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Monthly District Newsletter October 2011


Governor’s Message


veryone had a terrific time at our picnic. The weather was great, and we had an excellent turn out. The boat races were fun, as always. Playa Venice’s Gail Force Boat was our winner this year. Of course, everyone had fun trying to dunk the Governor in the dunk tank, and several were successful. As special thank you goes out to everyone that provided the food. The Koreatown Club came through again with delicious Korean B-B-Q. Our District picnic is a great tradition, and we thank everyone that came out to enjoy the festivities. Our next event will be the Paul Harris Foundation Celebration Circus Vargas in the Del Amo Mall on November 6. Tickets are available from your Club President or online. You can purchase event tickets and raffle tickets on line this year and use your credit card if you want. Your adult admission ticket also includes lunch. As you know, my challenge to the district is to sell 1,000 event tickets and 1,300 raffle ticket books by October 31. If we can do this, I promise to perform a trapeze act as part of the show. Keep watching our web site, and we will update how many tickets we have sold. There is a lot going on in the District this fall. Registration forms also are now available on line for our Puerto Rico trip February 9 – 13, 2011. The deadline for registering is October 31, and you’ll want

to sign up as soon as possible because there is limited space. There also is a power point presentation available on line that describes the trip and information about our beachfront hotel. We will be visiting 13 humanitarian projects during the trip, and there will be several excursions available. In addition, you’ll have time to sit around the pool and relax if you choose to do this. All your airfare, food, hotel and transportation costs are included for the price of $1,650. It is a great opportunity to have many Rotary moments and to spend some time with District 5280 Rotarians and our fellow Rotarians from Puerto Rico. Finally, don’t forget about RYLA. While the event is not until April 27 – 29, your checks are due by December 20th. You should get these off as soon as possible. We have lowered the cost this year from $200 to $180, and you might be able to send an extra person because of this. We guaranteed a larger turnout at lake Arrowhead to get this lower price, and you are encouraged to send several students. You can go online to learn more about the RYLA weekend. We have a busy couple of months ahead of us as we head into the holidays. I appreciate everyone’s participation in the District Programs. I look forward to seeing you for the annual Paul Harris Foundation Celebration this year under the Big Top at Circus Vargas.

Governor Brad and Catherine enjoyed the crowd, the food, the boat races and especially the dunk tank at the at the District Picnic.

Vocational Service Month New Generations Food Drive Collection Date November 12 Covenant Presbyterian Church 6323 West 80th St. Westchester

World Polio Day


ctober 24th, we observe both World Polio Day and the birthday of Dr. Jonas Salk, who developed the world’s first safe and effective vaccine against this crippling and sometimes deadly disease. We also celebrate the fact that the world is on the verge of eradicating one of the most feared diseases of the 20th century. Dr. Jonas Salk never put a patent on the polio vaccine believing it belonged to the people of the world


The District Picnic was once again a wonderful day and great event. The cardboard boats were clever and creative. Playa Venice is the red boat in the picture. The Pint Ladies are from Westchester Rotary. Congratulations to all! Thank you to our District photographers: Rick Mendoza, Redondo Beach Peter More, Westwood Village Linton Morgan, Inglewood Gidas Peteria, Beverly Hills Richard Thompson, Brentwood

Rotary Clubs are encouraged to contact their city governments and ask to have a Rotary Proclamation added to their city council agenda. Submit an article to local papers and blogs regarding your club's efforts to end Polio and to help celebrate World Polio Day. Throughout the world End Polio signs have been displayed on buildings. In District 5280 the slogan was on the blimp. Look at the images on Where will we see End Polio Now in the district this year? ―We're in the final year of our $200 Million Challenge! Let's make it a hug celebration in Bangkok as we more than meet but greatly exceed our goal,‖ states Shirley GIltzow, District 5280 Polio Plus Chair. ―Many of the clubs in District 5280 have some great public events planned. Together we will finally End Polio Now!‖

