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elcome to the eighth edition of “InSpire InRotary”. Preparations for next year are well under way and I hope your club participated in the Presidents Elect Development Seminar and is organizing for bulk participants at the upcoming District Assembly. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend Assembly this year as I will be representing District at the Shine On awards, held in Werribee on the same day. No doubt, DGE Brian Peters and his team will have planned an informative day for you. Remember, if your club wishes to apply for a District Grant next year, someone from your club must attend the Foundation session. Jill and I have finally made our last official club visit. It has been a wonderful experience and certainly a great part of the experience of being the District Governor. Thank you to all clubs for your warm welcome and amazing hospitality, your thought-provoking conversations and your wonderful fellowship. We were also lucky enough to attend “Remel 185”, a gathering of some of our North Eastern Rotary Clubs, this year hosted by RC of Bright and what a “bright” night it was. It was a night of great food, fellowship and a wonderful guest speaker in Rosemary Freeman, talking about Australian Rotary Health initiatives. I was also lucky enough to be invited to start this year’s “Ride to Conference” event, centered around Numurkah this time. Never have I seen so much lycra in the one place before! Well done to the organizers and cyclists who participated.

The Gala Dinner, held in Wangaratta to celebrate our District’s involvement with the Rotary Foundation was a great success, with over 100 people attending. Congratulations to PDG David Cooke and his team for organizing such a great event, highlighting individuals in our District committed to the Foundation. Past Rotary International President Bill Boyd presented his views on the Foundation and very capably answered questions from the audience. It was a memorable evening for all. Continue to enjoy this Rotary year of “Being the Inspiration”, but again remember to start preparing for the year ahead so the transition from this year to the next is a smooth and enjoyable experience for your club. Of vital importance is to ensure your club’s details for next year are accurately entered into the District Website so that the next District Directory accurately displays this information. Keep up the great work you are doing and continue to be the inspiration!

Malcolm Kerr DG D9790

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Nominations Called for Rotary Down Under Board of Directors Vacancy


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Looking good in your lycra.


Eh Mr Clancy

PDG Philip Clancy fuels up for the day. Ride to Conference 2019 ———— Report on page 6.

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ear Rotarian,

Grant. Every Club in our District can Youth is the future of Rotary so join a Global Grant. It’s a terrific way please support them. of connecting with the world. I am very much looking forward to Next year I want to really recognise meeting you all at the District AsThink about sending a representaClubs across our District that have sembly on Sunday 7 April in Benalla. tive. made a difference. Whatever your Club’s forte is just demonstrate it We have an an enthusiastic team in Community Services and Vocational and we will recognise you! place for our District next year and services are important areas. I’m yet our theme is ‘Rotary Connects The to appoint a Community Services World’ and I truly believe that Rotary Chair (I’m working on it) but David Membership does connect the world. McPherson is passionate about Vocational Services. Join him and witCommunity Service Please be sure to support the various ness it. breakout sessions on Sunday. In parVocational Service ticular I draw your attention to the Membership and Public Image are Grants Management Seminar. In our vital to Rotary. We need more mem- International Service District your Club needs to send a bers. Sorry but this is a number one Public Image representative to the GMS in order priority for D9790 and I make no to apply for a District Grant. Next apology for pushing it. With the deYouth Service year our District has more money mographics of our District going available from The Rotary Foundathrough the roof we have to drive tion for District Grants. If your Club this. More members, more Clubs Let’s kick some goals for Rotary Inisn’t represented they won’t be able we have to overcome the resistance ternational. We belong to a fantastic to apply for a District Grant. to joining Rotary. organisation and we deserve recogOn Grants, there are also Global Grants.

