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ast your mind back to when you first visited a Rotary Club. Not when you joined, before that.

I go to Rotary because I enjoy it, not because I will get in trouble if I miss too many meetings. I am disappointed when I can’t make it to a meeting because I am missing out. If your meetings aren’t something that you look forward to (to catch up with friends for a chat and a laugh) then change your meetings. Rotary meetings are not a form In my case a friend of mine invited me to of penance, they are supposed to be a pleasure. come along. I knew all about Rotary (my family had been involved in Rotary forever, I had even been on overseas aid When you tell someone about Rotary do you focus on trips with Rotary). Rotary International or do you focus on your club? Rotary International is a wonderful organisation but it is a bit I didn’t come along to the meeting to daunting to ask someone to become involved in anything support Rotary International and I don’t that large. Your club on the other hand is a local club, think you did either. I came along controlled by its members, who meet for fun and fellowship because a friend invited me. and try to make the world a better place. When you I came along again after that because I describe Rotary to someone or invite someone to your club, enjoyed meeting everyone at the be sure to explain what you like and enjoy about your club, club. My point is – I didn’t join my Rotary rather than warning them about obligations and rules that Club to support Rotary International and I they will have to meet. haven’t remained a member of my club to support Rotary International (I do that through donations to TRF). Invite people to join your club if you think that they would be pleasant to have at a dinner party; someone you would like to meet for a chat once a week. If you have a friend When you are thinking about inviting a member to visit or that you think would be suitable but you don’t want to ask even join your club, what are you looking for? I often hear them yourself then get someone else to ask them. The people say that they want some “good” members. I think health of your club is more important to what you can any member who is welcomed and is welcoming at your achieve than any one member and that health and vitality club is a good member. Even if they don’t stay at your club needs to be nurtured. Your club needs to be nurtured and they are a good member. Even if they will only be in town managed by you. for one year they can be a good member. Anyone who contributes in a positive way to the tone and vitality of your Steve McKewen club is a good member. Membership Chair

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Eltham Rotary and Men’s Shed


Malcolm’s Message


Batticaloa Emergency and Accident Project - A Brief History


Conference 2018 -19


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RLA is coming

InSpire In Rotary is the official monthly publication of Rotary International District 9790 Inc. Publisher : Editor: Greg Adams Art Director: Greg Adams Advertising: Greg Adams Chief Cook and bottle washer : Greg as well Editorial: send to (please) Closing date is by the 26th of each month. Note: The views and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the District or its members.


uring his 2013/14 Presidential year, then Rotary Club of Eltham President Ken Paynter had a priority to address male mental health issues in the Eltham area. Ken had become aware of the need for the men of the Eltham area to have a means of socialising and sharing their trials and tribulations with cohorts of like and varied minds. He saw the establishment of an Eltham Men's Shed as the perfect conduit for satisfying this need.

assumed ownership of the Judge Book facility and graciously continued the commitment to allow the EMS to occupy premises on their site.

Since 2014 the EMS membership has grown to 62 as news of the obvious ‘bon homme’ traits and social/ mental health benefits spread through the community. While only limited activities continued at the St Vincents Care site, the members have been active in developing special interest groups, In November 2013 a public meeting was facilitated by the interacting with the local community on projects and fund Rotary Club of Eltham to gauge the extent of interest by raising in anticipation of eventually obtaining their own Elthamites in establishing a local Men's Shed. Not surprisingly premises. the meeting was very well attended by both men and a few On 12 April 2018 the vision of PP Ken Paynter and the women (obviously keen to get their men out of the house). dreams of the EMS members were fulfilled when long- time Out of this meeting a willing Steering Committee was supporter Nillumbik Shire Council allocated former established. Even though the group didn’t immediately have kindergarten premises in Wattletree Rd, Eltham to the a traditional Men's Shed “home” with guidance from the group. Utilising self-raised funds and a long established Australian Men's Shed Association and tapping into the Victorian Government Men's Shed Program grant of $60,000, Rotary Club of Eltham local community network, a process the group is in the process of transforming the Wattletree Rd began to bring a Mens Shed to fruition. The process included buildings /site into a “real Men's Shed”. Communal meeting/ the provision of support, advice and seed funding by the social areas of the building will be made available for use by Rotary Club of Eltham, the Nillumbik Shire Council and a other community groups. Additional public/private funding Rotary District 9790 Grant. will be sought to facilitate the construction of a workshop. Thanks to the generosity of the Over the past five years the Rotary Club then Melbourne City Mission, the of Eltham in group took up residence in early conjunction 2014 in a small former with Council manager’s residence in the has continued Mission owned Eltham Judge to liaise, advise Book Memorial Village. In and support the August 2014 the Eltham development Men's Shed (EMS) was and activities of incorporated with 18 the EMS. This foundation members. support will Whilst limited in the continue! nature and scope of The establishment of activities it could offer to the EMS will bear potential members, the long lasting testament commitment and to the contribution enthusiasm of the which Rotary can make founding committee to local communities. and members confirmed that there was a need and place for such a group in the area. [EMS members with 2013/14 Eltham Rotary Club President Ken In July 2015 St Paynter (3rd from right); EMS Vincents Care President Jim Gundrum ( 5th from Services right) & 2017/18 Eltham Rotary President Judy Sharp]

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elcome to our first newsletter for the year.

