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elcome to the second last edition of “InSpire InRotary”! The year is certainly rolling on. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.

be a great way to become part of this endeavor, one that improves the lives of many, many children.

Preparations for changeovers are well underway, judging The highlight of this month for me was undoubtedly my by the number of invitations we are receiving. Jill and I visit to the Children First Foundation’s Miracle sMiles Re- will attend as many as we can, and the District will try to treat in Kilmore East. (I hope I got the name right) This be represented as at many changeovers as possible. We was a night, hosted by the Rotary Club of Southern Mitch- also have the District changeover to organise and I am ell, where we enjoyed a Barbeque, listened to various sure DGE Brian Peters and his team is starting to get very speakers outlining the history and function of the project excited about what is almost upon us. as well as an opportunity to tour the facilities first hand. There is quite a large contingent of members from our It is an amazing place with an incredible purpose. It is a District, DGE Brian Peters and DGN Bruce Anderson inplace for overseas children, coming to Australia for medi- cluded, about to head over to Hamburg for the annual cal operations, to stay, before and after their procedures. Rotary Convention. To those attending, It began, I believe, as a four roomed house and has exwe hope you have a wonderful Rotary panded over the past twenty years into the amazing esexperience and bring back great ideas tablishment it is today. It is a huge credit to our District to your clubs and our District. and the Rotary Clubs involved for developing this project Continue to be the Inspiration! from scratch. Malcolm Kerr There is still much to do though. Apart from maintaining DG D9790 what is already there, like providing firewood for the magnificent wood heaters, there are plans for further development to house even more children at a time. This is a wonderful opportunity for Rotary Clubs not already involved to jump on board and join this wonderful Rotary project. A twentieth birthday party is planned for this project later this year and I would encourage you all to ensure your club is represented. A small fundraiser by each club in our District aimed at assisting the Retreat to function would

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Malcolm’s Message


Australian Rotary Health District Report


Tennis Fellowship of Rotarians


Julie’s Story— Her Rotary Journey


District Changeover / District Conference 2020


Belvoir Wodonga builds a Life Skills House


The RYLA Final Report


One Voice Choir


The Amasiko Partnership

I am not just a Rotarian, but a proud, passionate, paid up member of Preston Rotary! I am a Rotarian because I was ASKED! Julie Morris

After nearly a month away touring Japan, I would like to shout out a BIG thank you to PP Kerry Jones for stepping in and preparing the articles for this months edition. Despite my good intentions all the computers I logged into didn’t support ‘Publisher’ …. And I couldn't read Japanese ! InSpire In Rotary is the official monthly publication of Rotary International District 9790 Inc. Publisher : Editor: Greg Adams, Art Director: Greg Adams. Advertising: Greg Adams Chief Cook and bottle washer : Greg as well Contributions to InSpire InRotay are always welcome: Please contact the Editor to discuss your ideas. ferrarigreg@gmail.com All photos/images submitted for publication must include detailed captions : IE names of people, event locations etc. It is presumed that the supplier of all photography/images owns or has approval from the owner of said copywrite to reproduce the photograph/image Closing date is by the 26th of each month. (give or take a bit) Note: The views and opinions expressed in this publication represent those of the contributor/s and are not necessarily those of or shared by the District, the Committee any Club, the members or the Magazine.

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AUSTRALIAN ROTARY HEALTH DISTRICT 9790 REPORT APRIL 2019 ARH Friends and Supporters Research Cocktail Party, February 2019


his event which was attended by Rotarians from the district, was an opportunity for ARH friends and supporters to speak with researchers. I was an apology so in my place the President and Past President of Moreland Rotary Club were pleased to have attended and gained further knowledge of ARH after speaking with both researchers and ARH board members. Rotarians Terry Grant, Phil Clancy, Geoff McIlvenna and Phil Lusher also attended.

Group 2 Clubs District 9790 Following promotion of the Indigenous Health Scholarships program to the Presidents and the seven Rotary Clubs of Group 2, six clubs have agreed to combine to support an Indigenous Health Scholar in 2019. The other Group 2 Club, Eltham has funded a scholarship annually for a number of years.

I have been liaising with Cheryl Deguara regarding a suitable scholar.

Terry Grant reported meeting the recently appointed ARH/ RSL PTSD scholarship recipient Katrina Streatfield who lives in District Assembly, April 2019 Lancefield. Katrina’s PhD project seeks to “..Understand the ARH Chairman Greg Ross delivered a very informative and experiences and support the needs of children and families of engaging presentation to all attendees at the District AssemAustralian Defense Force Veteran parent(s)with PTSD..” bly and was well received. He challenged Rotarians and clubs Katrina will attend a meeting of the Rotary Club of Preston in to become more involved in Lift the Lid, particularly those clubs who have not done so and for all to support ARH June for a presentation of her research to RSL and Rotary financially. members.

