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Bulletin No.362

September 2013 In previous years our view has been hindered by clouds and rain, but this year proved to be a real treat. The display lasted for almost half an hour, and by this time folk were ready for their supper. No sooner said than done – as Bob arrived with a car- load of fish & chip suppers! This was quickly dispenser around the tables, and enjoyed by all.

It’s Cowes Week On a beautiful summers evening a large crowd of Fareham Rotarians and their guests made their way to the Wheelhouse at Hill Head. Organised once again by Bob and Sue Musselwhite, the evening featured a remarkable series of treats. However do they arrange to have the Red Arrows Display Team perform for us every year? Contacts in high places, obviously! Chris Thomas had kindly set out the Wheelhouse furnishings, ready for the expected company.

Bob usually has some form of entertainment organised and tonight was no exception. He had been asking at club meetings for unknown facts about members, and this information he turned into a very clever quiz. Sheets of info were posted around the Wheelhouse site, and passersby must have been confused as to what all the milling bodies were doing! Then came the Red Arrows, with a magnificent display as usual. We could stand and watch, as they centred the display over Cowes– directly ahead of us.

After the meal it was time to look at the quiz. This was vaguely scored, but not taken too seriously! It provided an opportunity for those who wanted to expand on their ‘little known facts’, which in some cases caused much hilarity. A false alarm had folk running out to see the fireworks, only to retreat back inside. However, when they did start the fireworks were excellent, with clear skies allowing a perfect view. Once again, a very good evening enjoyed by all. Many thanks to all who stayed behind to help with the clearing up!

Our Meeting 8th August.

Basics Food Bank We now have a different system for those of you who would like to make a contribution to the Food Bank. We will collect items on the second Thursday of each month and collections will be on September 12th October 10th November 14th and December 12th this year.

Our speaker on Thursday 8th August was Rotarian Pam Marsden who provided a Job Talk with a difference … she covered her career to date very briefly as Pam had previously been an Honorary Member prior to semi-retiring and joining the Club. Rotarians had already heard her speak on a few occasions about Broadcasting, Government House Bermuda, Broadlands Romsey, various publicity and marketing roles, and her shopping centre management in Winchester and Fareham. Pam talked about her current role in market research for Options Europe Ltd explaining the value of the customer information she is able to pass back to the national companies that use her and gave us a few of the unusual stories she has heard in the process! She then demonstrated the growing hobby undertaken by Pam and husband Joe with a collection of propellers from the First World War. She even brought with her a Sopwith prop and told of the history researched on this and others, often able to find quite some detail, including a unique Henry Farman pusher propeller made in 1916.

Hope this is OK with everyone, if you bring things in at other times, we will of course make sure they are added to the basket. Please remember that all food items need to have 6 months validity. To all who contributed to the August collection – Many thanks. Sally and Maureen

Here’s a good one! The judge says to a doublehomicide defendant... "You're charged with beating your wife to death with a hammer." A voice at the back of the courtroom yells out, "You rat!" The judge says, "You're also charged with beating your mother-in-law to death with a hammer." The voice at the back of the courtroom yells out, "You rotten swine!" The judge stops and says to Paddy in the back of the courtroom. "Sir, I can understand your anger and frustration at these crimes, but no more outbursts from you, or I'll charge you with contempt. Is that understood?"

Crofton Old Church

Paddy stands up and says, "I'm sorry, Your Honour, but for fifteen years I've lived next door to that toe rag, and every time I asked to borrow a hammer, he said he didn't have one."

Access All Areas

President Pam’s Report to Council: I am extremely grateful to everyone who gave up their time to volunteer at the Councils Access All Areas programme of summer activities. More than 1000 children were able to take part at the various sites across the borough, and the Council Officers who organised the nine events are indeed grateful to us for our tremendous support. To have the Rotary Club of Fareham seen across the area supporting those events will hopefully be remembered when we are asking for support on our collection days. ____________ This was truly a magnificent effort, with a large number of Rotarians committing a whole day to help with this project and I know from experience that the presence of Rotary was well received and much commented upon. From a personal point of view I found it quite a fun event, which engendered a ‘family spirit’ and generally

established a good rapport between the generations. Much credit must of course go to the Council leisure staff, for all the effort that they put in, and they were most generous in their praise for our support.

the skill with which they handling the litter picking tool.

Activities varied with location, but at Salterns, sailing lessons were included, and at Stubbington, archery as well as

Tony, Sam and Betty with organiser Claire Benfield of FBC

bowling was featured. What exactly did Rotarians do? Well, we were there to assist with the safe running of the events, for example making sure that the assault course did not get overcrowded, which may have caused accidents. Ensuring children in the scuba event were properly supervised. But of course some more mundane tasks too – such as litter picking, at which Gary and Keith excelled themselves with

Our Sister Club Honoured Our sister club of Colombo, Sri Lanka, are delighted to announce that one of their members has been chosen as RI President for the Rotary year 2015/2016. We are delighted to receive this news, and send the members of the Rotary Club of Colombo our warmest good wishes. The Club are regular recipients of the Fareham Flyer, and are always most generous with praise for this journal.

