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Editorial It is hard to believe that we have reached the "bumper" Summer edition of the magazine already for this year!! Since we last wrote, St. Anne’s has inducted Jamie Griggs as our new Minister. We have said thank you and good bye to Bill Irving and his trumpet, although he promised to return with it highly polished from the Silvo he received as a parting gift!! Also, thank you to Anne Logan for being our Interim Moderator and minister during Bill's illness, luckily for St. Anne’s she too has promised to return. We have had a very successful, if slightly damp, church fair and we are currently enjoying a visit by Bishop Chomba and Mrs Muchelemba from St Andrew's church in Lusaka. Items on all of these events are included in this magazine plus many more stories from the various church groups who have been hard at work as ever. So, have a wonderful Summer and we will see you for the next exciting instalment in September! Best Wishes, Eds 2

16th 23rd 26th 30th

11am Morning Worship. 2.30pm Service at Struan Lodge. 11am Morning Worship - Tea & Coffee will be served in the hall following the service. Fairly traded goods also available. 11am Morning Worship. 11am Morning Worship. 7.30pm Evening Celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Communion. 11am Morning Worship - with the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

July 7th

14th 21st 28th

9.45am 11am 2.30pm 9.45am 11am 9.45am 11am 9.45am 11am

Rise & Shine Service Morning Worship. Service at Struan Lodge. Rise & Shine Service Morning Worship. Rise & Shine Service Morning Worship. Rise & Shine Service Morning Worship.

9.45am 11am 2.30pm 9.45am 11am 9.45am 11am 9.45am 11am

Rise & Shine Service Morning Worship. Service at Struan Lodge. Rise & Shine Service Morning Worship. Rise & Shine Service Morning Worship. Rise & Shine Service Morning Worship.

August 4th

11th 18th 25th

September 1st 8th

11am Morning Worship. 2.30pm Service at Struan Lodge. 11am Morning Worship - Followed by Sunday Coffee.

Parish Register Deaths (*) denotes member May 11th (*) Mrs Mary Imrie 24th (*) Mrs Jean Henderson “The souls of the righteous are in God's hands; they are at peace." Wisdom 3:1,3

Minister’s Letter Rev. Jamie Griggs BDHons, MTh, ALCM


ear Friends Have you ever watched a duck swimming across a pond? So stately and calm on the surface, while underneath the little feet are paddling for all they are worth! It is a privilege to be writing this, my first letter as the newly inducted Minister of Corstorphine St Anne’s: thank you for the welcome you have extended to me, and to all who contributed to the joy (and smoothrunning!) of the evening of the 14th May – who worked so hard and gave of their time and talents. As I sat in the beautiful sanctuary of our church that evening, with the sun (still, it seems, a somewhat rare visitor) not quite ‘blinding’ me, I found myself gazing at the words carved into the walls – the words that make the ‘stones speak’. How fitting to be singing about ‘new beginnings’ surrounded by reminders of our past, with words which speak of God’s love. The second hymn we sang, ‘This is a day’, reminds us that a time of new beginnings is a time for some reflection: we must remember how we have been brought to this moment; we must remember the people who have influenced us, the places which have been special, the words which have a comfortable familiarity. But it also reminds us that we have to prepare to move on – ‘...with the Spirit’s daring, step from the past...and seek new paths’. In the two weeks I have been with you, much has happened, and continues to happen; we have said farewell to loyal members and we have forged new friendships; we have continued to face the challenges which arise from caring for property, and continued to seek to be good stewards of what has been entrusted to us. Many have been involved in the visit of our new friends from St Andrew’s Church in Lusaka, and we have enjoyed learning much about their community, and how they are responding to the challenge of being a witnessing community in the modern world. Some of the words on the walls tell us what God is (love), while others tell us what we must do (love God). We need to remember that for our faith to be real and live, we must continue to work together, as a congregation and parish; to worship together, to sing and laugh and listen; to go out into the world and tell of the hope and joy which is God’s gift to all He has created. Perhaps this anonymous poem offers some helpful advice as we prepare to do this: Take time to think – It is the source of all power Take time to read – It is the foundation of all wisdom Take time to play - It is the source of perpetual youth Take time to be quiet - It is the opportunity to seek God Take time to be aware - It is the opportunity to help others Take time to love and be loved - It is God’s greatest gift Take time to laugh - It is the music of the soul Take time to be friendly - It is the road to happiness Take time to dream - It is what the future is made of Take time to pray - It is the greatest power on earth Take time to give - It is too short a day to be selfish Take time to work - It is the price of success May God bless you all, Jamie. Over the summer please give some consideration to The next magazine will be out on: future contributions for the magazine. We would like Sunday 1st September to think about including letters, holiday postcards, and the deadline for articles will be: gardening tips, recipes, book reviews and anything Sunday 18th August else our readers might enjoy. Why not send us a e-mail items to: short article (say 150 - 200 words) for the September issue? Eds or hand in to / slide under the door of the office.


