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Rotary District 5340 Monthly Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 5 – November 2012

November is Foundation Month 1. Foundation Month 2. Governor’s Letter 3. Membership Matters 4. Notables 5. A Harbor for Peace – Viva Lisbon 6. Making a Difference 7. Developing our Youth 8. Rotarians Fighting Polio 9. Leadership

Give the World Hope Contribute to the Rotary Foundation

The mission of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education and the alleviation of poverty.

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Governor’s Message “Virtually 100% of the money you donate, after being held for three years, is donated back to causes we support.” Richard B. Stevens, Governor, District 5340

Greetings Fellow Rotarians, With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s fitting that November is Foundation Month. The Rotary Foundation received a top rating again from Charity Navigator. Virtually 100% of the money you donate, after being held for three years, is donated back to causes that we support. Our fight to eliminate polio is nearing completion. As of October 24, there were 171 reported cases of polio down from 467 recorded this time last year. We are This Close, but as we all know the last mile is the toughest. We are continuing to focus both our district and global grants on the six areas of focus: Peace and conflict prevention/ resolution Disease prevention and treatment Water and sanitation Maternal and child health Basic education and literacy Economic and community development aid You will see several projects from these six areas of focus that the clubs in our district are working on in the following pages of this newsletter. I would encourage each of you to look at this month’s Rotarian. There are two articles that I hope you read with interest. The first is by President Tanaka, and he points out the way The Rotary Foundation helped rebuild Japan after the magnitude 9 earthquake of February 11, 2011. The second is a four page article by Stephen Yafa about the humanitarian work by Steve Brown and the Rotary Club of La Jolla Triangle. The accomplishments of all our clubs humbles me, and make me profoundly proud of to be the Governor this outstanding district. Richard B. Stevens District Governor

P.S. Please consider becoming a Rotary Direct donor. The application can be found on page 22 of the November issue of the Rotarian. Doing good just got easier!

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Membership Matters Ron D. Burton President-Elect, Rotary International 2013-2014

Membership growth, membership development, membership retention, membership plans – membership is like the weather. We spend a lot of time talking about it. But, unlike the weather we can do something about membership. Like almost everything in Rotary, the key is not what committees say or what boards decide, but rather what Rotarians and Rotary clubs “Do”. Every Rotarian in every club is there because at some time in the past a Rotarian invited him or her into membership. The Rotarians who have remained in their clubs for a number of years have done so because they have found membership to be meaningful and to provide opportunities for fellowship and service that they value. So why doesn’t every Rotarian invite a friend or colleague to become a Rotarian? We are working to develop regional membership plans to help this happen. These plans are to be culturally appropriate to local situations and provide ideas and support to bring this goal to reality. These are important tools with which to build and strengthen membership. We are looking for ways to help clubs remain vibrant and engaging. This is important in retaining members in the long term. But, all of this is aimed at one thing: encouraging Rotarians to invite others to join Rotary. In August, I wrote to the class of 2013-14 Governors asking each of them to bring in a new member before the 2013 International Assembly. If the “Class of 2013-14” meets this challenge, we will do something extraordinary in the annals of Rotary history. I told them, “We can distinguish ourselves as the first class ever to have every District governor-elect sponsor a member. And, while we may not always be the only class to do it, we will always be the first class! Membership will be a major focus in all the training these incoming governors will receive. It is a topic that will receive significant attention at the International Assembly and beyond. I believe we are on the right path. But, it requires the commitment and follow-through of every Rotarian in every club in every community around the world to really make a lasting impact on our membership numbers. What would happen if just three people in each club invited one new member each month for a year? We would have over 1.2 million new members in just one year! Rotary is an important part of the lives of the 1.2 million Rotarians of today. IT is up to us to share the benefits and rewards of Rotary membership with another 1.2 million people. The world needs Rotary and Rotary needs committed and energetic Rotarians. Don’t hide or hoard the gift of Rotary. If every Rotarian were to share the gift with just one other person, the results would be amazing.

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Notables Sustainable Projects

Hospitality Night Again we have a wonderful opportunity to host the visiting District Governors from around the world who are attending this year’s International Assembly in San Diego. There will be a Special night for you to "Host" them for the evening of January 16th. In the past Clubs and individuals have gotten together, provided dinner and fellowship from 4:00 pm until mid-evening. For more information and/or to sign up, click on the link below. Questions, contact Dale in the District Office.

