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In this Issue 03 International Women’s Day

Rotary Magazine Month In the Rotary Calendar we celebrate April as Magazine Month. In this context we usually think about the regional publication, Rotary Down Under, which most Australians and New Zealanders receive. Rotarians around the world are required to compulsorily subscribe to one of 31 regional publications or “The Rotarian”, which was the first Rotary Magazine and is the official Rotary magazine. All share certain common information but the regional publications are in the relevant local language and/or reflect issues relevant to the region. Subscription to The Rotarian is compulsory for Rotarians in the USA and Canada. Outside of these countries Rotarians must subscribe either to the official magazine or one of the regional publications. The only exemption is if a Rotarian is not literate in English or the language of one of the regional publications. The regional magazines are published under licences that have to be renewed every five years and must have an editorial Board of current and past Governor Representatives. The purpose of the magazine is to advance the Object of Rotary in all its aspects. The National Rotarian, as it was originally called was launched in 1911 so there has been an official magazine for almost as long as Rotary has been around. Unsurprisingly regional magazines developed fairly early in Rotary history to cater for countries where English was not a first language, although not before Great Britain declared its own version of Rotary as early as 1915 with the “Rotary Magazine”. In fact RIBI (Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland) remains the only part of Rotary that has a regional structure between Districts and Rotary International – but that is another story. Rotary District 9800

04 Youth Exchange Safari 05 RAWCS in Timor District Governor Dennis Shore and Lynda

The first non-English magazines were Rotary (Italy) and Brasil Rotario in 1924, followed by El Rotariao de Chile in 1927.

06 Interview with RK Saboo 06 Machiavelli Arrest Warrant 07 Rotary in Photos 08 Disaster Aid Australia 09 How to write an article 10 Welcome New Members 11 Notices and Events

Contact the Editor

Clarice Caricare

Rotary Down Under is a more recent evolution having commenced in 1965, from independent initiatives of two Rotary Clubs (Bayswater in Victoria and Newtown in NSW). Commonsense prevailed and the two clubs cooperated to produce the first pilot edition in April 1965. As with many things in Rotary, adoption of the new publication was not without its detractors. A referendum of all clubs was subsequently authorised by the Governors of the then 11 districts in Australia and New Zealand. Most clubs agreed by simple majority to the proposition but nearly 40% of members individually did not. On July 1, 1965 Rotary Down Under became our magazine. Issue 31 of 2012/2013. April 12th, 2013

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April is Rotary Magazine Month


Although recent in chronological terms Rotary Down Under was in fact the first regional magazine to be designated “official regional magazine” in 1978 under legislation that gave Rotarians the option to subscribe to either the regional magazine or the official magazine. Subsequently 27 more regional magazines have been granted similar status. These magazines publish an agreed “mandatory” content concurrently with The Rotarian by direction of the General Secretary acting on behalf of the RI Board. The name of our publication was not dictated, as many assume, by some faceless Rotarians in the USA but was all our own work! Originally the two founding clubs recommended the title as “The Rotary family” but that was discouraged by the RI General Secretary as “it did not reflect the magazine as a Rotary publication”. The name Rotary Down Under was adopted by the Governors of the time, almost in desperation. Apparently the name was somewhat facetiously proposed after Governors could not agree to a whole range of options, including “Australian Rotary”, “Rotary Australasia”, “Rotary in the South Pacific”, “Rotary in Australia and New Zealand”, “Rotary Under the Southern Cross”, “Rotary in the Antipodes” and “Rotary ANZ”. A suggestion of “Rotary Anzang” (Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea) demonstrates that Rotary’s predilection with acronyms has been well entrenched.