Regarding Youth Services we are very fortunate to have an extremely active Chair in Gordon Hastie and a To understand how they work your terrific Youth Exchange programme. Club should consider sending a repROTEX 9790 are a great success story resentative to the International Serfor 9790. I’m a great supporter of vices breakout session. Kerry Kirk is Youth Exchange but all of the other our International Services Chair next youth programmes we support are year and she has first hand experiamazing. ence of being involved in a Global Page 4

nition. Most importantly just ask someone to join Rotary. Today! Lets have fun! Brian Peters DGE D9790


‘ The Broken Creek Breakaway’ Friday March 15 to Sunday March 17th


t was “ On your Bike !” for the D9790 Ride to Conference Team recently as part of our annual ride in support of Australian Rotary Health & in particular, sponsorship of our Indigenous Medical Student Darwin Student, Kate Postans. Now in its 11th year, the RTC event was started as a Rotary Club of Corowa Project by Rotarians Graham & Margaret Brown. Passing the baton on, this years’ ride, was hosted as a project of The Rotary Club of Numurkah in an alternate format to the “ Ride To Conference” traditional event due to there being a Multi- District Conference this year.

Guest speaker for the evening was ARH D9790 representative & RTC Rider, Rosemary Freeman, who gave a very informative talk on ARH programs. Great night of Rotary fun & fellowship was enjoyed by all. A very entertaining open fines session was offered in support of ARH. Local Rtn & rider Squish Davis provided musical entertainment to conclude the evening.

Day 3 7 am again ( well maybe a little late) riders headed off for a leisure ride to Nathalia . Riding in a group , provided opportunity for much chatter & fellowship in the peloton . A delicious Devonshire morning tea stop was held at the Nathalia Courthouse Pub, where members could explore this Riders & Support crew from 10 difference Clubs from across recently re opened unique Pub & the neighbouring Barmah our district, took part in this year’s event; 27 riders, 5 support Heritage Centre. Riders again returned to Numurkah to enjoy crew and a few local visitors along the way. lunch and fellowship , at the local Numurkah Rotary Train Clubs represented included, Albury North, Bright, Cobram, Park . (66kms). Corowa, E-Club 9790 Latrobe, Eltham, Moreland, Numurkah A vote of thanks given to the valued support team in Seymour, and Yea. particular to Margaret Brown & Sandra Hanley for many years With a base camp at the Numurkah Caravan Park, it gave of service. riders alternative accommodation options, with a few opting Riders commit to contributing sponsorship to participate in be bring their vans, partners & even their dogs. A real family this ride, and with pledges received we look to have raised weekend! The event consisted of 3 loop rides. very close to $10,000 in support of Australia Rotary Health. DG Malcolm Kerr greeted riders, wishing them well , thanking Fantastic effort !! If you would like to support the Team, them for their efforts, indicated how memorable we all donations can be made on line at ARH website : looked in our lycra ( in a positive way lol) & farewelled the www,australianrotaryhealth.org.au RTC Team on their way. If you would like to get involved as a rider or support team member, please forward your details to RTC Secretary Chris Sutton cemsutton60@hotmail.com Day 1 Consisted of a half day ride departing at 1pm to Strathmerton , stopping at Cactus Country Farm for coffee & On to Conference next year, will see the ‘Ride To Conference’ Castus Cake , on to Monochino’s Winery, for wine tasting & return to our original format, with a pre conference Ride delicious local cheese platters, before returning to Numurkah being planned by Albury RTC team members. I ( 55 kms ) . Tea at the local Telegraph Hotel was then have it on good authority DGE Brian will ride out with the enjoyed by all. Team E-bike charging as we speak. Day 2 Early start 7am for ride to Barooga, Cobram via Chris Sutton Katamatite. Following a refreshments stop at the Botanical Rotary club of Numurkah Gardens in Barooga, riders had the option of an additional 25km loop in search of a hill, ‘Spud Hill’ prior to lunch, or RTC Team D 9790 coffee and some local site seeing. These two options were enjoyed and appreciated by the riders suiting everybody’s individual needs and abilities. The group re- assembled at Thomspson’s Beach for a very pleasant lunch , before setting off to Numurkah once again (125 km ). The Rotary Club of Numurkah hosted a very enjoyable joint partners meeting at the local Anglican Church Hamon Parish Centre . Page 6



he world is drowning in its own waste but Rotary can take the lead in minimising waste and reducing plastic use during events. Single use plastic offenders like coffee cups, water bottles and meat trays all have reusable alternatives.

