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VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1 July –September 2013

The Dial

Celebrating a Decade of Inspiring Dreams & Building Communities


The Dial

President’s Message Fellow Rotaractors, Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary! It is with great pleasure that I bring these greetings as the new President of the Rotaract Club of Arima for the Rotary International year 20132014. As we look towards the upcoming year, as members of this global Rotary family, we are called to exemplify and live this year’s Rotary theme to the fullest– we are called to “Engage Rotary, Change Lives.” I implore each of you to heed this call to service. As talented young men and women in our society, let us use the most precious gift of our time to positively impact upon the lives of others. Let us immerse ourselves in the act of loving, caring and giving to whose who are not able to provide for themselves financially, emotionally and spiritually. As an organization, let us place the Rotaract Club of Arima as an exemplary entity for dedication, inclusivity and one that truly embodies Rotary’s Mantra of “Service Above Self”. Let us ensure that we engage each other; each partnering public / private sector organization and each individual in a meaningful manner. Furthermore, I urge each of you to value not only yourselves as stalwarts of service, but to hold in high esteem the very concept of changing the lives of others. I invite you to be an active member of this team guided by Rotaract District 7030’s theme - “Renew, Innovate and we take pride in the service we provide.” Let us use our resources, our minds and our hearts to change, to be change and to make our communities, our societies and our world a better place to live in. Regards, Shaneil Sutherland President, 2013-2014

CREDITS Editor In Chief: Chenice Peniston-Williams Writers: Chenice Peniston-Williams Contributors: Kimberley Francis, Kish Mitchell, Jacy Warrick, Neisha Pennie-Douglas Photography: Artistic Revolution & Armani Savory Photography Layout & Design: Chenice Peniston-Williams


The Dial


Celebrating a Decade of Inspiring Dreams and Building Communities Sunday 30th June, 2013 marked the 10th Charter Anniversary of the Rotaract Club of Arima. It represented a decade of service-driven community work and formation of lasting friendships. The anniversary brought pride to all members, both past and present. This auspicious event was commemorated at the Club's annual Handing Over Ceremony held at Regent Star Hotel. The event acknowledged the contributors to the Club's many successes, with particular homage being paid to Past Presidents who actively facilitated the Club’s development. Special "Long Service" Awards were presented to Members who were actively involved with the Club since its inception. Among the recipients was Rotarian "Uncle" Stephen Sogren - the Club's New Generations Officer and number one supporter. The celebration also highlighted the Club's partners over the years: Deputy Mayor of Arima, Ms. Patricia Cedeno-Metivier; President of the Rotary Club of Arima, Dr. Murlin Leelah and Customer Care Supervisor, Republic Bank Limited (Arima Branch), Ms. Gayatri Ishmael all present for the celebrations. These organizations are unwavering supporters of our Club. Attendees enjoyed entertainment provided by the Santa Rosa/Pinto Road Police Youth Club, one of our partners in community service. The Rotaract Club of Arima looks forward to expanding our service as we strive to Engage Rotary and Change the lives of our communities, our country and our world.

RECIPIENTS OF AWARDS ARE AS FOLLOWS:  Rotaractor of the Year—Jacy Warrick  President’s Award—Dr. Gideon Ramtahal  Most Outstanding Avenue of Service— Community Service: Carla DennisRodney  Best Prospective Member— Aronne Kay De Souza


The Dial

Leadership & Communication in a Rotaract World The Arima Town Hall came to life on the morning of Saturday 7th September, 2013 with Rotaractors from Port-of-Spain West, St. Augustine and members, prospectives and guests of the Rotaract Club of Arima for our training session, “Leadership and Communication in a Rotaract World”. This session focused on the development and growth of our membership not just as Rotractors but to also prepare us to accept our role as future leaders in our society. One of Rotaract’s stalwarts, PDRR Julien Skeete hailing from the sister isle, The Rotaract Club of Tobago, created a vibrant, fun-filled atmosphere with a highly interactive and informative session. He engaged members to truly reflect on what it meant to be a Rotaractor, not just in our individual role, but our collective responsibility to our different communities. He encouraged participants to become more familiar with the Rotaract Handbook which holds the essentials to aid in becoming a stronger, more vibrant TEAM. The momentum was maintained by our afternoon speaker, Ms. Ophelia Baptiste, Manager Training and Development at the Telecommunications Service of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT). Ms. Baptiste sought to challenge members’ honesty by incorporating real life scenarios which encouraged participation and even stirred occasional spurts of uproars at the varied and shocking responses of participants. The importance of being aware not only of our ability to lead but to also make a fervent effort to commit to the development of leadership attributes such as PASSION, CHARISMA, INTEGRITY and TRUST, were just a few of the key elements featured in her outstanding presentation. Great insight was also given towards developing team building and communication skills. An intensive leadership workshop with dynamic presenters, yet very informative with high participation and most importantly, fun while learning. We do however express our heartfelt sympathies to those who would have missed this auspicious workshop. Be sure to check your regular updates to not miss the upcoming professional sessions hosted by our club which promises to only be bigger and better.

