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The area’s biggest street party is more than just a good time.

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Looking for a unique camp for your child? See Museum of Modern Design’s Camp MODA on page 5.

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Roswell to Host Prescription Drug Take Back Day


The Roswell Police Department (RPD) will be collecting potentially dangerous expired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs for destruction during Drug Take Back Day, Saturday, April 28, 10 am to 2 pm at the Roswell Recycling Center, 11570 Maxwell Road, Alpharetta. The RPD is partnering with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Keep Roswell Beautiful for the event. The service is free and anonymous. For more information, please contact Officer Lisa Holland at the Roswell Police Department, 770-6404422 or visit the DEA’s website at

Board-certified Nurses Honored

We Specialize In: • Monthly accounting and compilation services • New business start up assistance • Income tax return preparation • New home? Children? Let us help. • Income tax planning • Sales tax and payroll tax filing • Assistance with tax notices and audits • Non-profit tax and accounting Mention This Ad For


770-640-5042 555 Sun Valley Drive, Suite E-2 Roswell, GA 30076

In the increasingly complex world of healthcare, board certification of nurses plays a vital role in delivering high standards of care for patients and their loved ones. While a registered nurse (RN) license provides a strong foundation for general nursing practice, certification affirms advanced knowledge, skill and practice to meet the challenges of modern nursing. On March 19, North Fulton Hospital celebrated worldwide Certified Nurses Day by honoring the hospital’s 39 board-certified nurses. Representing 12 different areas of specialty, the nurses were recognized for their professionalism, leadership and commitment to excellence in patient care. For a complete list of honorees please visit our section on The Current website, by clicking the link on the front page.

Night Construction Begins on Westside Parkway Drivers on Old Milton Parkway in the vicinity of Westside Parkway will see a lot of activity beginning Monday, April 2. Between then and April 26, contractors will be working a Monday through Saturday, 24- hour schedule to complete the final leg of Westside Parkway as quickly as possible. Motorists should expect to see some lane closures or shifts along Old Milton Parkway during construction. These will be limited to occur between the hours of 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and 7:30 pm to 5:30 am so as to avoid peak commute times. Still, drivers are encouraged to avoid the intersection of Old Milton Parkway and Westside Parkway when those closures and shifts are occurring. For more info, contact the City of Alpharetta Department of Engineering and Public Works at (678) 297-6200. q

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By Laura Liles

Welcome to camp season.


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There are seemingly endless summer camp options available for area parents – let us help you come to the right decision.


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Choosing The Right Camp One Day At A Time



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Happy campers! Students from Atlanta Dance Central. to how your child reacts to the facility. This will often give you a strong indication of how the experience will be for them. Length of Programs Depending on your interaction during the normal school year, consideration of your time spent with your child is also key. Some children may love camp so much that they want to go all the time, but you may want to hold them out for some quality time with you. Also, consider convenience. You may have a long drive that makes life needlessly difficult. Specialty Camps This is the new trend in summer camps. There are camps that focus on everything from science to surfing. Based on your child’s needs, research camps that appeal to their talents. You can also choose a camp that helps develop skills that your child needs a boost in, in the more entertaining setting of camp.

Current Camp Guide

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While most kids don’t hit the pool until the summer months, their parents are busy making choices about summer camps months before they start. The process can be daunting for some, so let’s cut through the clutter to help make your camp choices easier. Ask Your Child The first place to start is by asking your child where they may want to go. Perhaps they have friends who are attending someplace special, or perhaps they want to learn something new through activities that appeal to them. Gather this information first and let it assist in shaping the decision. Ask Others Of course what your child may want is not the only thing to bear in mind. There is still homework to do, like asking other parents, or even other kids, where they’ve been in the past. It’s important to get a few opinions since someone may have had a bad experience that was unusual and unrelated to the one you will ultimately have. Tour Facilities Go see the camp with your child. Ask the staff about their philosophy and organization. While there, pay attention

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ROSWELL BUDOKAN In addition to the different themed adventure camps taking place each day @ Budokan, campers will explore Aikado-Martial Arts, Japanese Language & enjoy outdoor water play! Our certified instructors & camp counselors provide excellent leadership for all campers in a fun, state of the art environment. 770-649-8383 /

CAMP MODA At campMODA, students 6-14 years old learn basic robotic engineering, programming principals, and science, technology, engineering and math concepts while having fun! Your child’s natural curiosity and ingenuity will help them envision possibilities and develop innovative solutions to difficult technology problems. 404-979-6455 /

CRABAPPLE ACADEMY Adventure abounds as Survivor meets Top Chef meets Extreme Couponing in this year's life-skills themed camp that will help your children learn how to be selfreliant, productive citizens through fun activities, creative projects, and exciting field trips! 770-475-4544 /

ATLANTA DANCE CENTRAL Offers summer camps for Ages 2.5 - 18. They run from June thru August.  Kinder Camps, Youth Camps, Summer Intensives. Drop In classes in: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Acro, Hip Hop.  All levels. 770-992-0170 /



Museum ooff Design Museum Design AAtlanta tlanta 11315 315 PPeachtree eachtree Street Street A tlanta, GA GA 330309 0309 Atlanta,





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What Is New Urbanism?

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Introducing a new column – community design matters. By Michael Hadden

How do you view your city? Do you see things in terms of walkability, sustainability, productivity, lovability and proximity? Do you know how to evaluate those? All too often, our eyes are closed to what truly drives them. Can you easily walk to a corner store to buy some milk or bread? Do you ever see ladies or children riding a bicycle around town? Without lycra? Is there a park within a 5minute walk of your home? Do poorly placed road signs bug you? Have you ever wondered why a utility pole is smack dab in the middle of a sidewalk? How much do all of those fire hydrants cost? Do empty parking lots in front of strip malls drive you nuts? Are those lots ever full? Are wide roads safer? Why are roundabouts safer when they feel dangerous? What are those round 30-A bumper stickers? How did I get here? I can answer that last one pretty easily. I fooled the good people at The Current into believing that I can

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I hope to spark some thoughts and dialogue around how we can develop a better city.


write coherent sentences. They are better judges of literary talent than I, and had a hunch that their readers might find my topics interesting. My blog New Urban Roswell focuses on how our city can become even more livable. I like looking at what’s going on in and around Roswell through a different lens than most. That lens is new urbanism. For those readers unfamiliar with it, this is how the Congress for the New Urbanism explains it: • New Urbanism Uses Less Energy... and Energizes Communities • Builds More Value... by Valuing

the Spaces Around You • Is more Efficient with Tax Dollars... and Improves Public Services and Safety • Makes Streets More Inviting... and Safer for Everyone • Conveniently Greens... Your Daily Routine • Is Healthier... by Being More Pedestrian and Bicycle-Friendly Not everyone will agree, but I hope to spark some thoughts and dialogue around how we can develop a better city. Some people might even think it’s a communist plot. However, I like to think Community Design that it's equally Matters pragmatic and visionary. MICHAEL HADDEN Whether you know it or not, anyone who has one of those round, blue “30-A” stickers is promoting it. If you’ve ever visited Seaside, Rosemary Beach, Charleston, Savannah, The French Quarter, Beacon Hill, Serenbe, or Main Street USA at Disney, you’ve experienced the concept at work. Most of us like it even though we can’t easily put it into words. Each month, I will try to put it into words with my take on projects that are rumored, planned or in progress. Last month, on our blog, we took a look at Strip Malls, Food Trucks, and Groceries. Stop by and check it out or wait until next month here in The Current. Here’s a hint for next month’s topic... It rhymes with ‘Fall Cart Saberwood Parkit’ and it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t rhyme with ‘Gator Moe’s.’ q Michael Hadden blogs at He is a certified member of the Congress for the New Urbanism and a member of the Strong Towns Network. You may contact him at:


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The Stars Shine Brighter With Teamwork



V spec isit our recli ials o webs ners n ind ite fo , gli oor r ders sof & m as, ore. ..

The Comfortable Chair Store™

North Fulton Hospital proves community involvement is more than check writing.

Now celebrating our 20th year!

TAKE 10% OFF all of our maintenance-free outdoor furniture thru April 29 AND GO GREEN WITH PREMIUM QUALITY By Tripp Liles

In 1993, a group of community volunteers started a small afterschool program geared toward assisting low-income children in the Roswell area, in an effort to inspire academic success. At its inception there were only about 2 dozen children in an apartment-learning center. Today STAR House serves over 250 students at Ester Jackson Elementary, Mimosa Elementary, Elkins Pointe Middle and Roswell High. All of the funding for STAR House, which is of no charge to students, comes from donations and volunteer support. A prime example of that multi-layered support comes from North Fulton Hospital. “The nice thing is that they (North Fulton) have adopted the Esther Jackson program,” Keller Torrey, Development Director at STAR House, said. “It’s really great what they've done.” Beyond just writing checks, North Fulton Hospital emphasizes employee involvement in the community. They have assisted in many projects and activities for STAR House by having bake sales, donating much needed school supplies and even holding an Easter egg hunt for the children. “The cool thing about North Fulton is that they went into the community

Adella Kelly, North Fulton Hospital Patient Experience Manager, and Chris Moore assist with the STAR House Easter Egg Hunt.

and asked what we needed,” said Nancy Diamond, a member of the STAR House Board of Directors. “That is an important feature that we don't often get. What they've done is give us time, and that is important.” Amberlee Moore, an Executive Assistant at North Fulton Hospital, is a prime example of a heavily involved employee who devotes time to STAR House. She is a member of a dog therapy group called Therapy Dogs International. Through that association she is able to bring dogs into the program where the kids can interact with them, which has been very popular. “Our employees have shown a great interest with STAR House and they enjoy the interaction with the kids. The kids love seeing familiar faces since we are there every month,” Moore said. “The dogs are a big hit.” As the STAR House program expands, support from local entities like North Fulton Hospital will be the key to success and positive growth. The philosophy behind that growth is to provide programs for children from the elementary level through high school. According to Torrey, the Centennial High cluster is a targeted area CONTINUED 25

...the ultimate choice for carefree outdoor living! kid sizes

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You’ll instantly feel the comfort difference that quality materials and attention-to-detail make! This MAINTENANCE-FREE poly lumbar product is the finest on the market and is backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Kid-friendly, eco-friendly, and available in 20 gorgeous colors!

