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NZ Dental Team Visit to Taveuni Island, Fiji

Rotary Club of Otahuhu Inc in South Auckland, NZ became a 100% PHF club during District 9920 Governor Nicolas Spillmann’s official visit on 20 July 2010. All 32 members and 9 honorary members have received Paul Harris recognition plus 6 partners have too. DG Nicolas presented the latest recipients Past President Graeme Macdonald (Sapphire pin) plus Paul Harris recognition to Treasurer Stephen Curran and new members Malcolm Miller and Ross Pokere. Best photo caption (L-R): Rotary Club of Otahuhu Inc Past President Graeme Macdonald, Malcolm Miller, AG Murray Kay, 9920 DG Nicolas Spillmann, Past District 9920 Secretary & President Jeanette Drysdale, Treasurer Stephen Curran and Ross Pokere

PLANT A TREE WITH THE ROTARY The Rotary Club of Somerville Howick James (Mr Trees) Lee spoke about the RYLA tree planting on the Mangemangeroa walkway. There were 50 RYLA attendees present and 1400 trees were planted. Thank-you James for your hard work and Congratulations on your Paul Harris fellow award.



We were fortunate to have Ashleigh visit our club to tell us about what she intended to do with the $1000 the club has donated to assist her with attending an Asia Pacific Conference to present her research. She has spent the last year studying tobacco advertising in the Pacific Islands. One out of every two people in the Pacific Islands smoke. Smoking contributes to 40% of all deaths in New Zealand. Smoking is singlehandedly the biggest contributor to deaths. Ashleigh is a Heart Health Advocate and she has been working with schools, universities and ethnic communities to spread the health message about stopping smoking. She has been analysing the advertising campaigns being undertaken in the Pacific Islands and believes there is a very deliberate push by the tobacco companies to push their products into the lower socio-economic countries and particularly the pacific. Ashleigh will use her time at the conference to build her networks, extend her knowledge and use her research, networks and contacts s a base for her PhD studies. She gave her thanks to club for the opportunity to present some her findings and to practice some of the presentation that she will deliver at the conference. Ashleigh also thanked the club for the financial support that will contribute to the finances required to attend the conference. President Alan thanked Ashleigh for visiting the club and wished her all the very best for the presentation


by Nicolas SPILLMANN

IA ORANA, KIA ORA, KIA ORANA, BULA, TALOFA, MALO E LELEI, HELLO, BONJOUR. WELCOME, BIENVENUE, MANAVA E MAEVA Yes indeed our District is composed of eight different countries. We have a rich heritage , with old civilisations , such as the Indian and Polynesian ones , and one of the most ancient populations in the world , I mean the Melanesian one and ,at last ,the Europeans with either a British or a French culture. We all live in the islands of this huge Pacific Ocean but being a Rotarian is what unites us all sharing the same ideal of Service for our communities and basing our action on the fundamental values inherited for105 years from our founder Paul Harris and all our predecessors who proudly honoured the Rotarian wheel which never stops turning. Service, Friendship, Diversity, Integrity, Leadership are the fundamental Rotarian values. Hospitality, Solidarity, Generosity, Primacy of the community on the individual are our Islands values. Beginning this new Rotarian year , I wish that « Le Souffle des Iles, The Spirit of Isles , Te Aho O Te Mau Motu » would inspire us and help us with « BuildingCommunities – Bridging Continents » After the Changeover On July 4th we had a fantastic Changeover . We had the opportunity to show our Immediate Past Governor, Leanne Jaggs ,both the friendship and the consideration we have for her, but also our admiration for the way she ran our District. We are all very grateful to her. But do not worry , our IPDG Leanne is not leaving us and you will see her name on almost every page of the Directory( let me apologize for the delay of its publication due to impredictable circumstances) One year has gone and life continues in our District. As you realize my nomination as a Governor is bringing a few changes such as the Governor's bilingual Newsletter. This will force me to be more concise in my speech which may seem impossible to those who know me well. No annual motto could better suit the reality of our island District which spreads over more than 24 million square meters than this year motto: “ Building Communities - Bridging Continents “ Is there a better way of building our communities than strengthening ourselves in order to be more efficient? Increasing the number of our members with young people is a must. It will also be necessary for us to make a personnal and collective effort to give the Foundation the funds needed to achieve a better work in communities and eradicate Polyomelitis. Is there anything better to reinforce the image of Rotary inside our communities and make ourselves acknowledged the first world Service organization, as President Ray Klinginsmith often reminds us ? Let us use the media and develop our PublicRelations in order to introduce the Rotary through our actions and programmes. Therefore we will manage to make our clubs « bigger, more ambitious and stronger » as the President of Rotary International Ray Klinginsmith encourages us to do , and we will then contribute to