What is Plasticwise ? Plasticwise is a community based movement focused on reducing waste, particularly the amount of single use plastic ending up in landfill and in our oceans. The Rotary eClub 9790 Latrobe is a sponsor of Beechworth Plasticwise.

Dr Stephanie Urchick RIPR receives a Boomerang bag from E-Clubs members Kathryn Chivers and Leslie Champion at the Multi – District conference

What alternatives do we have?

Currently, more than 10 million plastic straws are used in Australia every day! That’s a lot of unnecessary plastic! If you do need a straw, consider a paper one which can then go into your organics bin or compost. Or invest in a reusable metal straw. Encourage local businesses to remove straws and support those that do. Single use plastics includes any disposable plastic and polystyrene items, such as take-away coffee cups. If we all switched to reusable cups, we would divert 500 million Take-Away cups from landfill every year

Styrofoam or Polystyrene food containers are used for about 12 seconds and then thrown away. They are not biodegradable, and can take decades to decompose. Instead look for sugar cane or bamboo products which are fine for the green bin organic waste.

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Excessive plastic packaging is only used for convenience. Nude food does not need to be wrapped in plastic or commercial packaging. Fresh fruit and vegetables do not need plastic covering.

Australia only recycles 36% of single-use water bottles, with some 365 million plastic bottles ending up in Landfill and waterways. Australians spend more than a million dollars a year on bottled water, when we can refill from the tap free.

Balloons are not biodegradable. They take years to decompose, affecting the environment and marine life. Instead of balloons try bubbles, planting a tree, using banners or bunting to highlight your event.

What can your club do? Model a Plasticwise approach when you set up the barbeque at local events. Ask your club meeting venue not to automatically include plastic straws in glasses of mixed drinks. Sponsor local recycling initiatives and partner with groups in your area who have a sustainable focus. Invite your council Waste Management officer to a meeting as a guest speaker. Seek out your local convenor of Boomerang Bags and ask how your club can help them. Publicise the locations of Redcycle collection bins in your town through your club newsletter. Investigate the use of REPLAS products for seating in public parks and bus stops.

In developing countries if they have Hospital Beds they often look like this.

Adopt a Bed Program The supply of medical equipment and consumables is the most cost effective way to support two of the Rotary Foundations Areas of Focus and to improve patient care and save Mothers and Children’s lives. The Adopt a Bed Program is one of the easiest and most cost effective International Page 10

Projects your Club can adopt.

Y ou can be the difference The Donations In Kind Adopt A bed Program allows a Rotary Club or an individual (Tax deductibility available) to sponsor a Hospital Bed for $200 or 6 for $1000.

When the funds are received your bed number is allocated and when your hospital bed is shipped the Club is advised and given details on the Project. You can send a cheque; transfer the funds to Donations In Kind BSB 633 108, Account No 1434 96529 or go to www.rawcs.org.au / click to donate / Project No 32 Year 2014-15 and nominate Adopt a Bed.

From as little as $200 you can support the Adopt A Bed Program and improve patient care in developing countries. For more information, contact David Dippie 0408 174773 solatube@bigpond.com Your District DIK Representative, David Meller (Strathmore), District 9790 DIK Liaison Officer for DIK Inc. (Footscray), would welcome your call on : 0409 165 553. Email: dmeller@optusnet.com.au

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InSprie InRotary April 2019  

InSprie InRotary is the official monthly publication of Rotary International District 9790 Inc.

InSprie InRotary April 2019  

InSprie InRotary is the official monthly publication of Rotary International District 9790 Inc.