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Incorporating the Diocesan School for Girls ~ ESTABLISHED 1870 ~

Principal: G. A. Forrest, M.A.


WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE THE HIGH SCHOOL? n High academic standards and outstanding results n Excellent teachers at all levels n Friendly and positive atmosphere n Broad and balanced curriculum n Caring pastoral system throughout n Wide range of sports and modern facilities n Good transport links (road, bus, Luas) n Competitive fees (with flexible payment methods) n Scholarships, bursaries and grants available


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CHURCH OF IRELAND UNITED DIOCESES OF DUBLIN AND GLENDALOUGH The Most Reverend Michael Jackson, Archbishop of Dublin and Bishop of Glendalough, Primate of Ireland and Metropolitan.


Archbishop’s Letter H

ave you ever tried to find light switches in your house or apartment or garage in the dark? Not only is it entirely different from finding them in the light. It is also the moment when we discover that there are more things in our way than we ever imagined or remembered. This is because our instinct has, up until then, been to find a way around such things with the sort of ingenuity we have developed over time and with a ready familiarity with our surroundings. Suddenly, it is not quite so simple. Instantly, it is not simple at all. We find that there is a lot of stuff in our way that we had either not noticed before or had taken for granted without needing to worry about it. But once you find one of your light switches, finding the rest of them becomes a whole lot easier. Your bearings come back to you. You regain your focus and your confidence. Things begin to happen and, even more important, you yourself can begin to make things happen. You are, in a way, restored to doing what you do instinctively and you are greatly relieved. This is how it is most of the time for those of us who are sighted. And I am very aware that it is and entirely different experience for those of us who are not sighted. Your life is very differently ordered and organised. In November, the hour has changed. The weather has changed. The days have shortened. The world around us no longer responds to our promptings in the ways in which we once felt that it did. For all of us, this is terribly, terribly hard. Things may be where they were but they no longer respond in the ways they once did. Other things may not be where they used to be and we do not quite know what to expect or what to do. And what is more, we find that other people have preoccupations of which we knew nothing – nor had we any entitlement to, but now we worry for them. And yet somehow their privacy and our privacy have been eroded and may even have disappeared. This is a difficult new world. One of the things which the long months of the coronavirus to date have done to us is to drive underground a number of instincts that are dear to us. The holding and hugging of people has gone, including putting your hand on the shoulder or the arm of those you know to encourage them or to wish them well. When long-standing friends and acquaintances meet, there is still a possibility that someone will instinctively hold out a hand in the hope of shaking the hand of the other person. Instincts have frozen. We are, in more and more specific ways, in the dark and we are in our own dark as well. This may not seem to be the time to branch out. But we do need to! The first six or seven months of the coronavirus fell in dry weather, increasing light and often in a time of heat and warmth. We need to dig deep once again to find a wintry resilience to care for ourselves and for others such that we found so instinctively in March and April of this year when the coronavirus – while deadly – was in some sense a novelty. It remains deadly but it is no longer a novelty. Nobody wanted it. Nobody wished it. We now have to live with it and, as someone recently and rightly said, respect it. When you flick a light switch this month, please think of kindness to yourself and to others. Everyone needs it. † Michael


by Lucy Kelly

COVER: The Revd Alistair Doyle and the Revd Leonard Madden (centre) with Archdeacon Neal O’Raw and Archbishop Michael Jackson following the Ordination of Deacons in Christ Church Cathedral.


Church of Ireland LAUNCHES NEW


PROMOTION PROGRAMME on World Mental Health Day


he Church of Ireland has launched a major three-year all island mental health promotion programme. Among the many effects of Covid-19 has been an increased awareness of the importance of promoting and supporting positive mental health – an issue that affects people in every part of the community. Entitled ‘Mental Health Promotion across the Church of Ireland and Wider Community’, the project aims to transform the understanding of, attitudes towards, and responses to mental health within the Church of Ireland and the wider community. It has been made possible by a significant grant from Allchurches Trust – one of the UK and Ireland’s largest grantmaking charities. Allchurches’ funds come from its ownership of Ecclesiastical Insurance Group. The project, which was launched on World Mental Health Day (October 10), will begin with a study to establish the understanding of, and attitudes towards, mental health within the Church community. The study will also measure any changes in these at the end of the three years. The results of this research will shape an integrated programme of mental health promotion, support and training, which will be rolled out on an all-island basis. This will be followed by individual dioceses being invited to apply for funding to support more localised initiatives. Throughout this project, the Church will work with a range of other organisations, both statesponsored and voluntary, involved in mental health promotion in all parts of the island, and will share the results of its research, and the lessons learned from the project, with government bodies and charities. Welcoming the initiative, the Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, the Most Revd John McDowell, said: ‘The Church of Ireland is a church that seeks to serve the



whole community and to engender hope at a very difficult time for everyone who lives on this island. That hope is based on our understanding of the generous gospel of Jesus Christ through sharing whatever resources and gifts we possess, as open-handedly as possible. My hope and prayer for this initiative is that as a serving church we will be able to be more effective in our ministry of comfort, of practical help and of hope, and in doing so to benefit those most in need within our communities and beyond.’ Jeremy Noles, Head of Grants and Relationships at Allchurches Trust, said: ‘Poor mental health is one of the biggest issues facing our communities, and, as the devastating long-term impact of the pandemic becomes clearer, the need and opportunity for the Church to step up its support in this area is growing. The Church has always been on the frontline of caring for the vulnerable, and we’re delighted that our funding will help deepen understanding of mental health in the Church of Ireland, enabling them to raise awareness and respond to this pressing need in the most effective way possible.’ Prof Jim Lucey, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Trinity College Dublin, said: ‘I am really encouraged by the understanding and recognition of the pivotal role the Church plays in mental health promotion displayed in this application. Clergy can plan a key role in mental health promotion and their skills and well-being have to be recognised and supported. I understand the significant role that the Church has in mental health promotion in society and I am excited by this needs-led all-island initiative. I am particularly heartened that the project team understand the importance of the project being needsled, and I look forward to seeing the results of the baseline assessment of the Church’s understanding of, and ability to promote mental

“Poor mental health is

one of the biggest issues facing our communities, and, as the devastating long-term impact of the pandemic becomes clearer, the need and opportunity for the Church to step up its support in this area is growing.

health. This participative, needs-led approach is crucial to the sustainable embedding of positive mental health initiatives and I am excited about what this project will result in across the Church and wider community.’ Martin Rogan, CEO of Mental Health Ireland, also endorsed the project, saying: ‘I admire the in-depth and sustainable approach taken in this project as it aims to support and respond to the mental health needs of the community. The Church of Ireland have put in place all the necessary considerations to make this project sustainable and we particularly welcome their approach of carrying out baseline research to establish the current needs of the community.’



The Revd Christopher West with his parents Linda and Nigel and brother Owen, along with Archbishop Michael Jackson, Canon Robert Warren and the Revd Nigel Pierpoint.


– the Revd Christopher West is Ordained to the Priesthood

“Carry the baton of ministry with pride, integrity and faithfulness as the church, society and the world unfolds before you.” This was the advice given to the Revd Christopher West who was ordained to the Priesthood in Taney Parish Church, where he will serve as Curate, on September 29. Christopher is starting out in ministry at a strange time when the world is grappling with Covid-19. His Service of Ordination took place in a closed church with just his immediate family and a handful of witnesses present. However, the Rector and preacher, Canon Robert Warren, reminded him that while he was making solemn promises in the company of a gathering limited by the current restrictions, he was making these promises before God. Archbishop Michael Jackson presided at the service and said that while every compliance was in place for the evening to launch Christopher’s ministry, everyone could look

forward to celebrating his ministry together in the future. Canon Warren and the Revd Nigel Pierpoint, who is also a Curate of the parish took part in the service. Christopher was joined by his parents Linda and Nigel, and his brother Owen. In his sermon Canon Warren referred to 1 Corinthians 9; 24 & 25: “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last; but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.” He suggested that the race was not just a sprint but more like a relay. “You Chris have done the strict training and are now in the starting blocks, rearing to go … For me, the finishing line is in sight after more than 42 years of Ordained Ministry,” he said. “So in a way, today I imagine I am passing on the baton of ministry to you, Chris, in the hope that you will be richly blessed in the exciting, although undoubtedly challenging opportunities that lie ahead of you.” He offered three gifts to encapsulate what he wanted to say on Christopher’s Ordination day. Noting that a Bible would be given to him by the Archbishop as laid out in the Ordinal, the first gift was a copy of the Desiderata, a work of prose which was discovered in a church in Baltimore, Maryland. He said it contained a number of important pointers for those in ministry including an instruction to remember what peace there may be in silence. He urged the soon to be ordained priest not to let the pressures of parish life supplant the important tools of ministry – prayer life and spiritual and theological reading.

Archbishop Michael Jackson presents the Revd Christopher West with a Bible.

The Desiderata also advises to be yourself and Canon Warren added that if Christopher continually danced to other people’s tunes, his ministry would be frustrating and unfulfilling and would not be genuine. The prose also urges clergy to be “gentle with yourself” and the preacher observed that self-care was a most important part of any caring ministry. He also presented Christopher with a copy of the Constitution of the Church of Ireland noting that the protocols and directions as to how parishes, dioceses and the Central Church are governed offered protection and guidance. His final gift was a piece of wood representing the baton of the relay race. It was not shiny or smooth but rather rough and gnarled and could act as a reminder that priestly ministry would not be easy, straight-forward or simple. “It will instead be challenging with times of happiness and sadness, with times of frustration and fulfilment as you travel and journey with those committed to your charge from their beginnings of life to their end of life and with so much in between. Carry the baton of ministry with pride, integrity and faithfulness as the church, society and the world unfolds before you,” he stated.




‘Boldly go where no one has gone before’ Deacons urged to be fearless in strange times I

n a city quietened by Covid restrictions, two deacons began a new chapter in their lives on Sunday September 20. The Revd Alistair Doyle and the Revd Leonard Madden were ordained to the diaconate by Archbishop Michael Jackson in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin. The cathedral was closed to the public and the congregation of three included the deacons’ wives Cecilia and Catherine, and Alistair and Cecilia’s son Toby. Apart from the Archbishop, clergy present included Dean Dermot Dunne, Archdeacon Neal O’Raw (who preached), Archdeacon David Pierpoint, the Revd Abigail Sines, the Revd Dr William Olhausen and the Revd Kalmer Keskula. Archdeacon O’Raw acknowledged that Alistair and Leonard found themselves being ordained to the diaconate during very strange times. He said he had been trying to picture what it must be like for them to begin this new chapter in these challenging times “not only for us as human beings, but also as a living, breathing, organic church”.


teaching, in ministry; will be subsumed into the Body of Christ, enriching it, promoting it, and in the vision of God in his temple in the Book of Isaiah, will become part of God’s glory, which fills the earth,” he explained. Like Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, the preacher suggested that Alistair and Leonard’s ongoing mission was to explore new worlds, seek out new life and boldly go where no one has gone before.

Archbishop Michael Jackson hands the Revd Leonard Madden a Bible during the service of Ordination.

“For Alistair and Leonard, this vision could be to approach their parish placements as an opportunity to explore new avenues of faith expression, to be fearless in approaching other worship communities, to learn from them, and to bring that learning and introduce it into their own expression of faith, enhancing and enriching their journey with God,” he said. He urged the parishes of Kilternan and Blessington Union, where Alistair and Leonard will spend their deacon year, to allow their clergy to explore and to grow in the faith. Archdeacon Neal O’Raw

He suggested that they stood on the cusp of their new futures like the Spanish explorer, Cortez, who on the peak in Darien saw a land of opportunity laid out at his feet. The readings [Isaiah 6: 1-8; Romans 12: 1-12 and Mark 10: 35 -45] gave a flavour of where Alistair and Leonard could be in their walk with God, the Archdeacon said. “The gifts and talents of Alistair and Leonard, whether they be in leadership, in CHURCH REVIEW


Left: The Revd Alistair and Cecilia Doyle and their son. Right: The Revd Leonard Madden and his wife Dr Catherine Smith


Faith Leaders offer


ON PEACE on International Day of Peace


ublin City Interfaith Forum marked the UN International Day of Peace with an online gathering of Faith Leaders on September 21. The Faith Leaders, including Archbishop Michael Jackson, gave reflections on peace and read prayers. There were also musical contributions. Together they created a picture of peace from different faith perspectives. Dr Jasbir Singh Puri of the Sikh community in Dublin was the first to contribute. He said peace was not only the end of conflict but was a dynamic positive state of existence with each other. Seeing no one as a stranger could help bring about peace, he suggested.

Together they created a picture of peace from different faith perspectives.

As Jewish people celebrated the Jewish New Year, Chairperson of the Dublin Progressive Jewish Congregation, Hilary Abrahamson, wished participants Shanah tovah. She said it was not enough to pray for peace. We had to work for it by challenging propaganda, ascertaining the truth, denouncing injustice and defending human rights, she said. Sheikh Eid Zaher of Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland extended his deepest sympathies to families of victims of coronavirus and prayed for the recovery of current patients. He said Muslims were part of “this dear country” and their message was one of peace and tolerance towards all in this diverse country.

Swami Purnananda also representing the Hindu community said the Covid virus did not respect people and inherently it should bring us together. But it did not bring us peace, he said. He suggested peace could be viewed as a kind of fluid, like a river that could flow through the whole universe. “Today we find many people in distress because of war. If we want peace of mind we should not find fault with others and learn to make the whole world our own - not just one world, one culture, one faith. When we find peace inside ourselves we also find it everywhere and this will lead us to a movement of solidarity,” he said. Archbishop Michael Jackson shared a way to talk of peace from three viewpoints: seeing peace; making peace; and keeping peace. “Time and again, we rush to making peace in the hope of keeping peace. We miss out on the earlier need of seeing peace. This is peace envisioned not as something on the distant horizon, but as something already in our hearts and in the hearts of those we want to have and to own their own peace. We need to see this peace, if we are going to share it. Peace is part of our personal homework. Peace impacts everyone. Peace begins with each one of us in attitude and expectation, in willingness and concentration,” he said. Pastor Dare Adetuberu of the Redeemed Christian Church of God observed that the pandemic had disrupted peace like nothing we could have imagined in our lifetime. “We are struggling to find peace globally and personally. But he said there are places in the world where the pandemic has masked the greater disruption to peace. Self isolation is security and peace from the pandemic in some parts of the world but in some parts of the world isolation is actually a greater threat to peace,” he contended. Fr Alan Hilliard of the Archdiocese of Dublin said that God didn’t give us peace because we are good, God gave us peace because he is good. A person who could not have peace in their heart was their own enemy, he added. He began to draw the event to a close by reading a prayer for peace. Alison Wortley of the Bahai community said the establishment of peace was a duty to which the entire human race is called. She also led participants in prayer. Representing the Zen Buddist community in Ireland, Revd Kozen, read the Meta Sutra. A song was played from Pastor Stefan Arras, leader of the Lutheran Church in Ireland.

Dr Ali Alsaleh of the Shi’a Centre in Milltown emphasised that we all needed each other. “One lesson from this pandemic – I am a victim of this pandemic with my family – is our need for each other. The most beautiful image was to see the medical staff from all the continents – from Africa, from Asia, from Europe all united in saving their patients. And also the patients were from many race, from many sex, from many nationality. We were receiving the same treatment, the same care. Here also we need to use this opportunity to pray for the patient to get health, but for the medical staff and those serving the patients and to encourage the people to obey the Government regulations,” he stated. Dr Hemant Kumar leader of the Vedic Hindu Cultural Centre of Ireland observed that 2020 was a unique year where an invisible has made us realise that all people and communities in the world were the same. As the whole world united to fight this virus, he hoped the whole world would unite in creating peace.

Dublin’s faith leaders at the DCIF Day of Peace event.

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Revd Sean Hanily Appointed Rector of Rathmichael

been curate of Drumragh with Mountfield (Omagh) in the Diocese of Derry since 2018.

he Revd Sean Hanily appointed as the new Rathmichael Parish in the Dublin. He will begin his Rathmichael in November.

Speaking on his appointment to Rathmichael Parish, Sean said: “Cherith, Marcus and myself are very much looking forward to our arrival in Rathmichael Parish. It’s a part of the world we know well, and we look forward to serving God’s people there. I would ask for the prayers of our future parishioners in the next few weeks as we prepare to move from Omagh. The people of Rathmichael are in our prayers and we look forward to meeting them all soon”.


He is married to Cherith and they have a one-year old son, Marcus. Sean enjoys music, reading and being outdoors.

has been Rector of Diocese of ministry in

The Revd Sean Hanily grew up in Roscommon and studied music at Trinity College Dublin, where he was also a choral scholar in the Chapel Choir. After leaving TCD he worked at St Patrick’s Cathedral for a number of years before beginning his training for ordination in 2015. He served his deacon year in Rathfarnham Parish and has

Sean succeeds Canon Fred Appelbe who retired last year.

The Revd Sean Hanily with his wife Cherith and their son.



ick joined the “Players” in 1973 and brought with him a wealth of talent and experience having spent many hours of the previous years on the amateur stage. His first part was a Jesuit Priest in a play called “A Letter from the General”. He played this part so well that his talent became obvious and as the years went by whatever part Dick played, he just became that character. Over the next 47 years Dick played different parts in 34 Plays and 10 Pantomimes and his amazing talent showed. Whether he was a Priest, a Bishop, a policeman or a “Dame” or “Ugly Sister” in a Panto, he just became that person. Out of all the 44 people that Dick became on stage, it is hard to say that any one was better than the others. But his personification of the

Mothers’ Union

DIARY DATE Mothers’ Union Dublin & Glendalough and the Canon Paul Houston, Parish of Castleknock, Mulhuddart with Clonsilla will host a Service on Sunday November 29 2020 in St Brigid’s Church, Castleknock, at 11.30am as part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence. The guest Speaker will be Ms Ifra Ahmed. An Irish citizen, originally from Somalia, Ifra is an active campaigner against Female Genital Mutilation and is gender advisor to the Government of Somalia.






others’ Union Dublin & Glendalough are seeking a Public Relations Officer and an Honorary Secretary. This is an opportunity for active experienced persons to contribute to Mothers’ Union work in the community by using good administrative and communication skills. See the Mothers’ Union website www.dublin. for more information. These are both volunteer roles for which out of pocket expenses are paid. If you are interested please contact Rachel Devlin, Vice President, Dublin & Glendalough Mothers Union at An information pack will be sent to you.

Father in “The Winslow Boy” in the year 2000, was incredible. Then more recently he was The Inspector in “The Inspector Calls”. This was very difficult and demanding part and once again Dick got it to perfection. Then in the Pantos Dick always got a “Character” part which he portrayed magnificently. Although Dick took part in 44 different productions, this was not his only contribution to the “Players” over the years. He also Directed/ Produced 21 productions. This entailed helping the performers with their characters and directing all their moves and reactions. Dick had the wonderful ability to do this without ever getting fussed or annoyed. He was never known to lose his temper or use a swearword or indeed say a bad thing about anybody. He will be sorely missed, mostly because he had the wonderful ability to be “Dick White”. Dick died on Monday 17th August 2020. He is sadly missed by all the Parishioners of St Brigid’s Stillorgan and All Saints’ Blackrock and we send our sincere condolences to Aileen, Keith, Naomi and Andrew and their families.

Full details of ONLINE CHURCH SERVICES are available in our special directory which you will find on the Dublin & Glendalough website at: news/category/events




he community of The High School, Dublin, celebrated the 150th anniversary of its foundation on October 1 2020. A range of events took place in the school to mark the occasion and a service of Choral Evensong was broadcast to the whole school community, who could not attend in person due to Covid-19 restrictions. Recorded in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Archbishop Michael Jackson presided and preached in the presence of the Chapter of the cathedral. The music was directed by the Organist and Master of the Choristers, Stuart Nicholson and sung by the Lay Vicars Choral. Viewers were welcomed by the Principal Andrew Forrest who was delighted to be able to welcome the whole school community to mark the milestone occasion in their shared history. He noted that it was exactly 150 years since The High School was officially established by the Governors of the Schools Founded by Erasmus Smith, Esquire on 1st October 1870. In his sermon the Archbishop said it was an honour to preach on such a historic day. The school motto ‘We are faithful to our trust …’ was an invitation to belong given to all who became members of The High School, he said. “It sets everyone, individually and together, irrespective of race or religion, creed or culture, in a tradition, a handing on, of


SEIRBHÍS GHAEILGE AR LÍNE a bheidh againn an mhí seo ó ArdEaglais Naomh Fhionnbarra i gCorcaigh ar 12.00 meánlae an Dara Satharn, 14 Samhain. An tOirmh. Tony Murphy a bheidh ina bun. Beidh gach eolas le fáil ar shuíomh idirlín (website) na hArdEaglaise: Tá súil agam go mbeidh sibh go léir ábalta féachaint uirthi. EOLAS AR AN mBÍOBLA: Nuair a théadh Críostaithe ag díospóireacht lena chéile san am atá thart, is minic a phléidís an cheist: “Cad é

everything that has happened in years past. It also commits everyone to a tradition, a handing on, of everything that will happen in the future. The point of connection is all the pupils and all the staff of today, the pivot on which our history swivels,” he added. Drawing on the reading [1 Kings 3: 5-15] the Archbishop examined the Lord’s exploration of the value system of the young King Solomon – listening, justice and goodness – qualities that were needed to become a civic and military leader. He suggested that the story of King Solomon remained relevant today. “First, I’d suggest he was in and around the age of many of today’s pupils of The High School. King Solomon ascended the throne aged fifteen. Think of that for a Transition Year project! Today, as we look out on the world, there is no escaping the reality that maturity is forced on the young at an earlier and earlier age. Secondly, the interaction of high ideals, instinctive justice and emotional intelligence is pivotal to education today as it was in the days of King Solomon. And thirdly, priorities of thinking of our neighbour before we grab again and again for ourselves are essential to making the world go round fairly and justly and to prevent it from staggering to an environmental halt,” he said. The High School had endured strains and tensions, hardships and complexities but also successes and glories, achievements and breaking new ground, the Archbishop said. It’s pupils, present and past, were its lifeblood. “Solomon may not stalk the corridors in Harcourt Street or in Danum, but the wisdom of Solomon defined as listening and learning in order to equip him to lead and to serve justly is worth reflecting on as today we celebrate one hundred and fifty years of being faithful to our trust …,” he concluded.

atá ráite sa Bhíobla?” Ach sa lá atá inniu ann, ní go ró-mhinic a phléitear an ghné sin den scéal. Cén fáth? An dá chúis is tábhachtaí – easpa measa ar an mBíobla agus easpa eolais air. Tháinig an easpa measa as teoiricí maslacha sa diagacht agus sa scoláireacht a bhain d’údarás Bhriathar Dé. Go dtí cúpla céad bliain ó shin, ghlacadh na hEaglaisí Críostaí go léir leis an Tiomna Nua mar thaispeáint ó Dhia agus – lena chois sin – ghlacadh idir shionagóga Giúdacha agus Eaglaisí leis an SeanTiomna (Old Testament) mar Bhriathar Dé freisin. Ach nuair a géilleadh do na teoiricí nua, ba bheag meas a fágadh ar an mBíobla feasta – ní hamháin i measc na scoláirí ach i measc na ngnáthdhaoine a ghéilleadh gan cheist do thuairimí bréagacha na scoláirí céanna.

D’fhág an easpa measa an tuairim ag daoine nárbh fhiú feasta eolas domhain a chur ar an mBíobla; ní raibh ann feasta, dar lena lán, ach mórshaothar litríochta. Níor glacadh leis a thuilleadh mar Bhriathar Dé; ar nós na nathrach i nGarraí Éidin, cuirtear an cheist “An ndúirt Dia …?” (Geineasas/Genesis 3:1). Má ghlacaimid leis an Scrioptúr, áfach, tuigfimid gurb ón Diabhal a thagann gach amhras ar an mBíobla agus go gcaithfimid géilleadh do gach cuid den teagasc a fhaighimid ann agus glacadh leis mar bhunchloch do gach gné dár machnamh. BÍGÍ AG GUÍ IS LÉIGÍ AN BÍOBLA! R. SEATHRÚN MAC ÉIN




From the Archives – A LOOK BACK AT THE

CHURCH REVIEW from November 2001

In these strange times many people have found themselves clearing out and decluttering the deepest recesses of their homes. During these endeavours, people have discovered many long forgotten items. The Church Review is no different in and in the editor’s attic, the back editions of the diocesan magazine have been dusted off and memories from times past have been revived. In many cases we can truly say that not much changes. The cover story of the November issue 19 years ago features two members of the Garda Mounted Unit with backup from the Garda Dog Unit who called to St Philip and St James’ Church in Booterstown. They were in attendance at the invitation of the rector, the Revd Arthur Barrett, for the annual Service of Thanksgiving for Pets. Elsewhere in the edition there was full coverage of Diocesan Synods, (delayed in 2020 because of Covid-19 but readers can expect coverage in

the December issue). The presidential address of the then Archbishop, Dr Walton Empey, looked forward to the forthcoming Diocesan Forum, which was an opportunity for people to consider how the dioceses should fulfil its mission. He also addressed the war in Afghanistan, a service in Christ Church Cathedral celebrating our oneness in Christ aimed at combating racism and the ‘two tribes’ mentality on the island. The Archbishop observed that there was still spiritual hunger in Ireland but said there was a falling away from all the mainline churches. Churches must provide moral leadership even if there was a fear that proclaiming Christian values was not cool, he suggested.

Adelaide Hospital Society: An expression of Christian healthcare in the twenty-first century’ which examines the changes in healthcare and the changing role of the Adelaide Hospital Society. The annual diocesan schools’ service featured along with the dedication of the rebuilt organ in St Bartholomew’s Church.

The debates at diocesan synod were dominated by the themes of war, refugees and racism. There was discussion on Afghanistan, celebrating diversity and the need to tackle racism, the effects of the Foot and Mouth Disease crisis on diocesan life, fears that the changeover from pound to euro could cut donations, housing the elderly with dignity, suicide among young men and the plight of those left behind by the Celtic Tiger. The November 2001 edition also features an article by Dr Fergus O’Ferrall entitled ‘The


Climate change brings drought to Ethiopia. But your love brings hope. M

ekonnen Sofar kneels in the sand, determinedly digging with his hands into the dirt of the dry riverbed in search of water. He is thirsty and desperate with the dry hole more than a metre deep. Mekonnen knows that if he does not strike water today, some of his livestock may die. Will you stand with families like Mekonnen’s The effects of climate change are real in on the frontline of the climate crisis? the village where Mekonnen lives with • €28 will plant elephant grass to feed livestock. his wife and five sons. The rains have stopped, drought has dried the rivers, • €59 will teach 12 farmers how to grow drought-tolerant crops. and crops no longer produce a harvest. Even the honeybees have disappeared. • €117 will buy three goats to give poor families an income. The conditions have become unbearable. Mekonnen worries his way of life will • €555 will help build a community pond from which Mekonnen can draw water for his not last much longer as the climate crisis animals and crops. worsens. Many of his livestock have already died and hunger has forced him You can give online at to sell off some of his remaining animals. ChristmasAppeal or by telephone on 01 “The changing climate has made it too 496 7040. difficult to live around here. My farm and my animals are no longer enough. We pray for rain but when there’s no rain, we have to dig. Some people have shovels, but most don’t – they use their hands. A number of people have died because they dig deep with sand above their heads and the sand collapses on top of them. Even small children.” Mekonnen desperately needs a reliable water source to keep his animals alive and maintain his livelihood. Each day that passes is another day of digging, and Father-of-five Mekonnen Sofar (38) lives in the village of Mukecha Kebele in Ethiopia’s South Omo region. Every day, he digs in a dry another day of desperation. riverbed to find water for his cattle.




TAKE THE KNEE: It’s time for churches to talk about racism Ireland. “Your actions made me feel welcome and at home within the Kilternan Parish. I can join the congregation with my head held up high,” she wrote.


ace and racism is something that people often feel they can’t talk about. People worry they don’t have the ‘proper’ language and are afraid of causing offence. However, the House of Bishops has approved a new resource provided by the Church of Ireland’s Church and Society Commission for use in public worship. They hope that the prayers and scripture, along with the introduction provided, will open the door for discussion on race in parishes throughout the Church of Ireland. The Revd Rob Clements, Rector of Kilternan and member of CASC, is one of the people who has devised the liturgy. It grew from a ‘Take the Knee’ service he held online in June in his parish at the time that the Black Lives Matter movement was growing around the world. He says the service seeks to enable church goers to express solidarity with those who campaign against racism and for racial equality. The idea of taking the knee, as a parish, arose because he felt that if the Church didn’t say anything about racism, then who could? He says the Church could speak inclusively and clergy need to give people the tools to speak.

“It’s not ok to say nothing,” Rob states. “If we say nothing it implies that it doesn’t matter. People often say nothing for fear of saying the wrong thing. Even if what we say is clunky, it is better to say it. The idea of the liturgy is to provide structure and the language to use to pray and express solidarity. Our hope is that people will take it and use it in church services.” “Racism is not a black issue. It is an issue for everyone. Racism denies dignity. Treating people with equal dignity is part of our baptism. It is incumbent on churches to say something. If someone turns around and says there are no people of colour in our church – that is not the point. The point is we need to stand in solidarity with everyone who is campaigning for racial justice,” he adds. Taking the knee is part of our Church’s DNA, Rob argues. On this occasion people would be doing it as part of their prayer for those campaigning for racial justice and equality. There is nothing political in the act or the liturgy and it does not demand a political stance, he says adding that it is grounded in Biblicism.