OCTOBER 09 District Youth Conference 15-16 Rotaract Big West Convention 20 RYLA Payments Due 21-23 Multidistrict Interact Symposium 24 World Polio Day 24-28 Pennies for Polio Collections 25 Ethics Forum NOVEMBER 01-07 World Interact Week 06 Foundation Celebration 12 ―Rotary Got Talent‖ Show Food Drive Collection 16 Presidents’ Dinner 17 RCA Meeting—Toy Collection DECEMBER 17 Giving Thanks—Food Packing JANUARY 7 NEW Rotary Leadership Institute 10 District Breakfast Backpack and School Supply Collection for Homeless Students 25 Presidents’ Dinner 28 PrePETS for Presidents 2012-13 29 Chinese New Year Gala Dinner and Parade FEBRUARY 08-13 District Trip Puerto Rico 24-26 PETS MARCH 17 Rotary Day of Service 21 Presidents’ Dinner APRIL 10 District Breakfast 19-22 District Conference San Diego 27-29 RYLA

Meet the Governor’s Challenge

Paul Harris Society Membership in the Paul Harris Society is earned by contributing $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation each year. That can be achieved by writing a check for $1,000 to The Rotary International, by credit card online at or

1,000 Entrance Tickets Purchased and 13,000 Raffle Books Sold by October 31 Order online 925 Books Sold Over 600 Tickets Sold

NEW Online Auction Donate Items of Value: Sports Events, Entertainment Tickets, Restaurants and Wines, vacation Packages, Flyer Mileage, and more!

Bid and buy at

Rotary Foundation Celebration Circus Vargas Sunday, November 6, is the place to be! Circus Fun, Lunch, Big Tent Snacks, Be Astonished and Thrilled Have a Great Time While Contributing to The Rotary Foundation

Pay in various installments using the Form 998 which can be downloaded from Please fill in Annual Programs and print a copy of your receipt to turn in with your ticket stubs. To become a member contact, Paul Harris Society Chair Astrid Naviaux, Palos Verdes Sunset. The Club President and Foundation Chair of Rotary Clubs exceeding contributions 20% over their 2010 amount will enjoy a delicious lunch with Governor Brad. Clubs 20% or More: Beverly Hills Culver City Downtown LA Koreatown Palos Verdes Sunset Playa-Venice Sunrise Carson-Gardena-Dominguez

Focus on Vocational Service Senior Assistant Governor Pat Bennett


very October, Rotarians are encouraged to focus their attention on Vocational Service. The second of the five Avenues of Services including the 4 Way Test, it is the way Rotary fosters and supports the application of the Ideal of Service pursuit of all vocations.

ETHICS FORUM – 4 -WAY TEST PANEL DISCUSSION OCTOBER 25, 2011 RADISSON HOTEL, PENTHOUSE (LAX) 6:30 P.M Dinner - $25.00 Panelists Dr. Vicki Radel, Mark Ameli, Brenda Lamont and Richard Verches Make check payable to Rotary District 5280 Mail Checks to: Patricia A. Bennett 1620 Centinela Avenue # 203 Inglewood, CA 90302 Contact: Cresie Page, 323 377-4859 or Patricia Bennett, 310 645-9610 Participation in vocational services can turn your experience into an invaluable resource for others. “The crowning fortune of a man is to be born to some pursuit which finds him employment and happiness, whether it be making baskets, or broadswords or canals or statutes or songs.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

The District Music Contest has a new way to announce the 2012 contest, go to YouTube,, and view the announcement and hear last year’s winner. Show this video to your club and to potential contestants.