770-518-8518 30 E Crossville Rd (between QuikTrip & Slope’s)** Roswell, GA 30075 **East Crossville Rd is also known as Highway 92 and Holcomb Bridge Rd. We’re 4 miles east of Sandy Plains Rd and 2.7 miles west of GA 400/exit 7. STORE HOURS: Tues–Sat 10-6, Sun 12–6, Closed on Monday A+ Rating by the BBB


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Empty-Nest Trial Leads To Topless Nights By Mike FInch

Now that the last “Finch” in our nest is driving and getting more and more involved in evening and weekend activities, Sweetie and I have found ourselves in somewhat of an empty-nest trial scenario. We’re not completely unprepared for this eventuality, but I thought we still had at least another year or two before this family metamorphosis. I’ve talked with other parents who have already gone through this phase and have heard the stories of depression, feelings of loss and emptiness, but no one warned me of the anxiety. That is, the anxiety of figuring out what activity Sweetie and I are going to enjoy next and which new restaurant is worth an outing. We actually reached out to our first-born the other evening for an impromptu drive into Atlanta for dinner, but alas, she already had plans. Somehow this led her to conclude that we were really struggling with our new child-less situation. Seriously? Do you realize how much

What better way to exploit the fantastic spring weather, than to enjoy more topless drives with Sweetie!


Go to

Select a designated time

Wait at home

cheaper sushi for two is versus for three, four, or five? And, when did they start showing movies on Sunday afternoons? What a brilliant idea! And what better way to exploit the fantastic spring weather, than to enjoy more topless drives with Sweetie! Let me explain my Howard Stern-like sensationalism by defining “topless” as driving in Sweetie’s Mini-Cooper Convertible with the top down. Okay, it’s actually my car, but I’m suffering from a slight case of “little car syndrome” and feel that

maybe I should be driving something more manly, like a big truck that can haul a deer or bear carcass but perhaps I’m over-compensating. Anyway, I think this car fits Sweetie perfectly and if you see her running around town make sure to tell her how cute she is in her MINI! She is embracing our new situation with gusto and actually thought other empty nesters might benefit from some type of forum or association where people could recommend new hot spots and exciting Miscellaneous empty-nest acRamblings tivities. So, she MIKE FINCH developed the acronym “WRENS” (a little play on the avian theme), which stands for “Wayfaring Roswell Empty Nester Society”. Originally she wanted the “S” to stand for “Swingers”, but I explained that might attract something more than she was anticipating. As for me, I’m in the market for a kayak. No, I’ve never kayaked before; yes, I do have a bad back; and no, I’m not a great swimmer. But with my newfound free time I thought I’d give it a go! Sweetie is leaning more toward ballroom dancing lessons, but I think she’s just making fun of my car. I also suggested skydiving, but Sweetie just quoted her Dad saying, “only bird-poop and fools drop out of the sky” (although, he didn’t say it that nicely)! Anyway, we sure are going to miss those three little angels; and when they do happen to have time to stop in to save us from our boredom we’ll be sure to act appropriately depressed and lonely! This will be our little secret! q Mike Finch can be reached at miscellaneousramblings

Claudine G. Roswell resident and Honda Accord owner Satisfied Honda Carland customer

Honda CARLAND strives to be more than just a dealership. We are connected to the communities of Roswell and Alpharetta. Our staff is here to help in every way possible so that you make an informed decision and we value our relationship with you to ensure you are completely satisfied. From our sales representatives to our master certified technicians we are here to serve you. To discover what makes us different visit our website, give us a call or simply stop by our location.

Free Multipoint Inspection For All Hondas !

The Doctor Is IN — YO U R N E T W O R K E X PA N D E D — Now accepting new patients and most major insurance plans, including Medicare.




1155 Hembree Road Suite 210 in Roswell (770)740-1753

4895 Windward Parkway Suite 202 in Alpharetta (770)475-0888

2612 Holcomb Bridge Road Suite 100 in Alpharetta (770)650-8980

Omer Eubanks, MD Family Medicine

Amy Barfield, MD Family Medicine

Terra Bowers, PA-C Physician Assistant

Sid Sharma, MD Family Medicine

Jane Zhong, MD Internal Medicine

Stephen Martiny, MD Family Medicine

Visit for practice hours and more information.


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Roswell Reads Continues To Grow By Lou Raimondi

The Friends of Roswell Library’s “Roswell Reads” program concluded its 2012 program with a literary luncheon held at the Roswell Adult Education center on Grimes Bridge Road. Over 200 readers from throughout Georgia and the southeast attended the event. This year’s speaker was Tom Franklin, author of this year’s selection “Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter”. This is the seventh year of the Roswell Reads program and each year has brought more interest from readers and book clubs throughout Georgia. Roswell Reads is a “One Book…One City” community-reading program. Each year the selection committee chooses a book, which is intended to serve as a community building experience. The program offers people the opportunity to come together and discuss the issues and ideas presented in the selection. This year’s selection by author Tom Franklin is about two friends who grow up in rural Mississippi. One is white and is suspected by the community of killing a young girl he took to a drive in movie. He lives a secluded life as a mechanic for occasional customers. The other is black and becomes the town Constable. Twenty years later another girl goes missing and their worlds conjoin again. It is thought provoking books like this that make the Roswell Reads program successful. Recent examples include last year’s selection “My Name Is Mary Sutter” by Robin Oliveira, a civil war era historical novel, and 2010’s selection “Outcasts United: A Refugee Soccer Team, An American Town” by Warren St. John. This is a story based in Clarkston, GA about a Jordanian woman coach of a refugee soccer team trying to establish itself, while overcoming social resistance and financial hardship in the rural south. I’ve attended the last three Roswell Reads literary luncheons and have

The Voice of Roswell Business

Roswell Connect Author Tom Franklin speaking at Roswell Reads.

watched it grow. It’s no surprise the program is growing and gaining recognition throughout Georgia and the south. Other book clubs are now following the Roswell Reads selection, due to the quality of the selections and the opportunity to hear the author speak and answer questions at the luncheon. This year’s luncheon was the largest in the seven-year history of the program and those who attended were entertained. Mr. Franklin’s stories about his youth and growing up in the hamlet of Dickinson, Alabama (population 400) were humorous. He shared experiences from his past, many of which are weaved into the book either directly or indirectly. He answered questions about his writing style, how the names in the book were derived, and the decisions he made regarding character and plot development and discussed his past and upcoming books. After speaking, Mr. Franklin signed books and programs for many of those in attendance. Many additional copies of “Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter”, as well as his past books were sold at the event. q For more information on the Friends of Roswell Library and Roswell Reads visit

Networking and Social Event for Roswell Businesses

April, 17

This is a unique way to meet other Roswell Business Owners. If you are not already a Find It All Roswell partner, our Roswell Connect events are great way to explore the possibilities.





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It’s Bedtime Somewhere The secret life of parents after the kids go to sleep. By Lynette Hoffman

& "2& /07 &/20--*/( '02 35..&2 $".1 %6&/452& "#05/%3 "3 526*602 .&&43 01 )&' .&&43

842&.& 0510/*/( */ 4)*3 9&"2 3 -*'& 3,*--3 4)&.&% $".1 4)"4 7*-- )&-1 9052 $)*-%2&/ -&"2/ )07 40 #& 3&-' 2&-*"/4 120%5$4*6& $*4*:&/3 4)205() '5/ "$4*6*4*&3 $2&"4*6& 120+&$43 "/% &8$*4*/( '*&-% 42*13


777 $2"#"11-&"$"%&.90/-*/& $0.



! $'

! " "%

5$,&2 0"% -1)"2&44"

2*6"4& )*-%$"2& &/4&2

To be clear, they eat sticky candy and gooey brownies – on the sofa – while playing violent video games. They run around the house with scissors and pointy objects. And to top it off they never utter a “thank you” or “yes sir” or a “no ma’am”. Think that when your parents act like they are tired, that they really are? No way. It's an act. They are just pretending, it's all part of the game.

While you are in deep sleep, parents watch television, play video games, turn up the music and jump on the furniture.


Last week when putting my son to bed he asked why I get to stay up late. I gave him my standard parental reply of “because”. That short but sweet reply didn't seem to answer his question appropriately so I'll try to be more explanative to all of our kids. Kids – I'm sure you wonder what happens after you go to bed at night. Surely there must be a reason that your parents are anxious to get you to sleep every night. Your parents stay up late and yet still get up early in the morning with you. They seem to be just fine with far less sleep, right? Well now the secret comes out. I know many of you are on to this. After all, adults think kids are dumb right? Well not me, I know you are just a bunch of geniuses, so I'm going to spill the beans. Here are a few things that your parents do not want you to Lighter Side know: after you of Motherhood go to bed, they LYNETTE HOFFMAN have a big party. Not sometimes, but every night. They over indulge in soft drinks, while you have to drink that organic orange juice. Your parents eat all of the candy and other junk food hidden in places you will never find. (You will receive bonus points if you find the hiding places for holiday and birthday presents.) It's all starting to become very clear isn't it? While you are in deep sleep, your parents watch television, play video games, turn up the music and jump on the furniture. Don't let that get to you, though. You will do better in college for not having watched the Kardashians. Basically, parents do all of the things you would like to be doing after bedtime. It's very clear that there is a conspiracy to stop you from having fun. They are, in fact, stealing it all for themselves.

