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May 17, 2012

Volume 22 Issue 19

The Fight Against Cancer Never Sleeps Page 6

N AV S TA R o t a ’s F i r e Department, Wins Again Page 7

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May 17, 2012

U.S. Naval Activities, Spain





May 17, 2012

“NAVSTA Rota – A Prominent Role within CNO’s Vision” Hola Rota, As you may all well know, our installation plays a major role in our nation’s ability to support forward forces. The Chief or Naval Operations, or CNO, created a document called the “CNO’s Sailing Directions.” In it, he defines how the Navy will support our nation abroad, specifically its mission, priorities, vision, tenets and guiding principles – in short, it details “where we are going.” These topics are Capt. Scott C. Kraverath fairly broad, so he zeroes in on COMNAVACTS Spain the details of exactly how we will execute all of this and how we will get there in his Navigation Plan. NAVSTA Rota figures prominently in the recently released 2013-2017 Navigation Plan. Of the CNO’s three primary tenets, “Warfighting First,” “Operate Forward” and “Be Ready,” Rota is included in the big picture view of how we fit into “Operate Forward.” Our installation has never been more relevant – we are at the forefront of operational support not only in the valuable support we provide to ships and aircraft every single day, but also in preparation for supporting the four destroyers who are scheduled to move here in FY-14 and 15. I’d like to share with you the CNO’s “Operate Forward” tenet: “We will provide offshore options to deter, influence, and win in an era of uncertainty. Our forward naval forces are increasingly called upon to provide stability in regional ‘hot spots’ because of their responsiveness and flexibility. Consistent with the defense strategic guidance, Navy will prioritize deployments of combat-credible forces in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions, ballistic missile defense in Europe, and mission-tailored forces elsewhere. Navy’s forward operating posture is an essential element of the new defense strategy, which places a premium on prompt action to deny an adversary’s objectives. In our FY 2013 – 2017 budget submission, we: - Sustain the ‘places’ our forward operating forces depend on to rest, repair, refuel, and resupply in Spain, Italy, Greece, Djibouti, Diego Garcia, Bahrain, Japan, Singapore, and Republic of Korea – as well as our forward base on Guam. - Field improved Firescout UAVs, LCS, and Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV) to support counterterrorism and irregular warfare missions at sea and ashore. - Deploy an Afloat Forward Staging Base (AFSB) to improve our responsiveness for mine warfare, anti-surface


The Coastline is an authorized publication for members of the military services and families stationed overseas. Its contents do not necessarily reflect the official views of the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Navy,anddonotimplyendorsement thereof. Editorial content of Rota Coastline is edited, prepared and provided by the Public Affairs Office of U.S. Naval Station, Rota, Spain.

warfare, and counterterrorism operations starting with USS PONCE and continuing with modified Mobile Landing Platforms. - Forward station additional ships - LCS at Singapore and PCs at Bahrain - to improve our ability to cooperate with regional partners in maritime security operations. - Forward deploy four DDGs to Rota, Spain for Ballistic Missile Defense of Europe and for security cooperation with our European allies. - Provide amphibious lift for U.S. Marines operating out of Australia. - Remain forward longer and in more areas by deploying more ships such as LCS with rotational crews or JHSV and AFSB with civilian mariner crews. - Improve our ability to remain forward by studying options for rotational crewing of other classes of ships.” As you can see, NAVSTA Rota is executing the ForwardDeployed Naval Forces (FDNF) model in all respects. We are looking out for the warfighter by enabling those who support them. We are ramping up to host four BMD-capable Aegis destroyers to forward deploy here as part of Phase I of the President’s European Phased Adaptive Approach, or EPAA. Rota will remain a relevant, value-added piece of the puzzle for years to come. Please remember that while

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Sexual assault victim advocates can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling:

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May 17, 2012

Volume 22 Issue 19

May 17, 2012


U.S. Naval Activities, Spain

The Fight Against Cancer Never Sleeps Page 6

N AV S TA R o t a ’s F i r e Department, Wins Again Page 7

Come Pedal With the Rota Bike Club Page 20

Members assigned to Naval Station Rota, Spain conducted their annual Relay for Life, Friday at the base’s drive-in theater. Read more on Page 6. Photo by MC2(SW/AW) Travis Alston

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JOIN THE CONVERSATION ONLINE Join the conversation with Naval Activities Spain leaders, service members, community members, and friends from around the world. Here you will also find more photos, see videos and hear radio news reports from AFN Rota. So check it out.

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May 17, 2012


Progress Continues Toward NATO Missile Defense System By Donna Miles, American Forces Press Service

STUTTGART, Germany, May 15, – The United States will announce at next week’s NATO summit in Chicago that the new missile defense system in Europe has reached interim operational capability, the alliance’s supreme allied commander for Europe said. “We will announce the interim operational capability of that system, which will begin to protect our European partners from the threat of ballistic missiles,” Navy Adm. James Stavridis said during an interview with the Pentagon Channel and American Forces Press Service. Stavridis also commands U.S. European Command. That system - the first phase of the European Phased Adaptive Approach Missile Defense System that President Barack Obama proposed in 2009 - will integrate with the NATO command-and-control system to begin standing up the NATO missile defense system, he said. The first phase, now completed, relies on existing missile defense systems to address short- and mediumrange ballistic missile threats. Upcoming phases will introduce increasingly capable interceptors and missile defense command-and-control system upgrades. Phase 1 consists of Aegis ships with ballistic missile defense capabilities and a command-and-control system in Ramstein, Germany. USS Monterey(CG 61), followed shortly by USS The Sullivans(DDG 68), last year became the first ships to rotate to the Mediterranean Sea in support of the initiative. Stavridis told Congress in March he considers these ships “the backbone of missile defense” with the added benefit of being able to support anti-submarine, anti-air and anti-surface operations. Also as part of Phase 1, Turkey agreed to host a land-based early warning radar system in Kurecik, in the southeastern Malatya province. That, in turn, will be combined with the NATO command-and-control system, Stavridis said.

“Those three elements come together to provide us with an initial capability to provide some level of defense of Europe against a threat emanating from the Middle East,” Navy Rear Adm. Mark Montgomery, EUCOM’s deputy director for plans, policy and strategy, told American Forces Press Service. “That was our most significant ballistic missile defense achievement in 2011.” Meanwhile, “we are working hard on the Phase 2, 3 and 4 elements” of the plan, Stavridis told the Senate and House armed services committees in March. That includes negotiating agreements with partner countries, particularly Romania and Poland, regarding stationing of the Aegis ballistic missile defense system that will extend the missile shield during Phase 2 of the plan. Montgomery also reported progress toward developing an AEGIS Ashore land-based interceptor system in Deveselu, Romania, to be completed by 2015. This is a critical element of the Phase 2 rollout, which Romania agreed late last year to host. Meanwhile, EUCOM is working closely with the Polish defense ministry to implement the U.S.-Poland ballistic missile defense agreement in support of important Phase 3 capabilities, Stavridis reported. “We’ll upgrade the missiles at that point, and we’ll upgrade the command-and-control” with more and increasingly sophisticated overhead sensors, he told Congress. “And then the next step will be 2018, when we’ll add another set of ground interceptors in Poland.” The final phase of the plan, slated for completion by 2020, will deploy more advanced interceptors designed to counter not only medium and intermediate range missiles, but also potential future intercontinental ballistic missile threats to the United States from the Middle East. “It is a progression,” Stavridis said of the system. “It is adaptive to the threat, in that we can plug in at any