“We invite you to ‘take the knee’ both as a sign of our devotion to God’s indiscriminate love as shown in the Gospel of his Son, and as a protest against racism as a distortion of God’s will in creation and redemption.”

Of course once parishes have held the service and considered racial justice, it is time to have the conversation. Rob suggests there are three levels on which to talk about racism. The first level is to agree that racism is bad. The second goes deeper and accept that racism is embedded in institutions and structures, that there is a bias in the system. This is complex, he admits. The third, and much harder conversation to have, is to ask the question: how am I implicated in this?

Having prayers and an act of solidarity equips people to have a conversation, he says. The conversation may start in the car on the way – from the Take the Knee Liturgy. “We have to ask ourselves: to what home from church or later that day. Starting extent am I implicated in the differences that conversation is healthy, Rob states, and that exist in society and if I am, how can part of that is talking or speaking out as well as listening. It is not I get the courage to deal with this?” he says. “Race is something that meant to be an exercise in enabling white people to feel good about people feel they can’t talk about but let’s talk about it. Let’s put it out themselves. While Rob has a background in equality studies, he says it there. I hope that in doing this, in the Church doing this, we open the is not necessary for clergy to be experts. They just have to start the door for discussion on race. I’m sure parishes are already doing this. conversation. The exciting thing is to see where it leads.” After holding the Take the Knee service in Kilternan, Rob received an You can find the Take the Knee resource on the Church of Ireland email from a parishioner to say thank you, or ‘Asante Sana’ in Swahili. website: thanked him for addressing the topic of racial justice which she knee-prayers-for said was a complex and sensitive topic that was rarely addressed in CHURCH REVIEW



Title Genealogical fantasies satisfy needs FOR A SENSE OF BELONGING


enealogy and family trees are always dependent on collective imaginations and identities. In any family tree, some ancestors are counted in and some are counted out. Even if we knew all our ancestors from 600 years ago, it would be impossible to include 1 million people in any one family tree. Dr Adam Rutherford points out in his new book, How to argue with a racist, that in every generation back through time the number of ancestors you have doubles. Over a 500-year period, I have 1,048,576 ancestors. By 1,000 years ago, I have an impossible number of 1,099,511,627,776 ancestors – that is, over a trillion people, a number that is about 10 times the number of people that ever existed. And so, all genealogists make choices that are based on the needs of a family or an individual to provide a colourful illustration of their sense of identity with community and place across generations and down through the centuries. One rainy afternoon, as I whiled away an hour or two in an Irish bar in Crete, I found myself rummaging through the bookshelves and an eclectic collection of books bought for decoration rather than broadening the minds of the clientele. Stuck in one shelf, side-by-side, was Thomas Baker’s two volume History of the College of St John the Evangelist, Cambridge, published in Cambridge in 1869. Many of the pages had not been cut since they were published, indicating they had not been read too carefully by their owners over the previous century and a half. *** In those idle moments in McGinty’s Irish Bar in Georgioupoli, I took down both volumes, knowing there held family memories and stories. Here were the college records of Henry



‘Comberforth’ (1499-1586), later Precentor of Lichfield Cathedral (1555). He graduated BA (1533), MA (1536) and BD (1545), and went on to become a Fellow of Saint John’s College and a Proctor of Cambridge University. He was still a Fellow of Saint John’s in 1542. Here too was Henry’s brother, Richard Comberford, often confused by later genealogists with my direct ancestor, Richard Comerford of Ballybur Castle, Co Kilkenny. Richard was admitted to Saint John’s in 1534, was a Fellow in 1538, and was the Senior Bursar in 1542-1544. Richard Comberford and his brother John both leased lands at Much Bradley in Staffordshire from Saint John’s College. Perhaps these appear to be absurd links for someone to become engrossed with during a holiday on a Greek island. But the leases on the lands in Much Bradley pushed the family connection back a generation earlier than I had realised. They were discoveries of the type that would delight Aunt Dot in The Towers of Trebizond, where she says ‘Cambridge was our university’ and she describes her family’s High Church Anglicanism approving ‘the improvements in the chapel of St. John’s College, Cambridge under Dr. Beale.’ Dave Hartley and Clare Walshe decided I should take the books home with me, and revel a little longer in their unread stories.

The O’Hanlon clan and clergy titles It seems Victorian and Edwardian clergy in the Church of Ireland were all too susceptible to genealogical claims and deceptions. I came across not just one but two rectors who were near contemporaries and who claimed the curious title of ‘The O’Hanlon,’ an ancient title

for the head of a Gaelic Irish clan. Yet, despite their claims, they do not seem to share any close ties of kinship. The Revd Dr Alexander Patrick Hanlon (18141898), who called himself ‘The O’Hanlon,’ was born at Miltown Malbay, Co Clare, the son of Patrick Hanlon, a local Roman Catholic farmer, and was ordained deacon in the Church of Ireland in 1846 by the Bishop of Killaloe and priest in 1847. During the Famine, he was praised for his ‘unremitting’ and ‘constant’ work with local people and for his ‘genuine charity.’ He freely distributed milk, bread and medicine, working with orphans and the elderly, and it was said: ‘ Not a house in which fever is to be found (and they are the greater in number), but he visits in person.’ He seems to have been considering an appointment to Dingle during the vacancy in 1864, when his wife suffered an epileptic attack while bathing in Dingle Harbour and died soon after. Hanlon continued to work with the Irish Society and the Irish Church Missions, and in 1889 was feted at a garden party in Dugort organised by the Achill Mission. He died in Tallow, Co Waterford, at the age of 84 in 1898. *** His younger, near contemporary, the Revd William Hanlon (1849-1916), also claimed the title of The O’Hanlon. He was born in Portarlington, the son of a local doctor. He was the Rector of Innishannon, Co Cork (1879-1916), when he assumed the title of ‘The O’Hanlon’ in 1907. He also claimed to be the Hereditary Standard Bearer of the King in Ulster. In the pedigree he compiled to support his claims, Hanlon said his lineal ancestor had given Saint Patrick the site in Armagh for his first cathedral. It all sounds like myth and fable – and probably is. Both men ignored the minor detail in the family trees that the last person before either of them to have been accepted generally as the head of the family was the rapparee Redmond O’Hanlon. After the Caroline Restoration, Redmond O’Hanlon installed himself as clan chief and called himself ‘the Count.’ He was declared an outlaw in 1674 and became a rapparee around Newry and Carlingford Lough. A £200 reward


was offered for his apprehension. He was shot at night in 1681 and his severed head was put on display at Downpatrick prison. Family lore says his son, also Redmond O’Hanlon, exhumed his body, and reburied him in the Church of Ireland churchyard at Conwal Parish in Letterkenny, Co Donegal.

A fake Limerick title in Lichfield Spurious claims to family titles were not confined to Victorian clergy in the Church of Ireland. The Roman Catholic population of Staffordshire had a long history of English Recusancy. But the demographics of Catholic Staffordshire changed with the arrival of French prisoners of war, followed by new Irish arrivals seeking work. In 1841, Father John Kirk described his congregation in Lichfield as ‘very poor’ – one of the few exceptions was Lady Fitzgerald, a widow living near Lichfield. Lady Fitzgerald’s name stood out as I read Michael Greenslade’s Catholic Staffordshire: she could hardly be a poor, Irish, Famine migrant. I was surprised, with a little further research, to find that her husband, Sir James Fitzgerald, was no true baronet, although his claimed title has interesting links with the part of Co Limerick where I live. In all, four titles of baronet were given to members of the Fitzgerald family. The oldest of these was given in 1644 to Sir Edmond Fitzgerald of Clenglish Castle, now Springfield Castle, near Dromcollogher, Co Limerick. His son, Sir John Fitzgerald, was the patron of the poet Dáibhí Ó Bruadair (1625-1698). He was linked with the Titus Oates plot and was deprived of his title in 1691. No more was heard of these Fitzgerald baronets, or Sir John’s four brothers who might have claimed their father’s title.

Pictured on top from left to right: 1. The ‘Bridge of Sighs’ at Saint John’s College, Cambridge … an obscure family connection was uncovered in an Irish bar in Crete 2. Unusual books to find in a bar in Crete … and unopened since 1869 3. Saint John the Baptist at Saint John’s College, Cambridge … Aunt Dot in ‘The Towers of Trebizond’ approved of ‘the improvements in the chapel’ 4. The French Church, Portarlington … William Hanlon was born in Portarlington in 1849

However, a fanciful family tree was produced in 1780, without any convincing dates, biographical details or supporting evidence, claiming a Sir Maurice Fitzgerald moved from Co Limerick to Castle Ishen, Co Cork, but decided not to use the title of baronet because of his poverty. It goes through six generations of only sons for almost a century, until Sir Richard Fitzgerald, who claimed the title as sixth baronet in 1780. *** The Castle Ishen Fitzgeralds had no links with the Springfield family, yet their claims to the title were facilitated by Ireland’s leading genealogical authority, Sir William Hawkins. Those claims were dismissed in 1829 by Sir William Betham, a successor of Hawkins. He found that the Castle Ishen family was descended from another, different Sir Edmond Fitzgerald, who was knighted but was never a baronet. Yet Sir Richard Fitzgerald convinced society he was the sixth baronet. His only son, Sir James Fitzgerald, who called himself the seventh baronet, married Bridget Anne Dalton, whose mother claimed she was the last lineal descendant of Sir Thomas More. Their only son, Sir James Fitzgerald (17911839), married Augusta Henrietta Fremantle (1803-1863), a daughter of one of Nelson’s admirals. They lived at Maple Hayes Hall, near Lichfield, although James was living at Wolseley Hall when died on his way to Nice in 1839. The widowed Augusta died in 1863, and their children returned to Ireland. Some family members became nuns, and the claimed family title, if it ever existed, died out with the death of Sir Gerald Richard Dalton-Fitzgerald (18321894), the ‘tenth baronet.’ Perhaps you and I have as much right to this title as anyone else who used it. Canon Patrick Comerford blogs at Pictured on right: 5. Saint Thomas’s Church, Dugort … Alexander Hanlon was feted by the Achill Mission at a tea party in Dugort in 1889 6. Springfield Castle, Co Limerick … stands on the site of the caste owned by Sir Edmond Fitzgerald in the 1640s 7. The doorway of Holy Cross Church, Lichfield … the widowed Lady Fitzgerald stood out from the poorer parishioners in the 1840s Photographs: Patrick Comerford CHURCH REVIEW



Charting Disestablishment: 18




ome of the proposals for the draft constitution prepared by the Organising Committee appear either naïve or framed to distract. The name ‘College of Bishops’ fuelled opposition, some seeing it as analogous to the Sacred College of Cardinals in Rome. Similarly, reducing the number of clergy in the General Synod to 100 and synodsmen to 150 was contrary to the opinions of the Lay Conference, and would reduce the numbers participating in the Church’s democracy. The provocative press reaction reflected and fanned the flames of controversy rather than originated it. In this febrile atmosphere meetings were held and letters written to the press.

Meetings across the country

otherwise have been used. ‘Nemo’ writing on Church patronage in the Cork Constitution of 9 February 1870 complained of the ‘fear of being brought back to the same evils, corruption and jobbing which have prevailed in our current system and which have made many rejoice at the fall of the Establishment’. Predominant in the correspondence was the role of the bishops. Examples reveal the depth of feeling. Edward Wallace (Armagh) felt the powers of the laity were being overtly given to the bishops. WA Dane (Clogher) declined to grant powers to the bishops. He felt the draft would weaken the Church and create a feeling of mistrust. ‘A Northern Clergyman’ considered the committee objective was to aggrandise the power of the hierarchy, a view echoed by ‘A Northern Incumbent’ in correspondence to the Mail. Two Kildare synodsmen considered the Church would ‘never admit the unwarrantable assumption of authority attempted to be handed over to our bishops’.

A fear was expressed at Kildare that, if passed, the constitution would alienate the shop-keeping class, the farmers and others At Drumholme (Raphoe), the parishioners protested at the hierarchical tendencies of the draft, arguing that the bishops derived their authority from the Church of Ireland and not directly or indirectly from Christ. The meeting asserted that the Church was not divided into orders but that a separate vote for clergy including bishops might be conceded. At Enniskillen (Clogher) the fear was expressed that, if passed, the Constitution would make the Church of Ireland a half-way house to Rome and a resolution passed praying the Convention not to adopt the draft ‘as it would be ruinous to Protestantism and the means of putting all the power in the hands of Bishops …….’

An outlier in the correspondence, published by The Tyrone Constitution, was addressed by SE Nicholson of Dungannon to her fellow church-women. Women had been excluded from the Convention and she queried their position in the future Church of Ireland. She cited the position in other churches and noted that women had the right to vote at the election of churchwardens in the Church ‘as by law Established’. She wrote of her certainty that ‘when we are asked for our money to help support the Church even the most indifferent (women) will be roused to feel a desire to have a voice in her government’.

In Newry, the local lay delegates and clergy met and focussed upon how the incumbent and the bishops should be chosen. They called for rural deanery synods to transact local business and sought more minute specification of the powers of the proposed representative body.

The meetings and correspondence publicly revealed opinions opposed to the draft constitution and indicated that when the Convention met there would be fractious debate.

At Wexford (Ferns), the meeting viewed with disapprobation the powers sought for the bishops in the Standing Orders of the Convention and the meeting failed to see any precedent ‘for such a degree of exaltation’ of the prelates of the Church. A resolution was adopted in similar terms at Monkstown (Dublin), suggesting a degree of co-ordination in organizing the meetings. There Captain Caulfield JP expressed the view that ‘if the draft constitution were carried, it would make the Church the most priest ridden in the world’.

Letters to the Press Correspondence in the press paralleled the opinions expressed at the meetings. Some responded to editorial opinion, while others expressed personal views. The correspondents included incumbents, lay and clerical delegates, and occasionally members of the Organizing Committee. Letters addressed subjects such as Church finance, the risk of ritualism, Church courts, the distribution of lay representation and the position of the bishops. Most newspapers accepted noms de plume which concealed the identity of the correspondent, permitting less temperate language than might



Conclusion Those who supported the constitution appear to have gone quietly about their business in the fortnight before the National Convention met so that, perhaps, ‘the Establishment’ could count on some latent support as it faced that unprecedented meeting of bishops, clergy and laity.

Illustrations below: (1) The Constitution - Cork: ‘Nemo’ feared a return to ‘corruption and jobbing’. (2) The Tyrone Constitution: A female member regretted the positon of women in the Church Constitution


Support for parents of teenagers in these Covid-19 times


others’ Union in Dublin & Glendalough has drawn together a number of resources which may be useful to families to support teenagers through these unrelenting and difficult times.

The diocesan MU parenting course coordinator, Heather Godfrey, hopes that information is helpful for anyone who is supporting teenagers at this time. She has also suggested that taking to friends and family is very supportive and commends the idea of small group Zoom calls for teenagers.

The Department of Children and Youth Affairs has a website called the Parents’ Centre and this has information and support for parents during the time of this pandemic. The information and support ranges from parenting and wellbeing to learning and resources: The Department of Education and Skills has a national educational psychological service NEPS which has published advice on how to talk to and with teenagers and younger children about Covid 19: Department/Announcements/talking-to-children-and-young-peopleabout-covid-19-coronavirus-advice-for-parents- and-schools.pdf There is also advice on supporting children and young people’s mental health from CAMHS child and adolescent metal health services: introduction-to-camhs.html If the worst happens, Barnardos has a children’s bereavement service: Barnardos is also providing telephone support for parents in response to Covid 19 and their number is 1800 910 123 and it is available from 10.00 to 14.00 Monday to Friday. Parentline is a free, national, confidential, helpline offering support, information and guidance on all parenting issues. You can ring them on 1890 927 277. In partnership with the Irish Hospice Foundation there is a network of support for grieving children and teenagers at: Care for the Family, who have been providing resources for Mothers’ Union parenting courses, have several suggestions for parents at this time. They have articles on their website supporting parents and supporting marriages: Care for the Family also have an online bereavement support at: events/ bereavement-support-events There is also a good resource page in the Church of Ireland website: parish-resources/ 607/covid19-resources-for-family-activities There is also a range of resources from the Mothers’ Union, not specifically for parents of teenagers but general including prayer, ideas for crafts and other activities which might be helpful: https://www. support-us-challenging-times




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Make your own mini-Advent wreath with our Advent@Home kit, available to collect at the cathedral during the week of 23 November.




What are you reading now? Mrs Delaney by Katherine Cahill A most delightful book, Mrs Delaney’s Menus, Medicines and Manners, was given to me by my sister. It’s a window into the world of the Church of Ireland in the days of Jonathan Swift, abounding in the detail of her life with her husband, another Dean, and her house in Glasnevin, where the perimeter of her garden can be seen in the grounds of the Bon Secours Hospital. It has taken the place of her house, Delville, which she decorated with shells and paper. In the spaces between the windows she placed ‘pier’ mirrors. She shared recipes or ‘receipts’ with her many friends, as well as remedies for ailments and her observations of the society in which she lived and moved. Her descriptions of the dishes she served still stimulate the appetite after three centuries. Many of them were placed on the table at once. When they were at Down Cathedral for the Dean’s tour of duty, she curtailed the lunch, to let them return for the afternoon service, in the Cathedral. A recommended read!

Mark Gardner Mark is the Rector of Saint Catherine & Saint James with Saint Audoen The Great Divorce, by C.S. Lewis I first came across The Great Divorce, By C.S. Lewis in a second-hand book shop in Norwich some thirty years ago and enjoyed it immensely at the time. More recently I listened to it as an audiobook and enjoyed it just as much as I had all those years ago. It’s the story of a man who hops on a bus from hell to heaven. Hell comes across like a drab between-the-wars English town, it’s always dark and foggy and the inhabitants are always bickering with each other. Upon arrival, some of the passengers are too afraid to even get off the bus. The protagonist goes exploring and soon realises that he is like a ghost. Heaven is solid, eternal and unchangeable and there is nothing he can do to alter it in any way. Some of the inhabitants, mostly relatives and friends come down from the distant heights to greet these day trippers from Hell and try to persuade them to stay. Some do and joyfully make the journey further up and further in, becoming more solid and bright with every step. But others refuse to change their minds or would rather hang on to some past grievance and they are the most pitiable creatures as they get back on the bus ready for the journey home to the safety and refuge of hell. I won’t spoil any more of the book for you. Even just as a story it is a great read and you never know, it might just get you thinking about both the here and now and the hereafter...

Daniel Owen Daniel is the Chaplain at St Columba’s College

Bishop, by Ted Woods, Published by, €8.71 This is a quick and enjoyable read by a former Rector of Rathfarnham. We get a little insight into the world of the Church of Ireland. The eponymous bishop is a man unaware of his own failings, yet quick to spot and punish the faults he sees in others. His ambitions fuel all of his life choices with scant regard for others. Through the eyes of various characters we see how his unwavering decisions affect the lives and careers of those in his care. The author’s writing has sparked my curiosity, I’ll be reading more.

Noeleen Hogan Dove of White Flame, by Stella Durand, Published by Resource Publications The author is a former rector in the Diocese of Cashel and Ossory. She has written a fictional account of the life of St Columba, striving to be as accurate as possible to the historical sources. Columba’s life involved miracles, sea voyages, monsters and the most famous episode – the battle of the books. He was an inspiring figure, one of the great celtic saints. His life and deeds are given flesh in this novel.

The Lost Art Of Scripture - Rescuing the Sacred Texts, by Karen Armstrong, published by The Bodley Head London 2019 The Lost Art of Scripture is an informationpacked overview of the world faiths, through the lens of their sacred writings and interpreters. Karen Armstrong introduces us to a wide variety of scriptures: the Bible, but also the Talmud and the Qur’an, and the various Indian and Chinese classics. She relates each to the social setting in which they emerged, and outlines the development of their interpretation. Starting from the dual-hemisphere human brain, with its left side associated with logos, rationality and analysis, its right with mythos, creativity, intuition and holistic vision, Armstrong says that scripture belongs essentially to mythos, and our western preoccupation with logos has distorted it. Touching on the roles of ritual and music in performing the art of scripture, she sees it as leading to a sense of oneness with all that is, an emptying of self, a transforming experience that results in practical compassion for others. Scripture should be open-ended and therefore endlessly applicable to new circumstances. An interesting book; a helpful resource for those trying to move beyond the narrow confines of the church ghetto.

David Oxley David is the Rector of Santry, Glasnevin &Finglas



6. The servant of Abraham’s wife, by whom he fathered Ishmael (5)

The Editor’s Crossword Competition

33. Old Testament scribe and priest (4) 34. The mythological bird that sounds like that upon which Peter was to build a church (3)

10. This saint’s day is 30th November (6)

November Bible Crossword compiled by R. Henly 11. Embroidered ornamentation BIBLICAL CROSSWORD 222 BIBLICAL CROSSWORD 222 on ecclesiastical vestments (7)

Clues Across 1. Agnus Dei (4,2,3) 6. The servant of Abraham’s wife, by whom he fathered Ishmael (5)


10. This saint’s day is 30th November (6)

11. Embroidered ornamentation BIBLICAL CROSSWORD 222

on ecclesiastical vestments (7)


Clues Across

gnus Dei (4,2,3)

he servant of Abraham’s wife, y whom he fathered Ishmael )

y his saint’s day is 30th 3)

ovember (6)


32. Ishmael’s relationship to Sarah (7)

1. Agnus Dei (4,2,3)

13. This animal sounds like a priest (5) 32. Tibetan Ishmael’s relationship to Sarah (7) Testament book (6) 14. Old 33. Old Testament scribe and 16. Short introductory piece of priestmusic (4) sung (7) 34. The mythological birdwith thatthe 17. Friendly association sounds like that upon which Holy Spirit (10) Peter was to build a church (3) 18. Killed, biblically (5)

13. This Clues animalAcross sounds like a priest 32. Tibetan Ishmael’s relationship 1. Agnus Dei (5) (4,2,3) to Sarah (7) Testament book (6) 14. Old 6. The servant of Abraham’s wife, 33. Short Old by Testament andof whom hescribe fathered Ishmael 16. introductory piece priest (4) (5)music sung (7) 34. Friendly The mythological bird that 10. This saint’s day is 30th 17. association with the sounds like(10) that November (6)upon which Holy Spirit Peter was to build a church (3) 11. Embroidered ornamentation 18. Killed, biblically (5) on ecclesiastical vestments (7) 20. A 3rd-century BC peoples that Clues Down 13. This animal sounds like a dwelt in Hazezontamar, Tibetan topriest Genesis 2. according Lamb of God (5,3) (5) (8)

14. Old Testament 22. son of Godtwelve (5) book 3. The One of Jesus’ (11)(6) 16. Short introductory piece 4. Aaron In St Matthew’s gospel: Many 24. was told to stretch outof sung music are rod called but ... (7) are chosen (3) his and smite the dust of that it might 17. earth Friendly association with the 5. the You’ll findso him between Jonah become — what? (4) Spirit (10) and Holy Amos (7)

8. The month of the Muslim year 3. One of Jesus’ twelve (11) during which strict fasting is 4. In St Matthew’s gospel: observed from sunrise to Many are (7) called but ... are chosen (3) sunset 5. You’ll find him between 9. Tombstone inscriptions (8) Jonah and Amos (7) 12. The priest in the temple (3) 6. Such were the two women in 1 15. Sermon on3 the Kings (7) Mount: Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for 7. Paul wrote aninepistle to (6) these great is your ...... heaven peoples (9) 19. He met the risen Jesus on the 8. The month of (7) the Muslim year road to Emmaus during which strict fasting is 20. Oneobserved who assists the celebrant from sunrise to during the mass (7) sunset (7)

25. 18. Deuteronomy, Killed, (5) a little 6. In Such were biblically the twothere’s women in 1 one and also a great one (3) Kings 3 (7) 20. A 3rd-century BC peoples that 20. A 3rd-century BC peoples that Clues Down 27. drink for God?to(4,6) his animal sounds like a 7. Strong Pauldwelt wrote epistle these inan Hazezontamar, dwelt in Hazezontamar, peoples (9) according toChristian Genesis (8) ebetan priest (5) to Genesis (8) 2. according Lamb of God (5,3) 29. Non-conformist in Dublin 8. movement The month ofofthe Muslim year ld Testament book (6) 22. The sonfounded God (5) 3. The One son of Jesus’ 22. of Godtwelve (5) (11) ar in the 19th-century (8,8) is during which strict fasting hort introductory of by 12 noon Entries topiece the Editor on Sunday 15th November 2020. 4. In St Matthew’s gospel: Many 24. Aaron was told to stretch out 24. Aaron was told to stretch out connected observed from sunrise to and(3) wicked and Evil 23. the celebrant assists who One 20. The ung music (7) are called but ... for are chosen first correct answer drawn willhis receive a cheque €25. his (7) rod and smite the dust of rod and smite the dust of sunset with the Devil (7) during the mass (7) the earth so that it might earth that it might riendly association 5. the You’ll findso him between Jonah NAME with the Psalm: 26. 21. Matthew’s gospel: Ye have become inscriptions — what? (4) (8) become — what?These (4) young animals 9. Tombstone oly Spirit (10) and Amos (7) roar after their prey, and seek heard that it hath been said, 12. The priest in the temple (3) a little 25. In Deuteronomy, there’s 25. Deuteronomy, a little ADDRESS from God 6. forIn Such weretheir the meat twothere’s women in(5) 1 An eye illed, biblically (5) for an eye, and a ..... one and also a great one (3) one and also a great one (3) 15. Sermon on the Mount: Rejoice, (5) ..... a Kings 3 (7) e, 28. Less common in extra 3rd-century BC peoples that and be exceeding glad: for (4,6) (5) rereading 22. Member of the tribe of 27. Strong drink for God? 27. Strong drink for God? (4,6) 7. Paul wrote an epistle to these welt in Hazezontamar, great is your ...... in heaven (6) 6) Manasseh, he was a judge andpeoples (9)Commandments or virgins (3) 30. ccording to Genesis (8) 29. Non-conformist Christian 29. Non-conformist Christian last Handel’s of title the 19. He met the risen Jesus on the he EMAIL founded in Dublin land in 31. An founded inthe Dublin 8. movement The month ofinsect the Muslim yearof Assyria roadmovement oratorio he son of God (5) (7) to Emmaus (7) (3) strict fasting in the 19th-century (8,8) in the 19th-century during which Clues Across (8,8) is 20. One who assists the celebrant aron was told to stretch out observed from sunrise to 32. Ishmael’s relationship to Sarah during the mass (7) 1. Agnus is rod and smite the dust of sunset (7) Dei (4,2,3) ANSWERS (7) he earth so that it might 21. Matthew’s gospel: Ye have 6. The servant of Abraham’s wife, 9. Tombstone inscriptions (8) ecome — what? (4) TO OCTOBER heard it hath been said, 33. Oldthat Testament scribe and by whom he fathered Ishmael 12. The priest in the temple (3) An eye for (4) an eye, and a ..... for priest (5) n Deuteronomy, there’s a little CROSSWORD a ..... (5) ne and also a great one (3) 15. Sermon on the Mount: Rejoice, 34. The mythological bird that 10. This saint’s day 30th of the Theiswinner and be exceeding glad: for 22. Member of the sounds liketribe that of upon which November (6) Editor’s October trong drink for God? (4,6) great is your ...... in heaven (6) Manasseh, he to was a judge and (3) Peter was build a church Crossword Embroidered ornamentation on-conformist Christian the title of Handel’s last 19. 11. He met the risen Jesus on the ovement founded in Dublin Competition receives vestments (7) oratorio (7) roadon toecclesiastical Emmaus (7) n the 19th-century (8,8) a cheque for €25. Clues Down 13. This animal sounds like a Tibetan priest Name: (5) 2. Lamb of God (5,3)

mbroidered ornamentation n1ecclesiastical vestments (7)


Helen 14. Old TestamentMrs book (6) Erskine Address: 16. Short introductory piece of sung music (7)15 The Anchorage, The Quay, 17. Friendly association with the Westport, Holy Spirit (10) Co. Mayo 18. Killed, biblically (5) 20. A 3rd-century BC peoples that dwelt in Hazezontamar, to Genesis (8) Telephone 0872644652 22. The son of God (5) No: 457319 Registration 24. Aaron was told to stretch out his rod and smite the dust of the earth so that it might become — what? (4)

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: 25. In Deuteronomy, there’s a little PLASTERING EXTENSIONS one and also a great one (3) CARPENTRY RENOVATIONS 27. Strong drink for God? (4,6) GRANT WORK BATHROOMS 29. Non-conformist Christian FULL INSURANCE ROOFING movement founded in Dublin CLEARANCE PLUMBING in TAX the 19th-century (8,8)CERT ELECTRICAL

3. One of Jesus’ twelve (11)Full

Clues Down 32. Ishmael’s relationship to Sarah 2. Lamb of God (5,3) (7) 3. One of Jesus’ twelve (11) 33. Old Testament scribe and 4. In St Matthew’s gospel: Many priest (4) are called but ... are chosen (3) 34. The mythological bird that 5. You’ll find him between Jonah sounds like that upon which and Amos (7) Peter was to build a church (3) 6. Such were the two women in 1 Kings 3 (7) Clues 7. Paul wroteDown an epistle to these peoples (9)of God (5,3) 2. Lamb

21. Matthew’s gospel: Ye have (8) 9. Tombstone inscriptions heard that it hath been said, 12. eye Thefor priest in the temple An an eye, and a ..... (3) for a ..... (5) 15. Sermon on the Mount: Rejoice, and be exceeding 22. Member of the tribe ofglad: for great is he your ...... in heaven Manasseh, was a judge and (6) the of Handel’s 19. title He met the risenlast Jesus on the oratorio road (7) to Emmaus (7) 23. Evil and wicked and connected with the Devil (7) 26. Psalm: These young animals roar after their prey, and seek their meat from God (5) 28. Less common in extra rereading (5) 30. Commandments or virgins (3) 31. An insect in the land of Assyria (3)

details of SERVICES

4. In St Matthew’s gospel: Many ONLINE CHURCH are called but ... are chosen (3)

are available in our special directory which you will website at:

5. You’ll find him between Jonah find on the Dublin & Glendalough and Amos (7)

6. Such were the two women in 1 Kings 3 (7) 7. Paul wrote an epistle to these peoples (9) 8. The month of the Muslim year during which strict fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset (7) 9. Tombstone inscriptions (8) 12. The priest in the temple (3)

15. Sermon on the Mount: Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your ...... in heaven (6) 19. He met the risen Jesus on the road to Emmaus (7)

20. One who assists the celebrant during the mass (7) 21. Matthew’s gospel: Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a ..... for a ..... (5) 22. Member of the tribe of Manasseh, he was a judge and the title of Handel’s last oratorio (7)

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AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN BOOTERSTOWN, CARYSFORT AND MOUNT MERRION The Rev. Canon Gillian Wharton: Tel: (01) 288 7118 or 087 230 0767 Email: Parishes’ Website: Website: or YouTube page: RMoQNYtJBOM6A Review Distribution: Distribution: St Philip and St James: June Burgess St Thomas: Denis Beare Out of Church! Sadly, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we, like all other places of worship, are back to just online services with no gathering together in church… below is a little bit about what we are have been doing and are trying to do…

Holy Matrimony: Karen Moore and Michael Scanlan were married on 10th October 2020 in St Vincent’s University Hospital. In Memoriam: Karen Scanlan (née Moore) died in St Vincent’s University Hospital on Saturday 10th October 2020. Karen’s funeral is to take place in St Philip and St James’ Church on Friday 16th October 2020, followed by burial at Redford Cemetery in Greystones. We extend our sympathy to her husband Mike, and the extended Scanlan and Moore families. Sympathy: We extend our sympathy to Archdeacon David Pierpoint and the Rev. Nigel Pierpoint and their families on the death of their mother. Clerical Manoeuvres: Congratulations and best wishes to the Rev. Seán Hanily on his appointment as the Incumbent of Rathmichael. Stay well and stay safe: We pray for all at this devastating time, that they may stay well and stay safe, and we pray for those who grieve at this time.