Induction Ceremony Very few members will have a clear memory of the last time a minister was inducted so it was with a degree of curiosity that we arrived on 14th May to see the great and good of Edinburgh’s clergy (plus a few representatives of Edinburgh Presbytery) meet to hold an induction service. Down the aisle they processed in white robes, purple robes, the odd surplice but the majority were in solid black with the occasional flash of a coloured stole. So many that they filled both the seats in the sanctuary and all three rows of the choir stalls on both sides. The service itself was presided over by Rev Dr George Whyte who holds a high position within the Presbytery (Presbytery Clerk) and who acted with gravitas throughout the service. The hymns were plentiful, leaning heavily on those grand hymns of the 19 th century. It was as if CH4 had never been conceived. The choir, temporarily removed to the piano area, emerged to sing a Bach motet expressing the loud and harmonious joy of the Easter story. The sermon was delivered by a Dickensian-looking minister from Morningside, the Rev Dr Derek Browning. His sermon was witty and droll and delivered in a deadpan style with many of those little uncomfortable truths that congregations would prefer not to hear. Now that we had found a minister and survived as a congregation in the interim, it remained our duty to support both the minister and his ministry. That assuredly did not mean that we could now relax and “leave it all to Jamie”. Then the induction part of the service took place and we could more easily spot the centre of attention. The Moderator of the Presbytery, Rev Ian Gilmour, took Jamie through a series of promises. To each question the reply was “I do” with an “I will” slipped in at one point to make sure he was paying attention. Curiously one of the questions included the obligation that he will come to work “cheerfully”. If only banks and supermarkets had the same obligation what a more pleasant world we would have! Symbolic gifts were delivered: a bible, water and bread and with that the service was over. The guests processed back down the aisle though some of their black robes were now marked with the white residue that comes from leaning back on the seats in the sanctuary. The congregation and guests repaired to the hall for substantial refreshments and from thence back to the church for a more informal celebration. MC’d by Phil Yelland, our joint session clerk, the entertainment started by a presentation to Bill Irving delivered by Jim Gay at his dry, witty best. While the choir reprised a Sinatra number and the more numerous Guild Choir remembered “Oliver”, there were a couple of speeches from old and now new colleagues of our minister. They also expressed some candour regarding the merits or otherwise of the Presbytery. Finally there was a revelation from David Stewart with some playing of organ pieces definitely not intended for a sober Sunday service. It was a revelation for the Guild choir who were positioned in the side aisle and were entranced by seeing the movement of David’s feet over the floor pedals. Finally we heard from our new minister. A few words of thanks: a particularly apt Gaelic blessing: the party was over: the (our) ministry had begun. Nigel Hicks