Look the video, clic here WCS TV CLIP

“ Building Communities – Bridging Continents “



Twins Clubs Trophy This double Trophy awards the two sister clubs which have carried out the best programme of partnership. The winners are choosen by a jury, chaired by the DG and formed by District committees chairs : Foundation Rotary, Grants Sub Committee, PR Membership, and two AGs (1 Islands Area AG, 1 Auckland Area AG). Candidacy files ought to be submitted by the Assistnts Governors of Rotary clubs concerned for the last day of month before the District conference. Each club winner will receive a Trophy representing an ancient Polynesian petroglyph showing twins called "Twins of Tipaerui" ******************************************** Trophée des Clubs Jumeaux Ce double Trophée récompense les deux clubs jumelés qui auront mené à bien le meilleur programme de partenariat. Les gagnants seront désignés par un jury présidé par le Gouverneur de District et formé par les présidents des Comités de District suivants : Fondation Rotary, Sous- Committee des subventions, PR/ Effectifs ainsi que deux assiqtants gouverneurs (1 AG d'une Zone des Îles, 1 AG d'une zone d'Auckland) Les dossiers de candidatures devront être soumis par les Assistants Gouverneurs des Rotary clubs concernés pour le dernier jour du mois précédant la Conférence de District. Chaque club lauréat recevra un Trophée représentant un ancien pétroglyphe Polynésienfigurant des jumeaux appelés "Les Jumeaux de Tipaerui"