I'm not even going to go into what happens when you have a baby sitter. Basically, parents want to party without you. But of course you knew all of this. Being a kid sucks. Be patient. If you become a parent you'll get your turn – if you manage to stay up that late. See, that will give you something to look forward to. Nighty night. q Lynette is a mother of 2 and an amateur humorist - she feels they go hand in hand. She can be reached at




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What’s In Your Bin? #

The City of Roswell’s recycling efforts are amongst best in the state. By Theo Keyserling

" Group Shop With over 30 of the area’s most discerning premier dealers, City Antiques offers the widest selection of unique and hard to find items...from furniture to jewelry we have it all.

Consignment Offering a huge selection of quality consignment furnishings, we offer a premier selection for the buyer and a ‘business friendly’ process for the seller.

Estate Sales As a leader in estate sales we can coordinate and assist in your sale on location or in our showroom. Our experience is your advantage.




770.645.2525 710 Holcomb Bridge Rd. Roswell, GA 30076

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" "

# $

New Hours Monday thru Saturday 10-6 & Sunday 1-5

It’s Green. It’s Local. It’s Cool.

In the last several years, a huge focus on a global effort to recycle and optimize energy resources has taken place. The United States and China have the most opportunities for improvement, and Roswell is leading the way for other small cities in the State through their recycling program. Every week Roswellians enjoy curbside recycling and garbage services provided by the city. By international standards, Roswell’s recycling program is easy to understand, a fact that may contribute to its popularity. Unlike many European systems, Roswell’s program is a one-stream program that does not require separation, making it both convenient and affordable. The city of Roswell has a history of citizen action, and the recycling program is an example of citizen action at its best. Roswell was one of the first cities in Georgia to start a recycling program. “Roswell citizens were really the catalyst in beginning the program”, says Janet Liberman, Director of Environmental Programs in Roswell. “It first began as a citizen movement with several volunteers working out of a parking lot, which is now the police station.” The city eventually took over the recycling program in the mid 90’s and moved the center to the current location at 11570 Maxwell Road. “The center was operating out of trailers, and while it was a productive facility, it was still very basic in design”, Liberman explains . In 1998, the city of Roswell received a $200,000 grant from the Georgia Environmental Finance Association which, says Liberman, “completely changed the way the center operated” and helped to modernize the recycling process. Roswell implemented the curbside service program in 1992. Liberman estimates that the curbside participation across the city is at rates of 70-80%, which is well above the national aver-

Janet Liberman at Roswell City Hall.

age of 15%. “Roswell residents have always exceeded expectations, so we were not surprised at the high results of participation,” she elaborates. Every community in Roswell is eligible to receive curbside service, and it is part of the bi-monthly sanitation bill. Even apartment communities in Roswell are required to have a recycling bin. Free receptacles are available via the city’s recycling site at and will be delivered upon request. Nationally, recycling rates have increased twofold since the late 80’s. Roswell residents have also demonstrated a higher demand for their recycling needs. “Some households would religiously have three to four 18-gallon recycling receptacles full”, says Liberman. Roswell’s initiative is one of the most popular in the state, and other communities use the Roswell program as a manual to build their own recycling programs. Liberman continues, "We are really proud of what the city and citizens of Roswell have achieved, and we look forward to decades of Keeping Roswell Beautiful." Roswell’s recycling program is an example of the progressiveness and thoughtful leadership of Roswell’s citizens. It serves not only as a source of pride for the city, but also as a template for other communities throughout the state. q


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currentchoices April 2012

The Month in Preview


4/ 14-15 Alpharetta Arts Streetfest 10:00 am to 6:00 pm at Outdoor Festival in Downtown Alpharetta, Alpharetta, GA. The arts are alive this spring on the Northside, with 100 juried artists from throughout the U.S. showcased at the 8th Annual Alpharetta Arts Streetfest. Enjoy the weekend strolling through an outdoor art gallery filled with diverse artistic mediums from new and well-known artists. Complimenting the event will be free children’s art in action area; live performing aritists on the main stage; interactive ceramic arts; and much more. Admission and parking are free. For more info and to preview our artists go to

>> Food

4/ 28 Touch A Truck The City of Alpharetta Recreation and Parks Department will sponsor the 14th Annual Touch A Truck at at its new location, Willis Park behind the City Pool Near 1825 Old Milton Pky. Touch-ATruck activities include moonwalks, face painting, animal balloons, and of course the dozens of unique vehicles available for children to see and explore. Parking will be available at the Alpharetta Community Center (175 Roswell Street), Wills Park Recreation Center and Wills Park Equestrian area. The event starts at 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. For more info please visit or call 678-297-6133.


>> Seniors

Riverside Sounds Kicks Off In May

Roswell’s Riverside Sounds concert series will kick off on Saturday, May 5. These free monthly outdoor concerts are held at Roswell Riverside Park, 575 Riverside Road, May thru October from 7-9 p.m. Guests are invited to bring blankets and coolers. A shuttle service will be offered this year to transport attendees to the park from the Ace Sand lot on Riverside Drive. This year’s line-up includes: May 5: Little Tybee A mini orchestral pop music band with string arrangements and artful southern charm engaged in intricate musicianship. June 2: Sol Junky High-energy performances with music representing a unique mix of cross-fusion with instruments including the banjo, mandolin, flute and even beer kegs.

July 7: Yacht Rock Revue Playful band that pays tribute to the smooth hits of the late '70s including Michael McDonald, Hall & Oates, and Steely Dan. August 4: Brandon Giles Band Sweat-infused, hard rock/boogie piano solos with the intensity of a wild man coupled with heart-felt renditions of beautiful country standards. September 1: The Black Lilies An earthy, gritty, melancholy sound reminiscent of old mountain music a century ago, speaking of pain, love, revenge and revelry. October 6: The Lee Boys A hard-driving, blues-based beat inspired from Gospel music that’s infused with rhythm and blues, jazz, rock, funk, hip-hop, and country. For more details, call 770-641-3705 or visit

4/ 24 AARP Driver Safety Training AARP Driver Safety is the preeminent national older driver safety program. The program has helped millions of drivers protect their safety on today’s roads. In each class you will tune up your driving skills and update your knowledge of the rules of the road, as well as learn defensive driving techniques. In some states, taking this course may qualify you for a multi-year insurance discount. Cost is $12 for AARP members /$14 for non-members, payable the day of class to the instructor. This event is located at Mt. Bethel UMC B118. RSVP to Kim McGarr – 770-5799224, ext 25.

>> Fundraiser

>>Home Design

4/ 21

4/ 29

3rd Annual Walk4Paws Dog Walk & Jog

Showcase of Homes The Roswell Women’s Club is proud to present the 16th Annual Showcase of Home Tour benefiting educational and charitable organizations. This year the Women’s Club has teamed up with retired Atlanta Braves refief pitcher Mark Wohlers and his wife for the 2012 Showcase home. Enjoy all that the Showcase has to offer from April 29 - May 20. For more information visit

>> Concert

4/ 14 Josh Turner Live! Josh Turner has a deep, soulful voice and since earning a standing ovation as an unknown singer on the Grand Ole Opry stage in 2001 with his impressive delivery of “Long Black Train,” he has established himself as one of the most identifiable male vocalists in country music. The Hannah, S.C. native has sold more than 4 million albums and garnered two multi-week No. 1s. Concert is at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre on Saturday April 14.

April 14 Market on the Green at Mountain Park 118 Lakeshore Drive in Roswell from 4-8pm. Call Cristina 760-580-7186 for any details.

April 15 Fitter & Faster Swim Tour Olympians Lacey Nymeyer & Josh Schneider lead swim clinics. Mountain View Aquatic Center. 770- 509-4925 for info.


Join other dog lovers at beautiful Wills Park, 11915 Wills Road, Alpharetta, GA for the 3rd Annual Alpharetta UGA Walk4Paws Dog Walk & Jog Proceeds will go to the Arch Foundation for the University of Georgia and will benefit the Canine Pathology and Oncology departments at the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine. The walk starts at 9:00am, registration at 8:30am. Visit or call 678-7627729 for more information. Pre-registration $25, on site registration $30

April 19 Stitches South 2012 at Cobb Galleria Centre: Take a class, check out exciting special events, or shop to your heart's content. 770-955-8000 for info.



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? art

Our can’t miss guide to Current events.

∞ music






Power of Pink Luncheon, Fashion Show

and Silent Auction

Friday, September 21, 2012 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Country Club of the South 4100 Old Alabama Road Johns Creek, GA 30022 Celebrating survivorship by uniting the community.

Proceeds Benefiting

The Johnny Cash Musical Show, presented by Georgia Ensemble Theatre at Roswell Cultural Arts Center. GET will raise the roof with this barn-burner of a musical that celebrates the songs of an American legend – the Man In Black himself, Johnny Cash. This production is sponsored by Bank of North Georgia and Comfort Suites – 3000 Mansell Road. 770-6411260 or

APRIL 14 LARRY GATLIN Presented by the Jennie T. Anderson Theatre Encore Series at the Cobb County Civic Center Complex, Marietta, GA 30060 Country star Larry Gatlin, widely known for his performances with the Gatlin Brothers, is scheduled to close out the Encore series 8 p.m. Saturday, April 14.

APRIL 19-22 STITCHES SOUTH 2012 STITCHES SOUTH 2012 at the Cobb Galleria Centre. This is your chance to meet with knitting authors, educators, and suppliers from around the world. Take a class, check out exciting special events, or shop to your heart's content!

APRIL 13-14 GOING NATIVE at the Chattahoochee Nature Center Go native in your yard this year at the Spring Native Plant Sale at Chattahoochee Nature Center. This spring native plant sale offers a garden of delights and horticultural adventures. 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (April 12th from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. there will be a special members’ only preview sale.)