United Harvest Thanksgiving Service Online: We decided to hold our Harvest Thanksgiving on Sunday 11th October 2020 and if we were not able to gather in church, we would have it online, which turned out to the be case. Despite suggestions to keep the decorations simple as only the east end of the church would be visible on the webcam, our decorators, (observing the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines) decorated every nook and cranny of St Philip and St James’ Church; every corner had something beautiful in it. My profuse thanks to Viola Brady, Denise Richards, June Burgess, Joy Hurst, Orla Kaminska, Lynne Cole and Natalie Driver-Keeley. After the live-streamed service, parishioners brought gifts of non-perishable food items, toiletries, clothing, backpacks, etc. which were passed on to The Capuchin Centre in Bow Street, and to the Alice Leahy Trust. The children from Booterstown National School also donated lots of items. Thank you to all who made our online Harvest Thanksgiving so meaningful. Midweek Musical Treats Online: In addition to the online services, we are putting up two midweek musical treats each week, on our parishes’ YouTube page and on our Facebook pages. These could be a well-known hymn or some other piece of sacred music. Sausage Service Online: Our Sausage Service is now also online. This happens once a month, but unfortunately, without the sausages or potato wedges!!!! Again, check out the YouTube page (above) or our Facebook pages. Midweek Prayer and Chat Online: As we are not able to gather in St Thomas’ Church for our weekly Holy Communion Service, we are meeting viz Zoom each Wednesday 10.30-11.00 for Prayer and Chat, and during that time, we pray for all on our Healer Prayer List and for whatever other needs are at that time. All are welcome. Contact the Rector for the Zoom details. Arthur Sweeney: We are delighted to welcome Arthur Sweeney who has will be joining us for an eight-week placement as soon as resctrictions allow as part of his training for ordination. New Ramps at Booterstown National School: There is a furore of work going on at the Mount Merrion Avenue side of Booterstown National School, as new ramps and pathways are being installed. Our previous ones were not appropriate for disability or wheelchair access, so an emergency grant from the Department of Education and Skills was received to rectify the matter. We are looking forward to the work being finished by the end of October. Holy Baptism: Sadly, the baptisms that had been planned for October and November have been postponed due to COVID-19. We look forward to welcoming these little ones into the worldwide family of the church in due course.



Above: One of the decorations in St Philip and St James’ Church for the online Harvest Thanksgiving Top right: Decorations for the Online Harvest Thanksgiving in St Philip and St James’ Church Lower right: A ‘pumpkinful’ of flowers for the Online Harvest Thanksgiving in St Philip and St James’ Church

BRAY Rev. Baden Stanley: 087 948 4407 Lay Minister: David Reynolds 087 918 7792 Parish Office: Tracey Kerr (01) 286 2968 E-mail: Website: Review Distributor: Alan Mulligan (01) 286 3511 From the Rectory: Lessons Learned? The recently published ‘Plan for Living with Covid-19 (Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021)’ was both needed and essential; but there is a sense that we as a society have been treating it a little bit like we treat traffic lights – As a guidance system rather than as an adherence requiring safety system. The vagueness about slipping in to ‘Levels Plus’ didn’t help. While most of us do respect ‘red’ and ‘green’, too many of us use the warning ‘orange’ as an invitation to speed up and get through before it’s too late. When we hear a change in level is likely, we tend to cram in our extra contacts up front, in case we don’t get

AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN to see loved ones again for some time. On a human level, this makes sense, but in terms of a virus, it means that we are actually in danger of fast-forwarding the spread.

Left: Harvest at Christ Church Bray

We have become obsessed with bemoaning those who flout the rules – which is actually beyond our control, further deepening our frustration; while subtly and quietly bending the rules ourselves and making choices that can have very serious consequences. We are tired beyond words, and we are stressed, and we are losing our kindness, as we allow a sense of injustice and righteous indignation to cloud our own responsibilities. We are forgetting that those in charge do not have some superhuman capacity, mistakes will be made, but lessons will be learned. How we expect and respond is what really matters. In the early stages of this pandemic we were comforted and assured by calm leadership, and reasonably clear communication. I used to watch the daily briefings and try to imagine what was going on in the professional and personal lives of those who were speaking. Invariably the image of the duck/swan gliding across the waters while pumping unseen feet madly beneath the surface. We were appreciative and we were accepting of frailty as everyone was literally making things up as they went along. As the cracks in cohesive support began to appear, the vast majority of us still kept doing our thing. Some would call it blind-foolishness, but we trusted those who were trying to lead us out of dangerous and choppy waters. In some ways ‘flattening the curve’ was much easier than building a recovery. It was always going to stretch us to accept tough decisions once we have experienced even limited freedoms. But going backwards into lockdown-esque restrictions is really going to test us. Our reserves of energy, enthusiasm and compliance are fast-depleting, and yet we will have to dig in once again. We never truly know what our limits are until we are pushed to the very end of ourselves. People all over the world have had to learn this when dealing with Ebola, cruel and brutal war, starvation, drought and unrelenting oppression. I suspect that our reserves of cope-ability are much deeper than we imagine. This is more than a sprint, it’s much more than a marathon, it is a ‘long walk’ through perilous mountains. We need to change our perspective and try to see this as a quest, hopefully not a Don Quixote type quest, but rather a ‘Lord of the Rings’ type struggle, where everything we do must be for the good of others as well as ourselves; where setbacks are inevitable, but perseverance and resilience become ever constant companions, where we decide to be kind, where we decide to be courageous, where we refuse to be defined by a nasty virus, but to do everything we can to help as many as we can through the mess. Whatever these next few weeks bring it is time for us to own the solutions – God knows we have heard them often enough – Keep social distancing, keep sticking to your handwashing and sanitizing regime, keep practising your coughing and sneezing etiquette etc; keep trying. And keep smiling, not in some quasi-it-will-be-alright-if-Ijust-pretend-it’s-ok-way. But in a, I’m going to do all in my power to make this journey to recovery as hope-filled and positive as I humanly can-way. This virus can steal so much from us, our energy, our trust, our hope, our joy: our ability to grieve, our ability to live as we want; but it cannot be allowed to define us. That is the critical lesson of the past 7 months (and more), we cannot allow Covid-19 to determine our attitude and our spirit anymore. We are in this for the long haul, and whether we like it or not, we are in this together. Existing and surviving through this, is no longer enough, it’s time for us to grow; to grow deeper and wider. Shalom Baden Sympathy We send sympathy to the family and friends of Betty Shields, Josephine Glynn (formerly of Dargle Rd), Matt Costello and Kevin Stephens (Catherine Ball’s brother). Services for November 2020 There will be one service each Sunday at 11am which will be livestreamed. Please keep an eye on our website www.christchurchbray. ie for updates on services.

CASTLEKNOCK AND MULHUDDART WITH CLONSILLA Canon Paul Houston: Tel: 820 0040 Reader: Stella Obe Tel: 087 2237402 Parish Website: Parish Office: Jennifer McGrath (Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri 9.30am -1pm - 820 0040). Email: Review Distribution: Beatrice Richards (838 2590) Castleknock National School: Principal Mrs Sandra Moloney (820 2611) Sunday Services in November: Clonsilla: 10.00am. Castleknock: 11.30am Mulhuddart: No services at present due to works being carried out on the church. Wednesdays Holy Communion St. Brigid’s, Castleknock: 10.30a.m. Dear Parishioners, As I write we are on level 3 restrictions, so we have gone back to our services being online. We record these services and they go out at 10am on Sunday mornings. At the moment, we are alternating from St. Brigid’s, Castleknock and St. Mary’s Clonsilla. Our Harvest Service was online from St. Mary’s. We are grateful to our speaker Canon Peter Campion who spoke and at the same time baked bread! (see the web site for the final product!) I would like to thank particularly Philip Good for all his help in producing the services. Moreover, to Stella Obe, our Diocesan layreader and all who take part in the services. Our church services may have to continue online for some time. Remembrance Sunday will be on 8th November, when we will have an Act of Remembrance and pray for peace in our world. The Confirmation This is due to take place on Wednesday 11th November, at 7.30pm in St. Brigid’s, this was postponed from March. Only parents will be allowed to attend. We have 15 candidates this year. I hope this will go ahead. I know it is the wish of the Archbishop to have the confirmations for this year completed by the end of 2020. Please remember the candidates in your prayers. Diocesan Mothers’ Union (IFRA) – 16 days of activism against gender violence Castleknock, Mulhuddart with Clonsilla will host a Service on Sunday 26th November online, as part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence. The guest speaker will be Ms Ifrah, Ahmed. Ifra Ahmed is one of the world’s foremost campaigners against Female Genital Mutilation and is Gender Advisor to the Government of Somalia. For us in Mothers’ Union and as a Parish community however, we must have a distinctive voice as we join with others to support 16 Days of Activism and our Global Day of Action. We find this distinctiveness at the heart of our vision: that of a world where Gods love is shown through loving, respectful, and flourishing relationships.



AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN Re-roofing of St Thomas’ Mulhuddart At the time of writing the re-roofing of St. Thomas has been moving ahead at speed. And should be completed within the next two weeks. Fortunately, the contractors have had good weather to carry out the work. I am grateful to Alan Kelly, James Anderson and Gordon Kellett in overseeing the work for the parish. I hope you and your families are keeping well in these uncertain times. God bless and stay safe, Canon Paul Castleknock National School: A big welcome to our new staff members and our new Junior Infants. It is so good to be back to school in CNS and be together whilst staying apart. We are all keeping busy and we are getting together via zoom every Friday for assembly. As parents are not allowed in the school due to current restrictions, we are uploading photographs on our website weekly to show ‘life on the inside’ ( National Tree Day: The 1st Oct was National Tree Day and we were visited by the Tree Council of Ireland and RTE News 2Day to mark the occasion. Minister for Land Use and Biodiversity, Pippa Hackett attended and planted a Cherry Tree in our yard to mark the occasion and to celebrate our 300th Anniversary.

St. Mary’s Clonsilla Harvest decoration

CLONDALKIN & RATHCOOLE Rector: Rev Alan Rufli 087 997 2401 Email: Assistant Priest: Rev Martin O’Connor Readers: Mrs Sylvia Armstrong, and Mrs Barbara O’Callaghan. Services: Sunday - St John’s 11.15: Rathcoole 10 am Wednesday - St John’s 11 am. Holy Communion As with most churches both St John’s and Rathcoole re-opened in August and like most churches with many rules and smaller congregations than before. Facemasks and segregated eating are keeping the congregations safe but sadly apart.

Left: Minister for Land Use and Biodiversity, Pippa Hackett with some of the children of CNS. Right: Planting a Cherry Tree for National Tree Day

Bowls: We are all missing our weekly meet up to play bowls not to mention the chat and also very much missing meeting our friends in the other clubs in the Association. We hope everyone keeps safe and well and we look forward to being able to start up again whenever we are given permission to do so. Valerie Greene. Mothers’ Union: Thank you so much to Ada and Lesley for their super Zoom quiz and to Sylvia for her help. We send our sympathy to Stella Obe on the recent passing of her sister in Nigeria. Our prayers and thoughts are with Stella at this time. Congratulations to Valerie Greene on receipt of a certificate for 45 years membership of Mothers’ Union. Valerie has made many contributions to MU at branch level and also as Diocesan Treasurer and we thank her for her friendship in Castleknock branch over the 45 years. Stay well and God bless. Anne Pictured below: Anne Cadoo with Valerie Greene who received a certificate for 45 years membership of Mothers’ Union

To add to this different year the Easter Vestry was held in September in St John’s after Morning Worship. The attendance was not only those in the Church but Parishioners who took part on Zoom. Elections were held and we wish the new Vestry and various office holders well as they work in the difficult year ahead. Recently the grounds and graveyards in both churches have received much needed TLC led in St John’s by a team led by Ian, Hilary, and Kevin and in Rathcoole by Richie Reid whose tending of that graveyard is a true labour of love. To all involved we give our grateful thanks. Zooming St Mark During lockdown, a group led by Rev Martin has been exploring St Mark’s Gospel each Thursday evening at 8 o’clock using Zoom. These 1 hour get togethers involve at times lively debate and discussion. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Rev Martin. Jim McHale Jim’s Funeral Mass was held in the Church of the Immaculate Conception on Wednesday 26th August. Jim arrived in St John’s several years ago attending both the Sunday and Wednesday Services. Most Sundays he took the short walk through the village having attended Mass in time to attend the 11.15 Service in St John’s. At his Mass Father Damien, who was joined by the Rector, remarked that Jim probably attended church more than he did and indeed if Jim was missing on a Sunday it probably meant that he was attending some form of Religious Service somewhere. He loved his cuppa on Wednesdays and Sundays after Services and during them we enjoyed his wit, his stories, and his love of Spurs Football Club. His friendship on Facebook with Jose Marino he was proud of and he gave Mr Marino the benefit of his advice on many occasions. He will be deeply missed by his wife, Liz, daughters Clodagh and Tara, and the wider family circle both here and in the UK. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this sad time. Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary Barbara and Peter O’Callaghan celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on 16th September. Celebrations have like so much else have been put on hold. And finally - Continue to Stay Safe!!



AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN do not have internet access but we do our best to keep in touch via phone or letter. There is no doubt that the current crisis is taking its toll on everybody to some degree. Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance in some way or even just want a chat. We are stronger together: ‘Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.’ Gal. 6:2. Splash of Cash Raffle Tickets will be on sale for our annual Splash of Cash raffle (which usually runs in conjunction with our Autumn Fair) throughout November and the draw will take place live on Facebook on 12th December. Your support would be appreciated in these challenging times.

CRINKEN CHURCH Clondalkin Christian Aid walk 2020 (Photo: Rev Martin)

CLONTARF Rector: Revd. Lesley Robinson, telephone 087 909 1561 Curate: Revd. Prof. Anne Lodge, telephone 086 373 6995 Diocesan Reader: Mark Acheson, telephone 087 967 4885 Rector’s Church Warden: Heather Walsh, telephone 085 108 6112 Peoples Church Warden: Ziva Newman, telephone 087 624 6964 Church Review Distribution: Mr. Tom Waller Parish Website: Twitter: Facebook: Clontarf Parish, Church of St. John the Baptist Parish Centre: Services: Sunday 8.30 (Holy Communion) & 10.30. Evening Service 6pm on 2nd Sunday of the month. Wednesdays: 10.30 (Parish Centre) The Late Dorothy Taylor We are sad to report the death of another parish stalwart. Dorothy Taylor passed away peacefully in St. Patrick’s Care Home, Baldoyle on 28th September. Dorothy was a faithful attendee at both the 8.30 Sunday Morning Holy Communion services and the Wednesday morning services until she went into St. Patrick’s a few years ago as her health and mobility started to decline. She was also a dedicated member of the Mothers Union and a steadfast supporter of many parish events and fundraisers down through the years. Having moved to Baldoyle she treasured the monthly Holy Communion services we held in St. Patrick’s, which several of her friends from the parish attended. A faithful Christian lady, she will be greatly missed. Her private funeral took place in the church she loved so well but was live-streamed to enable other family members, friends, neighbours and parishioners to pay their respects. We keep Sandra, John, Janice and all the family in our prayers at this time. Ongoing Restrictions At time of writing, we are offering online worship only as per level 3 of the government’s Living with Covid 19 Roadmap. With the numbers of deaths and cases continuing to rise, it seems unlikely that we will be in a position to reopen our doors to the public for quite some time. We continue to count our blessings for the technology which allows us to broadcast worship. Our Family Service in September featured the most young volunteers ever who wrote and recorded lovely prayers. We recorded a beautiful Harvest Thanksgiving service at the beginning of October in conjunction with a Harvest Appeal in aid of Tearfund and to date €685 has been raised. At time of writing we are planning a virtual Pet Service, All Saints’ Service and Remembrance Service. We have also resumed our Big Night In Parish Zoom Quizzes every couple of weeks and recently held an online Healing Service. In addition to our Sunday service we continue to broadcast Morning Prayer on Facebook Live and our website every morning, Monday – Friday at 10.30am, and our Prayer Group meets weekly on Tuesday evenings. Unfortunately it is much harder to engage with the small minority of people who

Rev Trevor Stevenson: Mob: 087 981 2025 Email: Lay Reader: Stephen Gardiner Youth Pastor: Neil Douglas. Mob: 087 646 5281 Email: Children’s Pastor: Olly Adams. Mob: 086 088 4959 Email: Website: Crinken Dear Friends We find ourselves in lockdown again. Listening to the news it seems the situation is getting worse rather than better. In a spiritual sense it seems like our Christian crutches have been taken from us and we are unable to move in any direction. The crutches have been the church building and the services on Sunday, the para church organisations and the list could go on and on. In this situation we find ourselves at a loss to know what to do or how to connect with our people. But you know, when these crutches that I have mentioned are removed, we are left with Jesus. We need to draw close to Him during this time, lean on Him, get into the Word, deepen your prayer life. Get connected with other like minded people even if it is on a screen, get into a home group. Get fed and stay hungry. I know if I eat my breakfast it’s not long till I need to get fed again but often in our spiritual journey we only feed ourselves once a week if even that. Can I encourage you at this time to get close to Jesus and remain in him. Every blessing Trevor Congratulations Many congratulations to Esther Stevenson and Darren Kingston on their wedding on the 10th October. Their wedding arrangements were thrown into turmoil four days before the big day because of the new Covid-19 restrictions but despite, that family and friends rallied around and they managed to have a super day. We wish them Gods richest blessing in their lives together Crinken Youth In addition to our church based youth ministry, it’s a real privilege to go into a local secondary school every Friday to run the Alpha Youth course. We are 22 teenagers and 2 leaders and we have the most amazing opportunity to share Jesus with these young people. It’s a time to discuss life and faith and learn what the bible teaches us about God and his gospel. Because it’s school I’m asked to give the teenagers a class project, so I thought what better than to read Mark’s Gospel and answer some questions that guide them through it. Please pray for the teens as they read it and for the team of leaders, that we would be kind and faithful messengers of Jesus. Neil Douglas A big Thank You It goes without saying, a huge amount of preparation goes into a Sunday morning service. Many of us don’t see the ‘behind the scenes’. We turn up on a Sunday and expect the service to ‘happen’, week in, week out! It doesn’t always register with us the amount of people involved in putting a service together– leaders, preachers, readers, those leading prayers, musicians, sound and powerpoint team, creche, children and



AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN youth leaders, welcome team, hospitality, care taker to mention but a few! Over the past number of months we have all adapted to a new form of church – whether it’s via YouTube, Facebook, live stream, zoom – for some of us, words we had never heard of pre March 2020! However, still the huge amount of preparation goes in behind the scenes week by week. A big thank you to Trevor, Neil, Olly, Sharyn and David (forgive me if I’ve left anyone out!). Whilst we haven’t been able to meet inside the church building as a Crinken family, thanks to these folk, we can meet in a virtual world week by week. Thank you, one and all, we really appreciate you.

CRUMLIN AND CHAPELIZOD Rector - Rev. Ruth Noble: Tel: 01 405 9708 Readers: David O’Halloran and Shona Rusk Review: Philip Deacon (Crumlin). Tel: 442 5867 Mrs. A. West (Chapelizod). Tel: 626 7699 Services: St. Mary’s Sunday 10am. St. Laurence’s Sunday 11.30am. Harvest Thanksgiving: It was wonderful to have Lydia Monds from Bishops’ Appeal join us on our online service of Harvest Thanksgiving this year. It was, as we all know, a very different experience but Lydia reminded us that God will provide and shared with us how some of the money raised last year at Harvest Thanksgivings for Bishops’ Appeal went to support and train farmers in Zambia. With climate change, they need to change their farming systems. The training, the tools and the seeds were delivered. Then came a drought, then the lockdown. But the farmers persisted with their new crops and they produced harvests. God does provide. Parishioners sent in pictures and comments about what they are thankful for in these days. These were wonderfully encouraging and a great reminder of how much we have to be thankful for, even in these difficult times.

Since my teenage years I have had a strong interest in overseas aid and development. This interest progressed as I had children of my own and became even more aware of God’s blessing in my life. I have been involved with Christian Aid as a volunteer and as a staff member. I have felt God calling me towards Ordination training over a long period of time. Throughout this process my faith has been strengthened and my desire to humbly serve God has deepened. Luke chapter 10 verse 27 is the basis of my personal faith, my absolute love for God and my desire to serve him, ‘He answered ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and your neighbour as yourself.’ I continue to ‘seek God with all my heart’ and give thanks for the extraordinary privilege that I have been given to pursue training towards Ordination and to spend my placement with you in Crumlin and Chapelizod. Keep in touch Keep an eye on the parish Facebook pages for up to date information and news: St Mary’s Church Crumlin and St Laurence’s Church Chapelizod. Sunday services are available on our parish YouTube channel: Crumlin and Chapelizod Church of Ireland Parish.

DALKEY Rector - Rev. Bruce Hayes: Email: Parish Office: phone: 01 2845941 Email: Parish Website: Twitter: @DalkeyParish Sunday Services Our Sunday Services are currently taking place on Zoom at 10.30am each Sunday. You would be very welcome to join us, even if you are just visiting! Please email the parish office for an invitation, or sign up on our website for notifications. Our Lady’s Manor Eucharist The Eucharist will be celebrated on Tuesday, November 3 and Tuesday, November 17 at 2.30pm in Our Lady’s Manor. Easter Vestry We were delighted to be able to eventually hold our postponed Easter Vestry in September. Thank you to all who agreed to serve. The following appointments were made: Synod: John Miller, Don Tarleton and Georgina Sweetnam. Supplementals are Robert Dickson, Vandra Costello and Naomi Byrne. Parochial Nominators: Henry Rooke, Jean Jago, John Ryan and Becky Jungmann. Supplementals: Gina Quinn, Joe Hughes, Stephanie Casey and Tara Andrews.

Our online services are available on YouTube under ‘Crumlin and Chapelizod Church of Ireland Parish’. Telephone services continue for the older people who are unable to access the online services and allow us to have a chat as well as to pray together. Thought for the Day: This regular WhatsApp message has returned with the increasing level of restrictions and is sent out most days. It includes a Bible verse, a thought or prayer and a link to a hymn or song to listen too. If you would like to be added to that list, do let me know. Student placement: Even in these strange times, those training for ordination come to parishes for placement. We are really pleased to be welcoming Jane Burns, a second year ordinand, to be alongside us: Hi everyone, my name is Jane Burns, I am married to Dermot and have three teenage children. I am from Athy, Co. Kildare and have been actively involved in many aspects of ministry in our Parish for over twenty years. I am about to embark on a Parish placement from the Church of Ireland Theological Institute with you for ten weeks, spaced out between November and February. The current restrictions make placement a different prospect this year, however, I know that I will have much to learn from you all and I look forward to experiencing Parish worship and community fellowship in your Parish. CHURCH REVIEW


Vestry: Henry Rooke, Scott Jungmann, John Ryan, Dave Allen, Dorothy Taylor, Rob Dickson, Vandra Costello, Rupert Bowen, Louise O’Rourke, Robert Fowler, Mark Tottenham and Richard Temperley. Church Wardens: Samantha Hayes and Joe Hughes Glebe Wardens: Brian Meyer and Dorothy Burrell Dalkey Inter-Church Migrant Support Group The Dalkey Inter-Church Migrant Support Group whose members include parishioners from Parish of the Assumption, St. Patrick’s and the Quaker community in Monkstown are continuing to work with migrants living in direct provision in Mosney. Although we are currently unable to arrange events, due to covid-19 restrictions, we are supporting students who are studying in colleges in Dublin and Dundalk. In addition to financial support (e.g. supplying laptops, contributing to fees and bus fares), we have been emailing, texting and recently arranged a very successful zoom meeting with them. Donations to the work of this group can be made through the Parish Office. Choir Tom Maxwell, known to us in St. Patrick’s for the kind assistance he gave our own organist Matthew Breen at last year’s Carol Service is now organist at St Brigid’s church, Stillorgan. Members of our choir look forward to joining in the collaboration between the various

AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN church choirs in the Diocese of Dublin and Glendalough for the virtual recording of Christmas music. Centering Prayer Centering Prayer continues to be held on Monday evenings at 7pm via Zoom. Please email Carol Casey if you would like to receive an invitation. Participants can join before 7pm if they wish and will be guided into prayer at 7pm, followed by 20 minutes’ silence, and concluding with a Grace. There will be some time at the end for free discussion, if desired. Book Club The Book Club will be meeting virtually to discuss the selected book, The Housekeeper and The Professor by Yoko Ogawa, on 20th November at 8pm. If you would like to participate in this or future meetings of the Book Club, please email the parish office to register your interest. St Patrick’s Dramatic Society Unfortunately, the production of The Long Road by Shelagh Stephenson at the Pavillion Theatre in November has been cancelled. It is hoped that the production will go ahead in April 2021 at the DLR Lexicon in Dun Laoghaire, a year after its original date. Hospice Fundraiser We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the virtual coffee morning which took place in aid of the Hospice on 24th September. Craft Group The Craft Group is meeting on Tuesdays via Zoom.

We are currently lowering the wall around the Graveyard in St Matthews to open up the whole Church to the community and for the grounds to be a place where people can come to reflect and enjoy the surroundings. Our landscape gardener, Chris Tighe, and his team are working hard to improve the lawn and remove extensive weeds and ivy that have slowing overtaken the graveyard over many years. The improvements over the last few weeks have been remarkable. We are now two months into our new school year at St. Matthew’s National School. We would like to acknowledge the wonderful work of Naomi Rousseau and all her staff to ensure that school can continue in as normal a manner as possible while adhering to Covid-19 guidelines. Come rain or shine staff stand at the school gates taking temperatures, guiding pupils in their pods and applying hand sanitizer before pupils enter the school building. The weekly school assembly now takes place via Zoom with pupils linking up with the rest of the school from their respective classrooms. There was a very excited reaction when I joined the Zoom assembly live from the Rectory and introduced the newest member of our parish, our yet to be named Golden retriever puppy. We continue to pray for our confirmation candidates. We constantly keep them in our thoughts. The confirmation has been rescheduled for Thursday 12th November. However this date is subject to the lifting of Level 3 restrictions. There is complete uncertainty in these unprecedented times but we live in hope. As a parish we continue to reach out to those in need. If anyone in the parish or wider community needs assistance we are here. Our church is open. Blessings John Marchant

Pastoral Support Group Our Pastoral Support Group is there to help in these challenging times. This support can take the form of helping with shopping or collecting prescriptions, or simply having a chat over the phone. The dedicated telephone number is 085 786 5949 and it is checked twice daily. You can leave a voicemail, send a text, or communicate via the messaging service What’s App. Please note this number is not intended for emergencies. If you would like to be added to the team of volunteers, please text your name to the number and you will be added to the team. In Memoriam We were deeply saddened recently to say goodbye to a number of parishioners who had made significant contributions to St. Patrick’s Church down through the years. We extend our sympathies to the families of Caroline Molloy, Daphne Dukes and Sadie Thompson. They will each be deeply missed, we give thanks for their witness amongst us and their friendship. Eternal Rest grant unto them, O Lord.

