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16 agosto alle ore 11.21 Hi, i don’t know but want to know your idea for the exhibition. My concept is- modification how the used object can lead you on the process of good karma. Materials after using, thrown in garbage will take you in the path of god, enlighten your soul, keeps a calm meditative mind…..

Reason I want to do on this particular subject: 1. the atelier looks like more historical, old, meditative place than concrete new modernize gallery, 2. it seems like the atelier is on the top oor of the house. 3. the coordination of the work and the area takes the vital role for the creative result 4. the material I am using on this creation is easily available there, and it costs nothing as I guess 5. the most important thing is exibility of the material and can be installed on your and your atelier’s circumstances

For my work, I need: # many cylindrical cans (used one) with different sizes (more brief write you later) # pipes, thread - depends on the size and area # 5 color cloths (may be I have to send from here) # 2 parts- 1is with light and 1 is dark it can be made with the curtain well,i wish to give more detail on this after your selection.

hello, i have attached some of the sketches with this. please see . you will be clear on the image 1.(1), 1(2)- spelling of knot has written not. please read it as knot. Expalnation how to install: 1. As i see the atelier’s beam on the ceiling on that we can install the cans verticall way from the beam.[pic.1(4)] 2.i am thinking to put cans on the 2 side of the beams also, so it looks more rhytmic and adds contunation [pic.1(5)]. (for certain distance contunation is necessery.) if we hang only on the beam (straight) it doesn’t look nice and also breaks the process.for this we can put iron rod or some pipe in between two beam to hang the cans. 3. To hang the cans we need fishing huck (nail- a bit curve) on the ceiling’s beam and there must be a thin iron pipe( bit heavier) on the bottom(floor) to tighten the rope of the can. so the cans stands straight. 4. People who visits the exhibition has to wheel these cans so they can feel it. for this the can should be install very strongly.

5. we have to make small hole on the both side of the can’s cover so the thread or thin rope can go 1 hole and comes out on the orther end of the can. Hole should be in the middle of the both side of can’s cover. 6. the can’s down part where we insert the thread has to be knot so the can won’t fall down. not necessery for the upper part of the can. 7. and all the cans has to be on the same line. cans have to be more than 1 feet to 1 and half feet(12 to 15 inches) but should be the same size of the cans for the beams line [pic-1(4)] 8. empty cans, should not be all open (partially open is ok) because we have to wheel the cans and have to make the hole on the both side of the can’s cover, it should be on a good condition. while installing- can should be just on the shoulder’s hight. people has to move through right side and end on the another space of my work.(plese read the down part)

9. in the atlier, there looks like the small partition of the wall- or there is a door on the side of the window. i want to use this space as a seperate than these can’s installation area. Has to be the dark light. 10. for this room i need 1 Big can- it should be 2 or 3 feets big- for this i have to send you some materials from here. or we can discuss it later. the installating process is same but in that space we have to install only one big can.. there will be a bit different presentation on this particular can. will send you the sketch and the layout of this can later. and also will write you a brief discription of this installation work. the concept... hope you get the idea of the installing the work. please write me if there is any confusition. and there are some spelling mistake in the sketches pictures. please read it correctly. best regards bidhata

Bidhata K.C. 20,66 mt S.L.M.  

Opuscolo della mostra tenutasi presso gli atelier della Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa, Palazzo Carminati

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