step along the way to continue to improve it, to pace the threat that we see.” In announcing the missile defense plan three years ago, Obama promised “stronger, smarter and swifter defenses of American forces and America’s allies.” “It is more comprehensive than the previous program,” he said of the plan. “It deploys capabilities that are proven and cost effective. And it sustains and builds upon our commitment to protect the U.S. homeland against long-range ballistic missile threats, and it ensures and enhances the protection of all our NATO allies.” NATO endorsed the concept at its November 2010 summit in Lisbon, Portugal, agreeing to expand its missile defense command, control and communications capabilities to protect Europe and encouraging allies to follow the U.S. lead in making voluntary national contributions to the effort. Based on agreements at the Lisbon summit, EUCOM fielded workstations throughout its headquarters and service component headquarters that use a NATO-compatible network able to support the NATO ballistic missile defense mission, officials explained. The command plans to tie U.S. ships to that network, a step toward increasingly integrated theater sensors, shooters and platforms. In addition, the Air Force is establishing a joint, combined European Integrated Air and Missile Defense Center in Eisiedlerhof, Germany. Its mission, Stavridis told Congress, will be to educate, develop and refine U.S., partner and allied missile defense capabilities and expertise. With growing support within NATO to support the mission, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and France are exploring ways to complement it, Stavridis told Congress.




May 17, 2012

Naval Station Rota Community Recognizes Military Spouses Carolyn Palugod, Assistant Director of Academic Support Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Rota Campus, Spain

Military Spouse Appreciation Day has been observed since May 23, 1984, when a proclamation by thenPresident Ronald Reagan recognized the profound importance of spouse commitment to the readiness and well-being of military members, especially those deployed to combat zones. Although the official observation of Military Spouse Appreciation Day is held every year on the Friday before Mother’s Day, the organizations located in the Community Services Building are hosting a Military Spouse Appreciation Day, May 31. All military spouses of active

duty, Guard, Reserve, and retired U.S. armed forces are invited to attend the celebration in their honor. This is an opportunity to recognize and honor the backbone of the military, the spouses of those serving and who have served in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard. May 31, from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m., representatives from the Fleet Family Service Center (FFSC), Women, Infants, and Children Program (WIC), Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS), American Red Cross, Navy College Office (NCO) and the Naval Legal Services

Office (NLSO), would like to recognize and honor the steadfast and supportive contributions made by military spouses to the spirit and well-being of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and their military communities. Representatives from all departments of the Community Support Building will be available to present information about all the services offered and answer questions. There will be music and entertainment, door prizes, food, and activities for the children. Save this date on your calendar and come celebrate this special day.

Hold on International Mailing of Lithium Batteries Story by Naval Station Rota, Spain Postal Service Staff

Effective until Jan. 1, 2013, United States Postal Service has prohibited outbound international mailing of lithium metal or lithium-ion batteries and devices containing lithium batteries. This change is required by standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Under the rules of these international agencies, lithium metal or lithium-ion batteries cannot be sent as mail on international commercial air

transportation, including to or from APO (Army Post Office), FPO (Fleet Post Office) and DPO (Diplomatic Post Office) locations. This prohibition does not apply to lithium batteries when mailed within the United States. Customers sending electronic devices containing removable lithium batteries must remove the lithium batteries before tendering international shipments for mailing. Electronic equipment with non-

Examples of common electronic devices containing lithium cells or batteries, which the United States Postal Service has prohibited from being mailed outbound to international locations.

removable lithium batteries may not be sent by international or military mail. Retail associates, BMEU clerks and carriers conducting carrier pickup are asked to question whether lithium batteries are in any international shipments, including to APO, FPO or DPO locations. These employees will check customs labels for any declarations of lithium batteries or electronic equipment and will determine whether lithium batteries are in the shipment. Customers with outbound international packages found to contain lithium batteries will have the option of removing the lithium batteries from the package or not mailing the package.


Tara Lopez of the Human Resources Office (HRO) has been approved as a leave recipient in the Voluntary Leave Donor Program. If you are a U.S. GS civilian and are interested in donating leave to her, please contact Juana Perez at 7271648 in HRO.


May 17, 2012





May 17, 2012

The Fight Against Cancer Never Sleeps Story and Photos by MC2(SW/AW) Travis Alston

Members assigned to Naval Station Rota, Spain conducted their annual Relay for Life, Friday at the base’s drive-in theater. Relay for Life gives people in communities across the globe a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember lost loved ones and fight back against the disease. During the Relay, teams of people took turns walking or running around an impromptu track at the drive-in theater. Each team had a member on the track at all times during the event to signify that cancer never sleeps. NS Rota’s Relay was held from 7 p.m. Friday until 9 a.m. Saturday. More than 320 people participated to raised $32k, toward Members assigned to Naval Station Rota, Spain show their support by participating in this year's Relay for Life. cancer research.

One of the many bags that were decorated, in tribute to someone who has either lost their life or fighting cancer.

Seviillana dancers entertain Relay for Life participants during this year's event.

Sailors assigned to NAVSTA Rota Security The Rota Rockers perform during the event. Department light candles in support of the event.

Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Derek Cushman interviews cancer survivor Heather Jungk during a live broadcast at this year's Relay for Life. Sailors assigned to United States Naval Hospital Rota ,Spain organized a "cake walk" This was one of the many activities during this year's Relay for Life.

Members assigned to Naval Station Rota, Spain show their support by participating in this year's Relay for Life.



May 17, 2012



May 17, 2012



Community News Teen Summer Hire Job Fair

Teens between 14 and 18 are invited to the Teen Summer Hire Job Fair May 31, 6 - 8 p.m. at the DGF multi-purpose room. Employers will be on site advertising job openings and holding interviews. Bring a current copy of your resumé and a completed application. Applications are available at the Youth Center and the Fleet and Family Readiness Office. Contact Tiffany Seelbach at 727-4721 for more information.

WIC Overseas

Women, Infants and Children Overseas is a nutrition, education and supplemental food program for qualified members of the uniformed services, civilian employees, DoD contractors living overseas and their family members. Participants include pregnant, post-partum and breast-feeding women, infants and children up to age 5. WIC benefits including one-on-one nutrition counseling, nutrition and health screenings, breast-feeding education, breast pump loan program, infant and child feeding tips and drafts redeemable for nutritious foods. For more information, call 727-2921.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

AA meetings are scheduled every Wednesday at 7:15 p.m. Call DAPA at 727-2876 for more information.