DONNYBROOK AND IRISHTOWN Vicar - Revd. John Marchant: Rectory Phone: 01 218 7893 Mobile: 087 419 6071 4 Ailesbury Grove, Donnybrook, Dublin D04 T9V2. Sunday Services: St. Mary’s Donnybrook 10am; St. Matthew’s Irishtown 11.30am.

Landscape Gardeners working on St. Matthew’s Church Graveyard & Grounds

We continue to follow Covid-19 Government restrictions and St Matthews Church remains physically closed for Sunday Service for the foreseeable future. We are continuing our Live Streaming Broadcast every Sunday morning on our You Tube Channel (St Matthew’s Church Irishtown). We would be delighted if you would like to subscribe. The Live Streaming has meant that we can send the Service to all our Parishioners both locally and internationally in countries as far as Switzerland and New Zealand. Recently, we have changed the time of our Sunday Worship from 11.30am to 10.30am.

Rector - The Revd Garth Bunting: (01 837 2505) Website: Services: Drumcondra 10.30am 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month Services: North Strand 10.30am 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month Note this is a temporary arrangement Mid-week Late Evening Office via Zoom Wednesdays at 7.30pm

In September we held our long overdue Easter/General Vestry meeting. Everyone was socially distanced in the Church and the meeting was enjoyed by all. The meeting was informed that our recently built Columbarium Wall is nearing completion and will be introduced shortly to Parishioners and the communities of Irishtown, Ringsend and Sandymount.


Services: While church buildings remain closed: Sunday services broadcast on the parish Facebook at 10.30am Mid-week Late Evening Office via Zoom Wednesdays at 7.30pm Boys’ Brigade, 7th Dublin Company The first thing we want to say is that BB IS BACK!



AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN The return to activities has so far been online and face to face. We’ve enjoyed Fantasy Football, a quiz, and a Dingbats (catchphrases) evening. More along these lines are planned. Face to face activities are of course somewhat trickier. Along with standard risk assessments for activities, we now have a COVID-19 policy and procedures in place to help keep everyone safe. Our leaders are very happy to undertake these to ensure that boys – and leaders can have safe and enjoyable activities. Recently, the senior boys had an adventure day out to sea caves in Sutton, near the beginning of the Howth Cliff Walk. This had originally been scheduled for last March! Six of us had a fantastic time. Photos and “action” videos of some of the day’s happenings should be up on the BB and 7th Co.’s Facebook page by the time these notes are published. There are three main caves in this area (which not many people seem to know about). Having “Ziplined” our backpacks down from the top of the rocks to the stony beach below (the activity was timed for low tide of course!), we scrambled down about 10 vertical metres via the rocks to the caves. One cave goes in for about 30 metres, one has separate entry and exit points, necessitating a crawl through, and the third one, by contrast, we could actually walk through fully upright, on our way to “The “Restaurant” in the cove beyond, where a series of large boulders and ledges meant we could all eat our lunch “socially distanced” (but no table service!). Lunch over, we made our way back up to the main path and almost immediately went “off-trail” again to a small forest on the side of the hill. Working our way through that, we found some makeshift swings attached to branches of trees. Great fun was had by all – and we mean ALL – as everyone had a go. All in all, we spent 4 very active and happy hours, outdoors and with Dublin City on our doorstep, and within only a kilometre of our start point. There is adventure to be had everywhere, if one knows where to look for it! Hopefully more adventures can be reported on soon. We would be delighted to welcome new members to the 7th Dublin. Contact Alan Privett on 086- 8457287 or e-mail to find out more. Church Services in November As things stand, it seems that we will not be back together for services in our church during November. On Sunday mornings at 10.30am, our service of Morning Prayer will be broadcast on the parish Facebook page. After the service, for those who cannot join live, a link to the recording will be available on the parish website. Each Wednesday evening at 7.30pm, a Late Evening Office is being held via Zoom. The service lasts about 20 minutes and is a quiet and peaceful way to end the day. If you would like to join us, please email the rector for details.

Above and right: 7th Dublin Company Boys’ Brigade on the adventure day”

DUN LAOGHAIRE Rector - Ása Björk Ólafsdóttir: Tel 01 280 9537 Email: Fridays off unless in the case of a pastoral emergency Facebook: Dun Laoghaire Church of Ireland Review Secretary - Mrs. Stella Henderson: Tel 01 280 7168 Services: 1st November 10:30 Harvest Thanksgiving Service 8th November 10:30 Holy Communion 15th November 10:30 Morning Prayer 22nd November 10:30 Holy Communion 29th November 10:30 Family Service Thursdays: 11:30 Holy Communion One Calendar The above calendar is, like the last few months, a wild guess into the unknown and anything can change or happen. Please be patient with me and all of us, as we are doing our best and never know what tomorrow will bring. On Sundays, whether we are allowed to go into Church or not, the Service is live-streamed on Facebook at: Dun Laoghaire Church of Ireland. To Serve It is my privilege to serve you all, be you physically in my congregation or not. You matter and I want to do right by you. I am far from perfect and my routine has changed during these last few months as I find myself able to pray more and looking at an unknown future with hope for some sort of normality before too long. The key word here is HOPE. We have been encouraged to start shopping for Christmas already and to shop locally. This is quite normal to me and I can tell you that quite a few presents have even already been wrapped! Due to my upbringing, I enjoy making things and many of them find their way into the parcels or small bags for Christmas. Some were even made in the Rectory garden this summer and there might be the odd bit of grass tangled into the yarn, it remains to be seen… Some days I feel quite useless as the day-to-day frame isn’t there and I think how lucky I am to know that on my busier days I will nearly forgive myself the slower ones. Such is life and it is easier to adapt instead of worrying and feeling guilty. Many are experiencing anxieties they never encountered before. It is affecting so many lives at present. Worry is at the root of anxiety and one way to lessen the occurrence is to listen to or watch less news and reports of the virus. It sounds harsh, but we can engage in more reading of books, talking on the phone with those who are not obsessed with the numbers and first of all delete the link on your phone to the numbers in the whole world! Laughing is a great cure for worry. We have endless access to funny material, be it on RTE Player, on radio or online. Early risers might consider tuning into something like Classic FM at 6 to 10 a.m. for PJ & Jim’s very funny and silly show. The amount of joy we get from silliness is valuable and can so easily replace the more serious entertainment, which is not suitable for us worriers. Let us notice and keep in our hearts that which brings us joy and a smile to our faces. Leave the rest and do not let it take space in our minds. Life is precious and as God gave us a free will, he also gave us wits to choose what suits us and, hopefully, the sensibility to avoid what is not good for us. During stage three, which I wholeheartedly hope will be in the past when this is printed, I have been more of a Warden of keys and different aspects in order for maintenance being able to take place in Church. Visiting does not take place in any form now and my heart goes out to those who are in nursing homes and their friends and families. It can also be lonely to live by oneself and feel isolated, but at least we are able to go out for walks and might run into someone deserving of a wave!



AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN Some of you are wondering and I think we need to talk about Christmas-time Services. Many are planning, but we do not have a real idea how things will be – or if the miracle has happened. Keeping in mind that there should be 72 hours between Services and Christmas Day is on a Friday, I do not see Christmas Eve Midnight Service taking place in the flesh, perhaps online, though. The next Service after Christmas Day would be on Sunday 3rd January. These are only speculations, we shall see what the reality will be. Let us pray that we manage to get safely through this pandemic soon and be reunited with those we miss so dearly. I want to thank your Churchwardens for their endless willingness to look after, help and arrange; our Glebewardens for all their diligent work looking after our premises. The whole Select Vestry, including Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary, who meet up regularly on Zoom to see how best we can serve but stay safe, how we can stay afloat and be ready to catch the ball when reality kicks in again. All of us have a role to play and the support of the parishioners is very valuable and helps us keep the focus. It has been very hard not allowing groups to use our Parochial Hall, but rules are very clear and we will get through this. May our merciful God keep, protect and bless you each day and each night.

GLENAGEARY Rector: The Rev. Gary Dowd Tel: 280 1616 / 087 926 6558 Email Parish Centre Coordinator and Bookings: Cynthia Gray 087 9637008 Review Secretary: Mrs Deborah Burke Tel: 285 5486 Sunday Services: 8.15am 10.30am and 7.00pm Website: Broadcast Service Thank you to all those who were in touch following our broadcast service on RTE television on Sunday 4th October. Special thanks to our organist and choir director Caroline Barnes and to the seven members of the choir who participated. (Penny Grier, Nola Lambert, Jill Steer, Sheila Wayman, Roger West, John Lambert, and guest singer John Barnes) The music was outstanding which was even more impressive when you consider that the choir had not been together since March and there had been limited opportunities to rehearse beforehand. Thanks to Roger West for reading the lessons and to Sheila Wayman for leading the prayers. When the invitation to participate was accepted the original plan had been to pre-record the service. In the end, having to do it “live” was an additional challenge in the current circumstances. Holy Baptism 11th October Orla Annabel Hurse, daughter of Aoife Budd and Ed Hurse, Windsor Drive, Monkstown. We welcome Orla into the family of the church Funeral Elsie Nelson, formerly of Villarea Park, Glenageary died peacefully in the care of Brabazon Nursing Home on 12th October. She was in her ninety-sixth year. Covid restrictions necessitated a private funeral which took place at Mt Jerome Crematorium on Wednesday 14th October. Elsie’s father G.R. Reid was the principal of St Paul’s Day school on the Adelaide Road and she grew up in “Ivella” the house next door to the school which was named after her and her twin sister Ivy. She was part of the fabric of the parish and was involved in many of its’ spiritual and social activities for most of her long life. She was great company and enjoyed a laugh. Renowned for her baking and hospitality there were many happy social occasions in her home at Villarea Park. Her family meant everything, and every conversation invariably included details of the latest milestone reached by one or other of her grandchildren. We extend our sympathies to her daughter Eva, sons David and Maurice, son-in-law Derek daughters-in -law Eleanor and Ingrid and to her seven grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.

Looking forward We all know it is almost impossible to plan anything these days. However, it our intention to maintain the traditional rhythm of the church year at St Paul’s even if we must experience it differently. Facilitated by livestreaming we had our Pets Service as usual in October without any pets or congregation! The annual service of Remembrance of Loved ones will take place on Sunday 1st November in the morning rather than the evening. As the building is unlikely to be open for in church worship before then the names submitted for this service last year will be read in addition to those who have died in the parish since then. It is also our intention to mark Remembrance Sunday on 8th November. And finally, time to smile…… With the forthcoming US Presidential Election in mind… A candidate came home in the small hours and gave his wife the wonderful news: “Darling, I’ve been elected!” She was delighted. “Honestly?” she demanded. He laughed in an embarrassed sort of way. “Oh, why bring that up?” A local council official said that he ran for office again because he thought his possible opponent, if successful, might be even more ineffective than he was. Rooms When the new Rector moved his family into the large Victorian Rectory, a member of the congregation asked the young son how he liked his new home. “It’s great,” the little boy replied. “At last I have my own room, Mike has his own room, Jemma has her own room, and Bobby has his own room. But poor Mum is still in with Dad.” Medical name The curate told his doctor that he was worried because he just was not able to do all the things around the parish that his rector expected him to do. When the examination was complete, he said, “I am prepared for the worst, doctor. Just tell me in plain English what is wrong with me.” “Well, in plain English,” the doctor replied, “you’re just lazy.” “Okay,” said the curate. “Now give me the medical term so I can tell my rector.”

Above: St Paul’s RTE Television Broadcast Service 4 October 2020 L to R Jill Steer, Nola Lambert, Sheila Wayman, Penny Grier, The Rector, Roger West, John Barnes, John Lambert and Caroline Barnes

HOLMPATRICK AND BALBRIGGAN Rector: Rev. Anthony Kelly, Tel. 8493886 Email: Asst. Priest: Rev. Tom O’Brien, Tel. 087 650 2504 Email: Church Review: Mrs. Margaret Davidson Tel. No. 849 1756 Church Services: 9.30am Kenure; 10.30 Holmpatrick; 12 noon St. George’s, Balbriggan. Harvest Celebration Due to Level 3 restrictions, as you will be aware our churches have once again been obliged to close pending reassessment of the coronavirus situation. As a result we do not know when the current restrictions can be lifted. Sadly, this has affected our plans for celebration of Harvest Thanksgiving and we have had to cancel our harvest services which were due to take place on Sunday 4th October in all three churches.



AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN Instead, last Sunday 11th October, we decided to try to create a harvest theme within our virtual service on Zoom and the notes for the service expressed this in the Confession and the Blessings. We also attempted to get interactive. We received from parishioners pictures reminding us of harvest or of something they were thankful for – like a garden or the sky or nature. We then made a small video for the service. It has been a difficult few months since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. It has been challenging to find ways of keeping connected and yet, as time has moved on, we are becoming better at engaging in online activity. We have been using Zoom for many weeks and it has suited many of our parishioners, but we are also aware that we need to ensure that our younger members are provided for too. Last week, we tested a new format where young people were able to leave the main online group and go into a virtual Sunday School. Our volunteer youth worker Timmy, our camp volunteer worker Caroline and Daniela led this first virtual youth Sunday School. 12 young people took part. We intend to continue with this format on Zoom each week. During the service, those wishing to attend Sunday School will be able to join the youth team in another virtual room, while the service with adults continues. Towards the end of the service, both groups will join together again. Confirmation 2020 The celebration of Confirmation was postponed earlier in the year, again due to coronavirus. Confirmation has been rearranged for Thursday 26th November 2020 in Holmpatrick Church at 7.30pm. Once again the necessary safety restrictions will apply. As we come closer to the date, further details will be given.

HOWTH Rector: Rev Kevin Brew Tel 01 832 3019 Rev Ken Sherwood Lay Reader: Mr Ron Bass Youth Worker: Elke Koker Review Distributor: Mr Stanley McMullen 832 4678 Email: YouTube: ‘Howth Parish’ Website: It is amazing how quickly things change in these strange times. Looking over the last set of notes we were starting a process of returning to normal. Now we find ourselves unable to gather for worship in our Parish Church and we are back online relying on YouTube and Zoom to provide some sort of worship experience. We had planned a service of Harvest Thanksgiving on the first Sunday in October, which people were looking forward to as a mark of a return to our normal cycle of services and festivals. Then came the move to Level 3 and we tentatively planned it for October 25th. We went ahead with a Harvest Thanksgiving for our YouTube and Zoom services. We could not decorate out Church so I asked for people to send me photographs of natural beauty, of flowers, of vegetables and these all featured in our online services. We also had a Family Service. The Zoom platform enabled contributions from our young people in writing and reading prayers as well as developing the theme of thankfulness in a short video presentation coordinated by our Youth Worker, Elke. How can you access our online worship? To access our YouTube services, simple open YouTube on your smartphone or computer and type ‘Howth Parish’ into the search bar. This will bring you to our Parish YouTube channel on which you will find all our recent services. To access our Zoom services; If you are on the Parish email list then you will receive the log on details to the service in the days leading up to the service and also on the day of the service itself. Alternatively, if you go to the Parish Website, listed above, on the home page you will find the link for the YouTube service for that Sunday as well as a link to the Zoom service.



Our Parish is first and foremost a worshipping community. I’ve detailed our access to worship. We are very conscious of the problem of how can we maintain a sense of community, a group of people who care for and cherish each other. The Zoom service does give an opportunity to see and chat to each other before and after our service but this is of no use to people who either do not have access to the internet or who do not feel confident in using it. As we did in the early stages of the initial lockdown, we are asking people to keep in touch with each other. In many ways this new bout of restrictions is having a deeper emotional impact on us all, and particularly on those who are isolated. If you need help, or if you hear of someone who needs help that you are not in a position to please contact the Rectory. Confirmation The Archbishop plans to come to St Mary’s for Confirmation on Saturday 14th November at 3pm. While we are hopeful that this will be possible, the Archbishop has indicated that Confirmations may have to be rescheduled . In the meantime – stay safe and let us all play our part in keeping everyone else safe.

KILLINEY, BALLYBRACK Rector: William Olhausen Tel 01 285 2228 Email: Messy Church Leader: Alistair Doyle Email: Parish Secretary: Beverley Grant Tel 01 236 9555 Email: Communications officer: Maria Waters Email: Parish Centre Bookings: Tanya Olhausen Email: Church Review: James Malseed Email: Parish website: No notes this month.

KILLINEY, HOLY TRINITY Rector: Rev. Canon Gary Hastings, Tel: 285 2695 E-mail - Day Off - mostly Mondays Website - Facebook - The Carry Centre – Bookings: Bookings: Sandra Moore, Tel: 087 6291568 Hon. Secretary of the Select Vestry: Vestry: Clive Christie, Tel: 282 3356 Review Notes: Meriel Nuzum, Review Distributor: Distributor: Marianne Irvine, Tel: 285 8136 From the Rector Writing these Review notes is becoming a very unsettling experience. I seem to be writing retrospectively about something that may or might not have been happening in the future. Which is not good for the mental stability, or indeed the correct choice of verb tenses… Our online services have been going very well, when they went well. Our teething problems are getting sorted out, and hopefully we can be in full production from here in. As I write this, a Harvest Thanksgiving was/will be/may have been going to be, — or not,] [Adjust as appropriate.] on 18th October, and my thanks [probably] to those who decorated the church for the event. Also in the offing is a service on All Saints Sunday, 1st Nov, where we remember those we love who are no longer with us, and Remembrance Sunday on 8th Nov. Plans are afoot to replace our Christmas Sale with something to bring in a few shillings for the coffers, and please keep an eye on Facebook

AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN and website for details. As for Christmas itself, at this remove, your guess is as good as mine! Videostream of Sunday Church Service The videostream of the live Sunday Church Service at 10.45 can be accessed via the link on the website ( or through our Facebook page. Sheep Thrills We met once more in sunny Cluny Park and again, this was much enjoyed by all. We will have another Zoom meeting in early November to make plans going forward. We need ideas for selling the fabulous knitted goods that we are piling up!!! Contact Joan 087 2460078 Kindling It’s hard to get fired up when your mind is on lockdown restrictions, but maybe a bit of kindling (clean, dry, compact, and completely destructible) might help. If not you then your granny or your neighbour or anyone who is unable to gather kindling for themselves but who enjoys the snug feeling of a lighted fire in the grate as the long evenings draw in. Paul and I have been picking up sticks over the dry summer and, as we can’t leave boxes in the Carry Hall in Killiney for you to collect after morning service, we are happy to deliver (within the parish boundary) a box to your front door. There will be no charge but if you feel like it a small contribution to Christian Aid, who are lighting fires in hearts all over the world, would be welcome. Contact David, 086-2659065.

KILL O’THE GRANGE Rector: The Rev. Alan Breen, Tel: 284 5930 Lay Readers: Blair Halliday, Tel: (087) 211 0633; David Williams, Tel: 495 0421 Lay Reader & Pastoral Worker: Bert Van Embden, Tel: 282 0513 Youth Pastor: Jonathan Byford, Tel: (089) 436 2287 Children’s and Family Worker: Seb Dungan, Tel: (089) 472 3063 Church Administrators: Jane Winning and Caroline Plascott, Tel: 289 6442 Church Review: Parish Office, Tel: 289 6442. (9 a.m.-1 p.m., Monday to Friday) E-mail: Website: Rector’s Letter: I hope that this finds you well. I know that these are strange and frustrating days for some. It is disappointing that we have been unable to meet physically but we still have all our online elements in place. Please continue to avail of what can meet your need during this time. As we continue in our series of Ezra/Nehemiah continue to pray and seek God’s heart in this time and listen to what is being impressed on your heart for you and for those around you. I do want to apologise also for our most recent service in that the sound quality was not what it should have been. I am sorry for this and we are working on fixing this. The church will be open on Thursdays for private prayer for an hour from 11 a.m. to 12 noon, from 8th October. As you will remember the church before the pandemic hit had been open each morning for prayer. We want to try this out again. This will not be a led service but a time for you to come quietly and individually and pray. All procedures of signing in, hand washing and social distancing will still be in place. We are hoping also to set up a Bible study and a prayer meeting via Zoom for those that would like to partake. If you would be interested in either please contact either myself ( or the office ( to let us know. As has been said in the past please do check in with one another to see how people are doing. Your efforts have gone a long way in helping people through this very difficult and trying time. If you know of any need or have a need please do not hesitate in contacting us. Stay safe, Blessings, Alan

Church Services: Although on Sunday 13th September we started to hold services in church, this had to be discontinued owing to the Government’s new Level 3 requirements. During the COVID-19 Lockdown, we continue to offer on our website ( ‘virtual’ services. On Sunday mornings is our audio-visual service, and also an audio service of Holy Communion. David and Mary Williams provide a Sunday evening audio service. The address is by Bert Van Embden. From Monday to Saturday the Rector continues with the Daily Devotionals, with scriptural readings, prayers and thoughts. From the Parish Registers: Marriage: 21st March 2020

Marcus Swift to Alice Hearnden.

We wish Marcus and Alice the Lord’s abundant blessings for the future. [This was a private event under the COVID-19 restrictions.] Funeral: 26th September 2020

Bertha Marsh, née Shire

(Died 23rd September 2020, aged 93.) We extend our deepest sympathies to Bertha’s children Meta and Sandra, and to all her family and friends. Bertha was the founder of the 22nd Company Kill O’The Grange Girls’ Parade. She will be dearly missed. [Private funeral with limited attendance, owing to present circumstances.] KOTG Youth: Like many others, Core has had an interesting challenge re-opening and getting going. Trying to find the balance between keeping everyone safe while still being able to welcome all those who join us week to week has been our main focus. We are thankful that we were able to re-open youth group while Dublin was still in Level 2. Core is currently running online while we wait for Dublin to get under control. Once back at level 2, we are looking forward to meeting face to face again. It’s important that we continue to grow, there is so much in the Bible about people staying faithful to God even through hard times. Wanting to do the same, Core youth has started a weekly discussion group, currently online, to give our teens a place to study and discuss the Bible and our faith. Please pray for us as we look forward to events like our weekend away. With all the uncertainty we are still unsure that it will go ahead but are sticking to God in prayer that it goes ahead in a safe way. Also please pray for our teens as they adjust to a new way of being with their friends and a new way to do school. Exodus 33:14 “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” (ESV) Here at Core youth we have our weekly youth group at 7.30 to 9 on a Saturday night and our weekly Bible study. If you have any questions about what we do please give Jonathan Byford a call or e-mail at / (089) 436 2287. Jonathan Byford Youth Pastor KOTG Children: The last month has been full of adapting to the new restrictions. It had been joyous to be able to resume meeting in the church on Sundays, seeing each other’s faces, even with how different It is. With the church re-opening we had been looking forward to children’s activities to resume. Both Maxpack and Sunday Club were aiming to resume by the beginning of October. While we know both ministries will not be identical to last year, we know they will continue to be great fun. We are excited to be back to learning about God together amongst all the fun and games. Seb Dungan Children’s and Family Worker



AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN KILTERNAN Rector – Rob Clements: Mob 087 149 6605 Email: or Parish Reader: Carol Barry Parish Administrator: Annemarie McCleane Tel: 295 2643 Youth Ministry Coordinator: Brian Hickey Children & Family Ministry Coordinator: Lynn Storey Gathering Grounds Supervisor and Outreach worker: Julie Clements Deacon Intern: Alistair Doyle Online Services Until further notice, services will be available online on the parish YouTube channel at (or just go into YouTube and search Kilternan Parish Church). Remember to subscribe for regular updates. I am grateful to Kevin O’Sullivan for his technical skills, and to all who have recorded poems, prayers, songs, and sent art in for the services

Chalk Prayer Walk No sooner had we begun to welcome families back to worship did we find ourselves returning to tighter restrictions. This, combined with a good weather forecast, prompted a quick decision to bring forward our Pop-Up Outdoor Chalk Prayer Walk. We had two glorious days of dry and sunny weather with clear blue skies. A chalk path was around the church grounds, with different activities and stations, giving families an opportunity to enjoy a time of creative prayer together. A variety of creative prayer stations were enjoyed by families which included ‘Jumping for Joy’, ‘Alphabet Prayers’, ‘Boats in the Storm’ and Memory Tree to remember those we no longer see. As we could only facilitate one family at a time, slots were booked in advance. It was wonderful to catch up and connect with families from the parish and community. Chalk was provided for each family which they took home to create their own chalk prayer walk. Who knew there was such a thing as glitter chalk – it certainly added some bling to some our prayers!

Build a Harvest Harvest is normally a time when the church is full of parishioners singing, ‘We Plough the Fields and Scatter’, but of course, this harvest was very different. Nonetheless, we decided that as a parish that we wanted to mark the season. As a result, we had to get creative in how we would be able to facilitate a harvest festival, whilst making sure we were fully Covid compliant. We decided to build a harvest in the church from the 6th to the 8th October. We started with a display of one bowl of fruit on the Holy Table as a symbol of God’s abundance and goodness. We then invited people to drop into the church and add to the harvest display. People brought fresh produce, or non-perishables. Some brought a piece of art, or a window display. Over the course of the 3 days we built a harvest display in the church to reflect Gods goodness to us. People were encouraged to simply take a moment in the church in private prayer and give thanks for God’s goodness. We also invited the school to participate. Children came over in the mornings in their pods throughout the week and help us ‘build a Harvest’. From Junior Infants right up to 6th Class we created a space where we shared a thought about what Harvest is and gave them the opportunity to add to the display through craft. The junior half of the school did crafts on the theme of living gratefully and the senior side of the school had more of an emphasis living generously as they reflected on people across the world in poverty. They all had the opportunity to write prayers, for example, 6th class wrote out prayers on post-it notes and stuck them up on the world map. By the end of the sessions, we had covered the entire world with prayer. By the end of the week the church was filled with colour and abundance. Sadly the church service couldn’t happen on Sunday, but people were able to see the fruits of the build a harvest event on the online service. Nonperishables were donated to the Bray Woman’s refuge, and perishables were taken into the Gathering Grounds and turned into soup for distribution.

Top: Harvest Below: Harvest Online Service CHURCH REVIEW


Gathering Grounds open for coffee and chat We reopened the Gathering Grounds in September with caution. People are itching to reengage at this stage, but our approach has to be safety-first. As a result, we have a fairly rigid set of protocols and procedures. All seems to be working well and we have had lots of comments appreciating the efforts put in to keep people socially distancing. At this stage we have held back on our soup lunches. Please do drop in this October Monday to Friday 8am to 2pm. Take away coffee from 2pm till 3pm. A big thanks to all the volunteers who have adjusted so well. Zoom Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at 8pm Join us on Wednesday at 8pm on Zoom for prayer. Our gathering is never more than 25 minutes long and is a lovely way for us to ‘check in’ as a parish and bring the community’s needs to God. You are most welcome to join us. Contact the office for meeting details.

AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN THE KING’S HOSPITAL The Revd. Peter Campion: Tel: 626 5933 (day) 623 2752 (evening) Website: November 2020 As we approach the end of the first half term, it is easy to see that fatigue and frustration are beginning to set in. These first two months have been exhausting for the students as it is very difficult for them to be themselves with all the restrictions. Moreover, there had been hope that at this stage things would have improved and unfortunately, the opposite has happened. I am always amazed at the resilience of young people and how, in the face of all these challenges, can remain so cooperative and supportive. They constantly have to face the disappointment of cancelled events and matches, re-set their ambitions and start again. With the ground constantly shifting, this is very difficult to do. Young people have become a bit of a scapegoat for the frustration that many are feeling in not having anyone specific to blame. My experience of young people is not of a group of careless, reckless individuals but of a group who are doing their very best to protect the vulnerable and like us all, occasionally let their guard down just to remind themselves of what life used to be like. As this drags on, we need young people on board and it is up to the older generations to be able to acknowledge their frustration, to support them and to assure them that things will return to the way they were and that they will be able to go back to being kids again soon. Tackling Racism We are in the process of setting up a new committee in the school to address the issues of racism. Hopefully there will be representatives of each year who will be able to be a voice for any of our students who experience incidents of racism. We all need to be more aware and better trained at noticing and picking up on racist language. We are working on this in an ongoing basis. The committee will be led by a past pupil, Clinton Wockocha. We hope that it will be a group that addresses and reports racist behaviour as well as making sure that there is support for those who are victims of racism. Harvest We will have a live streamed Harvest Thanksgiving service this year. We will have a small choir who will be singing Philip Stopford’s lovely anthem ‘For the Beauty of the Earth’. Members of the chapel committee will do the prayers and members of staff will do the readings. I will preach the sermon as we are trying to limit the visitors into the school at the moment. We hope that it will be a success and that we will be able to have another streamed service for Remembrance Sunday. First Year service We are recording the First Year service this year and there will be singing from a first year choir, a first year drama group performance and bible readings and prayers. We would always have a dinner for students and their parents in the school. This will not be possible but we hope that the parents will join us online and have a special meal with their children to celebrate their start at a new school.

