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District 9790

rotary club of diamond creek inc.

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Caution: The Bulletin contains no calories, vitamins, minerals or proteins. In fact, it is devoid of nutritional value. Nevertheless, it is a supplement much sought after and regularly devoured by the Rotarians of Diamond Creek. Note: The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Club or its members

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rotary club of diamond creek inc RCDC

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THE PRESIDENTIAL CROSS CHAT XRAY STEVE I have just returned from Euroa where I attended part 1 of the Rotary Leadership Institute Course. This course has been developed by Rotary International as a grass roots district leadership development program designed to strengthen clubs through quality leadership education, and is convened in District 9790 by PDG Mani Seneviratne.

Mani opened Sunday’s proceedings by talking about the passion of

Rotarians and how to channel this passion into building better and stronger clubs through better leaders and a better understanding of what Rotary is all about. The course is available to all Rotarians, is not job or position specific, comprises 3 parts and is conducted by experienced and formally trained Rotarians from our District. Our facilitators for the day were PP’s Michael Tehan, Bob Matejcic and Gary Fitzgerald and they ran a very tight but informative program. DG John Gatt also attended the seminar and spoke of the wider vision of Rotary and how we as course students were setting out to achieve that vision.

To quote from the RLI manual “RLI believes that having leadership skills does not alone assure good Rotary leadership.

An Effective Rotary leader must ALSO have

Rotary knowledge, perspective about where Rotary has been, where it is now and a vision of what Rotary can be.” The overriding goal of the courses for club Rotarians is to create enthusiasm for Rotary by opening them up to the world of Rotary outside of their own clubs and also showing them the great potential of Rotary service for the benefit of the world that can be furthered with excellent leadership in our clubs. The aim is for students to return to their clubs with enthusiasm, new contacts, fresh ideas, an increased understanding of Rotary and mew skills.

Hopefully I have

achieved at least part of that but only time will tell.

Part 1 covered the topics understanding leadership, Rotary beyond the club, membership retention, Rotary Foundation, leadership and team building and service projects so it can be seen that the course is for ALL Rotarians with a desire to do more in Rotary even at a club level. It is not just for Presidents or PEs, and can in fact be of great use for anyone in any role anywhere.

Was the course worth it? YES. Did I lean anything? YES. Is it worth the effort? YES. I will be encouraging our club members to attend the next part 1 session which will be held in December – our club pays the registration and all you have to do is provide the passion, petrol and one day. The more we know about and understand Rotary the better we will become at being Rotarians and therefore better persons in our community. Go for it!!!!

rotary club of diamond creek inc RCDC

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WHAT’S ON, WHO’S ON AND WHEN’S IT ON 28st AUGUST 2012 TUESDAY 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Club Ass.

Attend, Jacqui H , Chair, Steve C, Cash Greg A,Welcome Arthur L, Regalia Alan

J, Raffle Gift Warwick L.

4th SEPTEMBER 2012 TUESDAY 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Attend, Alan W , Chair, Rod M, Cash Greg A, Welcome Pat M, Regalia David P, Raffle Gift Roger K.


Kerry and Alan anniversary.

Sept 2

Alan White joined this club 18 years ago.

Sept 3

Kerry Jones birthday

Sept 7

Peter Hodge birthday, Pat Millar birthday.

rotary club of diamond creek inc RCDC

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rotary club of diamond creek inc RCDC

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Toast to Australia: Arthur Lewin Rotary Grace: John Egan President Steve Town fair: Rod Mackenzie The town fair has been postponed to November 24th. Now looking at redesigning to include Elizabeth St so there is more hard surface for stalls. Also considering a permanent change of date. Refer to email for details. President Steve thanked Rod and other team members for the effort put in so far. Probus: Ern Wardell Certificate of appreciation has been given to John Mckeown as a thanks for his help setting up Probus. Doreen has a waiting list and an interest list. They are having a mini expo on Saturday and Ern is attending - part of this is to assess the interest in Probus in Mernda. Reminders: Board meeting next Monday at 7.30. Please send reports by Friday. Keep going on the 5 cent collections! Ohs meeting (town fair) has been rescheduled to November 20th. Conference: We have real bookings coming in. Please get your booking in as per email detail earlier this week. Chair for the night: John Egan Sergeant Roger found a few odd reasons for fining the innocent amongst us. Facetube: Jacqui Hodge Jacqui gave us a hands on demo of Facebook including some tips and tricks. 901 millions users. 125 billion 'friend' connections. 500 million people on a mobile device. See email for useful facebook friends. Youth Exchange: Bea showed us a fantastic video she had prepared on being an exchange student. We would like to use this at conference next year. Raffle: drawn by Sarshi, Won by Roger, Raised: $40 Fines: $26 Meeting closed at 8.55

rotary club of diamond creek inc RCDC

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From left. Hoshi Kotani, Baby Maho, Maiko, Geoff, Sohta, Glenda, Komiko, Sho and Marie.



Best wishes to all at the club! We are having a great time. We have just spent sometime in Fukuoka, Japan with our past host daughter Maiko ( on Geoff's right )and her family. We had a wonderful time there with them, it was so nice to catch up with them again. The weather in Japan is very hot and humid. We trip so far has been great. We have cruised from Sydney to Beijing on the Dawn Princess, visiting, Singapore, Thailand! Vietnam, Hong Kong and China. We had excellent weather and flat water all the way. We left Japan yesterday morning and have arrived in Moscow last night. We have a free day today in Moscow on our own today before we board The Golden Eagle Train to travel the Trans Siberian Railroad on route to Vladivostok for 16 days. The weather is much cooler here, around 20degrees. It's a nice relief as the weather most of our trip has been in the high 30's. This is the first time we have had good Internet reception since we left Sydney, but once we leave Moscow tomorrow we probably have connection for the next few weeks on the train. Regards to all from Geoff and Glenda

rotary club of diamond creek inc RCDC

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Phone 03 9438 3044


Fax: 03 9438 4070

Advance Australia Fair

Rotary Grace

Australians all let us rejoice, For we are young and free; We've golden soil and wealth for toil, Our home is girt by sea; Our land abounds in Nature's gifts Of beauty rich and rare; In history's page, let every stage Advance Australia fair! In joyful strains then let us sing, "Advance Australia fair!"

O Lord and giver of all good We thank you for our daily food May Rotary friends and Rotary ways, help us to serve you all our days.

rotary club of diamond creek inc RCDC

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Rotary Club of Diamond Creek Bulletin 28/08/2012  

Rotary Club of Diamond Creek weekly Bulletin 28/08/2012