and emphasis. Increasingly (but slowly) clubs are turning to “social Media” to connect with members. To date only a couple of clubs have totally abandoned the weekly bulletin in favour of Facebook. Many clubs have gone to an electronic format mainly based on the District sponsored website/ bulletin format or ClubRunner, a popular Canadian based system that integrates with RI and provides an extensive back office capability. Increasingly clubs and particularly Rotary International are using electronic formats as the principal vehicle for communication. This trend reflects the view that readers prefer to be able to select an item or topic that is of interest from a précis list rather than ploughing their way through a formatted publication to find items of interest. At another level however, it requires less work to compile a publication in this format. The risk is that content and readability suffers and paradoxically there are often fewer visual images than are included in “traditional” formats. There is some evidence that readers prefer this option because much of the reading is being done on mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. Certainly there is demonstrable evidence that this is the case with newspapers, where printed versions appear to be on their way to extinction. Yet there is continuing demand for printed as well as on-line magazines in the wider world. Indeed the number of titles is expanding and perhaps there are some lessons here for the optimal way in which Districts and Clubs can communicate with members. Our District publication tries to do this by offering Networker as an online interactive publication for those preferring to scan and select but with options for those who prefer to peruse the publication in its entirety. There is a very natty online reader for easy reading in magazine format on your tablet or your computer screen. For those who wish to download for posterity or offline reading there is still the traditional PDF option. Naturally this involves a great deal more work and we should all be indebted to Editor Gordon Cheyne who also formats the printable versions. Gordon is assisted by Stuart McArthur as our webmaster who ensures that it is delivered to your preferred media. For those who more interested in looking ahead we have a link that takes the reader straight to a list of forthcoming events.

All Rotary publications, be they at club level, District, National or International are the product of a huge amount of work that goes into their preparation by very committed people – who are also Rotarians for the most part. Sadly anecdotal feedback and analysis of on-line statistics suggests that recipients do not read a lot of the content in the publications or in many cases do not read the publication at all, even in the case of club Bulletins, which very much relate to specific aspects of club operations and activities. When you have the opportunity to receive bulletins from all clubs, as I do, what is apparent is the different level of content Rotary District 9800

I consider the article that I write each week is one of the more important duties I have in my role as Governor. However I am realistic enough to know that if you are still reading my article at this point you are probably very much in the minority. There is an often repeated story (probably an urban legend), which demonstrated that nobody actually reads the contents of detailed publications. Supposedly in a prospectus there was an offer buried on page 233 to send a case of Champagne to anyone who actually noticed the offer, which went unclaimed by any readers and un-noticed by the bureaucrats at ASIC. I would like to have the courage to make the same offer as a way of seeing how many readers of Networker read my article. Given that I am hopeful that some read it out of a sense of obligation, if for no other reason, I will send you a personal thankyou if you let me know you read through to this point!

Dennis Shore, District Governor.

Issue 31 of 2012/2013. April 12th, 2013


International Women’s Day Breakfast By Kerry Kornhauser, RC Albert Park Is it all in the genes? It was a sellout ! Our MC, Leila Gurriwiwi, welcomed our 1,000+ men and women in the room. Setting the mood full of anticipation of what the morning is to bring. Followed by Minister for Women’s Affairs, Mary Wooldridge opening the event. She spoke of her support of our charity Violence Free Families, how it is serving a every growing need in the community. This followed by a dynamic Beverly O’Connor moderator who tamed the fiery waters of our panellists Virgina Trioli, Dr Feelgood, Graeme Wise, Stephen Mayne and Peter Hollingworth (at last minute Fabian Dattner was not able to attend)… They discussed heatedly how in the corporate world little consideration is made for women... and the question was asked what can be done and how important it is to recognize men and women’s differences and building on their strength…with lots of take home messages like from Mary Wooldrige. Her quote :”If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough” gave all of us a challenge! The morning opened the minds of all those corporate attendees (over 700) to the issues of men and Women in the workplace and introduce many to the Rotary world! The Breakfast was well received.

We are eternally grateful to our major sponsor Clarke & Company, who were the perfect sponsor – understanding all our requests. We were thrilled that Zoo Victoria took on a Bronze sponsorship. And to our other sponsors all helping to create a fantastic morning… see their names on the website… and please support them! www.