THE MAGEOUGH CHAPEL Chaplain: The Rev. Robert Kingston. Mobile 089 400 1720 Manager: David W. Wilkinson. Tel. 497 1620 Sunday Services: Online at ‘Mageough Chapel’ channel on Youtube Wednesday Service: 10.45am Online worship: and follow the links Worship Looking back on late month’s notes it seems like they were from years ago. All the plans outlined there came to nothing and the Chapel is again closed, except for private prayer on designated mornings, our services have been moved online, now on YouTube as complying with the new regulations relating to websites was going to prove very tricky. Activities We have suspended our activities in the Function Room. We were able to squeeze in a few outdoor activities before Level 3 was advised and we are most grateful to the Rathmines Gardai, Dublin City Council and a generous anonymous donor for the concerts they facilitated. It is not all doom and gloom however and the fact of being part of a supportive community within easy but safe reach is a great boon. It looks as if this will continue for some time and we are looking at how we can make plans for the future.

MALAHIDE, PORTMARNOCK’S & ST DOULAGH’S Rev Dr Norman E Gamble: Tel. 845 4770 Mob. 086 815 3277 E-mail Diocesan Readers: Dr Tom Healy Tel: 087 918 1436 Mr David Rea Tel. 846 0570 Parish Administrator: Mrs Anne Taplin Tel. 816 8698 (O) E-mail: Parish Website: Service times: Malahide (St Andrew’s) 8am, 1130am, (Suns) ; Matins 9.15am Mon-Sat : Eucharist on Weds at 11am. Holy Days as announced. Balgriffin (St Doulagh’s) 10am (Suns) NB The above service times are when society returns to Level 2: During Covid-19 level 3 a Service of the Word is streamed each Sunday at 1030am on the Parish website, where it is accessible during the following week. Safeguarding Trust The Diocesan Safeguarding Trust triennial assessment was held by Zoom. We thank Olive Good for arranging this: while our parish Safeguarding Trust panel has never ever had to meet to consider a report from anyone, it is vital that we keep alert: in away they are a bit like a lifeboat crew, always on standby, just in case, and I would use this opportunity to thank our Panel, Susie Hall, Clive Brooks and Claire Craig for their willingness to undertake the task! Norman Services With virtually no notice, and attendances growing back towards preCovid19 levels, it was back to streaming, and we owe a great debt to Colin Carey, for cancelling his weekend arrangements and returning to his post. This time round, it has proved possible to have live organ music before and after, by picking up the sound of the organ live before and after the service, and thank Rodney Baldwin for coming in each Sunday for this. The streaming time is 1030, the venue the parish website, and all are welcome to tune in.

Pumpkin display in the courtyard of the school



AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN Malahide has a strong military tradition: many years ago many former British Army families retired to the village, indeed Carlisle Terrace was built for retired officers after the Crimean War. Remembrance Sunday has always been an important occasion, and should we still be having a streamed service that day, it will include an act of remembrance. Thanks to some ideas by Rodney, we hope that it will be possible to have a streamed Service of Nine Lessons and Carols at Christmas as well as a Christmas Day service. Rector’s retirement The Rector announced his retirement in early January to the Select Vestry meeting on 14th October, after thirty years in the parish, and forty-one years in Holy Orders, and having passed the biblical threescore years and ten during the summer. It was not a sudden decision: he explained that he had always intended to retire from parochial ministry at about this time, but it means that the recently elected Parish Nominators will be sprung into action for only the second time in seventy-two years! There will also be a very heavy load on the Glebes sub-Committee who will have to overhaul the Rectory in order to bring it up to the standard required by Church regulations! What was agreeable in 1990 may not be considered adequate, although the Rectory has generally been kept in reasonably good repair! Mrs Anne Taplin Anne Taplin, who has served as Parish Centre Administrator for the past twelve years, has announced that she is resigning from her post at the end of November, to take up another position. Anne has done a tremendous job: what began as looking after Parish Centre bookings and finances, slowly morphed into an administrative role keeping in touch with the parish as a whole, communicating by email with parishioners about services and functions, and acting de facto as a PA to the Rector and the Hon Treasurer. She did it with great assurance and aplomb, and with the patience and wisdom of a saint, even when a few years ago she experienced a time of serious ill health. Anne’s dedication to the parish and her role knew no bounds, and at the October Select Vestry meeting members paid tribute to all that she has done for the parish. Without Anne, the parish today would be in a much more difficult situation than it is today, financially and in many other ways. As we go to press, it is hoped that we will be able to appoint a very capable substitute to take over on a temporary basis while we advertise the post on a permanent part-time basis. We wish Anne many happy and fulfilling years in the new task she will be taking up. Norman Mothers’ Union Notes We hope that all our members are keeping well and safe, and hopefully we will be able to meet up again at Branch meetings in the new year when we can share our news and catch up. Committee members are always available for a chat on the phone. Our lovely friend and loyal MU member, Seward Morris, died in August. She will be greatly missed by all in the Branch and we extend our deep sympathy to her family and friends.

THE CHURCH’S MINISTRY OF HEALING Diocesan Chaplain & Chair of the Diocesan Committee: Revd Bruce Hayes Mobile: 086 232 7349 Diocesan Hon Secretary: Jeanne Salter Email: Website: Church’s Ministry of Healing: Ireland (central office) Egan House, St Michan’s Church, Church Street, Dublin 7 Administrator: Tel: 01 872 7876 Website: Office Email:



Church’s Ministry of Healing: Ireland The Power of Presence on Zoom CMH:I has a new offering via Zoom. The Power of Presence offers a gentle time out to be nurtured in God’s presence. This will comprise of simple prayer practices, focusing on our breath and using a Godcentred-word to tune into God’s presence followed by a short talk and time for reflection and sharing. There will be two dates in November, Saturday 7th & Saturday 28th November, each starting at 11am. Each session should finish by 12.30pm. The facilitators of The Power of Presence are Carol Casey and Dr Iva Beranek. Places are limited, so if you would like to attend please register at iva@ If you have not used Zoom yet, you will need to download it. We will send the zoom link to those who will attend prior to each session. You might like to visit our website. When you arrive just click on the Resources tab and it will open up the beautiful liturgy of the Service of Healing and Wholeness. This includes prayers which may be helpful during this time of uncertainty during which some of the landmarks on the horizon of our lives seem to have moved or changed. When you visit the website of CMH:I you will see some of the following tabs. A sidebar ‘Calendar of Events’ which opens up with information re. upcoming events. This includes a link to the Facebook page where recent online healing services and guided meditations may be accessed. The Resources tab opens up some prayer cards for different times and situations. The Journal tab opens up a selection of helpful reflections such as ‘Consecrating Empathy’. CMH:I has launched a YouTube channel ‘Church’s Ministry of Healing: Ireland’. There you will find some lovely, gentle guided meditations and a Service of Healing and Wholeness led by Revd Lesley Robinson.

MONKSTOWN Rector: The Revd Canon Precentor Roy H Byrne Telephone: (01) 280 6596 Email: Lay Reader: Thelma King Parish Administrator: Liz Neill Watson (01) 214 7714 (Monday to Friday 10:00 – 13:00) Office email: Facebook: Monkstown Parish Church, Dublin Sunday Services: 10:45 Eucharist (1st, 3rd, 4th & 5th Sunday) Matins (2nd Sunday) Wednesday: Wednesday: 10:45 Eucharist The continued inability to provide public worship in our churches is heart-breaking and whether this will change anytime soon is anybody’s guess. Planning is non-existent and all of us are in reality leading a day to day existence, making the best of what we have and endeavouring to keep our spirits cheerful and positive in whatever way we can. A few weeks back on the Late Late Show the interview with a 17 year old boy and his mother brought home to us most forcefully how indiscriminate this virus is and how it is most important that we continue to care for ourselves and our loved ones and keep our guards high. For those of you who didn’t see the interview, the 17 year old suddenly felt unwell following a walk and was rushed to Tallaght Hospital ending up on a ventilator for 12 days, critically ill. Following his eventual release form hospital he had to learn to walk again due to nerve damage in his feet and is using crutches to get about. He contracted the virus in April and is still recovering. This virus knows no bounds and we must continue to exercise care and caution and to follow public health advice. We continue our prayers for all who working in our hospitals and in the medical fields, for researchers and scientists, for our health officials

AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN and Government, for all who are sick at home or in hospital. Let us also continue our prayer for one another in these very difficult times and pray with thanksgiving for the blessings we have in our own lives. Walk Des Home Appeal The parishioners and friends of Monkstown parish are supporting the special appeal for Des Vallely, the son in law of the Revd Kevin Dalton, onetime rector of Monkstown. Des had a horrific accident when he fell off his bicycle in January last and has been in hospital ever since. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, visits by his family and loved ones has been limited, and the whole family have been very much in our thoughts and prayers these past months. Des’s wife, Tara has set up a gofundme page #walkdeshome to raise €400,000 towards the costs of allowing Des to be cared for at home with his family. The appeal total has reached €250,000, at the time of writing. You can support the appeal by going to the gofundme page and making a donation online or by sending a cheque (made payable to Tara Dalton) to Winton Lodge, 62 Monkstown Road, Monkstown, Co Dublin and we will pass it on to the family. Our rector’s churchwarden, Shirley Thornton, recently walked the women’s mini marathon, 10km for 10 days – 100 kilometres, and was sponsored by many to do this. The sponsorship money raised was donated to the ‘Walk Des Home Appeal’. Another of our parishioners, Marjorie Kirk, is also walking for Des and we thank both of them for all their work for the appeal fundraising. Please help us to help Des and his family. All support will be really appreciated as we work towards bringing this family back together again under one roof. November Raffle Tickets are now in circulation at €2 each or books of 6 for €10 for our November raffle and we trust our parishioners and friends will support us in this fundraising effort. Normally we do this in conjunction with the November parish sale but this will not take place this year due to Covid-19 restrictions. This year’s raffle is a truly bumper affair and we thank all those who kindly donated fabulous prizes. Readers who would like to support us may send a cheque, made payable to Monkstown Parish Church, together with your name, address and telephone number, to the parish office, Winton Lodge, 62 Monkstown Road, Co Dublin and we will forward tickets to you. The draw will take place on Saturday 21 November. Church Services During the current closure of church buildings we are continuing to send a weekly letter and service for use in the homes of parishioners and friends to all who have requested it. This is sent by post and email and an abbreviated version is printed on the parish Facebook page. Thank you to all who have expressed appreciation of this and we were delighted to hear how people have been using it, and indeed sending it to friends, family and loved ones in Ireland and further afield. Parish Facebook Page Followers of Facebook are invited to find and ‘like’ our page ‘Monkstown Parish Church, Dublin’

RAHENY AND COOLOCK Rector: Revd. Norman McCausland Priest Assistant: Revd. Canon Aisling Shine Parish Office: office manager - Liberty Finnegan Howth Road, Dublin 5, D05 WF59 Telephone 01 851 2459 Email: admin@allsaintsraheny Review Notes Raheny: Séamus Puirséil Review Notes Coolock: Robert Adams Review Distributor: Charles Craig 086 829 1588 Many readers of the Church Review will remember writing compositions in school with fine cursive handwriting learned from Vere Foster copy books. The titles followed a fixed and recurring formula of ‘My Holidays’, ‘Autumn’, ‘An old penny telling the story of its life’,’ Hallowe’en’. And if the titles signposted the seasons the text also followed a regular pattern and the need to fill a full copybook page. Indeed, the lack of inspiration often found the last couple of lines filled with some irrelevant and prosaic fact such as “The Shannon is the longest river in Ireland”. The task of filling the editor’s assigned 800 words during a pandemic is quite challenging.

The opening and consecration of All Saints’ Church on the edge of St Anne’s Estate in Raheny was planned for 1st November 1889. All Saints’ Day happened to be the birthday of Arthur Guinness, Lord Ardilaun, patron and benefactor of the new church so perhaps that decided the naming of the church. However, viruses can strike rich and poor, just and unjust and Ardilaun was laid low by influenza and the church blessing was postponed until December of the same year. Difficulties with leasehold delayed the consecration of the church for another hundred years to 1989. The patronal feast has, however, remained a major signpost in the year for the Raheny parish and in spite of a more serious health crisis than Lord Ardilaun’s ‘flu we plan to mark the feast and it’s remembrance of our friends and family who have died in the past year. It may be possible to incorporate the confirmation of the candidates from Raheny and Coolock parishes on All Saints’ Day and we look forward to welcoming Archbishop Jackson for that service. Like any plans at this time this is as much in hope as expectation. We did manage to offer our thanksgiving for this year’s harvest in midOctober. Our efforts concentrated on All Saints’ Church and while the customary harvest service was not possible the church was decorated and was opened for private prayer on the afternoon of Sunday, and each morning of the following week. The harvest service was produced with the cooperation of young and older members of both parishes and with a significant input from Springdale school. It proved. a great joy to those who produced the programme and to those who watched and participated at home. The production of scarecrows by the JAM Club from traditional household material was particularly noteworthy. The success of this harvest thanksgiving has encouraged new thoughts of how we shall celebrate the liturgies of All Saints, Advent and Christmas. Video services and a physically distanced Nativity play are on the agenda. Springdale NS Usually during the month of October Springdalers are busy preparing for our annual Hallowe’en walk. Even though we can’t organise our usual events this year we are still having lots of fun in school. Our pupils photographed their costumes this year so that we could share them within our school community. We also organised an Autumn Art Exhibition. With contributions from all our classes, we showcased some ‘spooktacular’, work both inside and out, so that parents could see what we have all been up to. MU members are particularly grateful to President, Karen Nelson, for keeping in touch with Branches through her various letters. As with most activities they are missing their monthly MU meetings. They hope that in the New Year they will be able to meet up again in some form or other. Members sympathised with the family of Dorothy Taylor who died on 28 September. Dorothy was for many years a faithful member of MU in Clontarf. However, the Boys’ Brigade 7th Dublin Co. have managed to move from online and Zoom events to some face-to-face activity with the Senior Boys in the form of an Adventure Day Out to Sea Caves in Sutton. From which (if we revert to our school compositions) they all came home tired but happy! Oh, and the Shannon is still the longest river in Ireland.

Finding seacaves in Sutton CHURCH REVIEW



Above: BB ready for ziplining, 7thDublin day out Below: Harvest in All Saints

‘’So, Prince of Peace, disarm our trust in power, teach us to coax the plant of peace to flower, May we, im-passioned by your living Word, remember forward to a world restored.’’ Fred Kaan (b.1929) In the green opposite Raphoe cathedral there are many sculptures among them this seat inviting people to remember and reflect on the Great War but also on how precious peace is, whether globally or in our own lives. As we continue our struggle to combat Covid 19 and the devastation it is leaving in its wake, may our combined efforts led us to days of greater freedom again. We hugely appreciate all that our parishioners who are in the front-line are doing and we acknowledge the huge sacrifices everyone is making for the greater good. AG. Church Services schedule for November Sunday 1st Nov and 15th Nov Morning Prayer 10.30am live streamed. Sunday 8th Nov 10.30am Remembrance Sunday service live streamed. Sunday 15th Nov Service of the Word 10.30am live streamed Sunday 22nd Nov Holy Communion 10.30am live streamed. Sunday 29th Nov Service of the Word 10.30am live streamed. Every Thursday 11.30am Holy Communion via phone link. Dial 01-6533857 and when prompted punch in 4038917003 followed by # and when prompted punch in another #. After a few seconds you will be connected.

RATHFARNHAM Canon Adrienne Galligan: Tel: 490 5543 Diocesan Reader: Dr. Joan Forsdyke Tel: 494 2385 Parish secretary: Andrew Shorten Tel: 01 490 5543 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9.30-12.30. Sunday Services: 8am, 10.30am, 12 noon Website: Email: Find us on Facebook Review Distributor: Pam Shorten. Tel: 493 7179



Charities Regulator With 2021 fast approaching and the requirement that we submit annual reports to the Charities Regulator, a sub-committee has been set up to progress this responsibility. The subcommittee are Valerie (Henderson), Rebecca (Middleton), George (Kennington), David (Howe) and the Rector. If you would like to find out more about this aspect of parish governance please visit this website for an overview: Confirmation After mid-term we usually begin our Confirmation preparation classes. While no dates have been issued by the Archbishop’s office for confirmation services in 2021, classes can still go ahead but probably by Zoom at the moment. Could I ask parents of prospective candidates please to e mail me ( if your son/daughter is interested and we can start the enrolment process. Thanks very much. Covid 19 At the vestry meeting on the 8th Oct, 4 members offered to serve as Covid 19 Compliance Officers. Gillian (Perdue) and George (James) are fulfilling this role for the War Memorial Hall, Alan McMillan for the Parish Centre and John Deacon for the Church. Although the Hall and Parish Centre are not in use (apart from Little Smarties) at time of writing we are processing applications for the possible return of some groups. The documents sought are the completed booking form, Covid 19 protocol, risk assessment, cleaning checklist, insurance, safety

AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN statement, signed rules and regulations and if the organisation works with children or vulnerable adults we look for the Child and Vulnerable Adult safety statement. As well as John, Alan, George and Gillian, the Covid 19 sub-committee are Leslie (Deacon), Joan (Forsdyke), Gerry (Wilson), Jonathan (Mills) and the Rector. We would like to thank everyone who has submitted their documentation to date. Harvest We would like to say a very sincere THANK YOU to the Rathfarnham Men’s Shed who supplied us with vegetables from their allotment for our harvest display this year. Leeks, beetroot, carrots, kale, cabbage, tomatoes, ……. freshly dug/picked and oozing with goodness! A sight to behold. Thank you also to June and Carol for exquisite floral arrangements too. Because of restrictions we were unable to gather a team together to decorate as usual but we were all able to enjoy the display and flowers thanks to the camera and live streaming of the services. Sunday Club: Dates for November: Sunday 8th – Zoom Sunday Club at 11am Sunday 22nd – Zoom Sunday Club at 11am Sunday Club has settled into a nicely established pattern on Zoom. Everyone gets a pack in advance of each session containing colouring, puzzles, and a craft related to that week’s theme. And maybe a little treat. So far this term we have been busy learning all about Superheroes in the bible, including Abraham & Sarah, Moses & Miriam, and Joseph. And of course Harvest – you will see from the pictures below that we have some young, very talented gardeners in our parish! The children planted the seeds themselves, tended to them perfectly, then got to show them to us at the next session. Didn’t they do a great job. Well done and thank you to all those that read so beautifully for the Harvest service. We welcome children from pre-school (starting school in Sept 2021) to 2nd class so if your child would like to join us, just give me a buzz or message me on 087 6383844. Linda and the Team Below: Sunday Club Cress Pots

SUNDAY CRÈCHE - 0-3 Year Olds Even with current restrictions in place the leaders of the parish children’s groups continue to work behind the scenes on exciting things. This term would have seen some of our little ones starting Pre-School/ Montessori and moving up from Crèche to Sunday Club. Sunday Club is still running by Zoom and Linda is doing a marvelous job at inspiring and encouraging the children, teaching them stories from the Bible through fun games, craft, songs and short videos.

Pictured above: Harvest Thanks and Joseph’s Coat

Remember, we are only a phone call away so if you would like to know more about Crèche contact me, Kim Bardon 085 147312, for TODDLERZONE Heather Wilkinson: 087 929 1990 and SUNDAY CLUB: Linda 087 638 3844. Stay Safe everyone! Kim.

RATHMICHAEL CHURCH Rector: Incumbency Vacant Priest in Charge: Rev’d. Terry Lilburn 086 886 5361 for pastoral matters. Parish Readers: Mrs. Lily Byrne & Mrs. Anne Thompson Diocesan Prayer Minister: Healer Prayer Mrs. Lily Byrne 087 222 9633 Parish Visitor: Mrs. Vivien Reid Times of Services: Sunday 08.30 hrs. 11.00 hrs. 19.00 hrs. Church Review Distributor: Mrs. Carol Bond (01) 282 6391 Hon. Treasurer: Mrs. Lily Byrne, Old Conna Cottage, Thornhill Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow. Tel: 086 222 9633 Email: Parish Office: Rathmichael Rectory, Ferndale Road, Shankill, Dublin D18 NK45. Tel: 01 282 2803 Office Website: Parish Secretary: Mrs. Anne Thompson, Kelgar, 10 Seafield, Shankill, D18 XA72 Mobile: 086 893 7067 Phone: (01) 282 4202 Email: After almost twenty months as priest-in-charge of the parish it was with mixed feelings that I received news of the appointment of a new rector. Whilst I knew that I was only here for the interregnum, that my duties were limited and that I would be leaving at some point in time, the news when it came did elicit some sadness in me. That said, I am delighted for the parish, delighted for the diocese, and of course delighted for Sean and his family. I am sure that they will be welcomed, and Sean will do a first-class job as rector. In the words of the gospel writer “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30). I speak metaphorically of course, my “decreasing” will be only in terms of Rathmichael, as I fade from the picture to make room for the new incumbent. Already the wheels are in motion and a new position in the diocese is being found for me. It is not necessary to repeat that the last eight to nine months have thrown our lives into disarray and that regular pace of life with its highs and lows and all that we took for granted for many decades has been replaced with new regimens. In terms of parish life, I am acutely aware that we have been able to hold a few services in the church with a “live” congregation and all that goes with that. Sunday services are about so much more than coming to give thanks to God, important though that is. We Are naturally social animals and the fellowship (koinonia) and friendship we enjoy on Sundays greatly enrich us in so many ways. Never was it truer that “You don’t miss the water until the well runs dry”. That has in turn meant no Sunday Club on top of the school closure, no ballet or yoga classes and the host of other activities that take place in our parish hall. Finances have been extremely severely affected with no Sunday collections and no fundraising activities including our much-loved annual fête. No doubt the parish will recover in time and again thank you to all who continue to contribute by way of standing order or other means. On the plus side we did manage to post some services on Facebook and YouTube, and these have proved both successful and popular with parishioners and others all around the world. My thanks to all who assisted with this facility. I will refrain from naming names on the basis that I am bound to leave someone out, so I will just say a huge “thankyou” to everyone who has made my stay in Rathmichael to easy. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to have been of service and I shall long treasure the memories of the people and parish. Another casualty of the restrictions has been visiting people in their homes and sometimes bringing Holy Communion. It has been an aspect of my ministry that I have greatly missed although I was able to communicate with some people by phone. My apologies if on occasions anyone felt the lack of pastoral care. When the latest restrictions were imposed, many people were left feeling disillusioned –“We did that which were asked, we were told this would all be over in six months, now we are being told to bite the



AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN bullet, ‘we don’t know when this will end’.” Post the resurrection, I wonder if many Christians felt the same way? Many appeared to think that Christ’s second coming was imminent and that all that was wrong with the world would be put right. But they were and we are not working in humankinds’ time, we are working in Gods’ time. This too will pass, and we must adapt our lives accordingly. We do not yet see the bigger picture but with His help we will find a way through and we must just be patient. May I wish all of you Gods’ richest blessing and on all that you undertake in the months and years ahead. May you find joy and peace in the life that surrounds you and in adversity may your faith be strengthened rather than diminished. Terry Institution of the new rector At the time of writing, plans are being made for the institution of Reverend Sean Hanily as the new rector of Rathmichael. This is the first institution that has taken place in the diocese following the restrictions imposed by Covid 19. Although details have yet to be finalised, it is likely that we will not be able to celebrate this occasion in the usual manner. Particularly the restriction on numbers gathering in one place and from different households means that the actual institution may have to be held on-line with participants kept to only the necessary people. This would seem to mean, the new incumbent and his family, the archbishop, the archdeacon of Glendalough, the registrar, and the Churchwardens (representing the people of the parish). It may be possible to broadcast tis service but that has yet to be decided upon. Hopefully, there will be some sort of celebration of this important time in the life of the parish at some future date. Please look out for further details regarding the service. Harvest Thanksgiving Service Just about the only thing in common with the traditional harvest service this year was the custom of having a guest preacher. No beautifully decorated church, no congregation, no “ploughing of the fields and scattering” no produce for purchase at the sale after church. We were delighted that Rev’d Canon Ricky Rountree was able to honour the long-standing invitation to preach albeit via video link from his garden in Carrickmacross and we thank him (and his camera-person) for his inspiring and thoughtful words. We wish and his family every blessing in his continuing retirement. Private prayer The church is open for private prayer at 11.00am on Sunday mornings for an hour. Please respect Covid 19 regulations.

RATHMINES WITH HAROLD’S CROSS Rector - Rev’d Robert Jones: Tel: 086 285 4098 Lay Reader & Lay Assistant Pastor: Ms. Ruth Gyves – 085 858 2939 / Email: Lay Readers: Mr. Edward Lewis, Mr. Scott Hill, Mr. Scott Evans Office: Ingrid Brennan & Kim Bardon Phone: 552 1211 Usually Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri Mornings Children and Family Ministry: Zoe Hill Worship Pastor: Sherry Hazlett-Gallen Organist: Dr. Ken Glass Sexton & Parish Buildings Manager: Mr. Jacob Reynolds. Tel: 087 7974604 Church Review: Miss Elizabeth West. Tel: 497 3553 Church Of Ireland Gazette: Isobel Henderson. Tel: 497 2202 A Note From The Rector: A question I’m being asked a lot recently is, how can I flourish in my faith during this season? This is a massive question, but one we are currently contemplating in the parish. As part of our 11:00am online service, we have been looking at the Fruit of the Spirt and how we can practically cultivate the soil of our lives so we will grow in our character and Christlikeness. Also we have been looking at the nature of God, who exhibits all the Fruit of the Spirt in his love for us. Growing in character can be greatly undervalued today during Covid19. We can be tempted to work out the best techniques, formulate successful strategies, and celebrate, or even criticise performance. We can look on the outside and assess people by how they look or how



they are behaving and pay much less attention and care to what kind of character they have become or are becoming. However, when we look and learn from the character of God and the Fruit of the Spirit, we do not focus on performance, but rather on what kind of person we are becoming for God’s glory and from this place how we are called to love others deeply in meaningful ways. This is an ongoing process, a journey, to help us grow. Along with Sunday online services, there is also a midweek online ‘deep dive’ group into each Sunday’s talk. All are welcome and the link to this will go out each Monday in our newsletter, which you can sign up to by emailing Hospice Coffee Morning Together With Bewley’s: Despite not being able to hold her usual yearly in-person coffee morning, Isobel Henderson still managed to raise €1,075 for the Hospice amongst her neighbours. Well done and thank you! We are also very grateful to Isobel for her many valued years of service as Rector’s Church Warden. Isobel stepped down recently and has passed the mantle to the wonderful Cecil Kirk.

Celebrate: Huge congratulation to Edward Lewis celebrating 55 years as a Lay Reader. COMMUNITY PRAYER: Welcome Chloe Donnan as our Prayer and Pastoral Ministry Coordinator. Chloe has been a huge support to our staff during these last number of months, always willing and committed. She will be encouraging us in our prayer life, helping us come together as family to pray into God’s work in Holy Trinity and helping Zoe in some areas of Children’s Ministry and pastoral work, along with other responsibilities. Lifting up the prayer requests of our community - come pray, or just listen on Mondays from 8.30-9.30pm. Contact Children’s Ministry: Bev Maxwell and Bethan Parkes stepped down from their roles due to other commitments. During October, we took the opportunity at our Sunday service to thank them both for their dedication and encouragement to our children. We are delighted that they will still volunteer in this vital Ministry. We welcome Zoe Hill as our new Children and Family Ministry Coordinator. To date, Zoe has been leading our Seedlings (0-5yrs), Mums and Tots ministry and coordinating training. In this leadership role, Zoe will be focusing on equipping and inspiring families from both congregations to pursue faith at home and outdoors during these restricted times. Email zoe@ for more information. Our Parenting for Faith course, Raising Faith, got off to a great start in October. The six-part course invites parents to come together over Zoom and explore how Christian families can create strong and healthy foundations of faith in their children. The series will continue throughout November. Men’s Bible Study And Social Gathering: Meeting online on Tuesdays for Bible Study at 8.30am, and on Thursdays a social gathering at 8.30pm. If you would like more information, contact

AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN Women’s Bible Study: Tuesdays 10:30-11:30am. If you’re free to join us or for more information, contact Bible Study, Fellowship And Prayer: Different groups meet online each evening. If you are interested and you would like to sign up, please contact Youth Group: Meeting every Wednesday from 7pm-8.30pm. For more information, email or call 086 285 4098 Young Adults Group: Meeting on Thursdays via Zoom from 8-9.30pm. For more information, please contact Come Together Tuesdays: Unfortunately, we are still unable to meet but that doesn’t stop us contacting each other. This month, why not call someone or send a note, just to say hello. Ruth 085 858 2939 Practical Care Team: Meeting online is good and important at the moment, but in person is much better and so we continue to meet and reach out safely. We have a team of volunteers who visit homes, call on the phone, drop off shopping or other provisions. If you need any help, or want to know more, please get in touch.