PDRR Julien Skee

te & Professiona l Service Director Kimbeley Francis

Participants of the workshop.

l and Ms. ember Danie Prospective M iste of TSTT Ophelia Bapt


The Dial


The Rotary Club of Arima Annual Health Fair For the 10th consecutive year, the Rotary Club of Arima successfully hosted its Annual Health and Wellness Fair. The event, first held in 2003, seeks to educate the local population on the importance and benefits of healthy eating habits and physical activity. The Health and Wellness Fair also provides free medical and health testing along with expert advice on ways to improve one's lifestyle to prevent illness and mitigate against the symptoms of disease. The Fair creates a support system for individuals, families and communities to increase their knowledge on the risk factors associated with Chronic Diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension, and allows attendees to learn simple methods of improving their health. On Sunday 15th September 2013, the Rotary Club of Arima brought their free health services and expertise to the residents of Guaico, Sangre Grande and environs. Located at the Guaico Government Primary School, this year's Fair offered an array of health and medical services from medical testing to personalized consultations with experts in various medical specialties. The Rotary Club of Arima was joined by their sponsored youth arm, the Rotaract Club of Arima whose members eagerly came out in force to provide assistance in registering participants and ensuring that all attendees received the highest quality health services. The Health Fair featured booths by the Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago, led by Mrs. Indra Mohammed (Secretary and Chairperson of the Arima Branch), which offered Blood Sugar, Cholesterol And Blood Pressure Testing to the public. Also present was Ferreira Optical who provided thorough Eye/Visual Screening as well as a Nutrionist providing personalized dietary advice to all persons. Patrons were also treated to fresh fruit smoothies prepared by Members of the Rotary Club of Arima. Participants in the Health and Wellness Fair also had access to two medical practitioners, Dr. Murlin Leelah, President of the Rotary Club of Arima and Dr. Lutchman who provided general medical counsel to all. Genethics Pharmaceuticals Limited, a local specialist drug manufacturing company, supplied the public with an array of sample medical items and products. The event was indeed a success and the Members of both the Rotary and Rotaract of Arima

look forward to working with other communities to ensure that all citizens are allowed the opportunity to avail themselves of relevant health-oriented information and services. It is hoped that through this event and other community service efforts of both Clubs, that communities will learn to improve their health and physical lifestyles.



The Dial


Celebration of a Nation’s Youth The Ministry of Gender, Youth and Child Development held its National Youth Awards on the 24th August 2013 at the Hilton Hotel and Conference Centre, St. Anns. This year’s theme, taken from the National Youth Policy which was launched in May this year, was “For every youth....a place...a purpose, a plan.” The National Youth Awards was conceptualised as an avenue to highlight the positive aspects of the nation’s youth. The programme was introduced in 1985 and continued to 1995 and has since been celebrated in 2000, 2007-2013. The Ministry of Gender Youth and Child Development is seeking to ensure that this event is kept as an annual event in the calendar of Trinidad and Tobago to recognize and highlight young persons who excel. Over the years, many young persons have been recognised for their contribution which impact their schools, communities and even the wider community. The Rotaract Club of Arima was no exception! The club, along with the Rotract Club of Central Port-of-Spain, was nominated in the “Volunteerism in Community Award” category. We received recognition from the Ministry for this great feat. The Rotaract Club of Arima continues to pride itself in the work that is done in the community and will continue to ensure that the needs of the people in the community are met.

L-R: CommSD Kish Mitchell, Honorary Member Sheldon Pilgrim & Prospective Member Daniel Skinner-Ballantyne


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District Governor Visits Trinidad In a visit to Trinidad and Tobago on August 26 2013, Rotary District 7030’s District Governor Hervé Honore, attended a joint fellowship with Rotary International’s youth organizations of East Trinidad, including the Rotaract Club of Aima. The dinner and social event which was held at the popular Valpark Chinese Restaurant, saw representatives from several Rotary, Rotaract and Interact clubs. Clothed in their club colours and uniforms, Rotaractors and Interactors proudly represented their organizations as they showcased a snapshot of their past projects as well as their projected plans and activities for the RI year 2013-2014. Indeed, this provided an opportunity for all attendees to gain more knowledge on the undertakings of each partnering organization, reemphasising our common goal. District Governor Honore in his feature address, highlighted how elated he was to have he opportunity to visit Trinidad and meet with the future leaders of Rotary and our society. He congratulated all clubs on the stellar work that they have undertaken thus far and urged Rotarians to continue supporting the great work of Interactors and Rotaractors. Likewise, he encouraged the Youth Arms of Rotary International to work more closely with their sponsor Rotary Clubs to effect positive change in our communities through the execution of meaningful projects under each avenue of service. Indeed, District Governor Hervé Honore’s visit was motivating ad inspiring, and has served to reignite the flame of not only the members of the Rotaract Club of Arima, but all attendees to continue exemplifying Service Above Self as we continue to Engage Rotary and Change Lives.