Vocational Service reflects the growing need of business and professional leaders to undertake problems in the workplace and community. It focuses on recognizing the worthiness of all useful occupations from garbage collector and maid to the president of a company. Vocational Service efforts can play a vital role in improving the quality of life for those hardworking persons in the community who need direction and expertise. Adherence to and promotion of the highest ethical standards in all occupations, include the fair treatment of competitor and the public. * Brainstorm ideas during the month and implement the various projects throughout the year * Participate in a Career Day at a locate school * Have students job shadow at Rotarian’s place of business * Award Police, Fire, Teachers, leader in the community * Collect books donate them to libraries * Mentor youth * Craft talks at your Club meetings * Sponsor students for the District Art, Music and Speech Contests * Attend the Ethics Forum * Read to students at the library and schools * Identify young adults 18 to 24 seeking a vocational career to receive a scholarship * Promote literacy Dates to remember: October 25, 2011 - Ethics Forum March 3, 2012

- Art, Music & Speech Contests


- Literacy Month

March - Vocational Award 18 -24 TBA

Governor’s Goals 2011-12

Governor’s Goals for Every Rotarian Participate in local and international projects Participate and donate to at least one project Participate in the International Trip to Puerto Rico Help increase membership Sponsor at least one member to your club Net 2 new members per club Help retain members—80% retention per club Encourage the formation of new, young professionals clubs


istrict Recognition Books will be online in the next month,‖ says Chair Christina Chan, Santa Monica. ―Clubs can begin by reviewing the Presidential Citation, the new Changemaker Award and the Governor’s Goals as they do the events and activities throughout the year.‖ Governor Brad encourages Rotarians to do three things, ―Put your hand on a local and international project. The year will be very family oriented from Rotary International, the district and the clubs. And third, increase membership.‖

Support the End Polio Now Campaign Support the minimum of $1,000 per club Make a personal contribution—can be done on the RI website Coordinate or volunteer for polio eradication activities Emphasize RI President Banerjee’s Commitment to Vocational Service Plan special activities for October in celebration of Vocational Service Month Sponsor a Career Day in which club members bring young people to their places of business Organize at least one professional networking event Donate to The Rotary Foundation Support the goal of $250 per member per year Attend the Foundation Celebration on November 6 Purchase raffle tickets for the celebration Become a Paul Harris Society Member—$1,000 Become a Benefactor or Bequest Society Member Be involved in youth and youth oriented programs Support youth with your time, talents and resources Help start a new Interact or Rotaract Club Develop a mentoring program Attend the District Conference at the Hilton San Diego Resort Support your club in the following areas Obtain the Presidential Citation Participate in the Art, Music and Speech Contests Participate in project with the 5 Avenues of Service

Governor Brad challenges Club Presidents to put the District Goals into action during their year. From left to right: San Pedro President Sanni Wehbe, First Lady Catherine Robinson, Latinos Unidos President Rene Gamboa, Governor Brad, Manhattan Beach President Bill Bloomfield, Beverly Hills President Brooke Knapp and Inglewood President Wayne Spencer.

Support Rotary International’s six Areas of Focus Peace and conflict prevention/resolution Disease prevention and treatment Water and sanitation Maternal and child health Basic education and literacy Economic and community development

District Recognition Program Step by Step How to Do It

Have someone on the committee who likes to write. Reports that have just a few sentences are not complete. In a few paragraphs, define the project so that the reviewers can ―see‖ what the club did.

Citation for Meritorious Service Awarded

Review the Presidential Citation. This year there are only two criteria: Annual Giving and Membership. Focus on what the club can do in both of these areas.


DG Chuck Anderson has been awarded the Citation for Meritorious Service by The Rotary Foundation and it's Board of Trustees. Chuck is the 24th member of District 5280 to receive the award since the early 1970s. According to District Rotary Foundation Chair, PDG Rick Mendoza, RI only grants 50 to 100 Citations for Meritorious Service annually. ―We proposed Chuck for several reasons,‖ said Governor Rick. ―In recognition of his long-term and dedicated service to The Rotary Foundation, because of Chuck’s efforts with the Redondo Beach Rotary Club to became a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club, for his work during Pat Cashin’s year as governor to bring the level of Annual Giving in the district to whole high new level, due to his unstinting work with the District 5280 Foundation Team, and his work the last two years as the District Simplified Grant Chair.―

Study the new Changemaker Award. It is much like the previous Presidential Citations with criteria for the Five Avenues of Service. Include the Governor’s Goals with the projects and activities of the club. District Governor Doug Baker presented the Club of Excellence to Culver City President Linda Black at the District Conference in May, 2011.


