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Club of Salisbury (SA) Inc


RI President 2016 -17 John Germ District Governor 2016-17 RI District 9500 John Pohl Assistant Governor Group 4 Rick Henke

President Christopher Moore Vice President Roger Dennis President Elect Celian Kidega Immediate Past President Graham Purbrick Secretary Cathy Perry Membership & Development Mary Purbrick

Meeting 2636 – June 27 th 2016 July is Changeover Month with the spotlight on the new Rotary Year under new club leaders becoming established, with new duties being assigned, new roles being learned and new relationships developed.

CONTACT PO Box 931 Salisbury SA 5108 Meet Mondays (except public holidays) 6.00pm for 6.30pm Old Spot Hotel Main North Rd Salisbury Heights

Who as present for Meeting # 2636? More than 100 members, families and guests assembled in the grand ‘Crystal Room’ of the Parafield Gardens Community Club to witness and experience the Changeover Meeting when President Christopher Moore was inducted and several other significant events were celebrated. Julie Woodman and Rick Taylor were welcomed as Honorary Members. Kim Schaefer and Janvier Mushabisa were inducted by President Graham as new members of RCS. Rotarian Kerrie Moore and non-Rotarian Steve Desmond declared as Paul Harris Fellows. Past President Graham Purbrick was given a Paul Harris Fellowship with Sapphire as the first PP Alan Goodall PHF recipient. Speakers supporting President Christopher were Jess Cornish, Celian Kidega, Maureen Lawlor and Mayor Gillian Aldridge and entertainment provided by the Downs Syndrome Dance Group.

Formed: 13th June 1963 Chartered: 4th November 1963

THEME FOR 2016/2017

Stop press: Congratulations to AG Rick Henke for receiving a Sapphire PHF from District Governor and D9500. The 4 Way Test Of the things we think, say or do

The Rotary Foundation Kerri Moore 1. 2.

Club Admin. Officer Ellinor Caruso


Public Image Director Rick Henke Service Director Colin Willington


Treasurer Anthea Walker Bulletin is produced after each meeting. Due date for bulletin inclusions: 6.30pm on the night of the meeting (emailed to preferred or clear concise handwritten information on the night).

PP Graham Purbrick handing over the reins to President Christopher Moore

Is it the TRUTH? Is It FAIR to all concerned? Will it promote build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?


11/07/2016 #2638

18/07/2016 #2639

25/07/2016 #2640

6 for 6.30 start

6 for 6.30 start

6.30 for 7 start

6 for 6.30 start




Partners Night

Ellinor Caruso


Rick Henke

Visit of District Governor John Pohl

Caroline Letchford


Youth Programs

Team Meetings



Alun Hughes



Attendance Desk










Apologies, Make-ups and Guests to Peter Salamon, PLEASE WHO HAS A REASON TO CELEBRATE IN


Team Meeting



Roger Dennis 8th Julie Stanley 20th Mignon Clark 27th Jan Hann 30th Anthea Walker

State Volunteers


1st 1969 Norm & Gabi Waldowski 8th 1967 Graham & Mary Purbrick 10th 1971 Christopher & Kerri Moore 17th 1982 Mignon & Paul Clark INDUCTIONS



2009 Rick Henke 10th 1985 Ron Hann Thursday Sales

Team leaders Community International Youth Services Vocational Australia Day

Saturday Sales

30th June

7th July

14th July

21st July

Keith, Dennis, Ian & Roslyn

Graham, Mary, Kaye & Toni Anne

Keith, Dennis, Ian & Roslyn

Alun, Roger M & Betty

2nd July

9th July

16th July

23rd July

Ron, Donna & Betty G

Richard, Norm & Cathy

Rick H, Gabby, Jeff & Julie

Richard, Norm & Cathy

OTHER STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT If you would like an event included in this schedule, advise When



Additional Information

EVERY Thursday 9am-4pm Saturday 9.30am-3pm

Container of Hope

Donations in Kind, off Taranaki Rd, Edinburgh Parks

Any help will be appreciated. Free BBQ for all those that come to help, or visit

Business Breakfast

Grand Central 0r The Club at Parafield Gardens

Fourth Wednesday each month, 7.00am—8.45am FIRST Tuesday of the Month

Friday 1st



Sunday 17th

Partners Meetings

Goodall Room

$18 for a cooked breakfast

Contact Jess Cornish au or 0458 036 832 Bookings at june2016

$2.00 + bring a plate to share




Rotaract Salisbury Changeover

Parafield Gardens Community Club

6.30pm for 7pm start. $35pp for CONTACTS 3 course meal. CLUB Bookings apologies to

Containers of Hope working bee

9am – 3pm

Advise your attendance to Christopher or Jess

Family Movie

Finding Dory

Who should attend? Everyone and anyone Everyone and anyone

Regal Cinema, Kensington Road, in aid of Rotary Action Group against Child Slavery – book at Official meeting with DG John Pohl visiting

Monday 18th

2017 D9500 Conference in Geelong

Betty Goodall with PP Graham

Entertainment for the night provided by the Downs Syndrome Dance Group

and have the goods available to be able to pack and send a

CLUB ANNOUNCEMENTS Bulletin Roger Dennis 0403313927 Donna Holloway 0457 861 794 Catering, Make-ups, Apologies, Guests Peter Salamon Phone: 8287 0532 by midday Sunday for catering purposes

Allsorts Pick-up and Deliveries roster – please be advised that when goods have been sold and delivery is arranged we ask that someone from the team of the day advise the following teams for delivery and for any known collections. July - Rick T and Roger, August - Ron and Norm, September - Keith and Gerry, October - is Graham and Richard. Now enjoy a selection of photos from the Changeover Night (thanks to Andrew for his efforts).

Business Breakfast Colin/Rick AllSorts Roger Dennis Phone: 0403 313 927 BBQ Trailer Richard Pailthorpe Phone: 0409 093 360 Child Safety Peter Salamon Programs Peter Salamon Phone: 8287 0532 Public Officer/Asst Treasurer Roger Dennis Phone: 0403 313 927 Meeting cashier Eric Chippett

Speakers for the night, Celian Kidega, Jess Cornish, Maureen Lawlor and Mayor Gillian Aldridge

Welcome and greetings Kerrie Moore Family of Rotary Roger Denis Friends of Rotary Mary Purbrick

PP Graham and President Christopher changing over the banner. Theme for 2016/2017 Rotary Serving Humanity

Web Master Damien Walker

Bank account details BSB 035-047 a/c 384347

The Rotary Club of Salisbury acknowledges the support of the Plush Group in providing the venue for our meetings ~ Friendly Staff ~ ~ Great Atmosphere ~ ~ Modern gaming lounge ~ ~ Meals and functions ~ Phone 82582096 or

WEEKLY BULLETIN WEEKLY BULLTIN EVENT PHOTO’S Julie Woodman and Rick Taylor were welcomed as Honorary Members.

Rotarian Kerrie Moore and non-Rotarian Steve Desmond declared as Paul Harris Fellows

Kim Schaefer and Janvier Mushabisa were inducted by President Graham as new members of RCS

rotary newsletter 2636 June 2016  
rotary newsletter 2636 June 2016  

Rotary club of Salisbury bulletin June 2016