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THE CUT OF MY JIB... This short video expresses my interests, pleasures, aims, desires and what drives my inspiration and imagination. This video has very short clips showing footage from my favorite film, City Of God. Footage of moving transport, which shows my passion for traveling. A flower time lapse, which represents myself, Rosy, growing. Clips of my boyfriend, my parents (which also has a connection to Harry Potter, my guilty pleasure) and a friend and I dancing. England’s final goal in the 1966 world cup, which represents achievement. A catwalk, I’ve done modeling and my work is mainly fashion based, from photography to illustration. My need for thrill seeking. A love scene, we all need love and a flick through one of my reference books, as inspiration.

BEHIND THE SCENES... My video, Behind the Scenes, pushes the Dogme95 rules, Rule 6. ‘The film must not contain superficial action (murders, weapons, etc. must not occur.)’, however, modeling, is filmed in a studio, in which this action occurs naturally and is somewhat a prop to my video. Rule 4, ‘The film must be in colour. Special lighting is not acceptable’, likewise, tripods and special lighting are used, however this not for the effects of video, but they are within the video as props. The only rule in which I have fully broken is rule 2, ‘The sound must never be produced apart from the images or vice versa. Music must not be used unless it occurs within the scene being filmed’, I tried to produce the video using only the sound produced when filming, however the outcome wasn’t successful, as it didn’t piece together very well.

The photo-shoot was inspired by the videos in the posts shown below, I have tried to produce a mix of both, documentary and short film, but keeping to the rules. I chose to keep my video fashion based, as this is what my work usually consists of and is the field I wish to aspire to work after my studies. I am not too pleased with my final outcome. But by going through this process has enabled me to realise, film making isn’t for me.

EDITED PHOTOGRAPHS THE BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO... Although I enjoyed prducing my films, I felt this wasn’t an area I excelled at, although, the images I captured whilst filming imspired me to produce further work.




If somebody would have asked me two years ago, ‘are you an illustrator?’ I would have laughed, and explained how awful I am at drawing. Today, however, I feel I have matured in this area and has become one of the key focus’ of my work. I have come to realise that, to illustrate, doesn’t necessarily mean to draw a perfect portrait, it’s to express something visually.

Illustration, being my fey focus, I have other areas of practice I like to demonstrate, such as, photography, printmaking and bookbinding. I have used the past few weeks to adapt a more fluent style within these practices, by attending various print workshops, screen-printing and intaglio, and using online tutorials to boost my knowledge of bookbinding.

After various tutorials and research I found that to become recognisable illustrator my work my be recognisable, and have a link between all of my works. for example below, my style must come naturally to me, just as my signature does.

I usually let work get on top of me, and with the FMP on the horizon, by now I would have broken under the pressure, which produces a creative block, however, using my past experiences, I have let my work flow, by doing more and more, and not letting myself stop to worry, the ideas are coming to me naturally.

LINE ILLUSTRATIONS... I love the crisp, clean cut edge of a line drawing, the black in on white paper, so simplistic yet satisfying. I find it so therapeutic, I like to draw fast, without worry, whether this is to do with my impatience I’m unsure The main question I receive from my illustrations is , ‘why do they have no faces?’. i believe what you wear expresses enough emotion and to put a face within the garments, will only add curiosity to what the image is about. it’s simply about the clothes, not who’s wearing them. For the Homemade & Bound book fair, I wanted to exhibit some of my own works, so I began to develop my line drawings, as although I love the monochrome effect of back on white, I felt the majority of onlookers, will perhaps, think they look a little

unfinished. I began with ink, using autumnal colours, relating to the weather. I used a very loose technique, allowing the ink to flow over the lines.

NINA CHAKRABARTI I have always found the work of Nina Chakrabarti inspiring, she has the same love for the crisp black on white effect made with fineliner, rotring pen or biro. I selected these portrait images for my portfolio, mainly because they are the most similar to the works I produce. Her work is much more characteristic, with emotion in the faces, and simplistic lines. Theres less attention to detail, but she concentrated on the patterns in the hair and clothing.