Princes Street Gardens - 19th May 2013

here were so many things going on in the gardens that it would be impossible to tell all of it so I will just tell you what we did on the day. Four of us went straight from church (3 different churches). We started off at 1pm at the Ross Bandstand where the Guild got us off to an energetic and inspiring start. We were invited to ‘think again’ about what the Guild is about. It was a great time of worship, accompanied by the Heart& Soul Swing Band, with four speakers telling us about the Guild at a local, a national and a world level. After a short time wandering among the tents of the various congregations and exhibitors we made our way to the Cosy Café thinking we would buy ourselves a hot chocolate, to be told to put away our purses as the hot chocolate was free. In the café there was a youth challenge going on where teenagers were performing songs they had written themselves. Their brief had been to write a song about a time in their walk with God. These teenager’s words of faith were surprising and really made us think. We spoke with a lady from Ayr who attended a Community church which kept having to move venue as it was growing so fast. At present they have around 300 people a week, mostly young and middle aged, with 60 in Sunday School and 35 in the youth group. So despite the gloomy news we often hear about dwindling congregations , the church is very much alive in some places. Then off we went into St Cuthbert’s church, climbed up the stairs into the belfry where we saw and heard the bell ringers and had a chat about ringing with the man in charge,. After this we went into the church to listen to the Heart & Soul Swing band, brought together by the Rev Robin Hill. The band sang such songs as ‘Praise God in the Streets’, ‘The Simon Peter Blues’ and a swing version of ‘Jesus loves me’. As their guests they had the Voice of Hope Choir, an African choir from Glasgow, who sang with no instruments other than their voices and maracas. Then back to the Ross Bandstand for the closing worship. Was it 5 o’clock already? We had not seen Fischy Music, Karen Matheson ‘the finest Gaelic singer alive today’, Iona Band, the Kids tent, 5-aside football, the Labyrinth, the interview with the new Moderator, Rt Rev E Lorna Hood, and lots of other things. The themes of the closing service were Pentecost, as this was Pentecost Sunday and the 1450th anniversary of St Columba landing on Iona. The hymn singing was resounding, the prayers were inspiring and we were sent on our way with the thought that if we are concerned about the church, the answer is in our hands. We were asked to ‘be blessed as you take the message of Gods love to your parishes’ Then it was over. A great showcase for the Church of Scotland, and a wonderful witness to Jesus in the centre of our beautiful city. Muriel Gibson 5


Grand Centenary Fair

t might have been a bit greyer outside than “planned” but St Anne’s buildings were buzzing with colour and activity. The kitchen had been taken over by the Guides who cooked an incredible number of hot dogs and burgers which were consumed with relish! Teas and coffees served in the sanctuary with a generous plateful of delicious (I tried quite a bit of it!! - for the magazine of course) homebaking also went well, and musical entertainment while folk sat with their refreshments was much appreciated. The stall holders worked hard, with much wheeling and dealing in evidence. I think first prize for clearing their tables must go to the homebaking stall. Those brave enough to venture outside were entertained by a variety of games including a coconut shy and duck pond!! Thanks and Congratulations to everyone who gave their time and effort, thanks to Mark for all the organisation and thanks to everyone who came along and made the St Anne’s Church Fair for our centenary year such a success. Susan Nimmo A huge vote of thanks to all who helped before, Quality Goods £192.01 during and after the Fair this year. While the Plants £75.00 weather and some local competition reduced Cake & Candy £478.93 numbers this year we still managed to raise over Bric-a-Brac £103.48 £2,400 on the day. It was tremendous to see everyone enjoying the church and the stalls. I know Flowers, Jewellery, Toiletries £244.75 everyone likes to see a breakdown of the stalls, so in Books £239.71 no particular order here it is. Children’s Books and Toys £112.01 Mark Hesketh Activities £58.20 Donations £40.48 Admissions £254.00 Quiz £96.00 Fast Foods £137.00 Doing The sums!

Fair Quiz 2013 We tried a Centenary theme this year for the quiz. After much research by everyone Laureen Lyall came out the winner with 100% correct answers. Well Done Laureen, deserved success after many years of taking part in the quiz. Mark Hesketh


Teas Silent Auction Total

£314.75 £88.00 £2434.32

Well done to Elspeth Boyd who was adjudged winner of the most original costume.

Thanks to our photographer Craig Robertson for the selection of great shots taken on the day (page 7). See if you can spot yourself.