The event raised over $30,000 which will be distributed to Violence Free Families, the Kids Foundation and supporting Big Issue …

PHF Presentation to Rithy Lay, RC Phnom Penh At a combined meeting of RC Melbourne South, RC Port Melbourne, RC SouthBank, RC Docklands and RC St Kilda on March 21st President Mark Stephens presented Rithy Lay with a Paul Harris Recognition. Rithy acts as a guide to World of Difference Tours. Rithy, has for many years devoted a considerable amount of time helping the people of Cambodia. Rithy in his own right has followed the Foundation goals: to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education and the alleviation of poverty. He is a deserved Paul Harris Award recipient in the truest sense of the Award.

Rotary District 9800

Issue 31 of 2012/2013. April 12th, 2013


Rotary Youth Exchange Safari By Vanda Mullen, Youth Exchange Chair

Our Rotary D9800 and D9780 Youth Exchange Students and Committee member Leaders continue to be impressed by the Australian panoramas and our unique environment. The Safari bus group has travelled from King’s Canyon to Alice Springs, (the heart of the Red Centre in the MacDonnell Ranges), to Standley Chasm, Simpson’s Gap, Devils Marbles, Tenant Creek, Mount Isa, Charters Towers, Airlie Beach, the Great Barrier Reef and Great Keppel Island. Following this, it’s on to the Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour, Sydney then they return home to D9800 and D9780. No doubt the Host Families will be pleased to welcome their students back into their homes to hear about their trip and adventures.

Rotary District 9800

Issue 31 of 2012/2013. April 12th, 2013


RAWCS in Timor Leste Daryl Mills OAM, Rotary Australia World Community Service Liaison Officer for Timor Leste, has sent us some photos of how Australian Bureau of Statistics Census Bags come in useful: “The other people in the photos are Armindo Crisna Caetano, the founder, director & driving force behind this community school. The woman is Rosa the English teacher & admin director... “We have given the Census bags to just about every Catholic Order in Timor & the Sisters distribute them up into the mountain villages.”

Bill Dagg adds: “I have lost count of how many Students in Timor,Samoa, Fiji -Tanzania -PNG-Burma Bangledash to name a few who are going off to School daily with their Bright Yellow ABS bags. “They are not only great for carrying their books, but also are a great Safety factor, as most students walk or push bike many miles on busy roads to & from school daily. “Well done A.B.S.”

Other examples of RAWCS Projects can be found at

Rotary District 9800

Issue 31 of 2012/2013. April 12th, 2013


An Interview with Past RI President Rajendra K Saboo “Peace is not just an absence of war. It is the wellbeing of healthy families”, said Rajendra K. Saboo in an interview with PDG Dr. Rekha Shetty, Global Chairperson of RFPD – The Rotarian Action Group for Population and Development. Here they are in conversation at the recent Hyderabad RI zone Institute. Rekha: Poverty is always one of the major causes for strife and war. What is your opinion? PRID Rajendra K Saboo: Anything that reduces poverty creates peace. Peace is not just an absence of war. It is a feeling of wellbeing and a healthy state of mind. Anything we do to improve the health of the mother and child helps the family grow healthy in body and mind. The health of the expectant mother is important. Such a family encourages peaceful, happy thoughts and actions. Rekha: What is the linkage between peace and maternal mortality? PRID Rajendra K Saboo: A motherless child is disadvantaged in his development: physical, mental and emotional growth is seriously retarded. Such children can become an economic burden unless we proactively do something about it. We need to focus on reducing maternal mortality. The Indian government’s insistence on children being born in hospitals has reduced maternal mortality. Rekha: How does the empowerment of women create a peaceful society? PRID Rajendra K Saboo: As Gandhi said, “When you educate a man it will flow to one generation. If you educate a woman, it will flow for generations to come.” Empowering women gives them a choice in all matters – use of resources, the creation of resources, education and health of children, and even the number of children they choose to have. Vocational projects empower women to build healthier homes and to build peace. Women are usually more sincere than men, as the Grameen Bank found. All of its programs for women’s health and empowerment contribute to peace. Prevention of maternal and infant mortality are key programs impacting peace. Saboo concluded with an unusual thought: “Peace is not natural to human beings. Thomas Hobbs talks of ‘Nature being red in tooth and claw’. We need to proactively create the discipline of peace, kindness and tranquility. Rotary works directly for peace through its peace scholars and through its centers for peace and conflict resolution. Our work for maternal and child health and for the empowerment of women build peace- through peaceful families.

