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The Fareham Flyer Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Fareham D1110 UK President Pamela Bryant Service above Self President Pam in charge

Bulletin No. 360 which is the first Interact in this area. Interact is for young people aged from 12 to 18 and this club, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Fareham, aims to encourage and inspire the local students to complete two community service projects annually and develop their leadership skills. The girls are currently making blankets for the Fareham Stroke Club.

It’s annual Presidential Changeover time for the Rotary Club of Fareham which meets weekly at Cams Hall Golf Club. Well-known Fareham Councillor and past Mayor of Fareham Mrs Pamela Bryant has taken over the helm from outgoing President Duncan Colin-Jones. Pam’s theme as the new President of Fareham Rotary is ‘Care, Compassion and Consideration and this fits into her wish to support charities near to home. Support for cancer charities and the Fareham Stroke Club are high on the agenda supported by the newly formed Wykeham House Interact Club

President Pam says "I am honoured and humbled to have become the Rotary Club of Fareham’s President for the coming year and trust my chosen charities and community projects will benefit from our support locally." For the coming year Pam also hopes that, as a Club, they will be able to continue with the variety of events and meetings enjoyed in previous years. The international side of Rotary service this year has the theme ‘Engage Rotary, Change Lives’. The Rotary Club of Fareham aims to continue their contribution to the Eradication of Polio Appeal to further reduce the numbers of sufferers throughout the world.

JULY 2013 Additionally during Pam’s year she hopes to encourage support for the Rotary Dentaid Box scheme. This project will improve the oral health of disadvantaged communities around the world. This is a copy of the Press release issued by our new Press Officer Pam Marsden. A report on Changeover night appears later!

KIDS OUT AT PAULTON’S Another month has passed – they seem to fly by. But where is summer? A couple of sunny days, then back to gloom once more. Despite the gloom, it couldn’t dampen the spirits of the children treated to a day out at Paulton’s Park. Fareham Rotary sponsored a group from St Columba Academy and another from St Francis Special School, Fareham. Rotarians were out early to ensure that the groups safely boarded their transport for the journey to Paulton’s Park. The picture following shows the group of children from St Francis Special School under the watchful eyes of Rtns. Dick Taylor and John Russell from Fareham, together with

Unfortunately John got a bit too enthusiastic, and it was only timely intervention by Gary that stopped him from

Although many of the duties of previous years had changed, from the time when Tony Cove was ‘Mr KidsOut,’ for example car parking, lunch preparations etcetera, it was still a great experience to be involved.

the President of the Rotary Club of Locks Heath Dave Bevis Meanwhile, at St Columba Academy, The Mayor of Fareham, Cllr. Mrs Susan Bayford, together with her consort Cllr. Brian Bayford were greeted by President Duncan Colin-Jones. Assisting with preparations for the journey were Pres Elect Pamela Bryant, Rtns Lyndon Palmer, Betty Evans and Roger Esnault.

We gained publicity from an article which appeared in the ‘News’ disappearing into the ether! Soon the crowds began to gather and it was all hands to the pumps, booking in, checking numbers and contact details, and issuing the correct number of passes. Gary used his experience from past years and soon had the process under control.

Meanwhile at Paulton’s Park, Rtns. Tony Cove, Chris Thomas, Gary Willcocks,

Dave Barclay, Mike Hurley, Mike Eastwood, Chris Courtney, Terry Eldrid, and John Landaw were busily engaged in setting up the ‘Headquarters’ gazebo.

were preparing their spots for group picnics. Some wise folk had brought groundsheets and large umbrellas – obviously been before!

Chris was responsible for collecting returned tickets, and issuing any extras required. Terry and Chris C handed maps to everyone to ensure that nobody lost their way!

It was unfortunate that the weather decided to break just at lunchtime, when groups

Wishing Well supports ‘The Rocky Appeal’ (Press release of event)

Welcome to our new member On Thursday 13th June we were delighted to welcome a new member, Maureen Bell. Maureen has been associated with Fareham Rotary for many years, as wife of the late Murray Bell, Club President 2005/2006. Secretary Roger Esnault introduced Maureen to the Club, giving a glowing reference to her commitment and service to the Community, being involved in many roles. Maureen spoke fondly of her past association with the Club, and the many happy occasions which she and Murray had shared.

welcomed Maureen into the Club.

** William Topaz McGonagall William Topaz McGonagall was a Scottish weaver, doggerel poet and actor. He won notoriety as an extremely bad poet who exhibited no recognition of or concern for his peers' opinions of his work. William Topaz McGonagall Poet

Scotland’s worst poet! "Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silv'ry Tay!