Et bien oui, notre District réunit huit pays différents. Nous sommes riches de nos différences, héritiers, les uns d'anciennes civilisations, telles que les civilisations indienne et polynésienne, les autres descendants d'une des plus anciennes populations au monde, la population mélanésienne, pour finir par les Européens de culture anglo-saxone ou française. Certes nous vivons tous dans des îles dans cet immense océan du Pacifique Sud, mais ce qui nous uni avant tout autre chose c'est d'être Rotarien, de partager un même idéal de service pour nos communautés respectives, de fonder notre action sur les valeurs fondamentales héritées depuis 105 ans maintenant de notre fondateur Paul Harris et de tous ceux qui nous ont précédés en portant fièrement cette roue rotarienne qui tourne à l'infini. Service, Camaraderie, Diversité, Intégrité, Leadership sont les valeurs rotariennes fondamentales. Hospitalité, Solidarité, Générosité, Primauté de la communauté sur l'individu sont celles de nos Îles. En ce début d'année Rotarienne, je forme le vœu que "Le Souffle des Îles, The Spirit of Isles, Te Aho O Te Mau Motu" nous inspire et nous aide à "Renforcer les Collectivités – Rapprocher les Continents" Après le changeover Nous avons vécu le dimanche 4 juillet une formidable passation de fonction. Cela a été l'occasion de manifester à notre Immédiate Past Gouverneure Leanne Jaggs à la fois l'amitié et la considération que nous lui portons mais également notre admiration pour la façon remarquable dont elle a dirigé notre District. Nous lui en sommes tous infiniment reconnaissants. Mais ne vous inquiétez pas notre IPDG Leanne ne nous abandonne pas et vous allez la retrouver presque à toutes les pages du Directory (dont je vous prie d'excuser le retard dû à une combinaison de facteurs imprévisibles). Une page se tourne et la vie de notre District continue. Comme vous pouvez vous en rendre compte ce changement de gouverneur va vous apporter également certains changements par rapport à ce que vous avez connu jusqu'à présent, à commencer par cette version bilingue de la lettre mensuelle du Gouverneur. Cela va aussi m'obliger à être concis, ce que ceux qui me connaissent bien vont considérer comme une chose impossible. Aucun thème annuel n'est mieux adapté à la réalité de notre District insulaire étendu sur plus de 24 millions de kilomètres carrés: "Renforcer les Collectivités - Rapprocher les Continents" Comment mieux renforcer nos collectivités qu'en commençant par nous renforcer nous-mêmes afin de disposer de plus de moyens à mettre au service de nos collectivités. Cela passe par un renforcement de nos effectifs et un rajeunissement également de nos clubs. Nous en serons plus efficaces et plus actifs. Cela nous demande également de faire un effort personnel et collectif pour doter La Fondation Rotary des fonds nécessaires pour nous donner les moyens de mieux agir au profit des collectivités et éradiquer définitivement la Poliomyélite. Quoi de mieux pour ce faire que de renforcer l'image du Rotary au sein de nos collectivités et de nous faire reconnaître, comme le rappelle souvent le Président Ray Klinginsmith, comme la 1ère organisation mondiale de service. Sachons utiliser les medias et développons nos Relations Publiques pour faire connaître le Rotary au travers de nos actions et de nos programmes. Ce faisant nous parviendrons à rendre nos clubs « plus grands, plus ambitieux et plus forts» comme nous y encourage e le Président du Rotary international Ray Klinginsmith et nous contribuerons ainsi à "Renforcer les Collectivités- Rapprocher les Continents"


DG's activities

Activités du Gouverneur

Activity loaded for the governor this month. Indeed, in addition to the changeover and several meetings at District level (District New Generations, Strategic Plan 2010-2013, District District Monthly Management Meeting) while I attended the weekend seminar of RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) in Wellington. But by far the most fun is my marathon 22 visits club that I ran. This was a wonderful visit to our Rotary Family..Visit your clubs, spend time with you several times a day, listen you talk about your achievements, your projects, your hopes, your uncertainties, your problems is a unforgettable experience and how rewarding. Anything like that to understand what really Rotary is, the whole our organization brings to your communities and how wonderful people you are all. I visited a few of your accomplishments, I was asked to hand over many Paul Harris Fellow. I had the honor to present 4 on the occasion of my visit to Rotary Club of Otahuhu, making this club one new club 100% Paul Harris Fellow. Therefore I wanted to honor this club and its president Jeannette Drysdale by giving them the first page of this first newsletter. This might encourage you to do the same very soon. The Rotary Foundation needs so much your contributions. Next month is the month of Membership and Expansion. The more we are the better we will be effective. Each of your clubs should increase its membership of at least one new member by 50 members during this year. A special effort has to be made by the 18 clubs in the District of which membership is less than 20. Congratulations to Rotary Club of Mangere which in July actual increase its membership of 16.66%, from 12-14. I will continue my visits to clubs in August in Fiji and other Pacific Islands It is for me an enjoyment to be among familiar faces of those I know and to meet those I have never see before.

