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NEWSLETTER 2483 Serbia and Montenegro

July-November 2012 Dear Rotaractors, It is a great honor to be the representative of a very successful district which has a secure future in the Rotary family. To that occasion, the duties and responsibilities concerning the advancement and growth of our community are perceived as the improvements in the interpersonal and inter-club relations through the project realizations on the both local and district level. Seeing as how liaisons are of great importance, we want to be certain that we will have people who will support and understand everything that is being said and done by our club, people who stand united in the one and only idea of Rotaract. This is a project that is of vast importance and is our only secure way to succeed in the world of humanitarian and community service activities, and inter-club relations, but most important of all, the relationship between an individual and the rest of the members of our Rotaract family. We wish you a happy, healthy and successful new year,


Yours sincerely, The District Committee

South Serbia:

Jovana Perović


Marija Božović


Ksenija Aksić

Jovana Mrđen DRR RID 2483 2012-2013 RTC Novi Sad

Ivan Gencel Secretary RID 2483 2012-2013 RTC Novi Sad

Dear Rotaractors, Berlin, one of the biggest city of Germany, was the scene of the Rotary “Global Peace forum� that was held from November 30th to December 2nd ( Rotarians and Rotaractors from all over the world came to this historically magic city where official symbolic animal is a bear (a bear has adorned the city seal since 1280). All of them were supposed to explore the ideas and the realities of democracy. As the President of Rotary International for the years 20122013 Mr Sakuji Tanaka said, the attendees were engaged in building peace and in promoting the opportunities for all people for understanding and cooperation. The main idea and the principle was that working together on common activities may promote the peace when people can have the communications to share problems and ideas. The existence of the intercounty commitees (ICCs) may help in connecting Rotary club members and may help in shearing the Rotary mission through the world.

I really enjoyed my time in visiting historical Berlin buildings and monuments by organized sightseeing tour of visiting famous Reichstag, Brandenburg gate, Berlin wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Poztdam as the welcome Rotaract Brandenburg Tour afterwards I enjoyed my time in Global Peace forum through a number of fruitful presentations, workshops, group discussions and evening friendships. The topics for sessions were focused on global peace as: “The role of the Rotary foundation as peace market”, “Rotary’s global peace centres and school of peace”, “Testimory of peace builders”, “Mediterranean peace initiative”, “The value of freedom and democracy for peace”, “ A future vision of peace” and “Berlin declaration on peace”. As specific point was the remembering on Rotary's unsung polio effort which deserved the Nobel Peace Prize published in „Wall Street Journal“. The book “My Rotary moment” experiences a number of Rotary defining moments and expressions of more than 80 former Presidents and current president of Rotary International, Sakuji Tanaka. I feel highly appreciated receiving one sample with his signature. At the end I would like to thanks to my Rotaract friends for kind hosting, thanks for wonderful friendship! Yours in Rotaract Hristina Kocic

Beograd The longest drawing in the world June-September 2012. GOAL: Children from all over Serbia contributed by collecting more than 700 drawings, and helped the formation of 2.5 km long set of drawings on Sunday, 23rd September, on the central square in Bologna. The Drawing is formed in the shape of letters AGEOP Association (Italian sister association of Parents of children with cancer in Bologna). The action was organized with the aim of attracting attention of the public for the problem children with cancer and to raise public awareness about this disease, that about 500 children per year in Serbia have to face with

"The longest drawing in the world" organized by Rotaract Club Belgrade and National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer, and coordinated by Mina Vasovic, enabled us the entrance to the Guinness Book of Records! Drawings were collected within numerous workshops (one organized within the Serbian trip), from elementary schools and Dragutin Filipovic Jusa Home for Abandoned Children.


Beograd Rotaract for the Parental House August 2012.

Belgrade and Niš

GOAL: The aim of the action was to provide and facilitate the accommodation for children with cancer from the surrounding villages, who come to Nis hospital for treatment, accompanied by their parents.

1.—10. 8. 2012.

Through the joint efforts of Rotaract Club Belgrade and Nis Constantine the Great, there was a humanitarian action organized to raise the funds to equip the Parental House in Nis. Passers-by had an opportunity to support the great fight of children by buying lemonade or exhibited items or a symbol of National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer.

Fighting cancer – supporting the access to therapy

Rotaract Club Belgrade, supported by Belgrade Center CLub, Metropolitan Club, Sava Club, Cukarica Club and the Initial Group Vracar, organized a ten-day transportation of children with cancer and their parents from the Parental house to the University Clinic in Tirsova Street, where children received treatment. The action was performed in collaboration with the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer.


GOAL: By providing transportation, Rotaract supported the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer and hence provide the children with an access to the necessary treatment. With our support, the Society has raised 150,000 dinars.

Beograd Lotto for elderly Gerontology Center Vozdovac 11.10. 2012.

On the occasion of the week of the elderly, members of the Rotaract Club Beograd, have visited Gerontology Center at Vozdovac on 11th of October. "This action was dedicated to spending time with the oldest members of our community, to make their moments in the center so memorable and prepared a surprise to those who always know how to show their amazement!"said Ljiljana Radjenovic, organizer of the action. Socializing started with bingo - the luckiest participants won interesting prizes, followed by karaoke that made people the happiest remembering songs from their youth. At the end they all had a chance to try the "home made" pie, a specialty of our club.

GOAL: Spending time with old people on the occasion of the Week of the elderly

Beograd Rotaract Book Networking 16.10. 2012.

Le Petit Piaf, Belgrade

GOAL: To connect with Rotaract clubs and to collect books for children without parents.

"Rotaract Book Networking", organized by the Rotaract Club Beograd, has aim to connect the Rotaract members in Serbia in order to collect books for libraries of Home for children without parental care. First gathering was organized on 16th of October, with members of the Interact Club Beograd Centar and Rotaract Club Beograd Vracar at the meeting of Rotaract Club Beograd. On that occasion, symbolic networking was organized - all members had 3 minutes to talk with one other member of the club, and the sound of the bell ment replacement to meet a new person. Networking lasted an hour and the condition for participation was the donation of books for children.

Beograd Equip "Zmaj" 25.10. 2012.

