 24th September last a small group of Rotarians graduated from the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) program. RLI is a three part program established to increase the knowledge of Rotarians - whether they be new to Rotary or long standing members. As you all know, any organisation which stands still gets passed really quickly and fades into the rear view mirror. Rotary is certainly not one of these organisations and each year introduces or amends its programs so as to keep up with this ever-changing world. What is offered through RLI is an opportunity for all Rotarians to increase their knowledge of Rotary, improve their skills and keep up with the changes necessary for Rotary to stay relevant and current. Sessions run from 9:30am to 1:00pm and are held at the Euroa Secondary College on Sundays. The next sessions are Parts 1 and 3 and are scheduled for Sunday, 3rd December. Invitation to the clubs for Part 1 attendees will be sent out about 3rd November. so please remind your club secretary to broadcast the details when received by your club. RLI is as relevant now as it was when it first started, and since being introduced to D9790 in September 2011 some 307 of your colleagues have been through the course. So keep an eye out for Part 1 and be part of the RLI Alumni.

Andrew Watson (Nathalia), Roman Kozlovski (Euroa), Malcolm Watt (Shepparton Central), Amanda Campbell (Milawa Oxley), Bernie Bott DG, Andrew Walsh (Kinglake Ranges), David Anderson PDG and RLI Chair and Bernie O'Dea (Euroa).

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UMOJA ORPHANAGE KENYA Umoja Orphanage Kenya is a RAWCS Project sponsored by the Rotary Club of Bundaberg Sunrise. The Orphanage was Founded by Cathy Booth, a School Teacher and mother of 4 Adult children. The project is located at Ukunda on the East Coast of Kenya on 15 fertile acres of ground. The property is fenced externally and an internal brick fence in place to house the Orphanage. The first Children's Home is practically completed and the first children will be taken in coming months. The property also has a caretakers cottage, cowshed, chicken shed, large greenhouse, outside vegetable garden, deep water bore and water storage tanks. The project is already employing three full time and a number or part time workers, the income they receive helps the families and the village. As the project develops, more employment will be created adding more economic benefit to the community.

The project is designed to be selfsufficient, using permaculture techniques to maximise food production. There will be enough food produced on site to feed the children and the workers, with the surplus sold in the local market to provide additional income to the Orphanage.

First prize is a $62000- New Age Manta Ray Caravan and 2nd Prize is a $2000- Travel Voucher. Tickets are $10- each and all proceeds from the raffle will go to Umoja Orphanage Kenya, a project of Rotary World Community Service RAFFLE TO BE DRAWN AT MONICHINO WINERY, BERRY ROAD, KATUNGA AT 3.00PM ON SUNDAY 12TH NOVEMBER, 2017 Vic Permit No. 10034/17; NSW Permit No. GOCAU/1879; QLD Permit No. 189297; SA Permit No. M13274; Monichino Wines Berry Road, Katunga, Victoria 3640 CONTACT DETAILS Wayne Limbrick . Wayne is Past President and current International Director of Shepparton Central Rotary Phone: 0402869304 email: The on line link is:

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f your Club has a Movember event send in your photos


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