Activité chargée pour le gouverneur ce mois-ci. En effet, outre le changeover et plusieurs réunions au niveau du District (Comité de District New Generations, Plan Stratégique 2010-2013, Réunion mensuelle de management du District) j'ai participé pendant un week end au séminaire du RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) à Wellington. Mais de loin le plus passionnant reste mon marathon des 22 visites de club que j'ai pu effectuer. Cela a été une formidable visite dans la famille du Rotary.Visiter vos club, vous côtoyer plusieurs fois par jour, vous entendre parler de vos réalisations , de vos projets, de vos espoirs, de vos incertitudes, de vos problèmes est une expérience inoubliable et combien enrichissante. Rien de tel pour comprendre ce qu'est réellement le Rotary, tout ce qu'il apporte à vos communautés et quelles merveilleuses personnes vous êtes tous. J'ai pu visiter quelques unes de vos réalisations; On m'a demandé de remettre de nombreux Paul Harris Fellow. J'ai eu l'insigne honneur d'en remettre 4 lors de ma visite au Rotary club d'Otahuhu, faisant ainsi de ce club un nouveau club 100% Paul Harris Fellow. C'est pourquoi j'ai voulu le mettre à l'honneur dans cette 1ère newsletter. Cela vous incitera peutêtre à faire de même très prochainement. La Fondation Rotary a tant besoin de vos contributions. Le mois qui vient est le mois de l'effectif et de l'expansion. Plus nous serons nombreux plus nous serons efficaces. Chacun de vos clubs doit accroître son effectif d'au moins un nouveau membre. Un effort particulier est à faire par les 18 clubs du District qui ont un effectif inférieur à 20. Félicitations donc au Rotary club de Mangera qui a vu au mois de juillet son effectif augmenter de 16,66% en passant de 12 à 14. Je vais poursuivre mes visites de clubs à Fiji et dans les autres Îles du pacifique pendant le mois d'août. Je me fais une joie de revoir les uns et de faire la connaissance de ceux que je n'ai pas encore eu la chance de rencontrer.. . A bientôt donc !

See you soon!

Planting the 1,000,000th Tree

Françoise & Nicolas SPILLMANN

A major event in Trees for Survival’s Calendar took place recently with the planting of the 1,000,000th tree since the program was launched in 1991. Kate Smith, the ARC Planting Day Co-ordinator and David English, National Manager of TfS, were responsible for the organisation of the day in liaison with Pakuranga College and the land owners of the Kawakawa Bay site, George and Ann Richardson. Trees for Survival was launched as a “national re-vegetation” programme with the focus on erosion control. School children are encouraged to learn about native trees, growing the seedlings and planting them on erosion prone land, reducing runoff and thereby improving water quality in streams. The focus on children learning about native trees remains, but the reasons for planting trees have been extended to bush and wetland restoration and riparian and forest remnant plantings. Some schools have even restored populations of threatened native plants. Tree planting to restore our erosion prone hillsides, damaged wetlands and putrid streams is well documented and New Zealand children, through the Trees for Survival programme, will make sure the mistakes of the past will not be repeated in the future. Trees for Survival is an environmental programme approved by the Rotary Districts of New Zealand. The Management Committee would be delighted to hear from Rotarians interested in either assisting at the District level or in promoting this very worthy programme in their Club. Find out more by going to our website or emailing .

Photo: Patron Ruud Kleinpaste, invited dignitaries and Pakuranga College participants at the planting. SPILLMANN family- left Marie-France Spillmann-Chompret, Eric, Nathalie, Fabien


The RI president’s monthly message July 2010 Winds of Change What an amazing world! Advances in technology are happening so quickly that they cause constant changes in our businesses and professions. Yet about one-third of the world’s population is still living at a subsistence level with little change in their lives. It is a stark contrast and a cause for concern.

NZ Dental Team Visit to Taveuni Island, Fiji The eye of Cyclone Thomas hit Taveuni Island (population18,000) two months before the planned NZ Dental Team visit in June 2010. Despite initial fears that this Rotary-sponsored project would have to be cancelled due to the widespread damage on the island, it did proceed! The Dental Team comprised Rotarian Drs Niel Ewart (District 9920 Rotary Club of Remuera Inc), Johnston Luen (9920 Rotary Club of Pukekohe Inc), Gary Lawrence (9940 Rotary Club of Kapiti) and non-Rotarian Dr Graeme Ting. 9920 Rotary Club of Taveuni Island acted as host, with Special Project Officer Past President Geoffrey Amos being responsible for all the local arrangements. He did a truly magnificent job.