Home for children without parental care "Jovan Jovanović - Zmaj"

GOAL: Donations for children without parental care.

As part of the action Equip "Zmaj",on October 25th, Rotaract Club Beograd surprised children from the Home for children without parental care "Jovan Jovanović - Zmaj" with various gifts. On that occasion, the club donated the house clothes, toiletries and school supplies, and spend time with children passed playing games, drawing and giving treats.

Beograd Spook-tacular Halloween party

4.11. 2012. Cafe „Maska“, Belgrade

GOAL: Collecting sweets for New Year's gifts for children without parental care in the home „Dragutin Filipovic – Jusa“

For Halloween, Rotaract Club Belgrade organized its annual charity masquerade in association with Team Digital photo studio. The Saint Louis band entertained witches, angels, Dracula, vampires, pirates, superheroes, French maids, tigers, cat-women and other and the prizes for the best costumes got mimes - Despina and Vlada Popovic, Sultan – Andija Ruzic and blackberry - Ivan Hotomski. Professional photography was provided by Team Digital photo studio and the kids from Jusa voted for the best photo. The ticket for entrance to the masquerade was the candy for children without parental care in the home, "Dragutin Filipovic - Jusa".

Beograd Day of Beauty

15.11. 2012. Institute for Radiology and Oncology in Belgrade

GOAL: The aim of this action was that during one afternoon patients of Institute suffering from breast cancer show that not to be forgotten and for a few hours try to get their mind off everyday problems that this painful disease brings. In November 2012, the Rotaract Club Belgrade and Belgrade-center organized a traditional Day of Beauty for the patients of the Institute of Radiology and Oncology. Members of both teams mingled with the patients of the Institute, who participated in the workshop making masks and peels of organic foods with beneficial effects for the skin. In addition, professional make-up girls dressed up as ladies at the Institute, using specially prepared cosmetic products for patients under chemotherapy. Behind the Rotaract Club of Belgrade's Day of Beauty was, as always, Aleksandra Cosic.

Beograd Balkan 13.10. 2012.

Humanitarian Concert Parochial House at Hram Svetog Save GOAL: Supporting of renovation of Institute Majka i dete

Rotaract Club of Belgrade Balkan supported humanitarian concert of ethno music in organization of “Srce” foundation and educational center “Dositej Obradović” made for renovation of part of Institut Majka i Dete. Tickets that were bought, were given to children in orphanages, Drinka Pavlović and Stacionar in Zvečanska.

Beograd Centar „Scars of gold“ at Ada Ciganlija

Ada Ciganlija


GOAL: All proceeds from the book (499din) went Association of Parents of Children with malignant diseases "ZVONČICA".

As a part of the Rotary Club Cukarica "Serving and socializing" was held independent action of Rotaract club Belgrade Centre where was selling Igor Eric's book "Scars of gold". Last year "Scars of gold" was one of the best selling book whose entire first edition sold out in ten days. Igor Eric wrote this book during the hospital stay, as a memory of his friends. He died last year at 26 year after a serious illness, and his wish was this book to be published one day.

Beograd Centar Serbian Trip Belgrade, Subotica, Novi Sad, Kraljevo, Nis, Prokuplje

24.08.2012 - 03.09.2012

GOAL: The goal of this action is to introduce and familiarize beautiful areas of our country to the members of the World Rotaract.

Ten World Rotaract members from Russia, Argentina, Poland, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Turkey, Ukraine and Greece spent 10 unforgettable days in Serbia, daily traveling and meeting new areas of our country. They have visited Belgrade, Subotica, Novi Sad, Pancevo, Prokuplje, had rafting and visit Zica Monastery in Kraljevo, visit Devil's Town near Nis, and at the end the Foam Fest in Belgrade.

Beograd Centar Simple way to donate clothes to charity 10.10.2012 Hotel Le Petit Piaff, Belgrade Instead of the standart meeting of our club, there was organized gathering in the local tavern. Where the entrance to the gathering members had to donate a second hand clothes for winter. The aim was to collect second hand clothes for winter which would be donated to an Orphanage. Several Rotaract clubs showed up and supported the action. Five cars full of clothes was gathered that evening.

GOAL: Collecting of used clothes for the Orphanage

Beograd Centar Cheerful Sunday afternoon in Sremcica 28.10.2012 Home for abandoned children in Sremcica town

GOAL: Donation of used clothing to the Orphanage

Action was performed together with members of the JCI organization. The leader of the action was our guest Uros Nikolic. This action was started in the cafe Piaf 10th October 2012. where were gathered several Rotaract clubs, to collect used clothing for orphanage in Sremcica. There were about five cars full of clothes, which was taken in a home for abandoned children. At orphanage in Sremcica are about 350 children of all ages.

Beograd Centar Beauty day 15.11.2012 Institute for Radiology and Oncology in Belgrade

GOAL: The aim of this action was that during one afternoon patients of Institute suffering from breast cancer show that not to be forgotten and for a few hours try to get their mind off everyday problems that this painful disease brings.

Action Beauty day is an initiative by the Rotaract clubs Belgrade and Belgrade Center and is one of the many humanitarian actions that young people in these clubs has successfully organized. Gathering is joined by students of the School of makeup Dragana Vurdelja as they have done in previous years, and the patients has tried making natural cosmetics.

Beograd Centar Disney on Ice for Orphanage Mosa Pijade

Kom-Bank Arena Belgrade 18.11.2012 GOAL: Organizing going to the show ahead of the upcoming holidays with the care home for children without parental care "Mosa Pijade"

With the help of the Secretariat for Youth and Sport and Kombank arena we managed, as in previous years, to provide tickets for approximately 20 residents home for children without parental care "Moshe Pijade" from Belgrade.We are also prepared small presents to complete a trip. On 18.11.2012. We organize transportation for patients and their teachers from home to Kombank arenas, and back, where the play is titled "Disney on Ice Fun Begins" took place. So we successfully completed another trip to the theme ťtićanicima home, and reflections are always more than positive.

Beograd Metropolitan Inauguration Ceremony 25.06. 2012.