The Broken Creek Bike Ride for ARH and Indigenous Health Scholar – Kate Postans The three day bike ride for ARH from March 15 – 17; in lieu of the Ride to Conference took place in the Numurkah, Cobram and Nathalia area of Victoria/NSW. Twenty-seven cyclists and five support crew participated from the Rotary Clubs of Numurkah, Cobram, Bright, Albury, Seymour, Yea, Kilmore, Corowa, Rutherglen, Nathalia, Eltham, E Club Latrobe and Moreland. I participated (with my husband Michael.) Friends and family of Rotarians also participated and during the ride expressed an interest in learning more about ARH. The RC of Numurkah organised an ARH dinner on the Saturday night and I was guest speaker on all things ARH. The RC of Bright hosted a combined group 7 cluster event for ARH on the eve of the ride in Whorouly, a tiny town near Milawa in a former tobacco drying shed. Representatives of all seven clubs in the cluster group attended along with Rotarians from Wangaratta and Albury – as well as the DG, AG and DGE. I had the opportunity to deliver a presentation on ARH and the Ride to Conference event. Funds raised on the night were donated to ARH.

More than $10,000 has been raised by the Ride to Conference team to date.

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I addressed approximately 35 Rotarians in the Community Service breakout session.

The Rotary Club of Shepparton South recently donated $2,600 for the ARH/RSL PTSD scholarship program from a High Tea fundraiser held in late 2018 at the Woolshed, Shepparton.

The Rotary Club of Eltham hosted an ARH fundraising event on May 16, at the Heidelberg Golf Club, with Greg Ross attending as guest speaker.

Following ARH presentations at Bright and Numurkah, I’ve been asked to present to combined clubs in Wodonga, Albury, Yarrawonga and Seymour. Dates to be confirmed.

Rosemary Freeman ARH District 9790 Representative

Score an ace with Rotary… for a winning Service !


ear Governor Mr Malcolm Alexander Kerr

I’m asking for your help to reach Rotarians with interest in tennis in your District 9790. There is the International Tennis Fellowship of Rotarians (ITFR), which brings together people with love of Rotary and tennis (http://itfr.org). ITFR has 1800 members, but is missing several districts and countries. I’m organising next ITFR 15th World Championship in Tartu, Estonia from 23—31 August 2019 and I’m making an effort to attract new Rotarians to join our tennis fellowship. The World Championship would be good place to get a first impression and meet Rotarians with same interest. The Championship is not a high-level sporting event, but a versatile Rotary gathering with tennis, delicious food, great entertainment and interesting talks among friends. As a Rotary event, it’s naturally aligned to charity. All tournament profits will be directed to End Polio Now and Maarja Village charity projects. https://itfr2019.ee/charity/ All information how to join ITFR and participate ITFR World Championship can be found at homepage http://itfr2019.ee/. Could you help to share this information to clubs and Rotarians in your District? Yours in Rotary, Erkki Leego Tartu Toome Rotary Club President 2018-2019 ITFR 2019 WC Tournament Director

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Julie Morris My Rotary Journey


am not just a Rotarian, but a proud, passionate, paid up member of Preston Rotary! I am a Rotarian because I was ASKED! I retired in July 2014 and believe you me, I did not need any new friends or interests in my retirement, my life was very full!

our lives at the Rotary club of West Mann on the Isle of Mann and then the most interesting visit to Rotary club of St Andrews in Scotland. So I encourage any travelers to experience Rotary elsewhere in the world. You know the app for the phones? Club Locator.

An old friend from early Sunday School days, invited me along to I have enjoyed the comradeship of District Assemblies and hear a talk on Antarctica – something that interested me. So I attended the Zone 8 conference in Hobart in September 2018. went along…. and because of the welcome I received, and That was so great to be among so many givers… we don’t use warmth I felt from members, eventually I was inducted in that expression much but I think all Rotarians are givers! October 14, 2014. So why do I prioritise my time for Rotary projects? I tell my Can I ask you reader, if you have guests at your meetings, do you friends it gets me out of my square, I learn about a whole lot of new things in my local community that I didn’t know were there! make an effort to say hello? Or leave that to the others? Not Being in Rotary gives me different experiences, that make me feel your job, hey? good: - like helping someone in need; like gardening in 30 degree My friends joked and said, “Watch out you will be President heat; or getting up at 3.30 am for the City of Darebin, Anzac Day soon.” Gunfire breakfast; or a BBQS at Bunnings raising many dollars for research into PTSD; or representing the club at a local meeting “No way,” I said, “Rotary is not my life!” about Climate change. In July 2015, I was asked and accepted to be Chair of the It is not all just about raising hard cold cash, but also about Community committee (with an $18,000 budget. In July 2016 I was asked and accepted to be President Elect . That year I had my creating awareness like the Hat Day for Mental Health. We have a fun day at our club and invite the local Probus clubs to join in. Its eyes opened wide, as I had and still had so much to learn about Rotary ways. In July 2017 - President! Yep - the friends were personal for me as my brother has lived with mental illness for 55 right! year and he struggles daily. In the 1960s I remember my brother and father having electric shock treatment in the same hospital in In November 2018, I became a Foundation Bequest Donor the same week. altering my will for $10,000 for Foundation, I chose Water and Sanitation. I was so impressed attending the District Training Assembly session on Foundation in Benalla by our incoming DG Brian, that I finally understood, the magnificent work the Foundation does throughout the world. In December 2018, it was a honour to be awarded a Paul Harris Fellow (much to my astonishment). It has taken me a long time to get how PHFs work ? but I finally get that too, thanks to some patient mentoring of my fellow Rotarians. I got my husband Joe to join Rotary in August 2015, and when we travelled to the UK that year, we had one of the funniest nights of

