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So this is Christmas... “So this is Christmas And what have you done? Another year over And a new one just begun And so this is Christmas I hope you have fun The near and the dear one The old and the young A very merry Christmas And a happy New Year Let’s hope it’s a good one Without any fear And so this is Christmas For weak and for strong For rich and the poor ones The world is so wrong And so happy Christmas For black and for white For yellow and red ones Let’s stop all the fight A very merry Christmas And a happy New Year Let’s hope it’s a good one Without any fear.” When John Lennon wrote this song, he really got it right! What better wish could there be than to live in a world without prejudice, fear or war? This is the kind of world we in Rotary work towards - a world of peace.

District Governor Keith Ryall and Gabrielle

At this very special time of year, I want to extend my sincere thanks to you all for the effort you have put in to your Rotary work throughout the year. We should never lose sight of our mission - to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders. I wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and I hope the New Year brings much peace and joy.


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Clarice Caricare

Both Gabrielle and I look forward to seeing you in 2012 and to continuing to work alongside you in the service of Rotary towards a better world.

Do you have a letter for Clarice? Is something on your mind?

Yours in the spirit of the Family of Rotary,

Send Clarice an email at

Keith Ryall District 9800 Governor 2011-2012

December is Family of Rotary Month

We are going to enjoy some time off and we will be away until the week of 16th January. Next edition of the Networker will be out that week. Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Catch you in 2012. Clarice Rotary District 9800

Issue 21 of 2011/2012 December 19 2011


RVFR High Country Weekend Sheepyard Flat Rotarians and friends welcome What? Fellowship weekend January 2012 Australia Day weekend. Come along and join in for a weekend of Rotary fellowship, fun, and a bit of four wheel driving in one of the best destinations in Victoria. Easy access for all four wheel drive vehicles. Where? Sheepyard Flat, of course, in the Howqua Hills on the pristine Howqua River. It is a large open area with lots of trees, long drops, barbecue areas (fire restrictions permitting) and dog friendly. When?..The Australia Day weekend – Thursday 26th January 2012 (Australia Day) onwards.

Logistics? Anni and Tony Milln (RC Kyneton) (and anyone else who wants to get there early) will move in on about the Tuesday and cordon off a spot for everybody – so it’s important to know fairly early who are going to be starters. Once there everyone needs to be selfsufficient. Things to do? This is some of the best and most interesting four wheel driving (mostly not too hard) in Victoria, there are walking trails, and abundant bird life (for those who watch the avian variety). And come 5 o’clock it won’t be hard to make our own fun. This will be a fellowship weekend so there won’t be a trip leader, it will be as adventurous or restful as everyone would like it to be.

Emergencies? Mansfield (28km) has medical and hospital facilities as well as being a nice place to visit and stock up on stuff. How to get there? It’s easy to get to via Mansfield and Merrijig, with a few km off the bitumen on the Howqua Hills Road into the camp. Who to contact? Tony Milln [home (03)5422-1778, mobile 0411-268-664, email] by 13 January 2012.

Rotary District 9800

Issue 21 of 2011/2012 December 19 2011


Rotary in the Blogosphere From “The Herald” - Andrew Bolt’s Blog Thursday, December 08, 2011: “AUSTRALIA has fast tracked money to help African countries adapt to climate change, the federal government announced at climate talks in Durban. “Climate Change Minister Greg Combet.... announced $25 million towards helping African nations manage water resources, boost food security and climate-proof agriculture.”

Ron of Brighton replied to C.O. Jones Thu 08 Dec 11 (11:24am) Yes - Rotary is the ONLY charitable organisation through which 100% of funds raised gets to the designated benificiary. The matching grants initiative can in fact mean that 200% of funds raised gets to the designated beneficiary.

A comment from William Easterly, Professor of Economics at New York University was added: “...We’ve already spent, as official donors, $600 billion in aid to Africa over the past 45 years, and after all that, children are still not getting the 12-cent medicines (to fight malaria). So there were still between 1 million and 3 million deaths from malaria last year. So aid would be a great thing if it worked. But the sad tragedy is that - and this is really one of the scandals of our generation - money meant for the most desperate people in the world is simply not reaching them: $600 billion in aid to Africa over the past 45 years, and over that time period there’s basically been zero rise in living standards.”

