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The Fareham Flyer Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Fareham D1110 UK President Duncan Colin – Jones Service above Self

Bulletin No. 359

JUNE 2013

were ready, as a queue had formed, and so the doors were

Well, it finally happened! After a whole year of planning the day finally arrived, and a beautiful clear, crisp morning it was!

opened 15 minutes early.

We were delighted to welcome the Mayor and Mayoress of Fareham, who were escorted

Chris, Gary and Dave arrived at 0645 to welcome the exhibitors and traders, and direct them to their allocated places. These had been marked out on Friday evening, once normal college business had completed.

There was a constant stream of visitors in the morning, which was very encouraging.

Tony Cove was there from the start and kindly recorded the whole day’s events. Thanks to the help of many of our Club members all went well, and by 1015 we were ready to open the show. It was as well we

around the stands by President Duncan. Another welcome guest was the College Principal, Nigel Duncan, through whose kindness we were allowed the use of such a wonderful venue. The Mayor was quite taken with the whole event, and spent over an hour looking around and chatting to the exhibitors. He had a special greeting for PP Colin White, who gallantly volunteered to

sell programmes from his strategically placed wheel chair!

The crowd continued to flow in all morning, and into the afternoon, and by closing time we estimate almost 400 people had visited the show, generating nearly £700 towards our charity – the Stubbington Study Centre. This was considered by all to be a very good result for a new venture, with a great many unknowns!

We were delighted to have the assistance of girls from our Interact Club, under the guidance of their Head Teacher Lynn Clark and our PE Pamela Bryant.

Chris Thomas and I would like to sincerely thank all those folk who assisted in making the event such a success, particularly the College Estate staff, headed by Nelson Williams, and the Catering Department, under the direction of Clare Hopkins. Thanks also to Lynn Clark and the Interact Club, and of course to President Duncan and all Club members for their

It was good to see so many of our Club members, distinctive in their yellow tabards, engaging with the public, assisting where necessary, and being available to advise when required!


Dave Barclay All photographs by Tony Cove, with thanks.

Race Horses.

As all of our wealthy race horse owners will know you have to register the name of your horse with the Jockey Club. One wealthy footballer thought of a good equine name for his acquisition and asked the Jockey Club to register the name “Hoof Hearted”. For some reason the Jockey Club turned it down but the American Club accepted it. I wonder why? Mike Swinburne.

A Meeting with Rotarian Florian Herpel Pulheim's Burgermeister An invitation to attend Fareham's Mayor Making this year was extended to civic guests from Fareham's twin town of Pulheim in Germany. One of the guests being their Burgermeister, Rotarian Florian Herpel who had expressed a wish to meet local Rotarians of the Town that has been twinned with Pulheim for so many years. With just a short time available I arranged a meeting at Lysses Hotel on Friday afternoon. Of course President Duncan brought his usual humour together with topical conversation - all picked up from the loan of a book from Roger on Pulheim! George was able to speak of visits he had made as Fareham's Town Centre Manager, and Roger was even able to produce a programme of his visit to Pulheim in 1985. When the Civic twinning was established over 40 years ago there was no Rotary Club in

Pulheim, although individual Fareham Members had joined visits between the two towns. The Rotary Club of Pulheim was chartered in 2006. It now has 37 members and has been a dual gender club from the very beginning. Pulheim is near Cologne in Rotary District 1810. Florian is a gentle giant - a delightful 6ft 7ins tall young man, who speaks fluent English. It was regrettable that our International Chairman John Rowlinson was on holiday as I feel sure he would have been extremely interested and contributed to the light hearted conversation. The traditional banner was presented, along with a directory of contacts. I am sure we will be hearing more from the Rotary Club of Pulheim in the not too distant future, and we have said that we would be pleased to welcome any of their members who happen to be in the Fareham area. Pamela Bryant

You can’t fool the ladies! Shortly after I got married, I was invited out for a night out with the boys. I told the wife that I would be home by midnight... Well, the yarns were being spun and the drink was going down easy, and at around 3 AM, drunk as a skunk, I went home. Just as I got in the door, the cuckoo clock started, and cuckooed 3 times. Quickly I realized she'd probably wake up, so I cuckooed another 9 times. I was really proud of myself for having the presence of mind, even when smashed, to escape a possible conflict. Next morning the wife asked me what time I got in. I told her 12 o'clock. Whew! Got away with that one! Then she told me that we needed a new cuckoo clock. When I asked why, she said, "Well, it cuckooed 3 times, cuckooed another 4 times, cleared its throat, cuckooed another 3 times, farted, then cuckooed twice more and started giggling."