Preschool Services for Children with Disabilities

Child Find for children 3 - 5 years of age is an ongoing outreach program that locates and identifies children who may have developmental delays or educational disabilities and need special services. If you have concerns regarding your child's development, please contact Linda Hill at 727-4185 or 727-4435.

ians performing military support, as well as their family members. Materials may be ordered online at or by calling 951-25-6407.

Helping Skills in Human Relations

University of Oklahoma now offers individuals with a bachelor's degree or OU graduate students certificates in Helping Skills in Human Relations and Human Resource Diversity and Development. All certificate course work can be applied to a Master of Human Relations.

OU Offers Master in Human Relations Program

University of Oklahoma’s Rota site offers a Master of Human Relations. Ten classes are taught in six-day increments with six semester hours of internship completing the required 36 hours for the program.

Boy Scout Troop 73 Swap Meet

The Boy Scout Troop 73 will be holding a Swap Meet at the drive-In Saturday, Saturday, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Come find treasures or sell some of your own. Spaces are still available for $15 each, and tables will be rented out to use for $10 each.  This is a great opportunity to clean out  your closets and make a little pocket change all while supporting the Boy Scouts.  Contact Alex at 727-6267 or e-mail to reserve a space today.

NEX A-OK Student Reward Program

Students with a B-grade point average or better may enter a drawing for U.S. Savings Bonds given each quarter. Stop by the NEX with a current report card, fill out an entry card and obtain an A-OK ID, which entitles the student to discount coupons for NEX products and services.

Raise Funds for DGF with Box Tops

Did you know that David Glasgow Farragut Elementary School earns 10 cents for every Box Top they receive? Help DGF raise funds by clipping your Box Tops and returning them to school or one of the MWR donation boxes. You can also save money on your next trip to the commissary by joining the community. Just log on, select David Glasgow Farragut Elementary School PTSA as your home school and begin to receive coupons on items you buy all the time.

Embry-Riddle Registration

Registration is now open for upcoming Embry-Riddle classes which begin May 28. Classes include Power Plant Theory and Applications, Aircraft Propulsion Systems and Applications, Aviation Law and Principles of Supply Chain Management - Eagle Vision Classroom. To request a syllabus call 727- 2984 or e-mail

Navy College Graduation

The Rota Navy College Office will be holding its annual graduation and recognition ceremony June 22. This ceremony is open to all adult members of the Rota community who have been or will be awarded a degree from an accredited institution between Aug. 1, 2011 and Aug. 31, 2012. If you are interested in participating, contact the Navy College at 727- 2785/2798 or e-mail


The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society offers an interest-free loan program for up to $3,000 per year for undergraduate or graduate tuition. This is an overseas only program, so take advantage while you’re here. Call 727-1614 to make an appointment today. For more information, contact the NMCRS at 727-1614.

Prepare for the SAT or ACT Now

EKnowledge is donating SAT/ACT Test Prep Programs worth $200 to all active duty, retired, veterans, Guard, Reserve, their family members, DoD employees and civil-

Asian Pacific Heritage Month Celebration May 20 at 4 p.m. DGF Multi-Purpose Room Asian food tasting after the show



May 17, 2012


N AV S TA R o t a ’ s F i r e D e p a r t m e n t , W i n s A g a i n Story and photos by MC2(SW/AW) Travis Alston

Naval Station Rota, Spain's Fire Department has been setting the standard for the region and the Navy for quite some time now: Their dedication to the base and the local community doesn’t go unnoticed by the command or the Navy, and it is evident by the numerous departmental and individual awards they've won. Senior Chief Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handling) Daryl Mcgee and Aviation Boatswain’s Mate 2nd Class John Fauver did their part to add to the fire department’s shrine. Mcgee was announced as this year’s Navy Military Fire Officer. Mcgee is currently the only chief petty officer in the region to hold this tittle and serves as the leading chief petty officer for the fire department. Fauver received the honors of military firefighter of the year. Both awards were

Members of Naval Station Rota, Spain Fire Department pose for a group photo.

at the Navy-wide level. “[Fauver’s] superior leadership and technical expertise has had a huge impact on the fire department, installation and the surrounding communities,” said Mcgee. “His exemplary performance is characterized by numerous contributions to the mission of Naval Station Rota.” Mcgee added fire department leaders put Fauver in the challenging position of Fire District 2 station chief because of Fauver’s ability to deal with stressful situations and make rational decisions at all times. “We don’t do this job for recognition or awards,” said Mcgee. “It is good that our hard work is being acknowledged, but we give 100 percent each and every day because we have lives in our hands, and that the most important thing.”

Senior Chief Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handling) Daryl Mcgee inspects Aviation Boatswain’s Mate 2nd Class John Fauver's uniform during an inspection.




May 17, 2012

The Value of a Man Should Be Seen in What He Gives Not What He Receives Albert Einstein once stated, “The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive,” a good point made by a man who has been highly valued for his lasting contribution to mankind. Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Yet, many times we have it exactly backward, don’t we? There is a tenChaplain Robert Johnson dency in our culture to elevate (perhaps even worship) those whose sole claim to fame is that they have received a lot of ________ in life, whether it be their good looks, inherited fortune, raw sports talent or singing ability. The list could go on and on, but you get the point. What about the common,ordinary people, the men and women whose everyday actions positively influence those around them? Much of what they do will go unnoticed, because they don’t give to be praised, they give because it is the right thing to do.


In my eyes, these are the truly valuable people in our society. At this time of year, I think of moms in particular. I know all the trials and tribulations I put my mom through, and I can tell you this: I would not be the man I am today if I didn’t have all the positive support she showed me through the years. She deserves a medal, and I know more moms than I can count that deserve the same. There are plenty of other men and women worthy of praise for their selfless giving, and we have a good number of them in Rota. I’ve seen them hard at work in the chapel community, at the school, at the NEX and virtually every department and tenant command here. However, as Chaplain Patrick Riley rightly pointed out in last week’s article, we have a really hard time being selfless. It is just downright difficult to look beyond our own interests and desires. In fact, most of us need constant or routine reminders from God to stop being so absorbed in ourselves. Well, I had one of those reminders recently as I

paused to take in the significance of our Rota Memorial Monument next to the chapel. Etched in brass on this mostly overlooked monument are 42 names, names of men and women who gave everything for the sake of our nation. Their sacrifice, and the sacrifice of all who have died in the defense of our Constitution, should not go unnoticed. When you can, I encourage you to make some time to stop by the monument for a few moments of reflection or prayer. Use that time to re-focus on what is most important and what is most valuable. You can also join us at the memorial at 10 a.m. on Wednesday as we pay tribute to all our brothers and sisters who have paid the ultimate price on behalf of our country. Whatever you decide to do, please don’t let this Memorial Day come and go without taking time to honor the memory of our fallen heroes, and ask yourself the tough question: “What am I willing to give?” If you would like to speak to me or another chaplain regarding this discussion or any other issue, please call the Religious Ministries Department at 727-2161.