A message from our Child Protection Officer Will members arranging any future Club events involving the attendance of Children or Vulnerable Adults please contact me well in advance as it may require you to peruse the Club Protection Policy and complete a short Protection Report Form. Thank you, Betty Evans CPO ___________________

5TH THURSDAY AT ANTONIO’S Good food, good company and good service ensured the success of yet another Bob Mussellwhite production. Over 50 Rotarians and guests gathered together at Antonio’s Spanish Restaurant in West Street, Fareham for a very pleasant social evening. A varied menu had been circulated prior to the evening,

to allow us plenty of time to make up our minds, and to ensure that the food was served quickly and efficiently.

special one for Maureen Bell, who celebrated her birthday with us, and we all wished her a very Happy Birthday

A welcome to all was given by President Pam, who also said grace, before the evening started, and all joined in with gusto. The evening was a

A most enjoyable evening all round.

underneath, and sent it slowly moving towards the next table.

President’s At Home Sunday 18th August. A pleasant, but sometimes gusty day saw Rotarians gather at Highlands Road for our Presidents At Home – the traditional gathering where the newly installed president invites members to a social gathering. President Pam had organised the event so well, that right from the start we were assured of a good afternoon. The butler was detailed to greet us at the

Pam’s lovely garden was a welcome in itself. We were greeted with a drink and soon mingled with others of the party. The early birds had already secured their places under the colourful gazebos, but there was plenty of room for all. Pam, ably assisted by her family, had prepared a wonderful buffet lunch, which was enjoyed by all.

gate, having parked our cars under the watchful eye of Gerry Ayres.

The weather stayed fair, although at one moment a breeze swept across the lawn, lifting a large gazebo above the heads of those sitting

Ernie Crouch, was quite shocked. He said that having survived the worst dangers of the last war, it was ironic that he should come under attack from a lowflying gazebo when in the secure confines of the President’s English Country Garden! However, Rotarians to the rescue and the said gazebo was quickly seized and firmly fixed to terra firma by Tony Cove and his trusty lump hammer! Our meal continued, with the arrival of a range of goodies on the sweet table. President Pam then gave a short speech of welcome to all members, and acknowledged the support given by husband John and her family PE John Rowlinson thanked Pres. Pam and family for a splendid afternoon, with which we all concurred. Once again Pam, may I say – a big ‘Thank You’ from us all.

Internet shopping – a true story by George. I thought you might like this ‘happening’ to me which I found amusing. This week, I ordered a couple of items ‘on line’ and received the customary acknowledgement from the company. They make a big thing about their delivery system and how the progress of the order can be tracked. This is what the acknowledgement said – “Tracking: To track your order please visit Royal Mail 1st Class (Sorry this item cannot be tracked) and enter you’re tracking number: (If the above tracking is blank we may have sent your order direct from the supplier, in this case it cannot be tracked but should be with you shortly. Items sent with Royal Mail cannot be tracked but are all sent on a 1st Class service). Customer Support: Please do not reply to this email. If you require help, please contact a member of our customer care team.” I wasn’t sure what was going on of course, or whether to contact their customer support team(!), but surprise, surprise I received the package (just 24 hours after placing the order) with a big purple sticker on it “Tracked by Royal Mail”. So it was ‘tracked’ after all. Submitted by George Cantrill – thanks George

Don’t forget! MacMillan Coffee Morning at 14 Highlands Rd, 27th September 11 – 1pm 01329 281427

Bygone Fareham From 9.30am to 4.30pm on Saturday 14 September there's the return of Bygone Fareham; the ninth consecutive year that the event has taken place in the town centre, it always proves to be a firm favourite with local residents and visitors. Fareham's open air pedestrian shopping area is expected to be full of local owners classic vehicles – up to 60 cars are expected from members of the South Hants Vehicle Preservation Society, the Morris Marina Owners Club, the Morris Minor Owners Club, the Locksheath Classic Car Club and the Portsmouth & Southampton Mini Owners Club.

Menu 5th

Scampi, Salad and Bread & Butter. 12th Turkey & Ham pie in short crust pastry, Saute Potatoes and peas 19th Grilled fillet of Salmon in a creamy Tarragon Sauce. 26th Chicken Breast in a white wine & mushroom sauce

In the Performance Podium, Now That's Jive will dance to music from the 40s and 50s, and 16-year old local vocalist Nathan Cannon will sing 'Rat Pack' style. Alan Gladwell, of the SHVPS, which is expected to bring up to 30 vehicles, said 'Our members thoroughly enjoy chatting and reminiscing with both the young and old about their cars. There's always enormous interest from the people of Fareham, and so we are very pleased to be returning for another event this year'. Press release from Fareham BC

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