Belgrade Art Hotel, Belgrade

GOAL: Celebrating ending of one Rotaract Year and beginning of another

In the wonderful atmosphere with Rotaract members and mentors of Rotary clubs, Rotaract Club Belgrade Metropolitan celebrated ending of one Rotaract Year and beginning of another. Photos tell everything, especially about honest spirit of Rotaract understanding between our two presidents, Milan Novakovic (president 2011/2012) and Dunja Vujanic (president 2012/2013).

Beograd ÄŒukarica Recikliram, Zemlju ne nerviram 16.6.2012 and 8.7.2012.

Ada ciganlija and Terazije square

GOAL: The primary objective of this project was to spread the awareness about the importance of recycling various materials. Two materials that we paid close attention to were paper and plastic (PET ambalage).

On June the 16th action took place at Ada where we have collected 400 kg of plastic waste. On July the 8th we have collected 1 ton of old paper at Terazije square. Couple of firms collaborated with our local club, and we shared our accomplishments with them.

Beograd Čukarica Jedan korak do Dečijeg Sela Belgrade 01.09.2012.—12.09.2012.

The action consisted of giving support and animating people so as to get them involved into "Hope Relay" project. SAMSUNG measured the number of kilometers walked using special applications, and for every 3 kilometers passed, it donated 100 RSD to all the children with no parents. RTC Čukarica had been appealing to people to keep walking and to keep organizing group walks in order to promote a healthier lifestyle.

GOAL: Getting people to start having a healthier lifestyle and help children in need.

Beograd Čukarica You are not alone! - November Purple for Epilepsy

Usual Club meeting venue

12.11.2012. In November, as the world's month of epilepsy awareness raising and support to epilepsy sufferers and to their families, globally themed as the Purple November for Epilepsy, RTC Dedinje has joined the action of the national Epilepsy Association "YOU ARE NOT ALONE!" alongside with RTC Beograd - Čukarica and has taken pictures in lavender colored clothes as well held one of its regular meetings in purple, with this showing support to 40 000 epilepsy sufferers and their family members in Serbia.

GOAL: RTC Dedinje and RTC Čukarica wish to show their understanding of epilepsy and the stigmatization its sufferers face on a daily basis, by taking this step into the public.

Beograd ÄŒukarica Visitation to a home for children with Polio and Cerebral paralysis Considering the fact that Rotary International is responsible for practically exterminating Polio all around the world, RTC Beograd - ÄŒukarica decided to fight for this cause and support a local home for children with Polio. RTC Beograd - ÄŒukarica collaborated with RTC Beograd - Dedinje and together, they made "help packs" with diapers, candy, and so forth. Upon the visitation, we agreed to keep on fighting the cause and support that particular home in the future as well.


Bulevard of King Alexander, Belgrade - Home for children with Polio and Cerebral paralysis

GOAL: Spreading the word out about people living with difficulties caused by Polio and providing them with essential everyday things from which children benefit the most.

Beograd Čukarica Kaka(o) Š(n)it Downtown Belgrade


Members of RTC Beograd Čukarica gathered in downtown Belgrade and decided to spread awareness of people not cleaning up after their pets (mostly dogs). The way they decided to get attention of the passers-by was putting a card in a dog pie with a tacky message. The dirties street got the award of the "Sweetest Street of Belgrade".

GOAL: Spreading the awareness about owners not cleaning up after their dogs. People had a very positive reaction to seeing RTC Beograd Čukarica members and were inquisitive about what we were trying to achieve.

Beograd Dedinje Chess tournament Restaurant "Znak pitanja"


Rotaract Club Beograd Dedinje has organized their third annual charity chess tournament, with the goal of providing assistance for the association for the blind and visually impaired "Progress." The tournament was held in Belgrade's old pub "Znak Pitanja". With the help of friends of the club, as well as other Rotaract clubs and our mentor club, RC Beograd Dedinje, the tournament was a great sucsess. The association for the blind and visually impaired "Progress" will be provided new equipment that they need. We hope that with the help of it, new generation of World chess champions will come.

GOAL: New equipment for association fot blind and visually impaired club "Progress"

Beograd Sava Clothes and toys for the children without parental care


Home for the children without parental care ’Drinka Pavlović’ A primis eto nos pueriluter egimus annis. (Latin proverb, At a young age we acted like children). What we want is that children act like children at that moment when they are really children. Not later. And sometimes they need just a little. For the joy, for the play, for education. We tried to make these things nicer and easier to them. At 31st of October we gathered and visited the Home for children without parental care "Drinka Pavlović". We brought to them clothes, toys and school supplies. By this we tried to make their childhood at least a little easier and happier. To helpt them to be children when they really are. We hope that we have managed this at least a little. Their smiles made us to think so.

Beograd Sava RTC Beograd Sava@ ''Magical breakfast''


Metro C&C, Zemun

GOAL: To take part in action that aims to help the basic needs of children with disabilities in Serbia.

RTC Beograd-Sava made a contribution to the action ''MagiÄ?ni doruÄ?ak'' (''Magical Breakfast''), organized by the ''Food Bank'' and Metro c & c with purpose to collect food for daily meals in 32 schools in Serbia, for children with special needs, of which almost 80% belong with the socially vulnerable population. Joining the many NGO and private companies, our club, by buying specially formed packages at Metro c & c, contributed in collecting food for feeding over 4200 pupils in Serbia.

Beograd Sava Homer

November 2012.

Association ''Homer'', Belgrade, Serbia

GOAL: Help for blind and visually impaired people

Rotaract Beograd-Sava recognized the need to help blind and visually impaired people to improve their culture and education. During November, members of our club visited Association "Homer" and by reading film lines made a contribution for making synchronization of movies which are being shown on RTS2 channel and special movie festivals. In a pleasant conversation with members of Association, we had the opportunity to learn more about needs and reality of blind people.

Beograd Sava Smile‌ It's free! Dadov theatre, Belgrade For the second time RTC Beograd-Sava took children without parental care to Dadov theatre, this time to see the play ''Stanica Kompas''. With the support of the Public transportation company we transferred children to theatre and after an excellent play, young actors gave to children, previously prepared packages, that our club made with contribution of the companies PepsiCo and Silbo. Once more, after seeing their genuine happiness, again we promised that we shall repeat this as soon as possible.