Who is God Join a small group to study the answer to the biggest question of all: Who is God? In this dynamic, video-driven, small-group experience, Francis Chan distills the nature of God into bibli cal, foundational truths every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the NAVSTA Rota Chapel Fellowship Hall. The study begins with a meal, followed with a discussion from 7 - 8 p.m. Amos Bible Study A Bible study on Amos meets Wednesday, 6 p.m. at the Chapel Fellowship Hall. CREDO Marriage Enrichment Weekend: Friday - Sunday 2 p.m., Hotel La Espadaña in Rota. Beautiful suite rooms, a quick walk to the beach. Enjoy this opportunity to enrich your marriage - CREDO sponsored events cover all lodging and meals (child care is not included). Marriage enrichment activities will be held Friday night and Saturday morning, with the rest of Saturday free for you to practice what you've learned while enjoying the amenities at the beach or the hotel. Call the chapel at 727-2161 (956-82-2161) for more information or to sign-up. Seats are limited.

Call 727-2161 for more information on Chapel events.



May 17, 2012



May 17, 2012

By YN3 Charles Bolden III I went to Lisbon, Portugal with Rota's ITT. If you are looking for a place where you can relax, get a glimpse of history, and see the future, Lisbon is the place for you. There is so much to see and do, and it's very inexpensive. The trip took about seven-and-a-half hours by bus with two rest stops. I slept most of the way but when I was up, the country with its rolling plains was a sight to see. Once we arrived in Lisbon, we had to cross a bridge known as the 25 April Bridge, named after the date of the Carnation Revolution that effectively changed Portugal from an authoritarian dictatorship to a democracy. It was the longest suspension bridge in Europe and was built by the same engineers as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Calif. After checking into the hotel, I was very excited to start exploring. I was told about a place where I can shop at some very well-known stores and eat at some extraordinary restaurants at Restauradores Square. I hopped on Lisbon's Metro, which is extremely reliable and connects the city center with the upper and eastern districts. It only only cost 80 centimos per trip. When I arrived at the square I was surrounded by restaurants. Down the street were stores like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dolce and Gabana and many more. I had dinner at a little restaurant back in an alley and the food was amazing. The Portuguese are known for their seafood, more specifically the Portuguese shrimp. The next day, I headed over to the largest oceanarium in Europe. While looking for it, I found myself walking through an art expo. The area was very interesting, because it was right on the river. There was also the Vasco de Gama mall and the longest bridge in Europe, the Vasco de Gama Bridge. The oceanarium costs 11 euros to enter, where, once inside, you see an enormous fish tank of the four oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, Antarctic, and Indian). This is a great place to visit with kids or just on your own. The last day, I decided to see the older part of Lisbon. I headed to Commerce Square, which is dominated by a statue of King Jose I. Full of souvenir shops, you can take a walk checking out the sights or hop on the trolleys which goes up to the Castle of St. George. This is the highest part of the city where you can see most of the city. Walking through the castle you will find some little vendors selling handmade items very cheap. Then I walked back down to the square and hopped of a trolley which took me to Belem district, about 10 minutes from Commerce Square. Once there, you see the beautiful Monastery of San Jeronimo. The exterior of this 16th century structure was impressive. Right down the street was also the Naval Museum, Discoveries Monument and Belem Castle. Head to the Discoveries Monument, take the elevator to the top for a great view of Jeronimo's Monastery and the 25 April bridge. Lisbon is a great place for the family or the adventurer. It is an international city with its sites and cuisine.





May 17, 2012



May 17, 2012



Fleet & Family Support Center Call 727-3232 to pre-register for all FFSC functions.

Spanish for Beginners

Today, May 22 and 24, 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Come and enjoy our 17- hour Spanish Course for beginners. This beginner's course is simple and fun. These lessons are useful, easy and interesting. This course will take you from speaking no Spanish at all to being able to fulfill basic communication needs. Call 727-3232 for more details and registration

Home Buying

Today, 9 -10 a.m. Looking for real estate? Come to this class and familiarize yourself with the process of buying a home and to prepare yourself to make wise and informed decisions on one of the largest and most expensive investments you will ever make. Call 727-3232 to sign up.

New Dad Workshop

Today, 4:30 - 6 p.m. This workshop is designed to give expectant fathers additional skills, knowledge and confidence to be involved parents right from the start. Through discussion with other expectant dads and exposure to a variety of fathering perspectives, participants will explore the issues most commonly experienced in the early months of parenting. For more information or to register, please call 727-3232.

Résumé Review

Friday, 9 - 11 a.m. Do you have a current job announcement and need your résumé reviewed? If so drop off or e-mail your resume' with the job announcement at least 24 hours prior to the review appointment. Individual half-hour sessions are available, so sign up now and review your resume' with one of our specialists. Call 727-3232 for more details.

Saving & Investing

Tuesday, 9 -10 a.m. Retirement? Kids College? TSP? 401K? This dynamic workshop gives you information you need to make an informed decision about your future. Call 7273232 to sign up.

Federal Résumé

Tuesday, 1 - 2 p.m. Target your federal résumé to highlight your qualifications to HRO and hiring managers. Learn about keywords, the certificate of eligibility and the special requirements of a federal résume'. Call 727-3232 to sign up.

Spouse Appreciation Month Cooking Class

Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. – 15:00 p.m. To commemorate Spouse Appreciation Month, we have organize this special cooking class. We will go to the market to buy the fresh produce that we will use in cooking class. With the help of a local chef, you will be able to prepare some of the most famous and traditional local dishes such as paella, garlic shrimp, clams, sherry wine marinade and steamed mussels. This cooking class will be held on base. Call ext. 727-3232 for more details and register, 15 euros per person.

Sign, Song & Stories

Today – June 6, 9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Class meets every Wednesday for eight weeks at EDIS Bldg. in Las Palmeras Housing. Early Development & Intervention Services (EDIS) and The New Parent Support Home Visitation Program of FFSC are teaming up to offer a new, free interactive class promoting pre-literacy skill development using a nurturing parenting philosophy. Each session will include sign language instruction, story-time and singing for children 9 months – 3 years old. Classes will be progressive, so please plan to attend all eight sessions unless arranged with instructor. All class materials are provided free of charge at the first session.

Smooth Move

May 24, 9 - 11 a.m. Have orders? Getting ready to PCS? Then you should be signing up for this course. It is designed for all military personnel, DOD civilian personnel, and family members departing the local area. Even if it is your umpteenth PCS, you might get some new and useful information about the PCS process, as well as, information about your new

duty station. Pre-registration is required. Call 727-3232 for more information or to sign up.

Memorial Day Field Trip: Walking Tour in Arcosde la Frontera.

May 28, 8:45 a.m -3 p.m. To celebrate Memorial Day, join us on this family trip to the old town of Arcos de la Frontera. One of Andalucia's most dramatically positioned pueblos blancos (white villages), Arcos balances atop a rocky limestone ridge. We will be walking through downtown and exploring the main monuments, shopping district and the fresh produce market. Call 727- 3232 for more details and to sign up. Seats are limited!



Sk8 Club members and Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron 4 mentors pose for photo.

Sk8 Comes to Naval Station Rota Story and Photos By MA2 Samuel Buffington

Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron 4 members have created a program known as Sk8 Club that is using skating as a conduit to engage youth in positive mentorship.