SAINT ANDREW, SAINT WERBURGH WITH SAINT MARY, SAINT MICHAN AND SAINT PAUL AND ALL SAINTS’ GRANGEGORMAN The Venerable David Pierpoint: Tel: 830 4601. Email: The Reverend Ross Styles: Tel: 087 989 2941. Email: Parish Administrator: Mrs. Patricia Parfrey Tel: 872 4154 Email: Review Distribution: Mr Fran Gorman; Ms. Denise McGowan. Tel: 478 3710 Parish Website and Facebook page These contain lots of information about the parish and its activities and readers are encouraged to check these out. Website http:// Facebook htpps://www.facebook. com/cathedralgroup Covid-19 Following the government decision to bring in level 3 restrictions, all acts of public worship across the country have temporarily ceased again. As a result there are no services in St. Michan’s Church or in All Saints’ Church. The buildings are closed but the church is more than a collection of buildings, it is a community of faith and, as such, the church never closes. Once again we must follow the example of the early church and join together in prayer from our own homes. In order to keep in touch and pray together as a community, we are continuing with several ways to enable this. We will continue with our parish newsletter, which will be emailed or posted out to parishioners. If you would like to be added to our email list and consent to us adding your name, please email Patricia at office@ Secondly we will be recording short services and reflections, which will be posted on our face book page: Christchurch Cathedral Group of Parishes,, and also on our YouTube channel, St. Michan’s Church Dublin. If any parishioner needs any assistance or is in need of shopping or other supplies, please do not hesitate to contact the vicar on 0872630402, email: or the curate on 0879892941 or email: Shopping can be left on doorsteps and social distancing can be maintained. Sympathy Daphne Madden We extend our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of the

late Daphne Madden. Her funeral was held in her beloved All Saints Church on Tuesday 29th September. She was a lifelong parishioner of All Saints. All current HSE and diocesan funeral guidelines were adhered to. We pray for all who grieve at this time, especially Daphne’s family: her children, Stephen, Audrey and Andrew; her granddaughter Laura, her great-grandson Dylan, her sisters-in-law Rosie & Beatrice, her son-in-law’s, Pat and DJ, her nephews, nieces, extended family and her many friends and neighbours. Catherine (Kitty) Pierpoint We extend our deepest sympathy to the Archdeacon on the death of his mother, Catherine (Kitty) Pierpoint. Her funeral was held in Mount Jerome Victorian Chapel on Monday 5th October. We remember Kitty’s family in our prayers at this difficult time: her children Wesley, David and Nigel, her daughters-in-law Denise, Anne and Judith, grandchildren Matthew, Nicola, Karen, Amanda, Claire, Rachel and Stephen, great-grandchildren, relatives and her wide circle of friends. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace and rise in glory. Amen. From the archdeacon: On behalf of my brothers and myself together with our families, I wish to thank so many parishioners, friends and colleagues for their messages of prayerful support, by letter, card, email, text and phone. Your support at this sad time is so much appreciated that you will never know how much this has meant to us as a family. I especially wish to thank the members of An Garda Siochana for their kindness in giving my mother a Garda escort and Guard of Honour on the last leg of her earthly journey. Kitty had been in very good health just a couple of weeks before she died and was alert right up to the day before she died. While it has come as a shock to us as a family, it is something she herself always wished for, a quiet and peaceful death. Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, many family and friends were unable to be present on the day of her funeral however, they did watch the live stream service and have commented how personal it was that two of her sons had the privilege of conducting the service. Finally, thank you to the archbishop for his presence on the day and for giving the final blessing and to Fr Joe, Kennedy, Garda Chaplain and close friend of mine for reading the Old Testament lesson. David Pierpoint Sick We continue to remember in our prayers all those who are ill; in hospital, in residential care or at home and we give thanks to God for all who care for them in many ways. We especially remember and pray at this time for all in our community who are affected by COVID-19, for those who are ill, for those who grieve, for doctors, nurses and healthcare staff, for all who work to discover a vaccine for this disease and for all who work to supply essential services.

SAINT ANN WITH SAINT MARK AND SAINT STEPHEN Revd. Canon David Gillespie: Tel. 288 0663. Mobile 086 026 7528. The Rev Yvonne Ginnelly: Tel: 087 699 8238. Parish Administrator: Mrs Kristin Matson-Murphy Email: Church caretaker: Mr Fred Deane 676 7727. St Ann’s Senior Citizen’s Cyber Café: 676 7727. Bereavement Counselling Service: 676 8882. St Ann’s website: St Stephen’s: Service times (Sundays) St Ann’s 11.00 am. St Stephen’s 11.00 am (first Sunday of the month only). Weekdays: St Ann’s Monday – Friday 12.45 pm Eucharist. The Vicar writes As I write, we are entering the fourth week of the second Covid lockdown since March. While there is some hope that Coronavirus infection rates in Dublin have stabilised, the situation in the rest of CHURCH REVIEW


AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN the country, and particularly in Northern Ireland, is much less clear. We are fortunate to be able to live-stream our Sunday service on-line. Such broadcasts are becoming the new norm in the diocese as more and more parishes invest in the equipment required. It is good that the church has adapted in this way, and that worship continues, albeit in a different format. However, on-line worship is no replacement for in-church worship with people physically present in the pews. I am pleased that our viewing figures remain encouraging and that they increase, considerably, when the recording is made available on YouTube on a Monday. Much thought and work go into these services – the planning for which, believe it or not, is far more detailed than a public act of worship in church. I continue to be most grateful to our Director of Music, Charles Marshall, and the small group of socially distanced singers, who provide the music for these services. The music, and the hymns, are chosen to reflect the themes of the readings of the day and enhance the service beyond measure. I would also wish to express my thanks to our Parish Reader, Lynn Mills for her thoughtful prayers and thought-provoking sermons. We have attempted to introduce new camera angles, and more variety, into the broadcasts in more recent weeks as we have become more familiar with the technology and we look forward to increased involvement by the Kids’ Club in the weeks ahead. We are awaiting the delivery of a new piece of equipment which will allow parents to visually record their child reading a lesson or praying a prayer on a mobile phone and this will then be added into the live broadcast. Many of you have recorded the Sunday readings, and we have been able to hear these, but it would be good if we were able to see as well as hear! Personally, I yearn for the day when we can get people back into church safely and hopefully, by the time these notes are in print, that will be happening. While it is always a privilege to lead the worship of God’s people, it is a very different experience in a near empty church. Any novelty experienced in the initial days of lockdown, has long since worn off! Yvonne, Lynn and I continue to keep in touch with parishioners by telephone, particularly those who cannot access the on-line service, and everyone seems to be well despite these unprecedented times in which we are living. If we can do anything to help, please do not hesitate to be in touch using the contact details above.

who decorated the sanctuary and chancel for the service. Hopefully, next year, we will get back to doing things the way we are used to in Dawson Street when it comes to harvest! Meanwhile, our thanks to all who made the service possible and to those who got in touch, afterwards, to say thank you.

Parish Office The Parish Office is currently closed. However, the Parish Administrator can still be contacted by email on The church also remains closed and is only accessible on a Sunday for those involved with the on-line broadcast in accordance with Level Three Covid restrictions.

Diocesan Synod Diocesan Synod was live streamed from Taney Parish Church last month using Zoom as physically gathering together was not possible due to Covid regulations. We are grateful to our representatives, Ruby Morrow, Arthur Vincent and Peter McCrodden for their participation. As this is a Triennial year, elections will take place, by post, for the various committees and boards and the results will be available in the December issue of the Review.

Concerts As many of our readers will know, St Ann’s and St Stephen’s Churches are widely used as concert venues and host many other suitable events, such as graduations. This is a major revenue stream for the parish, and, over the years, a very good working relationship has been built up with various choirs, orchestras and event organisers. In this regard, we are most grateful to Giles and Janet Fox who facilitate all such events, and to the Parish Administrator who liaises with all involved. Present regulations around Covid-19 mean all such events have been on hold since March. This is most unfortunate, and a situation that nobody can do much about. However, we would wish to put on record our thanks to the various groups, who traditionally use our premises, for their understanding at this difficult time. The months leading up to Christmas are always the busiest for concerts and events and we very much hope that, while adhering to all regulations in place at the time, we will be able to facilitate some of those who have used our premises in the past. Harvest Harvest is such a high point in the life of St Ann’s that it was felt that, even though the church was closed, Harvest Thanksgiving should go ahead on-line. While the decorating was on a much-reduced scale, the worship offered was of the usual high standard with special items by the choir, including Rutter’s well-loved anthem, For the beauty of the earth. The preacher, the former Archdeacon of Dublin, Gordon Linney was in his usual good form and we were delighted that he was able to return, once more, to a place that is very special to him. For many years, he sang as a boy, together with his brother, in the church choir. Members of the Kids’ Club drew and painted pictures of fruit, vegetables and flowers and sent them to the vicarage to help with the decorating. They did a great job as did the Vicar’s wife, Tanya



Keeping in touch The Vicar, Yvonne and Lynn are in regular contact with parishioners, especially those who live alone and those who do not have access to the on-line service. However, we are always happy to hear from parishioners who should not hesitate to be in touch if there is any particular need or simply to have a chat. Please do look out for one another in these very strange times and be assured of our continued prayers. Black Santa At the time of writing, it is not possible to know for certain what Christmas will look like in both our churches. It is unlikely that the Civic Carol Service, or the Ecumenical Carol Service organised in association with the Merrion Square Network, will take place as normal. Probably the best we can hope for will probably be an on-line service for both occasions with a small congregation present. Black Santa is such a significant feature of St Ann’s Church at Christmas but again it is hard to see how this will be able to take place as in previous years. Certainly, it is unlikely that there will be any large choirs singing outside the front of the church or being fed in the parish centre, as before, but, if we are able, and regulations permit, perhaps we will be able to do something on a much smaller scale. We will have to wait and see what the coming months bring. Remembrance Sunday There will be an Act of Remembrance at the Sunday Service on November 8th when we will remember those, from St Ann’s and St Stephen’s Churches who gave their lives in Two World Wars and in recent conflicts since. The service will be broadcast on-line and can be accessed by searching YouTube for the Live Broadcast or logging on to church website at and clicking on the View Our Sunday Livestream link on the home-page.

SAINT BARTHOLOMEW’S CHURCH AND CHRIST CHURCH LEESON PARK The Revd Andrew McCroskery: Vicar Tel: (01) 269 4813 Director of Music: Tristan Russcher Assistant Director of Music: Andrew Johnstone Megan MacCausland: Administrator Tel: (01) 668 8522, Facebook: Parish Website: Service Times: Said Eucharist: Sunday, 9.00am Solemn Eucharist: Sunday, 11.00am Details of music at the services are on the parish website. Recorded Services As we are currently unable to meet for services, we have been putting our recorded services online for each Sunday. They can be accessed through the parish Facebook page. The services are publicly viewable, so you do not need to have a Facebook account to watch them. We are greatly indebted to Fr. Andrew, Richard Bannister, Tristan Russcher, and Andrew Johnstone for putting these services together

AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN and for their many hours of editing and preparation. Past video and audio recordings of services are also available on the parish website. Organ Videos Also on our Facebook page are videos of organ performances. Our organists Andrew Johnstone and Tristan Russcher have continued to perform the planned voluntaries, along with a few surprises. Have a look at the videos—from Bach to Star Wars, we are not going to let coronavirus silence our organ! Once again, our thanks go to Richard Bannister for filming and editing these videos. Calling All Knitters! If you are a knitter, please consider participating in a project to send handmade blankets, baby clothes, and teddies to mother and infant refugees in Greece. Since the project began on social media this past June, eleven large boxes of donations and knitted goods have been sent to the refugee camp on the island of Samos, where they were distributed at the free shop run by Refugee4Refugees or made into aid hampers for new mothers distributed by Doctors Without Borders. Although the camp has recently been locked down due to Covid-19, there have been enough donations to support the work of Doctors Without Borders for the moment. Until the camp’s lockdown is lifted, all of the knitted goods and care items are being sent to the Khora Free Shop in Athens. At the time of this writing, seven boxes of donations have already been dispatched to Athens thanks to the generosity of people all over the island of Ireland, from Derry to Cork. In the future, the project looks to support the free shops in both Athens and Samos simultaneously. For more information about knitting for the refugees or sponsoring parcels to Greece, please email Walk of Light Each year as we approach the Advent season, the Walk of Light committee, in conjunction with the Dublin Council of Churches, arranges an ecumenical walk of witness among three host churches. This year we will not be able to have a Walk of Light in the normal manner. Instead, the walk and the three short services will be recorded and broadcast at the beginning of Advent. This year the three host churches are Saint Bartholomew’s Church (Anglican/Episcopalian); Saint Mary’s Church, Haddington Road (Roman Catholic); and Centenary Church (Methodist). Please keep an eye on our parish website and Facebook page as we approach the Advent season for our Walk of Light web broadcast.

Tobias Onyeka-Patrick We have been deeply saddened this week at the untimely passing of Tobias Onyeka-Patrick, Old Columban, who left the College the summer before last. Tobias ended his lengthy struggle with illness on Thursday (1st October) and he is fondly remembered by all his friends here, by those who lived with him in Glen House, those who taught him and those who trained and played with him on College teams. Gentle manners, a ready smile and a wonderful warmth of personality were all hallmarks of this unique young man. Tobias joined his younger brother Edward in the College in September 2017 in Form V. In both years as a pupil he represented the 1st XV in rugby. He served as a House Captain in Glen in VI Form where he was popular and well-liked by all. Tobias was a creative person with a talent for music, particularly as a hip-hop vocalist. Unfortunately, illness prevented him from sitting his Leaving Certificate in 2019. All through the 18 months of his illness, we were bowled over by his fortitude, grace, courage and a dignified bearing that was almost saintly to behold. The impression he made has been enormous. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the family at this difficult time, especially his brother Michael in Form III. (Written by Ronan Swift, Housemaster of Glen). Chapel We have been holding short chapel services each morning and on Sunday evenings for just a few socially distanced pupils and staff Sunday Services in Chapel On the 20th of September, it was a pleasure to welcome back Canon Horace McKinley, Rector of Whitechurch who had come to preach for the 44th year in a row! On Sunday 4th October, The Chaplain preached about the parable of the vineyard and then on the 11th October, Rev Bruce Hayes, Rector of Dalkey came to preach at our Harvest Thanksgiving. All services had very reduced numbers, sitting socially-distanced in the pews. Chapel collections this past month have been for The Irish Cancer Society, Whitechurch Rwanda Mission Link and for Team Hope. Chapel Services, November 2020 Sunday 1st, No Service, Half-term holiday. Sunday 8th, Evening Prayer at 8pm - Remembrance Sunday; Preacher: The Chaplain Sunday 15th, Evening Prayer at 8pm - Preacher: Rev. Neal Phair Sunday 22nd, Evening Prayer at 8pm; Preacher: Mr. Michael Briggs, Christian Aid. Sunday 29th, Evening Prayer at 8pm: Preacher: The Chaplain

Friends of the Choir The new membership year for the Friends of the Saint Bartholomew’s Choir has just begun. We invite everyone to consider joining this worthy scheme. All donations made are used solely for the maintenance of our choir and musical tradition. As we continue the fight against coronavirus, the choir needs your support more than ever. If you are able to help, please see our website on how to become a member. Christmas Services Due to the coronavirus, it is unclear if we will be able to meet for services this year. If we are unable to meet, we will have broadcast services. If we are able to meet, it is very likely that we will be under the same restrictions as we have been in recent times regarding attendance capacity. This means that we may have to have ticketed services over the Christmas period. Please keep an eye on our parish website as we approach the Christmas season for further information.


Rev Canon Horace McKinley standing next to a photo of his son, Old Columban Ian McKinley.

Chaplain - The Rev. Daniel Owen Warden: Mr. Mark Boobbyer Website: CHURCH REVIEW



enter into what is going to be a long winter, the committee is looking at options of online events, socially distanced outdoor meet-ups and possible activities for families/children.

Chaplain - Fr Paul Barlow: Tel: 01 516 3457. Mob: 085 2849564. Email: Worship: Sung Eucharist every Sunday at 11.00 a.m. Festivals as announced. Web address: Back Online Again Well we weren’t really offline, we have been streaming Sunday worship since the beginning of May, we did have a couple of weeks’ break when Fr. Paul’s ‘phone was on holiday, and a Sunday when the streaming didn’t work. But for some weeks that was in addition to worshipping together in church. Now we have returned to online only because of the increased level of restrictions. We are fairly proficient at it now, and we have the help of our organist – distanced at the other end of the church – so there is music to enhance some of the otherwise silent moments. Our livestream can be found from 11 a.m. on Sunday mornings on our Facebook page. The recording is posted later to our Website as well.

SANDFORD AND MILLTOWN The Revd Canon Sonia Gyles: Tel. 497 2983 The Revd Dr Anne-Marie O’Farrell: Tel. 296 6222 Rector’s email: Parish Administrator: Nikki Murphy Tel. 086 0386432 (Mon-Thurs 10.30- 12 noon; Fri 8.50 a.m. – 10.20 a.m., term time) Parish e-mail: Parish website: Parish Facebook page: Parish YouTube channel: Sandford and Milltown Parishes Review Distributors: Margaret Wynne (Sandford) Tel. 497 8609 Ruth Potterton (Milltown) Tel. 087 2383534 Sunday Service times: St. Philips 11.30 am. Sandford, 10.00 am. Wednesday: Holy Communion in Sandford at 10.30 am. Church Services At time of writing, we remain at Level 3 of the Covid-19 plan, which means that church buildings remain closed. This is difficult for those for whom attendance at church services, together with the sense of community that comes with that, is important. Online services are not quite the same. For now, however, we continue with our online services, which are available at the Sandford and Milltown Parishes YouTube channel. Congratulations Congratulations are due to Jack Doherty, who recently completed the third and final year of the Archbishop of Dublin’s Certificate in Church Music. Jack began this course as a result of singing with the Choral Scholars when he was a pupil at Gonzaga College; he has now commenced his fourth and final year of a BA in Music and Maths at Trinity College. Parish Development Committee The committee’s focus over the last number of months has been how to continue to keep the community spirit of our parish going whilst staying apart. We have looked at initiatives such as the ‘Helping Hands’ campaign where the aim is to join those that need assistance with those that can offer assistance - with anything from making masks, trips to the pharmacy and taking dogs for a walk. Another area we have focused on is keeping ourselves, including children, entertained and engaged, with everything from Brainteasers to the SandMill Summer Challenge to providing a register of links to useful resources and activities. We have not lost focus on driving our Eco-Congregation activities and having consulted with our gardener, Eric, we have carried out bee and pollinator friendly planting in the grounds of both churches. As we



Helping Hands Initiative - Dog Walking

Sandmill Strollers Gathering at Cabinteely Park we set off to walk to Tully Old Church and Laughanstown. This is an area that is being rapidly developed for housing and soon will be transformed from a rural area to an urban new town. We made the most of the magical afternoon as we explored the river that flows through Druid’s Glen, the Brenanstown Portal Dolmen, the old crosses and churchyard at Tully. In September we walked in Barnaslingan Wood and followed the Dublin Mountain Way for the first part of the walk which led us to the magnificent view across the scalp with uninterrupted views across Enniskerry towards the Wicklow Mountains. Perfect September weather and from the woodland paths we enjoyed stunning views across Dublin Bay towards Howth. As has been stated regarding Covid-19 “being outdoors makes a real difference. Getting outdoors and having social interactions outside reduces the risks.” So, we will continue to meet and walk in the open air ensuring social distancing as we do so. Margaret Wynne

Sandmill Strollers at the Great South Wall

Christian Funeral Wednesday 30 September (St Philip’s), Richard Mellon. Our prayers are especially with Gillian, Suzanne, Stuart, Brian, Elizabeth, Sheen, Joan and their families.

AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN And finally: I continue to be surprised at the number of ways we have of contacting one another, so many involving technology. Yet, most of these methods of online contact couldn’t hold a candle to the experience of seeing someone, of having a chat with them on the phone, or even of getting a thoughtfully written letter. I also continue to be amazed at the enduring nature of God’s ways of contacting us - with or without technology! Through the ages God has continually reached out to us through the human experience of love, given us in many forms, but also in the simple gift of someone writing an account or a letter. The evangelists and letter writers of the New Testament worked hard to show us how God’s message is one of being in touch with people where they find themselves. In such limited circumstances as we face collectively at this time, and amid the contradiction of having so many ways of being in touch online, may we support each other in ways that really help, whether by a chat on a phone, a card or letter, or even a safely distanced visit where possible. May God bless you with the closeness of his love. AMO’F

SANTRY, GLASNEVIN & FINGLAS Rev Canon David Oxley: 01 834 1015, 086 8816486 Website: Services My confident prediction re Harvest services did not come to pass – a failed prophet indeed. We are back waiting, and there is no certainty of when we will again meet in person. The readings and sermons are still being posted on A recent experiment has been a short video posted on YouTube with a reading, reflection, and prayer. Details of all these things continue to be posted on Facebook.

Secretary: D. Morgan Treasurer: J. Morgan Diocesan Synodsperson: Brian Gray; (supplemental, Richard McVitty) Parochial Nominators: James Mahon, Jane Morgan; (supplemental, Hilary Moore, Ken Kelly) Sundays In November 1st All Saints’ Day 8th

Remembrance Sunday


Second before Advent


Christ the King


First Sunday of Advent

STILLORGAN AND BLACKROCK Clergy - Rev. Ian Gallagher: Tel: 288 1091 or 086-811 9544 Rev. Robert Marshall: Tel: 288 6170 Lay Reader: Hazel Graves. Tel: 288 7444 Review Distributors: Cherith Dalzell (Stillorgan); Trevor Robinson (Blackrock) Parish Secretary: Brenda Sweeney. Tel: 288 1091 Tues, Wed and Thurs 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Email address: Facebook: Website: Services in November Sundays at 10.30am – Livestream Service available to view on our Facebook page.

Santry Select Vestry 2020-2021 Rector’s Churchwarden: Ray Neilson People’s Churchwarden: Ronnie Ward People’s Glebewarden: Sonia Sharpe Gwen Neilson, Bea Ward, Lylah Dean, Hilda Moorhead, Maura Reid, Molly Harris, Sam Griffith, Alan Patton, Daphne Patton, Daphne Whitehead. Secretary: S. Sharpe. Treasurer: R. Neilson. Stewardship Recorder: Betty Griffith. Diocesan Synodsperson: Alan Patton (supplemental: Sam Griffith) Parochial Nominator: Ray Neilson (supplemental: Sam Griffith)

The Rector writes: November is always a month of remembering with the Patronal Service in All Saints’ when we remember those we loved and no longer see. Remembrance Sunday – on the Sunday nearest the 11th November when we remember those from two world wars and conflicts since and those on peace keeping duties who died so that we may live in a world at peace.

Finglas Select Vestry 2020-21 Rector’s Churchwarden: Alan Caird

Rev’d Ian Gallagher

People’s Churchwarden:

Dilys Caird

Rector’s Glebewarden:

Alan Caird

People’s Glebewarden:

David Borland

Denise Guidera, Alan Boyle, David Caswell, Gillian Borland, Avril Brady, Joe Knott, Charlie Miller, Stephen Heather, Don Macaulay, Barbara Moran, Pam Collier, Keith Miller. Secretary: D. Guidera Treasurer: A. Boyle Diocesan Synodsperson: Don Macaulay; (supplemental, Stephen Heather) Parochial Nominator: Alan Boyle; (supplemental, Barbara Moran) Glasnevin Select Vestry 2020-21 Rector’s Churchwarden: James Mahon People’s Churchwarden:

Brian Gray

People’s Glebewarden:

Derek Allen

Yvonne Grant, Jane Morgan, Kelly, Daphne Morgan.

Hilary Moore, Richard McVitty, Ken

We may not be able to be physically present in church to remember all those people but we should in some way privately remember those from our past that shaped our future. Living in these strange times makes some people anxious or frightened so maybe November is a good time to remember that God promised through Jesus to be with us always. So in these terrible times “We are not alone”. All Saints’ NS We had a very exciting October in All Saint’s National School. We enjoyed maths week very much. We did maths trails, learned how to use our “Maths Eyes” and had a whole school 2-D shape competition. We celebrated Halloween in style with our school turning into Hogwarts for a week. Each classroom had their own “House Name” and we earned points for our houses for kindness, helping, good manners etc. We also had our student council elections. Our student council are full of interesting ideas for our school. In the Infants room our Aistear corner was turned into a potion lab for the month! We learnt all about squirrels and hedgehogs. In maths we have been learning lots about pattern and have been making patterns with bears, Lego and autumn pictures. We made a huge big tree for our classroom inspired by Gustav Klimt’s “Tree of Life” painting and have decorated it with lots of Halloween symbols. This month in the middle room we have been learning all about the water cycle. We are also working so hard on improving our Irish and we learnt about Stevie Wonder in music. We had an amazing time celebrating maths week. Then we celebrated Halloween! It’s been so busy but we have loved every minute. In the senior room this month, we have been doing projects on Ancient China. The pupils presented their projects to the class. We



AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN had lots of fun learning to write our names in Chinese symbols in art. We also did a lot about autumn this month; we made sock pumpkins in art and Halloween decorations. 6th class got to carve pumpkins from the winners of the school pumpkin design competition! Check out all our October fun on the school website. St Brigid’s NS It was fantastic to return to school and to see all of our wonderful children again. Mrs. Beckett welcomed 13 Junior Infants into her class this year. We were sad to say goodbye to our S.N.A. Ms. Mulhall, but we were delighted to welcome our new part-time S.N.A. Ms. Gill. We also welcomed Ms. Plunkett, our new Special Education Teacher and some new families throughout the school! We have lots of new Covid Protocols up and running and we had new sinks installed in each classroom for all of the extra handwashing. We also have installed lots of hand sanitiser pumps and each class has their own side door for entering and exiting the classrooms. Hopefully we can keep ourselves as safe as possible! The children have settled back into school remarkably quickly and they are very busy at work. We are delighted that Mr. Dumbleton is back every Tuesday and Thursday for P.E. lessons. Unfortunately we cannot attend Church at the moment but we hope to have some assemblies over Zoom soon. Thank goodness for technology! The teachers attended an online S.T.E.M.(Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) workshop called S.T.E.M. in a Bubble. It has inspired us to do some S.T.E.M. activities with each class. Our first S.T.E.M. day was on Friday, 16th October and we all enjoyed Hallowe’en themed S.T.E.M. activities. From the 12th- 16th October we celebrated Maths Week. Each class had lots of fun Maths activities and challenges during the week. The teachers now all have a blog on our school website which they update regularly. It’s a great way of keeping in touch with parents as they cannot come into the classrooms at the moment. We can display all the children’s hard work for everyone to see!

SWORDS, CLONMETHAN, KILSALLAGHAN, DONABATE AND LUSK Rector - Reverend Neal Phair: 01 8956747 / Lay Minister: Mrs Addy Patterson 01 8453 984 / Parish website: Parish Facebook page: swordsdonabateandkilsallaghan Online Church Services We had considered stopping the online services in October. However, Dublin went into Level 3 and the churches were shut again, making the decision for us. We have now resolved that we will keep the online services going for the rest of this year, including two special Christmas services, one from Donabate and one from Swords. The exact format will be decided closer to the time but it will be in line with government regulations. We are very grateful to everybody that contributes to the service and draw out special attention to David Scott for his wonderful singing each Sunday. You can find the services by typing Donabate, Lusk, Swords, Kilsallaghan in a YouTube search bar. Parish Registers – Bereavement - George Skerrit Deepest sympathy is extended to the staff of Saint Ita’s Hospital, Portrane, and to Sandy Skerrit, Australia, on the death of George Skerrit. George spent his whole life in Saint Ita’s Hospital as his father worked in Saint Itas and then George became a patient there from an early age. A service of thanksgiving for George’s life was held in Rock’s Funeral Home Swords by the Rector on the 29th September and burial took place in Saint Jerome’s Cemetery afterwards. May the peace of love of God continue to surround you all.



Harvest Celebrations The Harvest services for Saint Patrick’s Church, Donabate and Saint Columba’s Church, Swords, took place on the respective Sundays of the 27th of September and the 4th of October by YouTube. The two churches were decorated beautifully for the YouTube services. We thank Thelma and Brian Scott for decorating the Church so superbly and for reading the lessons in Donabate and many thanks goes to Hanneke Van der Does who made a stunning Harvest floral arrangement for Swords. We also thank Niall Minto for recording the service in Donabate, and Stephen Vincent who recorded the service for Swords and who read both readings. And we’re grateful to David Scott who sang so beautifully at both services. Old Borough School Harvest Services The Old Borough School harvest service which normally takes place in the Church each year, will this year be held in the school during the week beginning the 19th of October. The Rector will lead a service in each of the classrooms that week and give a talk on the theme of Harvest. The Children will sing lots of songs, read the Bible lessons, and lead the prayers at each classroom service as we mark another Harvest Thanksgiving during these challenging times of 2020. Confirmation 2020 It is now hoped that the Confirmation Service for this group of Churches will take place sometime during November, or before the end of December, if HSE and government guidelines allow. Please continue to pray for: Christian Coyle, Josh Kennedy, Ruby Barnes, Zoe Cox, Ella Barry, Chelsea Gozie, Molly Kingston, Rachel Foley, Olivia Baker, Harry Goodwin, Chidubem Uzoegbu, Ryan Ennis, Ellen O’Leary and Rachel Blake. Illness We continue to remember in our prayers all those who are ill. In particular at this time, we pray for Maud Keogh and Cecil Lee. Boys’ Brigade, 7th Dublin Company The first thing we want to say is that BB IS BACK! Right from the time when we had to close back in mid-March, along with the rest of the country – and most of the world – the BB, both at central, national and Company levels, has been working and planning how to cope in this time of uncertainty. Along with governments around the world, we have found that reopening Activities is proving trickier that shutting them down! However, the BB, as represented in our community by the 7th Dublin Company, has survived two World Wars, a Civil War, Spanish Flu, Tuberculosis, and Emigration over its 129 year history, and the Leaders are determined that we won’t let a Pandemic stop us either! The return to Activities has so far taken place through some “online/ Zoom” items, such as “Fantasy Football”, a Quiz, and a “Dingbats” (catchphrases) evening. More along these lines are planned. “Face-to-Face” Activities are of course somewhat trickier. Along with standard Risk Assessments for activities being carried out, we now need to have “COVID-19 Assessments and Procedures” to keep everyone safe in that regard. These can often be more onerous that the “normal” Risk Assessments. However, the Leaders are very happy to undertake these to ensure that Boys – and Leaders - can have safe and enjoyable Activities. Recently we held a Face-to-Face Activity for the Senior Boys, in the form of an Adventure Day Out to Sea Caves in Sutton, near the beginning of the Howth Cliff Walk. This had originally been scheduled for last March! While there were only six of us on this first Activity, we had a fantastic time. A pictorial record, both in photos and “action” videos, of some of the day’s happenings should be up on the BB and 7th Co.’s Facebook page by the time these notes are published. As they include a couple of “EPIC FAILS” by the Leaders, no doubt they may find their way onto YouTube as well! There are three main Caves in this area (which not many people seem to know about). Having “Ziplined” our backpacks down from the top of the rocks to the stony “beach” below (the Activity was timed for Low Tide of course!), we scrambled down about 10 vertical metres via the rocks to the caves. There are three main caves in this area. One goes in for about 30 metres, one has separate entry and exit points,

AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN necessitating a crawl through, and the third one, by contrast, we could actually walk through fully upright, on our way to “The Restaurant” in the cove beyond, where a series of large boulders and ledges meant we could all eat our lunch “Socially Distanced” (but no table service!).

offered to paint it along with the two church benches, the downpipes of the church and the Sexton’s cottage gates. I took it as another vote of confidence in the future after the painting of both halls, which I reported on last month.

