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Volume 2, Issue 1 - July 2012

Governor’s Letter

Greeting Fellow Rotarians July 1st brings the start of the new Rotary year. I’m filled with optimism when it comes to the tackling the challenges we face. We come off a strong 2011-2012 year with the formation of several new clubs, strong Foundation giving and many successful projects both locally and internationally. Our challenge is to build on this success with particular emphasis on helping our six new clubs throughout their 1st year and reinvigorating some of our stagnant clubs We have some pressing challenges that we plan to address early in the 2012-13 year. Membership numbers in our noon clubs have dropped over 10% in the last five years. New club formation has cushioned some of our overall decline, but that does not make the problem go away. We must face the reality of aging and declining membership. New Rotarians of any age bring positive energy. Good projects and successful fundraising to support these activities are the life blood of successful clubs. We want all of our 64 clubs to be winners. Members will join us and stay in our clubs if they feel they are getting a positive return for their time and money. Our District Conference on August 4th will showcase six club friend and fundraisers that not only give these clubs money for their local project, but also help them with community visibility. This improved image has helped in recruiting new members. Each of the presenting clubs is seeing membership stabilization or growth, which is in stark contrast to the district trend. Brew Fest, one of the six showcased events will directly follow the day Conference. You can observe the ten micro beer tasting stations for free or you may participate. I attended last year and can tell you the micro brew tasting was spectacular. It was the first year of this event and besides a good time, eight new Rotarians were minted. Most of the 500+ of guests came because of Facebook and Twitter postings. It’s a new marketing concept and it works - you can see for yourself. These events can be copied all or in part by any club. Our hope is something you see will ring a bell for your club perhaps you’ll see a new wrinkle on how to increase revenue from an opportunity drawing or an art contest. Maybe it’s time to tweak that old fundraiser. We promise that you will have fun and come away with some new ideas to help your club start or continue that cycle of growth so important to our future. See you August 4th.

Dick Stevens District Governor 2

Club Service

STRATEGIC VISIONING IMPROVED The Escondido Rotary After 5 (ERA5) pioneered a new and experimental version of Strategic Visioning earlier this month to develop a long range club plan focusing on “what we will do, how we will do it and when we will achieve these goals”. Seventeen of the club’s 32 members met with Don Kremer, Rotary coordinator for Zone 26, and a Past District Governor (2006-2007) of District 5230. ERA5, Escondido’s newest Rotary Club, was the first to participate in the new program. Each club member completed a Strategic Plan worksheet in advance of the session and also reviewed the Vibrant Club Leadership Plan and the RI Strategic Plan (2010). A Plan Tracking Team will schedule and develop an agenda for “Plan Review” meetings, monitor the progress in all areas of the plan, recommend revisions where needed and develop a viable means to communicate the club’s progress toward achieving these goals.


Community Service

CELEBRATION OF COMMUNITY SERVICE - THE HEILBRON AWARDS The Rotary motto of “Service Above Self” was in full swing today at our Club’s second annual Heilbron Awards. Named after our Club’s first President, Carl H. Heilbron, we make these prestigious awards to companies and their employees who are making a difference in our community. Together with our program partner, the San Diego Business Journal, and our Gold Sponsor, John Morrell’s Higgs, Fletcher & Mack LLP, our luncheon was an assembly of 44 nominees representing the best of the best in the region! Also of great interest to Club members was the knowledge that our award namesake and first Prez Carl, was every bit as ruthless with recognition fees as our all our recent Presidents! So history really does repeat itself! After calling the meeting to order, Prez Wayne Goodermote asked Micah Parzen to offer an Inspirational Moment, inviting us to explore extraordinary feats made possible by ordinary people. Multi-talented Greg Zinser (no, he didn’t pay me to say that!) lead us in the Pledge and a chorus of “America” accompanied by Joe “Music-Man” Zakowski. Mark Burgess laid all the news that’s news and some humor on us, sponsored by Glenn Younger and Grah Safe & Lock. Next up was a huge thank you to Club 33 Centennial Co-Chairs Ben Clay and Sandy Mayberry. Ben and Sandy reviewed the many Club events held over the past year in celebration of our 100 years. Wayne noted that Past Prez Ben left his hospital bed to make todays meeting, continuing the highest level of commitment to Rotary. Get well Ben! While there are too many Club members to thank in this article, our Centennial was truly a club-wide effort. Congrats to all who made it happen! Time for the main event! Prez Wayne introduced the Heilbron Awards event chair, PR pro Karen Hutchens, who reviewed the origins of the award (thank you Past Prez Bonnie Schwartz!) and its purpose. Karen then introduced our two MC’s for the event, Andy Frisch and Reno Carr… oops… I mean Randy Frisch and Reo Carr (you had to be there for that one!). Witty and informative (remember, Randy is an attorney….), they reviewed with us the 44 different small, median and large companies making a difference to our community. Receiving Exemplary Awards were Price Charities, accepted by Robert Price, and the San Diego Chargers, accepted by A.G. Spanos. For the Small Business Award, there was a three-way tie for second place: Gap Intelligence, Phil’s BBQ, and Tucker Sadler. First place went to Don Teemsma’s Ideal Plumbing. For the Medium Business Award, third place went to Sentek Global, second place to the Bill Howe Family of Companies, and first place to Bob Russsell’s and Kathleen PasulkaBrown’s Procopio. For the Large Business Award, third place went to SDG&E, and first to both Phil Blair’s and Mel Katz’s Manpower San Diego and Wells Fargo. Congratulations to all 44 business nominees and to each and every award winner! Prez Wayne closed this very busy Club meeting by “blowing the candles out on our Centennial birthday cake.” He used the 68th anniversary of the Normandy Invasion to challenge us to take full advantage of the opportunities Rotary offers to improve the community in the best spirit of “Service Above Self!” 4


ROTARY PADRE NIGHT District Governor Dick Stevens, Assistant Governors & guests kicked off the first Rotary night of the season at Petco Park on Monday, June 18, 2012.



Rotary District 5340 Newsletter - July 2012  
Rotary District 5340 Newsletter - July 2012  

This is the District Newsletter for July 2012