The group provides lessons for both mentally and physically disabled children and adults. President Duncan thanked the Mayor on behalf of the Club for her kind words and for sparing the time to pay us a visit in her very busy schedule. Pres Duncan wished her and her Consort a happy and successful year ahead _________________________

Mayor Visits the Club. On Thursday 16th May we were honoured by a visit from the new Mayor of Fareham, Councillor Mrs Susan Bayford, together with her consort, Councillor Brian Bayford. The Mayor is no stranger to our Club, having accompanied her husband during his term of office three years ago. The Mayor spoke of her past association with Rotary, in particular with the Fareham Whiteley club. Unfortunately pressure of civic duties precluded her from current involvement. The Mayor gave her ‘State of the Nation’ address, detailing the programme for her mayoral year. She spoke of the tough economic times experienced throughout the country, and how Fareham was managing to stay ahead. She outlined plans to revive the centre retail area in particular with the introduction of a new website to bring all the various services together in a common drive.

The Mayor Rotary for charity work locally and world.

gave praise to the .invaluable carried out both throughout the

The Mayor then drew attention to her three chosen charities for her year in office.

Comments post- Rotarail From a trader: ‘Just a quick note to say thank you to yourself, Chris and your team of willing helpers for an enjoyable day!’ Best Regards Iain From an exhibitor

These are: The Rainbow Centre, of which we are all familiar. It was interesting to note that this charity, noted for its care of young people is now branching out by encompassing adult rehabilitation. Help will be offered to those suffering from Parkinson’s, MS, Stroke and cerebral palsy – a very worthy cause. Secondly, the Mayor has chosen the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, which aims to support those serving, and those who have served, together with their families. A local charity chosen this year is Tradissar Riding for the Disabled, based at the Crofton Equestrian Centre, situated in Stubbington.

‘I found the organisation of RotaRail 2013 amongst the best and friendliest I have encountered & would be pleased to attend next year with another in the Kidmore N Gauge micro series; presumably 26 April ‘ From an exhibitor: ‘A short line to say thank you for having Rhineside at Rotarail. A really nice exhibition which I hope made plenty of pennies. Hope to see you again somewhere soon. Very Best Wishes’ John and Dave (The Rhineside Team). Plus many verbal praises!

Will we do it again? Well, that depends on whether we can use the college! ‘Watch this space ‘as they say!

Interact goes Dragonboating! Wykeham House Interact Club members were joined by parents, grandparents and siblings at the Portsmouth & Southsea Rotary Club's Dragon Boat Festival on Saturday 18th May. The event being held for the 5th year at Lakeside, Western Road Hilsea was extremely well organised and situated at an ideal area for families to enjoy a picnic whilst watching the competitors dig deep with their paddles as they tried to keep time with the drummer, whilst onlookers made the most of a pleasantly warm day in the fresh air. The 'Wykeham Magic 'junior team were the youngest competitors, looking splendid in their dressed in their frilly skirts and fairy wings, together with big smiles on their faces. The girls were joined in the senior races by parents and friends, but were up against some experienced opposition. In all they took part in seven races during the day and were delighted to improve their time with each race. At the end of the day they were delighted to receive silver medals, coming in 2nd to older children from King Richards School who were placed first. The girls are already making plans for next year’s event, hopefully getting in some training, now that they are aware of the skill required! Pictures and story by Pam Bryant, with thanks.

Medal winners on parade.

A BIG thank you! PE Pam would like, on behalf of the Interact Club, to thank all those who donated to their Dragon Boat Fund. A total of £48.72 was collected. This month’s events Fellowship meeting 6

Anniversaries for June 23rd Dick & Rosemary Taylor

Rotary at Winchester

27th Tony & Sue Cove 28th Ken & Anne Trowbridge


13th th



Speaker – John Russell Joint Council Meeting. 7:30 at the Wheelhouse. Business Meeting

Wed 7:30 Changeover Night 26th (with partners and guests) at Lycees Hotel

Menu for June. 6th

Baked Gammon and Parsley Sauce, New Potatoes & Veg.


Homemade Quiche, New Potatoes and Garden Salad

6th th


Grace List for June Ken Trowbridge

27th Colin White



Birthdays for June John Russell


Mike Hurley Jenny Watson Sue Cove


Christine Hillam


Gerry Ayres

Chicken Chasseur served with Braised Rice

Jean Tuck

20th Richard Watson




Changeover Night at Lycees Hotel

From Bob Marshall "Every September John Coghlan used to take part in a charity bike ride in support of local churches. I rode with John on a few of them, mostly up the Meon Valley along the bridleway on the old railway line, and they were great fun. I will be riding this year and if anyone wishes to join me then please let me know. The event takes place on Saturday 14th September."

On a beautiful Sunday 2nd June, President Duncan, Chris and Marion Thomas and your Editor attended the 60th Anniversary celebration of the Queen’s Coronation, held at Winchester Cathedral. The service, attended by 1000 invited guests, re-created the music, lessons and hymns chosen for the actual coronation. On completion of the service, a reception was held in a marquee on the cathedral green where light refreshments were served. Several well-known faces were seen amongst the gathering, the Mayor of Fareham, who had so recently been our speaker at Club meeting, and our own Pam Bryant in her role as a Fareham councillor. This most pleasant afternoon was unfortunately slightly marred by the later news that our Wheelhouse had been unsuccessful in their bid for the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. However, it is considered to be an achievement to be nominated for the award, so congratulations are in order for achieving that recognition.

Fareham flyer june 2013  
Fareham flyer june 2013