The Dial

It’s a family affair...ICC 2013 On Saturday 21st September 2013, the Rotaract Club of Arima participated in the Ocean Conservancy's International



Up (ICC) at the Maracas



marked the 3rd year that this event was held at this location. The Maracas Waterfall is one of only two (2) sites listed by the National Planning Committee, Trinidad and Tobago for the event that are not beaches. The waterfall forms part of the Northern Range/ El Tucuche Game Sanctuary. One of the country’s popular hiking spots, the clean up of this area would not only be beneficial to the persons who enjoy leisure and recreation but also our local wildlife who have nestled and made this waterfall site their home. Volunteers gathered at the head of the trail to commence clean up operations at 6:30am. All arms of the Rotary family was represented with volunteers from the coordinating group, The Rotary Club of Maracas St Joseph, and the Interact Clubs of St. Joseph’s Convent, St. Joseph and Hillview College along with external aid from Students from Bishops Anstey High School East , Trinidad and Tobago Cadets and the Maracas Valley Action Group. Volunteers were split into groups and clean up operations re-commenced. Groups cleaned along the hiking trail leading to the waterfall, the area surrounding the waterfall and the walkway to the picnic area. In the end, a total of one hundred and fifteen kilograms (115kg) of waste was collected; twenty-one percent (21%) of glass, forty-four percent (44%) plastic and thirty-eight percent (38%) miscellaneous. Of the total collected, the Rotaract Club of Arima was responsible for four kilograms (4kg) glass, eight kilograms (8kg) plastic and ten kilograms (10kg) miscellaneous,















The Dial

SPOTLIGHT ON... The Pinto Road/Santa Rosa Police Youth Club is made up of 25-30 children and young adults, ranging from age 5 to 25, who reside in disadvantaged areas in close proximity to Arima, namely Pinto Road and Demerara Road. In the Trinidad and Tobago context, Police Youth Clubs provide the alternative of a healthy, purposeful lifestyle for young people in a society bombarded with negative images glorifying anti-social behaviour, crime, drugs and violence. As such, towards this end, it is the intention of the Rotaract Club of Arima to lend sustainable support, within practical means and meaningful initiatives, to the resident Police Youth Club within our community. Thus far, we have engaged in “Let’s Get Creative” a project geared towards exposing the youths to unearth their latent talent which can later be used as a marketing tool for personal development. We continue to maintain close relationship with the members of the members who provided entertainment at our recently held Handing Over Ceremony and we look forward to maintaining the ties already established with this organization.

MEMBER OF THE QUARTER Ms. Kish Mitchell, Community Service Director 2013—2014 “My experiences have been tremendous and I’ve gained and learned new and exciting skills which I can take with me wherever I go in life.” - Kish Mitchell, CommSD 2013-2014

Draughtswoman by profession, Kish has been with the Rotaract Club of Arima since 2007where she has served on the Board of Directors, twice as Community Service Director. She seems quiet at first but once you get to know her, you will realize she is quite out-going and has a keen passion for helping others. It is a result of this passion and driving force that she is our Member of the Quarter as she tirelessly gives of herself and ensures that we maintain and exceed or exceptional service not only to the Arima community but our country at large.


The Dial


Time to unwind‌

Snapshots of what was truly an enjoyable and memorable Rotaract Retreat.

y of d a da e y jo n 3 rima e , 201 er 22 b of A b lu m e t C ep tion! ract elaxa t on S Rota r r r o e s e h t e e h ’s R er s o f y of s Eco r club memb s a da o f ou a Aripo n w e io t h t The I a bers at. at T lebr s mem Retre ment he ce a t e b e it d r lu c e e x u e s ph nual C contin ience atmos e An t also exper d the a d e le e n r for th il t a f e ia is r t to b ries ostalg so, th etrea memo r N e t w r . x e o e e N M en ah servic gone. ate th bz cy ars of years he vy nticip t a e e h 10 ye r ly t r e h on ge isced tyle...w er s ea remin rima s memb d A n t a c d ara share ! e Rot were done in tru d e t a r b cele


The Dial

Face Painting Time!! As has been the norm for several years to date, the Membership of the Rotaract Club of Arima and its Volunteers operate a Facepainting Booth during the Rotary Club of Arima’s Annual Donkey Derby , as one of the features of this family-oriented event. The target audience is typically comprised of the younger attendees – the children and adolescents. This year was no exception! Once again, the Club’s Membership were mobilised to set up and operate the Facepainting Booth during the Rotary Club of Arima’s 36 th Annual Donkey Derby held on Sunday 29th September 2013 . This year’s edition of the Donkey Derby saw a considerable turnout from the Arima community with the Facepainting Booth being heavily patronised. The Rotaract Club was able to provide Facepainting services to over 120 children and adolescents which went a long way in making their Donkey Derby experience a truly enjoyable one. This venture proved to be quite fruitful this time around, so much so that it was the most profitable to date!

What is more, the Rotaract Club of Arima contributed towards making the Rotary Club of Arima’s major event a success, thereby living up to the current RI theme, “Engage Rotary. Change Lives”. The Rotaract Club of Arima will seek to continue this fund-raising activity on an annual basis, with the possibility of carrying out this activity at other family day/sports day themed events.

The Dial

4113 Sandra Browne Lane, La Horquetta Arima Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. Phone: 868-749-1188 E-mail: Facebook Page : The Rotaract Club of Arima RI District 7030

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