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This brother wore calipers, as did my Uncle Harry for his whole life. I am proud as punch to join the long campaign for the eradication of Polio. How many readers have been to Rotary’s Donations in Kind at Footscray ? Do yourself a favour if you are free on a Tuesday or Thursday and see the great team there. Sorting, packing and loading containers with all kinds of items - hospital beds, wheelchairs, bikes, blankets, clothes, school furniture for all kinds of great international projects – they are sent to the far needy corners of our world. There is always a volunteer job for anyone.

studies and works part time to support her family. Last week our club enabled over 100 Secondary students to complete the RYDA Road Safety Program - a very impressive partnership with Rotary. I was there at Broadmeadows assisting students and L Platers, learning how to speak up if they are a passenger or a driver in a car, seeing by demonstration how braking distances apply. I could go on but I would take up the whole newsletter. This is why I continue to be a Rotarian!

Two weeks ago our club held a working bee Julie Morris at the birth mother’s flat of the first co joined twins, and we support and mentor her as she Rotary Club of Preston

Julie, assisting at the RYDA Road Safety Program

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District Changeover T

he District Changeover will take place on 30th June 2019 at the Gateway Hotel, Wangaratta. All Rotarians in the District are welcome to attend. Please come along as we transition from the Rotary theme of “Be the Inspiration” to “Rotary Connects the World”.

I personally believe the new Rotary theme is an excellent theme because Rotary truly does ‘connect the world’. Wherever I go in the world I know there is a Rotary connection. It’s a very empowering connection and we should all enable it, it’s a powerful connection,,

Rotary really does connect the world.

Brian Peters DGE D 9790

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Life Skills House


he Rotary Club of Belvoir Wodonga Area are building a Life Skills House at the Belvoir Special Development School.

Belvoir Special Development School caters for a diverse range of students from a large geographic area. Programs at the school are tailored to focus on student interests and strengths as well as addressing areas of concern. The Life Skills House will be a very valuable addition to the school’s educational program. Rotary Clubs of the Wodonga area (Wodonga Central, West Wodonga, Belvoir-Wodonga and Albury Wodonga Sunrise), in partnership with the Belvoir Special School in Wodonga.

Rotarians at work: Ken Hunter is our licensed builder, with a lifetime of experience. And it turns out that he also has a lifetime of patience, because he got the wall frames into place with the rest of us as his laborers! Twelve Rotarians spent the morning installing windows, wrapping the house with sisalation, adding details to the carpentry of the wall framing, and tidying up the site in preparation for the next big stage: bricks!

Buy a brick! For a $50 donation, you can have your name inscribed on a paving brick outside the house.

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The RYLA Final Report


istrict Committee and Conference Program Team: Linda Gidlund, Kerry Jones, Greg Adams, Grant Godino, Norton West, Sally West and Shelley Fenech. During the week at different times there were up to 15 Supporters. ROTARY YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARD (RYLA) 2018 SUMMARY: In District 9790 RYLA participants come from a variety of backgrounds, educational experiences and vocations. They are between 18 to 30 years old. RYLA draws young people into the Family of Rotary, which enables Rotarians to keep young people involved in Rotary. Remember to keep connected to your RYLArian for at least two projects.

RYLA makes a foundation of long lasting change for the young people attending and for some Rotarians who support the week report—they also change and grow. A heartfelt thank you to the 32 clubs that sponsored RYLArians and to the 41 young people that stepped up to the challenge of attending.

Here is feedback from two 2018 RYLArians: “An experience that lets you challenge yourself while building life skills and friendships.” “It is a personal development program to build your confidence and leadership skills to challenge in a way that’s controlled and incredibly supportive.” Thank you to Strathmore Rotary Club who hosted the Rotary Dinner on the Tuesday night. This Rotary meeting is an integral part of the RYLA curriculum and supports multiple outcomes. RYLA - A TASTE FOR THE ROTARY FAMILY SECOND OFFERING... Each year Rotarians are challenged to invite young people to the RYLA Conference. It may be difficult to find young people to sponsor if you haven't experienced it firsthand yourself. So 2018 is the second year we have offered “RYLA – a taste for the Rotary Family”. Please note this is not for RYLArians. The next ‘taste’ is being held in August; more details will be sent to all clubs soon. Thank you to all committee members and Supporters for their steadfast support, feedback and action.