hat excitement! Culver City was certainly proud of being the Outstanding Medium Size Club of the Year. It was the Grand Slam – eight for eight - excellence in every category. Over and over people ask, ―How did you do it?‖ Past President Linda Black and President Ann Murakami say, ―It’s a new fundraiser. We will rent out our team for the right price!‖ District Awards Chair Christina Chan asked that the process be written to give to other clubs. ―The Club President leads the club by having a vision, then shows the club members the path to achieve it,‖ says Christina.. ―Keys to success are PLANNING and SETTING ATTAINABLE GOALS.‖ The eight sections are reviewed by eight committees. They only see their section. Select a committee. In many clubs the President Elect chairs this committee. It is a good way to really learn about the activities of the club for the coming year.

Match the club activities and projects with the Presidential Citation, the Changemaker Award, the Governor’s Goals and the District Recognition Book. Determine what sections are not covered, discuss with the board programs to add to the club’s activities. Be sure the club is dedicated to the activities for value and purpose not just for the recognition reports. Prepare early. Write the reports by board members and event chairs when the program is completed. Include pictures, news articles, flyers, etc. with each report. Let them tell the story. Review to be sure all reports are complete and cover all programs of the club. Provide each section in its own folder or format. Reports and pictures are submitted online. Provide them in separate ―folders‖ on a flash drive. Enjoy the District Conference and hearing the name of your club!


South Gate recognized Ted Chandler for his continuing commitment to the ideals of Rotary.

Carson-Gardena-Dominguez acknowledged Leon Bodner (left) who literally loves serving others without acknowledgement and Walter Neil for his generous continuing commitment and devotion.

Palos Verdes Sunset honored with pride Sandy Farrell (left) and Astrid Naviaux. Both diligently do all they can with outstanding service to their club and to the programs of Rotary.

LA Colombo Americano was very pleased to honor Charter President and loving member Rosacruz Falla as their club Transformer.

Inglewood was proud to honor two Rotarians who have provided outstanding service to Rotary and their community for many years—Pat Bennett and Dan Wise. Lynwood named as Transformer Oliver Conner for his years of service and dedication to the club.

Rancho Park honored Transformers Guity Javid for her outstanding commitment to Rotary and efforts towards enhancing our club’s image and activities throughout the years, Manijeh Khosousi for her continued generosity and contributions to the club’s projects and fellowship efforts and Iradj Eshaghian for his devotion and tireless efforts towards Rotary goals and commitment to the Club.

ClubRunner -- the Right Tool for District 5280 Bill Paul, District 5280 Website Director


lubRunner, you either love it (―it’s easy to use, intuitive and creative‖) or dislike it (―it’s clunky, awkward, hard to learn‖). There are Rotarians on both sides of this divide. Well, unabashedly, I am on the love side. I know enough about ClubRunner to know how easy it is to create pages and screens of what I want to see. Intuitive? You bet! Robust and easy to use as a communication tool. Indeed! With the click of the mouse you can paste a large photo on the home page. Another click and you can paste a YouTube video on the site. A couple more clicks and subject specific site pages come alive. Write an article once and by clicking three tiny buttons just before you save, the story appears on the home page, in the bulletin and is archived in a ―stories‖ section all at the same time. Got friends who aren’t Rotarians but who are interested in our humanitarian work, or might want to join? Or, whom you wish to recruit? Well, you can add one or 100 or 1,000 people to a ClubRunner ―friends‖ list and each will receive your club’s eBulletin from you personally with. You guessed it; all it takes is the click of a mouse. A couple of years ago the folks at ClubRunner introduced their version of Web 2.0. While this is kind of techie stuff, it allows the club’s Webmaster to customize and configure your club’s home page to reflect the character of your club. Say you don’t want your club calendar to appear at the top right hand column, Web 2.0 allows you to move it to the middle of the left hand column.