Platinum Sponsor

For more information or to become a sponsor, visit

at Roswell Visual Arts Center Collage celebrates its 100th birthday in 2012 and the Atlanta Collage Society consists of fine art collagists from four southeastern states! Attend the opening, meet the artists, and experience the reinvention of what the iconoclasts began 100 years ago. Opening Reception: April 13 from 7-9 p.m..; 770-594-6122.







and a sunset concert on the Main Stage in Glover Park. There are games for the kids, a sports corner as well as a cooking stage with celebrity chef cooking demonstrations. Don’t forget to bring some canned goods to help feed the hungry in Marietta. MUST Ministries is having a food drive with a drop off booth to help stock their food pantry.

APRIL 15 GEORGIA FESTIVAL CHORUS 7:30 p.m. at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Marietta, GA. 110 voices of The Georgia Festival Chorus, led by Founding Director, Frank Boggs, will present their Spring Concert, along with a GALA CELEBRATION of his 85th Birthday; solos by Mr. Boggs, Special Guests, and surprises. All are invited; FREE Admission.

APRIL 15 HEAR THE FUTURE 4th Annual High School Music Festival presented by Michael O’Neal Singers at Roswell UMC at 3 p.m.. Tickets $10 each. or 770-594-7974

APRIL 18 RUMCK ‘FUN FEST’ at Roswell United Methodist Church (RUMC) The community is invited to participate in the 40th anniversary celebration of the RUMC Preschool & Kindergarten (RUMCK) on Wednesday, April 18, 4-6 p.m. Please join us on The Commons – the large lawn outside the Sanctuary – for inflatables, petting zoo, animal balloons, face painting, art activities, cookie walk, cotton candy, popcorn, music, and more. Entry fee: $5/child.

APRIL 21-22 BIG SHANTY FESTIVAL The City of Kennesaw celebrates its annual Big Shanty Festival. The festival combines the best of the rich heritage of Kennesaw and the Civil War era with today's fun filled activities. Over 50,000 attendees will enjoy the more than 200 booths with arts & crafts, food vendors, merchants, parade and live entertainment.

APRIL 21 HIGH SCHOOL PHYSICALS Saturday, 4/21, 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Sponsored by North Fulton Hospital, students may receive a free physical from a team of doctors, primary care and orthopedics. No appointment necessary. Call 770-751-2660 for details.



The 19th annual Taste of Marietta takes place in the historic Marietta Square and features over eighty restaurants and caterers showcasing their best food. Food ranges in price from just $0.50 to $4.50. In addition, there are five live music stages

presented by The Six String Social Club. The two time Grammy Award winning guitarist will be in concert at the Unitarian Universalist Metro Atlanta North, 11420 Crabapple Road, Roswell, on Saturday April 21 at 8 p.m.


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presents The Atlanta Chamber Players at Roswell United Methodist Church. The Atlanta Chamber Players, a mixed ensemble of strings, winds and piano will perform at Roswell United Methodist Church at 4:00 p.m. Comprised of principal winds and titled players of the Atlnata Symphony, the group is considered one of the artistic treasures of the Southeast. Tickets are not needed for this concert.

Roswell Criterium Bicycle Race in Roswell’s Historic District. A full day of bicycle fun and activities. The Mayor’s Bicycle Ride, Kids’ Bicycle Safety Rodeo, a thrilling Criterium and so much more.

Taste of East Cobb relocating to a larger venue directly in front of the area’s premier retail center, The Avenue East Cobb from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Live at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. Doors open at 6:30PM. Ticket Price(s): $125.00, $85.00 Reserved and $35.00 Lawn. Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductees Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers released their debut album in 1976. They have since sold more than 60 million records. Between the Heartbreakers’ recordings and his solo work, Tom Petty has won two GRAMMY awards and been honored with lifetime achievement awards including induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Billboard’s Century Award, and MTV’s Video Vanguard Award. For tickets and information visit

kicks off Roswell’s Riverside Sounds concert series on Saturday, May 5. These free monthly outdoor concerts are held at Roswell Riverside Park, 575 Riverside Road, May thru October from 7-9 p.m. Guests are invited to bring blankets and coolers. A shuttle service will be offered this year to transport attendees to the park from the Ace Sand lot on Riverside Drive. Little Tybee is a mini orchestral pop music band with string arrangements and artful southern charm engaged in intricate musicianship. For more details, call 770-641-3705 or visit

2:30 pm at Theatre In the Square, Marietta, GA. Some of the more colorful denizens of Tuna (third smallest town in Texas) head for Las Vegas and you can bet on hitting the belly-laugh jackpot. Grits meets Glitz as some Tuna regulars run head-on into a pair of dueling Elvises and other riotous Sin City citizens. The latest in the Tuna cycle as two actors play multiple roles with lightning fast costume and character changes.

APRIL 24 GARDENING PRESENTATION Roswell Garden Club presents John Kreiner giving a presentation on Dahlias. 10 am, Free at the Bill Johnson Community Activity Building at Roswell Area Park.

APRIL 26 PARADE OF HOMES Chambrel's Annual Parade of Homes A wonderful afternoon at Chambrel where you will have the opportunity to experience delicious food prepared by Chambrel’s culinary staff and take a tour of resident apartments and cottages. 2 p.m.; RSVP to 770-594-4600; free of charge.

APRIL 27 RELAY FOR LIFE ROSWELL Friday, 4/27, 6 pm, Roswell High School Join North Fulton Hospital as we walk to support the American Cancer Society’s mission to raise funds for cancer research and to spread awareness. To register, visit

APRIL 28 SCARECROWS IN THE GARDEN Garden Faire 2012 - 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. at Historic Bulloch Hall in Roswell. Botanical bargains and unique, hard-to-find plants, gardening accessories, delicious food and much more will be featured at the North Fulton Master Gardeners 9th Annual Garden Faire held on the grounds of historic Bulloch Hall in Roswell, GA. This year’s theme will showcase five unique scarecrows that will be available for sale. Admission is free and proceeds from Garden Faire will benefit the six community project gardens supported by the North Fulton Master Gardeners volunteer organization. Master Garden will be on hand to help shoppers choose the plants that best meet their needs and answer gardening questions. For more information visit


MAY 1 THE ATLANTA OPERA - DON GIOVANNI at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, 2800 Cobb Galleria Parkway, Atlanta, GA., by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Widely regarded as the greatest opera ever composed, Don Giovanni tells of the devious schemes and hijinks of history’s most beguiling scoundrel, Don Juan.

to benefit The Drake House A family event with various walking routes through historic Roswell, followed by a finish line festival with refreshments and family fun.

The Six String Social Club presents

Two Time GRAMMY® Award Winning Guitarist

Laurence Juber In Concert Saturday April 21, 2012 8 PM $30.00 Advance—$35.00 Door Group Discounts Are Available See website for details.

MAY 2 THE EAGLES IN CONCERT Live at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. Doors open at 6:30PMTicket Price(s): $185.00 Reserved; $65.00 Lawn. The Eagles have sold more than 120 million albums worldwide, earning five #1 U.S. singles and four Grammy Awards. Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 is the best-selling album of all time, exceeding sales of 29 million units.Their Greatest Hits 2 & 3 have sold more than 16 and 11 million albums respectively. Eagles were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. For tickets and information visit


Unitarian Universalist Metro Atlanta North (UUMAN)* 11420 Crabapple Road Roswell, GA 30075 *The Six String Social Club is not affiliated with, funded by or endorsed by UUMAN. This event is not a UUMAN sponsored event.

Purchase Tickets Online: Info: 770-365-7738

MAY 5 ANNUAL DOWN HOME DERBY to benefit the Child Development Association (CDA). Celebrate Kentucky Derby Day by enjoying the festivities of the Down Home Derby at a private equestrian venue in North Fulton County. Live music, fabulous food and drink, auctions, fun games, and a horse show will keep you entertained. A fantastic way to benefit the children served by the Child Development Association.

The events listed here are just the beginning. For a complete list of all that’s happening in the area visit To have your event listed just send an email to



We Specialize In: • Monthly accounting and compilation services • New business start up assistance • Payroll Processing • Income tax return preparation


• Income tax planning • Sales tax and payroll tax filing • Assistance with tax notices and audits • Non-profit tax and accounting







&&$!''$!'%$& (






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Not Your Average Emergency Room North Fulton Hospital's trauma unit is an asset to the community.

By Tripp Liles

Millions of Americans visit an emergency room each year. For many of those people, an emergency room visit can be a stressful experience. There is the fear of not knowing what's wrong with you, how long you will have to be there, or having to deal with an unfamiliar place. A successful emergency department is like a well-oiled machine, with each part doing its specific job efficiently. At North Fulton Hospital, the emergency room runs with maximum efficiency, and patient comfort and immediate treatment are paramount. “Generally we see people pretty quickly. Our average wait time, from the time you walk in the door to the time you see a doctor, is less than 15 minutes,” Dr. Michael Lipscomb, ER Medical Director at North Fulton Hospital, said. “Painful conditions are the most common conditions patients are seen for in an ER. Usually at the end of the day, it’s acute pain from something you would not consider life threatening, but it is something that you need acute relief for.” Another important aspect to the flexibility of North Fulton's ER is the ability to utilize technology to facili-

L to R: Dr. Mark Gravlee , Nurse Karen Wallace, Dr. Michael Lipscomb and Jim Sargent.

tate admittance. They have InQuickER, which is available as a mobile app or through the website ( This service, which essentially holds a place in line, will give you a range of times available to visit the ER and perhaps offer you the opportunity to wait in a more convenient environment until you can be seen. When you do arrive at the ER you will go through triage, where a patients priority is determined by their condition. The injuries and conditions that are handled in the ER are varied, and North Fulton Hospital's ER, designated as a Level 2 Trauma center, is one of the best equipped in the state of Georgia. There are only 20 trauma centers in Georgia, and the North Fulton ER covers a wide geographical area stretching from Sandy Springs to Johns Creek. There are 38 trauma certified nurses and 10 physicians directly assigned to the ER, with multiple other specialists on call as needed. Many of those employees are also members of the community. “A lot of our physicians and workCONTINUED 25


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Little Alley Is Big On Flavor By Frank Mack

I have been out with friends


Finally, Authentic Cuban Cuisine in the Heart of Roswell ! Featuring... • Roast Pork with white rice and black beans • Pulled Pork Cuban Sandwiches with AUTHENTIC Cuban Bread • Homemade Beef, Chicken, and Spinach-Corn Empanadas • Homemade Tres Leches Cake

Hamid Azhari, Hisham Azhari, Barkeep Mark Norman and Chef Bob McDonough.