Keep spreading the news about The Rotary Foundation, which enables Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.

Clarice then spotted contributions from two bloggers, who must surely be Rotarians:

Thank you to all who are supporting this program which holds all that Rotary aspires to in the aims and ideals.

“Climate Change Minister Greg Combet.... announced $25 million towards helping African nations manage water resources, boost food security and climate-proof agriculture.” Last night I heard a report on Rotary Foundation matching grants, which have installed clean water projects in the Philippines. The secret of their success seems to be: At no time does a government official handle the money! C.O. Jones of Armadale, Vic Thu 08 Dec 11 (10:15am)

It is a not-for-profit corporation, supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world details to be confirmed. The GSE committee sincerely thanks the members of the selection panel DG Keith, Foundation Chair John Davis, DGN Ross Butterworth, AG Mark Schirmer, Rotarian and Alumni Koren Harvey and her team.

>> Read the full article

Women carrying water from a hand pump in the village to their homes in South Sudan.

Rotary District 9800

Issue 21 of 2011/2012 December 19 2011


District 9800 Strategic Plan 2011-2012 Background

The District 9800 Board, through the vision of DG Keith Ryall, appointed a new position Director Planning and Risk Management to the District Board commencing in 2011/2012. The three key themes of the role include Strategic Planning for both the Board and the DLT, Auditing/Review of existing practices and procedures and Risk Management. One of the first roles of the new Director was to work with the Board and DLT to develop a strategic plan for District 9800.

What is a Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning is a key responsibility for all Board’s irrespective of the type of organization the Board is overseeing/ governing. A strategic plan enables the Board to set goals and objectives and outline the way in which it is going to achieve these goals and objectives. Time horizons for strategic plans usually vary according to the circumstances of the organisation or company developing it, but three to five years are the most common time frames adopted by organisations. In the case of District 9800, a three year time frame is most appropriate given the past DG, current DG, DGE and DGN are all nominated positions on the District Board. This will assist in ensuring consistency and continuity of the strategic planning framework. To maintain a focus on strategic planning, the Board is establishing a planning cycle which will take place at prearranged dates each year. This will include but not be limited to the following steps:

• A  systemic and detailed review of the District’s performance over the previous year in comparison with the goals and objectives set • A  n assessment of the external constraints under which the District is expected to operate during the planning horizon • A  review of the District’s The District Strategic Plan is then developed and/ or reviewed setting out how the District will continue to meet its goals and objectives taking into account the outcomes of the above steps. Another important considerations in the planning process is the way in which the plan is likely to affect the District’s risk profile and hence its risk management policies and framework. DISTRICT 9800 Strategic Plan 2011-2014 In line with the above, the District Board has endorsed a three year strategic plan commencing in 2011. As Rotary is a world wide organization with all clubs aspiring to achieve the Object of Rotary in all that we do, the District 9800 plan is aligned to Rotary International’s Strategic Plan. It adopts the three goals n the RI plan, but adjusts the objectives under each goal as necessary to suit the istrategic requirements of District 9800. A copy of both plans can be found on the District 9800 website. The District 9800 plan will provide all clubs in the District with a better understanding and overview of how the District Board intends to assist and support clubs across the District and the steps it will take to meets its vision, goals

and objectives. This plan will enable the District Board to be accountable to the Clubs it oversees.