Insert an RSS feed from Rotary International, shift your site pages to the top, move the dates and program of upcoming speakers below a graphic link to your newsletter, insert your own graphic header on your home page and on and on. Visit to see some of the creative work done by Rotarians using ClubRunner 2.0, What about communications you ask? Well, ClubRunner ties you into every member of your club, every member of District 5280, and even some segments of the Rotary International site. With more than 1,000 clients communicating in half a dozen languages, ClubRunner opens up some segments of the larger world of Rotary to any of us who choose to invest a little time and effort to learn the system. But there is so much to learn, you say. True enough, but fortunately there is also a lot of help available. For starters, check out the ClubRunner FAQ screen on the District 5280 Web site at It is about two-thirds the way down in the Site Page section in the left hand column. There you will find about 30 simple, task-oriented tutorials. If you can't find an answer there visit and click on the tabs labeled Products, Services or Training. ClubRunner has provided loads and loads of instructions, resources and free webinars you can sign up for.

The Council on Legislation


otary's "parliament," meets every three years to deliberate and act upon all proposed resolutions submitted by clubs, district conferences, and the RI Board. The Council itself also makes proposals. While the Board of Directors sets policies for Rotary International, the Council is where Rotary clubs have their say in the governance of the association. Every club and district is entitled to submit legislation to the Council, and some of Rotary’s most important work has resulted from Council action. The Council comprises of more than 500 representatives from every part of the Rotary world. Voting members include one elected representative for the clubs of each Rotary district. The next Council on Legislation is April 2013 in Chicago. Council representatives were selected during the 2010-11 Rotary year. PDG Paul Netzel, Los Angeles 5, was selected to represent District 5280 at the May District Conference. If your club is interested, the deadline to submit legislation to the 2013 Council on Legislation is December 31, 2011.

Embracing Our Communities Senior Assistant Governor Joe Vasquez

From Strangers to Family


ood morning Mrs. Lewis, can I bring you a cup of water or coffee while you wait in the teller line?‖ This remarks Andrew to a regular customer at a local credit union branch. With a glowing sense of appreciation Mrs. Lewis replies, ―Thank you Andy. I already have a bottle of water in my purse.‖ To all customers, and staff, Andy is the official greeter at the credit union branch. It was only 7 years ago when at age 31, he arrived at LAX. His mother had placed him on an airplane in New Orleans with $200 and a backpack filled with meager belongings. Andy has autism. Andy has a brother who is also physically challenged. After years of his mother exploiting the brothers by making them work and taking all of their money, she gives up on all care and support for Andy. He wishes to return to Los Angeles. Andy has fond memories of childhood days. A distant family member in LA learns he is arriving at LAX with no direction. She contacts a local Rotarian she knows. This Rotarian is there to receive him. And he does. Andy is placed in another Rotarian’s home temporarily. Soon he is enrolled in a local nonprofit organization which specializes in training persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Another

Rotarian contacts a local property management firm and arranges for Andy to live in a small studio apartment. He is able to live alone. Andy continues training at the local support centers. As happenstance would have it, there is yet another life altering encounter at a local 4th of July celebration at a park. The CEO of a local credit union is attending the celebration. Andy is to. The two meet. The CEO is impressed with Andy’s attentive and friendly personality. He learns more about him from a Rotarian who is also attending the celebration. A match is made. The CEO offers Andy a permanent job as a greeter at a credit union branch. Nearly 7 years employed as a greeter, Andy can refer to most customers by their name when they enter. He maintains inventory of the branch’s basic supplies, and performs other duties. The regular customers know Andy.

Rotary Community Alliance


he next meeting of the Rotary Community Alliance, RCA, will be Thursday, November 17. ―Everyone is welcome especially Community Service Directors and Chairs,‖ invites Chair Mindy Stogsdill, Lawndale. The group discusses programs that benefit our local communities. Executive Director Kenneth jones will be the speaker as we visit the People for Community Improvement, 13008 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles (cross street El Segundo). PCI focuses on gang intervention, mediation and rehabilitation along with providing sports programs, field trips, mentorship and counseling. Dinner will be $25. At the last meeting we learned about the Rotary Day of Service, March 17th, from Chair Veronica Martinez, Latinos Unidos.