Rotary has both a distinguished heritage and a bright future. My primary task as president is to enhance the vitality and viability of Rotary clubs and to enable them to succeed in the midst of societal changes. This is an important task because it is the clubs that address and alleviate the root problems of society and thereby make the world a Each morning, Geoffrey transported the team and their better place.

equipment to remote villages, all of which had very limited access to dental care. Over a two week period, the DenWind of change was a new and significant tists worked in seven villages throughout the island, some phrase when I was a Rotary Scholar in South Africa in the early 1960s. It is serendi- of which took 90 minutes to reach by 4-wheel drive vehipitous that the phrase that was first publici- cles over narrow muddy “roads”. On arrival at each vilzed in my host city of Cape Town is now lage, a clinic was set up in a school or suitable building, applicable to Rotary as we contemplate the and for the rest of the day it was all go! changes in society that dictate some corresponding changes in our organization. The As on previous trips, a “production line” system was used. phrase is now better known as winds of School children and adults were examined, and then dichange. We are currently enjoying a culture of innovation at Rotary International. We have the ability to look at all of our programs and practices to see if they can be improved, even as we steadfastly maintain our core values. I hope many Rotarians will take advantage of this opportunity to identify and implement improvements in their clubs and districts as well.

rected to a Dentist for treatment. This included the placing of fillings, the extraction of badly decayed or abscessed teeth, and tooth cleaning.

From a clinical aspect, tooth decay in children’s teeth remains a major problem, due to a high intake of sugary foods including sweets, soft drinks and biscuits. In Rotary Club of St Johns contrast, extreme gum disease is commonplace amongst Eastern Bays Hospice adults because they have never had their teeth cleaned professionally to remove the heavy deposits of tartar. Volunteers are required for Rotary lives and breathes in our 33,000 Garage Sales to be held over clubs, and it is the clubs that improve lives During the fortnight visit, the team examined 790 people, the rest of the year, dates are— by Building Communities – Bridging Contiplaced 1,035 fillings, extracted 727 teeth and completed July 24th, August 14th and 28th, nents. If we succeed in helping clubs to be283 full-mouth tooth cleanings. September 11th and 25th, come Bigger, Better, and Bolder in the next year, then it will be clear that the best days October 9th and 23rd, November 13th and 27th The villagers had eagerly awaited the visit by the Dental of Rotary are still ahead. We are fortunate and December11th to be Rotarians! Together, we can make the Team, and some people walked long distances to attend. RotaryClubof world a better place! After being treated, their smiles and shy words of thanks were very special. At the end of each day, the village N e w m a r k e t I n c . Mr Ray Klinginsmith Chief usually thanked the Dental Team for providing free treatment for his people, and Rotary for making this pos- District News -RI website Fancy a trip to Tahiti? DG Nicolas’s District sible! conference is being held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Tahiti on 15/16th April 2011. This dental project was greatly needed, and it was a A great opportunity to visit Tahiti for fun, fellowsmost rewarding experience for the four dentists, all of hip & a vacation whom put up their hand to return in two years time. They gratefully acknowledge the pivotal role that Rotary played in this project, plus the many people, organisations and companies who were so generous in providing financial support, dental materials and services.