30.11. 2012. GOAL: To bring joy to children without parental care

Niš Fundraising for surgery of our fellow citizen and friend Tomislav Cvetkovic 1.07. 2012.

GOAL: Fundraising for Tomislav Cvetkovic who is suffering from rare case of leukemia. “Fancy” swimming pool

In coordination with sponsor Rotary Club “ Niš” our club organized fundraising at handover event. Our friend and fellow citizen is suffering from rare type of leukemia and surgery in Germany is the only way for him to survive. All the funds at the event were headed in this direction

Niš Visit to the Serbian house in Corfu Town, Greece 24.07. 2012. Corfu Town

Members of our club during the summer break went to visit Serbian house at Corfu Town and island of Vido, Greece monuments of Serbian tragedy in World War I. With executives a contact has been made and during the next period there would be an event in order to help maintaining Serbian house.

GOAL: Making contact and arranging event in order to help Serbian house

Niš Serbian Trip 29-30. 8. 2012. Niš

As the part of national action ‘’ Serbia Trip’’, Rotaract Club Niš took part in the event with hosting the guests and introducing them to the sights of our city and with local customs.

GOAL: Bonding between Rotaract members from across the world and introducing them to the natural beaties of Niš and Serbia.

Niš First September

1.9. 2012. GOAL: Socializing with kids in prep school and first and second grade of schools in undeveloped municipality

Gornja Toponica

For the second year in a row Rotaract Club Niš is organizing an action called “ First September’’ which marks beginning of school. This year action took place in two municipalities near Niš, Gornja Topaonica and Secanica. Gifts contained school material for children and also a board for every classroom.

Niš ‘’ Kupina’’ kup

Hala “Čair”

20-21. .9. 2012.

GOAL: fundraising for renovation of maternity hospital of Niš

Rotaract club Niš took part in natonal action called '' Bitka za bebe'' ( Battle for babies) at basketball cup organised in Niš. Members of our club were asked to volunteer at the event but they also gave their contribution with buying the tickets.

Niš Team building

Restaurant “Stara Srbija”

In the past few months our club rejuvenate itself with a lot of new upcomers. Team building event was in order so that everybody could get to know each other and to transfere the positive atmosphere into creativity for new ideas.

23. .9. 2012.

GOAL: : Introducing the upcoming members with organisation and members of the club

Niš Rotaract club Niš visited MNRO (Society for helping the mentally indeveloped people)

MNRO We organized a workshop with our friends from MNRO and during the event they were given tools necessary for their day to day activities. This society and Rotaract club Niš has mutual history with this event becoming traditional. Our long term goal is to help as much as we can in easing their work which is very hard at the moment due to lack of commitment to solving their problems. Our club wants to direct attention of local community to resolve problems that this society has.

1. 10. 2012.

GOAL: : Child’s week and World Child’s Day members of our club spent visiting friends of MNRO in order to ease their inclusion in society

Niš ‘’ Giving is divine, receive is humanly’’ – charity concert

House of Army

6. 11..2012.

GOAL: : Fundraising for schooling young and talented artist from Niš – Aleksandra Stojković

Rotaract club Niš traditionally holds charity concert every year. This year was under slogan : '' Giving is divine, receive is humanly – Give for future – Aleksandra Stojković''. Aleksandra is young and talented musician from Niš who just recently enrolled herself in Music academy in Graz, Austria. Giving the circumstances that she is in lack of funds to carry out through college, Rotaract club Niš decided to help by organising charity concert. This story will be continued.

Niš Donation of laboratory equipment to school of fashion and beauty in Niš

School of fashion and beauty

23. 11. 2012.

GOAL: : Helping school in their day-to-day work with students

Rotaract club Niš is trying, in it’s versatile work, to organize as much as we can events in order to help elementary and high school’s in their work. With help of our friends we donated laboratory equipment to school of fashion and beauty in Niš, one of the oldest schools in Niš. During the visit, members of our club got to know how this school operates and made an agreement on future mutual projects.

Niš BOOK.Trip – Rotaract International Exicting Project Everywhere

Severe detention conditions, similar to the conditions in prison (almost permanent confinement to the building, limited possibilities for outdoor exercise, lack of extra activities) have been observed in such places. Books in Detention Centers libraries tend to be very limited in terms of language variety and often their selection consists mainly of low quality pulp fiction like romance novels and action thrillers written mostly in Polish. Our ambition is to offer detained immigrants the opportunity for self-empowerment, education, and entertainment - things that reading can provide.

24. 11. 2012. GOAL: : Book.TRIP is an unusual and exciting project developed in order to distribute books free of charge to immigrants who have been placed in Detention Centers for Foreigners in Poland for one of the following reasons: • they are placed under deportation, • they cannot provide required documents to authorize their stay in Poland, • they seek asylum, • they filed for refugee status when crossing the border.

Niš – Constantine the Great Clothes donation to the Association of Single Mothers from Nis

5. 7. 2012.

Association of Single Mothers from Nis

With a wish to help the Association of Single Mothers in Nis, we went through our wardrobes and gathered clothes for the protégées of this institution. While paying them a visit, we had a chance to talk to the director of the association who gave us an insight in their previous work and problems they face. We discussed our possibility to help and in what ways we could with their further work and the local community. This is the action with which we started new Rotarian year, in the same manner we had worked throughout the whole previous one.

GOAL: : Providing help to those in need

Niš – Constantine the Great Helping NURDOR

St. Sava park in Nis

14. 7. 2012.

GOAL: : Fundraising

“Helping NURDOR" is a project we started at the 5th year celebration of our club, where we raised money for the National association of parents whose children suffer from cancer, by “sharing” smiles. Two months afterward we continued the project in the St. Sava park together with the volunteers of NURDOR. Our fellow citizens who happened to pass by could have given their contribution at our stands where they could also have had cold lemonade, and for the youngest there were also balloons. This project happened in cooperation with RTC Belgrade, which has raised funds in a similar way.