We hope ’InSpire InRotary’ will provide you with inspiration, useful information and enjoyable reading. It is our newsletter, so please assist us to make it great by providing inspiring articles to share. My wife Jill and I have been very busy already, attending 15 changeovers in the past few weeks. Each and every one was different and an absolute pleasure to attend. It is one of the strengths of Rotary, I think, that our clubs do similar things but in vastly different ways, and I would recommend to each of you that visiting a club other than your own provides an opportunity to observe different approaches, meeting other Rotarians and providing a wonderful Rotary experience. Next on the agenda for us are our official club visits, which will have begun by the time you are reading this. We are looking forward to meeting you all, hearing about the great work your club is doing and inspiring us in our belief we have a great District. During our visit, Jill will inform you about the Partner’s Project she has chosen for us to support: Rural Aid and the “Buy a Bale” Program; a wonderful initiative to assist struggling Australian farming communities hit by drought, flood and fire. Keep up the great work that you do, but make sure it is a rewarding and enjoyable experience for you at the same time. Yours In Rotary

Malcolm Kerr District Governor D9790


n Tuesday 12th June I flew to Colombo, Sri Lanka and travelled over to Batticaloa to be present at the official opening on Sunday 17th June of the Batticaloa

Emergency and Accident Hospital by the Minister of Health, Dr Rajitha Senaratne. I was there representing the R.C. of Strathmore and Rotary District 9790. This was a US$5

The project was originally put forward by a number of people involved with the aftermath of the devastating tsunami in December 2004, which did untold damage to towns and villages on the east coast of Sri Lanka. The medical and hospital facilities could not cope adequately with all the patients. Dr David Young, a Melbourne orthopaedic surgeon, flew over to Batticaloa within 48 hours to offer his help.

As a result of this experience, he vowed to help improve the medical and hospital facilities in the country. As a result, the Project BEAP was set up (Batticaloa Emergency and Accident Project). PP Website:

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Tsunami December 2004

FOUNDATION SUPPORTING A NATIONAL TRAUMA SERVICE IN SRI LANKA was established on the 25th September 2011 when a Deed of Trust was signed by David Young, Nihal de Run, Nalin Pathikirikorale, Indrajith Fernando. This was lodged with the Sri Lankan Department of Lands. On the 28th September 2011, the Foundation was also granted legal status in Australia by being incorporated in Australia under the Association Incorporation Act. The Office bearers of the Incorporated Association in Australia were David Young, Nihal de Run and Dr. Greg Hoy.

Batticaloa Teaching Hospital was chosen to be the first hospital to have a modern Emergency and Accident Trauma Centre built. The project was given the acronym BEAP (Batticaloa Emergency and Accident Project). This project was the first Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Sri Lanka and interested members approached the Government of Sri Lanka (Ministry of Health & Ministry of Higher Education) to obtain their support in principle for a sharing of the entire project cost of the project set at US$5million. The Foundation was responsible for raising $2 million from Donations and Sponsorships from Corporations in Sri Lanka and other countries. A memorandum of understanding was signed by the Government and the Foundation. The management consisted of David Young as President and the CEO, Nihal DeRun, a Sri Lankan born, Australian resident and citizen and other interested people both in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Rotary became involved through the friendship between PP Peter Dunn and Nihal DeRun. With the help of David Meller, we were able to register the project with Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS). The R.C. Strathmore became the Sponsor Donor Club and R.C. Colombo East and R.C. Batticaloa became the Sponsor Recipient Clubs. The biggest benefit of RAWCS registration was that it could offer tax deductibility for donations in Australia.

In July 2013, David Meller, in conjunction with Donations in Kind (DIK) was able to source over 80 redundant hospital beds from the Alfred Hospital. These were shipped to Batticaloa arriving in September and replaced some beds in the General Hospital dating back to the Second World War.

With the opening of the new Batticaloa Emergency and Accident Hospital a precedent has been set for replicating this hospital format in at least 5 other towns in Sri Lanka. A further boost to funds came with the application to Rotary International for a Rotary Foundation Global Grant. With the help of Rotarians, Peter Dunn and Bruce Anderson (R.C. Strathmore) and Indrajith Fernando (R.C. Colombo East) this has been successful. This was confirmed in July 2018. The value of this grant is US$ 134,810.00 A Vocational Training Team exchange of medical and nursing staff has commenced between the Batticaloa and Wangaratta hospitals with two teams so far. Rotarian Margaret Bennett (CEO North-East Health) has been instrumental in this opportunity.

