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Founded in 1856, Burberry today remains quintessentially British, with outerwear at its

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BIOphilia The hypothesis suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems. Edward O. Wilson introduced and popularized the hypothesis in his book, Biophilia (1984). Our connection to nature is inevitable and some how addictive. No matter who or where, we all have a natural surrounding that brings us euphoria and calm. Whether a beach or forest it is an undeniable force which connects all animals together. As much as we distance ourselves from nature behind concrete walls and man made light we cannot resist that instinctive urge that lingers in everyone. For me twilight is my escape. Not dawn, but dusk. As the day fades away into a scattered display of dimming light signaling the end. My emotional attachment to the idea of the day ending creates that calm and nostalgic feeling we all get, particularly in reflection. No matter how tall you stand or how far you’ve fallen this transitional layering of atmosphere, light, darkness and vespertine behavior are all psychologically in tune with biophilia.

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The Spirit of Burberry

Burberry_A History Founder Thomas Burberry set up the brand in 1856, with the first London Store opening in 1891. By 1895 Burberry was making uniforms for the British Army. The now iconic signature plaid started life in the lining for trench coats. but the company owes its reputation for innovation to its patenting of Gabardine, a water-resistant fabric that would come to characterize Burberry’s famous trench. As recognition for brand’s contribution to the British clothing industry, Queen Elizabeth II granted Burberry a royal warrant in 1955. Burberry Prorsum was launched in 1999 as a high end line. Christopher Bailey joined Prorsum (’Forward’ in Latin) as creative director in 2001; his mission was to breathe new life into the brand and to create a modern and luxurious clothing label.

The_Trenchcoat Traditionally designed to protect soldiers from wind and rain during WWI, this iconic staple piece still features classic customizations from the military including D-Rings on the belt, epaulettes and storm flaps. Thomas Burberry’s rainproof Gabardine deigns were submitted in 1901 succeeding the much heavier woolen Greatcoats. Re designed and interpreted in modern contexts, the trench coat has stood the test of time proving its versatility as fashionable yet functional. Burberry continues to reinforce this by continuing to redevelop its famous heritage piece.

The_Last_Wilderness Antarctica is considered to be one of the world’s last untouched landmasses. Internationally protected and still vastly unexplored the South Pole still remains an intriguing wilderness. Burberry was a major sponsor for polar expeditions as well as other adventurous triumphs including aviation. My designs were inspired by those who paved the way to the Antarctic regions, as well as aspects of the raw landscape itself. Captain Robert Scott, Roald Amundson and Ernest Shackleton are key pioneers in the quest to tackle Antarctica, and Burberry provided their ventures with equipment and clothing. Innovation and exploration is a part of Burberry’s spirit and legacy, this project is a salute to what makes the brand’s heritage so rich and unique.

Graduate Portfolio  

Menswear Final Collection, Work and Competitions

Graduate Portfolio  

Menswear Final Collection, Work and Competitions