Niš – Constantine the Great Visiting RTC Ohrid’s Charter Ceremony Ohrid, Macedonia

21. 7. 2012.

Rotaract Club Ohrid, Macedonia, was officially charted on 21st of July 2012. Our Board members Marija Perovic and Milan Mladenovic visited our brethren from the wondrous city of Ohrid. Prior to the celebration party, members from RTC Constantine the Great participated and supported a humanitarian skating and biking event organized by RC Ohrid called “Skate Park Challenge - Ohrid 2012”. The celebration party was on the eve of Marija’s birthday, so Milan, with a little help from the hosts, surprised Marija with a birthday cake.

GOAL: : Visiting Charter ceremony in another District

Niš – Constantine the Great Anniversary of the Safe House for women in Nis Safe House in Nis

28. 8. 2012.

First year since the founding of the first regional Safe house was celebrated with proper solemnest. On this occasion notes of gratitude were handed to all persons who helped this institution to fulfill the task it had been assigned to, including Rotary and Rotaract club “Nis – Constantine the Great”. Ms Slađana Živković Kostić, director of the Safe house asked us to help with organizing the celebration, thus continuing our successful cooperation, considering the fact that this was not the first time we helped this important institution.

GOAL: Logistics support

Niš – Constantine the Great Visit to the winery “Status” 14. 9. 2012. Malča

As a part of an internal project “Get to know Serbia”, Rotaract Klub “Nis – Constantine the Great” visited winery “Status”, owned by Mr. Jović Bora, member of our sponsor club. Winery “Status” has existed for 20 years now and is located in Malca, near Nis. We were astounded by the manner in which we were received and the ambient set. In order to enjoy wine tasting properly it was necessary to find out some things about this beverage. We visited cellars, we felt the taste and the smell of good wine and we enjoyed the sound of guitar. What contributed to the excellent atmosphere was tasting of wines named “Kalca”, “Smuk” and “Zona”, names well-known in the town of Nis and all of Serbia.

GOAL: Teambuilding

Niš – Constantine the Great “Kupina cup” – humanitarian basketball tournament

20.-21. 9. 2012.

Sports dome „Čair“, Nis GOAL: Fundraising for the Maternity Hospital in Nis

As a part of an internal project “Get to know Serbia”, Rotaract Klub “Nis – Constantine the Great” visited winery “Status”, owned by Mr. Jović Bora, member of our sponsor club. Winery “Status” has existed for 20 years now and is located in Malca, near Nis. We were astounded by the manner in which we were received and the ambient set. In order to enjoy wine tasting properly it was necessary to find out some things about this beverage. We visited cellars, we felt the taste and the smell of good wine and we enjoyed the sound of guitar. What contributed to the excellent atmosphere was tasting of wines named “Kalca”, “Smuk” and “Zona”, names well-known in the town of Nis and all of Serbia.

Niš – Constantine the Great Opening of NURDOR’s “Parents' home for children suffering from cancer” 27. 11. 2012. Parents' home for children suffering from cancer, Nis

GOAL: Donation

After organizing two fundraising events, "Share a Smile" and "Helping NURDOR", during last summer, Rotaract Club "Nis - Constantine the Great" used the collected funds to purchase lazy bags for the newly-opened Parents' home for children suffering from cancer in Nis. The opening ceremony was held on November 27th 2012, and among the many officials from the city government, nongovernmental organizations, and private individuals, representatives of our club were also present. They were presented with an Acknowledgement for donating this home and were recognized as Friends of NURDOR's. Cooperation is not ended here and it will continue

Niš – Constantine the Great Visiting Rotaract Club “Graz” Graz, Austria November

Serbia has always been historically and culturally bound to Austria, especially Graz. Serbia's most prominent figures, who have shaped our culture and social life, were very often based in this city, and it was a great honor for our provisional member Jelena Tomic to have had the opportunity to visit Rotaract club “Graz”. Furthermore, it was our club's desire to share the idea and “know how” for our already very successful project “National treasure” with our friends from Graz and maybe even make it a joint project. “Graz” Rotaractors were nicely surprised by the presence of a Serbian Rotaractor and welcomed her with open arms along with the idea of the “National treasure” project. This visit has once again confirmed that young people, especially Rotaractors, are an inexhaustible source of love, understanding and hope of making this world a safer and better place.

GOAL: Visiting and making friends with Rotaractors from other countries

Niť – Naissus Donation of clothes to Special psychiatric hospital in Gornja Toponica Gornja Toponica, Special psychiatric hospital


Due to a fire in one of the wings of Special psychiatric hospital in Gornja Toponica there is lack of clothes for patients. This institution has sent a public call for donation of clothes for hospital patients. Club members collected and donated several boxes of used of clothes (approximately 20 kg).

GOAL: Donation of clothes for patients in Special psychiatric hospital in Gornja Toponica.

Niš – Naissus Japanese day Niš, Hotel “Panorama Lux” 06.07.2012. GOAL: Raising funds for the purchase of medical equipment for the Children's Hospital in Niš.

In cooperation with the sponsor club RC “Niš- Naissus” we organized a humanitarian action for the purchase of medical equipment for the Children's Hospital in Niš. The action was supported by the Japanese jazz musicians Keiko Borjeson – piano and Hakar Borjeson – violin, as well as the Japanese ambassador. Also, there was interesting interactive presentation of Japanese culture.

Niš – Naissus Serbian trip Niš, Niška Banja

Our club has participated in the organization of Sebian trip for ten members of the foreigh Rotaract clubs. The program was consisted of socializing, tour of the city, going out etc.. In cooperation with our sponsor club RC “Niš- Naissus” we organized dinner party. It was a good opportunity to meet and connect with club members in relaxed atmosphere.

29.-30. 08.2012.

GOAL: Introducing foreign visitors to our city and making new contacts.

Niš – Naissus School bags for first graders Niš, Elementary school ”Vožd Karadjordje”

7. 09.2012.

From the club funds ten new school bags were purchased and donated to financially disadvantaged first graders in elementary school ”Vožd Karadjordje”. There were five school bags for girls and five for boys.

GOAL: Helping financially disadvantaged first graders with donation of school bags.