Briton Finds 500-year-old Arrest Warrant for Machiavelli By Nick Squires, Rome

A British academic has stumbled upon a 500-year-old “most wanted” notice for the arrest of Niccolo Machiavelli, the infamous Renaissance political operator who wrote “The Prince”. Prof Stephen Milner from Manchester University discovered the historic document by accident while researching town criers and the proclamations they read out in archives in Florence. The 1513 proclamation, which called for the arrest of Machiavelli, eventually led to his downfall and death. “When I saw it I knew exactly what it was and it was pretty exciting,” said Prof Milner. “When you realise this document marked the fall from grace of one the world’s most influential political writers, it’s quite a feeling. “The Prince is a seminal work, with a lasting influence on political thought and culture. The term ‘Machiavellian’ and the naming of the Devil as ‘Old Nick’ all derive from this single work, but the circumstances of its composition have often been overlooked.” Rotary District 9800

Issue 31 of 2012/2013. April 12th, 2013


Rotary in Photos Uniting Leaders, Sharing Ideas, Taking Action Every day, Rotary makes a difference in the lives of people around the world. The photo gallery above shows snapshots of Rotarians and Rotary leaders from all continents and cultures coming together to exchange ideas and take action. You can download photos to use in your Rotary publications and online sites from Rotary Images. http://www.rotary. org/en/MediaAndNews/News/ Pages/111030_news_inphotos. aspx Share your photos of Rotarians working to empower youth, enhance health, promote peace and advance community on our Family of Rotary Flickr group. RI President Sakuji Tanaka (second from left) takes part in a Holi festival 27 March, organized by Rotarians in District 3010 (Union Territory, India) during a visit to the district. Holi is a festival of colours celebrated mainly by Hindus in India and Nepal.

RI Presidents Receive Honorary Degrees RI President Sakuji Tanaka and Past RI Presidents Kalyan Banerjee and Rajendra K. Saboo accepted honorary doctorate degrees this week on behalf of Rotary International from IIS University in Jaipur, India, in recognition of the service to society provided by Rotary and by the professional, community, and business leaders who join together for action in Rotary clubs around the world.

Rotary District 9800

Issue 31 of 2012/2013. April 12th, 2013


Disaster Aid Australia By Jenni Heenan PHF FFIA, CEO Disaster Aid Australia

Since our inception nearly three years ago we have assisted thousands of survivors following disasters. Importantly, we have delivered superior humanitarian aid which provides families with dignity and hope for the future as they rebuild their shattered lives. Because of our reputation, government citations and awareness of our products, we receive many calls to assist – whether this is for our sustainable water solutions, solar lighting or shelter components. In today’s climate, raising funds and increasing awareness has become a challenge for all areas of the not-for-profit sector. With this in mind, we are holding a conference in Melbourne (Dandenong TAFE College) on Saturday 4 May to discuss how we continue to assist those we serve. We would dearly love you to attend to be part of our forward planning. Our initial thoughts are for a full meeting of all supporters on the Saturday and on Sunday our DARTs will continue until lunchtime. As always, we run our business on a shoe-string so that donations actually go to where they are intended – in aid – so, we are therefore offering home-hosting

for those who may require accommodation. The ladies of the RC Endeavour Hills will also prepare meals etc in an effort to minimise costs ☺ More comprehensive information will be coming your way in the next weeks but in this first instance could you please indicate your willingness and availability to attend this vital weekend and have your say on how we move forward. We will also hold our Annual General meeting over the same weekend with the election of Directors to the Disaster Aid Australia Board. Should you know of someone who also champions our cause, I ask that you please include them in this email invitation. We should all stand tall and be proud of what we have achieved so far but this meeting is vital for us to move forward. My sincere thanks to you all for your support and I hope you can join us to contribute to a successful weekend. Read more about DAA:

