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Rotary District 5340 Monthly Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 6 – December 2012

December is Family Month 1. Family Month 2. Governor’s Letter 3. Membership Matters 4. Notables 5. Join Us in Lisbon 6. Making a Difference 7. Continuation 8. Veterans Deploy to Northeast 9. Rotaract Fall Symposium

By: Clara Harris, Family of Rotary Chair.

Did you know that December is Family of Rotary month? Yes, this is the season for family gatherings with scrumptious food and lots of hugs. In about 2003, RI established a Family of Rotary Task Force to form “Family of Rotary” Chairs/Committees in each club. Soon after that I was asked to be the Family of Rotary Chair for District 5340 and I am still here. The purpose of this article is to see if we can spark more interest in the concept in our District. A few clubs in our District have Family of Rotary chairs, even more have a similar position that they call by another name. More frequently the concept is embodied in the Rotary way and gets done as part of club operations. One of our successes of Family of Rotary in our District is the “Celebration of Life” for departed Rotarians at the District Conference. With Dale Bailey’s help, it has become a meaningful event for many of us. Larry Sundram created a companion website that further honors our late Rotarians. Who is our Family of Rotary? They are fellow club members, spouses, children, parents, family of deceased Rotarians, youth exchange students and families, Interactors and Rotaractors and ambassadorial scholars. Why does the Family of Rotary matter? It matters because it is about community. The community we live in, the worldwide community and the community of Rotarians. When we share in community, your problems and joys become mine too. If we are to live out the Rotary ideal, to create a better world, we must start with the family. We need to care for all the members of our Rotary family, because without each other there is no community. Continued on page 7

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Governor’s Message “Lynn and I wish you all an especially happy holiday season and we look forward to a great 2013.” Richard B. Stevens, Governor, District 5340

Happy Holiday’s fellow Rotarians! December is Family of Rotary Month, which is very appropriate. We are a family at many levels - club, district, zone, national and international. At the international level, we have an exciting Peace Conference scheduled for January 25 – 28, 2013 in Hawaii. Nobel laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, will be the keynote speaker. President Tanaka is hosting two more peace conferences later this year but this one is closest to us. Lynn and I have booked our reservations. I hope some of you can join us. It will be a memorable event. With the horrible destruction from Hurricane Sandy, we are reminded that our Rotary brothers and sisters on the east coast are struggling. Some of you have donated money to the Red Cross or to specific Clubs or Districts in the affected areas. At our recent zone meeting at Lake Tahoe, the Zone 25 & 26 District Governors asked RI Director Ken Boyd if RI could, in the future, appoint one person or department at RI headquarters to coordinate all the Rotary relief efforts for national and international disasters. I’m hoping that request will be heeded. Thank you for helping in the best way you can. At the District level, we are endeavoring to present events that will bring our clubs closer together for fellowship, fun and education. We have three upcoming events in 2013. The first two will be held at the Market Creek Event Center. The first event is our District Council scheduled for Tuesday, January 22, 2013. The focus of this meeting will be literacy programs. We will also present Foundation awards to the top performing clubs for 2011/12. The second event will be on Tuesday, April 2, where we will celebrate the outstanding programs that our District has for children, such as RYLA, LEAD, 4-Way-Test Speech Contest, Music Camp, Model UN, Roteract, Interact and the Interact video contest The third event is totally new. We are going to have a free District Picnic on May 18 at Liberty Station. We are calling the event "Celebrate Rotary" and you are all invited. Bring your family, friends, Rotaracters, Interacters and their parents and potential members. We will have live entertainment, events for children of all ages, a demonstration of Bocce Ball, a recreation of BrewFest, a Frisbee golf course, and a car show. There will be food trucks if you do not want to bring your own food. We are also inviting vendors like Tom's Shoes, who give back to the community to join us. We hope that you will come as a club and celebrate along with our District and Zone participants. Sincerely, Dick Stevens, District Governor

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Membership Matters Wilfrid J. Wilkinson President, Rotary International 2007-2008

When a man or woman joins a Rotary Club, they are given many privileges and opportunities to serve both within their own club, their community, their country or worldwide. However none of these opportunities, in my opinion, is a great as the opportunities to propose another person for membership in Rotary. Perhaps it is a business colleague, a business competitor, a person that provides you with a service like your doctor, dentist, lawyer, banker and the list can go on for many paragraphs but the important thing is that they are qualified and will make good members. However, I think we often look at our opportunities to share Rotary membership too locally. Perhaps those new younger members that Rotary needs right now can be found away from our own community. Perhaps they are brothers, sisters, sons or daughters living in another community or state. Perhaps they work in another branch of our company or are persons who graduated from school or university with us and now deserve the gift that we can give them. “Membership in the world’s most prestigious Service Club”. However proposing someone for membership is only half of the gift that we have to give away. We know from our records that rotary inducts a lot of new members each year but also loses a lot for many reasons. Some of those reasons are easy to understand. An organization can’t be over a hundred years old without losing a substantial number of members from sickness, old age, or other very understandable reasons. These are things that a Rotary club can do little about except to insure that it has a vigorous and effective membership development plan in place. Rotary’s research finds that we lose members for other reasons and that is why every successful club must have a good system in place to ensure that every new member is properly inducted and made to feel welcome. Every club needs to have a program to mentor and inform its new members. They must be given special attention when they are inducted, informed about the club and Rotary International. Given a committee assignment, introduced to each and every member and asked frequently if they are enjoying the hours they are now devoting to “Service above Self.” Clubs with such plans grow and flourish and those that don’t wither away. I hope that your club growths. The world needs it.