Niš – Naissus Blackberry cup 2012 21. 09.2012.

Niš, Hall Čair

In cooperation with two Rotaract clubs from Niš our club has supported international humanitarian basketball tournament "Kupina kup 2012" with the participation of six volunteers. All income was dedicated to the purchase of equipment for maternity hospital in Niš. Unfortunately, the audience turnout was poor and collected funds are insufficient.

GOAL: Raising funds for the purchase of equipment for maternity hospital in Niš.

Niš – Naissus Doggy style party 18. 11.2012.

Niš, Hall Čair

Our club had organized the traditional humanitarian party at which we gathered the resources that were later donated to the dog asylum in Niš.

GOAL: Gathering the resources for the dog asylum.

Niš – Naissus Donation of hygiene packets Niš, Palilula municipality 22. 11.2012. In cooperation with the socially responsible companies “Farmalogist” and “Esensa” RAC “Niš – Naissus” organized a donation of hygiene packets to the socially vulnerable citizens of the Palilula municipality. On that occasion, the president of the municipality Boban Džunić expressed his gratitude to the rotaractors and the mentioned companies for humanitarian aid on behalf of the citizens and announced further cooperation.

GOAL: The donation of hygiene packets.

Niš – Naissus Visit to the dog asylum and food donation

24. 11.2012.


The club members visited, as the asylum owners say, the unique asylum in this part of Serbia. Over 300 dogs in this asylum run around freely for approximately 10 hours a day, and after that they go back to their kennels where they spend the night. Unlike the asylum we had visited last year, the dogs here live in somewhat better conditions. Unfortunately, the amount of food we had gathered provided them a meal for only a couple of days.

GOAL: The donation of dog food.

Niš – Naissus Approaching the 1st of December 30. 11.2012. Niš, the Faculty of Medicine

Regarding the world ADIS day, side by side with the Student Association of the Faculty of Medicine in Niš, we distributed condoms in helium balloons to the students.

GOAL: Fight against AIDS.

Novi Sad Yellow September

University of Novi Sad

16. 9.2012.

The project that is originaly called „Yellow May“ was launched in 2009. The project conssisted of painting the first and last step at the entrances to the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. As the years pass the project grew and spread to the whole University Campus. So, today we paint the entrances of every Faculty that is a part of Novi Sad University. The aim of this project is to help blind sieded people to make it easier for them to have access to their Faculties.

Novi Sad Alzheimer's disease awareness day The Gerontological Centre “Novi Sad” Futog Alzheimer’s disease awareness day was first celebrated 21st September 1994. when association for the fight against this disease and other organizations around the world unite in their efforts to raise awareness about the disease and its impact on families, communities and nations. This year, we visited the only dorm for demented people in Serbia in Futog. We brought them some gifts and spent quality and interactive time with them. We played some games, sang songs and we all had a great time. We will visit them more often in the future for sure.

21. 9.2012.

GOAL: Disease awareness day

Novi Sad Award for best pupils in Elementary School „Bratstvo“ Becej Bečej

July 2012.

This year we decided to give awards for two best pupils in Elementary school „Bratstvo“. The „best pupil“ contest was opened on February 2012 and ended in July 2012. The procentige od pupils getting better grades at school got very high, and we were told that it was due to high interest of pupils for the awards. On July 17th we handed the awards to Jelena and Marko. They recived wardrobe for their prome night.

Blood Donation In Vojvodina, blood supplies are low, and sometimes routine operations are being delayed due to lack of blood units. On the 22nd of September, Rotaract Club Novi Sad donated blood in Institute for Blood Transfusion. We achieved good colaboration and comunication with the Institute, and agreed to have frequent common actions in future.

22. 9.2012.

Novi Sad

Novi Sad Visit to Arad, Romania

8.-11. 11.2012.

Arad, Romania

Tijana Spasojevic and Bozidar Dejanovic, in behalf of Rotaract club Novi Sad, went to Arad, Romania, for two main reasons. First of them was the 6th Diczfalusy award lecture symposium on reproductive health. This symposium took place at University Campus ''Vasile Goldis'', Liviu Rebreanu Street, no. 86, Arad, Romania, and lasted 8-10 November 2012. Members of brotherly Rotaract club Arad Cetate, who participated in the organization of symposium, welcomed Tijana and Bozidar, helped with accreditation, and after the lectures, entertained them. The impressions after the visit to Arad were very positive, members of Rotaract club Arad Cetate were attentive, always available, and very friendly.

GOAL: Education and celebration

Novi Sad Childern's smille

26. 11.2012.

Clinic Center of Vojvodina RTC Novi Sad has, yet again, proven its devotion to help those who urgently need it. This action is all about dental care for the little ones who are left with no care. We work with children from Becej elementry school „Bratsvo“ and the goal of the action is to restore the natural dental health through various dental procedures all done for free. This is our second action of its kind and we expect more to follow in near future.

GOAL: Dental health

Novi Sad Sweet party

30. 11.2012.

Night club “Giardino” GOAL: Collecting sweets

RTC Novi Sad has, yet again, proven its devotion to help those who urgently need it. This action is all about collecting sweets from which we make New Year’s presents. These presents will be given to children from elementary school “Bratstvo” in Becej. This is our annual action and we are very proud of its success over the past years and of course we are looking forward for the next to come.

Pančevo Archery Day 15. 09. 2012. Sajka restaurant and surroundings Having spent July and August hibernating on sunny beaches, we came back ready to get started in September. As it was out tradition we decided to do a joint project with our sponsors, Rotary Club Pančevo. It was decided that a day of archery would be a great fit. We spent the afternoon enjoying each other’s company, sharing stories and even playing Robin Hood. It is important so emphasize that no one was hurt despite the obvious lack of talent we showed as a group. The event itself was such a success that we look forward to having similar experiences in the future.

GOAL: Fundraising for the local Archery club

Pančevo Living Library Pančevo Public Library

10. 11. 2012.