Family Survival Pack A Family Survival Pack provides a family with the basic tools to rebuild their lives. All products contained in our box meet and exceed UN and Sphere standards and have innovative differences. For ease of transport and manoeuvrability, the box has wheels and a handle. Its capacity is 190 litres, with the lid serving as a carpenter’s workbench with two 2”x4” saw grooves, and is completed with a tool holder. Inside the box is a range of support items, most importantly, the Disaster Aid tent which is the largest humanitarian aid tent available. And best of all, it is interconnectable. Simply, we can erect a four classroom school for up to eighty school children; assist with a first aid tent; erect a community centre – the deliverables are many and varied dependent on the need of those we serve. Filled with blankets, water containers, cooking utensils, a stove, pots, pans, children rucksacks (with books and pencils), mosquito nets and other useful items, our packs help rebuild broken lives.

Rotary District 9800

Issue 31 of 2012/2013. April 12th, 2013



Most bloggers don’t know how to write an article for human readers. Instead they are only interested in things like keyword density, spinning and taking advantage of the latest loophole in google algorithm that will enable them to rank their crappy articles for any keyword they wish. I’ve seen a lot of bad practices in article writing and it’s really disappointing to see so many people focusing too much in search engine optimization, that they forget that what they really need is human readers. People who publish low quality content realize after a while that no matter how much traffic they manage to get, nobody actually stays on their website. So if you want to build a real business online you must focus on quality content. There are no shortcuts. After years of writing I have developed a certain process that helps me keep my articles quality, professional and compelling to read. By following this processs I am able to write an article in less that an hour and it can bring a lot of traffic to my website.

Here is the 4 step process I use to write an article: 1. choosing a topic

The first thing you’ll need to do is to find what to write about and the best way to do that is by finding out what you are interested in. It goes without saying that your blog should be in a niche of your interest, otherwise you will always struggle finding topics to write about, and ultimately you will get disappointed and abandon your blog. So, don’t over-complicate this step. just figure out what it is that you are passionate about and move on to the next step.

2. keyword research

Once you have decided about the topic of your article you should do some keyword research. if for example the topic of your article is “how to write a blog post” go to the Google keyword research tool and search for that keyword. that way you will get a list of a lot of keywords relevant to your topic. Choose one of the suggested keywords as your primary and also choose some more as secondary keywords. Focus on long tail keywords. These are keywords longer that 3 words which get small traffic but are typically easier to rank for because there is little competition. You can use SEOquake to analyze competition. This is a free Firefox plug-in that displays a lot of SEO information on search results and it can help you determine which keyword is the easiest to rank for. Once you have found all the relevant keywords for your article you can start using them in your article. Use your primary keyword in your title and in the main body of your article at about 2% keyword density. This will make your article optimized for search engines. Higher keyword density is not recommended because it will make your article look spammy and Google will penalize you.

2. Reasearch your topic

Before writing your article it’s important to do some research. You have already compiled your list of keywords so start searching on google for each of those keywords and read as much information as you can. Do not underestimate the importance of this step. Research can make your article stand out and will increase the likelihood of having your article syndicated which can bring you a lot of traffic. Only if you are very familiar with the topic you might skip this step.