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Notables Convention Registration Deadlines Lisbon, Portugal – 23-26 June 2013 Note: Any changes or edits to registration information after successfully registering/paying must be done by contacting:

Deadlines: Deadline 1: Fees will increase at midnight Central Standard Time on December 15, 2012. Deadline 2: Fees will increase at midnight on March 31, 2013. Deadline 3: Online registration closes at midnight Central Standard Time on June 15. 2013. IMPORTANT: Cancellation requests for online registration made from May 1 to June 15, 2013 are nonrefundable.

Convention Websites 13_call_for_proposals_en.pdf (English only) The unofficial affiliate events forms can be a very useful tool in helping you plan district, zone, language, and country events. m/Events/Pages/UnofficialAffiliateEvents.aspx (EN only forms) On the HOC website you will find information about events tours. There is also a wealth of material available about Portuguese culture on these websites: Turismo de Portugal Turismo de Lisboa HOC events and information HOC (Abreu) tours

World’s Biggest Commercial Rotarians created an awareness of global polio eradication efforts by creating the World’s Biggest Commercial. The commercial debuted on October 24. Learn more about the commercial Contribute now to End Polio Read stories from polio survivors See media coverage of Rotary's efforts

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Join Us in Lisbon Lisbon, Portugal is the site for the 2013 RI Convention, June 23-26, 2013. In President Tanaka’s welcome message he shares, “Lisbon is A Harbor for Peace…and peace will be the theme of this convention.” Perched on the west coast of Europe, Portugal's capital city is a charming combination of old-world appeal and modern flair. As one of the oldest cities in Europe, Lisbon can boast a colorful history that's been preserved in world-class museums and iconic monuments. Sun-drenched neighborhoods will offer a warm welcome as you learn more about Rotary while enjoying fresh seafood, traditional Fado music, and historic wonders. Lisbon is one of Europe's easiest cities to navigate, thanks to its compact size and its network of buses, trams, taxis, and metro lines. Meet Rotarians from all over the world and broaden your understanding of Rotary by attending the 2013 RI Convention in Lisbon. Whether you're a Rotarian, a member of the Family of Rotary, or a guest, the convention offers a memorable experience unlike any other. RI conventions offer an ideal opportunity to network with Rotarians from all over the world, develop your leadership skills, and connect with others who share your recreational, professional, or humanitarian interests. You can learn about RI programs and important updates during workshops, and be motivated by inspiring speakers during plenary sessions. Expand your horizons at the House of Friendship by learning about service projects, or showcase a project of your own!

Enjoy the House of Friendship, including the Internet cafe, local entertainment, message board and fine local cuisine.

Visit the Global Networking Group booths to find out more about the many vocational and recreational fellowships and action groups.

Visit the Club and District Projects Exhibition to learn what other clubs and districts are doing to serve others. You club may be interested in similar projects.

Registration for the 2013 RI Convention in Lisbon, Portugal, is open to Rotarians and the Family of Rotary. Register early to take advantage of special pricing. Online registration is available through June 15, 2013. After that date, you can only register on-site. After you register for the convention and ticketed RI events, reserve your hotel room through Experient. Make your airline arrangements through Star Alliance member airlines, the official airline network of the Lisbon convention, to take advantage of discounts. For detailed information and convention registration, please go to: or the Zone 25/26 website (

We look forward to meeting you in Lisbon – A Harbor for Peace!

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Making a Difference Teaching the Love of Reading

Recently, the Rotary Club of Vista conducted a successful literacy project. With Club funds and a District matching grant, The Club raised $6,000 in support of literacy. Their goal is to encourage the “love of reading”. Vista Rotary Club purchased 1,300 books to be divided between 12 elementary schools. With the help of a non-profit organization known as Rolling Readers, the Club chose the books and identified the schools with the most need. Rotary volunteers will read the book in school assemblies and then present each 2nd grade student with their own book. This literacy project ties directly to Rotary’s goal to help the ones most in need and will definitely make a difference in the lives of children. For more information visit

Shown below are Bob Thompson and Lori Kopec visiting Foothill Oaks.

New Interact Club

Kingsmen Interact of National City Middle School is the first Interact Club sponsored by the Rotary Club of San Diego Paradise Valley. Currently the club has 40 motivated members and embarked on their first community beautification project in the month of April.

