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LOCATION: Room 02, Faculty of Humanities and Education TIME: 3:30p.m.

ATTENDEES Members of the Board President Shana-Kaye

S.A.A. Sean

Dir. Lhacya

VP Chadwick

P.R.O. Matthew

Dir. Stephanie

Sec’y Tisshorna

Dir. Damian

Treas. Rochelle

Dir. Krystal

Visitors ADRR Ammesha Samuels Rtr. Paul Thompson Rtr. Sigmund Anderson 8 Calabar High School Interactors Others 15 RCOU Members and 65 Prospective Members OPENING •

Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 3:43 p.m. by President Shana-Kaye who then introduced and welcomed our special visitors, ADRR Ammesha Samuels from Rotaract Club of St. Andrew, as well as Rtr. Paul

Thompson from the Rotaract Club of New Kingston and Rtr. Sigmund Anderson from Rotaract Club of Liguanea Plains •

Rotaract Grace

Recited by all present •

Four Way Test

Recited by all present •

Welcome and Apologies

President Shana welcomed everyone to the meeting once more and tendered apologies of absence for Rtr. Stefan Walters and Dir. Gizelle Jackson who is a part of Smoker which starts today. She also tendered apologies of lateness for Dir. Matthew who was stuck at Irvin Hall and Prospectives who were stuck at Law School. Rtr. Jodi-Ann Bowen tendered an apology of absence for Rtr. Devieka Kumar.

BUSINESS MATTERS Upcoming Events •

New Generations Month

President Shana reminded us that this month is New Generations month where we open our arms to new members. •

JET International Coastal Clean-up

This is on 15th September, 2012 and will commence at 7:00am in the morning at Fort Rocky, Palisadoes Strip. Is usually the second Saturday in September, on an annually basis. Persons interested in attending were asked to speak to Dir. Krystal. We are to partner with our sponsoring Rotary club, Rotary Club of St. Andrew North two of our Interact clubs, Campion College and Calabar High, on the day. All interested persons were assured of transportation to Fort Rocky as the Guild of Students, Rotary Club of St. Andrew North, as well as JET will be providing transportation at a cost that will be announced soon via email, call and/or text. Persons were asked to take hats, protective gloves and refillable water bottles and sun glasses if necessary.

Inter Clubbing with UTECH

UTECH Rotaract club has invited us to their meeting at UTECH on September 20th, 2012 at 3:30 pm. President Shana said she wasn’t expecting everyone to attend since we have meetings at the same time. All interested persons were told to let the secretary know at the end of meeting, the club will organize transport. •


PETS gives you the opportunity to get training for the different executive positions and will help enable a more effective Rotaract club. President Shana then invited ADRR Ammesha Samuels to come and tell us more about PETS. ADRR Ammesha introduced herself to all as the person in charge of planning PETS and announced that this year it will be held at the University of Technology (UTECH). Registration is $1000, it will be held October 6, and registration includes lunch, breakfast session and training material. She described PETS as being a version of conference except that it lasts only a day. PETS stands for President- Elect Training Seminar. Later in the night there will be a fundraising party, Blue Jeans, which starts at 10 pm at village Blues Bar. Deadline for PETS is Mon. 17th September. Admission is $1000 and drinks will be sold at the bar. •

District Conference

ADRR Ammesha informed us that the next District 7020 Conference 2013 will be in Cayman, is usually held at the end of May to early June. More details to follow. She encouraged us to start saving from now. Total coast may be around US$1000 (includes air fare, hotel). •

What to expect from Rotaract

Past PRO Apryl was invited up to speak about what Rotaract is and what prospective members and others are to expect from the Rotaract Club of the University of the West Indies, Mona. She spoke about Rotary being the parent club of Rotaract, which is preceded by Interact and Earliact. We are a community service-based club but we also put a lot of focus on fellowship. It was also emphasized that this organization spans worldwide. Persons were told to expect a good time.

S.A.A. S.A.A. Sean fined VP Chadwick, Dirs. Lhacya and Krystal and PRO Matthew for making him watch a video that corrupted his mind. He charged VP Chadwick an additional $50 for taking President Shana’s chair. Dir Stephanie was fined for not being at the last meeting, which was her birthday. Visitors from other Rotaract clubs were fined, As well as persons wearing arm bands and Rotaractors without pins.

Immediate Past Secretary Jodi was also fined, for being on the past Exec Board. Rtr. Paul Thompson suggested the S.A.A. fined himself for being late. Joke: S.A.A. was booed. The joke was lame and audience demanded he pay a fine of $100 Total charges collected: $495

Meeting turned over to Dir. Lhacya, Club Service. Game 1: Autograph Bingo Bingo if you get enough persons to sign all the way across, down or diagonal. The person signing must be able to truthfully admit to what it is on the block they are signing to. Game 2 Dir. Lhacya requested 20 volunteers, 10 males and 10 females. They were paired into 10 couples and stood at the front of the room with the males facing the room and females back turned to the room. Each couple was given a minute to get to know each other. After which, the female would answer a question the male was asked and vice versa. If the person being questions answers, and not his other half, then both are out. Winners each received $100 call credit. Director of Fund Raising, Dir. Stephanie, introduced herself to everyone, apologized for missing the last meeting and invited interested persons to join her committee ADJOURNMENT National Anthem Chorus Led by S.A.A. Sean Nelson Meeting adjourned at 5:05 pm by President Shana.

General Meeting Minutes Sept.13.2012  

Minutes for General Meeting held 13th Sept, 2012

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