3. Start Writing

Length Now have all the information you need to start writing your article. But before you do that you will have first to decide on the length of your article. Most people recommend that you write about 500 words, but unlike what most people I will advice you to write at about 700-1000 words. There reason is that a quality 1000 word article will greatly increase the chances of syndication. Structure An article in order to be compelling has to have some structure. You can’t just start placing one sentence after another. Every article I write consists of the following components: • Title: It’s the most important component because it’s the first impression a reader gets from your article. If the title is not compelling enough chances are your reader will stop reading your article. Keep in mind that the title is what shows up on Google results and if it’s not catchy enough you will not get people’s attention. The tile also is an important factor for SEO so you have to include your keyword on your title if this is possible. • Introduction: first impressions matters. In the intro you will introduce your topic, mention all the main point you will discuss in your article, explain why you are writing this post, and provide a little background information if required. The primary aim of the introduction is to bring excitement so that your reader will continue reading. Also don’t forget to include your primary keywords phrase once in a way that looks natural. • Body: You must choose a way to structure your information with bullet points or sub-headlines (like in this article). That way you break up your content into small pieces which are easier to read. Another way to make your article more pleasing for the eye, is to add images and a video. A video will also increase the user engagement with your site and enhance the user experience which is a big factor in SEO rankings. • Conclusion: Do not overlook this part because a improper conclusion can destroy the article. Do not mention anything new in the conclusion. Keep it short summarizing what you just said and explaining your reader how to find further information on that subject. The conclusion is also the best place to add a call to action which can be a link to your product or an incentive for your reader to join your newsletter or an invitation to leave a comment. A call to action is a must. I can’t stress that enough. You will be amazed on how many people will respond to your invitation. do not overdo it though. Just one call to action on every post is enough.

4. Final Edits

Once you finish writing your post take some time to proof-read it by reading it out loud. This will help you find spelling and grammar mistakes. Also make sure you have included your keyword(s) in the title, the first paragraph and several times in the body of your post while making sure they do not look out of place or turn off human readers. If you target more than one keyword add your secondary keywords in your sub-headlines. Remember that you are writing for humans first and then for the search engines so make sure you are not affection the readability of your article by over-optimizing for the search engines. So, tell me: How do you write your blog posts? What tips would you add?

Rotary District 9800

Issue 31 of 2012/2013. April 12th, 2013


Welcome New Members Brighton Beach Rotary Club recently inducted Jeanette Limbach as a member. Jeanette is pictured here in the centre of the photo with our current club president Linn Maskell to the right and on the left is president electg Grant Wishnowsky. New Essendon members Pat Chadderton (in green) and Margie Sheldon. Induction of a new member for the RC Richmond - Christine Eckley Photo: Jenny List, Nia Holdenson (Mentor and New Generations Chair), Christine Eckley and President Sue Bolton

Rotary District 9800

Issue 31 of 2012/2013. April 12th, 2013


Notices and Events For a full Notices & Events calendar, visit the following link:

Rotary Youth Exchange – A Life Changing Experience! Closing date for 2014 Outbound student applications: Friday 19th April 2013 to experience a year-long educational and cultural exchange as Ambassadors of Rotary District 9800 and their Sponsor Rotary Clubs. Rotary District 9800 exchanges with Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Taiwan and USA. Students in year 9, 10 and 11 are invited to apply and must be under the age of 18 years, as at 1st January in the year of departure. Host Club - Invitation: The Youth Exchange committee members are currently seeking additional Host Clubs to nominate for this excellent Rotary Service Program. You could welcome and assist an Inbound Rotary Youth Exchange student as he/she learns about your Rotary club and life in Australia. Inbound Rotary Youth Exchange students from Europe, Japan, Taiwan and USA arrive in July 2013. A sincere thank you to the clubs who have already offered support and selected a student from their country of choice. If your club could host or even co-host with another D9800 club, it would be appreciated. Contact Youth Exchange Chairman Vanda Mullen to discuss your club’s offer of assistance and any Hosting support needed from the D9800 Youth Exchange Committee at this time. Bookings for Youth Exchange club meeting presentations are invited also.

SEVEN WOMEN NEEDS YOUR ASSISTANCE Seven Women is looking for shops to stock our products that many of you saw and generously bought at the Annual Rotary Conference in Albury. We have many women approaching our centre everyday. The more demand we create for the products, the more Nepali women we are able to assist out of poverty and suffering through skills training and employment. Please contact if you have any friends of relatives who have shops which our products would be a good match. For those who are interested in journeying to Nepal on our next tour at the end of June, view this link: Thanks for your continued support.