The pic of Calum Robertson at the piano I thought quite good - he played for about 30 mins on the organ and piano. Also the fiddlers and I believe Susan Nimmo has pics of me singing!!!


St Anne's Guild Summer Outing Impressive scones at Scone Palace


his year, we were blessed with the weather for our annual summer outing on Tuesday 21 st May to Scone Palace. The party comprised our two visitors from Lusaka, Mrs Josephine Muchelemba and Bishop Rodwell Chomba, our new minister and a good many Guild members and friends. We were allowed to wander around the house and grounds at our leisure. While coffee and (impressive) scones were a priority for some, others preferred to amble through the well presented rooms of the palace with cabinets of Meissen and Sevres porcelain, portraits of the Earl of Mansfield's family, past and present and the servants' kitchen with its endless rows of copper pans. In the grounds it was interesting to see a replica of the Stone of Destiny and the newly restored ancient archway, which had been damaged by an over enthusiastic delivery driver. The magnificent beech maze is made from copper and ordinary beech hedging and this can be observed from above by a wooden bridge where directions can be given to those lost within. The highland cattle ignored all the visitors and the strutting peacocks were not much better. The high tea on the way home at the Station Hotel, Perth was much appreciated and a big thank you to Lyn Chalmers for organising such a wonderful day. Roz Gibson



St Anne’s FAN Club

he FAN Club held its AGM on 19th April 2013. During the 2012/2013 session several changes in office bearers have taken place with the role of treasurer being passed on to Marjory Whigham by Mary Patterson at the end of the church financial year on 31 st December 2012. At the AGM David Ditchfield stood down as Transport Contact and Bill Stevens has agreed to fill the vacancy, and a change of Chairman will be effective from the beginning of the 2013/2014 session when Ann Scott takes over from Dr Doyle. Dr Doyle has agreed to remain as Vice Chairman until someone can be found to take on the post. All of those standing down have been involved in their respective roles with the FAN Club since it started in 2010 and the members of the Club expressed their appreciation for the work they have all done in that time. A special word of thanks goes to Dr Doyle who worked so hard negotiating with minister and session, setting up the programme, contacting folks who might be interested in coming along and ensuring that advance advertising was in place before October 2010. The Club continues to flourish with membership (including many folk from other churches) increased to 65 during the last session. The Club is in the fortunate position of being able to hand over a donation to the church and contribute to the cost of an upgrade of the sound system for the hall. Following the business part of the AGM the members thoroughly enjoyed a mixture of classical and modern musical pieces. These were provided by Ewan Zuckert and Charlie Shepherd-Vine as clarinet duets and piano and clarinet duets. On Friday 24th May the FAN Club held an extra meeting and what an exciting meeting it was listening to the guest speaker who was Mrs Josephine Muchelemba, one of the visitors from Zambia. This small but forceful, dynamic and impassioned lady spoke about her Faith, her Church, and her country explaining the challenges that face the church in terms of Social Care, Health Care and Education as the state do not make provision in these areas. St Andrew’s is situated in the centre of the City of Lusaka, but has responsibility for a wide area surrounding the city. The organisation set up within the church to deal with visitation and care is very impressive with most members involved as part of a Team. A great deal of training is given to ensure that these folk are equipped for the roles that they have undertaken. As Mrs Muchelemba spoke, it became clear that faith and church play a key role in the lives of the great majority of Africans and that these are subjects of daily conversation amongst people. There are many religious broadcasts on radio and television, and churches advertise on public transport. The African people declare their Faith! Mrs Muchelemba also spoke a little about her endeavours to put right the injustices suffered by women in her country telling the audience that this was a long, slow battle against long held ideas about the role of women. Her latest manuscript soon to be published in book form deals with this issue. Sadly time limitations did not allow for the many other questions but these will hopefully be addressed with Mrs Muchelemba and Bishop Chomba during the rest of their visit. The next session of the Club starts earlier this year on 13 th September 2013. The syllabus will be available at the back of the church or delivered nearer that start date. Frances Gould / Ann Scott


