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Chicken Cottage Brand Identity

Current Identity

Current Identity

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New Logo

The new identity embraces the british origins and takes the chain in a new direction to other fast food resteraunts. The identity takes influence from english cafes, the welcoming nature of coffee shops and plays on the images conjured by ‘cottage.’

Colours #313131

The two primary colours are a different take on the current # 991d2f

# 299aa2

red and blue colour scheme. The red is warm and welcoming, the blue is cool and refreshing, and inspired by traditional, old country kitchens.

The Logo

The logo is designed to work on it’s own without the name, and eventually become recognisable on it’s own. The logo is also used as a sticker to seal food in within packaging.

Peri Peri Grilled Chicken

Strawberry Milkshake


Spicy Crunchy Mountain Burger

Coca Cola

The language style is used to create curiosity and entice people into eating the food. The slogans take the centre stage on the packaging.

Ice Cream







A series of symbols which can be used all over the branding to differentiate between the different types of food.

The Packaging

The packaging adopts the fresh, clean look of the brand, and uses the copywriting to lure and exite the audience and generate curiosity about the food or drink inside. The front of the box has a sticker of the logo which seals it shut.


The brand pattern to be used wherever suitable.

Chicken Cottage rebrand