The Provisional Eco Rotary Club Solana Beach has a new project to build a Green House for the Ocean Knoll Elementary School garden in Encinitas. The walls will be made from recycled PET bottles. If you have an interest in sustainable projects please join us on Thursday evenings at 5:30pm at the Boys and Girls Club on Lomas Santa Fe, Solana Beach in the Healthy Lifestyles building. Or contact us at:

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Making a Difference Poway Heads Honduras Grant By Bill Stoudenmire, Poway Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Poway (RCP) is partnering with a dozen other Rotary clubs in the US and Honduras to fund $47,250 in microloans and business training for extremely poor women living in the remote, impoverished highlands of Honduras. Of this total, $6,500 is for business training and $40,750 is dedicated to funding business startup loans as small as $50. With these modest loans, the women can start a chicken or goat business, open a small grocery store in their homes, or sell produce and handmade goods at weekly markets. Profits are used to buy adequate food for their families, send their children to school and improve their homes. Other San Diego Rotary clubs contributing to this effort include Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, Encinitas, La Jolla Sunrise and Escondido. In addition, the District-wide Mobilizing Rotary for the Microcredit Committee was instrumental in building support for this project, which began September 1. Turning its attention to its local community, the RCP is connecting with its community as well as abroad. Three Poway schools: Garden Road, Valley Elementary and Pomerado Elementary, all received backpacks to aid those students in most need. Additionally, In September, RCP participated in the Poway Days Parade with a float that sported the big Rotary wheel. Members walked along side Scout Troop 624; a troop RCP sponsors.

Microloan recipient, Maria Bowtista

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Developing Our Youth 4th Annual LEAD Conference a Success! More than155 student delegates and Rotarians attended District 5340's LEAD conference at Camp Fox near Palomar Mountain. LEAD, Leadership, Ethics and Determination, is a program created by District 5340 to aid 8th grade students to increase self-confidence, formulate ethical decision making models and learn to appreciate leadership and service to others. In addition to Rotarians, high school Interact students also attended and introduced the LEAD delegates to the service opportunities offered in Interact. The LEAD program is now in its fourth year. Each year the Rotarians of District 5340 have increased support for the program. Make sure your Club participates in this valuable program in October 2013. The LEAD committee is available to speak to your Club. Thank you goes out to all delegates, Rotarians, Interact students and District leadership for making the 2012 LEAD conference a success.

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Rotarians Fighting Polio Ziggy Marley Concert Raises Money for Polio Submitted by Dianne Crawford, District Club Service Chair

On Saturday, Sept, 1 45 local Rotarians and friends attended an exclusive concert event at the Del Mar Race Track thanks to Grammy award winner and international recording artist Ziggy Marley, son of reggae legend Bob Marley. Ziggy is one of the celebrity polio ambassadors for Rotary’s “This Close” campaign to eradicate polio once and for all. As part of his commitment and support to the cause, Ziggy donated a limited number of tickets to District 5340 for Rotarians to attend his pre-concert sound check and special meet and greet session. The actual concert, which took place later that evening, was also part of the event. Attendees were asked to make a voluntary contribution to Rotary’s Polio Plus campaign in exchange for the tickets. The event raised more than $1,000! Beginning at noon, the group enjoyed private access to Ziggy’s sound check and were treated to a 30-minute personal mini-c0ncert. Everyone was so excited to be just a few feet away from on of their favorite artists. People danced, took pictures and videos and called their friends to they could hear the music. A meet and greet session followed the sound check where Ziggy graciously took pictures, signed autographs, traded tips on which horses to be on and socialized with the group. Most of the attendees spent the afternoon enjoying the races and the beautiful day. After the final race, everyone headed back to the concert area where more than 5,000 fans were packed in and waiting to hear Ziggy perform. The excitement continued when the Rotary group learned they didn’t have to squeeze in with the standing room only crowd because their tickets included access to the VIP section next to the stage, where they comfortably enjoyed the concert and a backstage view from their own seat. It was an incredible day, a great way to raise money for Polio Plus, and a unique opportunity for Rotarians and their guests to be treated like rock stars!

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Leadership Governor Nominee Selected

The District Governor Nominating Committee has met and selected Janice Kurth, of the Del Mar Rotary Club, to lead us as Governor for the Rotary year,

July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016. Under the provisions of the Rotary International Bylaws, Section 13.020, if there is no Challenging Candidate, by the date of November 12, 2012, the District Governor is to declare the candidate of the district nominating committee to be the governor-nominee, who will then become district governor for the term of 2015-16. We all look forward to her continued leadership and work as she serves Rotary International and our wonderful District 5340.

Rotary District 5340 Newsletter - November 2012  

This is the District Newsletter for November 2012