Pew Cushions

fter the death of her husband, Douglas, Eileen Nicoll was keen to make a gift to St Anne's in his memory and decided that pew cushions would be appropriate. When she told me of this I offered to join with her and between us we have covered the first eleven rows of the church. I, and my family, have been associated with St Anne’s for over fifty years and I know my husband, Graham, and my mother would have approved. Anne Marquis 9

June Flowers

Sundays in June and no June F ive brides this year so the flowers

will be arranged by Nan Howie in week one, Mae Barr in weeks two and three, and Nancy Wallace weeks four and five. This takes us into Summer! Do you remember the year it snowed on the 1st June? - it was followed by a heatwave! Claire Grant

Sunday Coffee

I would like to take this opportunity to F irstly, say a very big thank you to all who either

donated baking or helped serve teas and coffees at the Church Fair. The support received was fantastic and very much appreciated. Sunday 9th June will be the last Sunday coffee before the summer break, so please do come along for a tea or coffee and a chat. Your team leader on the day will be Glenda Paterson, assisted by Ellison Bishop, Ann Scott and Margaret Neil. If you are a member of a coffee team and you wish to change your duty on next year’s rota (September 2013 – June 2014), could you please either let me know as soon as possible or make a note on the rota displayed on the Church Noticeboard. Many thanks for your continued support. Angela Ditchfield (339 9505)

Golf Outing

year's golf outing will take T his place on Saturday 20 July at th

Murrayfield Golf Club at 3pm. The event is open to all who enjoy the game. A list will appear on the notice board in the corridor shortly and it would be helpful if those interested could put their names on the notice by the end of June. Phil Yelland

September Bus Trip The Social Committee are planning a bus trip on Saturday 7th September. The destination has not been finalised but one being considered is a trip to the David Livingstone Centre at Blantyre, this 10

year being the 200th anniversary of his birth. A list will be on the notice board in June to assess interest, with details to follow. Lyn Chalmers


we reach the end of another session I A swould like to thank the commited group of

volunteers who continue to allow the creche to be available throughout the year. The volunteers do a Sunday 3 or 4 times a year and we are always happy to have additional people to add to the list. Having run the crèche for several years I wonder if someone would like to share the responsibility and volunteer to do 1 or 2 Sundays a month. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this further. Alison Yelland (

Sunday School

is with much regret that, at the end of the I tterm, the Sunday School will say goodbye to

Margaret Pye, who has led the primary department for the last 12 years. She retires from her job in the summer and is soon to savour the joys of being a grandmother, so we wish her much happiness in the future and thank her for all the love, loyalty, support and enthusiasm she has brought to both staff and children during her time with us. This of course means that we will need someone to replace Margaret when we start again in September. If you feel you would like to be that person, or you know someone you think could be persuaded, please let me know and I will be more than happy to have a chat about it. Our grateful thanks go too, to Fiona Yelland who stepped into the breach when Keith Rennie left and has enabled the Senior Sunday School to run so successfully this past year, making it a place where all want to be and where former members can catch up on their trips back home. Fiona moves on to university next term, so we wish her every happiness in her new life and hope that someone will want to carry on her good work with the young people in St Anne’s. I await the rush. Kath Palmer (Superintendent)

WINDOWS ON HIS WORLD A monthly look at world issues by the World Issues Team of St Anne’s Parish Church, Corstorphine. June 2013 Peace be with you!


f peace is the opposite of war then presumably everyone, would say they would want it. But surely peace is more than that. What can we learn about peace from the Bible?