David Meller PP PHF (Rotary Club of Strathmore) Chairman Rotary District 9790 RAWCS Rotary Australia World Community Service Chairman Rotary District 9790 Donations in Kind District 9790 Liaison Officer for DIK Inc. (Footscray) Mob: 0409 165 553 Email:

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REGISTRATION (Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th till 1:00 PM) Early Bird $175, New Rotarians (joined after July 1 2016) $125. Conference Dinner $110 Check the website for accommodation and restaurant options CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS

• Seven separate breakout sessions will be offered on Saturday afternoon covering Rotary topics. • " What Rotary Does" or the Rotary Showcase will be in the adjacent Exhibition Centre demonstrating and sharing Club and District Projects. Several "hands on opportunities" will also be available. • A Youth Forum and Interact / EarlyAct Forum on Saturday

Ian and Juliet Riseley will participate in a forum on Rotary towards 2050. John Prendergast an experienced facilitator at several International Assemblies will be one of the MC’s along with District Rotarians. As a young Australian woman Brittany Arthur well known to District 9810, made it to Rotary World Convention centre stage with a thunderous standing ovation. Edna Adan Ismail. “Women in Somaliland are maimed or die giving birth in the dirt. UN diplomat, midwife and teacher Edna’s story is a fascinating 20 year career of service and education”. Gordon Hastie District 9790 Conference Chair


ugust is Rotary Membership month. One of the hardest tasks in Rotary is to get new members, and I am sure that other clubs, just like Diamond Creek, find it just as tough.

That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with Rotary. We all know that it is a wonderful organisation with so many positive attributes, but it is certainly difficult to find new members.

How do we do it? It sounds easy when you read the suggestions made by Rotary International. Just ask your friends, they say. I am sure that most of the members of Diamond Creek have asked their friends on many occasions. But there seems to be a number of reasons why the friends don’t join: they think that the commitment is too big, the cost too great, or they just don’t understand what they would be getting into.

We need to be able to point out the advantages. If we can just get them to attend a meeting, hopefully they will enjoy it and want to return.

Perhaps we should all have another try. My best friend would love to join Diamond Creek Rotary. After attending our Changeover last year, she was convinced that it was a fantastic organisation full of warm, friendly people. She was totally amazed by the list of organisations that we had assisted over the previous year. So, why doesn’t she join? She lives in Hepburn Springs and the two hour drive to Diamond Creek each week would be just too much! (I am working on her to join Daylesford Rotary – but that’s another story.)

In the case of Diamond Creek, we could talk about the forthcoming Diamond Creek Rotary Town Fair (it’s a huge event that attracts in excess of 30,000 people and is always an enormous success) or perhaps one of our great projects such as the Tenderfoot School in Kenya or ShelterBox. Choose something that you think would grab their attention. See if you can get them interested.

Start by inviting your friend to attend a meeting. Check out the list of forthcoming speakers and choose one that you think will appeal to them. In But we should look at all our other the case of Diamond Creek, a visitor’s friends, acquaintances and colleagues first meal is free – so that should be an and test the water with them. I saw one incentive too. Our members are idea where it was suggested that each welcoming and sociable so making your member write down a list of all their guest feel at home shouldn’t be an issue, friends, acquaintances and colleagues and I am sure that this is the case for and systematically go through them to most clubs. see if they are interested in Rotary. Eliminate the ones who live too far away. Then start working on the others. Why not give it a try? We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. How often do you talk about Rotary? Mention an interesting meeting that your club has had, or an event that the club has coming up. Kerry Jones Rotary Club of Diamond Creek

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Coming Soon! Start Seeking Your RYLArian Now!


he Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) is awarded to young community leaders, aged between 18 and 30, each year.

RYLA 2018 Conference is being held from Sunday the 18th of November to Saturday the 24th of November 2018, inclusive. RYLA is a perfect professional and personal development opportunity for young people. The RYLA Conference brings together a selection of experts in their fields to converse and interact with the participants around topics like: Marketing and selling yourself

Mental Health First Aid

Values lead leadership

Presenting and Public Speaking

Global Citizenship

Teamwork fundamentals

Conflict Resolution

Personal Financial Management

Project Management fundamentals

Health and looking after yourself

Controlling and using emotions Find RYLArians by asking at least 6 young people. Find them living next door, working in the local supermarket, related to members of your club (children, grand children), young Rotarians, scouts, and other members of community service organisation. When you have a young person who suits this award ask them to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) online at . They need your club’s contact details to complete the EOI. It takes no more than 10 minutes to complete the EOI. Once the EOI is received and linked to your club, ask the young person we to meet you and your club. Marketing posters/flyers and business cards will be sent to your club soon. Thanks again for your continued support of the community! Questions? Contact Linda Gidlund, 0418 173 279, or Kerry Jones, 0414 861 557,

TICKETS STILL AVAILVABLE for the 5th Annual Foggy Mountain Music Festival WEEKEND FULL OF MUSIC & MUCH MORE TO SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY 12th, 13th, 14th October 2018 Various festival ticket packages and full details are available online -

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InSpire InRotary August 2018  

InSpire InRotary is the official Rotary International District 9790 DG's newsletter.

InSpire InRotary August 2018  

InSpire InRotary is the official Rotary International District 9790 DG's newsletter.