All in all, we spent four very active and happy hours, outdoors and with Dublin City on our doorstep, and within only a kilometre of our start point. There is adventure to be had everywhere, if one knows where to look for it! Hopefully more adventures can be reported on soon.

In closing, I’d like to ask people to continue pray for our parish and all those around the world affected by Covid19, our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones and for those who remain unwell.

We would be delighted to welcome new Members to the 7th Dublin. Contact Stephen Vincent on 086- 8227987 to find out more.

God bless William

TALLAGHT Canon William Deverell: Tel: 4621044 (Mobile 086 803 0239) Auxiliary Priest: Rev. Avril Bennett Tel: 628 2353 Parish Secretary: Mrs. Jane Thompson Tel: 462 6006 (Parish Office) E mail: Social media: @StMaelruainCoI Website: From the Rector Fortunately during the eleven weeks that we were back to Church after the initial lockdown we kept our Church services going on Facebook live. We have a faithful group of African mums and a couple of cocooners who have formed a little community on Sunday mornings who recognise each other. Our African ladies post their greetings and enthusiastic religious comments and our cocooners posting their greetings and supportive messages during our Facebook live services. It was lovely to have this online community when we were forced to close the church doors again for the second time so that people who had come back to church and who are now back online on Sunday mornings can be part of this existing community.

Church Services Online Many of you already know that we have been posting our services live on our FACEBOOK page since the beginning of Lockdown and are continuing to do so, the services can still be viewed and there is also a tour of the Church. For those who are not on FACEBOOK it is still possible to view all the services, either live or the previous services, our FB page is ‘public’ so if you ‘google’ St. Maelruain’s Tallaght FACEBOOK our FB page will be the first site to pop up. Just click and you will have access. If you click on videos you will see all the services available to view. It has come to my attention that one of our primary school age parishioners has been watching our Sunday services on TV through his gaming device! Watching Church Services on your phone, tablet or laptop can be difficult, it’s great that we have the technology to cast from our device to our smart TV (via the downloaded TV app to our device) giving you a superior experience. Thank you to all who ‘liked’ and left supportive comments on FACEBOOK during lockdown they have given great encouragement and are appreciated by our videographer and Ukelelist. Please spread the word we are on line!

We always take part in ‘Culture Night’, this year on 18th September, due to the pandemic I left it until the week before to register the Church as a venue. To be expected, with the announcement of renewed Covid19 restriction that afternoon we had only one local family and a family with visitors from France come to visit us. I had the culture night bunting up over the weekend, which was nice to see especially as the doors of the church were closed again for public worship. We are continuing to host our Ecumenical Taize style Vine Service, online, on 4th Saturday of the month at 7pm with a dialogue sermon with comments submitted via Whatsapp voicemail and on the other Saturdays of the month I submit my thoughts on the Gospel along with prayers to the local churches in west Tallaght for their Vine Mass. We celebrated Harvest on 11th October, I deliberated on the date, hoping that we could have a congregation but in the end decided as the month was moving on to have our Harvest on Sunday 11th on Facebook Live. Our ukelelist sang the three Harvest hymns, ‘Come ye Thankful People, Come’, Holy is the Seed Time’ and we finished with the quintessential harvest hymn, ‘We Plough the Fields and Scatter’. We decorated the Pulpit and Communion rails with apples and oranges and for props used a couple of paintings with harvest scenes that two parishioners had created in previous years. I think the church looked well but a very different Harvest this year, our Flower Guild normally do such an amazing job decorating our Church for Harvest, hopefully next year we will be back to church.

Above Left: Moses striking the rock for water in the desert Above Right: Culture Night at St. Maelruain’s Tallaght

We have continued to study Moses and the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land. It strikes me that despite the Israelites being rescued from Egypt following the plagues and the parting of the Red Sea, fed and watered in the desert and even after receiving the Commandments they went back to the Golden Calf. What are our idols and what do we put first in our lives? I returned to my bike during the weekdays as I was not getting as much exercise as I normally would, similarly a couple of parishioners came to church by bike for the same reason. We had a surplice bike rack beside the parish hall which we brought it over to the Church and I asked a parishioner, who is a qualified painter and decorator, David Gibson, if he would give it a coat of paint and he very kindly

Above: Harvest Blessings after the wettest July and August



AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN St. Nahi’s Utilities We are pleased to be able to report that the project to provide hot and cold running water to the vestry of St. Nahi’s Church and the construction of the adjacent toilet facilities are almost complete. The gravelling of the cremation plots in the Garden of Remembrance is soon to be completed. We thank the members of the Buildings Committee for their advice and expertise in bringing these projects to a satisfactory conclusion. Harvest Appeal 2020 Each year in Taney, we ask parishioners to make a special donation to a nominated project as a Thank Offering, not just for the gift and bounty of Harvest, but for all the Blessings we receive from God’s hand on a daily, weekly and on-going basis. This year, we are asking for your generosity for the provision of sanitary and toilet facilities at St. Nahi’s. This is a long awaited and overdue item on the Parish wish-list! Donations can be made to the Parish Office. This can be done in various ways, including posting your donation and details in an envelope into the Parish Office, or ring in to the Parish Office between 9.30am and 1.00pm Monday to Friday and make your donation using your credit or debit card. All Saints Tide (Remembering Sunday) On Sunday 1st November (All Saints Day) we will, as in the past, have a service of remembering those who have died in the past year. This service will be a much scaled down version to what has occurred over the past number of years. Due to current guidelines as issued from both the Government and the HSE, it will not be possible to have family members in the Church. However, the Service will be live-streamed and candles will be lit by the clergy in memory of those whose names have been indicated to us. We continue to remember and offer our condolences to all those who mourn the loss of a loved one. Tractors are still to be seen bringing home the Harvest around Tallaght

TANEY Rector - Rev’d Canon Robert Warren: Tel: 298 4497 Senior Curate – The Rev’d Nigel Pierpoint: Tel 087 638 8238 Curate Assistant – Rev’d Christopher West Lay Reader: Trilly Keatinge Parish Pastoral Visitor: Caroline Brennan The Parish Office – Tel: 298 5491 (Mon – Fri 9.30am – 1.30pm) Email: Website: Follow us on Instagram: ‘taneyparish official’ Follow us on Facebook & YouTube: ‘Taney Parish’ Review Distributor: Parish Office Tel: 298 5491 Services for November 2020 At the time of writing, it does not appear that congregations will be allowed back into churches during November. However, we will continue to live-stream Services from Christ Church Taney on Sunday mornings at 11am. These can be accessed via our Parish Website or on YouTube at “Taney Parish”. It is also possible to view the Service some hours after the event via YouTube.

Taney Parish Primary School We were delighted to welcome everyone back to school on 1st September, after such a long time away. It’s a very different environment to what we were used to – no visitors to the building, sanitising hands and desks, staggered opening and closing times and breaktimes, etc., etc. – but our pupils are so happy to be back in their routines and the staff are happy to be back doing what they do best. We have held online assemblies with Rev. Nigel and Rev. Chris – technology is marvellous (when it works!) but, sadly, it’s not possible to hold our traditional Autumn events such as the Junior Infant parent coffee morning or our Autumn Fair. Maybe next year?! From the Registers Ordination 29th September (St. Michael & All Angels Day) in Christ Church, Taney The Rev’d Christopher West. Priest. Bereavements Our sympathy and prayers are with all who have been bereaved, remembering:David McClean and family on the death of David’s father, Ronnie, in Cavan. Rev’d Nigel Pierpoint and family on the death of his mother, Kitty May all who are bereaved at this time know God’s love and consolation.

Sunday 29th November is Advent Sunday when we will live-stream our usual Advent Carol Service at 11.00am. Ordination of The Rev’d Christopher West The Ordination of The Rev’d Chris West to the Priesthood took place on Tuesday, 29th September, the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels, in Christ Church, Taney. Due to public health guidelines, this Service took place in the company of the Archbishop, the Taney Ministry Team and Chris’ immediate family. The Archbishop was assisted in the Ordination by the Rector and the Curate, The Rev. Nigel Pierpoint. The Rector, Canon Warren, was the preacher. We welcome Chris to the Ministry team of Taney Parish and congratulate him on this important mile-stone in his vocation. It will be difficult for Chris to get to know the parishioners due to the fact that congregations can’t meet in church and the restrictions on home visiting. However, we hope that before too long, these restrictions can be relaxed again. CHURCH REVIEW


Left: Running water in the Vestry in St Nahi’s Right: The new structure housing the new toilet at St Nahi’s

AROUND THE PARISHES...DUBLIN TRINITY COLLEGE CHAPEL Dean of Residence and Anglican Chaplain: The Revd Steven Brunn Email: Website: The academic year for the chapel choir was very different to any other in the past in that we do not have access to the chapel or the precentor’s room where we normally hold our rehearsals The annual recruitment and audition process for new members process for new members took place online and we have started online rehearsals together with more informal meetings where the Director of Chapel Music Dr Kerry Houston is giving some short presentations on the history if music in the College Chapel and also on the background to the liturgies that we use and the music associated with it. The choir is particularly delighted to hear of the appointment of Revd Sean Hanily as incumbent if Rathmichael parish. Sean was a prominent member of the choir and a choral scholar when he was an undergraduate. He organized a most enjoyable choir trip to Omagh last January where he is currently serving as curate assistant in Saint Columba’s Church. Sean had also been an active member of Dublin University Far Eastern Mission and undertook a placement in Hong Kong as part of his ordination training. His new parish of Rathmichael has a string connection with the other mission of Trinity College. In a recent communication Sean told us that ‘The brass bowl that was made to fit into the old stone baptismal font in Saint Columba’s was presented on 26th September 1902, by the Revd Kenneth Kennedy, M.D., of Chota Nagpur. Kennedy went on to become bishop of Chota Nagpur and when he retired from India and became rector of Rathmichael.’ We wish Sean well in his new ministry. The choir is taking part in Weekly Compline at 9pm on Wednesdays and Choral Mattins at 10.45 on Sundays and we are starting to plan how we can have Advent and Christmas celebrations in the context of Covid 19.

TULLOW The Revd. John Tanner: Tel. 289 3154 Diocesan Lay Minister: Alan Rhodes. Tel. 288 7402 Parish Reader: Sally McEachern. Tel. 289 3183 Church Review: Jill Malcolm. Tel.289 3365 Sunday Services: 8.30a.m. and 10.30a.m. (7:00p.m. 3rd Sunday) Mid-week Service: Wednesdays at 10.15a.m. Website: Easter General Vestry Our Easter General Vestry was held on Sunday 6th September and apologies for the omission of results last month. Rector’s Churchwarden: Leslie Ruttle Rector’s Glebewarden: Ernest Porter Peoples’ Churchwarden: Ken Gregory Peoples’ Glebewarden: Chris Wojnar

Thank you to Sandra Ruttle, Jane Cremin and Janet Moore for their decoration skills and to Janet Moore and Patricia Stewart for arranging the transfer of produce to Bray. Bray Women’s Refuge Following our successful ‘Garden Trail’ last July, a cheque for €1,500 was sent to Bray Women’s Refuge which represented a portion of the proceeds raised from the event. The Refuge are extremely grateful for this donation in these difficult times and we will be again hoping to be able to offer further support approaching Christmas in the form of non-perishable foodstuffs and new items of clothing. Down Syndrome India We continue to receive regular and positive updates from India concerning the children who have been able to undergo lifesaving operations with our financial assistance. The collection ‘Glass House’ was recently emptied of its contents of coinage and a further €240 approx. has been added to resources. Accordingly, we will be contacting the charity in the near future to offer another lifesaving operation. Well done to all who organise and support these efforts. Evergreens Walking Club Covid 19 is here for a while longer and our activities, including organised Evergreen walks, are being restricted. So instead let’s get out walking in small or family groups while conforming with government guidelines. Autumn is here and the woodlands have started to put on their autumn colours of reds, yellow, orange and various shades of brown, just waiting to be enjoyed! This month I have suggested a well-known walk, at least for the first part, but with an adventurous extension which is not suitable for young children or the faint hearted! Knocksink Woods with extension to a road linking Enniskerry with Johny Fox’s pub. The full walk with extension is about 3 hours out and back so don’t go too late on a winter’s afternoon. I usually park at the Bog Meadow car park in Enniskerry, just past the bridge beside the Powerscourt Hotel. A track to the left of the playing field follows the river before turning right to cross the road at the entrance to Knocksink. Follow forest road past the forest car park where you can start the walk if you want a shorter route. After a couple of hundred metres turn left across a bridge and immediately right and continue for 10/15 minutes to reach a junction. Turn right here if you want to head back to the car park along a good forest road. Continue straight on for a bit of adventure. The tracks ahead have quite a lot of fallen timber from recent, and not so recent, storms. The original trail had white patches on trees to mark the route, some of which are still visible. So, one needs to follow narrow tracks while heading generally up the valley. Early on there is a gully to cross with some handy tree roots to hold. The valley broadens out and the beech trees are magnificent in their autumn regalia. After a while the track descends down a bank to follow the river on a narrow path. Again, the track improves below very tall pine trees. A steep ascent brings one to a higher-level contouring track through pine trees with evidence of a manholes over a water pipe. At the gap in the forest descend a track for a short distance to re-join an easier track which comes out at a gap on the above-mentioned road leading to Johny Fox’s pub. However, it is better to turn back here and return by the same route.

Members of Select Vestry: Don Beck, Jane Bowes, Paddy Bowes, Barbara Cooper, Hilary Cran, Torren Gale, Alan Rhodes, Sandra Ruttle, Patricia Stewart, Nigel Swanwick & Bob Willis.

Boots definitely recommended for the extension of this walk which dogs will love.

Diocesan Synods Representatives: Alan Rhodes, Barbara Cooper & Paddy Bowes

Funeral Thursday 8th October in St. Patrick’s, Dalkey – Molly Poole. Our thoughts and prayers are with Diana, Linda, Keith and their families at his time. We also extend our deepest sympathies to Susan O’Kane on the recent loss of her mother Daphne Dukes and to Linda DunlopRyan on the loss of her husband Michael Ryan. May all those who are bereaved find the comfort of God’s love in their loss.

Parochial Nominators: Alan Rhodes, Nigel Swanwick, Jane Bowes & Hilary Cran Harvest Thanksgiving Service Due to current restrictions, this special Service was an ‘online only’ event on Sunday 11th October. Nevertheless, some special decorations of fruit, vegetables and flowers were done in the Sanctuary area of the church and came across very well on video. Parishioners were invited to make additional contributions of foodstuffs which combined with the church decorations have been donated to Wicklow Homeless Five Loaves project in Bray for which they are most grateful.

Donald Gill




Viking Crosses Next, and right beside Whitechurch Vicarage, is the Moravian Cemetery, dating from 1764. A few years ago, our parish was very pleased to host a reception to launch Dr. Rosemary Power’s absorbing publication on the story of the Cemetery itself. Today, it is extraordinary there to read gravestone inscriptions of Moravian missionaries who once served as missionaries in far remote mission outposts, such as in Barbados, Alaska and, indeed Greenland.

Canon Horace McKinley: Tel: 493 3953 Rev. Michael Heaney: Tel: 086 265 1791 Email: Website: Parish Office: Tel/Fax: 493 4972 (for P.A. & Secretary), Rector’s P.A. Janet Gillis, Monday-Thursday 9.00-1.00p.m. Secretary: Sylvia Byrne, Thursday & Friday 9.00-5.00p.m. Review: Heather Plummer, Tel: 494 4809 Sunday Services: 10.30 a.m. Confirmation: Subject, of course, to whatever official regulations will be in force at the time, the Archbishop will kindly administer the rite of Confirmation here, on Sunday, 22 November, at 10.30 a.m. All Churches Trust: Thank you very kindly to the All Churches Trust for a generous grant, recently allocated towards the current, new stone ramp construction, at the side entrance to our church. This side entry is quite essential, both for funeral purposes and also for Disability access compliance. Christmas Cards/Greeting In Aid Of Our Mission Links To Rwanda: Please support our fundraising for the health centre at Nayagama in Rwanda. We have recently completed the roof and are now finalizing installation of windows and doors. We still need several thousand euro more to complete plumbing, plastering, electrical works, painting etc.

The walkers then pass Whitechurch Church and many walkers have, indeed, wandered in to explore the Churchyard and Church. They may have noted in the grounds the quite distinctive and lovely former teacher’s residence and (now restored) Old Schools (both 1823) and the (now restored) Stables (also 1823) Beside the footpath, on the public road outside the churchyard and set in a recess, lies another fascinating old feature, called the Whitechurch Wartstone. It’s believed to date from the tenth century and is a very large block of stone indeed, with the carving of a cross on it, with the letters ‘I’ and ‘L’ beside it. Some authorities suggest this may be the remains of a cross plinth, for a once free-standing cross. In a deep cross-socket on the rock’s surface, rain-water easily accumulates. And the tradition is, that by dipping your hand in to the water, this will cure your warts! Hence, this stone’s specific designation as – the Whitechurch Wartstone. Wartstone

CARDS COST 6 EURO FOR 10 Please support this worthwhile and badly needed project. Every cent raised goes directly to the construction. Cards may be ordered from either Har Alison, at 0868772142, or David Hunt at 0872403377. WE WILL DELIVER DIRECT TO YOU Many Thanks for your support Walking – Or Even Pilgrimage? During the March ‘Lock Down’, this local section of Whitechurch Road became almost crowded with walkers, of all ages. And even with the more recent Dublin restriction, goodly numbers of walkers are still a fresh, local, social phenomenon in these parts. The walk from Grangebrook Estate ‘up’, or southwards, to our church is bordered on one side by the energetic local river, the River Glin, which often forms a picturesque roadside back-drop. This is the very same river that goes on to flow through St. Enda’s Park. In the past, the Glin once serviced some local Mills, too, along this particular stretch of its course. But with the somewhat larger Owendoher River flowing through nearby Edmondstown and Ballyboden, those two places contained many more Mills. Those Mills’ production categories were listed as Paper, Cotton, Cloth, Silk and Wool. There are several features of notable historic significance, too, along this particular part of Whitechurch Road. First, the twelfth century and long ruined Old Whitechurch church, the predecessor of own present church. The latter was itself specifically consecrated in 1827 by Archbishop William Magee as “New Whitechurch”. Of particularly rare interest in Old Whitechurch are two of what are locally called ‘Viking crosses’, which seem to date from the tenth/eleventh centuries. Each cross, though, has a very different design.



ZION Rector: The Rev’d. Stephen A Farrell Diocesan Reader: Margaret Healion Review: Alan Nairn Review notes: Margaret Healion School notes: Sue Barber Parish Office: Tel. 406 4730 Hours: 9.00-12.00 p.m. Tuesday/Thursday; 11.00-2.00 p.m. Wednesday Email: Services: Services: Sundays –10.30a.m. (one service weekly until further notice) Website:

AROUND THE PARISHES...GLENDALOUGH The Rector writes . . . Walk & Talk It looks like we won’t be able to gather together in Church for some time to come. A weekly service will go out online, but we won’t be able to worship together and enjoy normal fellowship. I’d love an opportunity to catch up with parishioners over the coming weeks without breaking any social distancing regulations. So, on Sunday mornings I want to meet up with one person or couple or household and go for a walk and a talk. It doesn’t have to be a huge hike or a soul-searching chat – though I’m happy to do both. It can just be a walk to the nearest take-away coffee if you like. I’m happy to meet people at Church or to come to yours and join you on your normal walking route. This has worked well throughout October and will stretch into November too. I’m also happy to meet people on weekdays if that suits better. Drop me a line if you’re up for a Walk & Talk. Harvest Supper A huge ‘thank you’ to those who made our harvest supper such a success this year. Precluded from gathering as normal, the planning team embraced innovation, and organised an ‘at home’ harvest supper, with a virtual gathering on Zoom. Our friends in Bijou prepared the wonderful autumnal menu which people ordered with Eventbrite and collected on the day with a socially-distanced ‘drive thru’ collection at the church. Once at home we gathered with our feast on Zoom, for a prayer giving thanks for all our blessings and a time of chat, fun and, that Zion staple, a wine tasting . . . This was innovation in action and was a wonderful way of bringing us together in accordance with government guidelines. Bravo and thank you to the planning committee! Ordinand on Placement This term we will have a second year ordinand on Sunday placement with us. His name is Johnny Lowden, and we will likely only see him as part of online worship, at least for part of his placement. Please join with me in welcoming Johnny and pray for him and all whose studies are being impacted by Covid. Remembrance Sunday This year we are unlikely to have a service in Church on Remembrance Sunday, but this will be marked in the usual way, albeit as part of our online worship. Advent The pandemic has made many of us stop from our busyness and ask some of the big questions that we normally don’t take time to ponder. Advent has long been a time associated with big themes, and this year there will be a series of four discussions on Zoom looking at these timeless and universal advent themes – Death, Judgement, Heaven, and Hell. These will be on the four Mondays of Advent at 8pm (Nov 30, Dec 7, 14, 21). The High School Warmest congratulations to the High School on its sesquicentenary! Whilst the full programme of anticipated events cannot go ahead, the occasion was marked with an Evensong in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral – a fitting way to give thanks for the school’s continued flourishing. Ad multos annos! Parish Register - Holy Baptism On Sunday, 18th October we welcomed Gus Arthur James son of Aoife (nee Meldon) and Gary Lawson, in Holy Baptism. Funeral, Friday 2nd October, Evelyn Montgomery of Rostrevor Terrace. Left: Johnny Lowden, an ordinand on placement in Zion this term.

ARKLOW, INCH & KILBRIDE Vacant Curate- Rev Kevin Conroy: Conroy: Mobile No 086 0406256 Email: Parish Readers: Pat O’Malley Mobile No 087 780 7809 Mary Dillon Mobile No 087 957 4476 Review Notes: Notes: Rosemary Paul. Tel. 087 9639260 Email: Email: Parish Mobile: Mobile: 087 9577496 Arklow, Inch, Kilbride Parish(group) Website: Website: Review Distributors: Distributors: Anne Cooper (Arklow) Irene Condren (Inch) Frances Collier (Kilbride) Services: Sunday - St. Brigid’s, Kilbride: 10.00a.m. 1 & 3rd MP, 2nd, 4th HC, 5th SOW Inch: 10.00a.m. 1st & 3rd HC, 2nd MP & 4th SOW, 5th SOW St. Saviour’s, Arklow: 11.30am. 1st & 3rd HC, 2nd SOW & 4th MP, 5th SOW MP – Morning Prayer. HC - Holy Communion SOW – Service of the Word. From the Curate… As I write this, the COVID level has been increased to 3-plus across Ireland with some counties moving to level 4. This will put increasing pressure on mental health with the onset of Winter and the darkness that comes with it. Spiritual exercises – prayer, scripture reading – are a strong defence in such times. Let us encourage each other informally and build each other up while official church events and supports are limited. Illness We remember Laura Cooper who spent some time in hospital recently. Bereavement We were all saddened with the news that Jenny Grogan had died. Jenny was a very straight talker with an extremely kind heart. She supported many charities including the Samaritans and Ssafa, and loved getting together with her many friends, whom she frequently entertained in her home. Her flower arrangements were amazing and her cooking equally good. Jenny had been unwell for some time, but never lost her sense of humour and was stoical to the end. As well as the two favourite hymns which she requested for her funeral, she wanted people to leave the church to the song, “Always look on the bright side of life”. We send our sympathies to Jenny’s devoted husband, Hume, to her loving children Alice, James and Susannagh and to her beloved grandchildren and wider family circle. Sympathy We extend our sympathy to Anne Marie O’Connell on the recent death of her mother Annie Cullen (nee Tyrrell). Inch Harvest On Sunday 27 September we celebrated Harvest during our Morning Prayer service. We remembered previous Harvest Festivals, when our friends from St Paul’s Glenageary visited us with their choir. We had no window decorations from parishioners this year, but Richard Lister’s cheerful sunflower arrangement brightened our moods, while we thanked God for the wonder of nature, which still abounds, regardless of the pandemic. The grain was harvested, silage was cut and stored for winter feed, and fruit and vegetables were picked and taken to market. We thanked God for those who work on the land and in the sea, providing us all with food. We remembered those who do not experience harvest, due to drought or floods, and we also thanked God for all who work in hospitals, hospices and care homes, while we prayed for the sick and the dying.



AROUND THE PARISHES...GLENDALOUGH During the “lockdown” many have remarked on the fact that nature seemed to be more beautiful than ever. The sky was blue and unpolluted, the birds seemed to sing louder and the colours of the flowers and trees seemed brighter. As Jesus said in His well-known passage from St Matthew Chapter 6 “do not worry about tomorrow, what you will eat, what you will drink and what you will wear. Look at the birds of the air....:look at the lilies of the field.. God knows what you need.” There has been much sickness and many worries recently; but we all need to remember that God walks beside us and holds us while we go through this suffering. As the hymn “Great is thy faithfulness” says; with Jesus we have “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.”

Above: Harvest

Confirmation Preparation All going well Confirmation for this group of parishes will be held in St Saviour’s Church on Wednesday 18 November 2020 at 7.30pm. We remember the following candidates in our prayers: Katie Annesley, Lily Doyle-Weston, Lauren Harmon, Rían Jefferson Breen, Zach Kenny, Clive Kirya, Amy O’Halleran, Cian Scanlon, Finn Standing, Joe Stevens and Isaac Young. As we are currently living through some very strange times we are indebted to our Curate Kevin Conroy and his family who broadcast a service each Sunday in our Facebook Group as our Churches are once again closed due to Level 3 restrictions.

ATHY, KILBERRY AND FONTSTOWN WITH KILKEA Rector: Rev. Olive Donohoe. The Rectory Athy, Co Kildare. Mobile/Text: 087-2209945. Email: Uth Group Team Leader: Emma Purser. Diocesan Lay Reader: Bill King. Church Review Distributor: Roy Kelly. Tel: 059-8631607. Review and Newsletter Notes: Helen Kinghan. Tel: 087-9831786. Email: Parish Website: Parish Reader Pat O’Malley beside the lovely arrangement of Sunflowers by Richard Lister

Arklow and Kilbride Harvests These were both held on Sunday 4 October during the normal Sunday morning worship services when we gave thanks for the harvest of cornfields, root vegetables, fruit, flowers and seeds for next year’s crops. Our thanks to all who participated with readings and with the prayers.

And it is difficult to get the balance between keeping people safe and still making sure that we can meet in person, because it affects the Sunday School, the GFS , the BB, the Uth Group and the Friendship Lunches, all of which are in abeyance during this times. However, talking to Myra Moody (GFS Diocesan Leader), the GFS have opted for a monthly send out to its members to keep them united and connected. This is something we are going to replicate here in Athy Union. This sharing of ideas is vital if we are to survive as living breathing safe Church communities.

Above: Harvest


From the Rector: Back to the future! Again. It’s so interesting to hear all us clergy talk about livestreaming and recording and which system works well and who will edit it and how to get the words of the hymns on screen and should it be a Premiere on You Tube ….A different world and one which is provoking us to think and re-think our way of being Church together. And it has certainly highlighted all that we took for granted, shaking hands, hugging, talking without masks, singing hymns. But perhaps we were getting too staid and repetitive anyway. Perhaps it’s time for a change in direction and a fresh new approach. So this week I am looking at all the on-line Services from the different Parishes in Dublin and Glendalough and learning from them all I can in order to make good liturgy and good liturgical choices to adapt to not only our present circumstances but to the future, which in all likelihood will be a judicious mix of real life and streaming. Roll on the vaccine.



Wedding Bells: Saturday 19th September saw Bill King and Olive Donohoe married by Archbishop Michael Jackson in Kilkea Church. It was a very special day and, unbelievably, the sun shone in a clear blue sky, the birds sang, confetti was thrown (biodegradable of course) and the bells pealed out! Certainly that was how it felt ! A huge Thank You to all who send their best wishes and cards and blessings. Bill & Olive Condolences: We recently had a week of sadness with bereavements within our Parish.