Club Strategic Plans

To ensure consistency in planning across all clubs the District Governor Keith Ryall and the District Board encourages all club presidents and presidents elect to review and become familiar with the District 9800 Strategic Plan, and commencing in 2012/2013 to align your club strategic plans to the District 9800 plan. This will ensure that each clubs’ plan is aligned not just to the District plan but to Rotary International ensuring we all achieve the Object of Rotary in our own local community. This alignment will strengthen the power and work of Rotary not just in our District but worldwide. Your Assistant Governor will be more than happy to assist you and your club to align your strategic plan to the District’s plan. Mary Barry Director Planning & Risk Management District 9800 Board DISTRICT 9800 Strategic Plan 2011-2014 By Mary Barry, Director Planning & Risk Management To maintain a focus on strategic planning, the Board is establishing a planning cycle, which will take place at prearranged dates each year. This will include but not be limited to the following steps: • A systemic and detailed review of the District’s performance over the previous year in comparison with the goals and objectives set • An assessment of the external constraints under which the District is expected to operate during the planning horizon • A review of the District’s strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The District Strategic Plan is then developed and/or reviewed setting out how the District will continue to meet its goals and objectives, taking into account the outcomes of the above steps. Read more about the District and Club Strategic Planning : district_strategic_plan_2011_2014

Rotary District 9800

Issue 21 of 2011/2012 December 19 2011


Dash to surgery from Dili reconnects Nelia with life Kate Hagan, The Age, December 14, 2011 MARIA de Jesus Freitas took her new daughter home hours after giving birth in a Dili hospital - but it took a couple of return trips before doctors diagnosed her life-threatening condition. Baby Nelia had been unable to feed or digest her food due to a rare birth defect that left her with a malformed oesophagus. Without surgery to correct the condition - which doctors in East Timor lack the specialist skills to perform - Nelia had little more than a week to live. But a mercy call to Rotary’s medical aid organisation ROMAC has saved Nelia’s life. She had surgery at the Monash Children’s Hospital on Friday, within five days of her East Timorese doctors raising the alarm, and doctors are now confident the two-week-old will make a full recovery. Surgeon Peter Ferguson said about one in 4000 babies was born with oesophageal atresia, which in Australia would be corrected with surgery within days. ‘’It is usually discovered when babies start feeding and they are not able to swallow, so they choke and produce a lot of frothy saliva from their mouth,’’ he said. By the time she arrived in Australia, Nelia’s case was a surgical emergency, crucial to keep her from breathing saliva and other fluids into her tiny lungs. Doctors reconnected her lower oesophagus to the upper oesophagus and chest, in a 90-minute operation. ‘’She still requires a bit of help with her breathing, and that’s likely to continue over the next day or two,’’ Mr Ferguson said. ‘’She’s receiving some feeds through a tube in her oesophagus but in a few days’ time we’ll start feeds by mouth.

Maria de Jesus Freitas with Nelia after her daughter’s life-saving surgery. Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones ‘’Some babies born with this condition may have some minor issues with swallowing and feeding in future, but most do well. Nelia has been well for the last few days since the operation, and that’s certainly one of the major hurdles to get over.’’ Rotary member John Benger said Nelia was one of the youngest patients ROMAC had helped bring to Australia for treatment, and meant ‘’this little baby will see this Christmas and perhaps 40 or 50 Christmases beyond’’. Mr Benger said the past 10 days had been overwhelming for Nelia’s mother, who had never seen an aircraft before flying to Australia with her critically ill baby. ‘’The first thing we did when they arrived was give them some warm clothes,’’ he said. ‘’The next thing we had to do was teach them how to use flush toilets and gas cooking - it’s a very basic existence over there.’’ Mrs de Jesus Freitas said through a translator that she was ‘’very, very happy’’ to know she could take a healthy baby back home and would do everything she could to care for Nelia. She was scared when she landed in Australia, she said, but the local East Timorese community helped her, and she wanted to thank Rotary and the doctors and nurses who saved her baby’s life.

>> Read more at:

Welcome New Members Dr. Barbara Penson was inducted into Rotary Club of North Balwyn on 8th December. Barbara runs her own business called Catalyst Management Consultants. Her qualifications include Bachelor of Psychology, BA (Psych), Master of Business - Human Resource Management, MB (HRM) and Doctorate of Business Administration.(DBA).

Rotary District 9800

Pictured are: Matthew Pauli President, Bob Bromley Director of Membership and Barbara Penson.