Open Tues- Sat 11:30 am 10:30 pm Serving Beer, Wine and Our House Sangria $



$ & &


!&"! &



ship has brought to life their most demanding menu yet and some of the deepest, most luxurious flavors I have had the pleasure to enjoy in years. The other human ingredients making Little Alley superb: Serious barkeeps making serious cocktails in a serious bar so well stocked it’s like entering another era. Mark, Randy & Tariq are handling an unparalleled set of rare whiskeys, and a wine list that easily ranks amongst the tops in town. The staff is very sharp and the service standards are set at “highly professional, gentle and southern”. And always the most important in any restaurant, the exceptional, extremely talented, Executive Chef Bob McDonough, overseeing the flamethrowing kitchen cacophony that is creating it all. Bottom line is this. If you want classic, power, steakhouse dining (and every great restaurant city has to have one of those to even rate) then I am saying with complete confidence this little gem is a crown jewel - and if anyone hasn’t noticed yet, the restaurant scene in Roswell has arrived. No more going in town Atlanta or Buckhead to impress. Those ITP types, they are going to learn soon enough that the best dining in Georgia, the exceptional, the dynamic, the future, is right here in the Historic district on Canton Street. Sirs, staff and chef, on behalf of all who love truly great tastes, I’ll say it again, Little Alley Steak is Stunning. q

Lazaro’s Cuban Cuisine 25 Woodstock Rd. Roswell, GA 30075 678-277-9661

w w w. l a z a r o s c u i s i n e . c o m

) # ! ##

$ !' # &% # $ & ! !

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$" $# $ $ "

% &$

" ' $ $ $ # "# # " ! #!( " ! ! " ## % # $# # $ "

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# "# !

# ! $" # ! ! ' $!



Little Alley Steak 955 Canton Street, Roswell, GA 30075 770.998.0440 / For more food news visit our website


! "" % !# #

for dinner to the new, and frankly remarkable, “Little Alley Steak” in the heart of the Roswell's Historic District, on Canton Street, dead center of Roswell's restaurant row. Allow me to report for the three of us that it is, in a word – Stunning. To start, it is a beautifully done space. Classy, subtle, comfortable and warm. It feels good. When smokey teases, wafting from the grill, greet and grab your nose right at the door, your knees will go weak. You go by clinking glasses, bustling servers, action, laughter, wine, whiskey, fire and world class OMG glorious steak on the way to your table and you know this is going to be Foodie News great. Sorry Vegans, this one is a FRANK MACK carnivore's delight. Watch your fingers, kids. Dinner was ridiculously delicious. Every single bite served was perfect, full heavenly flavors, clean, eye pleasing presentation and most important, the finest meats and the finest ingredients – period. The star, for me though, was the most succulent, sinful steak on this planet. It is there, on your fork, inching towards your mouth... a steak so good you know you are going to finish it down to the smell. Not a molecule, not an atom, not even a hint will be left. Let it hurt and diet be damned. A word about steak. If you want the finest, the no doubt about it best, then there is just no comparison to properly aged beef. You can't fake it, machine it, pour it from a bottle or lie it up. You either do it or you don't, and frankly my dear, this kind of quality is what separates the real pros from the wannabes and pretenders, no matter what town you're in. The exceptionally imaginative and talented ownership of Hisham Azhari and Fikret Kovac have created a superb new dining experience from scratch once again. Already serving Roswell very well with Inc & Salt, the partner-





# !$(




# $ %$


" '# "# ! #" # ! # " ! " " !' $# ' "# % # " ' $! " ! ! ! # ' " ' $! "# ! "

20 April


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Home Plate – A Legacy of Grace and Gratitude

Spring Has Sprung The Housing Market By Raimy Rich Ethington

We are off to a wonderful start



MAY 20


Retired Atlant Retired Atlanta aB Braves raves rrelief elief pitc pitcher her Mark W Wohlers ohlers and wife Home Plate, Showcase his wif e Kim invite invite y you ou tto oH ome P late, the 2012 2 S howcase Home. Home. Destroyed Destrroyed by by fire fire in 2011,, the W Wohlers’ ohlers’ o ’ family family residence rebuilt Plate residence is now now being b rebuilt with a purpose. purpose ose. Home Home P late has a legacy of gratitude gratitude ffor or the Wo Wohlers ohlers and a thr through rough ough this fundraiser fundraiser they they are are expressing expressing their deep appreciation a appr eciation ffor or community who w ‘came came to to bat’ bat’ during g their tr agedy. the community tragedy. TTicket icket inf information: orma ation: www Use U se y your our smartphone smartphone to purchase purchase to tic kets. tickets.

Sponsored S ponsored by: by:

first quarter with sales here in Roswell and Alpharetta. It’s starting to feel like the good old days. Days on the market for a new listing can be anywhere from 1 day to 92 days before it sells. Wow, that’s only 3 months and less. The number one time to sell your home is spring. There Real Estate RAIMY RICH ETHINGTON are more buyers looking for the perfect home right now vs. any other time during the year. Let me point out a few positive facts about buying or selling NOW; interest rates are at an all time low, the area is growing, there are great school choices, awesome local parks and an exciting inventory of homes that changes daily. Keep in mind that school is about to be out for summer. There will be a lot of activity in the real estate market in the coming months. Now is the time to meet with your realtor and make a game plan. If you’re wanting to sell and you have children that will be changing schools midyear, keep the following things in mind: • Concentrate now on the sale or purchase of a new home because time will fly fast. Come fall, the supply and demand will be very different. • Find a good website to follow and register to get updates on the market daily, weekly etc. • If your home is priced right and marketed by a professional, then you have as good a chance as any to sell at top value before school starts.

LLovatt ovatt & Rushing, Rushing, Inc. Inc Innc.

+ ),

In Roswell, we will have an estimated 1400 plus sales transactions this year. Make sure when you’re putting your home on the market

this year to follow these steps: 1. Contact a local realtor – they will help advise you on what to do to get your house ready to sell. 2. Give your house a good cleaning inside and out. 3. Remove any excess stuff and make sure closets and cabinets are organized. 4. Price your home right. 5. Make sure showing conditions aren’t too restrictive. 6. Have a professional sign and flyer box installed. 7. Put a brag book on the counter (to greet agents) that tells a story about your house. 8. The internet is huge. Make sure your home is marketed in the top portals. Over 80% of future buyers look on line to find their home. 9. Be realistic, make sure when negotiating that it’s not personal. 10. Have a smooth closing -work hard to make sure the process is as easy as possible for your family and the buyers family. Best of Luck! Article is written by Raimy Rich Ethington. She has over 20 years experience in the real estate industry and is founder/owner of Roswell Towne Realty. You can reach Raimy at or 404-219-5005

Area Housing Market By The Numbers Roswell 2012 To Date: 142 Sold Detached Residential 38 Sold attached Residential 141 Pending Sales Solds $35,000-$829,000 Alpharetta 2012 To Date: 145 Sold Detatached Residential 47 Sold Attached Residential 157 Pending Sales $28,000-$876,000



GREAT REASONS TO LIST: X  No franchise fees, so you pay less. X  Over 30 years of experience.

R O tSo wWn e Er e La l tLy

X  Guaranteed Results! X  Our winning Technology works for you, 24/7. X Supersized exposure and marketing is our specialty.

X Neighborhood Expert! X

Experienced Negotiator - will get you top $ for your home.



9 4 2 A L P H A R E T TA S T R E E T



Equal Housing Opportunity. This offer is subject to change without notice. *4% commission is based on a one party listing/agent sale. Commission will be 5% on co/op two agent transaction. Commissions are based on sales price and are due at closing.




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Spring Has Sprung - Let’s Workout In The Great Outdoors By Lesley King

It’s springtime in Roswell. The glowing light of the sun and the brilliance of the blue sky are calling us outside. Yet many of us still spend most of our time indoors, especially for our workouts. Interestingly, research shows that exercising in natural environments is associated with greater feelings of revitalization, increased energy, Health & and positive engagement, as Wellness well as decreases LESLEY KING in anger and depression. It’s time to step off the treadmill and head outside! To help you get started, I put together a Roswell Park Workout that requires no equipment; just you and a bottle of water. Think Rocky Balboa running through the streets of Philadelphia, except greener and warmer! Turn into the Roswell Area Park off Woodstock Rd. and drive to the very end of the road. Park on the left side

Lesley King in action at Roswell Area Park.

to the sidewalk. Walk to the right up the hill.

17. Jog up then back down the stairs twice.

9. At the bottom of the hill, do 40 mountain climbers.

18. Jog left and back up the hill to the picnic table.

1. At the first bench do 15 pushups.

10. Turn left and walk up the next hill.

2. Walk to the next bench, then sprint to the following bench on the right. Do 15 tricep dips.

11. At the picnic table do 20 step out lunges alternating legs.

19. At the picnic table, do 20 air boxing punches, then put your hands up and dance around to the theme from Rocky in your head! You did it!

