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Ignite the Spark Light Up the Dark



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R.I. District 3450 ( Hong Kong, Macao, Mongolia) Sponsored by Rotary Club of Hong Kong

43RD Rotaract Club,HKUSU Session 2012-2013


Ignite the Spark Light Up the Dark

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Our Theme & Theme Color 2012 - 2013

“Ignite the spark, light up the dark� is our theme this year. The theme purports we give the hope to the hopeless, and spread it to this chaotic world just as what the community service and international service do. Echoing the theme, the element chosen is Sparks, which shine in the dark albeit being trivial and the best embodies the nature of our work - although the limited impact we have on society, we take the initiative, start small and think big. Sky Blue, echoing the theme element, is exclusively selected as our theme color for its sky nature. Blue, as always, represents calm and relaxation which counteract chaos and agitation. Through opening the flow of communication, blue can broaden your perspective in learning new information. Among all the family of blue, Sky Blue is chosen because it especially promotes the feeling of peace, optimism and hopeful.


International  Service  

Magnificent   Mongolia   2012    In this summer semester break, 25 HKU Rotaractors made an 11day visit to Mongolia for our annual international service delegation. Series of activities of community services, cultural exchange and professional development were held during the 11day visit. We were very glad to have made friends with local Mongolian Rotaractors and were grateful for their help in hosting us throughout the visit. All of us have had wonderful experience in serving the Mongolian children, trying out traditional nomadic life, and getting to see a great deal of local wonders. For those who have missed this chance, please look forward to our winter international service trip to Australia. 4

Date: 14/07/2012 Tim e: 18:00-21:00 Venue: CYM 303 Theatre Contact Person: Rothia Chao (97839733)

Our Installation Ceremony

The 43rd Rotaract Club, HKUSU Installation Ceremony is happening on July 14. This year, our theme is “Make your mark, ignite the spark�, meaning that our board member will try our best to make a difference in our society. Spark is also the representation of the board, symbolizing the warmth and strength we bring to our society. Through the Installation Ceremony, the Executive Committee member is officially introduced. In the following Rotaract Year, the whole board will devote themselves to run the Club, serve the community and work with the Rotary Club. It is hoped that we can show our gratitude to the immediate past officers for their contribution made last year in the Installation Ceremony. Also, we believe that a stronger bonding can be built between our club and other Rotarians and Rotaractors. We would be most pleasured if any of you are joining the ceremony to share the joy with us. 5

Professional Development

April 2012 Public Speaking Workshop We invited Mr. Akash Karia, an award-winning speaker, author and public speaking expert, to conduct the Public Speaking Workshop. We aimed to equip our members with presentation and persuasion skills for occasions such as job interviewing and idea presenting. Throughout the one and a half hour, our participants learned how to express ideas publicly and thoroughly as they were guided by Mr. Karia to overcome difficulties like anxiety and gesture problems they would encounter.

Community   Service   

   Caring   for   the   Homeless    Our first community service for this year – “Caring for the homelessâ€?, was successfully held on 23 March, 2012. We aimed to let the homeless people feel the warmth from us through chatting and food sharing. This time, we have prepared for them with some chrysanthemum tea and daily necessities. The service turned out to be exceptionally good. We have learned more about their living conditions as well as their various reasons of being homeless. Many of them actively told us their recent conditions and even their stories in the past. In turn participants took the chance to show care to the homeless and shared their views during the evaluation session. Some of them told us that they realize things should not be taken for granted and they want to do similar services in the future.

Club   Service   

Leather   Coin   Purse   Workshop    In April, a leather coin purse workshop was held in collaboration with Handmade Leather Inn. The workshop provided a rare opportunity for participants to learn a unique Do-It-Yourself technique of making their very own customized coin purse. With the relaxing and cheerful ambiance, participants had lots of fun socializing while learning new skills of arts and crafts! All of them enjoyed the workshop very much.

Upcoming Activities Club   Service   -   Tea   Gathering   Aug   2012    The tea gathering aims at introducing our club to freshmen. As there will be a doubled number of incoming freshmen next year, the tea gathering can provide a great opportunity for freshmen from different academic structures to mingle with others. It is also a special occasion for them to know people other than their own faculties. The tea gathering, besides our orientation camp, is one of our key functions for bringing freshmen to the family of the University of Hong Kong as well as Rotaract Club.


Professional   Development   ­–   Firm   Visit   to   RTHK   Oct   2012    We have organized a firm visiting tour to Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) for the students in our university. We will visit two sections of RTHK including the radio and TV section in their institution. We want to introduce the multi-media industry to participants and thus to equip them with knowledge of the operation of RTHK. It will be followed by a sharing section conducted by a DJ from RTHK.



E-Newsletter - Issue 1  

This is the first e-newsletter of Rotaract Club, HKUSU, Session 2012 - 2013

E-Newsletter - Issue 1  

This is the first e-newsletter of Rotaract Club, HKUSU, Session 2012 - 2013