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Location: Humanities Room 02 Time: 3:30 pm ATTENDEES: President Chadwick Thomas

Dir. Anna Thomas

VP Odile Blake

Dir. Tauna Thomas

Secretary Kamillah Ffrench

Dir. Anna-Kaye Campbell

PRO Mikhail Russell

Dir. Lemar James

SAA Kemar Gordon

Dir. Jean- Paul Martin

Dir. Mani Grant


Call to Order

Meeting called to order: 3:40 pm by President Chadwick o

Rotaract Grace

Led by Prospective President Chadwick o

Four Way Test

Led by Prospective President Chadwick o

Welcome and Apologies

President Chadwick apologized for the lateness of VP Odile and Dir. Mani. Dir. Anna apologized for the absence of Rotaractor Laura Bailey. President Chadwick welcomed Interactors from Calabar High School.

BUSINESS MATTERS President Chadwick announced that November is Rotary Foundation Month, Prospective Members have one week to find out what it means, the first correct person to answer will win a prize from President Chadwick. PRO Mikhail spoke about the bake sale, everything was a success. Last Wednesday night was the club lyme at Medusa, the event went well. Dir. Jean-Paul announced that the breast cancer pins were sold and the amount of money made that will be donated to the Jamaica Cancer Society will be announced in the next meeting. The NKRC Wing Sauce Competition is this Saturday, November 2, 2013. Located at the JPS Sports Club (23 Ruthven Road) starting at 2 pm. PETS is on November 16th . Registration is $500, it will take place at Queens Preparatory School, registration is ready at 9am, persons interested please contact President Chadwick. Uwi 5k is on November 17, 2013. Registration costs $500. Deadline is Nov. 7. Interact Pets is on Nov. 16 at UWI Mona. President Chadwick informed Prospective members of how to become a member which include: 1)Participate in Community Service. 2) Participate in Rotaract Events. 3) Pay your dues. 4) Attend most of the meetings November 5-11 is World Interact Week. Persons interested in helping with Interact week are to call Dir. Lemar. Dir. Anna is starting a toy drive and asking person to donate. A Children’s home visit will be made in November to either Mustard Seed or Glenhope; A visit to the Hospital will be made in the third week of November; Persons can also contact Miss Angelee Ferguson to volunteer at Gender Studies. Guest Speaker Miss Carol Williams made a presentation about Studying Abroad for a semester. Persons interested may visit the Office of International Services for more information. Prospective Member Ashani thanked Miss Carol Williams for making the presentation.



National Anthem

Led by President Chadwick o


Meeting adjourned by President Chadwick at 5:12pm 2

Fellowship Through Service


Fellowship Through Service

General Meeting Minutes- October 31, 2013  
General Meeting Minutes- October 31, 2013  

Minutes for General Meeting Held on October 31, 2013.