Back at home Andy receives weekly visits by other Rotarians who guide and coach him in market shopping, finance, healthcare, and more. A Rotarian dentist makes certain he receives dental care. Other Rotarians ensure Andy joins social and family events. It began as a circle of friends. It has become a circle of family.

PDG Vicki Radel, Redondo Beach, spoke about ―Shoot Cameras, Not Guns‖ co-sponsored by seven Rotary Clubs. The young went into their community armed with cameras to take photos of what they like in their community and what they would like to change. The top three received monetary prizes. A photo exhibition is planned for the November Rotary Institute affiliated Peace Conference in Palm Springs.

One Rotarian from District 5280 answered that call 7 years ago. You too can answer the call and become involved in a project in your community. We know there are others like Andy, who can also benefit from a circle of care and support.

RCA will continue the tradition of collections are various Rotary events. ―Our first collection will be in support of the New Generations Food Drive at the District Breakfast.‖ Mindy goes on to say, ―We will be collecting toys for homeless children at the November RCA meeting.‖

Around the District Rotarct5280 was represented at the District Picnic racing their cardboard boat and in the dunk tank. Thank you Jonathan Keisner for taking a turn going in the cold water.

Lomita-Torrance Airport President Sonja Oakes presented a District Simplified Grant of $2,000 to Janne Kouri, a quadriplegic, president & owner of NextStep Fitness in the South Bay. Next to him Gretchen Ryan is receiving a paraplegic scholarship. This way she will get the physical therapy that she needs from his facility.

Picnic Chair, Wendy Clifford, Wilshire, organized a very successful picnic and Admiral Chuck Anderson, PDG, Redondo Beach commanded the boats into the lagoon. Lawndale President Quynh Tran went swimming with his boat.

Congratulations to Jaimee Sul and Hampton Cantrell!

The Presidents’ Meeting at the Residence of the Consul General of Thailand was sponsored by the Thai Town Rotary Club and was an exciting introduction to the 2012 RI Convention in Bangkok. Jatinder Singh, Rio Hondo-Veron, attempts to do the graceful Thai dancing. Teresa Chung graced the evening as the Master of Ceremonies.

Youth Exchange


otary Youth Exchange (RYE) is a vibrant part of New Generations. The program involves high school students studying for one year in another country. It is a tremendous cultural learning experience for the students live and go to school in another country and the families who host them.

2011-2012 Outbound Exchange students Olivia Loveland (Argentina), Zoë Dunne (Germany) and Darian Perez (Belgium) with Paul St. John (Los Angeles 5) and Melody St. John (Hollywood)

Our Youth Exchange Committee: Warren Bobrow, Westchester; Roger Cox, Manhattan Beach; Michele Leal, Los Angeles 5; Jean Serutine, Bellflower; Melody St. John, Hollywood; and Paul St. John, Los Angeles 5, recruits students from District 5280 to go on exchanges and provides them with the necessary orientation programs to ensure a successful year abroad. The committee interacts with districts around the world and provides training to host families and counselors so that the students we receive have a wonderful and safe experience. We are always looking for students and host families for the program. Students need to be between 15 1/2 and 18 1/2 and have at least reasonable grades. Most importantly is that they need to have a sense of adventure, willingness to learn about other cultures, and want to have an amazing addition to their college application.

Co-YEO Warren Bobrow, Gilles Cornesse (Belgium), Erkka Vehomäki (Finland), Alma Lago (Spain), and Co-YEO Roger Cox