MAREXSECRON 4 arrived in Rota in January. A few of their Sailors, Master-at-Arm 2nd Class Jeff Dale, MA2 Samuel Buffington, MA3 Brett Wilder, and MASN Greg

Siegmund realized the opportunity to use their interests in skating to create a club through MWR’s Child Youth Programs. Sk8 Club offers lessons on skat-

May 17, 2012

ing and lessons on life. “Inspiring our youth is not only a privilege but it is at the heart of our club’s fundamentals,” said Buffington. “For many children living on Naval Station Rota, options are limited on recreational activities. Sk8 Club offers an alternative to sitting around the house or getting into trouble.” Sk8 Club is not just about the kids. While the program is designed for the kids, the benefits go well beyond the initial interaction, said Buffington. “Some parents never knew their children were interested in skate boarding, rollerblading or even hacky sack,” said Buffington. “Completely amazed; parents can’t stop thanking our volunteers for the time and efforts put into the club.” The four members of MAREXSECRON 4 said their goal was to redefine naval deployments, and to make better use of their “off time.” “It’s not just about coming out and having fun. These kids are learning how to interact with each other,” said Dale. “For some of the children, while at school, they may have never considered being friends. Sk8 Club offers a common interest. Even kids who may have not had gotten along before we started, are now great friends because of the bonds created through Sk8 Club.”





May 17, 2012




Sevilla, Bullring guided tours, daily, 9:30 a.m. - 8 p.m., tickets 6.50 euros

Vanessa Martin in concert, Saturday, 10 p.m., Real Teatro de Las Cortes, Soan Fernando. tickets 15 - 30 euros

Tapa Route, until 24 June, Sanlucar, 28 establishments participating, one Tapa and one glass of Manzanilla = 2.50 euro, at the bar. Pick-up a map in Bldg. 1,

Coldplay in concert, Sunday, 10 p.m., Vicente Calderon Soccer Stadium, Madrid.

Gonzalez Byass Bodega – Jerez de la Frontera Monday - Saturday at noon, 1, 2, 5 and 6:30 p.m., tickets 11 euros

Big Band Jazz Festival, music of the 20's, 30's and 40's, May 25, 8:30 p.m., Alcazar de Jerez(Moorish Castle), Alameda Vieja. 6 euros at the entrance

Sandeman Bodega – Jerez de la Frontera Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 11:30 a.m., 12:30 and 1:30 p.m.

Sevilla, Reales Alcazares (Moorish Fortress) guided tours, Monday - Sunday, 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., tickets 7.50 euros Ruta de los Sentidos, a guided tour in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Saturdays 10:15 a.m. Juega con los Sentidos, a guided tour in El Puerto, Saturdays, 6 p.m. 956-85-3960 Ruta por El Puerto y Bodegas Osborne, guided tour, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 a.m., tickets 5 euros (children) and 10 euros (adults), 697-34-5807 Como Bailan los Caballos Andaluces (How Andalusian Horses Dance). Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon, Recreo de las Cadenas, Avda. Duque de Abrantes, Jerez, tickets 19 - 25 euros, 956-31-8008, or http://www.

Lenny Kravitz in concert, May 27, Coliseo Atarfe, Granada Bruce Springsteen in concert, June 17, Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid.

Upcoming Festivals

River Journey “Sanlucar-Guadalquivir River-Doñana Park," Real Fernando Ship, Fabrica de Hielo, guided tour, Monday through Sunday, 10 a.m., tickets adults 16.50 euros, children 8.20 euros. 956-36-3813 or http://www.

Feria de la Manzanilla Auxiliadora, Sanlucar de Barrameda, until Sunday

Castillo de Luna, Rota, weekend guided tours at 1 and 5 p.m., request tickets in advance at the tourism office, Calle Cuna, 2

El Rocio Pilgrimage, May 26 - 28

Velada de Maria Auxiliadora, Arcos de la Frontera Saturday - Tueday

Barbadillo Bodega – Sanlucar Tuesday – Saturdays at 11 a.m., tickets 3 euros

Flamenco “Nuevo Amanecer” a recital by Jose Merced, Thursday, at 9 p.m., Gran Teatro Falla, Plaza de Fragela, Cadiz Flamenco show, Jerez, Fridays and Saturdays, 10 p.m., El Lagar del Tio Parrilla, Plaza del Mercado, 95633-8334 Flamenco show, Sanlucar de Barrameda, Fridays, 10:30 and 11:30 p.m., Bodegon de Arte “A Contratiempo," Calle San Miguel, 5, tickets 12 euros, 653-07-1099




Handcrafts display by Sisters of Belen, Tuesdays - Saturdays, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. and 4:30 - 6:30 p.m., La Cartuja Monastery, Jerez de la Frontera

Sanlucar, Saturday, at 6:30 p.m., Juan Jose Padilla,

Hipodrome Costa del Sol, Mijas (Horse Races), 8:30 – 10 p.m. Summer season: June 30, July 7, 14, 21 and 28, Aug. 3, 10, 17. Admission 5 euros, 17 and under free, tickets at El Corte Ingles.

Sebastian Castella, Jose Maria Manzanares, tickets 30 - 100 euros


May 17, 2012

Sailor in the Spotlight

RP2(SCW/FMF) Leonel Torrente Story By MC2(SW/AW) Travis Alston

A native of Monrovia, Calif., Religious Program Specialists 2nd Class Leo Torrente enlisted in the Navy in 2000. After completing basic training in Great Lakes, Ill., he reported to Religious Program A-school in Meridian, Miss. Once his training was complete, he reported to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133 in Gulfport, Miss. He reported to the Religious Ministry Department aboard Naval Station Rota, Spain in November 2009. Here he serves as chaplain office work center supervisor. “Your will and attitude gets you further than physical strength and intelligence alone.”






May 17, 2012






S i c i l y

Story and Photos by Cheryl Clint Salerno

Sicily is a world in itself - it offers so many different stories, sights and tastes - it would take a long time to see them all; therefore, four members of the Rota Bike Club ventured out cycling among the unforgettable landscape, sheer cliffs, rugged mountains and Mediterranean coastline for 11 days. Myself, Jack Salerno, Bruce Laverty and Renee Laverty organized a selfguided tour around the Isle of Myth spending more than 29 hours on the bike while traveling 572 kilometers.  We flew from Seville to the western side of Palermo, and after getting caught in a traffic jam of cows, we started our trek along the western seaboard of Cinisi, through the rugged interior to the towering limestone peaks of Erice.  Each day we took turns driving the rental car, following the group with spare bike parts, supplies and backpacks. From Erice, heading south towards the coastal town of Marsala, we made stops in Castelvetrano and Agrigento to sightsee and to enjoy the alluring mix of cultures, history, architecture and cuisines.   But what we remember most were the smells of subtle orange blossoms, the salty scent of the sea, bold wildflowers, artichoke, olives and grape vineyards. We also enjoyed stunning ancient sites and the sound of the birds that can only be captured while biking out doors. But most memorable, the food.  In my opinion, Sicilian cuisine is the best in the world with the the most alluring fruits and vegetables, wines, pizza's, pasta's and unique cannoli and pastries.  It's so delicious and comforting, yet exotic and enticing.  Luckily, with the 24,183 calories burned, we were rewarded after each day of cycling with fragrant panelle (a sort of chick-pea fried pancake), arancini (crunchy and spicy "bite" of Sicily filled with tomato, intense cheese and rice), gelati, pasta alla norma (eggplant), brus-

