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Dear friends,, I hope that this period of rest has helped you to think of new ideas for our upcoming projects and I truly hope that you have built up your energy for the upcoming actions and ceremonies in our district and as well as in other districts. We have, in front of us, a short period of time until the end of the Rotaractarian year, so I am urging you all to get through your obstacles and barriers so that we could have a successful, good and hopefully the best year yet. Yours in Rotaract,

Jovana Mrđen DRR RID 2483 2012-2013 RTC Novi Sad

Ivan Gencel Secretary RID 2483 2012-2013 RTC Novi Sad

Niš DATE: 3. 12. 2012.

PLACE: Restaurant “Regent’’

Honoring the Professional achievement award Rotary club Nis with help of Rotaract club Nis organized honoring the Professional achievement award to Milica Todorović from National Museum of Nis. This award has history in Nis. It is given to individuals who proved themselves in their profession. So far the award has been given to likes such as Ivan Miljković, Lidija Mihajlović, Dejan Stojiljković etc.

GOAL: Honoring annual Professional achievement award

NiĹĄ DATE: 11. 12. 2012.

PLACE: Vienna

Visit of member of our club to Rotary club Vienna International Member of our club Milena Nikolić, visited Rotary club Vienna International at local fair and helped their event. Also this visit served to bond the connection between clubs.

GOAL: Bonding between members of Rotary community

Niš DATE: 21. 12. 2012.

PLACE: Youth Centre

Auction of professional puppet’s for Youth Centre in Niš Giving the circumstances that Youth Centre in our town has just opened, Rotary and Rotaract club Niš organized the auction of professional puppets made by Milica Štrbo from which the funds went to Youth Centre for organising the event's for our cities youth.

GOAL: Fundraising for Youth centre in Niš

Niš DATE: 22. 12. 2012.

New Year celebration Every year, Rotaract clubs from Niš and south Serbia get together to celebrate the ending of the year. This year organisation was dedicated to Rotaract club Niš and we decided that celebration would be charity manner.

PLACE: Restaurant '' Mašinac''

GOAL: Traditional celebration of Rotaract clubs from the region and bonding between the clubs.

Niš DATE: 18. 1. 2013.


I believe in Santa Claus In cooperation with Student's Alliance of Medicine Faculty, Rotaract club Niš organised donation of christmas gifts to institute '' Mara''. Aim was to spend a day in this institute getting to know needs of kids and youth in this institute and donate gifts.

Institute for kids and youth mentally disturbed '' Mara'', Niš

GOAL: Bringing the christmas spirit to those in need


Saint Sava celebration of Rotary and Rotaract club Niš

26. 1. 2013.

PLACE: Restaurant ''Regent''

Rotary and Rotaract club Niš each year celebrate St. Sava, the Saint patronator of our club. This year, like any other, it was a day when every Rotary and Rotaract club from Niš united with us in order to celebrate this day. St. Sava is also a patronator of schools and first Serbian archbishop.

GOAL: St. Sava celebration for sucessfull new year.

Niš – Constantine the Great DATE:

Lecture - presentation

26. 1. 2013.


GOAL: Introducing NLP to Rotaract members

Regional Center

Mr. Miloš Milošević, member of Rotary Club “Nis - Center”, introduced Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to Rotaract members from Niš and Prokuplje. NLP is an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy, which can help us achieve specific goals in life.

Initial group of Rotaract Club Vranje

DATE: 5. 12. 2012.

PLACE: Medical school "Dr Isabel Emsli Haton"

Lecture about cancer On 5th of december Initial group Rotaract Vranje organized a lecture in cooperation with Rotary club Vranje which has for its subject "cancer" and it was held at Medical school "Dr Isabel Emsli Haton". The lecturers were Dr Nenad Nedeljkovic who is surgeon and Dr Marija Lalic who is a pathologist, and they are also members od Rotary club Vranje. Before the lecture members of Initial group Rotaract Vranje talked about rotaract and what is the purpose of that organisation. We could proudly say that this lecture was our most successful action so far.

GOAL: Teaching students about cancer

Initial group of Rotaract Club Leskovac

DATE: 20. 12. 2012.

PLACE: City of Leskovac

New Year's humanitarian sale of the greeting cards, part of the action „Culture for everybody“ GOAL: Goal of the action was to gather enough money for the school's children New Year's presents.

Sale of the New Years greeting cards with the drawings of the children from the School for the children with the special needs „11. Oktobar“. All of the money gathered from the sale of the greetning cards was donated to the school. Drawings were made during the December workshop for the children of the „11. Oktobar“ school which took place in the National Museum of the city of Leskovac. Title of the workshoop was New Year's holidays and the Santa Clause.

Novi Sad „SVI ZA LANETA“ DATE: 3.-5. 12. 2012.

PLACE: Štrand Novi Sad

Once we heard about our friend Lane being sick our club started with donations to this cause. First part was donating the money that members donated. The second part consisted of selling wine and tea, we had a stand in Strand where we were able to cook wine and tea and sell Christmas cards that were made by children from elementary school „Bratstvo“. The action lasted for three days and it was covered by the media. People who came allready knew about our cause and were happy to be able to help. We will not stop here!

