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June 2013—Issue XXX

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AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION... Ready for some good news? Orange County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Gunzel says that most home burglaries can be prevented with a little ingenuity. Following are Ten Tips to Frustrate a Thief... 1. Get to know your neighbors and report suspicious persons and/or activity in your neighborhood. 2. Lock doors and windows when away from home. Surprisingly most burglaries are not forced entry, meaning the thief gained access by walking, climbing or crawling into an unsecured area. 3. Burglars know that most people store their jewelry in the top dresser drawer of the master bedroom. Protect your valuables by locking them in a secure location like a safe or safety deposit box. 4. Electronics are also prime targets. An easy way to frustrate burglars is to keep electronics in a separate location from their chargers (i.e. a bin in the kid’s room, the closet). 5. Dogs are excellent deterrents as are prominently posted “Beware of Dog” signs. Thieves typically avoid homes with guard dogs. Smaller watchdogs can also make great intruder alarms. 6. Home Security Systems are effective, but only when consistently armed. Security signs and window stickers will also make a would-beburglar think twice. 7. Don’t tempt thieves by leaving unchained bicycles, scooters, tools, etc. lying around in the yard. Secure them in the garage when away from home.

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8. Create the illusion of occupancy. Most burglaries occur during the day when residents are at work. Leaving interior lights and the television on during the day can trick thieves into thinking someone is at home.

2nd Vice President

9. Keep home exteriors well-lit. Dark places and overgrown shrubbery are perfect hiding places for burglars.

Alfred Coletta

10. Secure sliding doors and windows with a dowel and/or window locks.

Ron Casey Director Director

Jeffrey Rips

An ounce of prevention will save you and your family the pounds of heartache generated by a burglary or home invasion. Be sure to see the new VACATION CHECK LINK on our website. Be vigilant and be safe. —LD Staff: General Manager C. Montana—Admin Assistant E. Deering—Accountant K. Bell—General Clerk J. Verduzco—Park Superintendent O. Perez—Maintenance/Rec. C. Argueta—Tree Consultant M. Kingman—Rec. Superintendent E. Gingras—Rec. Assistant C. Deaton


“True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information.” -Winston Churchill-


Chris’ Corner— Greetings! Even under the blanket of June Gloom, the bluepurple flowering Jacaranda trees look lovely outside my office window, and the parks look inviting. Just a reminder that Rossmoor residents can reserve picnic areas by submitting an application with the RCSD office and groups of 75 people or over must obtain a user permit to gather. Applications are available in our Rush Park office or may be downloaded from our website for your convenience. Also, I would like to extend a personal invitation to all residents to mark their calendars and attend our Summer Movies, Concerts and Shakespeare in the Park. The RCSD takes pride in being able to offer these events to our public (despite increasing County permit fees). Also, I would like to remind everyone to report graffiti at once to the County Graffiti Hotline. The phone number is (714) 834-3400. Existing graffiti invites new graffiti. Finally, I would like to announce that the RCSD meetings are now officially “paperless”. Board and staff conducted our Regular June Board meeting with iPads. We anticipate saving over $5,000 per year in paper and reproduction costs. Have a great, active summer! I hope to see you at one of our fabulous summer events. —CM

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As summer approaches, it is important that our street trees receive a little extra TLC. Please remember to give established trees a good soaking with a garden hose every couple of Sign up to weeks during hot, dry weather. Trees less than 2 years old may need more frequent waterreceive your ing. If you will be out of town for more than a few weeks and are unable to water your tree, let RCSD know and we can arrange to have your tree watered for you during this time. newsletter ELECTRONICALLY Tree Care: Young trees with yellow, curling or brown-edged leaves are asking you for water. Young trees do NOT like weed whackers, blowers or mowers – stay away! Turf grass competes with young trees for nutrients. Keep area around tree free of turf for at least 2 years or until well established. Mulch – about 3 or 4 inches deep – holds water and makes your trees healthier. The best way to water a tree is with a soaker or a long-term trickle – your lawn sprinkler system doesn’t do the job. Deep soaking promotes downward root growth, which will help to avoid root issues later on. It is also important to know that it is illegal for residents to prune or remove the parkwaytrees in Rossmoor. Please help the District to maintain this policy by informing new neighbors of it and reporting any violations to RSCD. Residents that feel their tree needs pruning or care can contact the Tree Program Assistant, Mary Kingman, for an evaluation. With the community’s help, our beautiful urban forest can continue to thrive and insure Rossmoor’s status as a Tree City U.S.A. —MK LITERALLY!

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“Nothing in this world can take the place of


persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more


common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not;


unrewarded genius is


Education will not; the

almost a proverb. world is full of educated


failures. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. -Calvin Coolidge-

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BREAK A SWEAT WITH A RACKET AND NET! Summer is just around the corner and so are USPTA certified tennis instructor Fernando Molina’s tennis camps. With over 25 years of experience he knows how to teach children of all ages. Fernando offers great rates, flexible schedules and an awesome way to stay active. Contact Fernando at 562-209-3648 today to have fun in the sun!

Our Fellow Americans This year many American lives have been devastated by both natural and unnatural disasters. Here are some ways you can help: Clean out your garage. The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) are in need of clothing donations. Go to to schedule a free pick up. All Veterans benefit. To help the tornado victims in central Oklahoma and South Oklahoma City contact the: The Salvation Army. You can donate online via the website, or text the word STORM to 80888 to make a $10 donation via cellphone. If you want to send a check, the Salvation Army asks that you put the words "Oklahoma Tornado Relief" on the check, and mail it to: The Salvation Army, P.O. Box 12600, Oklahoma City, OK., 73157. Alternatively you may contact The American Red Cross to donate to its Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund at or text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Contributions assist Red Cross relief efforts everywhere; including the Boston Marathon Bombing victims.

RCSD News June 2013 eversion  
RCSD News June 2013 eversion  

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