Firstly we bid farewell to John Berry who was a resident in Clover Lodge Nursing Home. He was a regular attender at the fortnightly Services in Clover Lodge . His funeral service took place in St. Michaels Athy and he was laid to rest in St. Michaels new Cemetery. To his family, and especially Jennifer, we extend our condolences. The Parish was shocked and saddened to hear of the unexpected death of Ruth Coyle (née Perry) of Duke Street, Athy. Ruth was a regular worshipper in Saint Michaels. She was a friend to everyone in Duke Street and prior to Covid her door was always open to callers to her shop, and one was always assured of a warm welcome. She will be sadly missed by family, friends and the wider community. To her son Adam, her daughter Dawn, to Arlene and Geoff, to Jamie and Leanne and Gavin and Alex and to the extended Coyle and Perry families, we send our love and prayers at this time. Ruth’s Funeral Service took place in St. Michaels, Athy, and she was laid to rest with her beloved Ernest. We also extend deepest sympathy to Carol Barry and family on the death of her mother, Iny Worrell, from Monasterevan. Iny was laid to rest following Funeral Service in Monasterevan. May all these loved ones Rest In Peace and Rise In Glory. Pictured below: Athy Harvest Thanksgiving

BLESSINGTON AND MANOR KILBRIDE WITH BALLYMORE EUSTACE AND HOLLYWOOD Canon Leonard Ruddock: Tel: (045) 865178 Mobile: (087) 7643296 Review Notes: Elva Byrne: Tel: (045) 865260 Parish Office: (045) 891547 Email: Email: Website: Website: A note from the Rector Congratulations to Emma Lyons -Nash who has recently published her book Morristown Lattin, Co. Kildare, 1630-1800: the estate and its tenants. (See details below). It made me wonder what historians of the future will write about when they come to review the years 2019/2020/2021. I am not sure that I like living through a period of time which will have a special interest for students and historians alike in the future. We are not the first generation to have to live through a significant period of history in the making though. All down the centuries there have been times of famine, disease and war –times which brought about lots of change in people’s lives. History shows us that when people stick together, showing support and care and solidarity for and with each other that it is possible to come through it all united and sometimes even stronger as individuals and as a society. Let’s each of us try to do our bit so that when we do eventually look back on these years we will see the good and the positive. That we will see love of God and love of neighbour in all of it. Keep safe and well. God bless. Rev. Leonard. Congratulations Sunday, 20th September was a very special day for the Rev. Leonard Madden and his wife Catherine as he was ordained to the diaconate in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin. Restrictions prevented travel to Dublin but we assure him of our prayers and best wishes. Sympathy We were saddened to hear of the death of Vivienne Latchford who had moved to Carlow from her home in Poulaphouca. Sincere sympathy to her sister Norma Cook and her family. Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday, 18th October was the scheduled date for the service in our churches. We weren’t able to meet together but could follow the service on YouTube. We must remember that we have so much for which to be thankful. God’s beautiful creation around us reminds us that He is in control.


Recently Published Book Congratulations to Dr Emma Lyons-Nash who has recently published a book on the Morristown Lattin estate in Co. Kildare, Morristown Lattin, Co. Kildare, 1630-1800: the estate and its tenants. The book focuses on the landlords and tenants of the Morristown Lattin estate and traces the patterns of landownership and inheritance across the generations. It also examines the role of women in c17th and c18th society and their involvement in estate management. The book is available through local bookshops or directly from Four Courts Press (by phone on 01-4534668 or online via https:// Church services Service times, provided churches are open; St. John’s Church, Ballymore Eustace 9-15 am St. Mary’s Church, Blessington 10-30 am St. John’s Church, Cloughleagh 11-45am

Wedding day, Archbishop Michael Jackson, Jennifer Goodwin and the newly married couple, Olive and Bill.



AROUND THE PARISHES...GLENDALOUGH CASTLEMACADAM, BALLINATONE AND AUGHRIM Vacant Email: Diocesan Readers: Mrs Angela Winterbotham – 0402 36150 Ms Uta Raab Lay Readers: Mrs Janet Kirwan, Mr Bruce Middleton, Mr. Alan Pierce Review Notes: Ms Kay Leeson – 086 8554863 Email Review Distributors: Mrs Olga Stephenson – 0402 36347 Ms Sandra Hall – 0402 35253 Sunday Services: St. John’s, Aughrim – 10.00 a.m. Ballinatone Church - 10.30 a.m. Holy Trinity, Castlemacadam - 11.45 a.m. Recovering from illness/operations: We continue to remember in prayer, those who are ill. We remember Billy Randle, Doreen Burns and Frances Sutton. Sympathy: We pray for the Crammond and Hudson family as they grieve the loss of their beloved Hilda. Hilda was reunited with her beloved husband Derek in Holy Trinity, Castlemacadam. We extend our deepest sympathy to Hilda’s son, Clive and daughter Lisa and extended family at this sad and difficult time. Church Worship: As of 5th October, the whole country has been placed into Level 3 of Covid restrictions. This means we cannot hold services of worship open to the public. Should anyone have any pastoral needs, please contact Rev Jack Kinkead. We hope and pray that the situation will improve soon. Harvest Thanksgiving Services: Harvest Thanksgiving Services were held in Holy Trinity, Castlemacadam on Sunday, 20th September and in Ballinatone Church on Sunday, 27th September. We thank Rev Jack Kinkead for preaching at these services. Confirmation Service for 2020: Confirmation Service will take place in St. Saviour’s Church, Arklow, at 7.30 pm on 18th November, according to Government guidelines at the time. Please continue to keep Grace Hollingsworth, William Hollingsworth and Joshua Simmonds in your prayers. 5th Sunday: Please note that if there is a 5th Sunday in a month, there may be one service only on that Sunday and in one church only.

CELBRIDGE AND STRAFFAN WITH NEWCASTLE-LYONS Rev. Stephen Neill: Tel. (01)628 8231 Mobile 087 232 8172 Email: Readers: Mrs. Jackie Taylor Tel. (01) 628 8129 Mrs. Cynthia Lang Tel. 086 265 0742 Mr Geoffrey McMaster Tel. 086 606 2910 Mr Brendan Sheahan Tel. 085 764 6699 Review Distributers: Elizabeth Burbridge (Newcastle); Debbie Kelly (Straffan). Service Times: (Sundays) Newcastle 9.00am, Straffan 10.15am, Celbridge 11.30, (Wednesdays)10.00am Celbridge. Website: Parish Facebook: Facebook: No notes this month.



DELGANY The Revd. Nigel Waugh: Tel: 287 4515 Email: Review Distributor: Peter Harrison Tel: 287 4270 Sunday Service: 10.30am (during COVID restrictions) Holy Baptism Amelia Holly Ingram-Doran, daughter of Ross Doran and Robyn Ingram, was baptised in church on Sunday 20th September at a private service. Congratulations We congratulate Peter and Wendy Harrison and their daughter, Lucy, on the birth of a granddaughter, Farrah Mae Harrison Boyle in September. Thursday Club Due to COVID restrictions it will not be possible to hold our annual Coffee Morning event which was due to be held on Thursday 5th November 2020. This Coffee Morning was to be in aid of St. Joseph’s Care Home, Shankill, which is dedicated to dementia care. Anyone who had intended to support our Coffee Morning may like to donate directly to St. Joseph’s Care Home, Crinken Lane, Shankill, D18 TY00, 01 2823000. December 2020 event -The venue for the Club’s Christmas Lunch which is due to take place on Thursday 3rd December 2020 in the Parkview Hotel, Newtown, has been booked provisionally with the Hotel. However, we shall have to wait until nearer that date to see if this event can be held. Memorial Garden Thank you to the grasscutters who worked hard all summer to keep the grounds in order. Special thanks to David Proger and Joe Taylor for their work on the memorial garden in front of the church. This area has been further enhanced by the gift of two garden benches so that people can sit in peace and quiet in pleasant surroundings. We are grateful to Ann and Ian Barton for this generous gift. The wild flowers are still in bloom and give a lovely splash of colour in this area. Painting We have taken advantage of the church being closed to do some necessary painting work, both inside and outside. We have changed the colour of the church doors to have a warmer and more colourful entrance for the congregation when they come to church. The rectory has also had much-needed renovation of the paintwork on doors and windows. Old School House Activities in the Old School house have been greatly affected by lockdown and the youth activities which take place there have not been possible. It is still used by Earlybirds, before and after school and, for a time, by adult Yoga classes. Recently we were delighted to be able to facilitate a Flu Vaccination clinic as a service to the local community. Recorded Services Services in church were taking place with 50 in the congregation and the service streamed live to those at home. Now that meeting together is no longer possible we have returned to pre-recording services and putting them on YouTube on a channel called (for want of a better name) ‘Nigels videos’ and Facebook on the Delgany parish Facebook page. Zoom Vestry meetings have been held quite efficiently by Zoom and a harvest assembly for the whole school was recently presented by the Rector on Zoom. A Rural Deanery meeting scheduled for church was also held instead by Zoom for the clergy of the Glendalough rural deaneries. This was a useful exchange of ideas and ways of adapting to the current difficulties.

AROUND THE PARISHES...GLENDALOUGH Harvest Our normal harvest arrangements were not possible this year but a recorded service was put on line with the choir singing some of our favourite harvest hymns. The visiting preacher was Canon Fred Appelbe. We wish parishioners and readers well in these difficult times.

DONOUGHMORE AND DONARD WITH DUNLAVIN Rector: Archdeacon Neal O’Raw Tel: 045 404631 Email: Diocesan Lay Readers: Ernest Mackey, Myra Moody Lay Readers: Edward Allen, Jon Kirby Church Services in November 9.00am Dunlavin; 10.15am Donard; 11.30am Donoughmore First Sunday in the month: Holy Communion; Other Sundays: Morning Prayer Donoughmore Graveyard Donations towards the cost of the regular mowing of Donoughmore Graveyard are always very welcome from those who have connections with, but no longer live in the parish. Donations may be sent to: The Hon Treasurer, Donoughmore and Donard Parish, C/O Ven Neal O’Raw, The Rectory, Donard, Co. Wicklow. All donations received will be acknowledged in writing.

Gfs Diocesan Festival Service Dunganstown Union GFS branch attended the Diocesan service in Donoughmore on 13th September. This was a field service organised by our Diocesan President, Myra Moody and was most enjoyable. The preacher, Rev Cathy Hallissey spoke to us about change which was portrayed using CopperPot (her puppet). We were delighted to win three 1st Prizes in Bible Study and four 1st Prizes in Crafts together with other prizes – well done to all the girls. During the past year we enjoyed working on the crafts and Bible studies. We also held a special pottery evening in February with some of the Donoughmore members joining us. Unfortunately, our branch meetings had to be cut short in March due to Covid-19. This also meant we did not get to complete our planned badge activities. Diamond Jubillee Congratulations to Billy and Joan D’Arcy who recently celebrated sixty years of marriage. We wish them every blessing and hope they enjoy many more years together. Wedding After the postponement of a number of weddings over the Summer, it was a real joy to have our first parish wedding of the year in Conary on Saturday, 3rd October. The marriage ceremony took place in St. Bartholomew’s Church of Tonia Jackson and Chris Connolly with a socially distanced service. The arrival of the bride by helicopter was a first for Conary and a big surprise to everyone present. We wish Tonia and Chris every blessing in their future life together.

DUNGANSTOWN, REDCROSS & CONARY Rev. Roland Heaney. Tel: 0404-41637 E-mail Parish Administrator: Mrs Deirdre O’Callaghan Tel: 0404-41864 Review: Mrs Phyllis Mates. Tel: 0404-41715 Parish E-Mail: Parish Websites: Tonia arriving at Conary Church

The Times We Live In At the time of writing, the latest Covid 19 restrictions are preventing us from physically meeting for Sunday services and midweek church activities. We do not know how long these restrictions will last or what future restrictions may be imposed upon us. However we will continue producing an act of worship every Sunday morning online at During this season, we would encourage parishioners to keep in contact with each other and if possible, to join an online small group or the Zoom prayer meetings that take place every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evening at 9.00pm. If any changes occur, we will notify all parishioners via text message. Although church may not be the way we would want it to be, let us remember that our faith is based on our relationship with God which can not be taken away from us. Let us use this time to pray, discover more of the Bible and grow in spiritual maturity. The prayer of St Paul to the church in in Colossae:‘We ask God to give you complete knowledge of his will and to give you spiritual wisdom and understanding. Then the way you live will always honour and please the Lord, and your lives will produce every kind of good fruit. All the while, you will grow as you learn to know God better and better.’ Colossians 1:9-10

GREYSTONES, ST PATRICK’S Clergy: Canon David Mungavin (01 287 4077) Curate: Rev. Rebecca Guildea (085 819 4377) Lay Minister: Frank Connolly (087 121 1575) Website: Parish Office: 01 2010648. Email: Sunday Services: 8:30 am, 10:30 am (followed by coffee), and 5pm Weekday services: Daily prayer: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 9 am Wednesday: Holy Communion, 10:30 am, followed by coffee Church Services At present, when Covid-19 restrictions permit, we are worshipping together at 10.30 am on Sundays and Wednesdays. Parishioners are invited to register in advance their intention to attend a service. From the Rector In the kind month of September we found that many people love to be outside for worship. Then, just as we were getting excited about this the Level 3 restrictions were brought in and our plans had to change once again, but not before we had discovered the simplicity



AROUND THE PARISHES...GLENDALOUGH and enjoyment of using our children’s garden for worship. A Bible study down on the beach led by Rebecca has also been a welcome innovation for the group of sea swimmers and hangers-on who again see the natural enjoyment of this setting for prayer and sharing in the now freezing temperatures! Well done to Pauline and Emma who successfully applied for a €500 grant from Wicklow County Council’s ‘Community Enhancement Programme’. This is to enable us to create an outdoor space to be used for our parish groups, such as the parent and toddler group, and informal gatherings and small groups, prayers on the patio, etc, as permitted under the regulations. We notice in Greystones that people happily sit outside the cafés all year round so now is a good time for churches to embrace this, albeit in limited numbers. Up until recently and throughout the summer small groups of parishioners would meet me in the Garden room (parish centre) or outside if it was nice, for a coffee and a chat and this social yet spiritual informal interaction has proved to be a real source of blessing. Thanks to Vivienne for organising and to Ruth, Pauline, Flo and Janet for the great scones! These are amongst a number of discoveries of simple things done well which we will hold on to. While the parish centre is virtually closed it has allowed valuable time to do some helpful housekeeping in finance, fabric and furniture. It has revealed some interesting perspectives on how we run our parish. On five Monday evenings in September and October Rebecca led a Bible study programme on Zoom using Dale and Sandy Larsen’s book ‘Depending on Jesus: Discovering the Sufficiency of Christ’, an inspiring choice that enabled us to find personal relevance through reading and discussing the short Bible passages and very pertinent questions posed by the book’s authors. The studies in ‘Depending on Jesus’ are ideal for use by individuals or groups and also helped us become much more Zoom-savvy. Our Harvest Festival will be celebrated on 25 October. We welcome our speaker, Rev. Ruth Elmes, rector of Tinahely and Carnew (recorded). Creating a meaningful perspective from all the enforced changes we are living through will not be possible for a long time. In the meantime we strive together to discern how to prune and plant, reflect and reach out for ways known and unknown that our God might be calling us to take in the time to come. David Mungavin Mothers’ Union – ‘Building Hope and Confidence’ Our members will be getting items ready for the Darndale Christmas boxes which are due for delivery sometime in November. Isn’t it wonderful to know that Santa cannot and will not be affected by Coronavirus! Well done Santa. Again, we received Karen’s email and attached quiz: not easy, but good for exercising the mind. Her words on staying focused during these difficult times, as well as her suggestions on things to do if we need some time out, are very inspiring and uplifting. Thank you Karen, from all our members. We remember all our members and friends in our prayers and send our best wishes to everyone; here’s to when we can meet up again. Stay safe. Daphne Townsend

NARRAGHMORE AND TIMOLIN WITH CASTLEDERMOT AND KINNEAGH Vacant Readers: Mr. Philip Hendy Tel: 059 863 6518 Mrs. Avril Gillatt Tel: 085 277 4619 Church Review Secretary: Judy Chambers (notes for inclusion by 12th of month) Review Distribution: Mrs. Beatrice Hendy. Tel: 059 8636518 Mrs. Charlotte Glynn. Tel: 059 8623167 Mr. John Ubank. Tel: 059 9144176 Narraghmore Timolin Castledermot & Kinneagh parish Note: As the parish is vacant, please refer all queries relating to parish administration and pastoral care to the Acting Rural Dean, Rev. Nigel Waugh, Delgany. Telephone no.: 01-2874515; Mobile no: 086 102 8888; E-mail: As the parish is vacant, please refer all queries relating to parish administration and pastoral care to the Acting Rural Dean, Rev. Nigel Waugh, Delgany. Telephone no.: 01-2874515; Mobile no.: 0861028888; E-mail: Elections for the new Union of Narraghmore, Timolin, Castledermot and Kinneagh took place at the ‘Easter General Vestry’ meeting held in St. Michael’s Church, Athy on Wednesday, 2nd September, chaired by Archdeacon David Pierpoint. The first meeting of the new Select Vestry was held by ZOOM on Wednesday, 14th October at 8pm, chaired by Rev. Nigel Waugh. As voting for officers on the Select Vestry has not been finalised, a full list of Parish Officers and Select Vestry will be included in a future edition of the Review. Congratulations Congratulations to actress Grace Hendy from Narraghmore in her role as a bride in the Dairygold TV advertisement filmed outside Powerscourt Church. Leaving Cert 2020 Wishing those who got their Leaving Certificate results recently all the best in their future chosen careers. Bereavements Our thoughts and prayers are with the following: Coyle, Hendy and Deane Families on the death of Ruth Coyle (nee Perry, Athy) on Sunday, 20th September. Her funeral took place on Thursday, 24th September in St. Michael’s Church, Athy and burial afterwards in St. Michael’s Old Cemetery, Athy. Hendy Family (Back Moone) on the death of Kathleen Corbett (Mary’s mother), Crusheen, Co. Clare on 8th October. Private funeral Mass was held on Saturday, 10th October. Sickness We pray for all those who are unwell in our parish at this time, whether at home, recovering from surgery, in hospital or in nursing homes, and all who feel anxious at this time of COVID-19.

LEIXLIP AND LUCAN The Rev. Scott Peoples: Tel: 01 624 9147 Mobile: 083 135 7328. Email: Lay Readers: Rosemary Fair, Joe Haughton, Irene Young Parish Office: 01 624 0976 Fax: 01 624 0846 Rector’s day off: Monday. No notes this month.

Congratulations to actress Grace Hendy from Narraghmore in her role as a bride in the Dairygold TV advertisement filmed outside Powerscourt Church CHURCH REVIEW


AROUND THE PARISHES...GLENDALOUGH NEWCASTLE, NEWTOWNMOUNTKENNEDY WITH CALARY Vacant Lay Reader: Caroline Tindal Parish Administrator: Karen Reynolds 087 2866889 Review Circulation: Pauline O’Sullivan (Newcastle), Jane O’Herlihy (St. Matthews), Eithi Seymour (Calary) Review Notes: Gillian Beare Parish Website: / Newcastle Continued thanks to Revd Niall Stratford for looking after the services in our parishes, whether in church or on Youtube. We greatly appreciate the time and effort he puts into each Sunday. Also grateful thanks to Revd Nigel Waugh who looks after our pastoral care and is a source of advice and help. He has chaired our Select Vestry meetings with skill and patience whether in person or on Zoom. Many thanks to both. Calary Church – Covid-19 Level 3 Restrictions In accordance with recent restrictions we are unable to have services in Calary church on Sunday mornings. However, we are going to open the church for private prayer and contemplation on Sundays from 10:30 – 12:30. Members of the Select Vestry will be there to ensure everybody’s safety. The now familiar requirements of mask wearing, social distancing and hand sanitisation continue to be in place. It is also prudent to remind everyone that whilst we are compliant in church, your compliance and practice of social distancing should continue outside the church and in the carpark.

POWERSCOURT WITH KILBRIDE Rector: Rev’d Cathy Hallissey Website: Facebook: Parish Office: (Secretary, Mrs Mandy Berkeley) Tel/Fax: 2863862 Email: Review Circulation: Mrs Joyce Roe. Tel: 2862645 The Living Room This concept of drawing people together was only beginning to get off the ground with plans to invite guest speakers to run talks outdoors for small groups (under 15 in number) when further restrictions put pay to plans but, as someone said recently, plans are never put to waste and we are hopeful that this idea may take up where it left off in the future months if not weeks and restrictions are lifted sufficiently. Until restrictions no longer allowed, our Wednesday Fellowship Group of roughly ten individuals have been enjoying the blessing of fine and relatively warm weather for the Autumn of this year in the Rectory Garden. Our group has been opening with prayers and reading and discussing the Gospel for the coming Sunday. It’s amazing the hear the different opinions and thoughts that come to mind when we pull a thread on a piece of scripture. The Light of Hope Just recently a parishioner from St. Brigid’s, Kilbride came up with the idea that we should place our lights in the church windows in advance of Christmas this year. The sentiment was that we are approaching darker days (in many ways) and that St. Brigid’s is so well positioned for all who pass by on the N11, its lit windows may provide a small beacon of hope for those who pass. Perhaps you might offer up a prayer in passing this beautiful church if you can cause to do so.

Outside Services St. Patrick’s Church, Powerscourt is blessed with space in its grounds and, up until recently, and in keeping with HSE Guidelines, we have been fortunate enough to hold outdoor services with adequate social distancing. One particular morning, as the sun obliged us by shining like a Summer’s day, we were accompanied by a group of artists who had positioned themselves outside the church doors and were painting the Sugar Loaf Mountain from between the pines. We had decided to accompany our service by playing hymns sung by Cathedral Choirs through a speaker in the car park to the artist’s delight. They commented afterwards on the unique experience to be surrounded by beautiful traditional music in equally beautiful settings. The Jewel in our Crown St. Patrick’s Graveyard has been struggling a little during the Covid Crisis with our regular groundsman unable to return to Ireland. Our thanks to the many volunteers from the parish who stepped forward to strim the graveyard on several occasions during the summer months and at a time when growth was at its fullest. We are delighted to announce that the Graveyard is now in professional care and no doubt you will notice the change immediately. This holy ground has provided great solace to people from the immediate neighbourhood who have been restricted in their movements during this year. Our thanks to Tim Weldon and David Koning, two parishioners who not only put together an annual care plan for the graveyard but sourced an excellent candidate and his team to care for the jewel in our crown! Powerscourt National School We are blessed by the layout of our single-storey primary school which has assisted no end in the safety aspect of ‘pods’ and specific groups of children under the new regime and most recent guidelines around Covid19. Our thanks to Mr. Stephen Middleton and the Teaching Staff of the School for their care and adherence to the requirements for the safety of the children within their care. Prayer Pockets Found on our YouTube and Facebook Pages, these short videos are created as an outreach in times of more restricted movement. Each encourages the listener to spend no more than 3 minutes in prayer and it is hoped each will bring comfort in these worrying times. A Short Service of Sunday Worship is available each Sunday on our Facebook Page under: The Grouped Parishes of Powerscourt with Kilbride and our Parish Website

RATHDRUM AND DERRALOSSARY WITH GLENEALY Rector: Rev Brian O’Reilly. Mobile: 086 2230271 Rectory Phone: 0404 43814 Email: Review notes: Heather Sheane. Email: Tel: 0404-44472 No notes this month.

WICKLOW AND KILLISKEY Rector: The Revd. Jack Kinkead Tel: 086 172 7654 Email: Assistant Priest: The Revd. Ken Rue. Tel: 087 276 6590 Email: Review Distribution: Mr. Jonathon Patton Tel: 086 739 9591 Mrs. Lesley Rue Tel: 087 281 0478



AROUND THE PARISHES...GLENDALOUGH Holy Baptism Christopher Slater was baptised into the fellowship of Christ’s church, on Wednesday 23 September. We wish him well, along with his family: parents Phil and Annabel, and older brother, Benji, who assisted at the service. Zoom midweek services Jack and Ken host a Zoom evening service each week, on Wednesdays at 7.30pm. The service is a short, reflective act of worship, with a short address. We would be delighted if parishioners from other parts of the dioceses would like to join us. If interested, contact Jack: kinkeadj@ Harvest thanksgiving A huge thanks to Allyson Minion and Linda Walsh for decorating the church for harvest thanksgiving, which we were able to celebrate just before Level 3 restrictions put a hold on public services. Thanks also to those who provided arrangements for the display. Scott Evans (UCD) chaplain preached an excellent sermon on a challenging passage. Youth The teen youth group meets on the first and third Sundays of the month, on Zoom for the time being. We’d be delighted to welcome anyone of secondary school age from any other areas. Email Jack if you are interested: Harvest Service An uplifting harvest service took place in Nun’s Cross Church on 4th October. The church had been beautifully decorated in advance with flowers, fruit and vegetables. For the harvest hymns, the congregation listened to solos from Patricia Butler, Scott Golden and Robin Heather. An engaging sermon was preached by Revd Suzanne Harris who reminded us of a time when Clondalkin was a rural area. We wish her every blessing as she prepares to transition to stipendiary ministry. The fruit and vegetables were later donated to the Tiglin Centre, Ashford which exists to provide individuals with an effective and comprehensive solution to life-controlling addiction problems in order to become productive members of society. Tiglin endeavours to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.



Back Zooming on Sundays After the imposition of Level 3 restrictions in Co Wicklow, Killiskey Parish reverted to Zoom for its Sunday services. Ashford Charity Shop Trade at Ashford Charity Shop in The Hub is healthy. The shop can remain open during Level 3 but would have to close again if Co Wicklow goes to Level 4. A number of new volunteers and a Tús worker will enable it to open six days a week, mornings and afternoons. Remembrance November is the month for remembering. The annual service of remembrance of past loved ones takes place on All Saints’ Day, Sunday 1st November at 11am. It is a wonderful thing to give thanks to God for those whose lives have blessed us. This year’s Remembrance Sunday service is on 8th November at which there will be an Act of Remembrance. Poppies will not be sold on the streets this year but there is no reason why anybody who wants a poppy should not be able to get one. The British Legion Poppy Appeal Officer is available to answer queries at or via the free helpline on 1800 992 294. Donations can be made online at John Headley Congratulations to John Headley who celebrates his 100th birthday on 30th October! He was a prisoner of war for three years in Italy and then Germany during World War 2. He has been a great supporter of Killiskey parish over many years, including 33 years as Treasurer. He and his late wife, Kay, were also choir members. Prayer of Remembrance Almighty and eternal God, from whose love in Christ we cannot be parted, either by death or life: hear our prayers and thanksgivings for all whom we remember this day. fulfil in them the purpose of your love. and bring us all, with them, to your eternal joy. through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Damer & Fortick Residential Services Ltd Upper Wellington Street, Dublin 7

Fully Refurbished Rooms to Rent. Damer Court is a Residential Complex under the auspices of the Church of Ireland All suitable applicants must be able to live independently and be in good health. Accommodation very suitable for Students having close proximity to Trinity College, Dublin City University, TUD Grangegorman & Bus route to UCD.

ALL PART OF THE SERVICE M’AM! The Rector of Clontarf delivering the Church Reviews around the parish on two wheels as the church remains closed to in-person worship.

The Royal British Legion Republic of Ireland 19 Molesworth Street Dublin 2 DO2 HJ50 01 874 7435

October 2020 As November 11th and Remembrance Sunday 2020 approaches, the Royal British Legion-RoI, like everybody else in the Country, reflects on the past six months, and how everything has changed. The 2020 Annual Poppy Appeal is now getting underway and despite all the challenges of Covid restrictions we hope you will continue to support our work of remembrance and welfare just as previously. Poppies will not be sold on the streets this year but there is no reason why anybody who wants a poppy should not be able to get one by logging on to our Facebook page

Rent includes courtyard car parking, heating and refuse collection Damer Court is staffed at all times. To apply please : download application form, or email

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Our Poppy Appeal Officer is available to answer queries at or call our free helpline on 1800 992 294. Donations can be made online at (if you require pins to be posted please also allow €3.50 for the cost of postage). Hopefully by then we will be able to attend Church Services and lay a wreath renewing our pledge that the sacrifice of the men and women who fought in the two World Wars should not be forgotten and that the names of the Fallen shall live forever more. Brian Duffy Chairman, Royal British Legion Republic of Ireland


ChurCh review

Media Scene Technology Tel:01-2755800 email:

Church of Ireland Boarding & Day School Academic Excellence 95% of our students progress to 3rd Level; 22 Leaving Certificate Subjects Offered; Excellent Career Guidance; Comprehensive TY Programme. Pastoral Care: Our extensive Care Team supporting each student's development to their fullest potential. Sports Facilities: First Class Sports facilities including state of the art floodlit grass rugby pitches and olympic standard hockey pitch. Arts Facilities: Full peripatetic music and drama programme; School Choir; Drama Club. Co-curricular Programme: Includes Craft Club, Woodwork, Debating and Coding. Annual participants in Scifest competitions. Faith Development: Church of Ireland ethos which promotes respect and kindness to oneself and community. Students from all traditions are welcome. Student Leadership: Student voice is actively represented by Student Council, Christian Union, Boarders Forum and Senior Prefect System. Boarding Facilities: 24 hour supervision and care. 5-day and 7-day options available. Financial Support: Range of scholarships and bursaries are available. Full support to attain your entitlement for S.E.C. grant. This full SEC grant covers all boarding fees at Wilson's Hospital School.

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