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In these tough economic times, there are many people switching from working at an office to working from their home. You might be thinking if you could do the same. Anyone can work from home with a little knowledge. I am going to tell you a little about a few of the more popular online opportunities. There are really very few tools that you'll need to work from home. The only major tools you need will be your time and you must be self motivated to learn in order to succeed in your work from home online business. For an easy switch over, if you want to stay in your field of expertise, it is really simple. Just offer your professional expertise in an online marketplace. On online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, you can do a lot more now than just selling your old things. It is becoming more popular for people to sell their own professional capabilities in a marketplace. You can be an online life coach, if you are looking to help people out directly. In today's busy world, few people have the time to meet a personal coach at an office, and even if they did, the new generation of web workers would need to be met by their coaches in the same way that they work: via email, IM, and VoIP. Even though you could go through a life coach certification program, reputation is more important than credentials on the internet. With a little patience and work, this is a hot field right now and one that's easy to get started in. For an example of someone building up their profile and business online as a coach, be sure to check out Pamela Slim of Ganas Consulting and the "Escape from Cubicle Nation" blog. Speaking of blogs, they are one of if not the hottest things going on the internet right now. Even though they are as popular as they are, good writers are still hard to find, and that is the real key to making a blog successful. Blog networks such as Weblogs Inc., GigaOmniMedia, and b5media are always looking for good writers that can turn a solid post into an interesting topic quickly and easily, just as long as you have good writing skills alongside excellent content skills. If you want to get noticed, comment and link to blog network sites, and write blog posts of your own that are polished but not overly personal, although showing a little personality isn't too bad. You can pretty much incorporate your own professional expertise to make the transition that much easier with blogs. You can start your own blog network, if you prefer the business side of selling things. This includes attracting investors, managing and hiring employees and sales. Plus, instead of working for one of the top blog network sites mentioned above, you would be working against them. Don't make the

mistake of thinking you'll get a lot of time to write blogs yourself, if you choose to go this route.

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==== ==== Hi ... Review many available opportunities and learn how to work from home. ==== ====

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