Kingsmen Interact Club at the March 24, 2012 District Assembly

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Continuation Rotary Family

Continued from front page

How do we care for our Rotary Family? Share in fun and friendship by involving our own families in Rotary. Be supportive when they are having difficulties. Remember special occasions and celebrate with them. Share their grief during and after a death in the family. The goal of Family of Rotary is to promote the understanding that Rotary is a family. And, the families of Rotarians are important. Encouraging generations of Rotarians is an important part of Rotary’s future. We can accomplish our goal by assisting clubs in developing and sharing successful Family of Rotary projects and encouraging a commitment to the concept in every club in the district. We should encourage clubs to have Rotary activities and projects that involve the entire family – Rotary should make time for families – not take time from families! La Mesa Sunrise, my home club, shines in most of these areas. In fact, we have taken steps beyond these recommendations. We have established two new categories of membership specifically to encourage family participation. We have three (3) families where every family member is a Rotarian. They include three (3) husbands (original members) three (3) spouses and four (4) Rota-Kidz. The spouses and kids were already involved in all of the projects and volunteer efforts so it made a great deal of sense to have them all as members. There were a few bugs to work out but it is working well for all concerned. An additional benefit is our Rota-kids have an amazing extended family.

La Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club: Rotarkidz Oliver and Roxy have been working hard to raise funds through their "candy machine" project.

Another aspect of Family of Rotary in our club is the way we have member’s friends participate in volunteer projects like teaching refugees various subjects and assisting them with skills in riding the bus, registering for classes and navigating the many governmental mazes and, marketing their products. These Friends of Rotarians also work on Foster Parents’ Respite Night to care for the many foster children while the parents take a much needed night out. Our next Family event will be our Holiday Breakfast at Noah Homes, the site of our latest grant project that continues to grow as more clubs partner with us. It is a wonderful program that serves developmentally disabled adults, directed by Molly Nocon, a member of the La Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club. If you need more information or would like help establishing a Family of Rotary Committee Please contact: Clara Harris,

Our RotorKidz did it again. Filled up a barrel of food for the San Diego Food Bank. Look at all the goodies behind them.

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Veterans Deploy to Northeast After Hurricane Sandy Rotary Clubs Collaborate with Team Rubicon

Although Hurricane Sandy is no longer at the top of the headlines, the people of the Northeast still need help. Team Rubicon and the United Services Rotary Club in conjunction with Wall Street Rotary Club are making a difference. Rotary clubs are collecting financial contributions to help fund the recovery efforts and Team Rubicon is manning the effort in the Northeast. Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with medical professionals to rapidly deploy emergency response teams into crisis situations. Their vision is based on a new paradigm in disaster response that recognizes and harnesses the skills of military veterans; offering them a chance to continue their service by helping and empowering those afflicted by disasters, and also themselves. Not only does Team Rubicon's 'service above self' approach align with that of Rotary, their Co-Founders, Jacob Wood and William McNulty, are charter members of United Services Rotary. United Services Rotary believes in innovation and collaboration for the purposes of amplifying our service offering to the world - Team Rubicon, is a welcome and valuable partner... to the armed forces and our global community.

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Rotaract Fall Symposium District Rotaractors Hold Fall Symposium On November 18, our District Rotaract Clubs held their third annual Rotaract Fall Symposium at Girl Scout Headquarters in Balboa Park, thanks to Rotary Club of San Diego and Club President Jo Dee Jacob, Executive Director of the local Girl Scouts of America. The Rotaract District Council, under the leadership of Rotaract District Governor, Bobby Marsh (SDSU Rotaract Club), planned the day to include a welcome by PDG Marge Cole, an Icebreaker, workshops, lunch, team building exercise, and closing.

Brian Chen, UCSD Rotaract Club, participates in “Human Bingo” icebreaker with members of the USD Rotaract Club.

Workshops were led by Rotarians including Scott Carr, San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary Club, Jennie Prisk, San Diego Rotary Club, and Kendra Jeffcoat, Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club, and Bobby Marsh. Rotaractors were able to choose two of the workshops to attend during the morning session. The following Rotaract Clubs participated in the planning of the event and were in attendance: SDSU, UCSD, and USD. There is a new Rotaract Club in the Imperial Valley—the Rotaract Club of Imperial Valley which is housed at SDSU, Calexico. A group of Rotaract Alums, primarily from SDSU Rotaract Club, are reviving our only community based Rotaract Club: San Diego Downtown Rotaract Club which meets at the Kansas City BBQ.

Rotarian Jennie Prisk leads a group of Rotaractors in networking skills.

Kendra Jeffcoat and Cynthia Villis are Co-Chairs for Rotaract in the District. Please contact them if you have questions or would like to know more about starting a Rotaract Club in your area. Rotaract Co-Chair, Kendra Jeffcoat leads a workshop on service opportunities and projects.

Rotary District 5340 Newsletter - December 2012  

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