3. Continue on, then cross the road and jog down the hill to the left towards the steps.

12. Jog down the hill passing the Community Center and Community Pool on the right.

4. At the steps, home of the Roswell Hornets, do 15 step-ups on your right leg then switch to your left leg.

13. Jog left to the wooden handrail by the lake and do 20 squat jumps.

where your workout will begin. (This is an interval workout so pausing to read each step below is part of the workout. You can search YouTube for exercise clarification.) Start at the trail opening on the left. Turn Right and walk to the first bench.

5. Do 40 jumping jacks. 6. Jog to the yellow goal post, then sprint to the white soccer goal. 7. Jog to other yellow goal post, then drop to the grass to do 30 bicycle crunches.

14. Turn right and walk towards the picnic table near the water fountain. 15. At the picnic table, hold a plank on your elbows or hands for 45 seconds. 16. Walk back to the trail and turn right. At the second light post sprint to the stairs.

Americans spend 90% of our time indoors, forgetting the amazing benefits of being outside in nature. Let this Roswell Park Workout be the catalyst for you to take full advantage of the gorgeous weather and amazing Roswell Parks, while freeing your inner Rocky Balboa within. For a list of Roswell Parks near you, visit LDK Fitness Lesley King ~ owner/certified personal trainer

8. Jog back up the hill and cross over

Buying Tax Credits to Reduce Your Tax Bill By Tom Bowen

One of the ways to reduce Federal and State taxes owed is to purchase tax credits. There are both federal tax credits, which all taxpayers can use against their federal tax liabilities, and state tax credits that are unique to each State. Credits are more valuable than deductions as they represent a dollar for dollar payment of tax. However, if it is a dollar for dollar value, it may make you say “why bother since it’s the same as paying cash for the tax liability?” However, benefit is that the credits can be purchased at a discount. The actual discount varies according to the type of tax credit but in

every instance it is some amount less than one to one. For example, it might be that a credit sells for 90 cents on the dollar resulting in a 10% discount on your tax liability. This is just one example and discounts can be 25% or even higher. Where credits offer larger discounts, it is critical to understand the other conditions and risks of the credits before you buy them. For example: Can the credits be used for the current tax year or can they be used for prior tax years? Do the credits have any risks of recapture or otherwise not being honored at full value? What increments can you acquire tax credits? The purchase of a state tax credit at

a discount will produce a gain you will need to report on your Federal income taxes. If in June 2011 you buy a state tax credit at 80 cents on the dollar and use it to cover a 1.00 liability on your 2011 tax return (due April 15, 2012), you will have a 20 cent gain which you Finance will need to include on your TOM BOWEN 2012 tax return due the following year (2013). This will still make the purchase of the state tax credits beneficial but the effective discount will be less than the

20 percent discount you may have expected. Finally, the purchase of the credits more than 12 months before their use will subject the gain to more favorable long-term capital gain rates rather than higher short-term capital gain rates. Understanding the full cost, benefits and risk is critical and so you should always consult a professional who is familiar with purchase and sale of credits. Thomas Bowen, an attorney and certified public accountant, is a principal with the accounting firm of Thomas Bowen, CPA, located in Roswell. The firm offers tax and accounting services to both individual and small-business clients.

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currenthealth&wellness A Conversation On Your Birth Plan By Debbie Keel

For the woman pregnant with her first baby, there are hundreds of questions to ask of her physician and her hospital. An important one that she will want to remember to address is “What is the C-Section rate at the hospital where I will deliver?” Health & It’s an imWellness portant quesDEBBIE KEEL tion simply because over the last several years, that rate has risen across the country. Recent data from the National Center for Healthcare Statistics (NCHS) show a national cesarean section rate of 24.4 percent -- an all-time high. Other reported studies suggest it is as high as 32.9%.

A recent study by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology indicates almost one of every three babies delivered are delivered surgically by Cesarean section. The most recent data available in the state of Georgia indicates a 33.6% statewide C-section rate and continued increases are expected. Possible reasons for the increasing C-section rate include delayed childbearing, the rising obesity rate in expectant mothers and an increase in multiple birth deliveries. Recent analyses also found that longer labor times and an increase in induced labors are also factors. “Cesarean sections are a very important tool as far as delivering a baby,” says Dr. Hughan Frederick, chief of Women’s Services at North Fulton Hospital. “It is one of those ways that we use to essentially deflect risk from the fetus onto the mother. With all that being said, most obstetricians and most expectant

North Fulton Hospital Community Calendar

your birth plan is imMoms would like to portant to begin during deliver vaginally if it’s your first visit with safe for mother and your provider. Howchild. ever, it is just a plan. If Now for the good the plan changes and news: According to calls for a C-Section, it Georgia Hospital is important that you Price Check, from trust your provider. April, 2008-March, For more informa2009, North Fulton tion about North FulHospital, right here in ton Hospital’s Roswell, had the lowDr. Hughan Frederick Women’s Services, parest C-section rate of ticularly birthing opany hospital in the tions, waterbirths and midwife metropolitan Atlanta area at 20.5%. services, call 770-751-2666. q “While we do not completely understand why C-Section rate vary, I do think that the low C-Section rate Childbirth Preparation at North Fulton speaks volumes to Saturday, 4/21, 5/19 or 6/16; 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. the nursing staff and the attitude toActive class consisting of both lecture and ward vaginal deliveries,” says Dr. discussion/sharing. Topics include anatomy and physiolFrederick. “We still encourage ogy; nutrition and fitness; discomforts of pregnancy; stages of labor and what to expect; cesarean birth; medwomen to VBAC (Vaginal Birth after ications; possible complications; postpartum care; and C-Section) and I think that is one comfort, relaxation, breathing and coping techniques reason why our C-Section rate is for labor support. low.” $100 per couple; registration required. An ongoing conversation about

Call 770-751-2660 for more information and to register, or visit


Water Birth

Mothers and Daughters Only

Nicotine Cessation Group

Thursday, 4/5, 4/19, 5/3, 5/17, 6/14 or 6/28, 7 p.m. For couples desiring to learn about the option of a water birth delivery. Completion of the class is required to be considered for water birth at NFH. $30.00 per couple; registration required. Call 770-751-2660 for more information and to register.

Sunday, 4/29, 2 to 3:30 pm Join a healthcare provider for an informative presentation on puberty and what to expect. $10 per family; registration required.

Tuesdays. 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., starting April 10, Classroom C Join with other men and women seeking motivation, education and support to live free of nicotine. The only requirement for attendance is the desire to start the journey.

Look Good, Feel Better Wednesday, 5/16, 10 a.m. to noon, 3rd Floor ACE Unit Day Room (please check in at the main entrance front desk) Learn to combat the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. Call 888-227-6333 for more information and to register

Caregiver Support Fourth Monday of every month, Medical Arts Center To focus on caregivers’ stress, community resources, and strategies for care giving. Please call Beverly Ostrowski at 404-8436523 for more information and for date confirmation.

SPECIAL EVENTS LifeSouth Blood Drive 4/9, 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Classrooms A and B Donate the gift of blood. Remember to eat iron- rich foods and drink plenty of non-caffeinated beverages prior to donating. Please bring a photo ID.

Skin Screenings Tuesday, 5/1, at North Fulton Hospital, appointments starting at 5:30 p.m. Do you have a suspicious-looking spot on your body? Have it checked out by an NFH physician. FREE, but registration is required.

Komen Race for the Cure Saturday, 5/12, at Atlantic Station Join North Fulton Hospital at the Komen Race for the Cure. Contact Micah Brown at 770-751-2566 or

Have medical questions or topics you would like covered ? Send your questions or suggestions to our editor for more information.

Senior Health Fair Wednesday, 5/30, 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Grimes Bridge Park Adult Center. North Fulton Hospital will be offering free blood pressure and bone density screenings at this event. Total cholesterol and glucose screenings will also be offered for a $10 charge. No registration required.

"Must Do" Legal Matters for Caregivers & Parents Tuesday, 6/12, 6:30 to 8:00 p.m., Classroom A and B, call to register. Newborn in your life? Parents of school-age kids? Caring for your own parent or relative in ill health? "Caregivers" are people who care about, as well as care for, the well being of another. Get your legal questions answered and don't miss this informative discussion on six key provisions all caregivers must do for their children, aging parents and those you care about. Call 770-751-2660 to register.




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Allergy Season Is In Full Swing By Tripp Liles

When the dogwood trees are blooming, you know that allergy season is upon us. Forty million Americans suffer from allergies, making it one of the country's most common, yet overlooked health conditions. In fact, allergies are the fifth leading chronic disease in the U.S. for all ages. “People who have allergies consider it a real condition. The people who don't, don't realize how bad it can be,” Dr. Thomas Chacko, of Northside ENT and Allergy said, “We are ridiculously busy Dr. Thomas Chacko this time of year. It is double or triple that of other times of the year.” In fact here in the Southeast the potential for allergy symptoms is far greater than most other areas of the country. Allergic symptoms occur when a person's body overreacts to “allergens”, often referred to as triggers. And there are a lot of triggers in this part of the country. The pollen released from trees, grass and weeds in the spring sends many people to the doctor in search of relief. This is especially true this year with our recordbreaking temperatures, which increase the presence of the common causes of spring allergies.