The students we receive are hosted by at least one Rotary Club and should have 2-4 host families. The Youth Exchange Committee screens the applications and Clubs can review them before accepting a student. Hosts are expected to welcome the students into their homes and

treat them like they are family. The Youth Exchange committee arranges for some weekends during the year for the students to interact with other exchange students from California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Hawaii. The committee also organizes a 30-day train tour around the US. The students mostly interact with their host families and friends. While they are here, the students participate in school and Rotary activities, such as Interact and service projects. This year our district sent 3 students abroad: Zoë Dunne, Malibu, to Germany; Darian Perez, Los Angeles 5 and Hollywood, to Belgium; and Olivia Loveland, Redondo Beach, to Argentina. We've also received 3 students: Gilles Cornesse (Westchester) from Belgium, Erkka Vehomäki (Colombo Americano) from Finland, and Alma Lago (LA5/Hollywood) from Spain. The committee would welcome the opportunity to speak to Rotary Clubs about hosting students and to Interact Club members about becoming a RYE student. The application deadline is January. Our district has the opportunity to host a Rotary Youth Exchange student from New Zealand (D9930) from Jan 2012 through Jan 2013. If you or your Club is interested in participating in this great cultural exchange, please contact the committee. To get involved in this Rotary program that promotes world peace and understanding, please contact Warren Bobrow ( or Roger Cox (

Club Corner


n a summer Saturday, the Downtown Los Angeles and the Crenshaw Watts Rotary Clubs attacked the front yard of Mama Hill’s Help on East 92nd Street with implements of destruction writes Peter Lattey.

...Palos Verdes Sunset scheduled their annual Festival del Corazon at the Norris Pavilion on October 9th. There will be Mexican food, Folklorico dancers and Mariachis performing. Monies raised will fund for major projects local and international.

We dug, we rototilled, we mulched, we raked, we watered, we fertilized and we planted. Boy, did we plant. We planted corn, we planted 5 kinds of tomatoes, we planted 6 different kinds of chili peppers, we planted Thai and sweet basil, we planted watermelons, we planted lavender and we planted cucumbers. When we were done, we had transformed a harsh patch of struggling grass into a lush vegetable garden. It wasn’t just Mama Hill’s kids who learned how to create a garden, many of our Rotarians learned to appreciate the smell of good compost and the skill of driving a rototiller. But guess what? Gardens need planting, they need watering and they need WEEDING. So we went back to show the kids how to weed. We will be back regularly to help the kids tend the garden and to share in the fresh vegetables. Many of the kids in this area have never dug in the dirt, planted anything, seen vegetables grow or picked a fresh tomato from the vine. This garden was built to show the kids just how easy and how rewarding a garden can be and how cheap and good fresh vegetables can be. We have already inspired one girl to start a vegetable garden at her grandmother’s house. There is room in South Central LA to grow tons of vegetables. We have started with a small plot on one street and hope to inspire many more garden plots.

...Palos Verdes Peninsula is doing a hands on project of painting fences at Dapple gray Park on October 15. ...Carson Gardena Dominguez Rotary is sending their best wishes to Sheri Repp Loadsman as she travels to Russia in October with her husband to complete the adoption of a 15 year old boy named Igor. The club is providing a $1,000 donation to assist the Kanash Orphanage located in the Chuvashia Region of Russia. This orphanage is home to 157 children ranging from the age of 7-18. Good luck Sheri!

...Pacific Palisades sponsors a reverse triathlon, 5K and Kids Fun Run with the Chamber of Commerce on October 23rd. Scholarships will benefit Boy Scouts and the YMCA. ...Del Amo in partnership with Switzer Learning Center will hold their 33rd Annual Monte Carlo Night on October 29.

...Manhattan Beach Rotary is sponsoring a Career Day at a Lennox school on October 21. They have been active with Junior Achievement at Finance Park along with Hollywood Rotary. ...Manhattan Beach also have a new Vocational Service project with Richstone Center. Every Tuesday volunteers will help at risk children with tutoring, mentoring, assisting with homework and with reading. … Wilshire of LA Rotary will open their 5th Annual Pumpkin Patch on October 15. There will be 20,000 pounds of pumpkins. The proceeds, 100%l, will go to the club’s foundation and The Rotary Foundation. Visit them!

...Latinos Unidos annually collects candy for Mount St. Mary’s College Halloween Trick or Treat, providing a safe Halloween for hundreds of inner city families. The club greatly appreciates candy from other Rotary clubs. Contact President Rene Gamboa with donations.

The Transformers October 2011  
The Transformers October 2011  

Monthly newsletter from Rotary District 5280 (Los Angeles area)