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If you are wondering if you have social anxiety disorder, then you can take a social anxiety test. While you may not consider yourself the type of person that has a social anxiety disorder, you might be surprised. Frankly, there is no test in the world that can accurately tell you who you are and what makes you feel the way you feel. But by participating in such a test you may learn some things about yourself you may not have known, or that you may have blocked from your conscious awareness. After all it can't hurt - right? Admittedly, they are just questions that make you think about certain situations and how they make you feel, but if you answer them honestly you can gain insight into your social anxiety. Here are 4 questions that we believe sit at the core of the social anxiety test. Do you have problems interacting with groups of people?

Groups of people tend to bother those with social anxiety disorder because they always make them feel inadequate. When was the last time you were in a group of people? How did you feel? Did you want to run away as quickly as possible? You are not alone in these feelings if this applies to you, so don't worry about it. Do you feel like most people are judging you?

In our minds, we always make things out to be larger than they really are and this is no different. I believe it is normal to feel like other people are talking about you, but you just have to keep on moving. My mother always told me not to worry if other people talk about you....who else would they talk about? Keep in mind that what other people think about you has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them. Do you feel stress when you are preparing to go to a party? Stressful feelings when you are heading to meet a group of people are also normal. Most people experience this, but you have to keep yourself moving, going to the function, networking and talking to people. Yes, it can be very difficult, but important for your development. While everyone has these feelings to some degree, the question is how strong they are in you? On a scale of 1 10, where do you come in? Do you avoid crowds and groups of people? How do you handle crowds? Do you go with the flow? Do you prefer not to be in a crowd, but if it happens you can be ok with it? Or does your blood pressure rise as more and more people join

the crowd?

These are four simple questions that can give you some quick insight into your feelings about people, crowds and groups. If you answered yes to any of these questions then you might have some issues with social anxiety disorder. But don't panic. This is not the end of the world.

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==== ==== Want To Learn More About Anxiety And Panic Attacks? Check This Out: ==== ====

Anxiety Test And Social Anxiety Disorder Explained  

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