The Rotary Club of Fareham is dedicating the funds raised through its Wishing Well in Fareham Shopping Centre for the next months to the Rocky Appeal for the newly opened Orthopaedic Digital Operating Theatre at Queen Alexandra Hospital. As Appeals Coordinator for the Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust, Mick Lyons says “The new theatre will provide high definition digital technology to allow much more accurate diagnosis and surgical procedures in orthopaedics to help so many of our patients and we are delighted that the Fareham Rotary Club has agreed to help.” Club President, Duncan ColinJones, himself a former consultant at QA is pictured as the Wishing Well was formally dedicated to the appeal.

Alas! I am very sorry to say

Of particular memory to many past presidents was the McGonnagall** Dinner organised by Murray, when the order of courses was reversed! I don’t know if it ever caught on.

That ninety lives have been taken away

President Duncan carried out the induction ceremony in the approved manner, and all Rotarians present warmly

They don’t get much worse than that!

On the last Sabbath day of 1879, Which will be remember'd for a very long time."

Picture – (left) Mick Lyons, BEM, Appeals Coordinator, Portsmouth NHS Trust and (right) Duncan Colin-Jones, President, Rotary Club of Fareham.

A good start today, Gary and I counted £132.40 from the Wishing Well and 99p store.

School Vouchers Jill Newby has asked me to thank all those who have collected the supermarket schools’ vouchers. Jill took a large bunch of these to Portchester Community School, where they are used to provide small items of sports equipment – balls, pads etc.. The poor girl in reception was busy counting vouchers when Jill arrived, and almost ran when she saw Jill’s additional collection. Thanks once again to all.

President Duncan’s Statement Personal thanks I am very grateful to so many in the club who have helped me during the last year. Roger has been a superb secretary, so well organised and outstanding in his knowledge of matters Rotary and in his kindly wisdom, guiding and encouraging me. I have learnt a lot and am so very grateful. Geoff Hillam has been a huge help with the joint Matching Grant for CURE, taking a significant burden off my shoulders and unlike myself, he knows what he is doing in his dealings with Foundation! Tony Cove has great commitment to club and Rotary, and superb organisational skills for which I have been very grateful on numerous occasions, he is a

real pillar in the club. Gerry Ayres has cheerfully kept the speakers rota going well, coping with the occasional hiccoughs and providing good speakers and subjects of interest. George Cantrill is to be the next secretary which I know he will do extremely well; he has been a great recruiter – well done and thank you – and has helped me frequently in several different ways. Mike Hurley now has a District post and deserves our support for his work with Youth. The work of the Wheel House has had a little of the recognition it deserves with a District award and being shortlisted for Queen’s Award for voluntary service – thank you PP Chris and your team. And thanks to the Stubbington ‘gang’, Gary Willcocks and Dave Barclay, who contribute so much with the ‘Flyer’ and keeping the club accounts. IPP Linda as our new Registrar has quickly got it all sorted, PP Jill continues her almoner’s support work, not only knowing our birthdays, but keeping in touch with those who are not so well, and PP John Gauntlett faithfully organises the bottle draw – thanks to them all. Many others in the club have helped in different ways and always so willingly and reliably, I am very grateful – please forgive that space prevents my not mentioning all by name. Working well with next year’s team is crucial for a successful handover, and I have been privileged to have

had PE Pam and VP John as wonderful colleagues and friends – I am hugely in their debt for all they did and know that a really good year lies ahead, it cannot be anything else with such quality people leading Duncan Colin-Jones President 2012/13

Twinning Weekend JUMELAGE 2013 On Friday 14th June 12 Cabourg Rotarians and wives arrived at the Portsmouth Ferry port to begin the 20th twinning since the formal link between our two clubs was established.

We were all shocked to hear the Marie Lecat had had a bad fall on their stairs as she and Herve were setting out and was at the hospital. These stairs are remembered with some trepidation by Jill and Linda who tackled them a few years ago! Marie and Herve have been wonderful hosts and guests over many twinnings and their company was greatly missed.

First call after the port was to Pam and John’s home. The fine weather that accompanied

our French visitors this year meant that the delicious cream tea that our hosts provided, could be enjoyed in the garden. Links made over many years were renewed and plans for the weekend revealed.

Friday evening began with a unique opportunity to visit a little known piece of D-Day history. Droxford Station, now a private house, was where Churchill and Eisenhower met to finalise plans for the landings.

We were treated to a very interesting account of why Droxford was chosen for that historic meeting and also the ploys that were adopted to ensure that no passing German reconnaissance aircraft spotted unusual activity. This fascinating tale was brilliantly translated by Penny in a day when her linguistic talents shone.

A walk round the garden worked off some of the cream tea and everyone retired to the

nearby Hurdles Public House for a full Roast Beef dinner. The giant Yorkshire Puddings triggered some interesting banter over the meal.

out as it was at H hour on 6th June 1944.