Issue 21 of 2011/2012 December 19 2011


Lubang Island Water Project


embers of Melbourne and Brighton Beach Rotary Clubs visited Lubang in the Philippines in September to inspect the progress of the Water Projects. These joint projects are supported by Brighton North and Lubang Island Rotary Clubs, and a Rotary Foundation Future Vision Grant. Melbourne Rotary Club members Spencer Bock, Trevor Nink and Garry Fowler were accompanied by Ruth Carlos-Martinez, who is the project leader from the host club of Brighton Beach, the SIBAT engineering team and Persie Torregoza, the current President of RC Lubang Island with twelve Lubang Island Rotarians. The projects entails the construction of solar and wind-powered facilities which pump water from two existing wells to elevated storage tanks. Water is then distributed to a number of faucets, serving clusters of up to forty five households. One well is located on Cabra Island and the other on Lubang Island. Construction is being undertaken by Sibat, an engineering NGO, who also train and supervise a People’s Organisation who lay the pipes. The water distribution system at Cabra is basically complete. The solar, wind turbine and powerhouse control room are complete and the pipe distribution system virtually complete. The inspection team were able to inspect and test the pumping station and pipes, and faucets.

The community of Lubang Island is poor, per capita income of $400 pa, but committed to a high quality of life, with no crime and excellent schooling (they are trialling a one computer per child program). The island is an ideal environment to trial projects that can lead the way for other communities.

This worthwhile visit confirmed that we have excellent partners in the project, which will deliver the objective within budget. It proved to be a wonderful example of how the quality of life of people around the world can be enriched by Rotarians working in conjunction with local communities.

The team support the concept of doing a further water project in this area. RC Lubang Island have been asked to develop proposals to their satisfaction and then to submit them to Ruth CarlosMartinez and RC Melbourne for further action.

Construction has commenced recently at the site at Pulili, Lubang Island. The stand for the storage tank has been erected, and work will commence soon of the pumping station and power sources and the pipe distribution. It is anticipated that the project will be completed by January. There is an outstanding question about the water quality, and the Mayor undertook to have samples tested. If necessary, a filtering system may have to be installed.

Rotary District 9800

Issue 21 of 2011/2012 December 19 2011


Friendship Exchange Spin-offs By Tony Thomas, RC Central Melbourne Sunrise The District 11-member party who visited South Africa last May are continuing to get wonderful feedback from their introduction to the JBay Recycling Project at Jeffreys Bay, on the south coast of South Africa. The visit has now led to one boy being rescued from enrolment at a school for mentally disabled, to enrolment at a trade school where he can fulfill his dream to become a motor mechanic. To recapitulate, this project involves children from the povertystricken and AIDS-ravaged local township who earn token money called ‘Mulas’ by bringing in rubbish for recycling. They can then spend the money at a special Mula shop on goods donated by Rotarians, business and the community, from biscuits to bicycles. A $500 special donation was sourced from our group, to look after a delightful boy Adrian, about sixteen years old. To this, a Jeffreys Bay sponsor added a further donation. Carina de Flamingh, JBay organizer, has emailed this new update: “Magic and more! Adrian was noticed by the volunteers for his helpful and friendly attitude at the project and so began a beautiful friendship. Adrian became one of the first of our recycle clients to volunteer in the swop shop by helping younger children with the exciting task of choosing how to spend their hard earned Mulas!

Oesophageal Atresia The digestive tract begins at the mouth and ends at the anus. The oesophagus is the muscular tube that connects the back of the mouth to the stomach. During foetal development, the digestive tract may fail to develop properly. Oesophageal atresia is a group of Birth defects or malformations that block the oesophagus. Instead of attaching to the stomach, the oesophagus may end in a closed sac, or join with the trachea (windpipe) leading to the lungs. Around one third of affected babies will also have other birth defects, including congenital heart disorders and imperforate anus. Symptoms of oesophageal atresia include excessive dribbling, the inability to feed properly and vomiting. The causes of these malformations are unknown, so prevention is not possible. Too much amniotic fluid surrounding the baby during pregnancy (polyhydramnios) may indicate the presence of these defects. The incidence of oesophageal atresia or stenosis (abnormally narrow oesophagus) in Victoria is around one in every 1,800 births.