Team members strike a pose during one of their stops. chetta which tasted down right addictive spooned over toast and of course, pizza, pizza and more pizza washed down with the local wines. And don't even get me started on the limoncello! Every day was different than the next.  Cycling along a flat countryside lined by vineyards and mountain ridges in the secluded heartof the island and most notably to Francis Ford Coppola's “The Godfather” town of  Corleone.  We cycled on narrow and busy roads, along man-made gems such as the archaeological temple and theater of Segesta, which is the most important and representative in Sicily and along equally breathtaking views of the tranquil Mediterranean.  Our longest day on the bike was 75 miles to San Vito lo Capo, a small town located at the end of a peninsula in a valley between spectacular mountains on the north west side of the island and home to a public beach popular with local vacationers.  Our accommodations each night were mixed from working farms called agriturismos, converted convents, a monastery and a memorable bed and breakfast housed with peacocks and exotic birds. Sicily is one of the most peoplefriendly places in the world. It tends to be very traditional, very family oriented, and

Renee Laverty and Cheryl Clint Salerno enjoy a day of cycling.

the locals didn't hesitate to ask us to join them for lunch or dinner. For travelers with a zest for adventure and if you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and every day, you have the opportunity to write a new page. If you are interested in joining the Rota Bike Club, please send an e-mail to or like Facebook Rota Road Biking Club.

Cheryl Clint Salerno and Renee Laverty, stop to pose for a photo. Cheryl Clint Salerno and Renee Laverty pose for a photo.

Renee Laverty, Bruce Laverty Cheryl Clint Salerno and Jack Salerno pose for a photo in front of a local landmark.

The team gets delayed by of cattle .




May 17, 2012


Commanding Officer Naval Station Rota, Spain, Capt. Scott Kraverath participates in a cake-cutting ceremony to commence Asian-Pacific Heritage Month.

A "peek-a-boo" bulletin board is displayed for to Mother's Day. The photos are of Sure Start students, as infants at the CDC..

Naval Station Rota, Spain Executive Officer, Cmdr. Patrick Moran presents the Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal to Senior Chief Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Handing) James Vaiciulis.



May 17, 2012

La Terraza de Puerto Sherry: Club and Leisure La Terraza de Puerto Sherry in Hotel Puerto Sherry is a day beach club with all the services and much more. It is open to all from 8 a.m. - 2 a.m. so you can come for awhile or stay all day. Naturally, there is an open-air pool with lounge chairs, Thai beds and towels as well as a wellness zone with massages and activities such as Pilates and aquagym. You can also rent paddle or volleyBy Karen Lucas, Coastline Publisher ball courts, boats and go on excursions. To keep from dehydrating, enjoy some of their natural juices and stay for an enjoyable lunch or dinner in Restaurante La Terraza. All the while, you can delight in the fabulous view of the marina and the bay. For the kids there is Divertilandia and for those times you don’t feel like preparing a meal there is “La Barraca del Arroz,” a carry/ take-out restaurant that specializes in paella and other rices. In the evenings, La Terraza de Puerto Sherry offers theme parties, D.J., live performances, promotional events and a long drink bar. In addition to all of this, there is free parking and Wi-Fi throughout. For more information or reservations, call 956-872000 or e-mail reservas@hotelpuertosherry. com. As part of this club and leisure concept, your children, ages 5 to 15, can take advantage of Sherry Day Camp that runs from July 2 - Aug. 17. The camp is held Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. This year Sherry Day Camp has joined forces with the International Institute of Languages in El Puerto de Santa María to give more emphasis on language practice. Practicing a language while practicing a sport or another activity is an effective way to improve language skills. Children can choose between sailing or paddle. The day starts off practicing the sport of their choice followed by a snack, music or academic tutoring, lunch, eco art and then swimming. The price per week is 145 euros for the paddle option and 200 euros for the sailing option. However, if you sign up before June 1, you will be eligible for this special offer of 125 euros for paddle and 175 euros for sailing. Sibling and group discounts are also available. For more information or to enroll go to, call 856-92-2595



A group of kids enjoy a day at the Sherry Day Camp.

or stop by the offices on Calle Luna, 22 in El Puerto de Santa María. Last week I received the following e-mail from a Coastline reader in Morón. “Hi Karen, During the past several weeks we have patronized two of your advertisers for the first time. Pacheco’s Frame Shop: We had several items framed at a very reasonable price. We were also very impressed with the quantity of beautiful paintings available.  I’m sure we’ll go back and visit their shop again. Los Argentinos Steak House:  Believe it or not, this was our first visit but will not be the last.  Excellent food, well served, at a reasonable price.  We’ll go back and of course recommend it to our friends. As usual, we mentioned the Coastline. v/r Ken Restaurante Los Argentinos Restaurante Los Argentinos has new hours. They are open for lunch from 1:30 - 5 p.m. and for dinner from 8 p.m. - midnight. They are closed on Mondays. Indiana Kennels and Cattery If you are going to travel over Memorial Day Weekend and need a place to leave your pet, you can’t find a better home away from home than the Indiana Kennels and Cattery. You can now find them on Facebook at www.facebook. com/Indiana - Residencia Canina y Felina, Kennels and Cattery Las Marías Equestrian Center Las Marías and I owe our readers an apology because we ran the ad and article about their summer camp, Pine Hollow before the English part of their Web page was up and running. All the information about the camp is now available in English. Go to and then click on Pine Hollow. Bar Tini Just a reminder that the Sushi Bar Tini is closed today through this Sunday. Anything you want me to pass along? Let me hear from you about your favorite places or coming events. I do like hearing from you! Send me an e-mail to or give me a call at 607-56-4132. Support your paper by supporting the advertisers.

Locals enjoy a day at Puerto Sherry Beach Club.



May 17, 2012



May 17, 2012

el mercado



To place a classified ad submit information in 25 words or less by the Friday prior to desired publication date. Classifieds will run for one edition only. Free ads are available to TEI cardholders for non-commercial goods. E-mail submission to or fax to 727-1021. Non-TEI cardholders and/or ads of a commercial nature (pets for sale, real estate, for-profit business) require payment and must be submitted to Karen Lucas at or fax to 956-54-2997.






2006 BMW 318i E90: Euro specs, all annual inspections performed by authorized BMW dealership and logged in maint. book, one owner, ITV passed in April, 12,000 euros. Call Julian, 727-1082 or 686-28-2997. 2004 VOLVO S60: Fully loaded, 2 8 K m i , AW D, l e at h e r i nte r i o r, l i k e n e w. C a l l 9 5 6 - 8 5 - 9 9 3 5 . OLDER MODEL CHRYSLER VAN: Has issues, squeeks, 2,000 e u ro s O B O. Ca l l 6 6 7 - 2 8 - 5 1 5 1 . OLDER MODEL BMW: Runs well, 3,500 euros. Call 667-28-5151.



