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1080 The District Governor’s Ramblings - Issue 6


10-11 Issue Date : November 2010

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ccording to the feedback forms, everyone enjoyed themselves at the D1080 Annual Conference at Trinity Park, Ipswich on October 23rd where they heard some inspirational speakers and came away inspired and having learned a little more about the wider world of Rotary, what Rotary does and where we are headed. Thanks go to all the 316 day delegates who came to enjoy the plenary sessions. We had a few laughs, the speakers were of a uniformly high standard and everything ran without a hitch. The facilities supplied by the Trinity Park Conference Centre were superb and I cannot praise the service of the staff too highly. Equally, both I and the attendees owe a great debt of gratitude to Conference Director Keith Day, his committee and the team of volunteer

stewards who ensured that both planning and execution were flawless. Both evening functions were well attended and worked equally well. All in all, a vote of confidence for our one-day format. Some 300 pictures of the conference can be viewed on an on-line album set up by Philip Laver by going to http://fangman. (there is a link on the district website). More pictures overleaf.

DG1260 Amanda Watkin (above left) judged the John Grant Trophy Oscars and was on the Q&A Panel - R/C of Norwich President Keith Tovey (centre) received the trophy for the best international club project . No tie, hair, designer stubble? This can’t be a Rotary event can it? One Foundation executive Jake Heyman (right) kept the audience enthralled and intrigued with a different business model for international aid. Nearly there - Conference Director Keith Day (far right) views the afternoon proceedings from the control booth.

RIBI President Elect Ray Burman (above) was in typically inspirational form and keynote speaker and RI Representative, Past RI Director Keith Barnard-Jones (below) held the audience in rapt attention.




e have, for the last two years, had a ShelterBox District Coordinator in District 1080. Recently, for personal reasons, he has had to stand down from that role and our district is, so ShelterBox inform me, now without a coordinator. ShelterBox are looking for a Rotarian who is willing to be their dedicated coordinator in our district. The charity will train and resource that person so they can assist the clubs and Rotarians in our district to promote the work of ShelterBox both within Rotary and to the communities in which those clubs serve. “The responsibility of the coordinator will be to create a district team to enable the geographic areas to be represented at events and when we receive speaker requests, which are increasing daily” writes ShelterBox Liaison Officer David Glover. This is not a District 1080 post but will involve working directly on behalf the charity, albeit one that enjoys almost universal support among Rotarians. Anyone interested in assisting should contact Rtn David Glover on 01326 569782 or email



oes your club find it difficult to keep the records up-to-date at RI headquarters? Sometimes this is because the office holders who are allowed to update records (President and Secretary) are not confident of their computer skills and it has to be admitted that using the “Member Access” portal is not as easy as it might be. If this is your problem, then consider appointing a more IT-confident member as an “Executive Secretary”. The Executive Secretary has the same authorisation to update the records as the other two officers. It was designed to allow clubs who have salaried administrators (possibly non-Rotarians) to update the records. However, each club can appoint any person to this role. If you are able to use the Member Access portal you can issue the permission online. If you are not able to use the portal then you can send an email (from the President or Secretary) to the team at RIBI headquarters – info@ They will help you to get the right person registered.



ongratulations to the eight or nine clubs within D1080 who took part in the mass crocus planting on October 2nd/3rd and succeeded in planting some 50,000 bulbs towards the RIBI record attempt. I understand that the RIBI-wide effort was successful in setting a new high for crocus planting although the exact total is still being collated. A set of six “Thanks for Life” posters is now available for each club and many of these were collected at the October District Council Meeting with more beeing handed out at the District Conference. The balance of the packs will be distributed by TfL coordinator Barry Catchpole. Please make use of these within your plans for “Thanks for Life” week in February.

The Q&A session succeeded in arousing a series of questioners on a wide range of topics for nearly 45 minutes of debate and opinion. Here, Lowestoft East Point VP Patricia Peters succeeds in getting a promise from RIBI President Elect Ray Burman to visit the club.



t the October District Council Meeting, the delegates agreed that we should organise a RYLA week in 2011 but only on the proviso that sufficient places to guarantee a course shall be reserved by the clubs by the 31st May 2011. If these bookings are not in place then the reservation fee will be forfeited and the course will not take place. Clubs, therefore, have seven months to get matters arranged and secure the future of this wonderful event, which develops the talents of so many - use the time well. I have spoken to my opposite number in D1070, who hold a similar event at the same venue and who are having the same difficulties concerning numbers as we are, about the possibility of a joint venture and will let you know on this in time but, meanwhile, please get out and sell this to employers and keep RYLA alive.

Above, the strain of six hours on stage begins to take its toll - I think I only lost the plot once.

The trophy for the best attendance at the conference went to the Governor’s home club and the Diss President, John Gallen (left, above), collected the McLeod Cup.

Rodney's Ramblings November 2010  

DG Rodney's Monthly Newsletter for November 2010 for District 1080

Rodney's Ramblings November 2010  

DG Rodney's Monthly Newsletter for November 2010 for District 1080