2011, May 21th-25th

Eclipse on Moorea, by Juliette PHILIPPE

By Dr Niel Ewart, District 9920 Rotary Club of Remuera Inc, Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Friends Some of you ask me to confirm the dates of the District Conference to be held in Tahiti in 2011. Indeed in response to inquiries received at the last District Conference in Hawkes Bay, the District Conference Committee decided to bring forward of two weeks before the originally scheduled dates. This conference will therefore be held in Tahiti, Hotel Intercontinental Resort Tahiti in Faa'a (Tahiti) 15 and 16 April 2011. This period corresponds to the end of Easter school holidays in New Zealand and French Polynesia Moreover, with the example of this year, it was decided to concentrate the conference on both days to make things easier for those wishing to enjoy their stay to visit French Polynesia. The preparation by the District conference committee is running well. Right now, fares obtained both for accomodation as air transport, bolstered by a very favorable exchange rate, should help to make this conference accessible to as many. To enable those planning to attend to prepare their stay, we see to it that a flyer with the most useful information can be sent by email to every Rotarian in July. Further information about the conference will be available on the website of the District as well as on the Governor's blog which will be put into service in July. I beg the Presidents to forward this information now to members of their clubs. They may ask for clarification on the occasion of my visits to their clubs during the presentation that will be made about the next District conference. Nicolas SPILLMANN “6 th TAHITI –MOOREA SWIM November 14th 2009 ROTARY CLUB PAPEETE-TAHITI –DISTRICT 9920 35 swimmers and 18 km for a great cause; nearly 34 500 NZ$ /27 000 AU$ raised for diabete fight and for the medical research Our DG Leanne Jaggs swam for Rotary a great example of leading by example For the 6th year the RC Papeete-Tahiti in partnership with the RC Moorea organized its great challenge in order to raise money for the diabesity programme which fights against diabetes and obesity. This challenege was held on November 14th, 2009. The goals of this project are multiple; increase the awareness to the diabesity programme Raise money thanks to generous sponsors who offer money and involve their staff in the swim. free diabetes blood tests all day long in Papeete and Moorea and reinforcing the PR image of Rotary in showing a dynamic and sportive image of Rotary and Rotarians. raised a great deal of money for a cause and had a huge media cover for Rotary in motion and in action.” Cathy Gourbault-Lawrence AG district 9920, 2008-2011 Co project director Tahiti Moorea swim

THE SUNDAY WALK 18 July 2010 - Waiatarua Reserve - St Johns Rotary Club of Pakuranga inc - Secretary Jed informed us of the donation of 200 books, which will form part of a Club fundraiser. Should any member have good quality spare books that could be included in this event, would they please contact Robyn Duncan Cox by the 31 July. - TAVEUNI PROJECT Del Johnston introduced his fine bunch of workers who will be off to Taveuni (Fiji) in September to build the second classroom unit for the PreSchool (similar to the one shown here). Ray Chisholm will provide the building expertise, Richard Purchase the drinks, Chris Ward the dental floss and Del the photographs! Stuart Thomson, designer extraordinaire, will direct the proceedings from afar, confident in the knowledge that this building, like the last, will withstand all the forces of nature directed against it (barring the island sinking!) A PLEA : Anyone out there with about-to-expire Airpoints, Air Dollars ;Credit Card points; Fly-Buys etc. able to be transferred to the team’s use for transport to Fiji (they need $7500 all up) would be more than greatly appreciated. Contact Del if able to help.

The Rotary Club of Waiuku Inc Primary Schools Speech Contest Finalists from each of the 9 Waiuku Primary Schools attended with their families and supporters to present their speeches. Reading from left to right, the finalists were;Frances Allen from Waipipi School;“Eating your Vegetables” Sam Yelchich from Waiuku Primary;“Landfills” Imogene Wallace from Sandspit School;- “White Lies” Sam Woods from Otaua School;- “Chores” Jamie Cunningham from Pukeoware School;- “Speeches” Antoine Ogilvie from Awhitu District School;- “Child Development” Emma McCorkindale from Aka Aka School;-“Advertising” Claire Allen from View Road School;- “Animal Testing” Nicola Simmons from Glenbrook School;- “Teenage Drinking” 1st prize went to Nicola Simmons. 2nd prize --Sam Woods. 3rd prize – Sam Yelchich.

For the next newsletter if you want to be publish, contact me : Mrs Laurence LINSENMAIER