The Council of Europe Office in Belgrade in cooperation with the The Office of the Commissioner for Protection of Equality and the Ministry of Youth and Sports organised a Living Library hosted by the Rotary Club from Pančevo and the Pančevo Public Library on Saturday, 10 November 2012 from 11h00 to 16h00. Rotaract members helped with organisation and realisation this action. Don’t judge a book by its cover! The residents of Pančevo had an opportunity to borrow a living book at the Living Library which was hosted by the Pančevo Public Library on 10 November. The Living Library is an innovative awareness-raising methodology and part of the Council of Europe’s work to promote human rights values to a wider public in Serbia.

GOAL:Promoting human rights values

Pirot Summer fun 13.06. 2012. Strelac

Members of Rotaract Pirot went to Strelac, place where our yong friends live and go to school. We had great time, first they gave us big hug and kisses of welcome, they made small presents for us wich ment a lot of love . We gave them our presents.. and games can began.. we play all afternoon , sing, read and recite poems, talk, walk , play basketball. Words are meaningless , they cant described enough how precious is children smile and happines for our care and friendship that we gave that day.. That isnt first and for sure not last time for this big friendship between special children from this place where they live sometimes hard life but keep a smile all the time .

GOAL: spending time with children from Strelac

Pirot A literary evening 7.11. 2012.

GOAL: A literary evening, author Ivana Dzunic

Hotel Sinkom The member of Rotaract club Pirot, Ivana Dzunić, is author of a book „Točak“ based on a true story . Rotaract and Rotary club Pirot take a part in organisation of literary evening in the Hotel Sinkom. This book has interesting name, it means a wheel but on local dialect it is a bicycle. Its about the man and his dream. He had succeed and make it happened. He drived on his bike to China to meet his best friend. This book is also story about love, family, friendship.

Prokuplje Rotaract Prokuplje in Bulgaria June – July 2012 Sofia, Prokuplje

GOAL: Promote Rotaract club Prokuplje and Serbian Rotaract in Bulgaria

On the June 15th , Rotaract Club Prokuplje visited our friends from Rotaract Club Sofia-Serdika from Bulgaria. It was the perfect opportunity for exchange experiences from last Rotarian year in Serbia and Bulgaria and make plans for some future rotaract events and common projects among the two clubs. We were the guests on Rotaract Sofia-Serdika regular meeting, and after the meeting we visited Sofia downtown and Sofia night clubs. Next day, Stevan Perović president of our club and elected DRR of our District was guest-speaker on Rotaract District Conference RID 2482. In July there were intensified contacts between our two clubs and more common online projects. We are expecting our Bulgarian friends in Prokuplje soon.

Prokuplje Rotaract Prokuplje in Macedonia 21.7.2012.

GOAL: Promote Rotaract club Prokuplje in Macedonia

Ohrid, Macedonia Members of the Rotaract Prokuplje, on July 21st, attended the celebration of the first anniversary of the Rotaract Club Ohrid. In addition to the pleasant atmosphere by the lake, we used the evening to meet with the brothers and sisters of the Macedonian clubs, and nightspots that lasted until the early morning hours. We attended the opening of the Rotary Skate Park earlier that day. Thanks to the hospitality of the hosts, we stayed a few days more in Ohrid, so we had an opportunity to meet the local culture and history and to take a rest by the lake as well.

Prokuplje St. Procopius day 21.7.2012. Prokuplje

Day of St. Procopius is a day when people of Prokuplje celebrate this saint as a protector of the town. Members of our club, Marija Timotijevic and Ivan Radenkovic actively took part in the celebration of this holiday. Marija performed a fantastic solo concert at the hall of the National Museum of Toplica, and Ivan was one of the organizers of the 3D -Music Festival (three-day music festival ). Members of the club have visited both of these events! Friends, we are proud of you!

GOAL: Promote Rotaract club Prokuplje in local community

Prokuplje “The chronicle of the lilies” – part two 4.8.2012. Koznik fortress

For the second year in a row, members of the RAC Prokuplje participated in realization of our large and demanding project ‘The chronicle of the lilies' , together with our friends from medieval warrior group ‘Beli orlovi’. This year we recorded movie scenes of the battle in a medieval fortress Koznik during manifestation ‘Koznik - City of the Knights’. It was an opportunity for members of the club to enjoy the natural beauty of this part of Serbia, and an opportunity to learning about the rich cultural heritage of the Serbian medieval times. We are planning to finish our project in July 2013.

GOAL: Finalize the second step of our educational movie

Prokuplje Serbian trip in Prokuplje 30.8.2012. Prokuplje, Prolom Banja, Devils town

RAC Prokuplje took part in the first Serbian trip. Together with our guests, we visited the town center, National Museum of Toplica, the Latin Church, the Church of St. Procopius, and the medieval fortress above the river. It was the perfect opportunity to show our guests a part of the tradition, culture and rich heritage of our region. In the afternoon we went to the Prolom spa and visited prehistoric village in Plocnik. After a short break in the Prolom spa, we visited Devils Town. Devils Town, interesting rock formation, by night was the best moment of the day. We are so proud to be good hosts to our guest from all over the world!

GOAL: : Promote Rotaract club Prokuplje and Toplica district to the Serbian trip participants.

Prokuplje Visit to grandma Kalina 28.9. 2012. Village Žuč

On September 28th , the members of our four clubs visited Kalina Danilovic from village Žuč near Lukovska Spa. Grandma Kalina, 112 years old, is the oldest resident of Serbia. Rotaractors brought the basic groceries from the supermarket to grandmother Kalini for the next 2 months. It was very interesting meeting of youth and 112 year old life experience, and grandma Kalina invited us to her 113. birthday next year.

GOAL: : Provide the basic groceries for the next two month to 112 years old Kalina Danilović

Prokuplje Visit to Sreten Petronijevic Village Kastrat

28.9. 2012.

On September 28th , the members of our four clubs visited Sreten Petronijević from village Kastrat near Kurťumlija. It was very emotional meeting between Rotaractors and our 8 years old friend Sreten. Sreten is the boy with polio, and it is very difficult for him to go to the classes in nearby school. We brought him toys and books for the present school year. Sreten showed us his paintings and handmade toys.