Linda Gidlund, PP MPHF

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ne Voice is a music project for the Earlyact and Interact clubs of Tanzania.

Earlyact and Interact are youth programs of Rotary, where school aged students focus on serving their community. Tanzania is a growing force in the Rotary world. Many Rotary clubs are taking the lead to sponsor Earlyact and Interact clubs. In 2019 the Country Interact Team wanted to create a project to unite the Earlyactors and Interactors together and the One Voice Project was formed. The Earlyactors and Interactors recorded a song discussing how Earlyactors and Interactors rise up to create peaceful and loving societies.

To support the Earlyactors and Interactors in creating the song the One Voice Team was created consisting of Seb Cox, a Past Country Chair of Earlyact and Interact in Tanzania with three musicians who have a wealth of experience of writing and recording music in Tanzania; Hilda Green, Aziz Ngassa and Daz Naledge. The song was recorded and filmed over 9 location in both Tanzania and Australia, with four Earlyact and six Interact clubs involved. All coming together to see, hear and feel the power of music! The song and video was launched in April at the Rotary District 9211 94th District Conference and Assembly at the Julius Nyerere International Conference Centre in Dar es Salaam in front of over 1000 Rotarians from Tanzania, Uganda and around the world.

A link and web page for the song is here http://www.hildagreen.com/one-voice-project/ Steve Hill Past District Governor District 9710 Ph: 0412854047

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The Amasiko Partnership


he Amasiko Partnership was founded in 2017, after its founder Pam Wood travelled to a remote part of Uganda. Whilst travelling Pam visited Kasenda, an isolated rural village in Uganda, which has no road access. In 2016 Pam met Wilson Nzigye who grew up in Kasenda and whose passion it is to bring opportunity and education to his village.

Each filter costs $35 and by May 2018 190 family filters and 30 extra large water filters had been bought through the Amasiko Partnership. At this time, not one case of water borne disease was reported in the village and this was the first time this had happened.

A number of other initiatives have been undertaken by Amasiko. The Amasiko Nursery School was established in May 2018 and since that time the number of students has increased from 35 to 120. This is the only school in the region that provides fee-free education and two cooked meals a day for the children. The students ages range from four to twelve and classes are currently taught in the community centre which is exposed to weather extremes. There is limited stationery available and scarce resources however the teachers and students remain very enthusiastic. In April this year, all of the The word “Amasiko” means hope and the partnership’s children and the teachers were each given a pair of gumlogo is the ancient African symbol of: “With God’s grace, boots to make it easier for them to walk to school all will be well’. through the mud. This was made possible through the Since starting the partnership, Pam has been actively generosity of Amasiko donors. fundraising in order to bring a better quality of life to the villagers. There are many major issues affecting this village but one of the prime issues is the lack of clean water. The first project that Amasiko undertook was to find a solution to the water problem. They researched the best solution for water filters and found Spouts of Water. These water filters have been tested to produce 99.8 percent guaranteed clean water and will provide a minimum of two years of clean water for a family. Page 12

The first Amasiko Adult Education classes commenced in April this year. More than 60 adults have attended classes and have learnt to write their name. This has been quite an achievement for those who have never held a pencil before or had no idea of the alphabet.

Amasiko House is currently under construction. This house will become a refuge for village women who are suffering under domestic violence which is a large problem in their community.

Another new initiative has been the Amasiko Boys and Bricks project. There has been a major issue in the village with teenage boys causing trouble. These boys were stealing food, chickens and any money they could find. As Amasiko needs to purchase bricks for future projects and the boys needed structure and to be occupied, “Boys and Bricks� was born. The boys have been taught to make bricks which will be stored until there are funds available to start building walls for the community centre. The Village Counsel are also seeking advice on how they can counsel the men regarding this issue. Pam is working tirelessly to raise money and awareness for the village and has a small group of volunteers who are assisting her. If Amasiko is to progress, she will need a lot more help and support.

If your Rotary Club would like to learn more about the Amasiko Partnership, Pam would be delighted to be Guest Speaker at one of your meetings. She can be contacted on: 0407309149

pamwood@bigpond.net.au www.theamasikopartnership.com Facebook Group: The Amasiko Partnership

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Julie Morris from the Rotary Club of Preston has told us her story this month. Big thank you Julie !

Tell us about your Rotary journey next month. Please contact the Editor to discuss your ideas. ferrarigreg@gmail.com

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