BIOMBO FOLDING PANELS: From China, blk w/ floral motif, brand new, $150. Call 626-10-3782 after 5 p.m. FURNITURE: Solid pine drawer chest, $100, for pic ture e -mail, 956-05-5134. FURNITURE: Blue double wall away reclining sofa, good cond, $250, Orange double sofa, per fect cond, $350. Call 956-81-5171 or 676-92-5795. FURNITURE: 3 piece sofa set w/ wooden bottom, arm chair hardly used, w/loveseat and long sofa w/pillows, $900. Call 626-10-3782 after 5 p.m. FURNITURE: Italian sofa, authentic grn suede, and floral cushions, $300. Call 626-10-3782 after 5 p.m. KELTY KIDS BACKPACK: 2007 model, blue auto deploy kickstand, sun/rain hood included, removable kids pouch, padded back panel w/torso adjustment, like new, $100. E-mail aparicio_2000@yahoo. com for pictures or call 660-44-1751. TWIN TRUNDLE BED: White metal frame, w/out mattress, $50. Call 626-10-3782 after 5 p.m.

MISCELLANEOUS: Sofa $75, loveseat $50, heater $30, settee/chest handmade $75. Call 956-85-9935. MISCELLANOUS ITEMS: Two arm chairs brocade $100, antique oak table w/motif, 2 leafs and hutch $800, wooden high chest w/shelves and drawers $75, high arm chair covered w/burgandy material $75, child’s play house $25, wooden computer desk $20, little tikes table $15, little tikes artist desk $25. Call 626-10-3782 after 5 p.m.

LEAVE DONOR PROGRAM Tara Lopez of the Human Resources Office (HRO) has been approved as a leave recipient in the Voluntary Leave Donor Program. If you are interested in donating leave to her, please contact Ms. Juana Perez (ext.1648) in HRO. She can answer your questions and provide the required forms.








HOUSES AND APARTMENTS: Sea views, pools and yards, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 bdrm in Rota, Costa Ballena, Chipiona, Puerto Sta. Maria and Sanlúcar, w/ pools and yards. No rental fees to Americans. Call Antonio at 685-204466, or PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: Cleaning and maintenance, key handling, access to UK rental bookings. Call Ray at 653-78-0296.









APARTMENT BY CHIPIONA MARINA: 2 bdrm, 2 bath, underground parking, rooftop terrace, three-minute walk to marina and beach, furn optional, 1200 Euros/mo negotiable. Free Internet and cable, English-speaking landlords. Call 956-05-3624 or 600-89-8066.



APARTMENT IN LAS REDES: 130m2, built, 2 bdrm, 2 bath, lrg lvg rm, covered laundry area, ample terrace, comm. yard

w/pool, 650 euros/mo. Ref. A-0838. Call 956-85-0183 or 607-70-6418. ATTACHED HOUSE IN EL AGUILA: 4 bdrm, 2.5 bath, fireplace, A/C, central gas, private parking, laundry rm, 800 euros/mo. Ref : A-1006. Call 956-85-0183 or 607-70-6418. BEACH APARTMENT IN PUERTO: Unique location, first line Las Redes beach, 4 min. from Puerto base gate. Ample lvg/dng rm, 3 bdrm w/built in closets, 1 bath, A/C, heat w/individual pump units, U.S. style washer, fully equipped kitchen, telephone line, ADSL Internet. Uninterrupted view of the Cadiz Bay, 1,200 euros/mo., maint. fees, local and national telephone service and Internet included. Fully furn or unfurn. Call 62890-7856 or 956-48-1349. English spoken. BEAUTIFUL BEACHFRONT APARTMENT IN FUENTEBRAVIA: 1st row, 5 min. from gate, 2 bdrm, 1 full-bath, lvg-dng rm w/ balcony, American style kitchen, vitro, oven, microwave, washing machine, thermostat heating(solar heat), TV w/ satellite connection, Internet, telephone, wind screens, lift, underground garage. American owned, tastefully furn, ready to live in, available now, 1,000 euros/mo. negotiable(utilities included), plus dep. Call Coco at 956-48-0973 or 699-79-4899 or Brigitte at 956-85-1396. Listed in BEAUTIFUL HOUSE OUTSIDE PUERTO GATE: American owned, 1 min to housing gate, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, walk-in closet, lvg-dng area w/fireplace, lrg kitchen, w/ pantry, laundry area, terrace enclosed w/ glass, sep. BBQ area w/water, private inside covered parking for 2 cars w/automatic gate, central heat, A/C, window screens, AFN satellite. Call Michael 667-78-5290. CHALET IN EL AGUILA: 5 bdrm, 4 bath, central heat, city gas, A/C, ample kitchen, enclosed laundry rm, finished basement, comm fees incl, 1,800 euros/mo. Ref. A-1067. Call 956-85-0183 or 607-70-6418. CHALET IN VISTAHERMOSA: Beautiful 1,200 m2 lot, 4 bdrm, 3 bath, floor heat, lrg

kitchen w/office, pool, enclosed garage, community, gardener and pool maint included, 2.500 euros/mo. Ref. A-1045. Call 956-85-0183 or 607-70-6418.

kitchen, w/patio, inside parking for 2 cars, A/C, laundry rm, listed in housing. English spoken, call Antonio at 615-23-2552.

DETACHED HOUSE IN FUENTEBRAVIA: 5 bdrm, 3 bath, lvg/dng area w/fireplace, kitchen and laundry area, A/C, heat, private parking, lrg yd, close to beach and base, 1,200 euros/mo ,includes gardener. Listed in housing. Call Coco at 699-79-4899, English spoken.

a re a , 3 b d r m , 2 b at h , l vg / d n g rm, kitchen, laundr y rm, terrace, furn or unfurn. Call 666-49-0434.

LOVELY AMPLE HOUSE ON LRG LOT 1,000m2 W/GUEST HOUSE: Main house has 3 ample bdrm w/built-in closets, 1 1/2 bath, lvg rm w/fireplace, 2 porches, lrg complete kitchen w/ pantry, laundry rm, parking for 3 cars. Guest house has mini kitchen, bath, lvng rm and bdrm. On Sanlucar Rd, 1,200 euros/mo. Call 645-94-5586. NEW DETACHED HOUSE CLOSE TO PUERTO GATE: 3 lrg bdrm, master bdrm has walk-in closet, 2 bath, wooden floors, beautiful covered patio, lrg kitchen, lrg lvg/dng area w/fireplace, AC/heat, solar heat, lrg back porch, driveway for 2 cars, lrg yard w/private pool. Asking 1,600 euros (gardener included). Contact Coco 699-79-4899, English Spoken. NEW DETACHED HOUSE 10 MINUTES FROM BASE: 3 lrg bdrm, master bdrm fits king size bed, 3 bath, huge American-style kitchen w/island, lvg-dng area, central A/C and heat, huge yard w/sprinkler system, private pool and driveway. 2,300 euros/mo, gardener and maint fees incl. Call Coco 699-79-4899. English spoken.