Why see an allergist? Allergists are not only trained to treat your symptoms, but can identify the source of your allergies and develop a treatment plan to address your symptoms. A doctor who is also a certified allergist can teach you how to avoid potential triggers for your allergies, and recommend treatment options that may go beyond over-thecounter medications. “If you get by with OTC (over-thecounter) stuff then you're okay. Do not use sprays a lot, as it can worsen the condition. If they (allergies) do not get better then we have treatments that can do better,” said Dr. Chacko, who is on the medical staff of North Fulton Hospital. If OTC medications are not effective in eliminating the symptoms, an allergist may recommend a couple of

different options. According to Dr. Chacko, nasal steroids such as Nasonex are effective methods. If that doesn't work then allergy shots, also known as immunotherapy, can alter the progression of allergies. Even if an allergy shot might not be for you, an allergist can recommend both prescription and over-the-counter medications that can best treat your symptoms. Without the proper treatment, allergies can be expensive. More than 2 million school days and 4 million missed or lost workdays are accumulated each year due to seasonal allergies. DIY solutions There are numerous ways to reduce allergen exposure and/or relieve allergy symptoms this spring. • Garden with greater ease: When

doing yard work, keep hands away from your face to avoid contact with your eyes and nose. When finished pruning, planting and potting, don't bring gardening tools indoors, and immediately change into clean clothing. Showering following a gardening session can also help reduce symptoms. • Sleep more soundly: Place removable allergen-resistant coverings on mattresses, pillows and box springs, and wash your bedding in hot water every 7 to 14 days. • Keep indoor air clean: Keep the windows in your home and car closed, and don't forget to change filters in air conditioning units and vents frequently this time of year. • Monitor the pollen count: Seasonal allergy symptoms can flare up when pollen counts are particularly high. Before heading out, check for current pollen counts. If high pollen counts are forecasted, take an allergy medication before symptoms set in, and keep outdoor activity to a minimum when possible. Since so many factors contribute to high pollen counts, it's all but impossible to predict how intense an allergy season will be or how it will affect an individual. However, in addition to taking steps to limit your exposure to allergens that affect you, seeing an allergist can also help ensure that you find relief. q For more information on Dr. Chacko and Northside ENT and Allergy visit

Making Sense Of Pollen Counts Pollen levels are well publicized these days, but what exactly do they mean? Plants release pollen in order to reproduce, these tiny particles become airborne and while their mission is to fertilize other plants, many never reach their targets. Instead, some enter our airways and can cause all sorts of problems; including sneezing and coughing, and they can even trig-

ger an asthma attack. Pollen counts are performed by using an air-sampling device to collect airborne pollen on a glass slide, where it can be stained with a dye and counted using a microscope. Pollen counts are expressed as the number of pollen grains per cubic meter of air, and are usually stated as an average over a 24-hour period. With our unusually warm winter

and mild spring, conditions are ripe to set record levels. Recently the pollen count in Atlanta reached beyond 9,000 particles of pollen per cubic meter of air. Much pollen is released early in the morning, shortly after dawn. This results in high counts near the source plants. Pollen travels best on warm, dry, breezy days and peaks in urban areas midday.

The counts reported are always for a past time period and may not describe what is currently in the air. Some monitoring services give "total pollen" counts. They may not break down the particular pollen or mold that causes your allergies. This means that allergy symptoms may not relate closely to the published count. But knowing the count can help you decide when to stay indoors.


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STAR House... continued

for expansion. Playing a big part in seeing those plans move forward will be the new Executive Director, Kimberly Walther. Walther, who begins this month, will be responsible for the management of programming and operations at STAR House, and she brings over 15 years of experience in non-profit development and administration. She has been an advocate for children as a professional and as a volunteer with a local women’s shelter and at Sweet Apple Elementary School. Most recently, Walther was a

Market Research Analyst for North American Market. “I am thrilled to be returning to the non-profit arena. My experience in business, as a non-profit leader and as a volunteer will serve me well as we continue to grow the reach of STAR House,” Walther said. “STAR House is an amazing organization serving a truly diverse population of students right here in Roswell. I hope to build on their success and can’t wait to get started,” she added. q Scenes from previous North Fulton Hospital/STAR House events.


Skin Cancer Screening Tuesday, May 1, 2012 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. North Fulton Hospital Debbie Bobb (left) (NFH staff) and Marie Jenkins (right) (NFH staff) assist with Mardi Gras mask craft activity.

Therapy dog Oreo with a STAR House student during reading time.

3000 Hospital Boulevard in Roswell


skin cancer accounts for nearly half of all cancers in the United States. Be proactive and take care of your body’s largest organ by attending this FREE head-to-toe skin Residents from Tapestry House Assisted Living Facility with students from STAR House.

Debbie Keel, CEO of NFH, (in green); Jane Hayes ( in blue) with students reading children’s’ books about Mardi Gras history and tradition.

screening and evaluation. Registration is required, and space is limited.


North Fulton ER... continued

Please call 770-751-2660 for your ers here live within 15 miles from the hospital,” Jim Sargent, Trauma Center Coordinator, said. “If you have a problem, we can take care of it. Other hospitals do not have the level of backup that we have here,” Lipscomb added. The geographical location of the hospital is also unique in that most hospitals with this level of care are located in urban centers or near highways. Dr. Mark Gravlee, Acute Care Surgeon at North Fulton, and local resident said: “As a person who lives a couple of miles from here with a family – just knowing there is something this close-by, is comforting. It's nice having that peace of mind, from a father’s perspective. This is a very high quality place. The hospital has spent the money to make this top notch. Its unique to have this in the middle of the community.”





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Going Green And Saving Green The era of big-bucks home renovations is coming to an end. Those large, expensive projects that transformed our homes during the housing boom are giving way to more practical, dollar-conscious ones that are also friendlier to the environment. During the housing boom era, renovations soared with the real estate market, then crashed with it, too. Now homeowners are looking for ways to improve their homes without emptying their wallets. Running concurrent with Bamboo flooring is a great way to go green that desire is the consumer’s ever-inand save some green. creasing awareness of the environment. “Flooring sets the tone of the room “It’s a trend, not a fad. There will althe look and feel of a room – and cork ways be demand for green products,” Mareks Meija, of Floor and Décor, said. and bamboo flooring is taking the design world by storm. We have many “10 years ago there were very few peobeautiful options that will greatly enple asking for green products, but now hance your home,” Melissa Hagerty, demany are asking. And in these tougher signer at Floor and Décor stated. economic times, people are looking to Using these products is not only maximize the money they spend on more environmentally friendly, but in home projects. Fortunately we can give most cases it is a better value for the people great value for their dollar.” money. Many carpets can look worn in When people hear the term “green as little as five years and require remodeling”, they think of betregular, intensive cleaning ter windows, more efficient Floor and Décor with the use of harsh chemHVAC systems and energyicals and equipment. The 610 Holcomb Bridge Road star appliances. These are aforementioned cork and Classes Saturday’s at important components of bamboo flooring materials, 10am (Wood flooring) making your home green, 2PM (Tile Installation) or engineered wood prodbut there are a lot of other ucts, are durable and they do ways to make your projects ennot hide particulate matter, makvironmentally conscious – and it will ing for a safer living environment. Adnot break the bank. ditionally these products can last many Flooring is an area that can have a times longer than carpets, making them big impact on your home and the envia sound investment. ronment. Carpets are traditionally high The overall trend toward both ecoin VOC's (volatile organic compounds). nomical and green choices is an integral VOC's can trigger asthma, and if you part of the Floor and Décor business suffer from allergies, having carpet can model. In each of their locations, the compound those effects. There are buildings' HVAC system is managed by many products available that can enhance the beauty of your floors and help an outside company that monitors use and ensures the temperatures and protect your home environment. lighting are maintained using maxi“We have many products that can mum efficiency. last for much longer than carpet. If you If you require assistance, the associuse materials like granite or marble, ates at Floor and Décor can help in they will last as long as your house is minimizing the environmental impact standing,” Meija said. of your home projects, and maximizing If you use sustainable materials in a your return on the money you spend. floor project, that is a great place to Also, on their website www.floorandstart. Bamboo, for instance, grows the green products quickly and harvesting it doesn't require cutting down forests of trees. Cork are labeled with a green/ECO friendly product logo. is also a sustainable material and is a Sponsored by Floor and Decor popular choice in home flooring.


LAMINATE Maple 3-Strip 6mm





Sumatra Teak 7MM

sq.ft. CERAMIC Albero Verde 12”x12”





$ 99








$ 09



Santos Bone 16.4”x 16.4”

Brazilian Cherry y 12.3MM

White Body 20” x 20”




Ultra Ultr ra Brite White 4” x 4”




25¢ 2

each ea ach

Country Beige 4” x 4”




79¢ 7


Braseham Br aseham Beige 12” x 12”









Virginia Vir ginia a Spring 12” x 12”









$3 39 9

$5 52 2

$5 59 9

$ 79

Natural Natural 5/16” x 4 3/4” 5/16”

Dalmation lmation W Walnut alnut 18” x 18”

Natural Red Oak Natural 5 5/16”x 2 5/8”

Dynasty Cr Cream eam 12” x 12”

















6110 Holcomb 610 olccoomb Bridge Briddgge Rd Roswell, Ro oswell, sw well, GA 30076 300076 76


Visit us online at

28 April

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Roswell’s Premier Design Team

Bring In Spring With A Fling…Of Color That Is! By Danna Honeycutt

Lower Level Now Open!

Spring sprang up on us in a

Featuring Huntington House Upholstery & Our Own One-of-a-Kind Pieces

flash this year, ready or not! You’ve embraced it in your clothing - because the weather won’t have it any other way. What about inside? Are you still looking around your house when Interior you get home Design and thinking, “Am I really DANNA HONEYCUTT pumping the AC already?” It may be because your home’s decor does not yet reflect the season. Coziness is what most of us look forward to in the winter, but it can feel suffocating when the heat starts to creep in. A few tips to bring the spring feeling to your décor in a flash: To make the most impact, pare down in the accessory department before getting started. This will not only make room for any new décor, but it is almost like looking at your room with fresh eyes.