President Duncan gave a valiant welcoming speech in French and Eric Spoor responded fluently in English.

On Saturday we were all at another Station - the Police Station at Southwick, home of the Combined Services Police.

More famous as Southwick House the nerve centre for DDay and the home of the historic D-Day wall map set

Did you know that the map was made as a giant jigsaw by toy makers Chad Valley, one of several covering different parts of the country so that the real invasion route was not given away. We heard that it was all so secret that the men sent to install it were not allowed to leave until the invasion was over and didn’t get home until September. We heard how the whole invasion was threatened by the weather and left Eisenhower with a difficult decision whether to take the first window or wait for a more settled long term forecast. As things turned out if he had not given the order to go – the invasion might not have been possible for months and the Russians might even have reached the French coast before we did - a sobering thought. (And all this had to be translated in detail by Penny). Lunchtime found us in Winchester sharing a jewel of Pan Asian Cuisine - The

Tanoshi Fusion Restaurant discovered by Norman and Jo Chapman. We enjoyed a ‘Fusion’ of dishes that just kept coming. Many of us marked it down for a return visit.

A short coach ride, or in the case of Colin’s team a quick wheel and trot down Winchester High Street took us to Winchester Cathedral for their ‘Symphony of Flowers’

This was a real treat. Stunning displays that included a ‘wild flower meadow’ in the knave and living flower people walking about. We admired the work of the Soberton Flower Group, that included Lettice (Palmer that is – not salad) , a wonderful Angel

clothed in leaves and flowers

flanked by trumpets.



The Final event of the Twinning was a skittles match and buffet supper in Wickham. We marginally beat the French but Klaus maintains that this was only because Hubert, one of their star players, had an injured hand.

Our French guests were delivered wearily back to the Ferry, all too early on Sunday morning for the voyage home. In all 43 Fareham Rotarians, partners and friends joined in the 2013 Twinning events. Another successful testimony to our lasting friendship with the Rotarians of Cabourg that exemplifies the fourth object of Rotary – The advancement of International understanding, goodwill and peace through fellowship. Grateful thanks to Roger and Gerry for the above report, and to Roger for the photographs.

Notes from our Roving Correspondent – Mike Swinburne. ON Monday President Duncan and I attended the last meeting of the Petersfield Rotary Club. It should have been a fairly solemn affair but, in fact, it was very jolly. The Petersfield Club was chartered in 1954 and were down to the last 11 members. In attendance were the Mother Club, Fareham (chartered in 1946), The Grandmother Club Gosport (chartered in 1919) the Great Grandmother Club , Portsmouth (chartered in 1917) and several other Clubs including Waterlooville (chartered in 1976) Their President Laurie Redstone, gave a rundown of the Club’s achievements during the past year. It is difficult to believe that a Club with so few members could have achieved so much. Among their achievements was taking a party of Senior Citizens down to the Wheel House and giving them tea on the beach. Duncan and I sat with a couple of the Club members who told us of the difficulties the Club had in recruiting new members They said that the Town Centre of Petersfield was almost bereft of retail outlets and the big multiples did not want to know. Their venue is very friendly, The food was very good and the bar Staff were very pleasant. Some of the members were going to join

neighbouring Rotary Clubs but others would be lost to Rotary. The man who should have been the Incoming President, Tris Tristram already held 5 posts in the Club and they said he would attend Rotary meetings every day of the week if he could. Currently he was in Lisbon attending the RI Convention. He would no doubt be of value to any Club that would have him. On Tuesday night I attended the Change-Over Night of the Waterlooville Club which was rather strange. The President had died of cancer a few months before the end of her Presidential Year. Susan Deyes had transferred in from another Club. She was the first female member of the Club which resulted in a number of the members resigning. The new President referred to himself as a “Recycled President� having held the post some years before. The Club is a very active organisation with a very supportive Inner Wheel who shared the evening with the Rotary Club. Because Ann is a member of their Inner Wheel the Club is no stranger to me On Wednesday night I attended our own Change Over. We had an excellent meal at Lysses superbly organised by Tony Cove. Before the meal we were entertained by our Interact Cub based on Wykeham House School of which The Head Teacher is an honorary Member of this

Club. The youngsters treated us to some delightful singing which I enjoyed most when they all sang together. President Duncan, who has been a superb President summarised the events of the year which were most frequent and praiseworthy. He handed over his Chain of office to Pam Bryant who will be a noteworthy President. She is the third female to be President of this Club and she is determined to put a female touch to the Club. She even distributed pink club directories. For many years I moaned about the fact that I received the District and RI Directories before I got the Club Directory. But there it was on our dinner plates waiting for us. Unlike poor old Petersfield we have no shortage of incoming members. It is a pity that Petersfield could not have done what we did i.e. look for early retired members. We had 7 new members which more that covered the 3 that we lost through age and illness. I predict this will be an excellent year.