GOAL: : Provide books for the present school year to the boy with polio

Prokuplje Humanitarian Evening and Tween Club Agreement- RAC Prokuplje (Serbia) and RAC Sofia Serdika (Bulgaria) GOAL: : Humanitarian auction and tween club agreement

3.11. 2012.

Prolom Banja

This year Rotaract Club Prokuplje celebrated it’s 3rd birthday in Prolom Banja. We have guests from 10 rotaract clubs from all over the Balkan : RAC Skopje, RAC Prilep, RAC Bitola, RAC Sofia Serdika, RAC Berkovica, RAC Niš - Niš, RAC Niš Constantine the Great, RAC Niš Naissus, RAC Zrenjanin, RAC Pančevo, RAC Vranje. It was great opportunity to see our friends from Macedonia and Bulgaria. Same day, after several common events, Rotaract Club Prokuplje and Rotaract Club Sofia Serdika decided to sign rotaract tween club agreement and we organized humanitarian photo auction for all rotaractors and our guest. It was night to remember! See you next year at the same place!

Prokuplje Rotaract Club Prokuplje in Turkey Istanbul, Turkey


GOAL: : Promote Rotaract Club Prokuplje to Rotaract Club Galatasaray Istanbul

14.11.-17.11.2012. our member Petar Stojiljkovic, visited Istanbul (Turkey). He had great honor to meet and be on Educational Meeting which participated a few members from each Rotaract Club Galatasaray Istanbul. Warm regards and welcome speech started the meeting, before introduction and changing business cards. Traditional Turkish cookies and fresh water made him to enjoys the meeting even more. All members from Istanbul showed will to initiate international action between Rotaract Clubs from Istanbul and Rotaract Club Prokuplje by using good relations and intermediation of our member Petar Stojiljkovic. These days we are looking for a model and making the plan for international action between these friendly clubs.

Subotica Sweet party Caffe „Via DelPorto“, Subotica


GOAL: Collecting candies for new year presents

Every year Rotaract club Subotica have „Sweet party“ where we collect candies. This action is pre-action for our next tradicional action in december „For children's happiness“ , where we put the collected candies in presents for children.

Subotica Sweet party 2 Caffe „Galija“, Subotica GOAL: Collecting candies for new year presents

Every year Rotaract club Subotica have „Sweet party“ where we collect candies. This action is pre-action for our next tradicional action in december „For children's happiness“ , where we put the collected candies in presents for children. And this was the second part of collecting action


Subotica What will I be when I grow up 10.11.2012. Gymnasium „Svetozar Marković“ Subotica

GOAL: Preparing future students for student life

Every year Rotaract club Subotica have „What will I be when I grow up“. In this action we are preparing kids from high schools for student life, life in dormitories, in messrooms, about students benefits, and ozher things that are interesting for future students. In this action we have guests – lecturers. The guests-lecturers are our frends, members of other Rotaract clubs from region, and also the the fresh students who were on our action the year before like future student.

Kragujevac-Šumadija Clothes donation 8.11. 2012. Institute for adults care “Male Pčelice”

Rotaract club Kragujevac-Šumadija organized on November 8th action of collecting and donating old clothes and shoes. All collected clothes were donated to Institute for adults care “Male pčelice”.

GOAL: : Providing help to those in need fb_action_ids=189845001153132&fb_action_types=og.recommends&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582

Kragujevac-Šumadija Charter ceremony 23.11. 2012. Hotel “Kragujevac”

GOAL: : Charter a new rotaract club

Rotaract club “Kragujevac-Šumadija” organized the charter ceremony, the ceremony of creating a new rotaract club in RID 2483. With the presence of the district officials, the members were divided badges and they became a part of large family of Rotary International.

VRANJE (initial group) Fundraiser for Vranje theater “Bora Stankovic” 14.09.2012. Business club “ Simpo – Przar” Vranje Rotaract club „Vranje“ – Initial group in cooperation with Rotary club Vranje organised their 3rd Charter anniversary which had for its goal raising funds for the theater „Bora Stankovic“ which was burned in July. We have raised 50.000,00 RSD (around 500 EU). Despite the fact that we are only initial group, we could proudly say that we had sixteen guests from 3 rotaract clubs which are: Rotaract club „Naissus“, Rotaract club „Nis“ and Rotaract club „Skopje“.

Goal: Raising funds for the theater „Bora Stankovic“

VRANJE (initial group) You don't know if you don't test 30.11.2012. Vranje Initial group of Rotaract club Vranje participated in an action which was organized by " Vranje pharmacy " on friday, November 30th 2012. The title of this action was " You don't know if you don't test " and this is reffering to aids, which is the illnes many people are not aware off, and they don't take it seriously. The members of this initial group distributed printed material to people.

Goal: Informing people about AIDS prevention

Earth is a very interesting planet that we’re living on. Even though around 70% of it has water, the planet’s life form which is most advanced can be found on land. Below are 10 interesting facts about Earthwhich show you just how interesting our planet really is. 1. Scientific dating estimates the Earth to be around 4.54 billion years old with a 1% margin of error. 2. Oxygen forms approximately 47% of the crust of the Earth. 3. Earth has poles at the bottom and the top of the planet called the north and south poles which makes it a huge magnet. 4. An Earth day is not 24 hours long. It’s actually 23h, 56m, 4s which is the time that the planet needs to rotate on its own axis. 5. This is the only planet from the solar system which has water in all the matter states: gas (as clouds), liquid (rain, sea, etc) and solid (ice). 6. Scientists say that an Earth day had around 20 hours a few million years ago and that a million years from now it will have 27 hours. 7. The coldest place on Earth is Vostok (in Antarctica) and the hottest area is El Azizia (in Libya). 8. Did you know that on July 21st 1983, the coldest temperature ever on the planet earth was recorded at a frightening -89.2 ºC in Antarctica by Soviet scientist at the Vostok expedition station? 9. The Earth’s year has 365.2564 days. Thanks to this extra .2564, every four years, the leap year appears, which has an extra day. 10. The oldest tree from Earth is estimated to be about 4600 years old and it’s a bristlecone pine from California.

Newsletter 2483 November 2012  

Activities in Rotaract Clubs from district 2483

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