• Love the fresh clean look seen in magazines but not sure how to incorporate it into your traditional design? Visit us and get inspired it's what we do best. • Visit our boutique for unique home décor, gift and window treatment ideas.


) %%"

! &* &# ( &&$"



' +

Popping a few brightly colored pillows on your sofa will do wonders without breaking the bank. If the thought of bright pillows is a little scary, then opt to go with a more traditional pattern to ensure a pleasing aesthetic.

Flowers are the number one sign of spring outdoors. You can use them for the same purpose inside your home. A large scale floral or singular floral print will make a huge statement without floral overload.

Flowers on a table or console are so refreshing, but not everyone can handle their fragrance indoors. Not a problem! Faux flowers are just plain fun, no green thumb required.

A pop of color in your linens is one of my favorites. They really add a personal touch and show off your fun side. Insert a paper napkin, or bleachable linen inside, and guests will use that in order to preserve the colorful linens. Bonus tip: If you aren’t sure what’s missing in your color palette, pop in some white using flowers, containers, or background pillows. You’ll be amazed at how it brings it all together to feel fresh, fun, but sophisticated. We hope this helps you “spring” into action! q


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Giving You A Whole New Body Wholebody Systems will have you feeling many years younger.

&% $ $$ !

! &$

By the time we reach adulthood

Brian Paulo and Alexander Simmons putting the modern technology to work.

most of our bone mass is fully developed. As we grow older, that bone mass ing the body into a natural recovery. or density thins and could ultimately “The body is designed to heal itself. lead to osteoporosis, potentially leading Drugs can slow the bone density loss, to a broken bone. Our diet, lifestyle, or but with potentially troubling side efuse of medications can all play a role in fects,” Simmons said. “The side effects the density of our bones. The most of our system are all positive.” common way for bone density to deThe Wholebody Systems program is crease is simply by aging and settling for all ages, but is specifically geared for into a more sedentary lifestyle. Once people over 50, to help promote functhe body becomes used to a less active tional strength and increase bone denroutine, it becomes harder to change sity. The program consists of that, and an individual’s condian initial consultation and tion can spiral out of control Wholebody a session that sets a basevery easily. line for your current Systems In the past, the main status, and your needs method of treating this are then assessed. Once 404-987-7908 condition has been with past the first visit, you drugs. But now, with adwill then have a session vancements in technology, each week that consists of there are numerous ways to a 4 position workout: chest treat decreases in bone mass. A press for upper body, leg press for the leading new technology is available lowaist down, a core pull for the abs and cally through Wholebody Systems. lower back and lastly a vertical lift for Wholebody Systems is not an equipthe legs and upper back. ment manufacturer or a gym - it’s inThe exercises are not long in durastead a revolutionary new way to offset tion or potentially dangerous like the the loss of bone density with an easy gym, but rather high intensity self apand convenient program that takes plied loads that will increase bone denonly about 10 minutes per week. sity and muscle mass. During each visit “A lot of people are intimidated by a patient’s progress is measured the gym, and it takes a lot of time. Our against the initial baseline and a visual program is an ability commitment not report of progress is given. It is a web a time one,” Alexander Simmons, based management system, so your founder of Wholebody Systems said. data can be used in multiple locations, “This doesn't replace going to the gym. if the need arises. It’s something that’s going to increase “The stronger you make your muscle and bone density.” body, the better your life will be,” Wholebody Systems, the only Simmons said. provider in Georgia, is an all-natural Sponsored by Wholebody Systems program that is geared toward assist-


$ %) %# % !$%&# # & %! # & %!




30 April

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Getting Ready For Alive After 5 By Elaine LaMontagne

“Roswell’s Canton Street has been doing well for many years, however, Alive After Five has absolutely supercharged the energy of this unique area.” This is the sentiment of Roswell Mayor Jere Wood, who grew up in Roswell and understandably appreciates the popularity of this event and the business surge it has impacted, from what was once a sleepier time. April 19, 2012 will mark the kickoff of Alive After Five’s seventh consecutive year. This street festival is held the third Thursday of each month from April through October, 5-9 p.m. The event features extended hours for retailers, live music at various points, and specialty vendors sprinkled throughout Canton Street’s historic sidewalks and corridors. It brings approximately 1500-2000 additional people to the area each time it’s scheduled – most of whom are locals, but it also introduces many people from other pockets of metro Atlanta to this gem of a street. The impressive mix of boutiques, restaurants, gift shops, antique markets and art galleries in an idyllic setting has been bringing them back in droves. The concept was birthed at a meeting with the Historic Roswell Merchants Association (HRMA) as they strategized ways to enhance business for slower days of the week. Notoriously less busy Thursdays became the target. Unanimous credit is given to Sally Johnson, both owner of The Chandlery (landmark and anchor gift shop on Canton Street) as well as the President of the HRMA. Her vision, leadership and passion have created a revitalization considered the envy of the state of Georgia. “Success, success, success,” echoes Steve Stroud, Director of the newly established Roswell Business Alliance. Stroud (who also grew up in Roswell, married his high school sweetheart, Kathleen, and has three daughters) owns Stroud’s Printing & Design and has been an active advocate for Roswell area businesses and nonprofit organizations. The Roswell Business Alliance partners public and

The area’s biggest street party is more than just a good time. It’s impact on business has been undeniable. private entities daughters’ for efforts young friends, within certain and then jurisdictions turning for the better around and good. chatting with Stroud my parents proudly notes and their that February friends. It’s a 2012 had a draw for all record 10 ribages.” bon-cuttings in Mayor Jere the City of Wood shared Roswell, inone of the cluding Canton most interestStreet’s Little ing notes Alley Steak about Canton and Oil & Vie Street, which (specialty olive is that the oil and vinegar true salvation shop). Little of this special Alley Steak is street and its owned by businesses ocHicham Azhari curred in the and Fikret 1940’s when Kovac, who highway planalso own and ning bypassed operate sister it and veered establishments north, allowSalt Factory ing the vinand Inc. Street tage charm to Food restauremain and a rants. Azhari pedestrian enand Kovac’s invironment to vestments in thrive. Photos by Gittel Price such prime Mayor Canton Street property has added Wood is nostalgic about Canton substantial vibrancy and substance Street and his ties run deep. His law to this magnetic street. Win-win. practice, Wood & Perry (which speNo doubt. cializes in representing small busi“Walking down Canton Street is nesses), has been situated on Canton truly one of the best strolls anywhere Street for over 25 years, plus his wife Judy’s art gallery, Raiford Gallery, is because of its artsy, eclectic charm located there as well. Raiford entrenched in a real historic backdrop. Over the last 20 years, the City Gallery features jewelry, art and achas done a terrific job of adding clas- cessories, and is Mayor Wood’s favorite shop on the strip! He sic pavers, lampposts, curbing and reminisces of the street during his benches, which have certainly highboyhood days when it was the epilighted the already appealing archicenter of Roswell, with an old movie tecture and nostalgia.” Stroud theater, grocery, drug store, and a continues, “I love coming to Alive “five and dime”. After Five and running into my

Originally, the City of Roswell helped launch the Alive After Five idea with approximately $2500 in seed funds, but after the first year, it became self-sustaining. Mayor Wood expresses gratefully that the area businesses have been enthusiastic about Alive After Five and all that it entails, as it has added much to the hip vibe of historic Roswell. He also notes, to his surprise, that the residents tucked within the Canton Street web have never complained. In fact, townhomes (including Canton Street Walk and The Providence) have been built to accommodate those that enjoy living in this Virginia Highlands of the suburbs, and home values in the area have benefited. The one problem that has erupted from Alive After Five festivities is parking, which showcases the level of success it experiences. Ongoing meetings have focused on this issue and possible solutions, and although there have been a couple of recent amendments (see sidebar), Mayor Wood indicates that he’s “not ready for primetime to announce more formal plans – it’s just too soon.” The challenge is addressing the reality of the need, but not wanting to hurt the beauty and timeless charm of the area. According to Buddy Milton, treasurer of the HRMA, additional security has been procured to handle the larger crowds and monitoring for bootleg vendors. The owner of Plum Tree Village (which offers such Canton Street favorites as The Bilt House, Uniquities, Plum Café, Pet Fancy, Plum Tree Yoga, and Scotia Salon), Milton explains that event organizers try to have a quality blend of vendors, being sensitive to the existing Canton Street merchants, while wanting to add new synergy for those attending Alive After Five. The lucrative results of the event have brought a few outdoor vendors who try to circumvent the requirements and fees. But the aforementioned issues are growing pains that many event planners would love to have! Watch for updated details on the event website at q For more visit

High quality, female-focused care for all the stages of your life

WELCOME SOWMYA REDDY, MD Dr. Reddy is Board Certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. She has been in practice in the North Fulton area since 2010 and is presently accepting new patients.

Prenatal Care and Delivery Garry Siegel, MD 1295 Hembree Road Building B, Suite 203 Roswell, GA 30076 770.664.7013

Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Infertility Well Women Exams Family Planning and Contraception Endometriosis Teenage/Adolescence Care

Sowmya Reddy, MD 1305 Hembree Road Suite 203 Roswell, GA 30076 678.739.4757


High School Sports Physicals Saturday, April 21, 2012

| 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

North Fulton Hospital 3000 Hospital Boulevard in Roswell

North Fulton Hospital and Resurgens Orthopaedics are offering high school sports physicals to all private and public schools within North Fulton County.

Sports Physical Evaluation—Resurgens Orthopaedics Vision Screenings—Ajit Nemi, MD, Ophthalmology Medical Clearance—Primary Care and Internal Medicine Physicians

Bring your Fulton County Physicals Form No appointment necessary Free parking available in parking deck Call 770-751-2660 for more information

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