Changeover Night.

Our annual Changeover Night celebrations were this year held on Wednesday 26th June at Lysses Hotel, Fareham. The evening, meticulously planned by Tony Cove, commenced with a musical presentation by the young ladies of Wykeham House School Interact Club. Each member gave an individual rendition, and the concert ended with all of the girls singing in unison. Such confidence! These young ladies did us proud. Thanks to Head Teacher Lynn Clark for sanctioning the event.

Many thanks Mike.

President Duncan welcomed our Principle guests, the Mayor and her Consort, as well as the many Friends of Rotary, wives, husbands etc:

The whole gathering filled the upstairs function room. The evening continued with dinner, which was enjoyed by all.

year, and of course there could be no doubt as to who might win! Yes, PE John Rowlinson!

We then came to the main business of the evening. The out-going President Duncan reviewed the events of his year in office, and re-iterated his thanks to all who had helped make it such a wonderful year. There were then presentations to be made and the following were rewarded – to the incoming President Pam Bryant, for her outstanding efforts in setting up our new Interact Club at Wykeham House School, Pres. Duncan presented Pam with a Paul Harris Fellowship. Richly deserved! The President’s Salver, awarded at the President’s Discretion, for the member who had given invaluable assistance, was presented to PP Tony Cove.

It was then time for the outgoing president to hand over the duty to incoming president Pam Bryant. Modesty almost prevents me mentioning that the Swinburne Cup winner this year was the Editor of your Flyer!

Finally Long Service Certificates were presented to John Landaw, John Gauntlett, Keith Southern.

President Pam accepted the challenge, and in her acceptance speech thanked the retiring president for all he had achieved during his year. She said that it would be a hard act to follow, but aided by the strong team she had put together, was sure that all would be well. President Pam then installed her President Elect John Rowlinson

A new award this year was the Jim Burrell trophy, presented in memory of the late Jim, who sadly passed away after many many years in Rotary. It was decided that the trophy would go to the member providing the most entertaining countenance during the past

Unfortunately the incoming Vice Pres. Bob Mussellwhite was absent, but will be

installed at the next possible Club meeting. It was then Pres. Pam’s duty to present PP Duncan with his medal, and a small gift from the Club, in appreciation of his very successful presidency. A special mention must be made of the ladies, and presentations of bouquets were made to Penny Rowlinson for her excellent translation skills during the Caboug visit. Penny ensured that everyone knew what was going on!

Secondly, to Carol ColinJones, for her sterling work with the Food Bank organisation, and for supporting Duncan during his presidential year


GRACE LIST - JULY Gary Willcocks


Gerry Ayres


Dave Barclay


Mike Bazeley




Nandini Das


Rebecca Traynor


Lynne Benstead


Peter Brett-Burley


Pippa Coghlan


David Sanders

JULY ANNIVERSARIES Bob & Susan Marshall 7 th

14th Bob & Sue Mussellwhite 15th

Chris & Marion Thomas

19th Richard & Jenny Watson 23rd John & Maria Russell 24th Roger & Ursula Esnault And finally to Ursula Esnault, in recognition of all the support given to our retiring secretary Roger. A splendid evening to end a splendid Rotary year, and to herald in the next.

25th Geoff & Christine Hillam

Quote: In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods – they have not forgotten this! -Terry Pratchett

Did you know? ---Polish is now England’s second language. There are 546,000 Polish speakers, compared with 273,000 Punjabi and 147,000 French speakers. Each month I receive a copy of Meon Tidings, the newsletter of Rotary Club of Fareham Meon If anyone wishes a copy I will gladly email it to you – or see 253979&ClubID=653

JULY PROGRAMME Job talk – John Russell 4th 6th th



DISTRICT COUNCIL Lunchtime meeting Interact

July Menu 4th Grilled Gammon Steak, Fried Egg and Pineapple. 11th Crispy Battered Cod, Chip, Peas, Tartar & Bread & Butter.




Business Meeting



Speaker –John Lait – (Hampshire Highways South)

25th Beef Bourguignon,

18th Lancashire Lamb Hot

Sauté Potatoes & French Beans.

This wartime photograph clearly indicates the importance of Droxford station, which featured in our programme for the Caboug guests. It shows: McKenzie King (PM of Canada), Winston Churchill, Peter Fraser (PM of New Zealand), Gen. Eisenhowe, Sir Geoffrey Huggins, (PM of Southern Rhodesia) and General Smuts (PM of South Africa). Picture kindly supplied by Gerry Ayres.

Fareham flyer july 2013  

The monthly journal of the Rotary Club of Fareham

Fareham flyer july 2013  

The monthly journal of the Rotary Club of Fareham