We got to know bits and pieces of his life story and also noticed that Adrian usually answered questions with one word, that he never seems to read but listens carefully and remembers like an elephant. The social worker dealing with Adrian then informed us that Adrian’s literacy skills are so poor that he will be transferred to a school for the mentally handicapped by the end of this year. We all knew that that was not the place for this bright young boy. With sponsorships from Margaret, the wife of a Rotarian in Australia, and Gerrie , a friend and volunteer, Adrian started a literacy training program with Melanie, from Wise Eyes. We were optimistic and also wondered what will happen to Adrian’s dream of becoming a motor mechanic. Soon after starting the literacy classes ,Adrian started initiating conversations, using sentences and making eye contact. Adrian was evaluated last week at his present school and... he has improved so much that he is able to attend the Bergsig Trade school in Uitenhage next year and do his training to become a mechanic!” Carina, in another briefing, mentions how big the recycling project has become. On the Friday pick-up day of December 5, 260 kids arrived with 3 tonnes of glass, paper, plastics and other junk. As a thank-you for their hard work through the year, they got Xmas bonuses of 700 packets of biscuits, 250 books, 300 gingerbread men, 250 T-shirts, loads of Thom shoes and other desirables. The total rubbish pickups for 2011, involving 39 Monday collections, was 62.5 tonnes brought in by 1657 children.

Rotary District 9800

Issue 21 of 2011/2012 December 19 2011


How to Get Your Story Published By Colin Robinson
, Rotary Club of St Johns, NZ
Rotary Down WITH A BIT OF HARD WORK AND GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY, YOU TOO COULD END UP ON THE COVER OF ROTARY DOWN UNDER OR ROTARIAN LIFE & LEISURE! Every Rotary club project is a chance to gain new members and support for the success of all your club activities. By telling the story of your club and its service successes, you are, in effect, pre-selling your future projects by showing you are active in your community with well-run, successful projects. Every time you write a good article with a quality photo, it can be widely used in your club bulletin, The Networker, Rotary Down Under, your local newspaper, sponsor and beneficiary newsletters, on your club’s website, community noticeboards, in club promotional material and in blogs.

Getting published:

Tip the scales in your favour, it is quality of words written, not the quantity. The specification for articles to Rotary Down Under or The Networker is similar to most print media requirements: • No more that 300 words in MS Word 
format. • A  ttach the text file and the photo file separately to the same email – do not embed a photo in an MS Word document! • G  ive us your two best pictures only. If we want more, we’ll ask for them. • P  ictures must be at least 300 pixels per inch and in jpeg format. If you set your camera to its finest quality setting, the file size should look after itself. If in sending the image by email, your server asks if you want to reduce the file to make it easier to email, say NO! • I nclude a caption for the photo in the email and name all the people featured. Make sure you include a contact for further information if required.

Some tips:

• G  et compelling action photos – show the sweat not the cheque presentation; • Do not be afraid to pose photos for best effect; • Th  e first sentence should establish the topic and set the tone – tell the most important facts – who, what, where, when, why;
 • Include lots of quotes;
  veryone holds fundraisers and some programs are quite run-of-the-mill so take care • E to point out what makes the project unusual, unique or innovative; • C  onsider how you would view the article as a reader. Does it inspire you? ... give you new ideas? Rotary Down Under and The Networker have a practical application in all aspects of Rotary and can be easily used to support club and District objectives – membership – public image – member education and more. It is a superb reference resource that on a day-to-day basis will provide ideas and inspiration for projects and events. Give copies to all who have contact with your club as many know little about Rotary – then ask them to join if you think they would make good members.

