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Nov embe r2011

Please make welcome our newest member

Sharraine Ballao

rotary club of diamond creek inc. bulletin

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District 9790

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rotary club of diamond creek inc.

Sharraine is being inducted tonight

Bulletin Vol ume 20 I ssue20 29t h N ov embe r 2011

Please make Sharraine and her guests

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rotary club of diamond creek inc. bulletin

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29th November 2011 Page 2

the program/up and coming calendar and who’s doin what 29 November 2011 Tuesday

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Club Ass. And the induction of Sharraine Ballao

Attend Sparkie Ern, Chair de Boss Alan, Beans Greg, Door man Uncle Arthur , Art Work Cheer squad Bevl, Prize Beans Greg

6 December 2011 Tuesday

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Club Meeting Hellen Karie—Vanuatu Prevention of blindness

13 December 2011 Tuesday

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Club Meeting Maxwell Gratton—Football Federation Victoria

20 December 2011 Tuesday

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Christmas Party Partners welcome

Life events Nov 20 Maureen Mackenzie—birthday Nov 25 Judith Pike ( Egan)—birthday Nov 27 Rod Mackenzie—birthday Nov 28 Glenda Swan—birthday Dec 9 Ern Wardell—birthday Dec 12 Rod Mackenzie joined Rotary and this Club 17 years ago Dec 12 Rob and Lyn Lloyd anniversary Dec 19 Brian Bowen joined this club 10 years ago

Funnie foto I reckon I know the odd Rotarian or too that could apply Mr Jones

rotary club of diamond creek inc. bulletin

29th November 2011 Page 3

from the president keeping up with the joneses! “The healthiest competition occurs when average people win by putting in above average effort.” Colin Powell

On Saturday several members  a ended the ini al community  mee ng to establish a Men’s Shed in  Diamond Creek.  There were a  number of other community  organisa ons represented there.  At  the mee ng I was cha ng to  someone who informed me that                                                In these current                                        when he first moved to Diamond      mes when everyone leads  Creek a few years ago, he was           a busy life, less and less people    interested in joining Rotary.  He    are volunteering. This is not just  came along to a couple of mee ngs  applicable to Rotary and other Service  but no‐one followed his up.  He  organisa ons, but to any organisa on –  would have joined us but no‐one  spor ng clubs, church groups, and so on.   followed him up.  He now has a  There are people who seek out an  leadership posi on with another  organisa on to join, but these days we are  community organisa on and is  finding that they, too, have only limited  pu ng his  me into that.   Why  me.    doesn’t he have a leadership    posi on with Rotary?  No‐one  Hence if someone is keen to join an  followed him up!  organisa on or offer their  me and    resources, there are many organisa ons  We must pursue any possible leads  within the community who would be  that we have for poten al members  clamouring for them to join. There is a lot  as well as seeking out possible new  of compe on for members within the  members ourselves.    voluntary organisa on community. Most    groups are suffering from the same  If we can put in as much effort as we  problem – decreasing and ageing  can to make our club visible within  membership.   the local community, be welcoming    to our guests and above all nurture  So how do we stand out from the crowd  any enquiries, then we will be ahead  and make new people want to become  of all of our compe on and the  members of the Rotary Club of Diamond  Rotary Club of Diamond Creek will  Creek?    go from strength to strength.   We need to be more a rac ve    than our compe on;      We need to have a prominent  Alan Jones  profile within the local community;      We need to welcome any  prospec ve members who may  make an enquiry and nurture them  so that they start to understand  what Rotary is all about;      We also need to move with the  mes and be flexible and  accommoda ng.   

rotary club of diamond creek inc. bulletin

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On Wednesday evening, Kerry and I attended the RYLA dinner which was hosted by the Rotary Club of Kinglake West. A number of Rotary Clubs were represented and a great night was had by all. Several RYLA participants spoke about their experiences so far and all participated in several short sketches with the topic: – RYLA of course! We have to admit that our favourite was the young woman who did a wonderful job of mimicking Linda Gidlund. So if Linda is apology any night, we can get her to come along!!! Diamond Creek has sponsored five participants and they will be doing a group presentation to the Club next week. They are: Mariko Igawa, Hellen Karie, Steve Ferraro, Evan Hearsch and Anthony Iaria. They are having a wonderful time and some of the comments made to us were: “Its Awesome!” “I am getting so much out of it.” “Thank you so much for sponsoring me.” If you have the opportunity to attend the RYLA dinner / meeting next year – take it as I am sure that you will meet an equally impressive group of young people.

Alan Jones

rotary club of diamond creek inc. bulletin

29th November 2011 Page 5

and what happened last week ? Arthur Lewin introduced President Alan Jones, John Egan led Grace and Clyde gave the toast. No visiting Rotarians and our guest Speaker was Pierre Andipatin. Apologies: Phil C, Tina, John & Eileen, Linda, Jacqui, Rob L and Sharraine. Make-ups - Pat & Bev attended the Remembrance Day Service. Pat & Alan J went to the RC of Rosanna, I went for a visit and Alan & Kerry took Mariko as Guest Speaker. Brian Bowen & Mani went to a Past District Governors Meeting. President Alan welcomed everyone to the Annual General Meeting. AGM was opened at 7.05pm and business was completed and carried/passed by 7.15pm. Reports: President Alan stated that the local white ribbon day is not going ahead owing to lack of support. At the president time four people are attending RYLA. President Alan is going to the dinner and meeting tomorrow night 23/11/11. Organised Riding for the Disabled shed by Dennis Kerr will have its official opening next Tuesday 29/11/11. Shelter sponsored by the Rotary Club of Diamond Creek and a plaque will be placed on the Shed. District Grant for Shelter of $ ?. Alan Jones and Alan White will be attending the Men's Shed Meeting at St Johns Church, DC on Sat 26/11/11. Rod McKenzie reported on the Town Fair Meeting - lots of opinions from lots of people Theme - Banner - "Life in the Green Wedge" This theme is what participants address by way of the Grand Parade. Rod thanked Gregg and Ern for their great effort in recognising the sponsors - Diamond Valley Hire - by way of signs. Town Fair next meeting in Feb 2012. Social - President Alan would like to have a weekend away next year - moved to do this with email for ideas. Sergeant was handed to Arthur Lewin in the absence of Rob L - their was a challenge made by President Alan for Arthur to beat the "old man" in fines. President Alan welcomed Pierre. Pierre was a 2006 Ambassadorial Scholar, mentored by Alan & Kerry Jones. Pierre was the Youth Mayor of Durban - South Africa. Pierre spoke about his Youth and his experiences and recommends involvement with RYLA to continue and the Ambassadorial Scholar Program (inception in 1947). He showed us some of the benefits ie: Cultural Awareness - promotion of good will Increased profile of Rotary and its programs Investment in educational aims or Rotary Foundation Lifelong relationships established for the benefits of Rotary Community Projects. Raffle $40.00, Fines $20.00 End of Meeting. Cheers Pat.

rotary club of diamond creek inc. bulletin

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and what happened last week ? Diamond Valley Community Garden Shed

We nail up this and that ! And the ‘Rotary Ramp House’ and the Diamond Valley Special Development School

We would struggle to run the town fair without SPONSORS

Thank you to Diamond Valley Hire

rotary club of diamond creek inc. bulletin

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