GOAL: Helping our friend in winning the battle for his life

Novi Sad REM Timisoara 2013. DATE: 18.-20. 12. 2012.

Twice a year we have a chance to meet up with our international friends in different cities. This years winter REM was in Timisoara. Six members of our club took this journey and spent an amazing 3 days partying, networking, meeting with old friends and getting to know new ones, talking, sharing experiences. During our stay we had a chance to promote our 13th Rotary Summer Camp „Vojvodina sound like...“ that will take place during Exit festival, and our guests will be able to spend 5 days surounded with music, dancing and partying. Also, a project „SVI ZA LANETA“ was present at the REM. We gave badges with „SVI ZA LANETA“ logo and also a card with written explanation and bank instructions, to those that donated money. During the Traditional festival we collected 200Euros donations to this cause.

PLACE: Timisoara, Romania

GOAL: Promotion of our club and country

Subotica DATE: 24. 1. 2013.

PLACE: Jumanji bowling center

Bowling - Team building Rotaract club Subotica was organized common bowling with Rotary club Subotica and Rotary club Palic. By playing together we all were winners at the end.

GOAL: Goal was bringing together Rotaract and Rotary clubs in Subotica.

Beograd Centar Street of Open Heart DATE: 1. 1. 2013.

The traditional event "Street of Open Heart" visited thousands of visitors and the participants were actors, musicians, jugglers and other artists. Members of our club have had a place where was sold wine, cakes and money from the sale donated to the project for all fawns and baby battle action organized by the City Council.

PLACE: Svetogorska street Belgrade

GOAL: Raising funds for support of action Svi za Laneta

Beograd Centar DATE: 26. 1. 2013.

PLACE: Orphanage home in Bela Crkva

Humanitarian Party – Svi za Laneta Rotaract Club Beograd-Center has a long tradition of hosting major humanitarian party. This year, as well as several previous ones, we organized a party at the club the Parliament, and all the income from the ticket sale was used for support of global action Svi za Laneta.

GOAL: Raising funds for support of action Svi za Laneta

Belgrade Sava DATE: 22. 12. 2012.

PLACE: Home for the children without parental care ’Drinka Pavlović’

Festive decoration After a wonderful time spent together during the show that we organized for children without parental care in the theater Dadov in November, we have gained new friends with whom we have

GOAL: To bring a little bit of festive spirit and joy to our little friends without parental care.

made plans to join forces to decorate their Dorm for New Years Eve. In late December we visited the "Drinka Pavlovic" dorm, so we could decorate their space and Christmas tree together and bring them some sweets. It was a beautiful Saturday evening, fun and creative.

Belgrade Sava Supporting actions of our sponsor club DATE: 24. 12. 2012.

PLACE: Diners Club International, Belgrade

In December, members of RTC Sava participated in a traditional humanitarian event called "Ladies night" hosted by Rotary Club Beograd Sava. In a pleasant atmosphere in Diners Club International

GOAL: Improving cooperation with our sponsor club and supporting their actions.

Rotaractors exchanged opinions with members of our sponsor club and other Rotarians, making plans for future mutual projects. By attending the above mentioned event, the successful cooperation is confirmed once more.

Belgrade Sava RTC Beograd-Sava in the role of Santa Claus DATE: 24. 12. 2012. PLACE: Special Hospital for Cerebral Palsy and Neurology Developmental, Belgrade.

During the December, lead by holiday season spirit and wishing to give attention to those in need in that special time RTC Beograd Sava organized the musical performance in collaboration with Dadov theater

GOAL: To bring a little bit of holiday spirit and joy to children in Hospital for Cerebral Palsy.

(musical Garavi sokak) and assigning of the presents in the Special Hospital for Cerebral Palsy and Neurology Developmental in Belgrade. For this occasion, our very own Santa Claus brought 130 packages for children.

Interesting facts about technology. From medicines to tools, technology not only will usually help to improve peoples lives but strongly contributes to the economy and stability of nations around the world. There are instances when certain technologies could devalue a society. Below are some interesting facts about technology.:       

 

A dentist is the inventor of the electric chair The Apple II had a hard drive of only 5 megabytes when it was launched. The first photo camera took 8 hours to take a photo, during which you would need to remain still. The Kleenex tissue was initially a filter for gas masks. Automobile transmissions used whale oil up until 1973. At least 1300 inventions were patented by Thomas Edison during his entire lifetime. You see barcodes on a lot of merchandise being sold these days but have you ever wondered what the very first item scanned and sold with a barcode was? it was a pack of Wrigley gum. Benjamin Franklin invented flippers for swimming in the year 1717 and was inducted into the international swimming hall of fame for the invention. It’s true, the match was invented after the cigarette lighter. Interesting and kinda strange! The international space station is traveling at an astonishing 17,500 miles per hour.  Six astronauts have driven a lunar rover on the moon.

Newsletter 2483 January 2013  

Activities in Rotaract Clubs from district 2483

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