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Divorce Attorney Santa Ana - Different Aspects of a Divorce Case A divorce attorney Santa Ana can be hired by a client who feel that he/she is having differences with his spouse. Whenever a divorce attorney Santa Ana is hired for a case, he takes up the liability of advising and assisting the client till the end. It also means that the concerned divorce lawyer requires to know everything about the client who had hired him. The client should also tell the lawyer about the truth of his relationship with spouse. The reason due to which the client is divorcing his spouse should be a valid one. It should not be a faulty case. If the case is not false then both the parties confess in the court that they are having differences with each other and their marriage is a troubled one. During the proceeding of a fault it has to be proved that the spouse of the client is in a faulty condition. Reasons of giving divorce to the spouse can be much like domestic abuse, financial abuse and adultery etc. Recently in Santa Ana the alternative to select between the two have been eliminated. The divorce attorney has the choice of selecting whether the case of divorce is at fault or without any fault. Duties of a divorce attorney: A divorce attorney Santa Ana requires to take care of many aspects when the divorce case of his clients is on the way. These aspects include custody of child and pets, alimony, division of property, assets and financial liabilities. As concerning alimony, it is the money that a person is required to pay to his spouse after they divorce each other. The amount of alimony to be paid depends on certain factors. These factors are mainly affected by the income earned by spouses and the amount of availability of assets. It is not usual for a judge to order a spouse to give alimony to his life partner if he is not having sufficient income. The division of domestic assets during a divorce case is displayed in the prenuptial agreement. The divorce attorney of each party had to be present at the time of divorce or proceedings concerned with the division of assets. There are many divorce cases in which division of property is done according to the prenuptial agreement. The divorce attorney Santa Ana has to also fight for his/her client concerning the custody of the dependents of his client. The dependents of the clients can be born naturally they can also be adopted children. Pets are also treated as dependents of the client. Some aspects like imprisonment, fraud, abuse and abandonment can also be brought into action during a divorce case.

Divorce Attorney Santa Ana - Different Aspects of a Divorce Case