(And the club that changed the world) Read about the life and times of Rotary’s founder in this 16-page illustrated biography. The comic-book style feature debuted in the December issue of The Rotarian. Only $0.50 Orders at:

Rotary District 9800

Issue 31 of 2012/2013. April 12th, 2013


EVENTS - April 2013 12th April

Masquerade Ball

12th April


13th April

15th April

19th April

Friday 12 April 2013 The International, 81 Bay St. Brighton. 3186 7.00pm for 7.30pm Lounge suit, ladies please wear a mask $150 per person ($50 tax deductible) Includes 3 course meal and beverages Band: The very popular ‘Tequila Bros’ Donations: Welcome (fully tax deductible) Contact: Garry Bradd m: 0418 107 800 p: 9596 1316 Over the past 27 years, the Rotary Club of North Brighton has assisted the Bayside community in many ways. Help us to continue our work in the local community by joining us at our masquerade ball and auction.

LUNCH AND OPEN GARDEN AT THE COPE-WILLIAMS WINERY 160 Glenfern Road, Romsey April 1212.30pm Hear a wide range of music that includes opera, chamber music, an orchestral concert and jazz. Artists include some of Australia’s finest professional musicians and also introduces highly talented and gifted young musicians who are at the beginning of national and international careers. Tickets include canapés, three course lunch and wine. $95.00 per person or $170.00 double booking. Bookings are essential before April 16. Book through or 5423 2828.

Cope-Williams Winery and Taradale Music present:

AUTUMN MUSIC April 21, 2013 12.30pm

LUNCH AND OPEN GARDEN AT THE COPE-WILLIAMS WINERY-ROMSEY Performances by the Australian National Academy of Music’s spectacular wind quintet and Australian jazz icon Tony Gould with brilliant vocalist Meg Corson.

For more information on open gardens, visit

Tickets include canapés, three course lunch and wine. $95.00 per person or $170.00 double booking. Bookings are essential before April 16. Book through or 5423 2828. Taradale Music Inc. stages Spring Music, an annual feast of music in the Central Victorian Goldfields towns of Taradale, Malmsbury and Castlemaine. Join us for the Spring Music ‘13 weekend on August 30 till September 1, 2013. Hear a wide range of music that includes opera, chamber music, an orchestral concert and jazz. Artists include some of Australia’s finest professional musicians and also introduces highly talented and gifted young musicians who are at the beginning of national and international careers. Please join us at Cope Williams Winery and enjoy great food, wine and fine music. Venue: Taverner’s Dining Room, Cope Williams Winery, 160 Glenfern Road, Romsey.


Saturday 13 April 2013 9am – 2pm 117 Murrumbeena Road Art, including art activities for children Books Exquisite hand- crafts of every kind from cards to quilting, candles to jewellery Gourmet foods Toys & clothes for children Bath & body Products Honey & bee products Eco-products BBQ Market cafe & merchandise sold in support of community groups. Entry – Gold Coin 2013 Markets- 13 July, 5 October and 7 December ENQUIRIES-

Charity Golf Day

Footscray Rotary & Vic Police Annual Charity Golf Day Monday 15th April 2013 from 11.30am to 6:30pm Cost: $75 per player Sunshine Golf Club, Mt Derrimut Rd. Derrimut (Melways ref: 39- E3) RSVP by 9th April 2013 to Ron Hunt 0400-205-858 or

Back to Square Dance Night

Maribyrnong Park Bowls Club, 195 Holmes Road, Moonee Ponds. Fridsay 19th April Cost::$20.00 per person RSVP: To Meg Smith-Beale on 9331-6699, by 31st of March 2013 Net Proceeds to Royal Children’s Hospital Clown Doctors Ladies, please bring a basket supper. Drinks at bar prices. Flyer available at

Rotary District 9800

Issue 31 of 2012/2013. April 12th, 2013


April 2013 22nd April


21st April


28th April

MURDOCH CHILDREN’S RESEARCH INSTITUTE EPIGENETICS - Why identical twins are different and how this could help make sick kids better MONDAY 22nd APRIL, 2013 6.30pm for 7.00pm Amora Hotel Riverwalk, 649 Bridge Road, Richmond Free parking - Amora Hotel car park or on River Street $30 per person – includes a 2-course dinner. Drinks at bar prices. FURTHER INFORMATION: BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL FOR CATERING PURPOSES RSVP: by Friday 19th April