The most striking thing is that the word ‘peace’ is never used in the New Testament except when associated with Jesus whereas in the Old Testament ‘peace’ implies welfare and is an external thing. Asleep in the boat during a fearful storm on the Sea of Galilee Jesus is wakened by his friends and calms the wind and waves - “Peace be still!”. Unexpectedly, miraculously appearing to them in the Upper Room locked because they were terrified, Jesus appears and says “Peace be with you”. The threat was still there, their future still unsure but they experienced peace. On the evening of His Resurrection, catching up with two grieving men on the road to Emmaus, and later having supper with them Jesus, as yet unrecognised by them gave them a deep sense of peace. Bewildered, frightened, unsure of what might lie ahead they nevertheless felt peace because they were with Him. Jesus sends his disciples out as missionaries with the instruction that when they enter or leave a house they pray for its ‘peace’. Knowing what they will encounter he says “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you”. All soft sentimentality? “Bears no relation to real life in this world of ours!” Not true – the Peace which only Jesus can give is one that many have experienced and described. Many years ago relatives of 500 people who had died in a hospice were asked how their loved ones spoke of the atmosphere there and how they too, now grieving, would describe the atmosphere there. More than 90% spoke of Peace. The same peace has been described by soldiers before a battle. Who would expect that to be the first word that comes to mind in such circumstances? This inner, personal peace is very different from the peace described in the Old Testament. Lest the impression given in the New Testament is that all we need to do is accept Him as our Saviour and after that we live on Cloud 9 let us recall some of the most challenging words Jesus ever uttered. Preparing his followers for opposition, suffering, cynicism, ostracism, divided families, imprisonment and even death Jesus asks “Do you think I have come to give peace on the earth? No, I tell you, rather division….”. Two thousand years of history have proved Him right. Jesus leaves us in no doubt that our inner peace (as distinct from ‘peace the opposite of war’) can only come and grow as a result of our personal relationship with Him. Like salvation itself it cannot be bought with credit points. Nor is there any hint that a Christian life will be an easy, trouble-free one. On the contrary it may be tougher than any of us imagined but we shall never know a day without His Presence, and with that His Peace. Difficult to understand? No wonder Paul described it as “The peace of God that passes all understanding”.



Update - June 2013


he flight tickets have been sent, insurance documents issued, the programme is complete and all hosts have been given numerous sheets of information and instructions, and yet by the time this is being read Josephine Muchelemba and Bishop Rodwell Chomba will be leaving Scotland. I hope that all of those who have taken the opportunity to experience sharing in this visit from our Zambian friends have enjoyed the opportunity that the visit has offered, have learned a great deal about the Christian church in Africa, compared problems and joys and are enthralled by the prospect of a formalised Twinning with St Andrews, Lusaka. Last month I asked for any photographs that have been taken during the visit. Please do let me have any that you have as the World Issues Team would like to create a photographic record of the visit – places visited and friendships made. In the next Magazine (September) there will be a full report of the visit and the outcome.

TWINNING TOGETHER - SHARE THE JOURNEY World Mission Council is arranging a series of conferences called ‘Twinning Together Share the Journey’ over the next six months and to give everyone the opportunity to attend, differing venues and dates are on offer. This is as a follow-up to the successful conference held in Auchterarder in September 2011. Those of us who attended Auchterarder would highly recommend the opportunity to discuss with other churches at different stages of the Twinning process, the highlights and the problems that can be part of Twinning. Confirmed dates so far are: 15th June – Fort Augustus Parish Church, Lochaber. 29th June – Bridge of Allan Parish Church, Stirling. 7th September – Dunscore Parish Church, Dumfries and Kirkcudbright. 14th September – Knox’s Church, Arbroath, Angus. 28th September – Longniddry Parish Church, Lothian. All events will run from 10 am to 1 pm. For a registration form for any of these dates please contact Ann Scott, 334 6659. Ann Scott World Issues Team


St. Anne's Centenary Picnic

he Picnic to Netherurd on Saturday 22nd June is now SOLD OUT. We are delighted at the response and hope that all ticket holders enjoy their day of nostalgia. We have had to order a second coach in addition to the Double Decker and we have 12 cars also going. There is not a bus seat or car space to be had. If you are still keen to go and do not hold a ticket, please give your name to Mary Patterson who will inform you of any cancellations or ticket returns. Now we just ask everyone to pray for sunshine and have fun! Laureen Lyall 12