COLOUR... After a critique, I realised it more than the image that will attract attention. Its the quality of the paper. The positioning. The quality of ink. To develop these further, firstly freely playing with inks, then overlaying my line drawings, I am to look how the flowing lines bring the full image together with the colour. This is because the ink is taking out some of the detail, the lines need to be on top to carry on the same ‘crisp’ feel.

Gemma Milly A fashion, portrait & wedding illustrator from England. I origanally came across her last year in my favorite book, Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration. I love her use of ink, the lose flow whic is only used within the graments, theres little detial in the clothes, other than the ink, I chose these two images in particular, as they are most similar to my own.

COLLAGE... Using my original illustrations, I have added a bit of character, by placing wallpaper designs within it. Like my previous illustrations, I have left the faces blank for the same, emotion, reasons, although this time I have used wallpaper, to combine the two

COMPUTER MANIPULATED COLLAGE... I have developed my collages, by producing them in Photoshop and illustrator, these have a more professional finnish. I have done this because the previous ones felt a little flimsy and unfinished. I’ve used the same ‘loose’ effect, as I did on my original ink experiments.

NO LINES... This is an example of the lines pulling together my image, its still recognisable, what the image is, however, feels incomplete. Although I really love this image, its the complete opposite to what I usually produce.

SCREENPRINTS... For Handmade & Bound I took my collages further by producing a screen print of one of them. I was a little skeptical to whether this would work how I intended, because of the detail of the design. However, using the halftone technique, which simulates a gradient effect through the use of dots, varying in either size or spacing, they print came out very well.

THE STAMP... I am very proud of my stamp, ordered form I am now able to place this upon all my work, it includes my email address, so any interested clients can get in touch! This can be found on all of my Handmade & Bound prints

HANDMADE & BOUND... I was unable to attend Handmade & Bound at first due to other commitments, but after alot of negotiating, managed to get some time to attend, which was fully worth it! It was great to speak to other students and more established designers which were also exhibiting their work. It was so motivating and encouraging to see people interacting with my work, taking them out of the packaging and flicking through the collection to see them all.


BOOKBINDING... I produced some illustrations to make into a small book, by using a sewing machine down the left side. My illustrations have been cut in half, to show detail which may not be picked up as a full image, as to draw the eye into a different area. I have situated these slightly to the right, so when stitched they can be seen better within the book.

INTAGLIO PRINTS... I have been taking advantage of the printing tutorials, one of which was intaglio, I technique which invovlves engraving into perspex, then pushing ink into the grooves, wiping away the excess ink with tarlatan cloth. The whole process is very repetative and time consuming, but the over all effect is really worth it.

EXPERIMENTATION... Shown below are experiments I tried, in which i applied a small amount of ink to the surface, after wiping away the excess from the grooves, this resulted in the lines becoming darker against the background, I really like this effect. amongst these are ghost prints, which is the priint straight after the first one, which creates a much more subtle line.

LINO PRINTS... After handmade and bound I felt inspired to produce more, as soon as I touched home I began to carve my lino prints out! harder than originally anticipated I feel I need more practice and more plasters.

TYPE & IMAGE : THE LANGUAGE OF GRAPHIC DESIGN I feel I have used my time wisely this semester, by generating alot of ideas, in producing a range of works and exploring areas I have on briefly touched upon in the past, has enabled me to find my path in graphic design. After all my experimentation, I have gone back to my collage illustrations, as this is what I enjoyed the most, I’ve edited them slightly, by adding text, to convey a message, which before I felt was lost within the image.

NO LINES DEVELOPED... I have begun removing the line drawings from my images, something I experimented with earlier on in the unit, before my work had developed, I was unsure if it worked, however, I have added text, which relates to the image. Now I am much more please with the outcomes.

FINAL SUBMISSION The couple of weeks will see me producing more images, which will contribute towards the small book I wish to publish in time for the final submission.