Werribee Function Centre, Werribee Racecourse, Bulban Road, Werribee. 21 April 10.00am till 4.00pm. $5.00 per head with all funds raised going towards Rotary’s work in the community More info: Colin Styles on mobile 0416 191 320 or email or There will be some 40 to 50 wedding specialists including: Marriage Celebrants, Wedding Photographers, Bridal Make-Up, Bonbonnieres, Wedding Invitations and Stationery, Wedding Reception Venues, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Florists, Wedding Dresses, Mother-of-the-Bride Wear, Male Formal Wear, Wedding Gifts, Decorations, and Wedding Cars and Limousines. Fashion parades at 11.30am and 2.30pm showcasing Bridal and Mother-of-the-Bride Wear. Novelty events for Brides-to-be with some worthwhile prizes available.

Tribute to Jim Thompson

Sunday April 28, 4.00pm start Uniting Church 132 Keilor Rd, North Essendon $25 pp includes Tea or Coffee and Nibbles Drinks at Bar Prices Complimentary Glass of Champagne on arrival “Door Prize” and raffle .Entertainment:“Future of Australian Music” Funds raised go to Cancer Research RSVP 26th April, 2013 to Jacob Taurins,

May 2013 4th May

A Night of Culture in Paris: La Nuit des Musees

Café International will be held on Saturday, 4TH May 2013 International House, 241 Royal Parade, Parkville, VIC 3052 Dress Code: Black tie or to theme. Doors will open at 6:30pm for pre-dinner drinks and light entertainment. Dinner and the show will commence at 7:15pm. Tickets are available at AUD $80.00/person, inclusive of a three-course meal, free flow of beverages. RSVP to our Guest and Conference Manager, Frank Hofheins, via phone at (03)9345 7576 or via email at fhofheins@ as soon as possible by the 8TH of April 2013 For other enquiries regarding this event, please contact us at or call our Café Communications Officer, Clifford Lee at (04)5259 9630. More details and Booking Form: InvitationtoCafeInternational2013.pdf

Rotary District 9800

Issue 31 of 2012/2013. April 12th, 2013


4th May

17th May

Notices and Events RC Rochester Pie and Port Night

Saturday 4th May This annual event promises a night filled with Fellowship, straight from the oven country fresh bakery, along with ample refreshment of all variety to suit attendees. Rotarians and partners from all District and beyond Clubs are invited to come and spend a weekend or night in the northern part of the District, relax, seeing the District sights along with attending Pie and Port night in the Rochester Fire Brigade Function Room. Who knows a visitor from a City Club may even win the Major Raffle prize again. For further details contact rochester@ or direct to Rotarian Heather, 03 54841147


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FRiDAY 17TH MAY 7:00 FoR 7:30 START FEATURING ELVIS TRIBUTE ARTIST MARK ANDREW AND HIS SENSATIONAL SHOWGIRLS ULTIMA RECEPTION CENTRE Cnr Keilor Park Drive & Ely Court , Keilor. Tickets $100 eaCH. DRESS CODE: Even ing wear BOOK NOW! EMAIL JOHN CENDO Lighting@ Rotary Club of Tullamarine All money tohe cardiac surgery unit at the Children’s Hospital


17th-19th MAY 2013 District 9800 the world’s leading Rotary District in Peace Studies wishes to engage and inspire young people to pursue paths to peace in their studies, in their work and in their daily lives. District 9800 proposes to part sponsor a max of 8 young people aged between 18 to 35 years of age to attend the upcoming Hiroshima Peace Forum 17-19 May 2013 in Japan. District 9800 will provide funding of up to $1, 400 towards of a return economy airfare and to assist with the cost of the travel component. Clubs that sponsor successful applicants may choose to contribute to the applicants’ costs of accommodation, internal travel and incidentals which we estimate to be in the region of $700, excluding any passport or visa costs. For details on the PEACE FORUM html Further enquiries should be directed to Bob Fels,. Phone 5989 2455 or email rfels@ satlink.


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Networker 2012/31 - Rotary Magazine Month  

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