Junior Section The "Little Stars" of Beginners Sunday School are enjoying the theme of ‘people who help us’. We had a visit from Police Officer Gordon Duff (a former member of beginners). Everyone enjoyed trying on the uniform and luckily Gordon had the keys to the handcuffs. A very busy road was set up in the Guild Room. A trike pedalled at speed by our boys and girls was very dangerous. Luckily when the road was clear Gordon taught us to cross safely. We all enjoyed the morning. Now we are looking forward to the summer and the Picnic. Please come and join us and the fun on a Sunday morning. Have a happy and safe summer. Doris Duff

Shoe Box Appeal Over the summer holidays I will be making a start on covering the shoeboxes ready to pack them with goodies to send to very poor children in Eastern Europe. I have about 50 empty boxes so far, but not much Christmas wrapping paper, and of course items to pack inside are always wanted, as are many more empty shoeboxes. Please have a look over the summer and see what you can help us with from the following:Toys- something to love Bears, soft toys, tennis balls, finger puppets, jigsaws, yo-yos, building blocks, small musical instruments, trucks, cars, clip on earrings, make up, hair accessories etc. Educational supplies- something to do Felt pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, colouring books, notepads, picture/puzzle books, chalks, pencil cases, stickers etc. Hygiene items- something to use toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes, hair clips, wrapped bars of soap, face cloths etc. Other items- something to eat or wear Sweets (sell by date at least March 2014), gloves, scarves, sunglasses, caps, hats, bangles, necklaces etc. If you prefer to give a monetary donation, this can be used to shop for items we are short of, or for the cost of sending the boxes. Please leave any contributions in the hall on any Sunday or contact me and I can pick them up. It would be brilliant if we could send 100 boxes at least in this centenary year. Thank you all for all your efforts to bring a little joy to many children who are in desperate need of some. Kath Palmer Tel. 334 8572 13

Diary Dates CONTACT LIST Minister Rev. Jamie Griggs 23 Belgrave Road 0131 334 3188 Joint Session Clerks Mr Phil Yelland 83 Camus Avenue 0131 445 1010 Mr David Ditchfield 13 North Gyle Road 0131 339 9505 Organist Mr David Stewart 44 Bonaly Avenue 0131 441 3362 Choir Leader Sarah Davis 01383 825 227 Church Officer Mrs Margaret Parkinson 0131 623 2063 Church Administrator Mrs Rachel Roy 0131 316 4740 Magazine Editors Dr Susan and Dr Graham Nimmo 10 Belgrave Gardens 0131 334 1876 Magazine Distribution Mrs Anne Ramage 13 Craigs Gardens 0131 339 8074 Mrs Myrtle Turner 10 Hillview Drive 0131 334 5966 14

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Morning Worship. Service at Struan Lodge. Session Meeting Summer Evening Walk: River Almond. Morning Worship - with Sunday Coffee. Summer Evening Walk: Cramond Circular. Morning Worship. Summer Evening Walk: City Centre Statues. Centenary Picnic - Netherurd House. Morning Worship. Summer Evening Walk: Braidburn Valley. Evening Communion. Morning Worship including Holy Communion.

6.50pm 9.45am 11am 2.30pm 6.50pm 9.45am 11am 6.50pm 3pm 9.45am 11am 6.50pm 9.45am 11am 6.50pm

Summer Evening Walk: Musselburgh. Rise & Shine Service. Morning Worship. Service at Struan Lodge. Summer Evening Walk: Corstorphine Hill. Rise & Shine Service. Morning Worship Summer Evening Walk: Fife Coastal Walk. Golf Outing - Murrayfield Golf Club Rise & Shine Service. Morning Worship. Summer Evening Walk: Gore Glen. Rise & Shine Service. Morning Worship. Summer Evening Walk: Dean Village.

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11am Morning Worship. 2.30pm Service at Struan Lodge. Social Committee Bus Trip. 11am Morning Worship - with Sunday Coffee. 10.30am FAN Club resumes. 7.30pm Session Meeting 7.30pm Guild Meetings resume.

St Anne's Magazine June '13  
St Anne's Magazine June '13