>> Go to: or for lots more useful information

Rotary District 9800

Issue 21 of 2011/2012 December 19 2011

Scam Phone Call By Peter W. Lamping, D9800 District Secretary Last week I received a call from the Philippines and the person indicated he was Mr Kalyan Banerjee; he asked to speak to the District Governor and then requested me to call him back on 00116390-6184-6758 to provide emergency assistance with an urgent visit to Bendigo, Australia to see a relative. I immediately contacted DG Keith who sent an email to President Kalyan and he received this reply back: Dear DG Keith, Definitely a scam. The President is currently in Bali at a Rotary Institute and we are in regular contact with him. Thanks for letting us know about this. Sincerely, Patricia Groenewold Manager, Presidential Services Frank Pezzimenti
International Office Manager 
South Pacific & Philippines writes: Barbara Mifsud from my office reported that a person has been making calls to random club presidents and secretaries in Australia saying that they are RIP Kalyan Banerjee and that he is stranded in Chicago/Philippines and needs money to get to Tasmania urgently as his sister has died/is ill.

It appears that these calls are coming from the Philippines, but at least one recipient has managed to write down the incoming number while they received the call. The person is pretending to have an Indian accent. Seems it started last week and the person does not seem to be slowing down.

We urge you not to send money as this is definitely a hoax. It could be that this person has access to the official directory and could be working their way through it.

Please make your Club Presidents aware. Unfortunately it appears that they have already been successful from a good Rotarian willing to help. The address they gave was in Angles City Philippines. I have the address they have given out for Western Union payments. 

 Please contact our office if there are any questions or concerns.
Ph +61288949800.

Beware of this SCAM: you could receive a call!!


Notices & Upcoming Events December 28

International RYLA RYLA in India

January 11

GSE Team to India Farewell Dinner



Reader ’s Letters Dear Clarice,

about It was heartwarming to read in DG Keith’s message in last week’s Networker receives Nelia that n attentio the that trust I does. ROMAC the great work that from these talented people sees her well again soon. One interesting fact not mentioned in the article is that this is the second such event in the last couple of months when on 12/9 tiny Santa Mandalena Rebelo her Encorpe was born with serious medical complications and on 14/9 was on nt. treatme saving life way to Canberra for were In both these cases, the speed with which passports, visas and plane flights Rotary our by time record in d organise were all and ble arranged was remarka Liaison Officer in East Timor – Daryl Mills. and Daryl is a Rotary volunteer who has been in Timor Leste for over 7 years now there. been has he since ed facilitat has Daryl that many of two these cases are just been Daryl was a D9800 Rotarian, now a Rotary Club of Dili member and has g includin Clubs Rotary many from tions contribu by time supported all of that today. es continu support This rne. Melbou and Balwyn, Eaglehawk to Daryl really does give life to this year’s International theme of “Reach within ion. recognit deserve efforts his and embrace Humanity” Sincerely, PP Bob Glindemann, Rotary Club of Melbourne. Dear Clarice

February 23

Whisky Tasting Rotary Club of Glen Eira


2012 Jalna Big Bay Swim Rotary Club of Point Gellibrand

Notices Situations Vacant Dedicated and experienced Rotarians are needed to assist in the management of the District affairs for 2013-2014.

Rotary District 9800 E v e n t s Calendar For a full Notices & Events calendar, visit the following link: notices_and_events

To submit Notices & Events, please send Clarice all the details at:

Rotary District 9800

Thanks for your messages through the year - best wishes for Christmas. one Thought you might like to see the results of one of our gardening projects, this 15 about and schools Five women. disabled for rn Hawtho for an institution in . Rotarians from North Balwyn have been involved over the last couple of months 25 We have completed major clean-ups for elderly and disabled residents at over properties since March! Regards Rowan McClean Rotary Club of North Balwyn Clarice replies: Thanks Rowan, lovely photo. We love when readers keep us updated about t heir various and worderful activities. I’m hoping for some nice Christmas Party shots.We’ve had no solutions yet for the ethical question we posed last week on “The Office Party Kiss”. How about it, folks?

Do you have a letter for Clarice? Contact the Editor Do you have a letter for Clarice? Is something on on your mind? Send your thoughts to her email address at:

Issue 21 of 2011/2012 December 19 2011


Rotary District 9800

Issue 21 of 2011/2012 December 19 2011


Rotary District 9800

Issue 21 of 2011/2012 December 19 2011


Rotary District 9800

Issue 21 of 2011/2012 December 19 2011


Rotary District 9800

Issue 21 of 2011/2012 December 19 2011


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