HOUSE IN ROTA: Great location, first line on the beach/forest, 2,357 sq ft, 4 U.S. sized bdrm w/closets 3 full bath, fireplace, enclosed patio, garage w/storage, air and heat. Call Thomas Murphy at 673-54-7988.


Very close to beach, 4 bdrm, 3 bath, full

ROTA APARTMENT: In residential

TWO-STORY CHALET: Bodega-style

on a lrg, 1,000 m2 lot, 3 bdrm, master w/bath, fireplace and A/C, kitchen w/ office, lvg/dng rm w/fireplace, bath, pool, outdoor dng area and garden house. Located 2 km from Costa Ballena toward Chipiona. Call 617-364513 or e-mail


Fu n d s, I R A’ S , 5 2 9 1 , i n s u r a n c e, I.R.P.S. Call Ray at 653-78-0296.


someone to walk your dog? Experienced dog walker off base in Rota. Call Seth at 695-10-0348. References available.

GUITAR LESSONS: Classic, flamenco and elementary guitar. Call Manolo for more info at 956-85-1455 or 666-87-4875.

EMPLOYMENT: Homecare provider

in the States for 7 years, First Aid, CPR, Courses in Child Abuse Detection, Safety, Learning Environment and Health. Exc. ref, lots of experience w/children and the elderly, has transportation. Exc. spoken English. Call Inma at 617-18-3881.


or group, gear provided, Navy base discounts, complete beginner okay. I will meet you in Cadiz, Rota, or Puerto, 70 euros/day. Call 619-80-4339.


responsible, 36 yr. old Spanish woman w/lots of experience seeks employment caring for children of any age and/

or cleaning by the hour or monthly. Weekends or weekdays, flexible hours, immediately available and has exp. working on base, references avail. Call Esther at 666-88-1157 or 632-22-1677.

WORK WANTED: Has experience as

security guard, and chauffeur, has B1 license, speaks English and Spanish. Call 666-88-1157 or 632-22-1677.







BRIDGE GROUP: Anyone interested in joining a Bridge card group at NS Rota starting in June or July? Inquiries can be made to

E M P L O Y M E N T H R O : Ed u c at i o n Ai d, G S - 1 7 0 2 02/03/04, Marketing and Public Affairs Asst., GS-1001-05, Recreation Aid, GS-0189-03, Recreation Asst. (Liberty), GS-0189-05, Recreation S e r v i c e s D i re c t o r, G S - 1 1 0 1 - 1 3 , Secretary (O/A), GS-0318-08 (Office of CO). Customer service hours 8 a.m.4 p.m. Call 727-1643 for more info. M W R : C Y P Pro g ra m A s s i s t a nt, Driver/ Cashier Pizza Villa, Aquatics Super visor y Recreation Specialist (Aq u at i c s ) , L i f e g u a rd ( Po o l s ) 2 positions and Teen Summer Hire. Applications must be submitted on OF-612 form and Family Member Status Form to MWR Personnel Office between 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. For more info call 727-2596 or 727-3263. MWR COMMUNITY CLASSES: Want to start and run your own business? Do you have a hobby or skill that you believe others would pay for? Rota MWR Community Classes is a program that allows you to star t and run your own on-base business while teaching others your skills, all with the backing of MWR. Call 7271382 or e-mail communityclasses@ ro t a mw r. co m to f i n d o u t m o re .



The La Liga All-Star Team

It was another great La Liga season and below is my all-star team. One caveat is that only one player could be selected from each team. Forward Radamel Falcao (Atlético Madrid) – While not the leading goal Yuval Fleming scorer in La Liga this Sports Writer season, El Tigre Falcao was by far the most dangerous and feared true striker in the Spanish League. The Columbian was dominant in the air and can score with both feet, while scoring boatloads of goals in both in the domestic league and in the Europa Cup. This may be his first and last season with the Roji-


blanco as they will receive very lucrative offers to sell the prized striker. Midfield Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) – The best player on the best team certainly deserves to be on this squad. The Portuguese winger had more goals than any player not named Messi and more importantly scored when it mattered. His late-game heroics against Atlético Madrid and Barcelona allowed Real Madrid to win their first title in three years and 32 overall. Lionel Messi (Barcelona) – He was the leading goal scorer in the league with 50 goals and proved why many fans consider him to be the best soccer player in the world. Many of his goals were created out of nothing, and his finishing skills with his

Games of the Week

Saturday * Bayern Munich vs. Chelsea, 8:45 p.m. Sunday * Deportivo La Coruña at Jerez, 8 p.m. Friday (May 25) * Athletic Bilbao vs. Barcelona The Offsides Summer Sports Writing Contest All youngsters (under the age of 18) are invited to submit their sports article to Offsides before June 30. Sports must be featured prominently in the article. The winning writer will be awarded a $100 Navy Exchange Gift Certificate and will possibly see their article published in The Coastline. Second place will receive a $25 gift certificate. E-mail your submissions to

left foot became almost automatic. Jesús Navas (Sevilla) – Navas was a one of the few bright spot in an otherwise disappointing season for Sevilla. His speed down the right side and ability to send accurate and dangerous crosses into the penalty box are why he will almost certainly be included on the Spanish National Team. Santi Cazorla (Málaga) – He is composed with the ball, creative and a powerful shot taker, not to mention his abilities from free kicks. Even at 21 million euros, he looks like a good investment now that Málaga have qualified for Champions League. Conversely his former team Villarreal finished third to last in the table and was relegated to the Segunda Division. Marcos Senna (Villareal) – It was a very disappointing season for Villareal this year as they failed to take a single point in the Champions League and finished the season in the relegation zone. That being said, the veteran Spaniard continued to display world-class skill and showed that, even at the age of 35, he is still one of the best midfielders in La Liga. Defense Jordi Alba (Valencia) – He may not be the best defender but his natural attacking ability makes up for that. He saw some time at midfield, but he is best from the back, where he will likely start for this year’s Spanish National Team at the Euro Cup. Javi Martinez (Athletic Bilbao) – It was a rather successful year for Athletic Bilbao

May 17, 2012


as they made it to the finals of both the Europa League and Copa del Rey. One reason why is the skill of Javi Martinez. One of the many bright young Spanish players, his skills allow him to create offense from the back. He is so skilled with the ball that he will likely play midfield when he plays for the Spanish National Team this summer. Sergio Ballesteros (Levante) – At age 36 he is by far the oldest player on the All Liga squad, but he deserves credit for being the spiritual leader of a team, Levante that managed to qualify for the Europa Leage next season. Nacho (Real Betis) – After Dani Alves there is a steep drop of in quality of right backs in La Liga. Nacho, though, is a solid defender who can provide good support in attack. Betis had a solid season and Nacho is one reason why.


May 17, 2012


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